My Dear Sweet Slave: The Series by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path

Chapter One

Her sweet smile, that was the first thing Isaac noticed about her. Having just stepped into his favorite diner, he found his eyes drawn to the cute waitress maneuvering through the tables with a pot of coffee in one hand and a tray of food in the other. She was clearly eighteen; her “proportions” boasted her physical maturity while their perkiness showed her untapped youth.

She was rather tall for her age, standing at six feet, maybe a few inches shorter than Isaac himself. Clashing with her pale skin, she had long black hair that was braided into a ponytail with two locks framing her teardrop face and big brown eyes that looked as though they belonged to a kitten begging for food. That smile of hers, there was something particular about it. It was so bright and cheerful, childish almost. It was the kind of smile that could sweeten your coffee if you met her eyes when she handed it to you.

The early summer sun was shining through the windows of the building, allowing for the lights to remain off. It was 10:00 am on Thursday, so the diner held less than a dozen people and she was the only waitress on duty. Perfect, he would hopefully be able to talk with her and get a beach hold on the battlefield of dating. Isaac wouldn’t normally flirt with someone so much younger than him, but this girl had caught his attention.

Intrigued, he walked over to his usual seat at the counter and waited for the new girl to come take his order. Isaac was in his late twenties with brown hair that was cut short and a clean-shaven face. He was in excellent health, one of the many rewards of his contracting job. Sitting on the stool, he kept his glimpses of the waitress short and subtle, so as not to portray his interest.

After a few minutes of tending to the other customers, she moved behind the counter and greeted him with a smile. “What can I get for you this morning, sir?”

“A short stack of pancakes and some coffee, please. No better way to start a day off.”

She relayed the order to the cook, and after giving a brief scan of the diner to see if anyone needed her, she rejoined him. “It’s your day off? What do you do for a living?” she asked while pouring him a steaming cup of coffee.

“I’m sort of a jack of all trades. I do contracting, welding, plumbing, construction, auto-repair, landscaping, electrical work, and just about any other job that lets me work with my hands.”

He was trying to impress her without bragging or boasting. His efforts worked and he saw amazement flash across her face.

“Incredible! Where did you learn to do all that?”

“Well growing up, it was just my dad and I. He was a self-made man, learned all of the skills he needed, and started up Renaissance Trade Co. Most of the time, it was just the two of us on jobs. From first grade through high school, I spent almost every afternoon helping him wherever he was working and learning more useful stuff than I ever did sitting in a classroom. He passed away soon after I graduated and handed the business over to me. A few college courses later to solidify everything I had learned, and here I am before you today.”

“That sounds truly wonderful. You could say I grew up learning a lot of different skills, but my childhood was probably more hectic than yours. I’m Holly by the way, Holly Thompson.”

“I’m Isaac Helton, it’s a pleasure to meet you. So where did you grow up?”

Before she could answer, the kitchen bell was rung and the cook shouted Isaac’s order. Holly retrieved the stack of pancakes and laid them out on the large white plate, placing a bottle of syrup next to it. Isaac offered her some, but she politely refused.

“I grew up in an orphanage. There were a lot of kids, so the older you got, the more responsibilities you had. I started out as a little kid being taken care of, but I ended up becoming a parent to everyone younger than me.”

“That certainly sounds tough, especially for someone so young.”

“Oh no, I loved it! Actually, you had a lot of responsibilities no matter what age you were. The orphanage was on a farm, the food we grew being used to cut expenses. As soon as you could walk, you had chores. It became such a part of our daily lives that I’m only really happy if someone is telling me what to do. I don’t feel comfortable when I’m unneeded or there is nothing I can do for someone else. You could say I live to serve.”

Isaac finished his mouthful of syrup-soaked dough before responding, not wanting to appear rude or lacking manners. “Then this job is certainly perfect for you. When did you start working here?”

“This actually my first day, but you could say I’ve been doing this kind of stuff for years. Like I said, I grew up learning a lot of different skills. I love it here already. I love fulfilling people’s needs and receiving orders. Between you and me, I hate making decisions, so there is just something soothing about focusing your mind on the role given you.”

Another bell was sounded, this time from the entrance. The number of customers had just doubled, either some late breakfast rush or an early lunch rush. Whatever it was, Isaac had run out of time.

“Sorry, I have to get back to work. But if there is anything you need, anything at all, please tell me,” she said happily.

She then left the counter to attend to the new customers, but was stopped by Isaac’s hand grasping her own. He could certainly feel the strength in her hand from years of working like a serf, but it still felt soft and delicate compared to his own. Even though he wasn’t gripping her, to Holly, the feel of Isaac’s powerful fingers wrapped around hers sent a rush through her body.

While the back of his hand was scarred and lined, his palm and fingers were as rough as rhino skin from all of the calluses earned over the years. Isaac didn’t even need gloves while working. The feel of that rough skin against hers made her shiver. He wasn’t the only one who was intrigued.

“There is something you can do for me: go out to dinner with me tomorrow night.”

Holly’s vanilla face immediately became flushed with embarrassment. This was the first time a man had ever asked her out on a date, and an older man at that! Was this what the outside world was like?

Holly stammered for several seconds, unable to respond while so overwhelmed with embarrassment. With a smile, Isaac let go and reminded her that there were a lot of people waiting for their order to be taken. She hurried off, still blushing and holding her order notebook with shaky hands. While he finished his breakfast, Isaac watched Holly work.

The scene soon became very hectic, but Holly appeared to thrive under the pressure. What she had told Isaac about living to serve seemed to ring true. Whether it was a request for another cup of coffee or a second serving of eggs, Holly’s smile grew with each need of the customers she fulfilled. Her enthusiasm was certainly due to more than just the need for tips.

At last, when everyone had been served and she had a minute to rest, she turned back to where Isaac was seated. She had wanted to continue talking to him, but the trade prodigy had departed while she was busy. Left behind in his place were some empty dishes, dirty silverware, and the paid bill.

Walking over, Holly smiled. Not only had he left her a very generous tip, but his business card, on which he wrote “meet me here at 7”. She couldn’t refuse unless she called him up and said so, she essentially had no choice in the matter, but that was what excited her.

“Well you appear to be in a good mood,” said Donna as Isaac entered lobby of his apartment building.

Donna was the building’s landlady, a woman almost 20 years older than him with blonde hair. She had an amazing body for her age, especially considering she had given birth to three kids. While her hips and ass showed the irreparable effects of childbirth, her waist and stomach were amazingly slender, her boobs were large and still appeared firm, and her face showed almost no signs of aging. For lack of a better word, she was fucktastic, and with summer starting, soon she would start walking around in skimpy denim shorts and showing off her nice rear end.

Damn, you could rest your drink on that sweet milf ass of hers.

“I got a date tomorrow night with a cute waitress. She certainly seems like an interesting girl,” he said with a modest smile.

“Well hopefully you’ll be done before then. Here is all the things that have gone wrong since last night,” she said, handing him a to-do list.

As well as his landlady, Donna was also Isaac’s most prominent client. When her third deadbeat husband ran off, he left her with nothing but a bun in the oven and the apartment building. Donna had never had much luck with men, or anything in general. She had been knocked up in high school and had two more kids before the age of 25, each child having a different father that was never in the picture. She hadn’t even bothered paying any attention to the building until about ten years ago because it was a crap shack to say the least.

That’s not to say it didn’t have its charms; Isaac had certainly seen worse buildings. But this rickety hive was like a monument to Murphy’s Law and anything that could go wrong would go wrong. It was barely up to code and her husband had clearly never done any sort of repairs or renovations. Isaac had tarred the roof, installed windows, replaced toilets, fixed plumping, laid tiles, heaved laundry machines, secured drywall, and almost rebuilt the entire building from the ground up.

With all the work Isaac did for Donna, not once in the ten years since he moved in had he needed to pay rent. In fact, he made a small yet continuous profit off her, while saving her tons of money that would have been poured into contractors with half the skill and speed Isaac brought to the table. But damn, it got frustrating pretty quick.

A job is a job, but Isaac would have killed for a change of scenery. He never cut corners with his work and he made sure everything was done right, but if he looked at something 99 times and replaced 99 parts, the 100th part was guaranteed to break a week later. Every time something was fixed, everything around it spontaneously crumbled.

Cursing, Isaac took the list and read through it. “Damn it, the heating system still isn’t working!? I’ve switched out everything broken and everything about to break! What’s left!?”

“Knowing this place, it was probably a freak accident out of Final Destination. I think you should start with the third one down.”

“Alice’s sink is broken. Oh joy, I wonder what she has in store for me…”

The auburn-haired thirteen-year-old kneeled beside Isaac, who was on his back with the cabinet beneath the sink consuming his whole upper-body. This sink had given him a lot of trouble over the years, but he certainly wouldn’t put it past Alice to sabotage it. Alice lived alone in the unit, her closest relative being her uncle on the other side of the building. She had no parents and her uncle didn’t really want to deal with her and simply paid her bills.

She was fine during the school year, but during vacations like summer break, she rarely left her apartment, simply because she had nowhere to go. Isaac wondered if she actually had any friends. She seemed like a girl who was afraid to talk to others but was desperate for someone to talk to. Her closest family seemed to be Donna, who she looked up to as a role model. However, Donna was either always busy with building repairs or working odd hours at the local hospital, so Alice never got to spend much time with her.

Unfortunately for Isaac, she had set her sights on him. He knew that she had a huge crush on him; she had thrown herself at him a couple times in the past. The last time he was in her apartment, he had to fix her shower. As soon as it was functioning, she stripped off all her clothes right in front of him and stepped in like he wasn’t even there. He had learned how to carefully reject her without hurting her feelings, but she always followed him around like a lost pet. Now she was kneeling beside him, having yet to change out of her nightgown, and he suspected, wearing nothing underneath.

“So you say it simply stopped?” he asked while he pointed to where he wanted her to shine his flashlight.

“Yeah, I was filling up the tea kettle and it suddenly made a groaning noise and stopped.”

“Ok, that narrows the list,” he sighed while dismantling the inner pump.

“Hey, Isaac?”


“What do you look for in a woman?”

“Tits,” he replied without missing a beat.

Alice looked down at her chest, once again noting the incredible two-dimensionality of what she longed to be a womanly shelf. Rejected.

“Besides tits?”

“She has to be able to ride a roller coaster.”

Alice stood up and looked at herself. Not only was she as flat as a whiteboard, but she was short for her age. At a theme park, a lot of doors would be closed to her. Rejected.

“I mean her personality.”

“Smart I guess, smart enough to know what she’s doing when she votes.”

Alice knew that intelligence had nothing to do with the matter. He was just using the voting as a metaphor for someone of legal age. Rejected.

“Ah, here it is. The draw line for the handle broke. I swear, whoever furnished this building bought everything from a mystical gypsy that can never be found twice, whose merchandise was all made in an eastern European country that no longer exists.”

“Hold on, let me see.”

Before Isaac could say anything to stop her, Alice got on top of him and squirmed in under the sink. Their faces were just inches apart but Isaac was not in the mood for proximity. “Alice, you’re crowding me. Move back.”

Reluctantly, she moved back and sat up, but she did not get off him. She was sitting on his lap, or straddling to be precise. Little girls weren’t Isaac’s forte, but as she grinded her crotch against his, he could feel powerful rushes of blood surging through him.


The word was as absolute as it was simple, and as if she had been yanked back by the collar of her nightgown, Alice fell off Isaac’s lap.

‘It’s going to be a long day.’

Isaac’s assumption was correct, as without a shred of mercy, the cursed building stole his day off. After repairing Alice’s sink, he had to fix a dishwasher, install some new wiring, remake an apartment floor, and remove several dead rodents that had hidden in the walls during the winter and had now begun to stink.

With the day spent, he returned to his own apartment to crash on his couch. He was exhausted but in good spirits. He was looking forward to his date the next night, and for some reason, he was more excited than he would be for any other date. That excitement carried him on through the next day, where he met with a client across Portland who wanted to renovate his art studio. As Isaac spoke about the budget and materials and looked over blueprints, his mind kept drifting back to Holly.

It was thirty seconds to 7:00 when Isaac pulled into the parking lot of the diner. There, standing at the entrance, was Holly. Her clothes were very simple, a pair of jeans with a white blouse and black tank top underneath, but the smile on her face was sparkling. Before arriving, Isaac had thoroughly showered and shaved and cleaned the cab of his pickup to the point where it looked like it had just rolled off the assembly line. Stepping out of the truck, he walked towards her with the same smile.

“I’m glad you came,” he said.

“You told me to, and I don’t like disobeying people. But thank you, I know I said I hate having to make decisions. I’m really happy, I’ve never been on a date before,” she said nervously, avoiding his gaze with her face blushing. Damn, she was so adorable.

“You’ll have a fun time. I know the perfect restaurant and there is a movie playing that I think you’ll love.”

He extended his hand to take hers, and just like in the diner, she let his fingers enwrap hers and relished the feeling of his gentle yet firm grip.

Holly stared at the chopsticks with wonder and confusion and her eyes widened as she scanned the menu of the Japanese restaurant. Isaac watched her with a silent laugh, amused by her reaction to entering such a place for the first time. The restaurant was one of his favorites. He often came here with other contractors when he was hired to work at large scenes that required more than one man. Upon entering the restaurant, the customer faced a long bar stocked with sake. To the right, several booths were set up with low tables and traditional Japanese floor pillows with potted bamboo for decoration. To the left of the bar, past a large babbling water fountain, were the regular tables.

“I take it you’ve never eaten at a place like this?” Isaac asked.

“No, never! I heard a couple stories from my sisters when they went out on dates, but I’ve never even heard of these foods!”

“Your sisters?”

“Oh, yeah, the other girls at orphanage. They were all my sisters and the boys were all my brothers, well I at least thought of them that way. When I was little, there was a rule that only the older kids could go out on dates and have fun on the weekends. Unfortunately, when one of my sisters ended up getting pregnant, that privilege was taken away. Other than the diner, this is the first time I’ve ever been in a restaurant. In fact, I almost never left the orphanage.”

“So tell me more about the orphanage, I’m curious as to how your grew up.”

While a simple and routine question, Holly blushed at the inquiry. There were many things she had never experienced, one them feeling the bliss of someone’s attention and curiosity, especially someone so handsome. About to reply, she was stopped when the waiter came to get their drink orders. Isaac ordered a rum and coke, but Holly decided to just go with water.

When the waiter left, Isaac repeated the question, while careful not to be too pushy. “Please, I want to know more about you.”

“Well… uh… Like I said before, there were a lot of other kids, about two-dozen boys and girls. I actually never spent much time with the boys, the boys and girls were almost always divided up. I believe I told you the orphanage was on a farm? Well the boys and girls got different chores every morning. My sisters and I took care of the animals, cooked, cleaned, and learned homemaking skills, while the boys worked in the fields and outside.

After lunch, we were home schooled, again in different rooms. At 5:00, we would be allowed to play until dinner. I was never really sure what to do, so I just followed my sisters around and did whatever they told me to do.”

“Whatever they told you? Come on, there must have been some game that was your favorite.”

Holly looked away, blushing in embarrassment but with a small smile on her lips.

“I… I liked pretending I was their pet. My favorite game was always pretending to be a cat or dog. My foster parents who ran the orphanage made me stop it when I got older, but I always loved acting like a pet. I would crawl around on all fours, I would beg at the table, I would even bark or meow when people talked to me.

Oh, what am I doing? You don’t want to hear about this!”

Isaac chuckled at her cuteness and reached out and placed his hand on hers. “No, I do want to hear this. I want to know all about you.”

Isaac spoke the words with complete honesty. When he first saw Holly, he had been uncertain as to how long a possible relationship could last. He was ten years older than her after all. But every time he looked at her face and saw her bright smile, every time he heard her talk, he imagined the expiration date being pushed back farther and farther.

The waiter came back with their drinks and asked Isaac and Holly what they wanted for dinner. Isaac decided to go with the breaded pork, and indecisive as she was, Holly asked him to order for her. From there, the date truly blossomed with conversation becoming second nature to the two of them.

Isaac told Holly about some of the jobs he and his dad had worked on, told her about what public school had been like, and described his apartment building and the tenants. Likewise, Holly told endless stories about her and her sisters, talked about the animals she helped raise, and described what it was like being a surrogate mom to many of the youngest children as she got older.

Doing far more talking than eating, they finally left the restaurant at a quarter to nine, giving them just enough time to get to the theater. Exiting the restaurant and walking back to Isaac’s truck, Holly leaned over and clutched Isaac’s arm, smiling from her overwhelming happiness. Isaac was happy as well; this girl was already leaving a deep imprint in his mind, not to mention the sensation of her breasts against his arm was beginning to make him hard.

“Have you ever been to a movie theater before?” Isaac asked as they drove through Portland.

“No, but every week we would get to watch a movie at the orphanage. I loved the romantic movies the most, but I also really liked comedies.”

“Well you’ll probably like this one, it’s a comedy called A Million Ways To Die In The West. It’s supposed to be hilarious.”

After parking his truck, Isaac and Holly hurried into the movie theater to get their tickets. While it cost him more than their dinner, Isaac treated Holly to whatever she wanted from the concession stand. The look on her face was like a little kid on Christmas Day. Entering the theater itself, Isaac guided Holly down the dark aisle. She was completely fixated on the huge projector screen, already in the process of playing previews.

Just getting her to divert her focus away from the screen to take a single step was like a tug of war. She was completely hypnotized. Eventually, he just decided to grab her from behind and carry her to their seats. The sudden rush of physical contact woke her from her stupor and she felt waves of arousal rush through her from the physical sensation of Isaac’s arms around her slender body.

Once they reached their seats, she fully woke up from the screen’s hypnosis. “Sorry.”

Isaac just laughed. “It’s ok. Considering this is your first time, I certainly can’t blame you. I just can’t believe you’ve never done this before.”

“Well like I said, when my older sister got pregnant, our foster parents were furious. They said we could never leave the orphanage again without permission or a chaperone. Even the boys weren’t allowed to go out.”

“That must have been really hard for your other sisters. I imagine a few of them had boyfriends on the outside.”

“They all did, and because they couldn’t see them anymore, they weren’t able to have sex. So from then on, they used me.”

‘Wait, WHAT?’

“Excuse me?” Isaac asked, wondering if he had heard her right over the sound one of the summer blockbuster’s trailer explosions.

She hummed with her face blushing. “When they weren’t allowed to see their boyfriends, they took out all their sexual urges on me and made me their slave. It was so much fun!”

“Excuse me!?” Isaac asked again, refusing to believe what he had just heard.

“During the night, they would all gang up on me and take turns abusing me. One of my sisters would always be sitting on my face and another would be working her fingers in me. They choked me, spanked me, pinched my nipples, and forced everything they could find inside me. Even my little sisters joined in and made me their slave! Oh, when I think back to all the hours they spent violating me over and over again, it makes me so wet,” she purred in euphoria.

Isaac sat there with a look of horror on his face, unsure of whether or not to revolted or aroused by the story of her childhood. He had to admit, it was a little of both. Now it all made sense: her indecisiveness, her need to be given orders and be told what to do, and her love for pretending to be someone’s pet! She was a masochist, and a fucking bat-shit crazy one at that!

Isaac had only had a few girlfriends in his life, always short lived relationships, and he wasn’t exactly fluent in the depravity that could be found online, so to meet a girl like Holly was actually kind of intimidating.

The movie flew by with not a single scene sticking in Isaac’s mind. He was staring straight at the screen but he would not remember any line uttered. Meanwhile, Holly was laughing her molested little ass off, completely unaware of the sexual clusterfuck she had just ignited in Isaac’s mind. Once the movie ended, Isaac told her he would drive her home and they walked back to his truck. Other than her giving him directions, the drive was dead silent, completely different from the date so far, and Holly noticed something was wrong.

Why was he so quiet? Had she done something wrong? Had she done something to make him mad or lose interest? The last thing she said to him was when she told him of the nightly S&M sex parties with her foster sisters. Was that wrong of her? He said he wanted to know everything about her, but was she supposed to keep that a secret? What was she supposed to do?! Her sisters never told her about how to date!

“All right, this is it,” Holly finally said as they came to a large brick building on the outskirts of Portland.

Isaac looked around in confusion. “Wait, this is where you live?”

“Well it’s not like I could stay at the orphanage any longer. I turned eighteen and I finished homeschooling, so I had to move out,” she said sadly.

It hit him then, this was a homeless shelter.

“I’ve been staying here until I can save up enough money to get a place of my own. Thank you for the wonderful evening.”

She spoke with her tone still mournful and now with her back to him. She opened the door, and without even thinking it, Isaac spoke. “Holly, wait. Instead of sleeping here… how about you stay at my place until you’ve saved enough?”

Holly’s face immediately lit up at the proposal, shining with the brightest smile Isaac had ever seen. “Really? I can stay with you?”

‘Eh, why not?’ “Sure.”

Holly then screamed in happiness and pounced on him, hugging him tightly and thanking him over and over. “I have to go get my things, thank you so much!”

“It’s my pleasure,” Isaac sighed, watching her run into the homeless shelter.

Clutching the suitcase of her few meager possessions, Holly nervously stepped into Isaac’s apartment. Of the long list of things she had never done, entering a man’s home was pretty high up on the list. Equally high were her arousal levels as she sampled the smell of tools and testosterone in the air. It was certainly a man’s apartment. Isaac had not expected company and hadn’t bothered to clean up.

Tools that would have been in storage were strewn about, as well as some articles of clothing discarded tiredly whenever Isaac returned home from a long day of work. In the apartment den, the coffee table between the TV and couch was covered in paperwork and dishes, same with the unkempt kitchen.

Crap, I really should have cleaned up… Isaac thought to himself while quickly apologizing for the mess.

“I’m so happy,” he heard.

Turning his attention away from the tool belt he had left on the couch, he looked over to Holly, who was standing in the doorway of the bedroom.


“Because I didn’t think I would find a Master so soon after leaving the orphanage,” she murmured, nearly on the verge of tears.


“Ever since my sisters let me become their slave, I’ve been hoping to meet a man who could become my true Master. They told me that once I left the orphanage, I would be able to become the slave of someone handsome and kind, someone who would fuck and abuse me as much as I wanted and more. It was my dream to find someone like you, someone who would make me their pet and dominate me.”

It took a moment for Isaac to completely process what he had just heard, in which he struggled to think up the best reply. “Sorry, Holly, but I’m not the right person for the job. To be honest, I think you are crazy and you scare the shit out of me. I love wild sex as much as the next guy, but sadomasochism really isn’t a turn-on for me.”

“But you ARE the man who should be my Master. You’re handsome, you’re kind, and why else would you welcome me into your home than if not to use my body for pleasure? I want nothing more than to be given a purpose in life, to find someone I can serve and obey. Please let me be your slave, I’ll do whatever you want me to do for the rest of my life.”

Setting her suitcase down, Holly slowly walked over and got down on her knees. She was running one hand between her legs and using the other hand to massage her breasts. She was panting heavily and her face was flushed with arousal. “Please, Master, tell me what to do. Give me an order on what I can do to pleasure you.”

Much of Isaac’s tension immediately melted away. Being called “Master”, there was something very satisfying about it. Besides, he had an eighteen-year-old submissive nymphomaniac begging to be used; he should be thanking every deity he could think of. Maybe this whole slave/pet thing could be fun.

“Have you ever given a blowjob before?”

“No, I’ve never done anything with a boy. But my sisters taught me how to do it. They would put something inside of me or themselves and have me lick it clean.”

“Well then, time for the real thing. I order you to give me a blowjob.”

On one hand, he was already enjoying this. On the other, he was trying not to laugh at himself, feeling so embarrassed for what he was saying.

Holly’s face lit up with a bright smile. Isaac had not only accepted her as a slave, but now she would be able to indulge both his sexual desires and her own. He had given her an order and thereby a very rewarding purpose. Reaching up with trembling hands, she unfastened his belt and then his pants. She could feel his erect manhood through his jeans and feel his pulse in the hard muscle. Biting her lip, she lowered the waistband of his underwear and let his cock spring forth.

Wow, ok… she hadn’t expected it to be that… big. This contractor didn’t have a hammer, but a freaking sledge! Not only that, but the closest she had ever come to seeing a man’s penis was the sketch one of her older sister’s once drew of her boyfriend’s. This muscly thing was going inside her? Damn, her mouth was already watering. She slowly wrapped her hand around it with the same look on her face as when she entered the movie theater and saw the projector screen. Her expression was the cutest thing Isaac had ever seen.

She massaged his appendage for several seconds, using her hand to get used to the feel of it. As horny a masochist as she was, even Holly felt a tremor of fear as she imagined it barreling into her.

“Come on, Holly, I thought you wanted to be my slave?”

The coaxing reignited her desire and her head darted forward, taking in the tip of her Master’s cock. Isaac let out a small groan of happiness from the sensation of her warm wet mouth sealing itself around his organ, lovingly sucking on it. There were VERY few things that felt better than a blowjob, and the sensation was downright iconic with its unique form of euphoria. For Holly, the smell and taste were like nothing she had ever experienced. Isaac had thoroughly showered before the date, but the manly scent filling her mouth and nose was completely overwhelming, even going so far as to leave her lightheaded.

That wasn’t even counting the psychological aspect of the act. She had dreamed of finding a Master she could do this to, a man she could give her body to. Regardless, there was a sense of revulsion to this act, knowing that a man’s cock was dirtying her mouth, yet it was that revulsion that turned her on so much. Her foster parents had taught her that such an act was wrong, that it was sinful, that it was disgusting. The fact that her body was being used for such a gross act made her so hot and wet, it fulfilled her masochistic desire to be violated and used like a toy.

She soon began to expand her horizons, remembering her the training her sisters had put her through. True, broom handles and bananas certainly couldn’t compare to this, but she had studied thoroughly so that she would know what to do. She took the member deeper in her mouth, letting the head rub against the ridges of the back of her throat. She could barely get half of the mass in her mouth, but she worked that length with loving care.

As her movements became faster, the recognizable sound of oral sex could be heard. The breaking and reforming of suction and the lapping of her tongue and lips against the muscular flesh made it sound like she was chewing gum, but with a much splashier echo.

Deciding to take it even farther, Isaac placed his hand on the back of Holly’s head and began to push her closer to him. She had said that her sisters used to choke her, so if she really were a masochist, this would be heaven for her. At his slow but irresistible pushing, Holly felt her horniness skyrocket to new levels. She truly felt like she was in the palm of his hand, a tool for his personal use.

She coughed and gagged as his cock was forced deeper and deeper into her throat, but every centimeter just excited her more. Breathing soon became near impossible for her, prompting her body to panic. In response to the fear rushing through her veins, Holly forced open her jeans and began rubbing her slit frantically. Known in the orphanage for being a squirter, she had already thoroughly soaked her jeans and panties.

After thirty seconds, Isaac let her pull back and catch her breath, worried that he had been too rough with her. Sitting on the floor, she gasped for air while clumsily unbuttoning her blouse while saliva and precum dribbled down her chin and tears rolled down her cheeks. She then pulled off the tank top underneath, leaving her with only her bra to contain her D-cup breasts. She sat back up and wrapped her fingers around his wet cock, but instead of resuming the blowjob, she pressed it against the side of her face and held it there. Once she had caught her breath, she began running her tongue up the shaft, trying to wet as much surface area as possible.

“My balls could also use some attention.”

Holly ecstatically obeyed and began running her tongue across his scrotum, sucking on the wrinkled skin like it was coated in chocolate syrup. She moved back and forth, using her tongue to play with the flesh-wrapped orbs and tease him. After a minute, she resumed sucking Isaac off, and he placed his hand on the top of her head.

“I’m about to cum, don’t stop.”

With unchallenged devotion, Holly doubled her efforts, working her mouth around the head and the top five inches, and using her hand to stroke the remaining five. At last, Isaac grunted in happiness as a thick jet of white cum erupted from the head of his cock and flooded her mouth and throat. Choking on the foamy mess, Holly fell back and the second stream sprayed across her chest and the floor.

After swallowing the thick cream that had filled her mouth, she wiped the semen off her chest and wrapped her tongue around her fingers to lap up every drop. Surprising Isaac, she even got down on all fours and hungrily licked his seed off the floor like a dog in the kitchen of a clumsy chef.

Once she was certain she had consumed every glob, she returned to the tap and once again sucked him off, trying to drain any last bullets that had not been fired. Damn, this girl was wild.

“Oh my God,” she purred, “that was so delicious. I’ve always wanted to be soaked in my Master’s semen.”

She thinks semen is delicious… this girl really is crazy. “How about having it inside you?”

Holly’s face lit up. “You mean it?”

“Sure, we don’t even need condoms. Unfortunately, while I can certainly shoot a lot, my guys… aren’t very strong.” Holly looked at him in confusion and he averted his eyes in shame. “My tadpoles… don’t have tails. They’re basically stagnant and useless. High quantity, low quality. The only thing I’ve ever really wanted was to start a family, but… I’m sterile. Just… keep it a secret, ok?”

This wasn’t like just having received a vasectomy; he had no choice in the matter. It didn’t matter if he had a large member or could build a home with his own two hands, the fact that he was incapable of getting a woman pregnant was a huge devalue to his masculinity and it made him feel like he would die alone without having ever made anything that really mattered.

Sensing her Master’s vulnerability, Holly stood up and walked over. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leaned in and kissed him, the first time she had ever kissed a man. “That just means you can pump all of your seed into me and never have to worry. Now please, Master, make me your slave forever.”

