My diabled mother’s mid life cum crisis PART 2 by stewocity

Chapter 2

If You haven’t read chapter 1 first, please do.

I woke up refreshed and exceptionally satisfied with my life. The unknown oddness that is my mother’s mind left me with a smile. It was nearly 10am when I finally decided to drag myself out of my bed to see what my mom had planned for today. I eagerly picked up my phone hoping I had something new from mom but I hadn’t. I had a message from Arlene though. It read “Wanna get freaky tonight? I have an idea I think you mind like.” I hadn’t thought much about Arlene since mom turned into the cum thirsty nympho she is now. I didn’t know what to say to Arlene so I didn’t respond just yet.

I went downstairs and didn’t see my mother but I did see a bunch of opened/empty boxes around the door. Mom apparently got her shipment in that she referred to last night. I figured she was in her room so I didn’t wonder down that hall. I heard music coming from her room and figured she was working on a project. I poured me some cereal and decided to shoot mom the text “Good morning… what are you up to in there?” I didn’t get a response until I was done eating from mom that said “I’m working hard… I’m glad you’re finally awake. Can you bring me some cum for breakfast? I’m starving. In a bowl with a spoon would be perfect.”

Instantly my dick lurched to attention. My mother is full of surprises and I have never loved her more in my life. I whipped out my dick and started fapping without further delay. I knew my morning nut with my thoughts wouldn’t need any additional stimulation to finish but my mother thought otherwise. I got a photo txt from my mom. I opened it to a gorgeous sight. It was an over the shoulder photo pic into a mirror of my mother’s booty sporting a red thong with my favorite teams logo on it. She was also wearing a red spaghetti strap shirt. My mother’s ass is a tad wide and saggy, but this image was sexy as fuck to me… because it was taken just for me. The caption read “I hope this helps you cum faster… I am famished.”

Two pumps later I stood and blew a juicy load into the bowl. It was a shockingly big load for me since I had been completely drained the day before. I pulled my shorts up and took it down the hallway to mom’s room. I knocked on the door and before my fist could tap the door a third time the door was swinging open. Mom was ready for me to get there. Mom greeted me with a huge smile. Of course I didn’t look at her smile long once I noticed she was braless under that red spaghetti strap. Her nipples were so visibly hard and desperately trying to cut through the material. Since she’s only 4’ tall without her lower legs I got an excellent view right down the cleavage valley and it was spectacular. Mom took the bowl out of my hand completely aware that I was staring. She scooped up a large glob of new goo and ate it just like it was pudding. She made the unmistakable sound of delicious approval as she swallowed. Without caring that I was watching her feed herself my cum she says “Do you see all the new fun I got in?’’ I hadn’t even taken my eyes off her long enough to scan the room. I looked over to her bed and my eyes bulged even further from my head. Piled up on her king sized bed was a plethora of sex toys and sexy clothing. Skirts, panties, and lingerie were piled on one side. On the other was a lineup of every sex toy I had ever seen. Dildo’s and vibrators of all sizes. I even saw a double headed dildo and what looked like a series of metal butt plugs. I didn’t recognize many of the items there but I imagine they would be a blast to play with.

I heard the unmistakable sound of the spoon falling into a bowl. I looked down and noticed it to be empty as mom handed it towards me. I couldn’t speak but accepted the bowl from her. Mom was licking her lips clean and moaning the common “Yum” noise. She said “here you go hunny, let me know when lunch is ready.” She gave me a wink and closed the door as I stood there.

My legs didn’t move. I stared blankly into the door for several minutes before I obtained the ability to walk away. My mother is the freak of my dreams and I would have never guessed it. She has a plethora of sex toys and outfits that hit all my kinks. I went to my room and tried to play some WoW for a bit. It had been awhile since I played but I didn’t have the ability to critically think for a strategy game.

About an hour later I got a text from mom that said “I’m officially a webcam model… I’m so nervous.” HOLY CRAP I thought… Mom is going to do cams online. She has been so nervous to leave the house for months now she’s going to presumably get naked for anyone online who wants to watch? This was the first time my proudness of my mother’s new personality had turned to fear. I couldn’t decide it I was really worried about her, or I was pinged with a bit of jealousy. I know this new attitude started over me helping her find love for herself, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to lose what we now have or the endless potential that came with it. I decided not to respond to her and continue playing my game and not think about men all over the world jacking off at their computers while looking at my mother. After about an hour I got another text from mom that said “some real weird freaks out there that really make me feel good about my appearance. This is amazing!”

