My (F) client cheated on her fiancé with me (m)

I (M) used to work with an engaged (F) I would occasionally flirt in the office with her as I knew it made her blush and would keep me entertained throughout the day, even more fun when she was angry and trying to tell me off. She eventually left the business and after a while we became a supplier of hers. Still maintained the flirting helped with work and was fun. Win, win.

After a while we exchanged numbers for business purposes, texts on updates request etc. after a while the flirting became more serious and reciprocated. We arranged to have a working lunch to discuss business.

Throughout the lunch I could feel her feet sliding up my leg towards my crotch. Suit trousers don’t leave much to the imagination. I tried to maintain my cool but the roles had well and truly been reversed. She was now the flirt in full control of the situation and she knew it. She began to rub my cock with her feet it was agonisingly frustrating. Eventually we left as we walked to the car park we couldn’t take our hands of each other, she was wearing a pencil skirt with no underwear and a striped blouse. We got in my company car and she led my hands between her legs dictating every move I needed to make until she came all over the seats. She made it clear I wasn’t going to receive anything unless she had cum a 2nd time without instruction. Thankfully I was able to produce a repeat. As promised she unzipped my trousers and took out my now throbbing cock. The car windows had steamed and I couldn’t care less if people knew. She took me in her mouth and drained me dry.

Both now in different jobs and relationship, not spoken in years but I can’t help think about her every now and then.

Never had a client since be as fun either!!

Any women out there think they can offer a better supplier client relationship?

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