She then let go and walked into his bedroom, unfastening her bra as she walked and removing her pants and underwear when she reached his bed. She clutched herself nervously as she felt Isaac’s eyes run up her supple body. “I’ve been waiting to find a man who could become my Master and take my virginity.”
Isaac let slip a small chuckle. “You’re a virgin?”
Holly blushed with arousal from the rush of flashbacks sparking in her mind. “My sisters always told me that I should save my virginity for the man I fall in love with. When I said they took turns violating me for hours on end, I meant that they sodomized me. I loved it so much, all the things they forced inside me and how they made my asshole gape. But they never put anything more than fingers in my pussy, they were always sure that my hymen wouldn’t be broken. They truly did love me and cared about me.”

She then climbed up onto the bed and got on all fours, spreading her legs and letting Isaac stare at her glistening pussy and her accepting anus. “Now please, Master, come and rape me.”

“Ok, you really shouldn’t joke like that,” he scolded.

Holly giggled and began shaking her rear from side to side. “I mean it, I want you to violently force yourself in me. Please, Master, rip away my virginity with your cock. I want it to hurt. I want it to be painful and brutal. I want to scream and cry in ecstasy. Rape me like a dirty little slut. Make me your property. I want to be your personal cum dumpster for you to abuse and violate whenever you want. Please, Master, rape me with all your strength.”
‘Yep, bat-shit crazy…’

In his mind, Isaac was considering the ramifications of fulfilling his offer. This girl was clearly mentally unstable and potentially dangerous. He really didn’t want to end up skinned alive and worn as footy pajamas because of Holly’s “devotion” to her Master. On the other hand, he would get his own personal sex slave, not to mention that crazy girls were always the best in bed. Looking down at his erect cock, he knew the answer had been made for him.

Shrugging, he fully undressed and climbed on the bed. Instead of simply mounting her, he decided to tease her. Lowering his head, he grabbed her hips and began flicking his tongue through her sopping wet pussy. She was nearly dripping with liquid arousal, how could he not want to sample her lovely honeypot? She was delicious to say the least, sweet like tea and as soft as ripe fruit.

With each movement of his tongue, he drank her in and savored her moans of pleasure. Holly was used to having her pussy licked, she would spend countless hours with one of her sisters’ long hair laid across her belly with her head bobbing. To feel a man’s tongue against her womanhood was almost a completely different sensation, especially since she knew what was coming.

“Master, please! I can’t wait any longer!”

“Well that’s too bad. You’re my toy and I’m going to play with you however I want. You’re my property, remember?”

Holly smiled and a tear of happiness rolled down her cheek. “Yes, I remember. Use my body however you want, Master. I’m your slave,” she whispered with her heart (and pussy) overflowing. She was finally home.

Continuing to familiarize himself with his new toy, he moved up and began sodomizing her with his tongue. The homeless shelter she stayed at must have had some good showers, because Holly might as well have had her anus bleached. As he plunged his tongue into her over and over, he reached up and began thumbing her pussy.

Holly had her face buried in Isaac’s pillow, moaning in happiness and basking in her Master’s scent while she felt his thumb stir her womanhood. She had learned how to stifle her voice in the orphanage. She and her sisters all knew Hell would be raised if their foster parents had discovered their nightly all-girl gangbangs. However, she was unwinding in this new environment, and she was becoming carelessly loud.

“Oh Master! It’s too much!”

Her orgasm was as dramatic as her voice, as Isaac nearly had his thumb forced out by the spray of liquid arousal that pumped from her slit.

Isaac sat up and laughed. “Look at this, my new pet just made a mess on my bed. Seems this dog kennel mutt isn’t housebroken.”

He was getting back into the mental rhythm he had experimented with when she sucked him off, his original unease at this kind of sex disappearing.

“I’m sorry I’m such a dirty bitch, Master,” she whined happily.

“Sorry isn’t going to cover it, you need to be punished.”

He got off the bed and reaching into his nearby bureau. He drew one of his unused ties and then grabbed Holly’s soaked panties. Climbing back onto the bed, he did not hesitate to cram the lingerie into her mouth, and then holding her arms behind her back, he bound her wrists with the tie. With the gag and restraints, Holly nearly came right then and there. Tying her up was one of her sisters’ favorite games to play at night and it made every sensation ten times kinkier and thereby a hundred times more enjoyable.

I really hope I’m doing this right. It’s not too tight for her, is it?

With the strength earned from millions of hammer swings, Isaac effortlessly picked her up and held her against him, her back pressed against his bare chest. He could feel her heart beating wildly and her lungs expand and contract with each fluttering breath she took. Careful not to let her fall, he reached up with one arm and grabbed her left breast, squeezing hard. With his other arm, he reached down and rammed his ring and middle finger into her virgin slit, while clamping down on her erect clitoris with his thumb and index finger.

The combination of the brutal squeeze of her breast and hard pinch of her clitoris left Holly screaming at the top of her lungs through her gag. To a masochist like her, the pain she was experiencing was unlike any sensation she had ever encountered, the greatest euphoria in her life. There was also the proximity of Isaac’s cock to her pussy. It was so close that he could have entered her easily.

Holding her up, Isaac violently worked his fingers in her virgin slit, while his grip in his left and right hand never once faltered. He was really beginning to enjoy this S&M thing. He was not a cruel man or sadistic, but the fact that she was so willing and desperate to receive pain allowed him to experiment with new things. He had to admit, her screams of pleasure and pain did excite him.

It took less than a minute for Holly to have her second orgasm, and it was even wetter than her first. She was semi-conscious and the happiest she had ever been. Isaac laid her back down on the bed but raised her hips. He couldn’t hold back any longer, he had to fuck her.

“You said you wanted it to be rough and painful, so I’m not going to hold back. I’m going to deflower you in one shove. If you want me to stop, slam your feet against the bed.”

In reply, she just shook her ass like a cat in heat, her nonverbal means of begging him to fuck her. Taking a deep breath, Isaac hefted his manhood and held it against her glistening slit. He slowly inserted the head, giving him just enough of a hold so that he wouldn’t immediately fall out.

Holly shivered as she felt his organ penetrate her, even if it was only the head. At last, she would be his true slave. Taking another deep breath, Isaac secured his hand on her hips and then pushed forward with everything he had. She was a virgin, so she should have been tight, but her arousal was so intense that he slid in easily.

It took less than a second for him to fully enter her, but as soon as she felt her hymen break and the first few inches spread her wide, she screamed at the top of her lungs through her gag. Never in her life had she felt anything like this before, even when her older sister first sodomized her with a toothbrush handle. She had been as wet as possible, but the friction she felt when he entered her was still overpowering, not to mention the sheer size of Isaac’s cock made her feel like she was about to be split open.

However, no aspect of anything just listed was short of total jubilation. To say she was in Heaven would be an understatement, she could not imagine Heaven possibly being better than this moment right now, and the tears of pleasure and pain running down her face only solidified that.

Considering the fact that she wasn’t frantically slapping her feet against the bed, Isaac took it as a sign that she was enjoying herself. Taking a moment to get used to her tightness, he pulled his cock halfway out and examined the crimson varnish of her torn hymen, chuckling to himself as it dripped off the raised veins of his manhood. Reforming his grip on her sides, he forced himself back into her and made her scream a second time, but at a lower volume. After a few strokes inside to loosen her up, Isaac began to pick up speed.

Holly’s pussy was so tight around his cock, it felt like she was sucking him in with a vacuum, but it was also so wet and soft, he felt like he was receiving another blowjob. Again and again, he slammed his body against her cute, barely-legal ass, forcing his cock as far into her as possible. The view was as sexy as could be, with her jiggling ass being skewered and crashing against his lap. He could see the ripples from each thrust echoing out through her soft flesh, a testament to how hard he was fucking her. Every penetration sent his manhood crashing against her womb, making her scream in masochistic joy.

As time passed, the clapping of her thighs against his and the creaking of the bed springs intensified, much like Isaac’s aggressive horniness. With each deep impact he made, Holly’s screams of pleasure increased, but he wanted to experiment with her masochism.

Reaching around, he pulled her panties out of her mouth, letting her fully breathe and speak. Before she could say anything, Holly shuddered as Isaac pushed the saliva-soaked panties into her asshole.

“So how do you like getting fucked?”

“Oh God! It feels like you’re going to rip me open! Master, your cock is going to tear me apart!” she screamed happily.

In reply, Isaac, grabbed her bound wrists and her braided ponytail, using them both as handles and pulling her up so that she no longer had her face buried in his pillow. He continued to push against her with all his strength, each time throwing her forward with every penetration, then pulling her back onto his cock before it could come out. The pain in her shoulders and her scalp from having her arms and hair pulled more than fulfilled her masochistic desire, and the fact that Isaac was now pulling her against his cock like a human fleshlight instead of simply mounting her granted her the euphoric sense of degradation she so richly desired.

“Oh yes! Please, Master! Rape me harder! Rape my slutty pussy! Let me get addicted to your cock!” she moaned with her tongue out like the members of KISS.

Between her legs, splash after splash of her orgasmic fluid was running down the underside of Isaac’s cock before soaking the bed beneath them. Isaac then let her go and pushed her down into the bed, putting his whole weight on her as he penetrated her deepest recesses. He had her completely pinned and was even holding onto the edges of the mattress to give himself better leverage for his thrusts.

As well as having her snatch hammered, Holly was relishing in the sensation of being smothered by her new Master. It made her feel weak, it made her feel vulnerable, and it made her feel completely at mercy to his desires.

Over and over, he lifted up his torso and then dropped it back down, sending himself deep into her enveloping wet lips. As he fucked her, he ran his lips up the side of her neck, savoring the taste of her soft skin. In just over a minute, be was crashing into Holly’s womb with so much force that his bed was beginning to rock and bounce, and his headboard was knocking flakes of plaster off the wall.

Once the sound of wood on wood overshadowed Holly’s screams of ecstasy, he decided it was time to change position. Lying down beside her, he pulled her panties out of her asshole and then crammed them back into her mouth. She certainly didn’t object; he nearly lost his fingers when she hungrily ripped them from his grip with her teeth like a junkyard dog.

Flipping her onto her side, he raised her leg and worked himself back into her. However, instead of resuming the cycling thrusts, he pulled his cock all the way out simply so that he could re-enter her. Every time the tip of his cock spread her lips, a shiver of happiness ran through Holly’s body.

His teasing was short lived, and soon enough, he had returned to his machine-like rhythm. As he thrust into her, Isaac thought back through what Holly had told him about her older sisters during their nightly sexcapades. Along with spanking and nonstop sodomy, she said she was often choked. Isaac had never choked anyone, but as long as he was careful, Holly would be fine. Taking the risk, he reached up and closed his hand around her neck with a gentle squeeze.

As soon as she felt his rough powerful hand wrap around her soft vulnerable throat, Holly screamed through her gag and an undulating fountain of her biological lubrication sprayed from her skewered pussy, flying clear across the room. Isaac was squeezing her throat just enough to make breathing difficult, and that fearful excitement was more than enough to make her climax over and over again.

Having lost track of time, Isaac could feel his own climax bubbling within him. What had originally been a far-off deadline was now an impending completion to this amazing night. His strength was declining rapidly and his control was weakening. Time for the grand finale.

Grunting, he gave a last desperate handful of thrusts, before a flood of semen erupted from his cock and filled Holly’s pussy to the point of overflowing. Jet after jet was fired straight into her womb, making her moan with its warmth. She felt like steaming-hot soup had just been poured directly into her womanhood, a sensation so intense that she nearly thought she was being burned. To feel her Master’s seed in her womanhood, it filled her with bliss, her long-cherished dream coming true and her life’s purpose finally being found.

Pulling out of her, Isaac fired his last round, spraying his seed across her chest and face and marking her as his own. More exhausted than he had been in months, he pulled her panties out of her mouth and untied her wrists.

“Thank you, Master. That was everything I had dreamed it being and more,” she whispered happily, rubbing his semen across her naked body like it was sunscreen. She wanted more, she wanted to be completely drenched in his scent, but this would do for now.

Chuckling, Isaac leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, on the one bare spot not covered with rapidly drying semen. “Forget getting a place of your own, this is your home now. From now on, you’re my pet, my toy, and my slave.”

He had come to fully accept her and realized that this sadomasochism thing was more fun than he had ever imagined. His words sent a tear of happiness rolling down her cheek. He reached out and wiped it away, then cupped her cheek.

“Thank you, Master.”

Chapter Two

‘I don’t want to get up, this bed is so warm…’

Feeling like he was coming out of anesthesia, Isaac could hear activity in the background of his apartment, but he didn’t have the strength to open his eyes, especially after how hard he had “worked” the night before.

I don’t hear my alarm going off and I don’t have to take a piss, thereby proving that I don’t have to get out of bed.

He pulled up the blankets over his face, but even while covered, he could smell something delicious. Was that… eggs? And coffee? And dare he dream of bacon? Even more, he could feel a warm wet tongue slithering back and forth across his manhood, diligently soaking him before an unbelievably soft mouth sucked him off.

‘Ok, I’m clearly dreaming, just another sign that I should stay in bed and enjoy it.’

But while he was thinking that, his now throbbing erection was causing blood to rush through his body and slowly wake him up.

“Master, it’s time to rise…”

Opening his eyes, he found his gaze intermingling with Holly’s, who was diligently and lovingly massaging his cock with her mouth.

“What time is it?” Isaac groaned.

She giggled while rubbing his cock against her face like a washcloth. “You had your alarm set for 7:00 am. I figured my Master should be woken up by something much more pleasurable than a beeping clock. You were certainly stubborn, Master. I thought I would have to take drastic measures.”

Isaac chuckled. “That certainly is the best way to be woken up.”

“I timed it perfectly, you still have plenty of time before your breakfast gets cold.”

Reaching down over the side of the bed, she picked up a large mug of steaming coffee and a plate of eggs and bacon.

Isaac stared at the morning feast with wide eyes. “Breakfast in bed too?”

“Of course, it is the slave’s duty to take care of her Master’s every need.”

“Have you eaten yet?”

“Yes, don’t worry. But please, Master, enjoy yourself and let me get my REAL breakfast,” she purred with a coy smile.

Basking in the joy only reserved for the hedonistic emperors of ages past, Isaac laid back in bed and sampled the feast of the morning Gods, all while his indescribably dedicated love slave bobbed her head back and forth while using every soft spot in her mouth to pleasure him.

Halfway through his breakfast, he grunted through a surge of muscle spasms as Holly triggered his first orgasm of the day. Semen sprayed across her face and filled her mouth, every drop of which she gluttonously slurped up. Lacking the strength so early in the morning for anything strenuous, Isaac’s manhood quickly deflated. Regardless, Holly continued to suck him off, desperately trying to siphon out any remaining globs of semen, as well as merely playing around with his flaccid cock in her mouth like a kitten with a new toy.

“You are the greatest slave I could have ever asked for,” Isaac said while rubbing her head.

His praise gave her a smile as bright as July 4th fireworks, and continuing her cat-like behavior, she purred and nuzzled against his hand. His breakfast done and his morning semen reserves depleted, Isaac got out of bed and stretched with a grin on his face.

“Do you have work today?” he asked.

“Yes, I have the morning and early afternoon shift, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.”

“Perfect, then I’ll drive you to work. I should be home at around 6:00. Can you take a cab home?”

“I can walk, the diner is close. You don’t have to worry about me, Master,” she said humbly as he got dressed.

Fulfilling her role as a slave, she handed him his clothes and even buttoned his shirt for him.

“Stop it. As your Master, I order you to let me drive you to work.”

Holly blushed and smiled. “Thank you, Master. And I promise I’ll have dinner ready by the time you get home.”

In reply, Isaac kissed her and then left the bedroom. Entering the den, he looked around in surprise. His apartment had never been so… clean! Everything had been put away, every surface was spotless, and the air smelled… lemony? Did she use air freshener? Since when was there a can of air freshener in his apartment?!

“When did you wake up?”

“Like I said, I grew up on a farm,” she giggled while kissing him on the cheek.

“Isaac, can I speak to you for a minute?” Donna called from her office on the first floor, stopping him just as he and Holly were going to step outside. From the tone of her voice, he had a feeling it wasn’t good.

“Go out to my truck and wait for me,” he said to Holly before stepping out of the lobby and into the dingy reformatted storage room.

The office was filled with stacks of paperwork with everything from bills to tax returns, all set up on rickety pieces of furniture that looked like they had fallen off a garbage truck. Behind her severely out of date computer, Donna was sipping her coffee with a smug look on her face.

“I REALLY hope you aren’t going to tell me that a hundred more things broke down since I fixed everything yesterday,” he groaned. “I have to head out to another job.”

“No, it’s not that. I wanted to congratulate you on getting laid last night. It seems you found a real gem, young too.”

“Hey, she’s 18. There is no such thing as “barely legal”, just legal and illegal.”

Donna’s smug smile only twisted as she sipped from her coffee mug. “Oh don’t worry, I’m not judging you for her age. I’m judging you for the fact that you basically had the entire building shaking like your headboard. You live on the TOP FLOOR, in the CORNER, with NOBODY AROUND YOU, yet I doubt any of our handful of tenants did not hear her screaming. Mrs. Jenkins called me and asked if she should call the police, so… prepare to get some very strange looks from your fellow cohabitants.”

“Well you tell them that everything I did last night could not have been more consensual. And by the way, her name is Holly and she’s moving in with me, so you’re going to see more of her.”

“I certainly wouldn’t mind hearing more from her,” she laughed, prompting Isaac to sigh and depart.

Walking across the parking lot beside the apartment building, Isaac muttered a curse as he approached his truck. Holly was waiting for him patiently, but she wasn’t alone. Talking with her was Alice.

“Master is so kind, letting me stay with him after just meeting me,” Holly said with her signature blush.

The look on Alice’s face was one that she had clearly made several times throughout the conversation. It silently projected the words “uh… ok?” every time Holly said something strange. Of course, being such a ditz, Holly never noticed this look.

“Sorry, Alice, but Holly and I have to go to work. What are you even doing up this early? It’s summer for God’s sake,” said Isaac, trying to separate the two girls.

“I just wanted to meet your new girlfriend,” Alice replied with sarcastic sweetness. “She has tits, she can ride a roller coaster, and she has the personality of a hentai character…” she muttered as she walked past him.

“Do me a favor from now on. When we’re in public or you’re talking about me to someone, call me Isaac,” he, approaching the diner to drop off Holly.

“I’m sorry, did I do something wrong?” she whimpered fearfully.

Isaac couldn’t help but chuckle at her cuteness and reached out to rub the top of her head. “No, you didn’t do anything wrong. People will just get confused or might get the wrong idea when they hear you call me ‘Master’. Trust me, I love hearing you call me that, but to other people it’s probably considered strange or inappropriate.”

“So who was she? A friend of yours?”

“In a sense. Alice, she’s a fellow tenant, and since I’m the building’s repairman, I occasionally have to fix things in her apartment. I hope you two got along.”

“I hope we did too. She’s so adorable, I just want to pick her up and hug her!” Holly squealed, making Isaac laugh.

Coming to a stop in the lot behind the diner, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. “Do you know where the grocery store is? Do you know my address?” Holly nodded. “Here, I know my kitchen is pretty barren, so pick up whatever you need at the store for dinner and I’ll do the real shop tomorrow. Take a cab so that you don’t have to carry everything home,” he said, handing her a bundle of cash.

“What should I make?”

“Surprise me, I’m certainly not a picky eater.”

“Ok, I’ll see you tonight, Master.”

She leaned over and gave him a loving kiss, and as she climbed out of the truck, Isaac called out to her. “One more thing, you’ll need this.”

Raising her hand, she caught a key tossed to her, the spare key to his apartment. Staring at it, she had a look on her face like he had just given her a diamond ring.

Throughout the day, Isaac and Holly could not keep their thoughts off each other, and with each hour that passed, they got hornier and hornier. All throughout the process of demolition, Isaac maintained a near-constant erection as he thought about Holly’s wet pussy and her soft mouth. What would he do when he got home? Would he mount her as soon as he saw her? Would he bring her to her knees and skull-fuck her? She had opened up a whole new world to him and he was going to explore it.

During his lunch break, he zoomed around the Internet on his phone, looking up ways to satisfy his masochistic girlfriend. The sites he found suggested everything from hot wax dripping to role-play. Vanilla by nature, he felt very nervous towards many of the actions suggested, like whipping. He had been raised to never hit a woman and the last thing he wanted was to actually injure Holly, but she seemed to love everything that he naturally abhorred. But if he simply acted to satisfy her and fulfill her wishes and desires, that would be ok, right?

For Holly, it was increasingly difficult to focus on her work. Her face was always flushed with arousal and anticipation. What would Master do to her when he got home? Would he spank her? Choke her? Would he fuck her so violently that she would cry? If she asked, would he even sodomize her?

As she fantasized of the pleasure and pain her beloved Master would inflict on her, her mouth watered like she was Pavlov’s dog and her panties became as wet as the kitchen washcloths. Unfortunately, her wondering mind caused her to make a few mistakes, even overfilling a few customers’ coffee cups.

With what looked like mallet handle stuffed into the front of his pants, Isaac hurried down the apartment hallway, trying to pick up even the lightest scent of the dinner waiting for him. Unlocking his door, he stepped into his apartment and called out Holly’s name. The unit was empty and he didn’t smell any food being cooked. In his hand was a paper bag, which he placed on the coffee table in the den.

“Holly? Are you here?”

No reply came, and with a quick search of the rooms, he found no sign that she had returned to the apartment. Had she been asked to stay late at work? Had she gotten lost in the city? Had she possibly found someone else to be her Master? No, her things were still here, she wouldn’t have left them behind. Regardless he had to go look for her.

Stepping out of the diner, Isaac pondered over where Holly could be. All of her coworkers had told him that Holly left hours ago, after spending her entire shift in a happy daze. Truth be told, they had never seen anyone so happy, but she wasn’t exactly very productive… The chefs even told him to pass on the warning that she could lose her job if she had another day of screw-ups. The only place he could think of was the grocery store, but why would she still be there? Unless…

A sad smile crossed his face. “Ah, of course.”

Holly sat on the bench in front of the grocery store, looking like a little kid called to the principal’s office for the first time. There weren’t any bags around her, and it was clear she had been there for well over an hour. Had she even gone into the store? For once, she was blushing not in arousal or sexual embarrassment, but deep shame. She looked so fragile in the light of the setting sun, so sweet.

The red hue deepened as Isaac walked over, and she even hid her face when he sat down beside her. They were both silent for a few minutes, Isaac knowing she desperately wanted to talk and deciding to just wait her out until she swallowed her pride.

At last, Holly pulled her legs up onto the bench and hid her mouth behind her knees. “I couldn’t decide what to get. I just walked throughout the aisles over and over again, unsure of what you would want. The harder I tried to decide, the more scared I got. I didn’t want to disappoint you, a slave can never disappoint her Master.”

“I figured as much. It’s my fault, I should have remembered you saying how hard it is for you to make decisions. I’ve met other people like you, people who basically fall apart when facing any kind of decision. A lot of them have been clients. Considering the fact that the bacon and eggs were the last thing I had in my kitchen, I can see why you didn’t have this problem this morning.”

“I’m sorry, Master. You deserve a better slave than me. I couldn’t even make you a simple¬—”

Holly was rendered silent as Isaac put his powerful arm around her and pulled her close. “There was a guy named Sun Tzu who once said something along the lines of “if soldiers don’t obey because they don’t understand, it’s the commander’s fault” or something like that. Anyway, he was a lot smarter than me so he was probably right.

If you have trouble making decisions, then I’ll just have to teach you to be more decisive. It’s not like I can be angry at a pet that I haven’t even trained. I told you this morning, you’re the best slave ever and I meant it.”

“But what about dinner?”

Isaac stood up. “Eh, let’s just order takeout. You can cook dinner tomorrow. It’s a personal rule of mine not to work on Sundays and your boss told me to tell you you’re off tomorrow. Let’s just enjoy the day. Come on, let’s do a big shop while we’re here and you can cook dinner tomorrow.”

He then held out his hand to her and she smiled with wet eyes.

“Yes, Master!”

The evening news was playing out on the TV and Isaac and Holly were lounging on the couch, each with a paper box of food and a pair of chopsticks.

“You’re right, that was delicious. And you can really order it any time?” Holly asked, rubbing her full stomach.

“Are you kidding? I have those guys on speed dial. I hate cooking for myself, so my dinners aren’t always very healthy. But I certainly burn off all those calories with how hard I work.”

“Well starting tomorrow, you’ll never have to cook for yourself. You’ll get a delicious home-cooked meal every night.”

Standing up, she cleaned the coffee table of all the remains of their meal and discarded them in the kitchen trashcan. While she cleaned up, Isaac brought up the cable guide to see if there were any movies they could watch. Once finished, she returned to the den and stood behind the couch.

“Is there anything I can do for you, Master? Anything to eat or drink? A neck-rub perhaps?”

“I’m fine, Holly. Thank you.”

“Are you sure? If there are any chores or jobs you need done, I’ll be more than happy to complete them for you.”

Isaac again chuckled, greatly amused by her desperate need to satisfy others and be useful. He decided he might as well throw her a bone.

“Tell you what, I’m feeling a tad bit bold. Come over here and give me some body heat.”

Happy to obey, Holly returned to the couch. Sitting beside Isaac, she curled up against him and wrapped her arms tightly around his torso. Having finally found a good movie about to start, Isaac gave a sigh of relief and put his arm around Holly, holding her tightly with her head rested on his chest. Feeling his arm around her like a blanket, Holly blushed in happiness and settled in like a sleepy kitten.

This… this moment, right here and now, it was one she had never anticipated. When she decided to follow her dream of finding a man who would be her Master, she never really thought beyond being used to satisfy his sexual desires and follow orders, as that was all she ever wanted to do. But now, she was being embraced in a way that gave her a form of pleasure that went beyond her wildest dreams.

She used to huddle together with her brothers and sisters on movie night at the orphanage, and would try to snuggle in their laps when she pretended to be a cat or dog, but none of that compared to this. What she and Isaac were doing didn’t involve sex, was not a game of perversion, and had nothing to do with their relationship as slave and Master. They were simply two people who cared about each other, enjoying each other’s company while watching a movie and resting from a long day of work.

Last night, she realized that she had found her home, but never before had it felt so much like a real home than at this very moment. How strange, this may have been one of the few times in her life, when without fulfilling someone’s orders or being dominated and used… she was truly happy.

“Oh, by the way, Holly, I have a few gifts for you,” said Isaac as the movie credits began to roll.

Having been about to fall asleep, Holly perked up with the look of a cat spotting the fluttering wings of a moth. “Gifts?”

“Just a few things to welcome you home.”

He picked up the paper bag he had placed on the coffee table earlier, and reaching inside, he pulled out a cell phone and gave it to her. It wasn’t anything expensive or complex, just an old slide model from SAMSUNG, but the look on Holly’s face was priceless.

“I just wish I had been able to give this to you sooner, that way it would have been easier to find you.”

“Thank you so much, Master! I’ve wanted one of these since I was a little kid!” she squealed.

Smiling, Isaac then drew a large dog collar, which he picked up from the local pet store. It was one of the suggestions he had found online. On the ring was a heart-shaped tag, labeled HOLLY.

“I had to look around at a few places before I could find the right tag, but what use is a collar if its doesn’t have my pet’s name on it?”

Holly was left speechless and nearly on the verge of tears when she saw the collar, and as Isaac secured it around her neck, she began to cry in happiness.

“How is it? I hope it’s not too tight.”

In reply, Holly threw herself at Isaac and hugged him with all her strength. “It’s perfect, Master!”

Holly kneeled in the bedroom doorway, her clothes gone and her hands tied above her head. Isaac had secured a leash to her collar, tied it around her wrists so that her arms were raised straight up, and secured the handle around a hook he drilled into the cross beam of the frame above.

The leash’s pull on her collar was just tight enough to halve every breath she could take in, nothing more than a fabric aphrodisiac. Just like the night before, her panties had been stuffed into her mouth for a gag, but they were already soaked from her mouth watering in arousal.

“I said I would teach you to be more decisive, but all teaching requires some form of discipline and punishment. Your first lesson will be why you shouldn’t fail to do what I ask. You need to learn it tonight, so the lesson will stay fresh in her mind.” said Isaac, crouching in front of her with his belt tied around his hands.

With her mouth full, Holly simply flashed him the Bambi eyes to make herself appear apologetic and weak. Standing up, Isaac unraveled his belt and took aim. He had seen this a porno and copied it, even using some of a dialogue. Just holding his belt, knowing what he was going to do with it, it was way out of character for him and it had his stomach in knots. But if Holly liked it, then he could probably learn to enjoy it as well.

After letting himself enjoy the sight of the torrential emotion and arousal in Holly’s eyes, he lashed out with the belt and struck her left breast. Holly screamed in euphoria through her gag, while the melon-sized orb of jiggling flesh turned red with a growing welt. Already, drops of liquid arousal could be seen running down her inner thighs.

He had meant to strike her lightly, but the force of the leather was greater than he had expected and he was momentarily petrified that he had gone too far. He looked into her eyes, expecting her to see a teary signal him to stop, but instead he stared into a ravenous gleam, begging him to increase the brutality.

“Ok… um… This is—this is what happens when you disobey me: you get punished. Do you understand?”