I forced a smile on my face. She was having fun and that is what I wanted for her above all else. I finally responded to her by asking “Can you send me the link?” If mom allows me to cum in her mouth, then surely she would allow me to see what she’s doing to give the perverts a show. I impatiently waited for a response. Several minutes went by without a response. I stared at my phone waiting for her response. Eventually Mom responded with “Show’s over… I’m wore out… maybe some other time…”It really shouldn’t have, but my selfishness allowed me to be hurt by this. I had feelings of anger for no justifiable reason. I was pinging with jealousy although in the back of my head I acknowledged how silly it truly was.

For an hour I played games with a frown trying to convince myself I was just being petty and childish. My brain was flipped when I got a text from mom that said “Baby, it’s way past lunch time… can you bring me another snack?”… I still wasn’t over my childish tantrum and part of me wanted to punish her. I didn’t think of the consequences when I text her “Can’t right now… Maybe some other time…” thinking I would get an upper hand. It’s not that she did anything intentional to me, and I knew I was overreacting, but I was committed to this idiocy.

She knows me too well… She saw right through what I was trying to do and she wasn’t going to have any of it. She responded “Listen, I’m doing things for me, not for you. I appreciate your cum and I love you to pieces… But I am not going to play petty games. Im hungry for a cum load and you can either give one to me or not… It’s your choice. Please don’t get weird on me, I am having too much fun.”

She immediately cut through my stubbornness and put me in my place. I felt bad, and had to apologize. I text “I’m sorry… was a little jelly of the guys online. Yes, I will get you a snack. My Pleasure. I love you.” I pulled my flaccid dick out and gave it a couple strokes to wake it up until I got a text from my mom that kinda broke my heart. Her text read “ I’m sorry baby I don’t want you to feel jealous. I should have known. Baby, I cannot let you get too attached sexually. I love your cum, I NEED your cum… But I think I need to share a little to keep this more casual. How about you bring that slut over tonight and give her a good deep dicking. Maybe that will help. I think you will feel better if you get physical contact that I can’t give you.”

I pondered what mom said for a few minutes. Maybe she is right. Maybe I need to smash some pussy to get her out of my head. At the rate we are going, a line in the sand needed to be drawn. I txt mom “Are you sure? I like what we have been doing.” Within seconds mom replied “Yes, hunny… It will help. Fuck her like the slut she is. As long as we are always honest about all of this, nobody’s feelings will get hurt. Now, get that bitch over here and humiliate her.”

I know this sounds insane, but my mother’s encouragement and deive language really turns me on. I text Arlene “10pm… I’m expecting something crazy”… I then txt mom “She’ll be here tonight. I think some pussy would help clear my head. Good thinking mom. You always know what to do.” Mom responded “if we have a few hours, maybe we can watch a movie and just hang out a little… is that okay?” I thought the idea was adorable so I immediately agreed. I got a response from Arlene that said “I didn’t think you were gonna answer… Yes, I will be there at 10… I have a kinky idea but I don’t know if you’ll like it and I am nervous.” I thought for a moment and answered “no poop, no pee, and we are good… do your worst.” It didn’t take long for Arlene to reply “Yay…see you soon stud.”

I hopped in the shower to scrub all those hard to reach places. I don’t typically use lotion but I lathered myself. I like the way my smooth dick and balls feel when they are well moisturized. I wondered downstairs to find mom in the kitchen boiling water and cooking beef. undoubtedly she’s making spaghetti which I love. Oddly enough, mom was wearing loose sweat pants and she had her prosthetic legs on which I rarely see her using. She was wearing a snug tank top and unfortunately she was wearing a bra as well. She looked hot, just not as slutty hot that she has been recently. She greeted me warmly and we managed basic mother/son conversations as she cooked and as we sat at the table and ate. There was obvious sexual tension between us, but also a loving communication. Mom seemed cheerful and had this energy that served her well. I never asked why she was wearing her legs, I’m sure she had her reasons and I didn’t want to ruin the mood.

We sat down to watch a movie in our usual spots. I made us a couple drinks and I told mom to pick the movie. She scrolled through the pay per views and she decided to watch a raunchy comedy that we knew would be filled with sexual innuendos and sexual content. Not sure why she chose it because it isn’t what she normally liked but this isn’t my normal mother either.

The movie began and I kept peeking over at mom to see who would be the first to pick up their phone. Thankfully, it was mom. She turned away from me and started texting away. Like clock work, my phone dinged. Her message read “What dirty ideas are you gonna do with your fuck slut tonight?”… I smiled and replied “Not sure yet. She has a secret she wants to do. Supposed to be really kinky. Do you have any suggestions?” Minutes later mom replied “She needs to use a butt plug. Make her sloppy pussy tighter. Also… try a blindfold. Use a rose from the centerpiece and prick her with the thorns. Make her submit to you.” I read this text and grinned. I peeked over at mom who had her legs crossed and was making a motion with her legs that gyrated her pelvis. The actions were mild but noticeable. I didn’t know if she was just horny, or if it was something more.

I text mom “that’s kinky… maybe I should send her to your room when I’m done with her… lol… we could share.” I know she wouldn’t consider that, but she is definitely more open minded than before. After a few minutes mom finally responded “Do you like lesbians… I know it’s popular… I don’t know if I could do that. I’m considering it though. I think I taste good and I figured another female would taste similar.” WOAH I thought. Never would have expected that. I responded “I love lesbians. I love girls that love girls. I think You’d look hot as fuck eating pussy.” We have no limits as to what I will text to each other now. She eventually said “I’d try it… eventually. You only live once. Are you going to do it here on the couch again?” I was pleased that mom didn’t refuse the idea of being with a woman. I hadn’t thought of smashing Arlene anywhere else and said “Where would you like me to fuck her at?” Mom responded quickly “Right here, Right where I am sitting. I want you to fuck her brains out right here. Before you ask, yes it is so I can watch… same reason you want to watch me.” As I read this text my cock was iron hard and ready to party. It’s only 8pm and these next two hours will be excruciating. My mother openly admitted that she wants to watch me fuck Arlene. I think that is even hotter than actually fucking Arlene. “That’s fucking hot mom… I will try to put on a show.” I sent, honestly hoping I do not disappoint. I noticed moms gyrating was slowly increasing. I’m pretty sure she is extremely horny and she’s struggling to control it.

My mother never ceases to surprise me. And she does it one more time. I opened a text from her that said “My ass is hot right now. This butt plug really makes me horny… I will need to cum very soon.” I looked over at mom with an open mouth stunned by what I just read. She continued to speed up her gyration and just kept texting away like her life depended on it. My phone dinged and dinged and dinged as she went. I read “Don’t stare… but I am going to cum.” “I want you to wear that thong I wore earlier tonight, she will think it’s sexy.” “I will loan you a blindfold I just got, don’t want her to see me watching her get used like the mommy slut she is.” As I kept looking at my phone reading the incoming messages I could hear mom moan and grunt a little. I could tell she was trying to be quiet but I respected her request not to stare. The dings continued… mom was texting about as fast as she could think. “I’m going to cum.” “don’t look.” “She better not waste that delicious cum of yours.” “mommy is a slut.” “pull your cock out… don’t look at me just do it. I need to cum.” I was caught up in the moment and without hesitation I yanked my shorts down and my dick sprang up in relief. I closed my eyes, laid my head back and slowly pumped my dick real slow to put on a little show. My dick is not impressive in size, but this hairless piece of meat was being really appreciated. I had to focus as I stroked not to cum. Less than 30 seconds later I heard several muffled moans from my mother. She was undoubtedly having an orgasm and doing her very best not to make a noise. Eventually the moaning and groaning stopped. I heard mom get off the couch and leave. My phone dinged as she walked down the hallway. I finally opened my eyes, grabbed my phone and saw the message mom left for me. “Thank you baby… make two mommies cum right there tonight. I love you.” All I could respond to her was “I fucking love you too.”

I reluctantly put my dick away and really struggled to leave it alone. I needed to cum really bad and I couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy it was that mom had just climaxed right next to me. I was absorbed with lust but knew I needed to cool off. I went to the kitchen, got a bag of frozen veggies and rested it against my cock as I waited for the time to pass.