Squealing in happiness but also trying to appear like she was suffering, Holly nodded her head frantically. That was probably the funniest aspect of this S&M dance: if anything, he was conditioning her to disobey him. This was just a game to the two of them. He would pretend to be angry and beat her, and she would pretend like she was suffering and not actually in total ecstasy.

He continued whipping her again and again, learning to take pleasure in the sound of the hard leather striking her soft skin. With each snap to her beautiful body, Holly would cry out in happiness. Every red welt on her skin felt like a tattoo of dedication to her Master, the stinging pain a delicious bonus. Her breasts were swollen and throbbing and her flat belly looked like it was covered in rope burns. Her body was glistening with sweat, she had a bit of drool on her chin, and tears were streaming down her face.

Isaac was also getting turned on, some small primal part of him finding joy in inflicting harm to this beautiful girl, but what really aroused him was how much it got her going. The fact that she was enjoying it so much was what really turned him on.

Lowering the strikes, Isaac began swatting her glistening pussy with his belt. Her jubilant screams reached new levels of intensity as the plump lips of her gate of paradise quivered from the pain. The whips to her tits and belly had caused pussy juice to run down her thighs, but upon striking the source, it was like the floodgates were ripped open and waterfall of horniness poured out onto the floor.

Every time the end of Isaac’s belt struck her sensitive lips, another splash of her arousal would crash against the floor and widen the puddle she had formed. Isaac couldn’t help but wonder how many orgasms had charged through her.

“Look at the mess you made on the floor, disgusting. You really are just a dog kennel bitch,” he laughed as he removed her panties from her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Master. I promise I’ll do better. Please forgive me,” she whimpered, licking her lips.

“Not yet, you clearly haven’t learned your punishment from the mess you made in my bed last night. You clearly have an attitude problem. I need to be even harsher in punishing you.”

Isaac then reached up and unfastened the end of the leash from the hook in the doorframe, letting Holly drop down onto all fours. With his foot on her back to push her down, he pulled up on the leash until she was left gasping. With his free hand, he raised his belt and lashed her across her cute little ass.

“Oh God! Yes!” Holly cried out as the first of many welts became embroidered on the two lily-white cheeks. Isaac swung again and again, striking Holly’s ass with increasing brutality. Her screams of happiness only climbed in volume and intensity, and she even began to touch herself.

After just over a minute, Isaac decided that he wanted some physical pleasure. Pulling her up with the leash, he did not hesitate to reveal his pulsing cock and cram it into her mouth. As if woken from a dream, she jerked and quickly began sucking him off with her eyes filled with love.

He briefly stopped the faux punishment and returned to his true personality, no longer pulling on her leash and instead stroking her hair and wiping away the tears she had shed earlier. He looked down at her pretty face with a smile on his own, so glad he had met the perverted little minx.

Sensing his approaching orgasm, he reacquainted himself with the dominant role, grabbed the sides of her head, and began violently slamming his cock against the back of her throat. Holly simply sat there and took it, relishing the abuse.

“Make sure you catch it all!” Isaac groaned, releasing a foaming geyser of semen into Holly’s mouth.

His hands lost their grip and she fell back, nearly choking on the vast flood of his seed. Unable to swallow it all, she could do nothing as the second jet plastered her face, the third left a foamy white rope across her chest, and the fourth merely landed on the floor and mixed with the puddle of her pussy juice.

“Look at that, not only are you wasteful, but you made a mess of it. Go on, clean it up.”

He didn’t even need to speak; Holly was already licking the floor clean, savoring the taste of his and her nectars joined together. When she was done, Isaac pulled up on her collar and looked at her. She was covered in sweat, semen, and her own lubrication, and her welts were reaching the peak of their color.

“What a filthy little bitch you are, disgusting. Come on, let’s get you into the shower.”

Leash in hand, he walked to bathroom with Holly crawling behind him on all fours, happy as could be. Standing her up, he pushed her into the shower and turned it on, setting it to be comfortably hot but first having her bear through the stagnant cold. Holly yelped as the frigid water rained down upon her naked body, suddenly feeling like she was being whipped again. Her welts ached against the cold, stinging like cuts laced with salt. But while the freezing water should have left her pale as a ghost, she was flushed from head to toe with a look of ecstasy on her face.

As the water reached its desired temperature, she sensed Isaac enter the shower behind her. He had her raise her face into the liquid lasers with her mouth open, letting the water wash out all of the semen. With her mouth clean, she looked back at Isaac and he locked their lips, sending his tongue to wrap around hers. She purred as she felt his arms coil around her and his erection bump against her bruised rear. As he grabbed a bar of soap, she giggled.

“What’s so funny? I told you to I had to clean you up. It’s the Master’s duty to make sure his slave is taken care of.”

“Thank you, Master.” she whispered, rolling her head back as she felt the smooth bar of soap, encased in his callused hand, sweep slowly across her splendid mantle.

Her large breasts could barely fit in Isaac’s hands. They slipped and rolled out of his grip, slick as oiled latex by the soap. Regardless, Isaac thoroughly washed them, while of course taking this chance to familiarize himself with every glorious centimeter. When her breasts were properly lathered, he gave himself a few moments to tweak her nipples. A pinch with his index fingers and thumbs and then a gentle tug, that was all it took to make her scream in pleasure.

“Master, my breasts are really sensitive right now,” she hummed, though neither one of them was sure if she said that as way to ask him to stop or keep going.

“Well why do you think I’m teasing you there?” he asked while kissing the back of her ear.

Her breasts taken care of, he began to gently scrub her arms and back, all while running his tongue and lips across her soft neck endlessly. He then moved to her belly, so smooth and flat, before advancing to her toned thighs. Holly hummed and purred with each movement Isaac made, whether he let the soft bar of soap tickle her or used his hands to wipe the suds away, letting his rough palms polish her delicate skin like sandpaper.

Crouching down, Isaac rubbed her long legs with the soap, while letting his tongue scurry across her taut ass. Standing back up, Isaac pressed himself against her, and with a thick layer of scented foam in his palm, he slid his hand between her legs.

“Oh… Master…” Holly panted as he stroked the soft lips, still aching from the strikes of his belt.

“This area in particular needs to be cleaned.”

“It doesn’t matter how hard you scrub down there, Master. I’ll always be your dirty little whore,” Holly said lovingly.

Regardless of the toughness of Isaac’s skin, the sensation of the gentle caressing on her aching flesh felt to Holly like eating ice cream after a spicy meal. He continued to rub her, carefully scrubbing the entrance to her womanhood. About to enter her, he instead toyed with her hardened clitoris. No matter how light the pressure from his fingers, Holly moaned in arousal and nearly curled her body up like a shrimp. Giving her a moment to recover, he stopped and applied another layer of soap to his hand.

“Now to really clean you,” he chuckled, inserting his soapy fingers into her eager cunt.

Holly moaned in happiness from the penetration of his ring and middle fingers, able to feel him stir her insides like twin serpents burrowing into the same den. True, the size of his fingers was nothing compared to his cock, but the fact that he was touching her so intimately and so deeply made her feel like she was going to melt in his hand.

Time and time again, Isaac used his fingers to scrub her velvet sleeve. Once he got her all soaped up, he began splashing her insides with water to wash away every last bubble and spot of foam, leaving her pussy cleaner than the kitchen counter of a germaphobe with OCD.

Turning around, Holly pressed her naked body against Isaac’s and began kissing him. “I’m all clean now and ready to be used.”

“Not quite yet, there is still one spot that I need to check,” Isaac hinted, soaping up his middle finger and reaching down behind Holly.

She gave a soft yelp of joy as his soapy finger effortlessly entered her asshole and was buried all the way up to the knuckle.

“Wow,” Isaac laughed, “I didn’t think it would be so loose. Your sisters sure did a number on you. How does it feel?”

“The soap feels a bit weird, but it’s worth it to feel you in my naughtiest place. Now please, Master, don’t make me wait any longer.”

“Well since you asked so nicely…”

Continuing to move his finger in and out of her asshole, Isaac used it as a handle on Holly as he pressed her against the shower wall. Using his other hand for added support, he waited for Holly to wrap her legs around him before entering her. After the thorough cleaning he had just implemented, her pussy welcomed him without any friction or resistance, yet it retained a tightness that he wouldn’t trade for the world. Bucking his hips, Isaac began thrusting into her with all of his strength, all while keeping her pressed against the wall with their lips interlocked.

Even through their kiss, Holly’s voice was able to escape. This was a new level of pleasure for her, the sensation of Isaac’s cock barreling into her slit with such destructive force, slamming against her innards like he was trying to bruise them. At the same time, he had his fingers churning in her asshole, having gone up from the single digit.

Isaac was just as happy, due to shower sex being his favorite kind. With hot water pouring on him, every inch of skin felt as good as the skin of his dick as he forced himself into her again and again. Every sensation was heightened, from the taste of her tongue to the jiggling of her chest against his own. Even the smoothness of her legs around his waist was crystal clear to him.

“Master, you’re too big! You’re going to break me!” Holly whined as she achieved her first of many orgasms.

“Relax, I can easily fix a broken toy.”

After completely pulling out of her, he replayed his trick from the previous night. Over and over again, he would penetrate her in a single powerful stroke, then pull out only to enter her once again. Each time he entered her, he triggered another mini orgasm in which a flood of pussy juice would drown his cock.

“I should be careful, I don’t want you keeling over from dehydration.”

“No, please don’t stop! I’ve never come so many times so quickly!” she screamed desperately.

“All right, well how about we change it up? I finally finished cleaning you out.”

Before Holly could say anything, Isaac pulled out of her slit one final time and refused to spare even a second before entering her back door. The sound Holly made could be compared to a cat with its tail stepped on, and even while soaking wet, he hair seemed to momentarily stand on end. She had been sodomized with a lot of things at the hands of her sisters, everything from broom handles to bananas. Hell, she couldn’t even count the number of times she had been fisted by her younger foster siblings.

But never in her life had she experienced such a potent combination of both thickness and length inside her ass. It was completely alien to every other sexual experience, it made her feel like Isaac was going to punch the underside of her stomach. This pain… it was ecstasy.

Isaac was nearly thrown back by the ravenous look engraved in Holly’s face. Her eyes had rolled back, tears were streaming from her eyes, her mouth was wide open, her tongue was reaching out, and was she screaming like a car alarm every time he buried his cock in her asshole up to the base. The sensation of anal sex was certainly different from vaginal sex, it was one long soft sleeve of wet flesh, while when he fucked her pussy, he could feel every ridge and bump.

Surprising enough, she was actually much tighter than he originally thought. If anything, her asshole was a vise grip on his cock! Had he not washed her out, he couldn’t imagine being able to move at all in her. He soon realized she was purposefully clamping down on him, not to keep him out, but to keep him from pulling out.

“Wow, you certainly are slut for anal sex.”

“I love it so much! It feels so amazing! Please fuck me harder, Master! Punish my asshole with your cock! Pump every drop of your semen into my ass!”

“Damn girl, it’s like you’re reading my mind,” he laughed, increasing the strength and power of his thrusts.

Isaac could feel his final orgasm of the night charging. Truth be told, he had fired most of his spunk with his blowjob, but he still had plenty to unleash. He didn’t have long, less than a minute if he was lucky, and he was going to put that minute to work. He threw all of his strength into his thrusts, slamming Holly against the shower wall like she was a human doorknocker. The stronger his thrusts became, the louder Holly screamed.

“Here it comes!” Isaac yelled, feeling like he was on the verge of passing out.

As his voice echoed through the bathroom, his control finally broke and every last tailless sperm was unleashed in a gushing torrent straight into Holly’s anus. She screamed from the incredible hydraulic pressure her Master was able to exert and had her final orgasm. Isaac slowly pulled out of her, and shuddering in pleasure, Holly looked down as the last splash of her liquid arousal squirted from between her legs and a waterfall of Isaac’s seed poured out of her anus. She sank to the floor and Isaac gave her a minute to wash herself off, then turned off the water.

“I think my slave has learned her lesson,” said Isaac as he brushed her long black hair out of her face.

She looked up him with a sweet childlike smile. “Yes Master, I won’t fail you again. But… Master… I don’t think I can walk. My legs feel like jelly.”

“Maybe I should take you to the vet. But until then, leave it to me.”

Reaching under her, he scooped her up with one arm against her back and the other under her knees. He stood up with her in her arms effortlessly, as if she were made of cotton balls. Holly blushed in his embrace, having always dreamed of being carried in the princess hold. Upon her Master’s orders, she grabbed a few towels from the nearby rack, and Isaac carried her to their bed. Laying her down, he used the towels to dry them both off, all while Holly gazed at him with a smile of adoration.

“You certainly look happy,” he said.

“Of course, I found a Master who is kinder than I ever dreamed and satisfies me more than even my sisters could.” She then reached out and placed her hand on his. “I love you, Master. I love you with all my heart. I want to be your property for the rest of my life.”

Isaac looked at her with a calm poker face, trying to think of a response. He had known this girl for a grand total of three days, yet she was easily the most interesting and unique person he had ever met. He had never encountered someone with such a pure soul and yet simultaneously, such a naughty and perverse mind.

The smile he saw on her face when she was whipped, choked, skull-fucked, or sodomized, was the same smile he would see on a dog wagging its tail with a Frisbee in its mouth, or a little kid in the parking lot of Disney World.

She was also an incredibly loyal person, more so than any girl he had ever dated. She would never go out and cheat on him, she would never get passive aggressive and bitchy at him, she would never scream at him about insignificant bullshit, and she would try to spite him. She was just happy to be taken in and cared for, to be given a purpose and sexual satisfaction. She lived to make others happy and wanted nothing in return but continued orders in which to happily fulfill. She was all that and with one of the sweetest personalities in the world.

Three days, that was all it had taken. Three days, that was how long it took for him to completely fall for her.

“I love you too, my dear sweet slave.”

Chapter Three

“Just a tad bit more,” Isaac said.

Holly lowered the gallon bottle of milk over the bowl of Raisin Bran, letting a small white splash soak down under the brown flakes.

“Perfect, just like that. Now, onto Cheerios…”

It was an interesting scene taking place in Isaac’s kitchen; it was like he and Holly were preparing a buffet. Isaac had originally started out simply trying to list things Holly could cook for breakfast and dinner, but with a sudden drive of perfectionism, Holly became incredibly needy for meticulously precise instructions on how everything had to be done. Isaac had told her he didn’t really care how she cooked, but afraid of leaving her Master unsatisfied, she wanted to closely examine every meal as to his personal preference. She needed something to strive for, something she could consider perfect in which to base her work on.

They had already gone over toast, hash browns, breakfast sausages, pancakes, eggs (of all types), and bacon, and were now in the area of cereal. It would be annoying if it weren’t so adorable.

Unfortunately, Isaac found his day off once again taken from him. He and Holly spent the entire day in the kitchen, either cooking food or scrubbing dishes so that they could make more food. He would have to remember to give Donna a big thank you for the large Tupperware set she gave him as a Christmas bonus the year before. He now had a week’s worth of breakfast waiting for him in the fridge. But to think, they still had to do dinners…

Isaac collapsed on his couch with a deep sigh. He was used to working hard and for long hours, but this was ridiculous. The sun had set and he had been cooking for about ten hours. He was halfway through Holly’s list of dinners she could possibly prepare for her beloved Master. The only break he had taken today was driving to the grocery store to buy a small fortune worth of food. Ok, maybe having a slave wasn’t all fun and games and bondage…

Looking over, he saw her standing nearby, clutching herself with an adorable blush of shame. “Master, I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you today. Every time I try to be a proper slave, I just end up make problems for you.”

Aw shit, how the hell was he supposed to stay mad at a face like that?

“That’s fine, a Master’s job is to take care of his slave, and that includes teaching her. You’re still settling in, I’ll wait as long as it takes.”

Holly then kneeled down and rested her chin on his knee like a dog seeing her owner eating. “Do you want to punish me? I’ll do anything to make up for today.”

Smiling, Isaac rubbed her on the top of her pretty little head. “Nah, it’s ok. Grab me the paper, I want to see the movie schedule. Let’s go out tonight.”

Holly grinned from ear to ear and rushed into the kitchen to find the morning paper.

Well, maybe a little punishment is in order…

“Yes Mrs. Goldman, I KNOW your show is about to start.”

“You don’t understand! It’s the season finale!”

“Yes, you’ve told me that already!”

“Well aren’t you going to fix it?! I’m sitting in the dark!”

“Yes I’m going to fix it, but I can’t do it here with my bare hands! I need to get down to the basement and check the circuit breaker!”

“Wait, don’t leave!”

“Mrs. Goldman, I have to leave if you want me to fix your power!”

“But I—”

Donna forced the conversation into a hiatus by slamming the apartment door, letting her release a groan of annoyance out in the hall. Some times she REALLY hated her tenants.

Please don’t get me involved, please don’t get me involved, please don’t get me involved… Isaac thought desperately.

He and Holly had been crossing the corridor when Donna suddenly stepped out of the Goldman apartment. Seeing Donna for the first time, a peculiar gleam entered Holly’s eyes.

“So where are you kids heading?” she asked, spotting the couple like a T-rex catching movement.

“Out to a movie. Do you need me to pick up anything while I’m gone?”

Offer to help in a way that will let him escape, a perfect plan.

“No, I’m ok. Goldman’s apartment just lost power. It’s probably just a blown fuse. I can take care of it. If worst comes to worst, I’ll just let her watch her show on my TV. You two go on, enjoy yourselves.”

“Speaking of which, Donna, this is Holly. Holly, this is Donna, my landlady.”

Hearing her name spoken, Holly perked up out of what appeared to be some very deep daydreaming, even though she was focused entirely on Donna.

“So you’re Isaac’s girl on the side. As long as I’ve known him, he’s been married to the job. I never imagined him to be the kind of guy who would have an affair,” Donna joked, shaking Holly’s hand.

“Oh, uh… it’s nice to meet you.”

“So Isaac says that you’re staying with him now? Kids these days just keep moving faster and faster.”

“Well I just aged out of an orphanage and had nowhere to go. I was so lucky to meet Ma-Isaac, he offered me his home when I had nowhere to go,” she said sweetly, momentarily stumbling in calling Isaac her Master.

“Well you certainly found yourself a good man. Just make sure you take equally good care of him.”

Holly’s face lit up and she even bowed her head. “Yes, I will!”

“And Isaac, you take good care of her!”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

After walking away and leaving Donna’s range of hearing, Isaac turned to Holly. She had a strange smile on her face and was even blushing. Wait, was her mouth watering?

“What’s with you?”

“They’re huge,” she said dreamily.

“What are?”

“Her breasts, they’re the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

Isaac then realized that that was the look of pure perversion. “Uh… ok…”

“There were two girls at my orphanage, twins. They had big breasts just like mine. They loved to rub them in my face but I loved it even more than they did. To be smothered by those soft, luscious gifts from God… it was orgasmic.”

“Wipe your chin, you’re drooling.”

Isaac and Holly were standing in line at the theater from their first date, counting the seconds until the movie would start. The theater was almost never packed like this, but it was the premier of a big summer blockbuster. Holly was clutching Isaac’s arm tightly, holding onto him for support while her legs threatened to buckle under her. Her face was flushed and glossy with sweat.

“Master… please…” she begged, speaking as softly as possible.

“Holly, I thought we agreed; all teaching requires some form of discipline. This isn’t a reward for today, this is punishment,” he whispered with a smug grin.

In his pocket he held a small pink remote with a dial. Watching her out of the corner of his eye, Isaac slowly pushed up the dial from 1 to 2. A shudder ran up Holly’s spine, brought on by the small rotor in her pussy increasing in the power of its vibrations. He had seen the toy in Holly’s suitcase when she was unpacking, realizing it was probably a memento or farewell gift from her sisters at the orphanage.

The tiny vibrator was battery powered, with a wire leading to the battery case and receiver for the remote signal. The receiver was secured to Holly’s leg by a rubber strap going around her thigh.

“But Master, there are people around.”

“Exactly. They call this a shaming punishment. You’re just going to have to hold it together until we get into the theater,” he replied while cranking it up to 3.

Isaac had read up on this while researching BDSM play. Just as Holly was working hard to prove herself as a proper slave, he had to prove himself as a deserving Master. In all honesty, he was just as nervous as she was, terrified of their game being discovered, and the look on her face, while erotic in a sense, was concerning.

Holly struggled to stay on her feet, feeling like a robot with all of its screws and bolts being shaken loose. She had thought it strange when Master told her to wear a skirt to the movies, but when he whipped out the rotor in the truck, she realized it was so that she wouldn’t completely soak her pants from her unwanted arousal. But her panties were already damp, and if her biological lubrication started to run down her legs, people would surely notice.

Taking another two steps forward in the line, Isaac pushed up the rotor to the fourth level, causing Holly to begin shuddering like the plastic bean in her pussy. She was gasping for air and hanging onto him for dear life. They were next in line, just after this next family of two parents and their three kids. Oh please, hurry up! For the love of God, HURRY UP!

“Pull it together,” Isaac whispered as the family moved off to the concession stand.

As he and Holly stepped forward to the ticket counter, he cranked up the rotor to 5. Holly struggled to stand up straight and close her mouth. Oh God, the cashier could totally tell what was happening! He had to! It was so obvious! Maintaining her composure felt all but impossible. The waves of pleasure rolling through her body, normally a welcomed blessing, were now a horrible burden.

Isaac ordered two tickets and Holly was filled with relief. Finally, they could go into the theater and have the cover of darkness and background noise. To her horror, Isaac pulled her over to the concession stand, all while bringing the rotor to level 6. Standing by the counter, Isaac purposefully took his time in making his decision. To Holly, every second that passed by felt like an hour.

He could see it on her face, her anguish. But maybe this was just a façade? Maybe she was more turned on than ever? Considering her level of masochism, she must have been having the time of her life. Hell, getting whipped and choked was her idea of a massage! He naturally wanted to stop, but the website said a Master couldn’t be lenient. He had to see it through to the end right along with her. He couldn’t ruin her fun.

“I think I’ll have the milk duds. What about you, honey?” Isaac asked, speaking to the cashier and to Holly teasingly. Holly forced herself to swallow her tongue. She had to remain strong!

“Oh, uh, I don’t want anything,” she stammered.

“Add a bag of m&ms to it,” Isaac told the cashier.

As Isaac paid for the candy with one hand, he used his other hand to push up the rotor intensity even higher, up to 7. Holly wanted to scream, the pleasure it was filling her with was literally on the verge of orgasmic! She wanted to touch herself so badly, she wanted to relieve the violent tingling between her legs. It was like her pussy was covered in bug bites and she wanted nothing more than to scratch them until she passed out!

Taking the milk duds and m&ms, Isaac led Holly to the theater entrance. Halfway there, he activated the eight level, making Holly yelp and fall to her knees. Many people turned to her and Isaac crouched down to help her up. This time, his worry was evident.

“Holly, are you ok?”

“Yeah… I uh… just tripped over my feet,” she said as convincingly as possible.

“Should we go home?”

“No, I’m ok.”

Clinging to Isaac’s arm with almost all her weight, she staggered with him into their theater. As she walked, her liquid arousal began to trickle down her legs. The sight that greeted her in that theater filled her with horror: it was a vast sea of people, almost every seat taken. Not only that, but the lights had not been turned off, so she couldn’t hide in the darkness.

“Come on, there are some open seats over here,” Isaac said, pulling her to the back row. Oh sweet relief, the row was empty!

Moving over a few empty seats, they finally settled down and Holly let out a small yelp in her struggle to contain her orgasm. The row was empty, but there was a woman sitting less than three feet in front of her! She wanted so badly to work her hand against her glistening slit, but if that woman looked back for any reason, she would be exposed!

At last, Isaac brought the rotor up to its highest setting, nearly making Holly scream in pleasure and humiliation. Night after night, she and her sisters had played with this toy, but it never felt as strong then as it did now! The little pink peanut felt like a cellphone set to vibrate! It was rumbling in her with such intensity, it was like she could hear it through her whole body.

Loud! It was so loud! How were the people around her not hearing this?! It sounded like a giant hornet was trying to take flight!

Finally, the lights turned off, but just as Holly was about to reach down and play with herself, Isaac reached across her and pinned her arms down.

“Master, please, I’m begging you! I can’t take it any longer!”

“Not yet, your punishment isn’t done.”

“How much longer?”

Isaac turned to her and tried to hide his unease with a smile. “You’ll know.”

Holly knew what he meant. He wasn’t going to turn off the rotor until she had an orgasm. But would she be able to contain herself? She had learned to stay quiet back at the orphanage, but that was only through muffling her voice with a pillow, a gag, or one of her sisters. She had two choices: either try and hold it in and fight the orgasm for almost two hours until they could get out of the theater, or risk getting caught, let it happen, and try to control herself. Aw hell, why was the first option even there?

As the movie began to play, she reached over and bit the collar of Isaac’s shirt. Forgive me for doing this to your shirt, Master, but I need at least something!

Chewing on the collar like she was having a bullet removed, Holly forced her body to relax and tried to let the orgasm occur. What had originally felt momentarily imminent since this torture began, now felt like it was miles away. She was so close to achieving her climax, but her body still didn’t have enough stimulation for that threshold to be crossed. Oh if only she could use her hands!

In desperation, Holly began rubbing her legs together and squirming in her seat, trying to create some grinding in her body. Her inner thighs were completely drenched, but she still couldn’t get there!

Holly released Isaac’s collar, knowing she had lost. She would have to beg with everything she had to be allowed to use her hands, or better yet, run to the bathroom. Just as tears of arousal and frustration began to trickle from her eyes, Isaac surprised her by leaning over and kissing her.

With their lips joined, Isaac used his free hand to reach into her skirt, pull down her panties, and began playing with her slit. With all the teasing it had received, the lips and interior were as tender as mashed potatoes, and his hand felt like it was being submerged in a hot bath.

Working two fingers inside his slave, Isaac listened to the tiny moans and whimpers that managed to escape from their locked lips. Using his thumb, he played with her clit like the joystick of a video game controller. Every flick, rub, and press made a deep shudder crawl up her spine. She was so cute; he would definitely punish her like this again. Five minutes into the movie, Holly finally came. A miniature waterfall of pussy juice flowed out between her legs, and only through again chewing on Isaac’s collar was she able to keep her voice contained.

At last, Isaac removed his arm and turned off the rotor, letting Holly rest. Until now, Holly had been afraid of making mistakes simply because she couldn’t bear upsetting or dissatisfying her Master. But now she found a new reason: she never wanted to do this again. This was some truly brutal punishment. But of course, while 90% of her brain was essentially crying from the experience, there was that 10%, in the deepest and darkest pits of her sexual desire, that wanted to do it again the next night.

“I had no idea you were so shy, you always seemed so shameless.”

“Of course I’m shy, I didn’t know those people. They weren’t my sisters and none of them were my Master.”

They were walking back to Isaac’s truck, with Holly once again clutching his arm like a small child holding onto a teddy bear and leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Well I’m sorry. I thought this kind of thing would be heaven for you. I didn’t want to stop because I thought you were enjoying it. It was mean of me to punish you like that. I know how hard you work and you don’t deserve that.”

“It’s fine. I’m your slave, you can do whatever you want to me. I am yours to abuse and humiliate, if that is your desire,” she murmured, speaking so softly it was as if they were still waiting in line for tickets.

Reaching the truck, Isaac turned and faced her. “Look, let me make it up to you. I know the perfect way to burn off the calories from all that candy.”

He then reached into his truck and pulled out her dog collar and leash. “How about we go for a walk?”

Holly’s smile was brighter than any flashlight, feeling one of her lifelong dreams come true. She and Isaac were at a nearby park, and while it was “supposed” to be closed at night, it had not stopped them from a stroll in the moonlight. Besides, with thick woods on either side of the paved pathway, they could always hide if they met anyone. Yet the park was dead silent. They had the forest all to themselves, but they were certainly not a normal couple enjoying the solitude and fresh air.

Holly was on all fours, completely naked, save for the work gloves and contractor kneepads Isaac had given her. Around her neck was her dog collar, and secured to it was her leash. Isaac was holding the end of the leash and carrying her clothes. Being that it was summer, the late-night air was in the high sixties and both Master and slave were protected with bug spray. They were taking the shortest route through the park, as not even Holly could last too long with gloves and kneepads.

As she crawled beside Isaac, her slit glistened with fresh arousal. Crawling on her hands and knees, pretending to be a dog or house cat, had always been one of her favorite games. She often wished she could transform into an animal, but she always had to settle with childish pretending. She had never been able to take it to such extremes like this.

“Master, you spoil me,” she said happily, momentarily breaking her dog impersonation to rub up against his leg and purr like a cat.

“You’re too cute, I can’t help it.”

“Um… Master… I kind of have to…”

Isaac laughed. “Sure, ok.”

Her leash in hand, he led her off the path to an empty spot on the forest floor. Turning around, he tried to not to snicker as his peripheral hearing picked up nature’s call. Behind him, Holly felt no shame in this natural body function. She was just an animal, her Master’s pet, and this is what animals like her did when they had to relieve themselves.

When the last drops hit the dry pine needles and leaves that littered the ground, she looked up to see Isaac handing her some paper towels.

“A lifetime of workplace injuries has taught me to always carry something to clean up bodily fluids,” he said sheepishly, still with his back to her. Leaning forward, Holly gratefully accepted the towels and then kissed Isaac’s hand.

After drying herself and burying the used paper towels, Holly returned to the path and she and Isaac continued their walk. It was such a beautiful night, not a cloud in the sky. Holly was so happy to be alive. She loved everything about this stroll through the park.