I got a text from Arlene that turned out to be a picture. It was a photo of her bald pussy that read “I have a special outfit for you tonight daddy.” Daddy? I don’t know why a 37 year old woman would call me daddy but I can dig it. I got another text from her that read “I’m wearing some of my daughter’s clothes tonight. This is really wrong and kinky but my pussy is soaked.” Was this girl trying a little reverse role play? I never expected that. These women in my life are going to make my head explode. Remembering what mom said and did earlier I replied “very nice, wear a plug, be ready to get weird.” Arlene responded “Of course daddy… whatever you want.”

About 9:30 mom came into the living room without her legs wearing nothing but the red spaghetti strap tank top. If she was wearing panties I could not see them as her shirt covered barely more that her pussy. Clearly no bra as her stiff nipples were pointed right at me through the thin material. Obviously hard nipples through a tight thin shirt is spectacularly sexy. She never looked at me, she set a bag down on the coffee table, went to the kitchen, poured a drink and went back to her room. I knew she left the bag for me but I didn’t open it until I got her text. It read “Use these… I’m expecting a show. I might be more excited than you are. Wear the thong, I bought it with you in mind.” The red thong has my favorite sports team on it and I knew she did that on purpose since she doesn’t follow sports at all. I have never considered wearing women’s underwear and I thought it was always a bit sissy to do. But, I thought what the hell, I will try anything once. I opened the bag and found the red thong, a black blindfold, a choker necklace that said “SLUT” across it, and a small remote. Confused, I asked mom what the remote was for. She sent me a photo that took me a minute to understand. This was a remote to a vibrating thong. It wasn’t in the bag with the rest of the stuff. Thankfully mom explained the obvious. She text “It’s for me… Gimme a buzz when you feel like it. Might want to turn the music up louder though. Don’t want her to hear me.”

WOW… this is undoubtedly going to be the best night of my life. My mother and this random slut have become a god send in my sex life. I asked mom “Are you wearing them now?” She responded with “Push the button and find out.” I immediately pressed the button and heard a moan come from the hallway. Holy fucking shit. This is really happening. I jumped up, yanked my shorts off, threaded that red thong on and put my shorts back on. It was immediately strange to have material touching my asshole. It was a mild adjustment but it wasn’t that bad.

9:50 My phone dings. It’s Arlene who says “Daddy, I’m almost home.” My Achy dick was barely contained by that tiny thong. My dick was pushing out one side and my balls were pushing out the other. Clearly not made for a hard cock to be in them. I text my mom “Put your phone on silent… it’s showtime.” I followed my own advice. I turned the lights down real low, and turned the stereo on… Like mom suggested, It was a bit louder than what you’d suggest. My cock lurched when I heard a knock at the door. I couldn’t swing the door open fast enough. Arlene was standing there in a true “fuck me” outfit. She was wearing a white shirt tied in the front around a pink push up bra pushing out ample cleavage. A tiny plead skirt with a pink g-string riding high on her hips. This outfit was topped off with white knee high fishnet stockings and pink heels. Her hair was pulled up in pony tails and she was slurping on a lolly pop. As I was absorbing what I saw she said “Sorry I’m late daddy. Me and the other girls stayed late to earn extra credit.”

I couldn’t speak words. I grabbed her hand and drug her into the house. We kissed hard for a long time before she broke it off and seductively said in my ear. “Daddy, Can I suck your cock?” I couldn’t muster out any words. Arlene dropped to her knees and yanked my shorts down. Forgetting I was wearing that red thong, it took Arlene by surprise. She said “Daddy, look at you, have you been going through my panties again?” Without another word she pulled the panties to the side and put my rock hard dick in her mouth. I wasn’t going to last long. It was then I realized the remote was in my hand. I rapidly pressed the button about 6 times as Arlene expertly sucked me. I was very very close. I listened down the hall and barely made out the sound of a moan. I turned my head around and could barely see what was the outline of my mom on all fours at the end of the hall. The red tank top actually worked as good camo.