She loved the hold of the collar around her neck and the countless small tugs from the leash whenever she and her Master drifted a little too far apart; they made her feel bound to him. She loved the liberation of not having to wear clothes and the refreshing sensation of the evening air against her naked skin; they made her feel free. She loved the clear starry sky and the fresh aroma of nature; they reminded her of the farm from her orphanage. She loved the solitude and quiet; it let her act like her true self with only her Master around.

Isaac was enjoying the walk too. He loved the sight of the moonlight shining on her bare ass, he loved watching her shift from side to side seductively as she crawled, he loved the brief glimpses he got of her breasts bouncing pendulously, and he loved the smile of pure happiness on her face.

Isaac’s father has always taught him to respect women, that those who didn’t would only find women that no one could respect, and he had learned that lesson the hard way when he got tangled up with Isaac’s mother. Yet there was something innately satisfying about having a woman on a leash.

“How are you feeling? Do you want to take a break?” Isaac asked as they approached park bench.

“It would be nice to rest for a minute or two…”

Reaching the bench, Isaac sat down, but instead of joining him there, Holly kneeled on the ground in front of him like a patient collie. Smiling, Isaac began rubbing her head and scratching her behind the ears like she was a real dog, making her smile shine even brighter.

“You really are a strange pet.”

“You know, Master, whenever you treat me like a real pet, it makes me really happy.” Isaac watched as she took off his work gloves and slid her hand between her legs. “It makes me REALLY happy,” she murmured.

Chuckling, Isaac moved his foot forward and began rubbing the tip of his work boot against her slit, once again wet with sexual excitement. Holly began to give small whines of pleasure from the touch of the smooth dry leather against her pussy, still at her peak of sensitivity after the movie theater rotor punishment.

“I can see that. Now how about something to make me happy?”

Giggling, Holly began to nuzzle her face against the crotch of his jeans like a cat against a table corner. With just the slightest pressure, she could feel his cock becoming engorged with blood and hardening. Sensing its full erection, she slowly unfastened the button of his jeans and then pulled down the zipper. Pulling away the underwear beneath, she wrapped her fingers around his trembling erection and stood it up straight. It felt so hot in her hand, like a bratwurst right off the grill.

Unable to hold back another second, she lowered her head and dragged her tongue across the shaft. It had no taste, but to her, it was delicious. Again and again she licked the tower of muscle, granting it a glistening sheen of saliva that caught the light of the moon overhead.

After enough time spent teasing her Master, Holly finally opened her mouth wide and let the head of his cock slide down across her tongue and push against the back of her throat. Isaac groaned in happiness as he felt her mouth move back and forth around his dick, drenching it with saliva that was immediately slurped back off.

Closing his eyes, Isaac focused his mind on the sound she was making while she worked her magic. That wet squishing sound was so satisfying. It was like the sound of stirring macaroni and cheese. While she worked, he continued to rub the top of her head, thanking her and telling her that she was doing a VERY good job. In all honesty, he could have fallen asleep on that bench. The wet softness of Holly’s mouth around his most sensitive area was that soothing.

Holly was enjoying the act just as much as he was. She relished the feeling and taste of her Master’s cock in her mouth and she felt proud when she saw how happy it made him. Add in the fact that they were out in a public place and she couldn’t help from play with herself.

After a few minutes, both Holly and Isaac began to grow restless.

“Master, can I please…”

“I was just about to ask.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Holly climbed up onto his lap and lowered herself onto his cock. Impaling herself on his throbbing manhood, she gave a shrill whimper as it slowly entered her inch by inch. It had been a while since she had been on top during sex, even with her sisters would sodomize her with strap-ons, and she had forgotten how intense it was.

Isaac had entered her from below the previous night when they were in the shower, but this time it felt like he was somehow going even deeper into her. She let slip a moan of happiness as she finally reached the base, feeling like she almost couldn’t breath with such a large mass inside her.

Holding onto the back of the park bench behind Isaac and using her legs, she began to lift herself up halfway off his cock and then drop back down. She winced as his phallus penetrated the deepest recesses of her womanhood, but it was a wince of pleasure. Slowly, she began to take up a rhythm, turning into a human spring on her Master’s lap.

As she got used to the sensation of his phallus stuffed inside her, the height of her bouncing increased, as well as her speed. Before long, she was billowing up and down on his lap like a high-speed yoyo, while Isaac, not wanting to just sit there like a statue, used his lips and tongue to pleasure her jiggling tits.

Holly moaned in indescribable happiness, able to let her voice ring out without the fear of being heard. “Master, I think I’m about to cum!”

“Whoa! Hold on! I don’t want you soaking my clothes!”

Grabbing her under the arms, he lifted her up off his lap and stood up. Before Holly could even begin begging for his cock, Isaac bent her over the bench and mounted her from behind. Holly’s moans of sexual nirvana immediately restarted as Isaac doubled a rapid-fire beat with his thrusts. Even with his pants still on, he was able to move at top speed and slam into her with all of his strength.

“Fuck me, Master! Fuck me harder!”

Happy to indulge her, Isaac grabbed her leash with one hand and one of her breasts with the other. While squeezing the soft sphere, he pulled hard on her leash and forced himself to go into her even faster. If it weren’t for the collar now tight around her throat, Holly would be screaming at the top of her lungs in happiness. This level of harshness was euphoric, she felt like her beloved Master was truly brutalizing her.

“I’m cumming!” she panted, barely able to speak.

True to her words, the front of Isaac’s pants were lightly dampened by Holly’s squirting climax, leaving the park bench underneath her completely soaked. Still far from done, Isaac was about to resume fucking her when he heard something that made his heart drop. He could hear dogs yipping and their owner nagging at them to settle down.


With ear buds pumping her with music, the woman in her late twenties struggled to keep her two terriers separated. Over and over again they leapt at each other, growling and barking as they fought. It was simple play-fighting of course, but it was so easy for them to get all riled up and starting attacking each other aggressively. The woman had hoped that this walk would take away enough of their energy to let them sleep tonight, but now she was considering just getting a meter-long pole and tying the ends to their collars as a kind of physical restraining order.

Stopping at the bench, the woman crouched down and grabbed the dogs by the backs of their necks, yelling at them to settle down and holding them apart. As she tried to get the two fluff balls to calm themselves, forty feet into the woods and up the hill, Holly and Isaac were hiding behind a large tree and waiting for the intruder to move on. Holly was sitting on Isaac’s lap with her back to him, and still out of its cloth prison, his cock was standing proud between her legs.

Damn it, woman, get the hell out of here! Isaac mentally cursed, feeling a severe case of blue balls settling in.

Against his desires, the romantic evening was again broken, this time by the ringing of the woman’s phone. Answering it, she sat down on the end of the bench. She paid no attention to her dogs, which had now found something far more interesting than wrestling. They had found the spray from Holly’s orgasm on the other end of the bench and wanted to thoroughly investigate.

Hearing the woman’s conversation, Isaac surmised that she may be there for a while, and he and Holly would have to wait her out. But he wanted to continue fucking his slave so badly, he thought his balls would explode. Perhaps it was time for a little more fun…

“Holly, time to play the quiet game,” he whispered in her ear while pulling the bean-sized vibrator out of his pocket from the movie theater.

Before Holly could say anything, he inserted it into her wet pussy and turned it on, setting it all the way to the highest setting. About to cry out, she was silence by Isaac’s hand over her mouth. Wasting no time, he lifted her up with his free hand and entered her asshole with his cock. Holly blinked through the tears as he pulled her all the way down onto his powerful dick, making her feel like he would rip her open.

“Come on, start riding. That’s an order.”

Completely terrified of being discovered but subservient to her Master’s demands, Holly forced herself to push up with her legs and raise her pelvis. Just like before, it took time for her to become accustomed to this position, especially since she was leaning back and having to use her legs, but she slowly got the hang of it. Her anus was throbbing from the pain of Isaac’s cock stretching it, even after years of training at the hands of her sisters. At least in the shower, the warm water had helped her loosen up. Right now she felt like her ass was made of cold rubber bands.

Taking his hand off her mouth, he instead returned to their favorite trick of gagging her with her panties. Now with both hands, he reached up and squeezed her breasts hard, while at the same time, countering her rises and falls by thrusting straight up into her asshole. Even with the fabric underwear stuffed in her mouth, it was a true struggle for Holly to keep from screaming in euphoria.

Not only did she have the vibrator buzzing in her pussy like a humming bird going through detox, but Isaac was simultaneously ravaging her asshole like a heartless machine and brutally crushing her breasts in his grip. It was a masochistic trifecta, more than enough to make her orgasm.

But she fought against the sensation, knowing that she could never contain her voice. She had been lucky in the movie theater, but the climaxes she was anticipating would definitely be some of the strongest in her life. She was so afraid of being discovered but she didn’t know how she would deal with the strain.

Even though Isaac was teasing Holly through this exhibitionist act, he was trying his hardest not to make any noises. He carefully picked what spots on the ground his body touched, how much weight or force he put down, and where everything was that could make a sound. But regardless, there of course was the unavoidable crushing of leaves and pine needles beneath.

In reality, these were the softest noises in the forest at night, but to Holly, every crushed leaf might as well have been the crashing of symbols. Any second now, that woman would hear them, shout and ask if there was anyone out there, or even come into the woods after them.

“There we go!” Isaac grunted softly, firing every shot he had straight up into Holly’s asshole.

The intense heat and pressure she felt fill her sent her toppling over the edge. She lost her control, cumming again and again and like she was an orgasm machine gun. Against her will, her voice slipped out and she cried in happiness. As soon as she realized her mistake, she covered her mouth and silenced herself. Down the hill, the dogs had heard her but the woman had just shrugged it off as a crow nearby. Having finished her conversation, she put her phone away and stood up.

“Ok, you furry bastards, let’s go home,” she said sweetly to the two hyper terriers. She continued on down the path, while up the hill, Isaac and Holly were gasping for air and soaked in each other’s bodily fluids.

“Ok, you cute little mutt, let’s go home and get you into bed,” Isaac said as he scratched Holly behind the ears.

“Yes, Master,” she whispered with a loving smile.

It was a bright sunny day when Holly stepped out of the diner. After a long day’s work, she was eager to go back home. She couldn’t wait to shed her waitress uniform and don the dog collar that solidified her role as her Master’s pet. It had been a month since she moved in with Isaac and they had long-since established their routine.

Each morning, she would wake Isaac up with a loving blowjob and a breakfast fit for a king. If they had time, they could have sex, then get dressed, and Isaac would drive her to work before heading off to whatever job he had been hired to do. After work, Holly would walk home (or take the bus if the weather was poor), and as soon as she entered the apartment, she would strip naked and put on her dog collar, not feeling complete or comfortable unless she had it on.

Normally having a few hours before Isaac returned home, she would do any chores that needed to be done or simply lie in their bed and pleasure herself, overjoyed at being enveloped by her Master’s scent.

Anticipating his arrival, she would prepare dinner, then wait by the door for her Master, like a black lab pup wagging her tail. Depending on his level of energy when he arrived home, Isaac would either immediately mount her and fuck her like a machine, or just crash on the couch so that he and Holly would enjoy a hot dinner and watch TV. She would curl up against him like a purring cat, desperate for attention and affection.

A small grin on his face, Isaac would continue to watch the TV while working his fingers between her legs, stirring her wet pussy with almost artistic skill. After a relaxing evening, they would take a nice hot shower together and go to bed with just enough energy to fuck until passing out.

Walking down the street, Holly’s mouth watered as she imagined what her Master would do to her. He told her he had something special in mind, something that would make her scream is masochistic joy.

Holly was lying in bed, her arms and legs tied to the four corners of the frame. Covering her eyes was one of Isaac’s bandanas and stuffed in her mouth was a gag. Already she was enjoying this, but she knew her Master had more for her.

“Ok, Holly, remember, snap your fingers if it hurts too much or you want to stop. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

The warning only heightened her excitement and curiosity, and she eagerly nodded for Isaac to continue. He reached into his bedside table and pulled out something he had bought online. It was a pair of metal nipple clamps, joined together by a wire with a control box in the middle. He secured them to her breasts, making her whine as they squeezed her tender flesh. This was nothing new to her, her sisters used to love putting clothespins on her nipples. Inside the control box was a nine-volt battery, the negative end leading to one clamp and the positive end leading to the other.

“Now this is going to feel VERY strange.”

He pushed up a dial on the control box, completing the circuit and allowing the battery’s power to surge into Holly like a miniature stun gun. Feeling electricity shoot through her breasts like fire ants, Holly screamed and arched her back, breaking the connection.

“Do you want me to keep going?”

In reply, Holly nodded and writhed like a headless snake. She REALLY wanted him to keep going. Happy to oblige, Isaac brought up the charge higher for a few seconds and then dropped it. Every time she felt the electricity surge through her, Holly would scream and nearly cum. She had never felt pain like this before, she didn’t even know what to compare it to! It was like every millimeter of her body was being pinched with tweezers! She loved it! She loved the stinging hotness coursing through her veins!

Isaac was certainly happy to be watching her. Her reaction almost belonged on YouTube. He would vary the charge he gave her. Sometimes he could hold the dial forward and give Holly a sustained shock and sometimes he would tap it rapidly and fill her with tiny jolts.

With each shock she received, Holly’s endurance lowered. In less than a minute, it took only a single shock to make her cum, as if she was a toy that needed to be plugged in. Just two small zaps on her nipples, and a vast wet climax would explode from her slit. Isaac continued playing her like this, shocking her over and over again the battery was drained.

Placing the toy aside, Isaac untied the bonds around her ankles and climbed onto the bed. Raising her legs, he led his cock to her welcoming slit and dove in as deep as he could, making her once again moan through her gag.

After all of the orgasms Holly had experienced, her pussy could not have been looser. It was like fucking the sleeve of a sweater. Holly was too exhausted to clench or react to him. She was barely responsive to his thrusts. Her small whines and moans were the only sign that she had not passed out from the sexual shocking. She was out for the count.

Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to continue, Isaac decided not to hold back and hurled all of his might at Holly, slamming into her until the sound of flesh against flesh echoed through the apartment like a round of applause. Burning through his reserves of strength, his orgasm was quick in its arrival. Shuddering from head to toe, he groaned as he flooded her womanhood with his seed, emptying it all into her like she was a fleshlight.

Exhausted, Isaac untied her limbs, removed the bandana over her eyes, and took out her gag. She had a content smile on her face and Isaac gave her a loving kiss before lying down beside her.

“How was that?” he asked.

“That was amazing. I want to get my nipples pierced for a better shock.”

“Careful, I don’t want you turning into a pin cushion.”

“Well I was wondering if you would be ok with me getting a tattoo. Maybe something on my back like PROPERTY OF ISAAC HELTON. What do you think?”

“Piercings are one thing but tattoos are another, and that sounds just plain trashy. Not to mention I can’t even imagine how awkward it would be in the tattoo parlor when the guy is writing the letters and you’re having orgasm after orgasm,” he teased.

“Yes Master,” she pouted.

“Relax, you don’t need a tattoo to prove you’re my slave. Listen, today a big client hired me for an out of state job, it pays VERY well. Next month I’ll be gone for a few days. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you’ll be on your own. Will you be ok without me?”

“Can I come with you? Please don’t leave me here!”

Yep, she really was his pet.

“Holly, I’ll be working twelve hours a day and sleeping in a motel. If you come with me, you’ll just end up seeing me off and waiting in the room for me to come back. There will be nothing for you to do. Trust me, this isn’t the kind of job where I can just ask you to help me on. You’ll be fine.”

Isaac yawned and closed his eyes, feeling what strength he had leaking out of him.

“Ok. Um, Master, will you be trying to get more slaves while you’re gone?”

Now that was a question one wouldn’t expect to hear. About to drift to sleep, Isaac opened his eyes and turned to her. “Of course not, I’d never cheat on you!”

Holly looked at him quizzically, confused by his response. “Why not? When I was homeschooled at the orphanage, we learned a lot about history. Every great Master should have more than one slave. Surely you’ll get bored with just having me.”

“Holly, I could never get bored with you. You’re being ridiculous.”

“But still, having more slaves would make you happy right? Don’t you enjoy being with girls like me? Wouldn’t it be fun for you to have more slaves?”

“Holly, I’m still unable to believe I found you. I don’t think you realize how unusual you are.”

“I’m sure there are more girls like me, girls who would love to have you as their Master.”

Isaac sighed. “Holly, do you want me to have more slaves?”

“I know it would make you happy. It’s natural for men to want multiple women. Besides, I would certainly enjoy playing with them. It would be nice to have sisters again.”

It was clear Holly wasn’t going to let this go. Isaac had to throw her a bone. “Tell you what, if you can find a pretty girl just like you who wants to be my slave, I’ll THINK about having her. Just be discrete, I don’t want you standing on the street corner asking women if they want to be a sex slave or hassling customers at work. I really don’t want you or I to end up in jail, most likely sporting a black eye and a face soaked in pepper spray.”

“All right, I won’t disappoint you!”

“Yes, fine, just go to sleep.”

Smiling, Holly laid her head down on the pillow and slowly drifted to sleep. Unknown to the couple, their conversation had been overheard. Sitting out in the hallway, Alice was working her fingers in her tiny virgin pussy. She always waited outside their apartment, listening to Isaac and Holly have sex while she touched herself. But now, she had heard something way better than grunts or moans.

“Oh Master…” she whispered, achieving her nightly orgasm.

Chapter Four

Holly was lying on the bed, bored out of her mind and lonely. It was Friday night, Isaac had left that morning, and for three days, she was alone. Not only that, but her boss had given her the weekend off in order to give some shifts to the other waitresses, so she wasn’t needed at the diner. Now she was left to aimlessly wander the unit, not knowing what she could do and having nowhere to go. Isaac had left her with plenty of money so that she could take a cab wherever she wanted, but she only wanted to go where he was.

Should she go see if Donna wanted to hang out? They had gotten along well since Isaac introduced them, but in her heart, she knew that wouldn’t satisfy her. She wanted to be with her Master. Rolling on her side, she curled up in the fetal position and fiddled with the tag of her collar. Was this was pets really felt like when their Masters were gone?

A knock on the door made her jump off the bed. She had company? Was it Donna? After pulling on her clothes and leaving the bedroom, she opened the door and looked down to see Alice.

“Alice! Hi! How are you?” Holly asked, happy as could be that someone had come to see her.

Alice looked away, unsure of how to even begin the conversation. “Hi, Holly, I’m fine. Isaac’s gone, right?”

Holly momentarily lost her smile. “Yes, he’ll be gone for a few days. Is something not working in your apartment? I’m not good with tools like he is, but I’d love to help in any way I can.”

“No, nothing is wrong. But I really could use your help with something…” Alice mumbled, still unable to look up from the floor.

Holly cocked her head to one side. “What is it?”

Alice forced herself to look up into Holly’s bright peaceful face and stared at the dog collar around her neck. She had tears in the corners of her eyes but determination in her voice.

“I heard you say that Isaac should have more slaves. He said that if you could find girls willing to be his slave, he’d be willing to take them in like you. So please teach me to be a slave!”

With a wide smile on her face, Holly tackled the small girl and scooped her up into a tight bear hug. “Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES!” she screamed like a freshmen girl being asked out to prom.

“Really? You’ll let me have sex with Isaac?” Alice asked, squashed against Holly. She never thought it would go this well.

“Of course! You’ll be his slave after all! If he wants to have sex with you, I’ll do everything I can to make it happen!” Holly then put Alice down but kept her hands on her shoulders. “But are you sure you want me to teach you? Being a slave is a lot of work and requires real endurance. You have to enjoy pain, you have to enjoy being subjugated and dominated, you have to be perverse and love sex, and you have to be able to work hard to make sure Master is satisfied. There is cooking! Cleaning! Oral!”

“Yes! I want to learn! Now can we please stop talking about this in the hall?! There aren’t any other tenants around but echoes travel in this building!”

Holly again hugged her, this time speaking tenderly. “Donna told me about you, about how your parents completely neglected you and gave you nothing but a basement to sleep in and the leftovers of whatever they ate. You were so brave and smart; running away to come live with your uncle. It’s a shame he doesn’t spend time with you either, a sweet girl like you shouldn’t be all alone. I know how it feels to be abandoned, to be rejected by your parents. I promise, you’ll never feel lonely again. From now on, you and I are family.”

Hearing Holly speak, Alice suddenly felt her eyes beginning to water. She had only spoken to Holly once since she got involved with Isaac, and Alice’s first impression was that Holly was a total airhead and caught in a fantasy world. True, Holly was clearly more childish than Alice, but she had a special light to her, a form of kindness that the world had long since lost.

The feeling Alice received by being hugged by Holly, it was almost… nurturing. It wasn’t like Holly was taking on a maternal role, more like she was transforming to be exactly what Alice needed. Alice had never felt such loving kindness and care from anyone, even Donna, and now that she was basking in it for the first time in her life, Alice was struggling not to cry.

“You promise?” she managed to ask.

“Of course, my dear sweet little sister,” Holly hummed.

Sensing the girl trembling in her arms, she gained small smile. Thirteen years old, but she was just a small child.

“Listen, we have all of tonight and the weekend before Master comes back, that’s plenty of time to make you into the perfect slave. But first, let’s have dinner and relax. How I Met Your Mother is about to come on!”

Holly’s cheerfulness was contagious, almost overwhelmingly so.

“Sure!” Alice said, wearing one of the widest smiles of her life.

“So do you really like being a slave?” Alice asked as the second commercial break began to roll through. They had ordered takeout and were slurping up hot noodles out of paper boxes. The evening of moping on her Master’s bed had suddenly blossomed into a lovely girls’ night for Holly.

“Of course! It’s heaven!”

“But what do you like about it? I always figured being someone’s slave would be one of the worst things possible.”

“Not if you love your Master. Then everything you do, you do happily for them. You want to be given orders because it gives you an opportunity to make him happy. I suppose what I like most about it… is the solidarity. No… that’s not the word. Consistency? No, that’s not it either. How do I say this? I love being Master’s slave because the role itself becomes my home. It’s like a safe little cottage for my heart.

I do everything Master asks me to, but the truth is that he takes just as much care of me as I do for him. I hate making decisions, really. Nothing makes me more nervous. I actually will have small panic attacks when I’m faced with a choice. The day after Master took me in, he had to come pick me up at the grocery store because I was completely petrified of having to decide what to make for dinner. It was shameful!” Holly laughed in embarrassment.

Alice wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I guess the fact that I have someone else making the decisions for me is one of the reasons why I love being a slave so much. I’m not comfortable without a routine, so by having a Master, I just work happily and never have to make any choices. There is certain joy to just working mindlessly on single task, not having to think about anything other than what Master has ordered you to do. The simplicity is very soothing.”

Alice let the words sink in. Holly really was an airhead, but she did have a bit of a point. Her teachers always told her that mindless tasks helped with stress.

“The main reason why I love being a slave is because I love being needed. Unless someone is telling me what to do, I feel useless and out of place, I feel like I’m just a hindrance to everyone around me. When I’m needed, I have a reason to live. Should the day ever come when I’m no longer needed… I don’t think I’d want to be alive. By being a slave, you could say I’m always needed. It’s a role different from any other. A girlfriend or wife may cheat or run off, a servant is paid, but a slave will always belong to her Master and lives to fulfill his needs. As long as I am a slave, I have a job to do.

Then of course, there is the BEST perk to being a slave…”

Having been bending over to set her empty Chinese takeout box on the table, Alice turned back to Holly and found herself staring at the most perverse expression she had ever seen. Holly was panting, her face was flushed, and it looked like she was about to start drooling like a dog in a busy kitchen on Thanksgiving.

“I’m not ashamed to say I am a very lewd girl. I love getting touched, molested, violated, abused, and experiencing all manner of sexual mistreatment. I’m not sure if I was born that way or if my sisters ingrained it in me. Being a slave, I’m subject to Master’s desires. My body is his personal plaything for him to use whenever and however he wants. I love when he runs his tongue across my skin, when he violently thrusts into me, when he spanks me, whips me, and chokes me, and when he treats every hole in my body as his own cum dumpster. I can’t even describe how happy it makes me!”

Alice stared at her with fear in her eyes. Holly… really wasn’t your average girl. After all the nights Alice had spent masturbating outside Isaac’s apartment, listening to the two of them have sex, she thought nothing could surprise her. Hell, she had lost count of all times she had heard Holly screaming for Isaac to “rape her like his dirty little whore”. But to hear Holly just openly say it to her was… unnerving.

Yet also it left her intrigued. Alice wasn’t a masochist, but if it meant Isaac finally being intimate with her, she could work up the courage to try things on the wild side.

“And it’s another way for me to know how much Master cares about me. He and I didn’t really have the same ‘interests’ when we were first intimate. I could tell he was a very gentle man who made sure to always respect women. He even said that I scared him a little. He’s changed himself because he wants to make me happy, going against his instincts to pleasure me when I’m the one who’s supposed to satisfy him. No matter what he does, he always thinks about my safety. A little pet peeve of mine is how often he’ll stop to ask me if I’m ok and if I want to keep going.”

Alice smiled with new resolution. If that’s the kind of Master Isaac was, then she would be happy to be his slave.

Holly and Alice were sitting on Isaac’s bed, the former was excited but the latter was as nervous as could be. She knew what was coming and she had made the decision to go with it, but now she was having second thoughts. She was in love with Isaac, but she couldn’t be with him unless she had her first time with a woman. She was only thirteen, would this just end up being one of the worst decisions of her life?

“Are you sure you want to do this? I completely understand if you change your mind. This life isn’t for everyone.”

Alice sighed. “I just want to be cared about the way you and Isaac care about each other. I want this.”

“Ok, but from now on, you address him as Master. Now tonight, I’m just going to teach you how to be comfortable with intimacy. If we want to pleasure Master, we have to be able to work well together and be comfortable pleasuring each other. Tonight will be gentle, but tomorrow, we’ll start with the kinky stuff.” Holly then reached over and cupped Alice’s cheek, making her shiver and blush. “Is this your first time doing stuff like this?”

Alice didn’t trust her voice and simply nodded.

Holly giggled. “Don’t worry, I’ve spent years doing this and its more fun than you can imagine. Let’s just take it slow.”

Pulling Alice close, Holly lowered her head and brushed her lips against the young girl’s, just an experimental wisp. Alice didn’t shiver or wince from nervousness. She had actually expected more. She kept her eyes closed though, finding it rather easy to remain calm as she felt Holly’s lips repeatedly skim her own. It couldn’t really be called kissing; it was more like two cats nuzzling each other. Getting used to the gentle caressing, Alice’s body finally relaxed.

“You are just so cute,” Holly whispered, wrapping her arms around the small girl.

Holding her tightly, Holly at last kissed Alice square on the lips, applying real (yet gentle) pressure. After all the build-up she had been given, the kiss wasn’t as big a shock as Alice had thought, even though it was her first. Holly’s lips were so soft that the sensation nearly made Alice forget she was kissing a woman.

For almost a minute, Holly did all the work, kissing Alice gently until her new little sister got used to the intimate touch. Soon, Alice began experimentally kissing back, letting her virgin lips return the gentle caressing. Becoming more and more comfortable with the act, she even wrapped her arms around Holly’s waist to try and pull her closer.

Sensing Alice was now on board, Holly took the initiative and slipped her tongue between the young girl’s lips. Alice stirred in surprise at the intrusion, but Holly kept her from pulling away and sent her whole tongue into Alice’s soft wet mouth.

Alice became limp in Holly’s arms, lacking the strength to fight back or react in any way. She couldn’t even describe the feel of Holly’s tongue licking every corner of her mouth and mixing their saliva. She tried to keep her tongue from Holly’s, but she could not ignore the sweet taste of the probing wet tendril. Holly would not let go, so Alice had no choice but to give in.

Hesitantly, she let her own tongue move forward from its hiding spot and touch Holly’s. With almost impossible dexterity, Holly’s tongue wrapped around Alice’s and seemed to almost pull her out into the open. Between their joined lips, she allowed Holly to swirl and dance around her tongue, until at last inviting the young girl to take the initiative and return the aggression.

Having lost much of her nervousness, Alice did as she was wordlessly instructed and began to slowly probe Holly’s mouth. As soon as her tongue passed her lips, Holly seemed to almost clamp down and start pulling on it. She wasn’t biting on Alice’s tongue, but she was sucking on it as if trying to pull it out of Alice’s mouth.

At that moment, Alice realized where exactly she was sticking her tongue. For over a month, Holly had been blowing Isaac and hungrily devouring every drop of cum he released. Holly was doing to her tongue what she routinely did to Isaac’s cock. As Alice entertained herself with that thought, Holly doubled her efforts at sucking on Alice’s tongue. Shit, it was like she was trying to pull her inside-out! Then without warning, Holly pushed Alice down onto the bed and got on top of her.

Once again, she was working her tongue in Alice’s mouth, but she somehow managed to do it with even more aggression. She was running her tongue against the insides of her cheeks, the roof of her mouth, and under Alice’s tongue. It was like Holly was a dog and Alice’s mouth was an empty peanut butter jar.

Alice could barely breath, she felt like Holly was filling the small girl’s mouth with her own. Just as quickly as it started, Holly pulled her lips from Alice’s and the two girls just stared at each other, panting in arousal.

“That concludes the first lesson: kissing. Now things get really fun,” Holly giggled.

She then sat Alice up and got her back on her feet. “Ok, take off your clothes.”