I was close. I was finally going to release my balls that mom has made achy for hours. Arlene must have felt the inevitable and wanted to prolong this torture. She pulled her head off my cock and said “Daddy, you are very hard. Don’t cum too soon.” She stood up, walked over to the couch and plopped down. She spread her legs wide lifting her skirt to display her panties. “Daddy, look how smooth my bald little pussy is.” She cooed. I walked over to her and dropped to my knees. I knew my mother had a direct view of what I was about to do. I got close to her pussy and noticed a pink jewel on her asshole. She was using a buttplug with a pink jewel that perfectly matched this outfit. I wasted no time in pulling her panties to the side and I began to lick, and suck on her clit and pussy hole. I alternated from dunking/burying my tongue as deep into her hole as I could to flicking slurping and sucking on her clit. She bucked like a bronco. She screamed, moaned, and shouted “yes” over and over again. Any chance I could, I looked in my mother’s direction while tongue fucking this girl and tapped the buzzer on the remote. I couldn’t hear mom, but I could tell by the outline of her body that she was squirming. After 2 minutes of the best tongue lashing I can give, Arlene bellowed out a howl and unleashed a torrent of convulsions and jerks as she came hard. He smashed my head between her legs and bucked wildly. I felt the unmistakable feel of girl cum oozing down my chin. I lapped up every bit I could. It was intoxicating.

As Arlene calmed down I retrieved the blindfold. I returned to Arlene and put it over her eyes as she was still gathering her breath and senses. She finally said “Oh daddy… That was amazing… you can do whatever you want to me.” I finally spoke to Arlene for the first time tonight. I said sternly “Don’t worry, I will.” As I tapped the buzzer again. I told Arlene “Keep talking and play with yourself. I want to watch for a minute.”

I grabbed my phone. I had a text from mom that said “You are a great pussy eater. Might need to teach me some day how to do it. “ and “This is so fucking hot.” I opened up my camera and started snapping pictures as Arlene started to embrace her role play. She continued “Daddy, you made me cum so hard.” Daddy, you like my bald little pussy. Do you like it when I play with it like this?” “I’m such a bad girl daddy, I might need a spanking.” As she rubbed her clit and spoke I could tell she was ready to be fucked. I plucked a rose from the centerpiece and returned to her. I first swiped the rose across her face so she could smell what it was. She immediately approved and said “Daddy, is that flower for me? That’s so sweet. How can I thank you?” Arlene started fingering her hole now, getting really excited. I started moving the rose around her body. At first I was nice and sweet. I Pulled her tits from her bra and rubbed the pedals across her nipples. She obviously liked. She began talking less and moaning more. I sucked on one nipple as I allowed the rose pedals to stimulate the other. They were rock hard and almost chewable. I drug the rose shaft gently down her side towards her pussy that she was plugging pretty hard with two fingers. I tapped the buzzer again and again. The thorns of the rose left small scratch marks down her side and across her stomach. I’m sure it stung but she seemed to love it. She bucked and thrusted her pelvis towards me. I twisted the pedals of the rose on her clit as she began to orgasm again. She screamed, and bucked, and clearly loved the feeling. My mom has some great ideas sometimes.

I turned down the hallway and buzzed again. I no longer saw the red. I saw the outline of my mother’s flesh only. Meaning she was topless now. I turned my camera in her direction and with the flash snapped a photo. When the flash went off I saw a glimpse of what my mother was doing. Her hair was up in a ponytail, she was sweating profusely, still wearing the vibrating panties, with one hand in the panties while the other squeezed her nipples. Mom was clearly having a time in the hallway.

It was time to empty my dick. It had been rock hard this whole time and now it was time to fuck this pussy and drain the balls that had been aching for hours. I lined it up with her sopping slit and easily eased it in. The hot wetness of her eager pussy was exhilarating. It was tighter than ever. No doubt that plug in her ass assisted in the tightness. It felt wonderful. Arlene was in ecstasy from the attention her pussy was getting. “Daddy, that toy in my ass makes your dick feel even bigger. I love it daddy, FUCK ME” I started in a motion and buzzed, and buzzed. I developed a decent rhythm that delayed my orgasm as much as I could. I snapped a photo of just my cock head just inside her pussy and sent it to mom. I text her “Come on over here. The view is spectacular. She won’t notice a thing.”

After a few more pumps I looked down the hallway and mom had not moved. I saw the glow of her phone so I know she read my message. I buzzed, and buzzed, and buzzed, until I could hear my mom moaning. I could barely hear her over the sound of Arlene’s moans. I buzzed and buzzed and buzzed some more until I could see mom slowly and reluctantly approach us. She was squirming all over. I can imagine that buzzing was more than she could handle. As mom crawled closer I could see her face was worn out and she was very sweaty. She appeared defeated as if she had cum so many times her body was completely finished. She crawled up next to me closer than I expected her to without more encouragement. She was staring at my cock gliding in and out of Arlene’s pussy. Her bare tits swaying in the open air and looked magnificent.

I slammed Arlene hard once and she screamed in pleasure. I positioned her hands on the back of her knees so she held them high giving me even deeper penetration. I wasn’t going to last long. I was kneeling on the floor and not much taller than mom was while she stood on her nubs. I stared right at my mother as I increased my thrusts. She returned my look and we stared at one another while I slammed into Arlene who was making all the noise outside of the stereo. I buzzed mom again as we looked at each other and she fell to her hands and squirmed trying to be quiet. I only tapped it once not wanting to ruin a good thing. Mom stood back up, with the serious face of a fighter and stripped the panties off. It was barely light so I couldn’t see her pussy very well. All I know is it was clean shaven.

Mom took the remote from my hand and stepped behind me. I was really picking up the pace now, preparing for the fenale. I was hammering now. Giving Arlene my last few thrusts. She screamed “Cum in me Daddy, Cum in your baby Girl… Please fill me with your hot daddy cum.” Right after she said that I felt mom touch my balls from behind apparently reaching between my legs. I was shocked. I jumped a little at the wet touch. Wet? Right in my ear my mom whispered from behind me. “Yeah Daddy, cum in her” Then the insane buzzing on my balls began. My mother had pressed her vibrating panties to my balls and taint and pressed the button. I guess technically this does not break our no touching policy. The feeling was electric and it triggered the greatest orgasm ever. The vibration shot up my balls and straight out my cock as I unloaded scorching cum buckets at a time as deep into Arlene as I could. Wave after wave of cum gushed through me in what felt like a never ending tidal wave of cock juice. After an eternity mom released the vibration from my balls and I slowly slowed the pouring of cum. I felt woozy and all but collapsed. Arlene continued to scream “daddy” throughout the entire event. When my balls finally stopped pumping I gasped for air and stayed still collecting my thoughts. That was undoubtedly the best 30 seconds of my life and my mother was the cause.

I looked over my shoulder and saw mom bent over with one hand reached behind her fingering her pussy. She saw me looking but didn’t quit. Instead, she just looked back at me and slowed her fingering to a stop. Then, to make this moment even better, the pulled her fingers from her pussy and seductively slid them into her mouth we never broke eye contact. My dick lurched a little at the sight which was noticed by Arlene. She said ‘Oh my god Daddy that was without a doubt the best fuck in history… Your little girl has so much cum in her and it feels fantastic.” I got a wicked idea and while staring at mom I asked Arlene ‘What would mommy do if she walked in on us right now?” Arlene giggled a little and said “She would think I was a bad bad girl. But I would tell mommy that I will drain Daddy’s balls since she isn’t.” This girl is amazing. Mom’s eyes began to wide as I displayed a grin. I asked Arlene. “What if mommy walked in and saw how full of cum your little pussy is.” I slid out of her as I spoke. Arlene gasped but kept her legs held up high. “I would show her what she is missing out on. I would show her my pussy full of Daddy Cum.” I moved to the side so mom could get the best view she could of Arlene’s dripping cum packed pussy. I asked “Would you let mommy touch you cum filled pussy?” Arlene gasped again and said “hmmmm kinky… Yes, I would ask mommy to put a finger in there and feel how much cum daddy dumped into me.” I looked at mom whose eyes were bulging. I gave her a nod and moved a little more so mom could have access to Arlene. Mom was a deer in the headlights. She wasn’t moving. She was not leaving either so her interest is peaked to some degree. I didn’t want this opportunity to pass. I said to Arlene “Ask her, ask Mommy to feel how much cum Daddy put in you. Arlene let out another little giggle and said “Please mommy… Please feel all the daddy cum in me. There is sooo much.” Mom finally decided to act. Staring at Arlene’s pussy, she scooted up rather close and with a shaky outstretched finger she poked some of the cum that was oozing out of her pussy. Arlene approved, assuming it was me doing the touching, said “Yes that’s it… see how much it is… That’s what happens when you don’t drain daddy’s cock every day.” Mom was apparently getting into it as she stared seriously into Arlene’s cunt and pushed a finger inward. It was working. My mother was fingering her first pussy. I leaned near moms face and spoke to Arlene “Keep talking, tell mommy what you want her to do.” I grabbed my phone and took a picture of moms face about a foot away from Arlene’s oozing pussy with a finger buried in it. Mom did not even seem phased and continued to dunk her finger in and out. Arlene begged Mommy to keep fingering her. Arlene told mommy that “this could have been your cum but you didn’t earn it.” Arlene was exceptionally good at role playing. Little did she know, my actual mother was fingering her pussy that is filled with her real sons cum. I saw a shot glass on the table. I grabbed it and held it up in front of moms face. She looked at the glass then at me wide eyed. A coy smile came across moms face. She took the shot glass and pressed it right underneath Arlene’s hole. Without needing instruction, Mom started plunging and scooping my cum out of Arlene’s pussy as it oozed into the glass. Arlene was appreciative and continued her role playing. “Yes mommy, that feels good… so much daddy cum in there. Better get it out so we don’t make a baby.” And “I bet your pussy isn’t as tight as mine even after daddy stretched me out.” I could feel my cock growing again. This was too much not to get a reaction. When mom got out all the cum that was available to scoop out she eased away from Arlene and lifted the glass up to see how much was in it. It was more than half full. Some stayed in Arlene and some had Oozed out when I pulled out. Mom looked me right in the eyes as she tipped the glass up and let the slime slide into her mouth. She swallowed once without even hesitation. Mom closed her eyes and appeared to savor the feeling. She opened her eyes to me with a huge smile. She lifter the cum scooping finger, licked it clean then pointed to herself, made a hand heart in front of her tit then pointed at me. It was a beautiful gesture in a beautiful moment. Mom grabbed her panties and left down the hallway. She had gotten what she wanted.