Alice averted her eyes from Holly’s gaze and clutched herself, once again filled with nervousness. True, she had let Isaac see her naked, but she barely even knew Holly. Even more, she knew what this would transition to.

With her face bearing a tender smile of understanding, Holly ran her hands up the sides of Alice’s arms, as if trying to warm her up. “Would it be easier if I did it with you?”

Alice finally made eye contact. Smiling, Holly kissed Alice’s hands and then stood up beside her. Without hesitation, she pulled off her tank top. Alice stared in shock at Holly’s breasts, now truly realizing how large they were. Sure, Donna’s were even bigger, but Alice sure as hell hadn’t seen Donna topless. Staring at them, Alice was filled with a strange curiosity. She wondered what Holly’s breasts felt like, whether they were firm or squishy. She actually wanted to reach out and touch them.

Soon after Isaac introduced her to the electric clamps, Holly had gone through with what she said and gotten her nipples pierced, and now they had fully healed. She sported two tiny stainless steel rods, one going through each nipple, the rods tipped with round barbs to keep them from sliding out. Since their only purpose was to keep the holes from closing, Holly’s “jewelry” was actually so small that it was hard to spot with a first glance.

“Ok, now your turn.”

Alice grasped the end of her shirt and twisted it. The nervousness she felt at stripping in front of a stranger was now eclipsed, her envy for Holly’s womanly shelf and her embarrassment for her own flat chest replacing it. How could Isaac ever choose her when he had such a busty girl like Holly at his disposal? But refusing to quit, she pulled off her shirt and tossed it aside.

“Goddammit, I might as well be a third grader,” she muttered in self-loathing.

In reply, Holly embraced the small girl. Alice immediately tensed up as her head was buried in Holly’s cleavage. She had never had so much warm skin pressed against her face, and the intimate touch was certainly a first for her.

“Aw, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your time will come, but it looks to me like someone hasn’t been drinking enough milk. I certainly love your body, it makes you so cute that I just want to hug you and never let go! Oh my God, YOU ARE SO CUTE!”

At last, Holly’s scream succeeded in making Alice laugh. With that confidence boost, she pushed down her jeans and panties and stepped out of them, now completely naked. Holly did the same and looked down to notice something peculiar.

“Huh. I knew you were a late bloomer, but no hair?”

Alice dared a glimpse at Holly’s dolphin-smooth vulva and blushed in embarrassment. “I spend a lot of time eavesdropping on you and Isaac-I mean Master. I heard him say he liked girls who are shaved down there and I…”

Holly smiled and rubbed the top of Alice’s head. “Never be ashamed of your devotion to the man you love. Now lie down and I’ll make you feel good.”

Alice nervously did so, feeling more exposed and vulnerable than ever in her life. She wanted to cover herself with her arms, but she knew that would defeat the purpose of coming here. Holly was gazing upon her underdeveloped body with a look of perverse hunger, while her own body was the definition of fulfilled.

Crouching down, Holly grasped Alice’s small left foot and covered it with kisses, focusing especially on her toes. The ticklish sensation made Alice squirm and even giggle, causing her to wonder if Holly had done that on purpose in order to help her relax. It had certainly worked.

Smiling with joy at the ability to play with her new little sister, Holly ran her tongue up the front and side of Alice’s leg, making her shudder at this alien touch. She stirred, once again tickled, this time by Holly’s soft raven hair moving across her skin like paintbrushes. Alice’s legs were clamped tightly together, so Holly ran her tongue through the crease between her inner thighs.

Oh my God, she’s going to do it! She’s really going to lick me there! Alice thought, covering her face.

But just when Holly’s lips were about to meet Alice’s virgin flower, she suddenly raised her head and moved past it. “You’re so cute…” she giggled. She then began kissing Alice’s flat stomach, each kiss wetter than the last. Reaching the girl’s navel, she toyed with her by tonguing the Indiant. “And so soft…”

As Holly continued to move up, Alice shuddered as she felt her nipples skating across her smooth skin. It was not a shudder of unpleasantness, Alice was quickly becoming used to the fact that she was with a woman. But even with their location, the brief touches of the barbs from her nipple rings felt ice cold. Alice became tense as Holly at last reached her nonexistent breasts and screwed her eyes shut, just a moment before she felt Holly’s warm wet tongue flick her nipple.

“And so sweet.”

Alice was then forced to open her eyes, when instead of continuing, Holly moved up and tenderly kissed her with her eyes sparkling with love.

“Come on, don’t try to hide. We’re doing this together, remember?”

Alice nodded with a relit smile and Holly kissed her again. After wetting her tongue in Alice’s mouth, Holly moved back down and traced circles around Alice’s nipple, now erect from her arousal. She was savoring the moment for as long as she could, wanting to enjoy her little sister’s delicious young body. However, her self-restraint quickly vanished and she closed her mouth around the supple point.

Alice immediately gasped in bliss as she felt the suction on her delicate flesh. Alice had tried a large number of methods to make her breasts larger, basically any trick she could find online. Everything she had tried, nothing compared to the sensation of another person’s mouth sucking on them, especially a woman.

Over and over again, Holly switched between her left and right nipples, sucking on them hungrily and pinching on them when they were exposed. Surprising Alice, while Holly was only focusing on her breasts, she felt a very familiar and warm tingling in her nether regions. With each second that passed, the tingling increased in intensity and a continuous whine could be heard passing her lips.

“Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD!” the young girl moaned as her pleasure threshold broke.

“Did you cum just from having your nipples toyed with?” Holly laughed. “That’s so cute!”

Alice looked away, he face red with embarrassment. She couldn’t believe a woman had just triggered an orgasm in her.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to be cumming like CRAZY tonight.”

After letting her lips briefly touch Alice’s, she started moving down her surrogate sister’s chest, once again covering her flat belly in kisses. Reaching Alice’s waist, she slowly spread the young girl’s legs, revealing the glistening virgin slit. It looked so small and tight, so pristine. Holly just wanted to dive right in.

“Um, this won’t hurt, will it?” Alice mumbled.

“Of course not, it’s pure pleasure. Just relax and let your big sister eat to her heart’s content.”

Without another word needing to be spoken, Holly buried her head between Alice’s skinny thighs and delved as far into her snatch as she could with her tongue. At the sudden intrusion of the wet tendril, Alice arched her back and moaned like an opera singer. Holly was right; this was amazing!

With expertise earned from countless nights pleasuring her sisters at the orphanage, Holly licked every delicious space of Alice’s honeypot, slurping up the virgin juices of her ecstasy. She knew exactly where to lick, how much pressure to put on, and how long to maintain it. She knew precisely how to stimulate the exterior flesh, how to tickle the opening lips, how to massage her sopping wet velvet sleeve, and most importantly, how to tease her clitoris.

For twenty minutes, Holly played Alice like a saxophone, invoking half a dozen orgasms and leaving the young girl set in an almost permanent arch. At last, Holly pulled away, gasping for air.

“Whew! No wonder they call it the honeypot, you certainly are sweet. I could go all night with you, but this is a lesson after all. How do you feel?”

Alice was unable to respond. She was panting even harder than Holly, there were tears streaming down her face, and she looked almost like she was suffering a stroke. But she also had a grin going from ear to ear. “I feel soooooooo goooooooood.”

“Well don’t fall asleep yet, because there is still SO much fun for us to have.”

Getting back down, Holly gained a very sly look on her face, as without so much as a single warning, she inserted her index and ring finger into Alice’s virgin cunt, palm up. Alice screamed at the sudden penetration, having never gone so deep even with her own fingers.

“Ah, good, your hymen is still intact. I can feel it with my fingers. With all the time I spent doing this with my sisters, I learned how to leave the hymen intact. But you’re so tight, you’ll never be able to take Master’s cock in you!”

Moving her hand in rapid jabs, Holly fingered Alice with machine-like speed, while always making sure not to deflower her. At the same time, she lowered her head and wrapped her lips around Alice’s clitoris, squeezing it with tantalizing pressure. With Holly’s fingers punishing her cunt and her clit being rubbed between Holly’s lips, Alice was screaming at the top of her lungs. It both hurt and felt amazing at the same time.

When doing it herself, she was able to control how fast or deep she went, but she no longer had any say in the matter. Holly was able to do whatever she wanted and Alice didn’t have the courage to stop her. She could only lie there, nearly crying as she had yet another orgasm.

Removing her fingers, Holly pulled apart Alice’s pussy lips with her thumbs, examining her like a gynecologist.

“No, don’t spread it! It’s too embarrassing!”

“Ok, that’s better, you’re really starting to loosen up. But we still need you to get used to being penetrated. Let’s try something else.”

Getting back on the bed, Holly lied down beside Alice, who was as limp as a ragdoll. Without hesitation, Holly put her wet fingers in Alice’s panting mouth, filling her with the taste of her own essence. She momentarily struggled in revulsion, but Holly pinned her down.

“Just relax, get used to the taste. You’re going to be tasting it a lot.”

As much as she didn’t want to, Alice nodded and diligently sucked Holly’s fingers clean. She had never thought of doing this, but Alice had to admit, it tasted sweeter than she expected, and there was something about it that thoroughly aroused her. Once her fingers were clean, Holly returned them to Alice’s snatch and once again soaked them.

This time, Alice struggled slightly to avoid sucking Holly’s fingers, acting like a baby that refused to let the train enter the tunnel, but as soon as Holly’s fingers touched her lips, she gave in and started sucking them like before. Holly did this several more times, making sure Alice got accustomed to the taste and act.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Alice shook her head. She had to admit, this really wasn’t that bad, at least in hindsight.

“Good, then you’re going to LOVE this.”

About to ask what Holly meant, Alice yelped as she felt the woman force her saliva-drenched fingers into the young girl’s anus. This certainly the first time she had tried any kind of ass play. It was the strangest feeling she had ever experienced, by a long shot! Alice arched her back and lifted herself off the bed, immediately feeling like something painful would happen if she put any sort of weight on her ass.

Twisting her fingers in the young girl’s rectum, Holly laughed at Alice’s reaction. “Yeah, I did the same thing my first time, but now I can’t get enough of it. I must say, your ass is really tight, even for a girl your age. We’re going to have to do a lot of work to get it ready for Master.”

“Ah! Please take your fingers out! I feel like you’re going to rip me open!”

“No can do, your body needs to be ready for Master’s personal use. Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle tonight. This is just to get you used to the feeling.”

“But it hurts!” Alice argued, refusing to let her body touch the mattress.

“No it doesn’t, it just feels weird. You wouldn’t believe what your ass can handle. Relax, you’ll hurt your neck!”

It took a while for Alice to trust Holly and relax her body, but Holly had all the patience in the world for her little sister. At last, Alice slowly settled herself and lied down on the bed, and found that the pain in her rear was much less than she thought.

“There, see? Now doesn’t that feel good?” Holly purred as she began working her fingers in and out of Alice’s tight anus. The soft moist flesh certainly felt good against her fingers, and every twirl and push made Alice wince in awkward pleasure.

“I guess…”

“Well trust me, I think Master is going to have a fantastic time fucking your asshole. You’re insides are so soft and warm, I imagine it will feel like his cock is settling into a nice hot bath.”

“You really think so?”

“Well that’s what it feels like for my fingers. Just lay back, relax, and enjoy.”

Alice did as she was told and spread her legs, letting Holly have better access. As she fingered her little sister’s asshole, Holly continued penetrating her cunt, this time with her thumb. Alice would have been moaning at the top of her lungs, but Holly had silenced her with her lips.

The feeling of Holly’s thumb and fingers churning in her most sensitive places was completely overwhelming, but even while being kissed, Alice’s mind was focused elsewhere. Specifically, she couldn’t help but overanalyze the feeling of Holly’s breasts against her own.

With every movement of Holly’s arm, her breasts would jiggle ever so slightly, but to Alice, they might as well have been rumbling like vibrators. They were so soft and warm, hot even. Beyond their sensual kissing or the fact that both her front and back doors were being fingered, it was the touching of Holly’s nipples to her own that solidified this act of lesbian intimacy, and that forbidden thought turned her on more than any physical feeling. While she had been against it at first, she was really starting to enjoy the feeling of getting her ass played with.

After a minute, Holly pulled her fingers out and held them over Alice’s face. Alice again hesitated, but allowed Holly to put them in her mouth, while Holly sucked the pussy juice off her thumb. The taste was much more bitter than her pussy, but still not as bad as she had expected. She simply had to get into the right mindset and learn to draw pleasure from the act. She was not a kinky girl, but what was this if not a learning experience?

“That’s a good girl, you’re really coming along nicely,” Holly cooed while lovingly kissing Alice on the forehead.

She then resumed licking the inside of Alice’s mouth, while returning her thumb and fingers to their rightful place inside her. For several minutes, they entered a cycle of fingering and sucking, with Holly and Alice taking turns on who would lick her fingers clean and who would suck her thumb. At last, when she was certain that Alice was ready, Holly pulled away and lied back against the headboard, her legs spread and a wide smile on her face. To Alice, who had just discovered the joy on girl on girl love, her body was beautiful, glowing with sexuality.

“Come on, honey. Time to show me what you’ve learned.”

Now brimming with sexual confidence, Alice crawled over and eagerly planted her lips on Holly’s. For several seconds, their tongues danced around each other with mirrored vigor. Finally, they were on the same page with each other. Continuing to kiss, Alice laid her body down on Holly’s, intertwining their naked forms. Holly wrapped her arms and legs around the small girl, enclosing her in her warm soft body like a living blanket, both women relishing the touch of their naked skin.

Still held in Holly’s embrace, Alice at last ended the kiss and began to move down. Slowly, she brushed her lips across Holly’s cheek, down her neck, and across her collarbone. She stopped there, needing a few moments to collect herself. Everything that had happened so far this night had been Holly’s doing to her and she had simply been going through the motions. Now, everything that would happen would be her own doing. Her first true act of intimacy would be with another woman. Oh well, she had come too far to quit now.

Taking a deep breath, she lowered her head and took Holly’s left nipple in her mouth. Her face flushed with arousal, Holly moaned softly in euphoria as she felt the young girl suck on her tender flesh. She held Alice even tighter against her, cradling her like a nursing baby.

Alice certainly couldn’t be called innocent in the perpetration of such a role. Her mouth was like a vacuum on Holly’s bountiful tits. This was not a natural experience for Alice (outside the whole “nursing” thing), but she had to admit it was pleasurable, certainly erotic. Plus there was the softness and warmth of Holly and the oh so enjoyable squishiness of the melon-sized flesh pillows. She was also having fun playing with Holly’s nipple rings.

“You look so cute right now,” Holly hummed, “like a little baby.”

“Please don’t say stuff like that,” Alice groaned, “it makes things weird.”

The complaint gave Holly a hearty laugh. “Well then, feel free to move along.”

Alice nodded and continued her descent. She was slow, covering Holly’s flat stomach in kisses and even tonguing her navel. She could feel Holly trembling in excitement. She knew what was coming and longed to feel a young inexperienced tongue against her slit. At last, Alice hung her head over the sopping wet lips of Holly’s cunt.

Once again, she took a few moments to collect herself, to mentally prepare for what she was about to do, and to question every aspect of this night. Not only was this another woman’s vagina, but for over a month, Isaac had been pouring his seed into her. Was there any left, any still inside her? At that thought, she put aside all of her doubts and decided to just dive right in.

As soon as the young girl’s lips touched her own, Holly cried out in happiness. It had been so long since a girl touched her, she had missed it. True, Isaac had a tongue like an eel, but girls always felt different, especially young girls. Alice was certainly settling in nicely. She had gotten over her squeamishness and was now working to send her tongue as deep into Holly as possible.

Holly had been wise to first make her start by tasting her own wetness, as it took away so much of Alice’s tension and allowed her to get accustomed to the taste of pussy. It was certainly a completely different experience when getting it directly from someone else’s tap, but the taste was almost exactly like her own, and Holly’s pussy certainly felt good against her tongue and lips. Her first sexual experience was with a woman and she was loving it.

“Oh yes! Just a little more! Yes! YES!” Holly screamed, clamping her thighs against the sides of Alice’s head.

Shocking Alice, a flash flood erupted from Holly’s cunt, spraying the young girl in the face, soaking her hair, and running down her throat. Alice threw herself back, sputtering and gasping for air. “Oh God, you didn’t just piss in my face did you?! I’ve been pretty open tonight, but that is seriously where I draw the line!”

“Don’t worry, it’s not pee. It’s basically water, the equivalent to the male ejaculation. You basically do the same thing whenever you get aroused or have an orgasm, but on a much smaller scale.”

“You promise?”

“Of course, my sister told me about it. I tell you, it was a HUGE shock to everyone when it first happened in our bedroom. We screamed so loud that our foster father stormed in and we had to lie and say we had seen a rat.”

“So what now?”

Holly sat up and smiled. Leaning over, she kissed Alice on the lips. “The lesson is over, THIS lesson at least. Tomorrow we start with the kinky stuff. But until then, we have a whole night of fun ahead of us.”

The slamming of the door awoke Alice from her pleasant slumber, but left her too tired to care whom it was. In the seconds that passed, she slowly stirred, enjoying the warmth and smell of Isaac’s bed. She smiled as she heard approaching footsteps and felt pressure on the bed. The sensation that was truly making her happy was the touch of Holly’s tongue in her pussy. However, considering all the time Holly had spent sitting on Alice’s face last night, Alice certainly deserved to get some more treatment in return.

“Good morning,” Holly purred as she moved up to Alice’s face, but not before lining her stomach and chest with kisses.

“Good morning,” Alice replied before her lips met Holly’s. “So what’s the plan for today?”

“Well I just came back from a very interesting toy store. One of my sisters told me about it years ago and I’ve been waiting for the chance to find it. But they can wait. Let’s have a lovely brunch.”

She then got off the bed with Alice eagerly chasing after her, finding that her new older sister had stripped naked as soon as she entered the apartment. As she followed Holly into the kitchen, her eyes traveled up from Holly’s feet to the back of her neck as she tied her hair into a ponytail. Her eyes lingered on Holly’s fully-developed ass and she licked her lips. Alice didn’t believe homosexuality was a choice, she wasn’t stupid, but Holly had transformed her into something she thought she could never become.

“So what are we going to have for brunch?” Alice asked as Holly gazed into the fridge with indecisiveness.

“Well considering what we have waiting for us, we’re going to want something that will sit in our stomachs and take a GOOD long time to reach our lower intestines.”

Holly was sitting on the edge of the bed with Alice lying across her lap like a misbehaving child about to be spanked. Both girls licked their lips and giggled as Holly squeezed and rubbed Alice’s cute little ass cheeks. Over and over, she moved her hands down and gripped the two vanilla peaches. They felt so good in her hands, such a satisfying feeling.

“You have got one of the cutest little asses I have ever seen,” Holly giggled.


“Of course, I can’t get enough of it.”

Holly spat between Alice’s ass cheeks and watched as it ran across her asshole and then reached her pussy. Continuing to giggle, Holly rubbed the saliva-soaked orifice with her index finger before slowly penetrating her little sister’s rectum. Alice stretched and purred like a cat as she felt Holly stir her finger in her anus like a whisk. With all the time she had spent getting fingered like this last night, Alice had become a true anal slut. At least she thought so. There was still so much for her to endure.

One finger, then two, Holly moved them back and forth inside Alice for the next few minutes, enjoying the sensation of the soft wet flesh against her own. With each slow plunge, she could feel the young girl’s asshole loosening and becoming more malleable. Her sexual appetite getting the better of her, Holly pulled out her glistening fingers and licked them clean of Alice’s sinful essence.

With strings of saliva stretching between her fingers, she reinserted them into Alice, along with her ring finger, making the smile on her face twist in euphoria. Several more minutes passed, with Alice just lying across Holly’s lap, getting her tight asshole fingered. In all honesty, Alice wished she and her new big sister could have just stayed like that forever. It was so pleasant, so calming, and yet so erotically delicious.

Speaking of delicious, Holly decided that it was time for Alice to get a taste of herself. Most of her hand now drenched, Holly offered her fingers to Alice. Gluttonously, Alice took them in her mouth, slurping up every droplet of her wetness and sucking on each finger like a straw. She loved the taste of her own body. Whether it was her pussy or her ass, she just couldn’t get enough.

If a genie magically appeared and offered her three wishes, one of those wishes would be reserved for the ability to bend over far enough and go down on herself.

“I’m so proud of you, you’ve turned into such a naughty slave. I’m sure Master will take pleasure in violating you,” Holly purred, subtly bragging about her own skills in her ability to train this eager recruit.

“I sure hope so! I can’t wait for him to come back and use me!” Alice squealed giddily, all while Holly continued to finger-fuck her asshole.

“Well we still have plenty time before he returns, and there is still so much you have to learn. So, let’s get started…”

Holly then reached down into a paper bag at the foot of the bed and pulled out a set of anal beads, six in total and each the size of a ping pong ball. Alice stared at the sex toy with wide eyes while Holly struggled to unwrap it. Goddamn plastic packaging! After a quick time-out for Holly to grab some scissors from the kitchen, she returned and freed the glass beads from their prison.

This time, Holly lied down on the bed with Alice on top of her in the 69 position. Unfortunately, the girls’ respective heights made it impossible for them to actually 69 each other, but that just meant that Holly had plenty of elbowroom to maneuver. She had her legs spread, letting Alice take solace in the taste of her pussy. Suddenly, all of her confidence was gone, and she now felt true fear for the pain she knew was coming.

“Ready?” Holly asked. Alice nodded. “Good, because I have another surprise for you. I almost forgot that I’m supposed to be teaching you how to love pain. So let’s try a little classical conditioning and association.”

Holly then reached into the nearby bedside table and pulled out her peanut rotor and the small pink remote. Inserting the plastic node into Alice’s pussy, Holly turned it on and watched in enjoyment as the young girl squirmed in awkward pleasure. Alice couldn’t believe the sensations buzzing through her. Was this one of those vibrators she had heard so much about? How could such a small toy cause such an intense feeling?! It felt like she had one of the Brookstone neck massagers crammed into her pussy!

With the toy buzzing inside Alice and filling her with overwhelming pleasure, Holly took the string of anal beads and thoroughly wet them with her mouth. Alice was going to need all the lubrication she could get.

With the first bead dripping with saliva, Holly offered no hesitation or mercy in her sudden insertion of it into Alice’s asshole. Alice immediately gagged as she felt the huge mass enter her, unable to believe it wasn’t tearing her open. Hell, she couldn’t imagine ever even taking a shit this big!

Bowing her head, she whined into Holly’s pussy, trying to distract herself with dedicated sweeps of her tongue inside of her big sister. She winced and shuddered with every millimeter Holly pushed the orb into her, and struggled not to cry as she felt the second bead make contact.

Ignoring Alice’s whimpers of pain, Holly forced the second bead into the girl’s tiny body, followed by the third and forth. By the fifth, Alice was on the verge of crying. The pressure was so intense, she could barely breath, but at the same time, the vibrator inside her was taunting her with an orgasm desperate to be released.

On one hand, she wanted it to stop desperately, but on the other, she would go insane and suffer the female equivalent of “blue balls” if Holly stopped now. She could only bear with it, suffering in both pleasure and pain as the fifth orb was pushed in, and at last, the sixth. All six ping pong balls were inside her, and the rotor was still buzzing.

“So, how does that feel?” Holly asked, loving the sight of the cord of the anal beads hanging out of Alice.

Deciding to tease her when she didn’t get a reply, Holly grabbed Alice’s plump little ass cheeks and rubbed them together, trying to grind her insides against the orbs inside her.

The sudden pressure sent a bolt of electricity up Alice’s spine. “It hurts, but I love it!”

“Well then, you’re going to love this,” Holly said with a grin as she grabbed the ring at the end of the cord and pulled it.


Moving just slow enough to avoid causing any actual harm to Alice, Holly pulled out the line of anal beads. While the pops were indeed loud, they didn’t even compare to the volume of Alice’s scream. While the sudden removal did hurt, it did trigger a thunderous orgasm within her, nearly making her squirt like Holly.

“I knew you could handle it, I’m so proud of you! Now we just do that for a little while longer and your ass will be ready for the next step.”

“Wait… can I please rest for a minute?” Alice whimpered, feeling the rotor within her triggering a rush of miniature climaxes.

When she received no reply, she looked back and was left awestruck. Holly was holding the string of anal beads up over her head, and opening her mouth, she slurped up the first bead.

No way… Alice thought to herself as she saw the string of beads slowly descend as Holly swallowed the first.

With the muscles of her throat churning like a giant piston, Holly swallowed the first bead, sucked on the second then swallowed it, sucked on the third one and then swallowed it, and so on. Once she had swallowed the whole thing, she slowly pulled it out of her throat, revealing it to be dripping with her saliva. Holy shit, was she a fucking drug mule?! What the fuck did her sisters do to her?!

“By the time Master comes home, you’ll have learned to do that in your sleep,” Holly hummed, speaking without the slightest crack in her voice.

Alice was left so dumbfounded by the spectacle and Holly’s prediction that she barely winced as the anal beads were reinserted into her.

The beads were inserted and removed from Alice’s tiny body almost a dozen more times. But surprising Alice, Holly would turn off the rotor and wait a few minutes after it was removed. As soon as the first bead would be inserted, the rotor would activate and buzz within her as full power. Pleasure would sweep through her like an electric shock and mix with the pain of the sodomy into a sensational double helix.

After the tenth time removing it and giving Alice a short break, Holly reinserted the beads, this time leaving the rotor off. Even without the toy activated, Alice felt her pussy quiver and soak itself in euphoria as if the rotor were bouncing back and forth inside her like an oversized gas particle.

As soon as she realized this, the pleasure she felt grew exponentially. She truly understood: she was being trained like a pet. Over and over again, Holly toyed with Alice’s anus, but with training learned from the legendary Pavlov, she taught her younger sister to associate the pain of sodomy with sexual pleasure. Now she just had to hammer it in.

Holly and Alice were sitting on the couch and watching TV, having decided to take a break and let the young girl rest her back door. But that was really the only thing they were taking a break from, as they were both still naked and were working their fingers in each other’s pussies. While the TV droned, the two girls nuzzled each other and purred like cats, relishing the feeling of being toyed with so casually. It was like they were simply fiddling with each other.

Isaac was lying on his back, bolting the rafters of the factory ceiling. He had been hired to help with the construction crews, building a new auto parts plant down in Boston. His reputation had brought him into the big leagues; he was no longer just a handyman or a contractor. In fact, he was already putting the rest of the construction workers to shame with his speed and skills.

As he wiped the sweat off his face for the umpteenth time, his mind once again wandered to the question of what Holly was up to. He had to admit, he was worried about her. She was probably go stir crazy without him, whining and pawing at everything like a lonely puppy.

Alice was on all fours, panting in nervousness and anticipation. Underneath her, the bed was layered with towels. Behind her, Holly was rubbing olive oil on a large tan dildo, secured to her lap via a harness.

“This will get you used to the feeling of getting mounted and ridden. Damn, some of my best childhood memories happened while I was wearing one of these things. When I wasn’t the one being fucked, my sisters loved having me fuck them. Now this one is larger than average, but not quite as large as Master.”

“I just hope I can handle this, this is certainly different than anal beads.”

Holly poured some olive oil on her hand and rubbed it across Alice’s rear end, making her ass glisten like a pair of peaches soaked in varnish.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. I swear you have just got the cutest little ass I have ever seen!”

“Are you sure it’s ok to do this? Won’t we make a mess?”

“All these towels will keep the sheets or mattress from being stained. Besides, this isn’t my first time using olive oil. I know how to clean it up.”

Holly soaped up her fingers and stirred them around in Alice’s asshole to make sure she was properly lubricated. Putting the bottle aside, she wiped her hands on her breasts, removing the remaining oil from her palms and giving her the added bonus of polished titties. Dripping with the yellow oil, the head of the dildo was pressed against Alice’s anus.

“Ready for this?” Holly asked, leaning over and kissing her little sister behind the ear.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“That’s good enough for me!”

Grabbing Alice by the hips, Holly slammed into her in a single powerful shove, making the girl scream in a mix of pleasure and pain. Fuck. Fuck! FUCK! This was worlds beyond the anal beads! She felt like she had just sat on a freaking bowling pin! She couldn’t breathe! It was as if the dildo was crushing her lungs! It was so big, her legs felt completely useless under her, like big banana peels.

“Oh God, it’s too big! You’re tearing me open!”

Worried, Holly pulled out and examined both the toy and Alice’s asshole. “Don’t worry, there isn’t any blood. You haven’t been torn or cut in any way. It’s ok, everyone has that same reaction.”

Without waiting for Alice to say anything, Holly returned the end of the dildo to its rightful place and forced the toy deep into Alice’s rectum. Again she screamed, but now the pain was much more refined and understandable. It hurt, the stretching of her anal cavity and all the muscles being forced to the sides to accommodate the sex toy, but with the use of the anal beads and the vibrator earlier, she had learned to associate sodomy with pleasure.

“Oh, I can’t believe I forgot! This should help you enjoy it more.”

Without pulling out, Holly retrieved the vibrator and remote from the bedside table. Hooking the receiver up to the thigh strap on Alice’s leg, she inserted the rotor and turned it on. Alice’s face became like melted ice cream as pleasure swept through her. With the vibrator buzzing inside her, Alice moaned as Holly began pumping into her. She was moving slowly and gently at first, but her speed soon increased.

In less than a minute, she was swinging back and forth like a woodpecker’s beak. With each thrust, her oiled breasts jumped into the air, mirroring the same joy on her face. She was grinning from ear to ear and licking her lips as she gripped Alice’s by the hips. Alice’s moans, the squishing of the dildo inside her, and the clapping of her tiny childish rear end against Alice’s thighs were a beautiful melody.

Holly’s skill with the dildo was Masterful, earned by countless nights serving as the human fuck-machine for her sisters’ pleasure. She wasn’t a sadist and didn’t take joy in inflicting pain on her new little sister, but the sex reminded her of home and she certainly took pride in her teaching skills. Soon Alice would be the perfect toy for Isaac’s personal use! Holly couldn’t wait until her Master came home and saw his new slave!

Alice was struggling to stay on all fours. The dildo was slamming the deepest recesses of her asshole with such strength that it made it her whole body feel like a limp noodle. This pressure she was feeling, the vastness of the dildo inside her back door, the pleasurable pain she felt every time Holly rammed her with the dildo, it felt… incredible! All this time, sex with Holly had been tender, kinky, or simply informative, all of which enjoyable at their own levels. But this! Now she understood that perverse look on Holly’s face when she asked why she had chosen to be a slave!

Holly was mounting her, sodomizing her, violating her with the sex toy, and she was loving it! She finally understood the joy that came with being willingly defiled and brutalized. To be used by this woman so roughly, it took all sense of intimacy out sex and replaced it with kinky degradation and subjugation.

This wasn’t like a man or woman fucking or even two women being intimate, this was simply Alice’s young body being brutalized by Holly, turning her into a slave for Isaac’s personal use. It was pure perversion, physical pleasure that was so deliciously sinful that Alice could have been crippled from the waist down and still climax over and over.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” Alice cried out, a wide smile on her face with her eyes rolling back.

“You want to take a break?”

“Oh please no! Keep going! Fuck my slutty asshole harder! Rape me with that big cock!” she begged, having fully submersed herself in the masochistic mindset.

With a smile as bright as the sun, Holly leaned over and kissed Alice on the cheek. “I’m so proud of you! All right, if you want it rougher, I’ll go rougher.”

Instead of leaning back and continuing to fuck Alice in the doggy style, Holly lay on top of her. Much like Isaac when the two of them first had sex, Holly began slamming down onto Alice with her entire body, using her weight to drive the dildo into the deepest recesses of Alice’s anus. The springs of the mattress helped Holly bounce, letting her slingshot herself up and down with frantic speed. While Holly butt-fucked Alice, she ran kisses up the side of her neck and the back of her ear, as well as reached under her to tweak her nipples.

With the vibrator rubbing her insides, Holly’s fingers pulling on her nipples like she was trying to milk her, and of course the prosthetic phallus being applied like a giant rectal thermometer duct-taped to the end of a jackhammer, Alice could do nothing but moan and cry in masochistic euphoria. Her sense of pleasure and pain would soon be irreparably infused with each other, but until then, the fact that she had become an anal slut and discovered the joys of being violated and subjugated would be enough.

While still not on quite the same masochistic level as Holly, the pain she felt from the brutal anal pounding made her want to cry out in happiness. Was this what sex with Isaac would be like? What would vaginal sex feel like? Oh, she just couldn’t wait!

“How do my tits feel?” Holly whispered, rubbing them against Alice’s back while she dropped herself down onto Alice’s tiny frame.

“They’re so warm and soft, I love feeling them. I hope my tits grow soon.”

“Until then, feel free to play with mine.”

As if telepathic, the two girls separated and changed positions. Now Holly was on her back while Alice sucked the dildo clean. Try as she might, she could only take about five inches in her mouth. She and Holly had not yet gotten to the lessons on oral sex for when Isaac returned. While disappointed, neither of them could stop from giggling as they looked into each other’s eyes.

“As glad as I am that we had olive oil for the start, I have to say that is kind of ruins the taste.”

“Don’t worry, you can lick my ass as much as you want.”

“I’ll certainly take you up on that offer. But right now, I want to play with those sweet boobs.”

Picking up the bottle of olive oil on the floor beside the bed, Alice applied a syrupy layer to the dildo and then poured some of Holly’s stomach. Climbing up onto Holly’s lap, Alice shuddered and winced as she dildo entered her gaping asshole. So much had been done to her in so short a time; Holly had succeeded in turning Alice into an anal slut.

Once the toy was inside her, Alice experimentally raised herself up, trying to get used to the combination of both the feeling of the dildo inside her and the effort required to lift herself. The fact that she still had the vibrator inside her was not making things easy. It took a minute or so before she could start properly riding, albeit slowly. It didn’t matter, as she was interested in something else.

With the puddle of oil on Holly’s stomach having long since overflown, Alice began rubbing it across Holly’s chest. The sunlight from the window gleamed in the oil brilliantly, illuminating Holly’s perfect figure and reinforcing the size of her breasts. Her hands dripping with oil, Alice hungrily squeezed Holly’s glorious mountains.

They were so big, it was like they were enveloping her hands instead of it being the other way around. With how small her hands were, the melon-sized spheres of soft skin seemed even larger than before. They were so soft and squishy, yet so firm and elastic, bouncing back from everything Alice did to them. She couldn’t stop fondling them, they felt so good in her grip, like she was working a pair of giant stress balls.

Rocking back and forth on the dildo, stretching her asshole to its limits, Alice played with Holly’s breasts with endless enjoyment. She squeezed them, smacked them, rubbed them together, and even toyed with Holly’s nipples with her thumbs like she was playing a videogame. All the while, Holly moaned and purred from Alice’s intimate and playful touching.

“Come here, lean forward on all fours.”

Alice did as she was told, and with the girl suspended over her, Holly simultaneously raised her head to insert her tongue into the young girls mouth and began bucking her hips, thrusting straight up into Alice’s anus with the strap-on. As the icing on the cake, she reached up and began pulling on Alice’s nipples like she was trying to milk her. Having her asshole brutalized, her flat breasts pulled on, and her mouth licked pushed Alice over the edge, giving her a thunderous orgasm that made her scream at the top of her lungs.

With just enough strength to pull herself off the dildo, Alice collapsed on top of Holly, her face buried in the woman’s oiled tits.

“That was amazing.”

“Well if you want to give your ass a break, I know a great way to pay me back. Catch your breath and then you can have a turn with the strap-on.”

Isaac was pouring sweat underneath his welding mask and leather coat, trying to hold the cutting torch steady as he shaped the I-beam for fitting. An error had been made earlier by one of the guys on the construction crew and now a revision had to be made to the materials. Oh well, he already knew where he could put the severed end of the I-beam. It would be a great corner foundation.

Alice was standing in the bedroom doorway, strung up like Holly was when Isaac first punished her. On her nipples were the electric clamps and she was screaming as Holly’s new vibrator buzzed between her legs. It was bought from the sex shop, large enough to require a power outlet with a head the size of a tennis ball. Compared to the little peanut rotor they normally used, this was downright destructive.

The vibrations against her plump pussy lips were so powerful that she felt like she was being shaken apart. Kneeling between her legs and fingering the girl’s asshole, Holly giggled as she grinded the bulbous head against Alice’s pussy and listened to her moans through the gag in her mouth.

Isaac coughed and gagged, having received a lungful of dust when emptying a bag of cement into the mixer. He was helping set the floors for one of the factory departments but now he felt like he was going to hack up a lung. Construction work wasn’t always graceful.

“Oh yes, harder!” Alice screamed, bent over on all fours as Holly whipped her with one of Isaac’s belts.

Her rear end was already flushed red with welts, but every lash of the hard leather filled her with ecstasy. She had been transformed into a full masochist, and the wetness between her legs proved that.

Isaac was in his motel room, eating a meatball sub. He had just taken a much-needed shower and was looking forward to the next day. The factory wasn’t complete but his contract was almost fulfilled. He just needed to work for a few hours on Sunday and finish his work; then he could head home.

Holly was on her back, her breasts heaving and bouncing with each thrust Alice made. The young girl was wearing the strap-on, used on her earlier. Holly’s knees were almost up on Alice’s shoulders due to the huge difference between their heights, and the motion required to use the strap-on was completely foreign to her. However, she was quickly getting the hang of it and the sight of the toy being slammed into Holly’s slit was arousing her to no end.

“Oh God yes! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy harder!” Holly screamed, holding onto the mattress for dear life.

Isaac was loading his tools into his truck, excited to be going home. He hadn’t masturbated since leaving home, so to say he was backed up would be an understatement. He couldn’t wait to mount Holly like a dog and empty everything he had into her sweet pussy.

It was noon when Holly and Alice woke up, their naked bodies intertwined and sticky with each other’s bodily fluids (and plenty of olive oil). Alice purred as she woke, held in Holly’s warm and loving embrace. Fingers slithered between her legs, Holly’s first instinct upon waking, an indulgence of her perversion. The young girl rolled onto her back and whimpered in happiness as her big sister played with her. The two of them had spent so much time fingering each other that it was a miracle they hadn’t developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

“Master comes home today, right?”

“That’s right,” said Holly, kissing her cheek.

“I can’t wait. I want to feel him violate me and cover me with his cum. I want to become his property.”

“That’s the spirit. Your life as his slave will soon start. Welcome home,” Holly whispered.

Chapter Five

Isaac rushed through the main hall of his apartment building, trying to contain his grin while his erection pulled him forward like an excited dog on a leash. He had called Holly an hour ago, telling her he was almost home and ready to fuck her brains out, and she had replied by saying that she would be in the bedroom with a special present for him.

Too impatient and hyper to use the elevator, he ran up four flights of stairs without losing his breath or breaking a sweat. No longer able to contain himself, he sprinted down the hallway in his work boots and nearly shot past his door. He rammed the apartment key into the door lock like he was trying to steal a car with a knife. He flung the door open and zoomed inside, skidding across the floor to the doorway of the bedroom like in Risky Business.

“Welcome home, Master!” two voices called out.

Upon hearing the second voice and seeing Holly’s present, Isaac lost his smile. Before him was Holly, naked and lying back against the headboard of the bed. Leaning against her was Alice, her head resting between Holly’s breasts with her surrogate older sister’s fingers being stirred in her virgin slit.

Both girls were smiling and giggling in excitement, but Isaac could only see his life flashing before his eyes. Moving so fast that neither girl who what hit them, Isaac stormed over and grabbed Holly by the arm. He yanked her out from under Alice and slammed her against the far wall like he had been changing the sheets of the bed. He had her naked body pressed against the wall, his powerful hands clamped around her arms so tightly that she was already bruised. Alice and Holly were both staring at Isaac in terror, having never believed he could be like this.

“ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU’VE DONE?!” he roared, his face beat-red with all the veins in his neck pushed up to the surface.

“Master?” she whimpered.

Isaac pointed at Alice like she was an illegitimate child that he refused to acknowledge. “That girl is thirteen years old! If anyone were to find out about this, you would go to jail! Do you hear me? It’s illegal for you or I to do anything with a girl that age! I could get arrested and locked up simply because you got me involved in this! The two of us could end up in prison because of what you did!”

While blinded by anger, he could tell just by the look on her face that she had no idea what he was talking about. She knew nothing about the concept of statutory rape. Considering the fact that her sisters had been using her as a sex toy before she was Alice’s age, it was no wonder she never even knew there were ramifications to what she and Alice did.
“I’m sorry, Master! I didn’t know! I just wanted you to have another slave! I thought that would make you happy!” Holly cried, overcome with guilt and shame that she had caused her Master trouble.

“I never wanted another slave! I just wanted to be with you! You’re all that I needed!”

His tone was softer than before but and held more desperation than anger.

“But what about Alice? She wanted to be with you! She loves you just as much as I do! How is it fair that she has to always be alone? Why do only I get to be happy but she has to be miserable?”

Holly’s reply eased the inferno of fear and anger in Isaac’s heart into a low flame. Holly was the biggest pervert in the world, but so too did she have the purest heart.

“Because it’s the law. She’s way too young for either of us to touch her.”

He then staggered as Alice tackled him, wrapping her arms around his waist and crying into his shirt, her tears mixing with his sweat.

“I’ll never tell anyone about you or Holly! I swear, I’ll never tell! Please, I’ll do whatever you want. I just don’t want to be alone anymore! I want you, Master. I want you inside of me. I want to know that someone loves me, that someone actually wants me. I want to be your slave. I want to be your property. I want to be yours forever! Please Master, give me the chance to satisfy you.”

Hearing her words and feeling her tears soak through his shirt, Isaac could understand why Holly had taken such a liking to her. He had forced himself to keep her at a distance, so that he wouldn’t hurt her feelings or end up in trouble. Now he was realizing how desperate she truly was.

He had always assumed that Donna and her uncle would take care of her, but Donna was always busy and her uncle cared about her almost as little as her parents had. All this time, she had been alone. She wasn’t drawn to Isaac simply because of hormones or anything like that. She was desperate to be loved and that drew her to him.

“I can’t, it isn’t right. You’re just a child. I’m more than twice your age,” he murmured, trying not to look at her.

“I don’t care about that! I don’t care how young I am! You wouldn’t be taking advantage of me! You wouldn’t be abusing me! Please, do whatever you want to me, use my body however you want, and I promise you I’ll be grateful and love you for it! Just please accept me, make me your private plaything, let me know I belong to you, and I’ll be happier than you could ever imagine.”

Slowly, Holly raised her hand and placed it on Isaac’s cheek. “Please Master, just give her a chance to prove her devotion.”

Isaac looked away, knowing his very future was on the line. On one hand, he would certainly go to prison if he got caught, and pedophiles were the lowest on the totem pole. He’d be lucky to survive the first week and Holly would be in the same predicament. But on the other hand, he could feel Alice’s desperation, love, and need. She was so starved of affection, if he turned her down now after everything she and Holly had already done, it wouldn’t be out of the question for her to do something drastic. If he rejected her, she could hurt herself, or even worse.

Doing this could screw up three lives irreparably, but it could also save one. Maybe it was a risk worth taking.

“All right. But Alice, if anyone finds out about this, I will never forgive you, and same goes for you, Holly.” Both girls’ faces lit up and they hugged their Master with all their strength, screaming their love and gratitude. “I said I would give you a chance to satisfy me, the clock is ticking.”

Remembering the job they had to do, Alice and Holly quickly got down on their knees in front of him. Alice was nervous as could be, but Holly was confident in the skills of her protégé.

“Ok, Alice, just like we practiced,” she whispered in the girl’s ear.

Alice nodded and reached up to Isaac’s groin. With shaky fingers, she unfastened his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and then pulled down the zipper. She could see the shape of his cock through his underwear, and already, she was scared of its size. She pulled away his underwear and his cock sprang out.

Oh fuck.

Alice stared at his muscular member in terror, wondering how she could survive getting her tiny body skewered like a victim of the Vlad the Impaler. Holly had trained her to be a masochist, but a few days of lessons could only go so far!

“Yeah, that was my reaction too,” Holly giggled.

“Alice,” Isaac murmured, “you can still turn back. If you don’t want to do this, simply put on your clothes and walk away, and we’ll never speak of this again. I’ll think nothing less of you and I’ll never hold anything against you.”

Alice looked up at him, a look of innocence on her childish face, but determination in her eyes. “I want this. I’ve always wanted this.”

Taking a deep breath, she raised herself up, wrapped her small hand around his penis, and gave the tip a wet and loving kiss. The heat radiating from the muscular rod was incredible, and the pressure in the enlarged veins made them almost completely inflexible. She felt like she was holding onto a fire-hose while on full blast.

She continued kissing it, running her tongue through the slit and around every ridge. Holding it up, she delivered a continuous lather up the shaft, trying to measure it. Isaac shuddered with the flicks of her tongue. It was like getting licked by a puppy, a very erotic puppy. Alice was overjoyed to see the results of her work taking affect, feeling like Isaac was at last accepting her.

Having made several broad licks, she finally decided to move forward and take the real initiative. Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she enveloped the head of Isaac’s cock and tried to take as much in as she could, forcing it against the back of her throat. Due to her size, she could only take about a fraction of the entire length in her mouth, and that fraction was a lot smaller than what Holly could achieve. Regardless, her tongue and cheeks soaked Isaac’s manhood flawlessly, squeezing and rubbing it in ways that made his knees shake like a newborn horse.

Smiling, Isaac reached down and rubbed the top of her head with his large, powerful hand, nonverbally praising her. Alice lit up from her Master’s approval and Holly grinned from ear to ear, proud that her student and new little sister was doing so well. Alice doubled her efforts, moving her head back and forth and challenging herself to take as much of her Master’s cock as possible. While she worked, Holly finger-combed the girl’s hair, massaged her shoulders, and ran her hands across her deliciously underage body.

“Master, can I please have a turn? I’ve been hungry for your manhood since you left,” Holly asked, shaking like a drug addict in a methadone clinic.

“Alice, you’ve received my stamp of approval. Now how about sharing with your fellow slave?”

Holly nodded and released him, glad he had accepted her and also happy that she had a chance to rest her jaw. Holly didn’t hesitate to jump in, she took his cock in her mouth with such gusto that Isaac was surprised she didn’t throw up. She hungrily licked up every droplet of Alice’s saliva, already mixed with the salt from Isaac’s sweat. To her, it was as delicious as chocolate syrup.

Her head was moving back and forth almost violently in her desperation to pleasure her beloved Master and make up for lost time. Even after a weekend of almost nonstop lessons, her skills transcended Alice’s, who was left awestruck at her older sister’s technique. The speed at which she moved, the swirling of her tongue, the lathering with her cheeks; it could be considered wild and reckless if it weren’t so perfectly orchestrated.

Holly soon stopped and began using her tongue around the head, drowning it in her saliva. Seeing the joy on Holly’s face, that pure, loving, perversion, made Alice’s arousal return. Not even thinking, she leaned forward and joined in, using her tongue to bathe the head of Isaac’s cock. Her spit and Holly’s mixed as their tongues wrapped around each other. Within seconds, they were essentially Frenching each other with Isaac’s cock falling between their lips and tongues over and over again.

As expected, their fingers were busy, both toying with their own slits and each other’s. At this point, Isaac was willing to forgo his regret and throw caution to the wind. There was something very uplifting to the ego about having two girls, both naked and desperate to be his personal sex slaves (one of them the definition of jailbait), exchanging saliva by the centiliter, while lovingly, obsessively, pleasuring him.

“Ok, Alice, you proved yourself. I think it’s time for me to break in my new slave,” he said, playfully tickling her under the chin.

Holly and Alice eagerly got on the bed, getting into the same position as before with Holly lying back against the headboard and Alice in her lap with her head rested between her older sister’s breasts. Smiling, Isaac got undressed and climbed onto the bed. Taking a minute, he leaned down and kissed Alice on the lips, practically making her melt with the insertion of his tongue into her mouth. She could feel his lust and the strength he could unleash on her with ease, but he was tender, gentle, and even loving. He was taking care of her, making sure she felt good.

Isaac had to admit, Alice’s mouth had a form of sweetness that he was not familiar with, even sweeter than Holly’s. Did all middle-school girls taste like this? Or was it because he was tasting the forbidden fruit of jailbait? That fruit was certainly ripe.

Soon ending the kiss, he descended and began running kisses across her flat chest. Isaac had told her he looked for tits when dating, but he really had no preference. Sure, bigger is better, but tits are tits, even if they are completely flat. Alice hummed and whimpered in joy, feeling her Master’s lips tugging on her nipples and brushing against her smooth skin. Isaac had forgotten to shave that morning, so he had developed some “5 o’clock shadow”. Right now his face felt like fine-grain sandpaper, but what would have hurt a normal girl was ecstasy to Alice.

After running kisses down her belly, Isaac at last reached her glistening virgin flower. He didn’t hesitate a single moment; he sealed her pussy with his mouth and penetrated her with his tongue. Her cries of joy rang through the apartment, having dreamed of Isaac going down on her. Alice’s pussy was so tiny and tight, but deliciously soft and smooth, as well as dripping with her liquid arousal.

He could certainly taste the difference between Holly and Alice. It seemed all women had their own unique flavor, (and pending good personal hygiene) all of them equally delectable. Having begun the enigmatic metamorphosis of puberty, the combination of youth and adolescence was addictive.

Alice was enjoying herself even more than Isaac. He had such a more masculine feel than Holly; he was rougher in his desire to sample her young body, but the strength of his tongue flicks and the movement of his lips was also euphoric. She was moaning endlessly, only silenced when Holly would lower her head and join their lips.

Alice soon had her first orgasm, the result of Isaac knowing precisely how to squeeze and work her clit. After all the sex he had enjoyed with Holly, he was surprised not to hear Alice’s moans in tandem with a water fountain spraying him in the face, but that wasn’t to say he didn’t suddenly taste the jump in her pleasure.

Having quenched his thirst, Isaac sat up and began stroking his manhood. Alice stared at it both fearfully and hungrily, desperate for Isaac to penetrate her. A tease, he rubbed the shaft against her lips, wetting it in her arousal and giving her a sample of what would soon be barreling into her.

“Are you ready to become my slave? Just know that you’ll have to do whatever I tell you, no matter what. I can use your body however and whenever I want for my own personal use. At any time, I can bend you over and force myself into you, then pour all of my semen into your body. You’ll have to cook, clean, and serve as my entertainment however I wish.”

The slightest tinge of unease briefly crossed Alice’s eyes, but it vanished as Isaac reached out and cupped her cheek, nearly cradling her head in the palm of his hand. She looked up at him, seeing the kind smile on his face, and fell in love with him all over again. He was no longer afraid or hesitant about allowing her to be his slave. Now he wanted her.

“But I promise I’ll make you happy and make sure you never feel lonely. A good Master always takes good care of his slaves.”

Her eyes watering but a look of happiness on her face, Alice reached out to him, as if asking for a hug. “Please let me be your slave,” she whimpered, while behind her, Holly wiped away a tear of happiness.

Isaac leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, then readied the head of his cock against her wet pussy. He wouldn’t be able to go about this the same way as he had with Holly, considering her tiny body. He wasn’t even sure he would be able to fit the whole thing inside her.

Holly held onto her little sister tightly, comforting her as Isaac slowly moved in. Alice immediately began to pant and whine, feeling like the girth alone of Isaac’s manhood was enough to split her open. Holly had spent the past two days punishing Alice’s anus in preparation for Isaac and to give her a crash course on deep penetration, but she had avoided using anything more than fingers on Alice’s pussy to protect her virginity.

Centimeter by centimeter, Isaac delved into her underage body with his dick, stretching her to her limits. Almost immediately into the intercourse, Alice yelped from the rupturing of her hymen, signaling that she was no longer a virgin. Isaac stopped there to let her catch her breath, and saw that while there were tears running down her face, she was smiling.

“Are you ok?”

“Do I belong to you now? Can I be your pet like Holly?”

Again Isaac cupped her cheek. “Yes, you belong to me, and I’ll cherish you forever. You’ll be my little kitten. Now take a deep breath and tell me when I’ve gone as far as I can.”

With that, he continued on with a slow but steady thrust, driving into Alice until she cried out for him to stop. Holy fuck, she was so tight! It was like trying to fuck a hole drilled into ballistics gel! It felt less like he was entering her and more like he was actually carving her out. She was able to take more than Isaac had anticipated, burying just over seven inches into her now deflowered pussy. Again, he gave her a moment to catch his breath, then pulled out to reveal her shed blood.

“Look at this, Alice, it’s like I’m wearing a red condom.”

“Your cock feels so good, I’ve always wanted to have you inside me.”

“I’m glad, because you’re going to feel it a lot more.”

With that, Isaac grabbed her by the hips and yanked her back onto his manhood, making her scream in masochistic happiness. Holly’s training was kicking in, so the pain of penetration was being translated into pleasure. Isaac didn’t hesitate; he brought up his speed into a machine-like hammering.

He had her entire lower body lifted up and he was slamming her without mercy. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, strange considering the fact that she felt like she could barely breathe with such a huge mass in her. Holly was overjoyed, running her hands across Alice’s underdeveloped body and panting as if she had a vibrator buzzing inside her.

“Did I do good, Master? Did I find you a good toy?” Holly asked, desperate for his praise.

“Holly, from this point forward, please keep your hands off anyone under legal age. But you did very good. I love this new toy. It’s a little tight and small, but it fits like a glove and feels fantastic for my dick. It will serve as the perfect repository for me to dump me seed into over and over again, whenever and however I want. I’ll be playing with it for a good long time.” Isaac was teasing Alice, referring to her as “it”. His words only excited her with the idea of being used as Isaac’s personal cum dumpster, hopefully for the rest of her life.

He continued fucking her like that for several more minutes before sensing an approaching orgasm. He always had big reserves, but considering how long he had waited since his last ejaculation, this would be one for the record books.

“Oh fuck!” he grunted, feeling his entire lower body turn to jelly as a river of semen was poured into Alice, completely flooding her womb with his seed and marking her body as his own. He pulled out of her, his cock partially deflating.

“Oh my God, it’s so hot! It’s like it’s boiling in me!” Alice moaned, triggering an orgasm simply from the feeling of being ejaculated into. She hungrily began running her fingers through her stretched pussy and then licking them clean, slurping off Isaac’s semen like it was ice cream.

Well, I just deflowered and ejaculated into a thirteen-year-old girl. If I get caught, I’m going to jail for a LONG time, both Holly and I, Isaac thought to himself, starting to regret his decision.

“Oh, that reminds me, Master. I never told you about the special lessons I gave Alice. We came up with something that I think you’ll like,” Holly said excitedly, reaching under the bed and retrieving the strap-on she had used to train Alice.

“Holly, do not come anywhere near me with that thing,” Isaac muttered with instant nervousness.

“Don’t worry, Master. It’s not for you. Come on, Alice. Just like we planned.”

Isaac then watched as she secured herself in the harness and lied down on her back. Alice got on top of her, sitting on her lap with her back to Isaac. She spread the lips of her pussy, letting Isaac’s semen drip out onto the dildo before she lowered herself onto it. She cooed as it entered her, then leaned forward over Holly, so that Holly could spread her ass cheeks and reveal the young girl’s asshole.

“Come on, Master. I’ve spent all weekend sodomizing her and training her to be a good slave for you. This will definitely be a better fit for you, I guarantee you she can take it all.”

Alice looked back at him with a smile. “Please Master, please rape me in the ass. I’m your little anal whore for you to fuck and abuse. Please empty all of your semen into my slutty asshole.”

Isaac couldn’t help but laugh. Alice had essentially become a clone of Holly. They were like Dr. Evil and Mini-me. As always, Isaac waited before entering her and instead took the opportunity to go down on her. Smiling, he traced his tongue around her asshole, having clearly been scrubbed clean before he returned home. Running loops around the entrance, he soon penetrated her with his tongue.

There was no taste, but the feeling of it and the mental narration that he was licking the ass of a cute piece of jailbait was incredibly sexy. With a dildo in her recently deflowered pussy and Isaac’s tongue in her ass, Alice was moaning in happiness. This was even better than when Holly would lick her ass, even while using the vibrator!

Once he had had enough, Isaac sat up with a grin and hefted his re-hardened manhood. He spat on Alice’s asshole and rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks, toying with her and savoring the moment. He didn’t have any sort of lubrication, but he doubted he would need it. After his orgasm, he still had some cum in the chamber that had never made it all the way out. It would release itself and grease the way for him.

“Please Master, I can’t wait any longer! I want your cock!”

As excited as she was, Isaac aimed himself and slowly penetrated her asshole, finding it to be much looser than her pussy. Damn, Holly really had been training her! She had the ass of a seasoned drug mule! There was still the initial problem of friction, but as he inched his way inside her, the unfired seed from before was released, lubricating him and allowing an increase in depth. Inch by inch, Isaac forced himself in, until at last he was buried all the way up to the base, with her cute little ass clutching his manhood tightly.

Alice was moaning like an opera singer, finally feeling the results of her training coming to fruition. Ever since Holly had started playing with her back door, Alice had dreamed of the moment when Isaac would finally fuck her in the ass like the dirty little slut she had become. It was so big inside her, so warm; it was a far more intense experience than the anal beads or the dildo. Speaking of which, the dildo in her pussy was heaven.

“Oh God, Master, that feels so good! Please fuck my ass!”

“Don’t forget, I’m here too,” Holly giggled, leaning up to kiss Alice before beginning to buck her hips, thrusting up into her pussy. Her screams of happiness grew in intensity and volume, bringing her a thunderous orgasm, and that was all before Isaac even starting thrusting.

“Wow Alice, I had no idea you were such a fan of double-penetration. You really are a dirty little slut aren’t you?” Isaac chuckled, holding her by the hips and forcing himself into her over and over again.

“Yes Master, I’m your dirty little slut!”

“Maybe should get another girl with another strap-on to plug your ass so that I can skull-fuck you and plug every hole in your body,” he said, then laughing when he saw the huge grin he had given Holly.

Isaac continued thrusting into her, butt-fucking the small girl like she was a fleshlight in his hands. Her asshole was at the perfect level of tightness, letting him move easily through her but still feel hugged by the tender wet flesh. And for a girl with such a tiny body, her insides were basically a furnace! He felt like his dick was going to start melting inside her!

At the same time, Holly was forcing the dildo deep into Alice’s vagina, shoving the entrance to her womb over and over again and working in tandem with Isaac to trigger orgasm after orgasm.

After several minutes, Isaac bit his lip as he felt an explosion occur within his pelvic region, emptying another load of semen into Alice. Once again deflating, he pulled out of her, watching as a stream of his seed trickled out of her anus, matching her cream-pied pussy.