I climbed up on the couch with Arlene who finally allowed her legs to fall. I removed her blindfold and said “I like you… That was amazing.” She giggled and said “yes it was… These actually are my daughter’s clothes too. I don’t think I’ll be giving these panties back to her.” We both chucked a little. Arlene stood up, composed herself some, stuffed her tits back in her bra and gathered her things with the obvious intent on leaving. She came back to me and said “Your cum is leaking out of me and is running down my legs. I Love it.” She saw my cock half hard again and said “before I leave, do you want me to lick it clean?” I looked at her in surprise. I’ve never been asked that before. Before I answered she got on her knees and slurped my cock into her mouth. She is a fantastic cock sucker. She bobbed and slurped. She was careful to clean both her juice and my cum off. My dick was full harness in no time. She looked up at me and started to jack me off. “Do you like my role playing” she asked while skillfully fapping my cock. I nodded. She asked “Do you like the fact I’m wearing my daughters panties?” My dick lurched and nodded again. Arlene smiled, knowing I approved. She said “My daughter is 19… barely older than you… and she’s hot.” She could feel my cock pulsing in approval. Arlene continued “ I bet you would fuck her if you could. Does the idea of fucking a mom then her daughter turn you on?” I didn’t have to respond verbally, my body told her all she needed to know. My hips bucked a little and I felt another orgasm approaching. Her skilled hands and dirty mouth is a great combination to extract cum from me. “You are kinky. After taking my pussy over and over again you would jump on the chance to fuck her young tiny pussy wouldn’t you?” That’s all it took. I blurted out “Here it comes.” Arlene put her lips over the head of my cock and continued to pump with her hand. In no time I blasted another load into her mouth. It wasn’t nearly as big or intense as before, but it was spectacular in it’s own right. Arlene jacked out every drop into her mouth before pulling her mouth away. Like before, she swallowed hard and made a sour face. She coughed and choked just a little but got it all down. Finally she said “I’m still learning. Maybe someday I will be able to swallow it like a pro.” I had nothing to say. I was proud of her. I was so mean to her the first time we met I almost missed out on this incredible vixen of a sex goddess. Arlene grabbed her things and stood before me and said “Daddy, thank you for everything. Call me anytime.” With that, Arlene walked out the front door.

I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed from the sheer greatness of my life. 30 minutes had passed before I finally moved. I grabbed my phone and looked at the messages I had from mom. She said “That was amazing baby, thank you. I never thought I would do that. And I loved every moment. Thank you for the cum and thank you for the experience. I have a kinky way of rewarding you tomorrow so rest up. I love you.

I love my mother, and my Life.

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