“I’m going to take a break for a few minutes, how about you show me what you’ve learned? Alice, get Holly ready for me,” Isaac panted.

“Ok, my turn with the strap-on!” Alice said to Holly excitedly.

“I was waiting for you to say that!” Holly replied.

Removing the harness, she and Alice licked the toy clean and then allowed Alice to put it on. Feeling like her legs had melted, Alice asked Holly to ride her and she lied down sideways on the bed. Sitting at the foot of the bed, Isaac smiled as he watched Holly swing a leg over Alice and then lowered herself onto the dildo. It entered her effortlessly, but she still gave a soft moan of happiness from the feeling of the toy filling her. Burying the toy in her cunt up to the base, she took a moment to shift her ass from side to side, letting it stir her like a whisk.

Now accustomed to the toy inside her, she began riding it with upward thrusts of her body. Her moan became shrill pants as the height of her thrusts steadily increased, using the mattress springs to bounce higher on the dildo. As her breasts heaved with each bounce, she couldn’t help but look over at Isaac, watching her with a sly smile on his face.

Kinky as she was, Holly blushed in embarrassment. Often, to toy with her, Isaac would have her play with herself while he watched. Funny thing was that he did it when he was lounging on the couch and she was desperate for something to do that would please him. She would lean against the wall behind the TV, pleasuring herself with Isaac watching her with one eye and the evening news with the other. He really just gave her that order so that she wouldn’t get anxious.

But this was different. She was actually having sex with someone else. Even if it was Alice, her fellow slave and adopted sister, she was being intimate with someone else for her Master’s amusement. She was used to being watched, every night in the girl’s room of the foster home was basically a display of sexual submission. True, she loved having sex with Alice, and she loved serving her Master however he wished, it was just kind of embarrassing for her.

She could feel Isaac’s eyes running up every inch of her body, studying her reactions to pleasure from her gasps to her blushing, watching how she moved herself on the sex toy and tensed as it entered her, catching the sight of every bead of sweat running down her naked flesh, his view and understanding of her changing minutely. She hoped she was impressing him, fulfilling his expectations, satisfying him with her lewd display and invoking his desire to use her body.

Her focus on Isaac was so intense that she experienced an orgasm almost without realizing it. One moment she was trying to figure out what part of her body he was staring at, the next she was moaning and drenching Alice beneath her.

“Will you use me now, Master?” Holly gasped.

“Not quite yet. I still want to see what Alice can do. This is her big day after all. You’ll get your turn, be patient. Alice, I want to see you really move.”


The two girls then switched positions, now with Holly on her back with her head in Isaac’s lap, and Alice kneeling between Holly’s legs and rubbing her slit with the dildo. She returned it to its rightful place, thrusting into Holly the same way Isaac had thrust into to take her virginity.

While the thrusts were strong enough to make Holly moan from the penetration, they weren’t quite enough to move her body. The difference between their statures was working against her, so she had to try and time her movements to build up the kinetic force. It reminded her of the Mythbusters’ episode where they tried to see if a piston could take down a bridge if tuned into its resonance frequency.

Soon enough, she hit the right rhythm to where Holly’s body was moving back and forth with the thrusts. She used the bouncing of Holly’s breasts to measure herself and keep in sync. The whole time, Isaac watched her closely. He could really see how much he had grown since he had last seen her. Unlike when he was simply fucking her, he could see her in action instead of simply watch her endure. She really wasn’t the innocent little pipsqueak he had known; she was a cock-hungry sexual deviant, and now she belonged to him. He laughed at such a thought.

Looking down, Isaac started playing with Holly’s tits, unable to ignore their taunting bouncing. She were so big and firm, like resilient water balloons that always snapped back to their original form. And her nipples, her greatest weakness, were desperate to be pinched. Holding on them tightly and pulling straight up, he could make Holly scream like a murder victim. Every pull and tug was ecstasy to her, quickly making her cum a second time.

“Ok, Master, I warmed her up for you. I think she’s ready for your personal use.”

“I’m still a little tired. Holly, come ride me.”

Holly eagerly climbed onto his lap, shaking with excitement. She had missed her Master’s cock so badly, she longed to have her womanhood stretched to its limits and her womb flooded with his seed. She whimpered as it entered her, feeling like she was finally back where she belonged.

“Come here, give me a kiss,” he said with a small smile, brushing back her hair.

She smiled tenderly, taking a moment to clutch his hand like a lifeline and suck on his thumb. She then lied down on top of him, kissing him with all the love in her heart. While their tongues danced, she rocked her lower body on his cock, using it to probe the deepest recesses of her body, while Isaac thrust upwards into her. No dildo could compare to this!

“Hold on, don’t forget about me! It’s payback time!” Alice giggled, getting up behind Holly.

Without saying another word, she forced the dildo into Holly’s asshole, double-penetrating her and making her scream to the heavens. Alice began thrusting into Holly violently, using her whole body weight to slam Holly’s ass and drive the dildo as deep into her as she could.

At the same time, Isaac was bucking his hips, brutalizing her velvet sleeve with the entirety of his manhood. Feeling both her pussy and ass being fucked, Holly could barely control herself or her voice. Just maintaining her loving kiss with Isaac was like trying to thread a needle while experiencing electrotherapy.

“I’m cumming!” she moaned.

“Shit, me too!” Isaac growled through bare teeth.

Jet after jet of semen surged from his cock, shooting into Holly’s womb before pouring back out from the pressure of her wet climax. Holly slowly dismounted Isaac and she and Alice then cleaned him off, hungrily slurping up every droplet of semen. While Alice removed the harness of the strap-on, Isaac tried to gauge what he had left. He was certain he had at least one more shot.

“Ok, girls, I can only cum one last time.”

“Don’t worry, Master, we have something special for you,” said Holly.

She then lied back against the headboard, her legs spread wide. Alice climbed on top of her, face to face with her legs spread the same way and their cum-drenched pussies kissing.

“Now we can both pleasure your cock, Master,” said Alice. Isaac smiled and crawled over.

Running kisses up Alice’s back, he guided his dick between their joined pussies. He pushed it through, their lips kissing the head and shaft and sucking on it hungrily. He began thrusting his manhood between them, moving back and forth as if he was actually having sex. It almost felt like he was really fucking one of them, the feeling of both their pussies grinding against his cock was almost overwhelming. It nailed in the fact that he really had two girls eager to fulfill his every sexual need.

Both girls were panting and whimpering from the teasing, feeling Isaac’s penis rubbing against their swollen clits. They were so sensitive after their orgasms that they almost felt like they could detect his heartbeats from the pulsing of his veins. While he stroked their pussies, the two girls licked the inside of each other’s mouths, hungry for the semen they had slurped up from his last orgasm.

Having experienced three so far, it only took a few minutes for him to reach his fourth. They could both tell what was about to happen, and they both looked down between their naked bodies, Alice bending her back out so that her stomach and chest was exposed.

At last, Isaac fired his final load, plastering both girls’ chests and faces with his cum. Exhausted, Isaac fell back, his manhood deflating so that it could enter its post-sex slumber. Panting like he was, Holly and Alice both licked the semen off each other’s bodies, cleaning each other like a pair of cats, before they both separated to catch their breath. Isaac was lying sideway at the foot of the bed, almost falling off, Holly was lying against the headboard, and Alice was sitting up in the middle of the mattress.

“That was amazing, Alice. From this point forward, you’re my slave just like Holly. Welcome home,” Isaac laughed.

His smile disappeared when the sounds of sniffling answered him. He looked up at Alice, realizing that she was holding herself and crying, her tears dripping off her cheeks and running down her legs. She looked so small and pitiful, so sweet and vulnerable, like a kitten in the rain. Was she regretting her choice? Was she filled with disgust for everything she had done?

Isaac sat up and reached out to her. “Alice, it’s ok. I’m sorry. Forget everything, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You can—”

He then nearly fell off the bed as Alice tackled him, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist and burying his face in his chest, once again mixing her tears with his sweat. She was sobbing uncontrollably, but she had just enough self-control to stammer a single question.

“Do you promise this is my home?”

Isaac then realized that she wasn’t crying from shame, regret, or disgust. She was crying out of joy. Hearing Isaac, the man she loved, saying that she was finally home when never in her life had she had a real home to return to… it was too much for her tiny shoulders to bear. It was too much happiness for her to contain or express with just a smile. She could only cry, expressing her love and gratitude through her screams and tears.

Isaac embraced her, holding her tightly against his chest and kissing her on the forehead over and over again. “Yes, I promise. You’ll never be lonely again. I’ll be with you always.”

“I love you, Master! I love you! I love you! I love you!”

“I love you too, and I’ll love you for the rest of my life.”

He then looked to Holly, who too had tears of happiness running down her cheeks. She rushed over and wrapped her arms around the two of them, sandwiching Alice between her and Isaac. “And I’ll love you too, my adorable little sister.”

They sat there for an unknown length of time, Alice letting years of sorrow bleed out. Isaac and Holly never let go of her and their naked bodies remained embraced for what felt like a blissful eternity, wrapped around Alice like a blanket. At last, she calmed down and took a few deep breaths.

“It’s ok, you’re finally home, my dear sweet slave,” Isaac murmured.

Chapter Six

Isaac yawned and smiled, opening his eyes to the sight and ecstasy of two soft wet tongues around his cock, stirring it to a full erection. Holly and Alice were bobbing their heads, running their tongues up the shaft of his cock, and stopping momentarily to kiss each other every time they slurped on the head. It had been a week since he had accepted Alice as his slave, so this had become a common occurrence for him.

“Good morning, girls,” he groaned happily, rubbing them behind the ears like a pair of cats.

“Good morning, Master,” they both purred. Ah, music to his ears.

“So what’s the plan for today?” he asked.

“Unfortunately, I have to go back to work. I’m sorry for waking you up on your day off, but I just couldn’t get through the day unless you came into me at least once. Your seed is like my coffee, Master,” Holly giggled.

“Well then drink up however you want.”

“Then I think I’ll get my fill with THIS mouth.”

Holly eagerly raised herself up and moved onto his lap. Alice lied down beside Isaac, clutching his arm and kissing his chest while Holly skewered herself on Isaac’s cock. His manhood and her womanhood were joined, the latter struggling to contain the former. Holly lit up like a Christmas tree as it entered her, spreading the lips of her pussy and moving past every bump and ridge of her interior. It was as if his cock were a power outlet for her, turning her into the Energizer Bunny.

With time of the essence before she would have to leave for her shift, Holly began bouncing on Isaac’s cock, whimpering and whining as it pushed its way through the entrance to her womb.

Isaac was half asleep, even with a full erection and a gorgeous woman riding him, but he was just conscious enough to watch her through his half-closed eyes. He could never get tired of the sight of her breasts heaving up and down with each drive of her body. He absolutely loved that perverse look on her face—her gasping mouth, her blushed cheeks, her watery eyes, and every other millimeter of her beauty. With his exhaustion, Isaac came after only a few minutes, emptying his morning load into Holly’s sweet pussy.

“No better way to go to work than with a big breakfast,” she purred, leaning over and giving Isaac a tender kiss.

“But you did eat right? I don’t want you going through a whole shift without a real breakfast.”

“Don’t worry, I had a bowl of cereal before I came back to bed. But Alice woke up and refused to let me have you all to myself.”

“I can’t let even a single opportunity slip by,” the young girl said sleepily as she stretched like a cat.

“All right, have a good day.”

“Should I stop at the store? What would you like for dinner?” Holly asked while getting dressed.

Isaac thought for a moment. “Spaghetti and meat sauce would be perfect.” An idea then popped into his mind. “Also, could you pick up some ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup? I’m kind of in the mood for a Sunday tonight.”

“Would you like me to do anything else?”

“That’ll do, thank you, Holly.”

Dressed in her waitress uniform, Holly leaned over and gave Isaac another kiss. “You’re always welcome, Master. I’ll be back tonight, I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Walking away, Holly came to a stop in the doorway and looked back. “And Alice, don’t forget.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” Alice hummed, half asleep and clutching Isaac’s arm. Holly blew the two of them a kiss and left.

“So what was that about?” Isaac asked, already in the process of falling back to sleep.

“Just a reminder that my duties as your slave involve more than just orgasms. I’ll make you the most delicious batch of pancakes you’ve ever seen.”

Isaac smiled. “Goddamn, I love you girls.”

Behind the apartment building, a rickety garage stood, filled to the rafters with generally useless shit. Isaac used it is a workshop and storage room for his tools and any materials he might need. Donna had given it to him to help with his constant work on the apartment building, under the condition that he would also help her with her car.

As mentioned, the garage looked more like the offspring of a barn and a junkyard, its contents collected by the former owner. Donna always said that she would get a dumpster and clean it out, but it was always “next weekend” or “next spring”. Either way, Isaac was at least able to get some useful parts from the junk horde, if not for his work then for his own personal projects.

He was checking through his piles of scrap wood and metal, while blueprints were drawn in his head. He had gotten an idea for something to build while in bed the previous night, recovering from fucking his slaves into comas of sexual bliss. Once he got an idea in his head, he had to build it; it became a compulsion for him.

He had plenty of materials to use, and one resource he was eyeing was a power sander, completely unusable for its proper purpose when the rubber pad that the Velcro-lined sand paper would stick to had been torn. Every time he turned it on, he could feel the centrifugal force of the rotations pulling at the tear, dangerously destabilizing it. But its motor still worked and it had an adjustable speed. Plus with a little tinkering, he could probably lower it to more manageable speeds.

“Ah, good, I found you.”

He turned back to see Donna standing in the garage door. “Hey, what’s up?” he asked.

“I wanted to tell you that I’ll be leaving tomorrow, my oldest daughter is expected to give birth any day now and I want to be there for her.”

“Oh, Linda was pregnant? That’s wonderful!”

“That’s right! I’m going to be a grandma!”

“It’s so often that I forget you have kids that are all grown up. Adam is off in college, Tammy is abroad in the Peace Corp, and Linda is about to live the life of a suburban mother.”

“I know, I’m so proud of them all! I did everything I could to make sure they lived better lives than mine and they made sure they got as far as they could. I just wanted to tell you I was leaving and let you know that you’ll be in charge of the building until I get back.”

“Leave it to me, I’ll make sure everything holds together.”

As soon as Donna left, Alice appeared, wearing a pair of skimpy shorts and pink top. She was carrying a frosty beer, already opened and with a cold mist overflowing from the neck.

“Here you go, Master.”

“Ah, thank you,” he replied, taking the beer. He then smiled. “You know, I think this beer might be just a tad bit too cold. I need to warm it up a bit.”

Alice shuddered in arousal as Isaac took the cold bottle and rubbed it against her left nipple and then her right. Even through her top, the sting of the ice-cold bottle against her pink nipples made her shiver happily. Isaac rubbed them both over and over, until at last they were poking up through the fabric.
“Perfect temperature,” he chuckled.

Alice just smiled and blushed, loving this new side to Isaac. “So what are you making, Master?”

“It’s a surprise, something that I think you and Holly will both enjoy.”

On the front-left burner of the stove sat a large pot, filled with boiling water, ready for the spaghetti to be poured in. On the front-right was a pan filled with ground beef, bubbling in its melting fat and making everyone’s mouths water as it turned from pink to brown. Holly was standing in front of the stove, wearing nothing but an apron. She giggled as Isaac ran her hands across her naked body and kissed her neck.

In the den, Alice was watching the two of them, hiding behind the armrest of the couch and looking like a kitten about to pounce. Like Holly, she was naked, a practice the two slaves maintained whenever they were in Isaac’s apartment. Around her neck was her prized possession: a pet collar with a metal tag engraved with her name, just like Holly’s. Every moment it was on her, she remembered that she was her beloved Master’s cherished pet.

“Master, the meat might burn if I lose focus!” Holly laughed, tickled by Isaac’s fingertips running across her belly and inner thighs.

“Maybe we could just forget about spaghetti and meat sauce and eat YOU for dinner. I could spend the whole night eating you.”

“I don’t know if you’re talking about sex or cannibalism, but either way, count me in.”

Wow, not only had she called his bluff, but he could tell that she wasn’t bluffing.

“Just remember, I’m VERY hungry,” he said before crouching down and running his tongue up the side of her perfect ass.

He went back to the den and sat down on the couch, with Alice immediately crawling into his lap like an affectionate feline. The two of them began to kiss, letting their tongues fill each other’s mouths while he stirred his thumb in her slit. In the kitchen, Holly was watching them, biting her lip and struggling to maintain her focus on stirring the beef. With the water now hot enough, she began dumping handfuls of spaghetti into the pot. The beef was soon fully cooked, so Holly turned off the burner and drained the fat into the sink.

“Alice, can you do me a favor and grab all the towels from the bathroom?” Isaac asked.

She looked at him quizzically but ran off to fulfill her order. She soon returned and Isaac had her lay them out on the floor around the table, then clear off the table itself and cover it. In the kitchen, he could see Holly mixing the spaghetti and meat, and pouring in the tomato sauce.

He stopped her as she began grabbing bowls and forks. “I’ll take care of that, go relax in the den.”

Like Alice, Holly looked at him with an expression of curiosity and protest, but obeyed without question. Seeing what Alice was doing, her curiosity grew. He came back into the den, carrying the pot, a tub of grated parmesan, and a container full of garlic powder.

“Holly, take off that apron and lie on the table.”


“Tonight, you get to be the plate for the three of us.”

Holly smiled and bit her lip, feeling her horniness take off. She did as she was told, lying down on the table, her breasts trembling with each aroused breath she took. On the couch, Alice was writhing in her seat like a kid with ADHD in math class.

“This may be a little hot,” Isaac warned, slowly pouring the spaghetti onto Holly’s naked body.

She yelped and tensed up as the hot noodles touched her bare flesh, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle and didn’t enjoy. Isaac spread it out onto her body, covering her thighs, her stomach and her chest.

“Now who doesn’t love parmesan on their spaghetti?” Isaac rhetorically asked, opening the container of grated cheese and letting it trickle onto the pasta. Holly’s smile became scrunched and she snickered while trying to keep the cheese from falling in her nose and eyes.

“Garlic powder?”

“Yes please!” both girls said giddily.

Isaac popped the top and poured a thin layer of the powder onto the marsh of pasta. “Ok, Alice, no hands. And don’t worry, Holly. We’ll make sure you get to eat.”

Isaac sat down on the floor, on the opposite side of the table from Alice. Smiling, both Isaac and Alice leaned forward and began slurping up lines of the hot pasta, making Holly giggled as it tickled her like feathers. The spaghetti was hot and delicious and Alice and Isaac gorged themselves. For Isaac, it was so cute to see Holly shuddering with arousal as she felt the pasta be pulled off her to reveal more and more of her naked body.

After several delicious mouthfuls, Isaac decided to share with her. He filled his cheeks with spaghetti and meat and brought it over to her. She opened her mouth wide and he transferred it to her, much like a bird would to its young, but without actually chewing it.

“That is so good!” she squealed.

“Oh, looks like the sauce is running off you,” said Isaac.

Lowering his head, he ran his tongue up her side from her thigh to her breasts, licking up the red streams of sauce and making Holly squirm in pleasure. Across from him, Alice’s face was painted red from her insatiable hunger.

“Alice, don’t forget to take care of your sister.”

“Yes Master,” she said in embarrassment, shaken from her binging and blushing under her saucy makeup.

She did as Isaac had, filling up her mouth with pasta and then transferring it to Holly, who ate it hungrily. From there, Isaac and Alice focused on making sure Holly got her fill, beginning and ending each mouthful with a tender loving kiss.

Before long, most of the spaghetti had been eaten, with just a thin layer covering her bare flesh. Smiling, Isaac moved up and licking up the spaghetti off her right breast, making her pant in arousal as he slurped up each noodle and nibbled each puff of ground beef. Alice did the same, going to town on Holly’s left and hungrily licking her clean.

Even after they licked every drop of sauce, they continued sucking on Holly’s erect nipples, savoring the taste of her delicious flesh and causing the supple pink bumps to harden into points. Holly was moaning and whimpering as she felt the two sets of lips around her nipples, then the pair of tongues massaging the soft mountains upon which they rested. Not known for her self-control, her hand began to drift south, catching Isaac’s eye.

“I almost forgot, there’s one place that still might hold a bit of food.”

He moved down to the table and spread Holly’s legs, causing remaining strands of spaghetti on her thighs to fall down over her sauce-soaked slit. Funny thing, some of the meat from the sauce could actually be found on her “meat curtains”. Isaac didn’t even hesitate, he dove in like a toothless piranha, slurping up every droplet of sauce, every strand of spaghetti, and every piece of beef.

Like with her breast, he continued licking long after she was clean, slurping her wet pussy like he was digging for treasure. Having finished with Holly’s right breast, Alice moved down and began licking up a small puddle of sauce that had settled in Holly’s navel.

Together, Alice and Isaac cleaned Holly from neck to knees using only their tongues, though her skin would be dyed red until she actually washed herself off.

“Hmm, that was a truly delicious dinner,” Holly purred, licking a drop of sauce off her arm.

“We’re not done yet, it’s time for desert. Alice, it’s your turn on the table. Holly, if you would please…”

Holly got up and rushed to the kitchen, glad she would have a turn to really eat. Excited, Alice lied down on the table while Holly came back with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a tub of ice cream with a spoon. The tub was opened and Isaac held up a spoonful of the chocolate deliciousness over Alice’s naked body, enjoying the sight of her premature shivers.

Trying to suppress a grin, he dropped the ice cream onto her stomach and listened to her yelp as the cold frosting touched her skin. He placed several more mounds of ice cream on her naked body, making sure she wasn’t uncomfortable. Much like when he teased her with his beer earlier that day, the bite of the cold only aroused and pleasured her, thanks to her lessons in masochism.

Laying out almost half the tub, he then grabbed the bottle of chocolate syrup, smiling as he drew a large black spider web across her body. After some specially placed globs of whipped cream, his Sunday was finished and waiting for him to dig in.

“Ok, Holly, let’s dig in.”

Sitting back down on the floor, he lowered his head and began licking up the melting plops of ice cream on her stomach. Holly was even more excited, and began sucking the lines of chocolate syrup off Alice’s side and thighs. Like Holly, Alice began to whimper in pleasure as she felt her Master’s lips and her sister’s tongue against her body.

She closed her eyes, forcing herself to resist the desire to watch. Unable to see the way they were touching her, the sensations increased in intensity. As she began to squirm in pleasure, her eyes bolted open from Isaac’s lips joining hers.

“Don’t you want some desert too?”

She nodded eagerly.

Isaac smiled and licked a large glob of ice cream and chocolate syrup off her tiny breast, then gave her a wet kiss and stirred his tongue in her mouth. Alice hungrily sucked it, loving the feeling of his tongue in her mouth and the sweet taste of chocolate. He soon pulled away, only for Holly to take his place and lick the inside of Alice’s mouth as if the child had been the one slurping up ice cream.

To Isaac, the ice cream and chocolate syrup tasted better than ever in his life, perhaps because it came with the added sweetness of being licked off his slave’s deliciously underage body.

Sitting on the couch, Holly grabbed the bottle of chocolate syrup and pressed the nozzle against the entrance to her slit. She squeezed the bottle, flooding the lobby of her love hotel with liquid cocoa.

“Here you go, Alice!” she said cheerfully, innocently, as she swung her leg over her sister and lowered herself onto the young girl’s face.

Alice raised her head and began drinking the syrup out of Holly’s body like she was a beer tap. While Alice ate out Holly, Isaac spread Alice’s legs and went down on her just as he had done during dinner. Her feet were in the air, a whimper of happiness made audible as her body was sampled. Holly and Isaac licked Alice clean, well, not exactly “clean”. Her entire torso had been painted brown from desert, leaving her a sticky mess.

Isaac sat on the couch with a smile, watching as Holly and Alice kissed each other, swapping chocolate syrup from mouth to mouth. “Dinner and desert, the perfect way to enjoy an evening. But now it looks like it’s time to do the dishes.”

Isaac was clutching Alice in the princess hold with Holly on the other side, the three of them kissing as the hot water of the shower poured down on them. Due to Alice’s height, she couldn’t simply stand while kissing either of them. It wasn’t a problem though; she was so small and light that either of them could carry her with ease. While their lips danced with Isaac’s, Holly and Alice ran their hands across each other’s bodies, washing each other clean of tomato sauce and chocolate syrup.

“Who knew that doing the dishes could be so much fun?” Isaac mused.

“Master, I hope you’ll do more than simply wash us,” Holly purred in his ear.

“Of course. Sounds to me like you want the first turn.”

Lowering Alice to the floor, he embraced Holly and pressed her against the wall, kissing her passionately. Jittery with excitement, she raised one leg and wrapped it around him, letting him insert himself inside her. She whimpered as it entered her, like a gun being put in its holster. Nothing felt more right to her than the feeling of his manhood spearing her through.

As he began to move, her whimpers became their usual soft moans, leaking out from her mouth in tandem with the thumps made as he slammed her body against the wall over and over again. The showerhead was directly above, spraying water down between them as they made love.

Alice kneeled on the shower floor, touching herself as she watched them. There was something about watching her Master at work that aroused her endlessly. But she wanted more; she wanted to get involved.

Very careful not to get in her Master’s way, she moved between his legs and leaned back against the wall of the shower. Continuing to finger herself, she looked up into the waterfall pouring between Isaac and Holly’s naked bodies, letting it run down her own body and into her mouth. She could taste them in the water, their sweat, Holly’s arousal, Isaac’s precum, and the sweet scent of dinner.

After a few minutes of thrusting into Holly, Isaac pulled out of her and looked down. There was some chocolate syrup on his cock from when Holly had filled her pussy and let Alice lick it out of her. Alice stared at it with a hungry expression, her eyes as wide as dinner plates. Smiling, Isaac inserted himself in Holly one last time and stirred around inside her, making sure to get as much chocolate on his cock as possible.

“Alice, think you could clean me off?” he asked, pulling back out of Holly and pointing his manhood at the small girl.

With a wide smile on her face, Alice darted forward and took as much of Isaac’s dick in her mouth as she could, sucking off both the chocolate and Holly’s delicious wetness. Once she licked him clean, Isaac continued fucking Holly, making her moan in happiness. After every few thrusts, he would pull out and let Alice gargle on his cock.

“Master! I’m going to cum!” Holly whined.

“Then don’t hold back!” he laughed.

He lifted her up so that she had both legs around his waist and fucked her as hard as he could, making her scream from the strength of his thrusts into her. It only took about half a dozen slams before she had her orgasm, releasing a downpour of her horniness straight onto Alice.

“Ok, Holly, you take a rest. I’ll let Alice have some fun.”

He then lowered Holly to the floor and sat down, letting Alice climb onto his lap. With water running down her flat chest, she guided his cock into her slit and dropped herself onto it, crying out as the rod of muscle stretched her to her limits. No matter how many times they had sex, Alice could never get accustomed to Isaac’s size and fully accommodate him inside her velvet sleeve. Every time felt like their first and she was always afraid of receiving internal damage. Isaac was equally concerned, but he knew how to move through her without hurting her.

With the half insertion of his manhood, Isaac was essentially wearing the small girl like a condom. Regardless, Alice began riding him, hungry for sexual pleasure and to feel Isaac grinding against her insides. The puddles beneath her splashed every time she brought her weight down, echoing out perfectly with the tiny yelp she released. While she rode him, Isaac kissed her on the lips and the breasts, making her whimper from the tender, loving contact.

Sitting against the opposite wall, Holly watched them closely as she played with herself. Like Alice, she loved to watch, especially when it came to Alice’s tiny body struggling to bear her Master’s bulk. She loved hearing her whimpers, watched Isaac move her with his hands as if she were a fleshlight, and see her tiny frame convulse with each deep penetration. Hmm… maybe she had a touch of sadism in her as well?

Isaac’s breathing suddenly became frantic and Alice could feel his body tensing up. She knew what was “coming”.

“Please cum inside me, Master. Pour all of your semen into my womb.”

“Hey, Alice! No fair!” Holly cursed in jealousy.

Isaac laughed at Holly’s sudden lash. “Don’t worry girls, I got plenty for both of you! Oh shit, here it comes!” he groaned, feeling the seal break and his first load erupt into his sex toy.

She shuddered as she felt the thick fluid pour into her, feeling hotter than the water coming out of the shower. She fell off him and Holly quickly rushed over to begin cleaning him off of Alice’s wetness and the leftover semen still clinging to his manhood and waiting in the barrel to be fired.

“What part of my body should I use next for you, Master? Please violate me wherever you want,” she purred while manually stimulating him back to a full erection.

“I think I’ll fuck you in the ass now.”

Holly squealed in excitement and turned around, getting on all fours and shaking her ass. With the water from the shower slicking the way, he was able to enter her with little resistance. She moaned as it entered her, stretching her asshole like a rubber band. Isaac showed no hesitation her mercy, he grabbed her by the hips and began butt-fucking her like a machine, pummeling her insides and making her gag.

What would have been a scream of overwhelming sexual joy sounded more like a piano key being rapidly pushed over and over, each tiny yelp released when Isaac came barreling into her back door. Alice watched the two of them with wide eyes, touching herself as Isaac brutalized his slave, much to her enjoyment.

Her mouth hanging open and water running down her face and making her look like she was crying, Holly glanced up at Alice and outstretched her hand to her. Understanding, Alice scooted across the shower floor over to Holly, letting her surrogate older sister bury her face into the young girl’s bruised vagina and begin hungrily licking her clean. While Isaac fucked her asshole, Holly gluttonously slurped up every drop of her Master’s seed out of Alice, having achieved a state of complete euphoria.

After a few minutes, Isaac had to stop and catch his breath. He pulled out of Holly and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Holly’s ass. She was still gaping from the powerful anal pounding she had just received.

“Wow, look at how loose you are. You are a serious anal slut,” he snickered, working his fingers inside her.

“Yes, Master, I love when you play with my asshole. It’s so erotic and it makes me feel like a true slave,” she whimpered as his fingers stirred her insides.

Smiling, Isaac leaned down and traced his tongue around her asshole, making her shudder and purr. He flicked his tongue inside her while he worked his thumb in her pussy and tweaked her clitoris. As always, there was no taste, but the touch of Holly’s well-developed ass cheeks against the sides of his face was incredibly kinky. Feeling her Master licking her naughtiest spot while playing with her pussy, it made her cum almost immediately.

After taking a moment to lick her honeypot, Isaac stood up and turned off the shower. They were all as clean as possible, so keeping the shower going was just wasting water and heat.

“Come on, girls, let’s dry off and move to the bedroom.”

After rubbing themselves down with towels, Isaac led his two slaves to the bedroom and they sat down on the bed. Smiling, he got down on one knee and kissed Alice. He was gentle, loving, making her melt. He then moved to Holly, kissing her in the same tender way and making her purr in happiness. He switched back and forth between them, savoring the taste of the two beautiful young women. Each time he started kissing them, he became more intense, soon lathering their tongues with his own. No matter who he kissed, the other stared at him hungrily, desperate to feel their Master’s love.

“Ok, girls, lie down.”

The girls turned on the bed and lied down, resting their heads on the pillows and looking up at Isaac with blissful smiles. He sat between them, cupping their cheeks with his hands.

“You two are so beautiful. I love you both so much,” he murmured brushing his thumbs across their soft lips.

“Master…” they both lovingly whispered.

Smiling, he moved over Holly and held himself on all fours on top of her, their faces just an inch apart. Kissing him, Holly spread her legs and Isaac entered her wet slit. Surprising Holly, his movements from then on were slow, moving his body like a wave and gently diving into her love valley. She wrapped her arms around him and slipped her tongue between his lips, softly moaning in joy with each pump of her Master’s cock. Her pussy felt sweeter than usual, softer and warmer.

As always, Alice lay beside them, watching them. But instead of playing with herself as she normally would, she simply observed, as if focused on a romantic movie.

After five minutes, he decided to switch. He moved over on top of Alice, who gladly accepted him into her tight womanhood. Still wet from Holly’s pussy, he entered Alice and began slowly thrusting her. Due to her height, she couldn’t kiss him as they made love, so Isaac simply held her in his arms as he worked himself inside her with gentle but deep thrusts. She was so small compared to Isaac; she looked so fragile and was almost invisible beneath him. She had her arms tucked in against his chest, as if trying to keep warm in her Master’s embrace.

Like Alice had done, Holly watched the two of them with a warm smile on her face. She could just barely see Alice’s face, her forehead pressed against his left pectoral. She was whimpering like a needy puppy as Isaac penetrated her. It almost looked like she was crying, but in a way that made her seem somehow even cuter.

Once again, Isaac switched after five minutes. He continued like this for the next hour, switching between them every few minutes, mixing the arousal of the two girls in their wet pussies. As the sun sank below the horizon, Isaac could feel his last orgasm building. Holly could see it in him, she knew him well enough to read him like a book.

“Master, you let Alice have your first load, can I have this one?”

“Tell you what, how about I shoot it into your mouth, the two of you can share it a little, and then you can swallow it?”

She gained a wide smile. “‘Kay!”

Isaac kissed her one last time and put all of his strength into five more thrusts. About to blow, he pulled out of her and moved up to her face. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and Isaac furiously jacked off, emptying all of his reserves. Holly’s eyes rolled back and she almost climaxed from the taste and feel of Isaac’s semen filling her mouth.

Closing her lips, she sat up and washed the semen around her mouth like Listerine. She then moved over to Alice, who opened her mouth. Pursing her lips, Holly let the line of Isaac’s seed trickle out of her mouth and into Alice’s. Taking every drop, she washed it around her mouth, savoring the taste of both her Master’s semen and her sister’s saliva.

With a smile, Isaac watched as the girls exchanged his cum over and over again, often times through joining their lips and kissing. By the time Holly was allowed to swallow it, almost half of the white froth was actually the shared saliva of the two girls. Holly happily gulped it down and sighed in happiness.

“It seems like we all got a good dinner. Though I might want a midnight snack later,” said Isaac.

With Donna gone, the apartment building seemed to fall apart like the temple from the beginning of Raiders when the gold idol was removed. Problems that Isaac had never even considered existing were popping up like weeds and making him wonder how in the hell the building was still standing.

Oh well, at least none of his earlier jobs or projects were falling apart, so he knew his skills as a carpenter were solid. Or at least… nothing that he had fixed before was breaking down before it normally would (buildings like this needed constant maintenance after all). Plus he always had Alice to help him out, and Holly when she was off from work.

Isaac was sweating bullets as he worked to unscrew the ceiling light. He was in one of the apartments of his fellow tenants, answering the call for a broken light. Apparently, it was the only appliance in the unit not working, but even a switched bulb hadn’t fixed it. Alice watched him hungrily, like a cat seeing her owner handling a can opener. She loved watching Isaac work. Finally removing the light fixture, he looked up and cursed. The plaster was showing clear signs of a leak, probably from a water pipe right above his head.

“Aw damn it, looks like I’ll have to replace the pipe and install some new plaster. And if the leak has affected the surrounding studs, they’ll have to go.”

“Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will splash us with some water,” said Alice, kneeling at the base of the chair Isaac was standing on, sweating like an ice cube with her clothes uncomfortably sticking to her.

“I certainly wouldn’t mind. The last time I saw the thermometer, it had reached the triple digits. Over a hundred degrees in Maine, what the fuck is wrong with the world? This is why I have to fight the urge to sucker-punch climate change deniers.”

“So are you going to fix it today?”

“No, it’s too hot for anything like that. The best I can do is cut away some of this plaster to see the damage and put on a temporary seal on the leak. Just ten degrees, if it goes down just ten degrees, I’ll endure, but I can’t do anything in triple-digit heat…”

He then winced, putting his hand on his stomach.

“Master, are you ok?”

“Yeah, just a stomach cramp. I’ve been feeling sick for the past week, but that may be due to this heat wave. I haven’t crapped in a few days so I may be backed up. Looks like I need to go on a raisin bran and apples diet. Oh well, I’ll just get this ceiling done and then call it a day. Alice, could you go down to my basement storage closet and grab one of my tarps?”

Alice nodded and ran off, leaving Isaac to sit and sweat with his hand over his stomach. “Goddamnit Al Gore, we didn’t listen…”

Opening a hole in the ceiling took longer than Isaac expected. With such crippling heat, just moving was next to impossible. To work up the strength to move aside the coffee table, lie out the tarp, and actually send his hammer through the plaster was a feat that the bards of the Viking age would sing of. Isaac had once again been correct as to the cracked pipe above him.

On the plus side, the leak wasn’t too severe and a temporary patch would be just fine. Not to mention that the high humidity helped prevent plaster dust from spreading throughout the air.

After sealing the pipe, Isaac broke away some more plaster so that he could see the damage the leak had done. It wasn’t as bad as he first thought. It just needed to air out and dry.

“Master, I’ll take the tarp to the dumpster outside,” Alice offered as Isaac wiped the mud of sweat and dust off his face.

“That’s ok, I’ll do it myself.”

“Please, Master. I’m supposed to do everything I can to make your life easier. You should rest.”

Isaac smiled and climbed down off the chair. Leaning over, he kissed Alice on the forehead. “Good girl.”

Isaac and Alice were sitting on his couch, watching TV with three fans roaring at them at their maximum settings. They were both naked, not from having sex, but in a desperate attempt to keep cool. It wasn’t working very well, the air being sent by the fans made them feel more like they were being blasted with hair driers. They didn’t even turn their heads when the door open and Holly stepped in, her waitress outfit soaked in sweat, and a look of true agony on her face. Even a masochist like her wasn’t immune to suffering.

“Oh God, it is just too hot,” she gasped.

Isaac and Alice just grunted in reply, too exhausted to even form words. Stripping off her clothes, Holly sat down on the couch besides Isaac, glad to finally be able to relax and watch some television. Normally she would have immediately curled up against him, but it was too hot for physical contact, and she didn’t want to inconvenience her Master.

“What should I make for dinner?” she asked as a Civil War musket was examined on Pawn Stars.

“I think I’ll just have a bowl of cereal, but you can make whatever you want. I’m not hungry anyway,” said Isaac.

“I wonder how hot it is over there right now,” Alice murmured, referring to the pawnshop on TV.

“Too tired… can’t… ask… Siri…”

“By the way, I have tomorrow off. Is there anything you would like me to do tomorrow?” Holly asked.

“Well if it’s as hot tomorrow as it is today, then there is no way I’m working on anything that is not an emergency. I was thinking that we could brave the heat and go on an adventure. Let’s go get an air conditioner.”

Holly moaned as she sat on Isaac’s face, feeling his tongue stir up her wet slit. A few feet away, Alice was hungrily sucking on his cock, licking away the salt from the sweat that had returned to his manhood as soon as he exited the shower. The evening was barely cooler than middle of the day, just a few degrees below 100º, so sex was out of the question, but of course, the trio was all horny.

As a compromise, they had all showered together under a tepid torrent to cool themselves and clean off the day’s worth of sweat, and had decided to just stick to oral for the evening. Besides, Isaac’s stomach was still hurting, and he didn’t know if he could move the way he needed to.

Oh well, it didn’t matter, he loved going down on the girls. He loved the sweet taste of their young pussies, the smell of their arousal, and the feel of their soft flesh against his face. Over the course of his relationship with them, he had spent several collective hours playing them like flutes, always managing to make them cum over and over again.

As Alice’s head bobbed up and down with the end of Isaac’s cock filling her mouth, she watched her Master in deep focus. Holly was facing her, so Alice could see the movements of Isaac’s chin and briefly catch flicks of his tongue from time to time whenever it broke free from the folds of her pussy to tease her clitoris. Watching him made her excited for her turn, as well as hungry to taste Holly’s pussy herself.

Holly finally cried out as she had her first orgasm, soaking Isaac’s face and chest in her juices, which he eagerly drank up. She was just about to dismount him, but Isaac was not done. He grasped her hips and moved her down, letting him plunge his tongue into her asshole with her plump peachy cheeks pressed against the side of his face.

Crouching in a crab walk, Holly’s whole body was flushed and she was frantically rubbing her pussy, refusing to let her climax end and sending jet after jet of her watery euphoria at Alice, who opened her mouth and caught it much like she would catch one of Isaac’s loads. Holly was riding Isaac’s tongue like she was instead in his lap, feeling it penetrate her asshole over and over again, like she was sitting on a whack-a-mole game.

At last, Isaac tapped her thigh to let her know he was done, and she dismounted him. She and Alice switched place, the former hungry for her Master’s cock in her mouth and the latter desperate to feel his tongue against her most sensitive and intimate place. As Holly greedily licked up the saliva coating Isaac’s member, she watched with a smile as Alice settled on her Master’s face, position with her back to Holly so that she could make eye contact with Isaac while he went down on her.

She could never get over how funny and adorable it was seeing Alice with Isaac, she was just so small compared to him. She almost looked like she could sit on Isaac’s tongue like an oyster holding a pearl. Momentarily stopping the oral pleasuring of Isaac, Holly reached out and pinched Alice’s cute little ass, just to tease her.

Alice ignored her, fixating on the sweeps of Isaac’s tongue into her delicious jailbait pussy. Every time he entered her tiny slit, she whined as if they were instead having sex, all while she pinched her nipples and he squeezed her ass. She loved those moments when they made eye contact, because even though she was on top of him, she knew she was completely under his control and at his mercy. But she could also see the tender care in his eyes, and the love for her he had developed. Never in his life would he harm her, unless of course to fulfill one of her masochistic desires.

Isaac couldn’t get enough of her pussy; it had such a different taste from Holly’s. It was delicious but also bland in a sense, as if complimenting her unripe body. And her tiny build just made him want to lick every tiny nook and cranny she had, squeezing his tongue into her narrow corridor as if he were a woodpecker. Repeatedly, he would shift her forward so that he could sodomize her with his tongue, all while she cooed in happiness.

Behind her, Isaac could feel every move Holly made and could sense her personal style and technique. She would spit onto the head of his cock, then use the quick strokes of her hand to smear it across the entire length. Bending her head, she would deep-throat him, sucking it off and filling her mouth before pouring it back on and repeating the process. Every time she did it, she became messier and messier, with the mixture of her saliva and his precum becoming frothier as he let it pour off her tongue in foaming white strands. She certainly loved to make a big erotic mess of it.

“Girls…” he began, feeling his body preparing to release itself.

Alice turned around, pressing her cheek against Holly’s, their mouths open to catch the ensuing eruption while both jacking him off like they were pumping a shotgun. The load of the evening at last shot free, covering their faces and flooding their mouths. But while his slaves had received their desired treat, Isaac could barely contain the pain burning in his abdomen. The full-body muscle-tightening of his orgasm had irritated whatever was happening inside him. Damn it, what the hell was going on?!

The group woke up early, but not intentionally. It had cooled down enough during the night for them to finally sleep comfortably… under the continuous gust of every fan they had, but soon after the sun rose, the temperature picked back up and everyone was forced to awaken. They felt like they had been presumed dead and were sitting in the cremation furnace, about to be incinerated. Today was not going to be easy…

The girls quickly had breakfast but Isaac wasn’t feeling hungry. His stomach was still upset and he had bad abdominal cramps. Oh well, it was probably just the heat killing his appetite. They were all hoping that their search for an air conditioner would prove fruitful, but the odds were stacked against them that every available unit would have already been bought. They had to try.

The SEARS building felt as cold as a refrigerator upon entering, making Isaac and the girls sigh in relief. To finally have actual cold air against their skin was almost a religious experience.

“Ok, let’s hurry and get whatever they have. If they don’t have any AC units, we can always just stock up on fans, but I would prefer we try some other places before we give up,” said Isaac as they walked down the aisles towards the large appliance section.

A sudden loud squeal from Alice nearly made him jump. Afraid she had gotten hurt on something, he turned around to see her on her cell phone, staring at the screen with a wide grin on her face.

“Alice, what is it?” Isaac asked, seeing all of the surrounding customers looking at the three of them.

Instead of answering, Alice held up her phone. On the screen was a newborn baby, sitting in a maternity ward crib and wrapped in white, with a tiny hospital bracelet around its wrist.

“Linda had a boy! Donna just texted me the good news!” she screamed happily.

Isaac smiled. “Good for her, tell Donna that I wish Linda the best and I said congratulations.”

“Can I see?” Holly pleaded.

Alice handed her the phone, and as soon as the light of the screen reflected off her eyes, Isaac could basically hear Holly’s ovaries exploding. Just as Holly was about to scream, Isaac darted forward and put his hand over her mouth.

“Take a deep breath. I don’t want you to shatter any windows with your voice.”

Holly nodded and replaced his hand with her own, stifling herself so that she wouldn’t screech like a pterodactyl. A small blip was heard on the phone as Alice was sent another picture from Donna. Holly quickly opened it and again had to gagged by Isaac.

“He’s so cute!” Alice giggled.

“Girls, come on, we have to get an air conditioner before they’re all gone.”

For once, his words fell on deaf ears, as both Holly and Alice were completely obsessed with the pictures Donna was sending. Resigning himself to his situation, Isaac got down on one knee, wrapped his arms around the girls’ waists, and hoisted them onto his shoulders. They didn’t seem to notice him picking them up like a couple of rolled carpets, but as Isaac got back on his feet, he staggered, nearly brought down by a stabbing pain in his side, as if he had just fallen on a standing nail. It was almost crippling and he felt like he was going to throw up.

Ugh, must have really pulled a muscle. I need to be more careful.

Drawing looks of confusion, loud snickers, and the beeping of cell phone cameras, Isaac carried Holly and Alice through the store on his shoulders. They were screaming and giggling as they looked over the pictures of Donna’s newborn grandchild. They had gone completely baby-crazy and he had no idea how to fix them. Oh well, they would eventually get tuckered out…

“Sorry sir, we’re all out.” the salesman said, standing in front of several empty shelves that would have displayed the AC units.

Isaac felt his heart drop into his stomach and could hear Holly and Alice groaning in despair. “So I guess we’ll have to move on?”

“There is nowhere to go, every other store is in the same state. This building is on a waiting list to receive a new shipment of air conditioners. There probably isn’t a store within a thousand miles that is still stocked,” the salesman replied.

Holly and Alice both fell to their knees, nearly crying about how they just couldn’t bear to go back to the apartment in such heat.

“All right, well how many fans do you have left?” Isaac cursed.

“Almost half a dozen, we’re pretty much out.”

“I’ll take them all.”

Isaac and the girls tried to shield themselves from the sun as they crossed the parking lot, joined by a SEARS employee pushing a warehouse trolley full of fans. They could feel the sun’s rays burning them instantly, like they were being cooked over a bonfire. It was more than just extreme heat; they could actually feel it searing their flesh. But while he was covering his face with one arm, Isaac had the other against his stomach.

“Master, are you ok?” Holly asked, speaking low enough to not be heard by the SEARS employee.

“I should be fine, I just need to get home, turn on these fans, and get off my feet. For all I know, I may be suffering from heat stroke. Goddammit, Mainers are not supposed to suffer like this.”

It was late at night when Holly awoke, having been shaken by Isaac. She hadn’t heard her name called over the roar of the legion of fans pointed at their bed. Alice was back in her apartment, having taken a few fans with her.

“Holly, I need your help.”

“Master? What is it? What’s wrong?” She turned on the light and nearly jumped.

Isaac was looking at her, drenched in sweat with pale skin and bloodshot eyes. “I need you to drive me to the hospital.”

Isaac was lying on the hospital bed, dressed in a flimsy gown and with an IV hooked up to his arm, waiting for the results of his CT scan. Apparently, the information had to be sent to Australia to be processed, since it was their daytime. Oh well, at least he didn’t have to drink any more of that disgusting barium fluid. In order to better view his intestines, he had been forced to drink a liter of a slimy raspberry-flavored barium fluid that would react in the scan. It had been like drinking from a moldy juice box.

He didn’t even have his own room; he was still in the ER. There was nothing but a curtain separating him from the hall. Oh well, his abdominal pain was almost completely gone, mainly thanks to the chemical cocktail he had received. Ah morphine, it’s a gift from the baby Jesus.

Sitting in the chair beside the bed was Alice, wide-awake with worry. Lying with Isaac on the bed was Holly, desperately clutching his arm and crying. “Oh Master, you can’t die! I can’t live this world without you! Master, please be ok!”
Alice giggled and Isaac let out a loud sigh of annoyance. “Holly, seriously, calm down. You heard the doctor; it’s probably appendicitis. If it is, they just have to remove it and I’ll be fine.”

“Master! Master!” Holly cried, hugging his arm with almost bone-crushing strength and soaking the sleeve of his hospital gown with her tears and runny nose.

Alice couldn’t help but laugh at Holly’s unparalleled childishness. Of course she was as worried about Isaac as Holly was. She hated seeing him in pain and there was always a part of her brain that was assuming the worst, but she was much more rational than Holly. Oh well, if anything could be said of Holly, it was that she was the definition of devotion.

A minute later, the curtain was opened and the ER doctor stepped in with Isaac’s chart. “Mr. Helton, I think I can safely say that you need to have your appendix removed.”

Holly immediately burst into fresh tears, making Isaac sigh in embarrassment. “Don’t mind her, this heat is driving her crazy. Now what do you mean by you “think” I need to have my appendix removed?”

“Well it’s very difficult to actually diagnose appendicitis. The symptoms are vague and shared by many other ailments. The only way to be sure is to rule everything else out. Thanks to your urine and blood tests and your CT scan, we’ve excluded just about everything, so we’re pretty certain that it’s your appendix.”

“So when is the surgery?”

“Well the surgeons we have on staff tonight are tied up taking care of some people who were hurt in a big pile-up. We should be able to get you onto the table in maybe two hours. Don’t worry; from how far you are along, you’re not in danger. We’ll have it removed long before it has a chance to rupture. I just need you sign a few forms saying that you consent to be operated on.”

“Ok, Holly, I really need my right hand for this…” Isaac said, prying his arm out of her embrace to take the clipboard and pen.

“I’ll go get you some more painkillers,” the doctor said before ducking out.

“Holly, I want you and Alice to go back to the apartment.”

At the order, even Alice protested. “But Master, we can’t leave you!”

“Keep your voice down! I would prefer not to have people hear you call me that! I told you, when we’re in public, you have to call me Isaac. Listen, things like this are never quick. I probably won’t be out of surgery until tomorrow. At which point, the two of you can just come back after Holly finishes her shift at work. Either way, you’re just going to be waiting around for me so you might as well be back home. Relax; I’ll be fine. Go home and go to bed. I’ll call you tomorrow when I wake up from surgery.”

“Can we at least stay with you until they’re ready to operate?” Holly pleaded.

Isaac smiled. “Of course.”

The doctor soon returned with several shots of painkillers, injecting them straight into Isaac’s IV and putting him in a daze.

“Ok, you get some sleep, and we’ll wheel you out to the surgery ward in a couple hours when a spot opens up. I’ll turn off the light for you.”

Isaac wordlessly nodded, too intoxicated to form words. The drugs were really taking effect and weighing down on his eyelids. Once the doctor went back behind the curtain and turned off the light above Isaac, Alice pulled off her shoes and climbed up into bed with him, careful to mind his IV. Pulling his arm from Holly, he instead wrapped it around her, doing the same with his left arm around Alice. Held in their Master’s arms, Holly and Alice smiled and settled in. The hospital was air conditioned, so heat wasn’t an issue, letting them curl up in Isaac’s embrace and rest their heads on his chest.

The three of them closed their eyes and drifted to sleep.

Chapter Seven

Isaac slowly woke up, VERY slowly, pretty much tectonic-plates-slowly. His body was not so much heavy as just incredibly numb, his eyelids felt like they had been separated from all nerve endings and muscles. The right side of his gut was sore, but everything else… just felt so fantastic. Isaac had woken up from anesthesia before, once when he had broken his arm while working and needed a titanium brace bolted to the bones. He remembered waking up being one of the best experiences in his life, almost as good as sex.

“Mr. Helton, can you hear me?” a woman’s voice asked, most likely the nurse that that toned down his morphine to wake him up.

Isaac hummed in reply, that was all he could do at this point. He was so tired, but it was euphoric tiredness. You know that feeling you get each morning when you wake up and your bed is so comfortable that you don’t want to get up? That was a joke compared to this feeling. This hospital bed felt like a full-body blowjob.

“Do you feel any pain?” the nurse asked.

Still unable to open his eyes, Isaac put all of his strength into a soft mumble. “Some.”

“Ok, I’ll give you some more painkillers and let you slowly wake up on your own. By the way, you have some visitors, would you like them to come in?”

Isaac smiled, feeling more of his strength return. “Sure.”

Keeping his eyes closed, he listened intently to two sets of footfalls entering the hospital room and one set leaving, telling him that the nurse had departed and Holly and Alice had entered the room, closing the door behind them. Slowly, gently, he felt two pairs of soft hands enwrap his.

“Master…” Holly whispered, so low that Isaac barely heard her.

“I’m awake.”

“How are you feeling?” Alice asked, speaking with the same gentle murmur.

“I’m a little sore, very tired, and very thirsty. Could someone please turn off the lights? I want to open my eyes.”

As soon as the words were spoken, his hands were released and his closed lids became even darker, with a cold paper cup of water soon placed in his grip. Slowly, Isaac opened his eyes and smiled at the sight of his girls. They were looking at him with tender smiles, their eyes filled with love.

“So how do I look?” he asked, taking a grateful drink of water.


“You weren’t supposed to come until I called you, I wanted you to wait at home.”

The two girls shied away, knowing that they had disobeyed their Master’s orders. But smiling, Isaac reached out and rubbed the tops of their heads. “What in the world am I going to do with such naughty pets?” he teased, lifting their hearts.

But while at first she had been smiling, Holly suddenly began to cry. “Master, I was so worried about you! I spent every second wondering how I could possibly live in this world without you!”

“Don’t worry, Holly. I’m not going to leave you two.”

In reply, Holly clutched his hand, nuzzling the back of it against the side of her face and wetting it with her tears. Then, as his middle finger brushed against her soft lips, she opened her mouth and began tenderly sucking on it. She rolled his finger around in her mouth, playing with it with her tongue and sucking on it like a vacuum. When it came to Holly, she really had no off switch. She was ALWAYS horny and desperate for some kind of erotic contact.

“Holly, you shouldn’t do that. I haven’t washed my hands since last night.”

“If you’re dirty, then I’ll just have to lick you clean. Every. Square. Inch,” she insisted, beginning to pant and blush as the act of sucking on Isaac’s finger aroused her.

“I want to do it too!” Alice exclaimed.

Not wanting to be left out, she took Isaac’s right middle finger into her soft mouth and sucked on it with all of her blowjob experience. Isaac tried not to laugh at the two girls sucking on his fingers, but he was so doped up he wasn’t sure he even could.

“Now girls, I appreciate the effort and I know you just got here, but I’m really tired and I really just want to sleep.”

The girls reluctantly stopped.

“It’s fine, Master. Sleep as long as you want. We just want to be here with you,” Alice hummed, leaning over and kissing Isaac on the cheek.

“I love you girls,” he mumbled, closing his eyes and letting the drugs left in his system put him back to sleep.

Sitting in their chairs in the dark hospital room, Alice and Holly stretched and then rested their heads on the sides of Isaac’s bed, sleeping like students at their desks and clutching his hands like teddy bears.

Isaac spent the next few days confined to that hospital bed, forced to piss through a very uncomfortable catheter due to the vast cocktail of drugs in his system. If it weren’t for his laptop, he would have gone stir-crazy. Holly and Alice were almost always with him, leaving his side only at the end of visitation hours or when Holly had to go to work. The rest of the time, they spent talking with him or watching movies with him on his computer.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything sexual. The three of them were in a very public setting and Isaac was always hooked up to a heart monitor, and to be caught in any kind of inappropriate behavior with Alice would win him a trip to court. Not to mention his catheter made it impossible for him to have sex or even get an erection.

He soon ran out of patience, wanting to get back home so that he could have sex with his girls and finish his project. He had been so close to completing it when the heat wave started.

“Knock knock.”

Isaac looked up from his computer, seeing three familiar faces. Along with Holly and Alice, standing in the doorway of his hospital room was Donna. All three were lovely as always and Donna was wearing a pair of Daisy Duke shorts that hugged her ass and a tank top that put her glorious cleavage on display. Considering how young and sexy she looked, it was hard to believe that she was now a grandmother.

“Hey, what are you doing back? I thought you were staying to help Linda with the baby?”

“She’s fine, she’s getting plenty of help. I think my being around her was actually stressing her out. Besides, did you really think I wouldn’t come check in on my favorite repairman when he’s in the hospital? I’ve known you ten years, Isaac, I was worried sick when Alice called. Plus with you out of the picture, I need to come back and maintain the house of cards that is my apartment building.”

“Well don’t worry, the doctors say I can come home tomorrow after they remove the stitches. I should be back to work in a couple days.”

“No, you rest up. If you don’t lounge like a sloth until you’re at 110%, I’ll evict you.”

“You’d go bankrupt in a month without me. Don’t worry, I’m all healed up,” he laughed, raising part of his hospital gown and showing them the large scar on his side, red from Isaac’s unavoidable scratching. It itched like a line of bug bites.

For the next few hours, the three women stayed by Isaac’s side, talking about Donna’s new grandson Jacob, Linda’s childbirth, and just various other topics. Isaac, Holly, and Alice had to be careful how they acted, in order to keep Donna in the dark as to the illegal things the three of them did in private and the dynamics of their relationship. They had to act like Alice was still chasing after Isaac and he was ignoring her subtle advances. Everything went fine; the conversation was nonstop and everyone was happy, especially Donna.

Visitation hours ended with the time flying by, signaled by a nurse going from room to room and telling all visitors to finish their conversations within the next five minutes.

“All right, well since the hospital is kicking us out, how I about I take you girls out to dinner? My treat,” Donna offered.

“Can we get Japanese?” Holly asked ecstatically.

“Sure thing, I just need to go find the bathroom.”

As soon as Donna left the room, Holly pounced on Isaac and began kissing him. “Sorry Master, but I was about to go crazy. I just need a taste to hold me over until you come home,” she begged, sounding more like a drug addict than a sex slave.

“Don’t worry, I wanted a taste of you too. Plus I got the catheter removed today so I should be ready to make you moan all night by the day after tomorrow. I’m still a little sore.”

He then turned to Alice, who too looked like an addict in withdrawal. Leaning over, she joined her small mouth with his, letting their tongues envelop each other in a wet double helix. They made out for several seconds before Isaac switched back to Holly. For several more seconds, Holly stirred her tongue in Isaac’s mouth, and then he returned to Alice. Giving in to their arousal, the three of them lost track of time. Seconds became minutes, and completely out of their knowledge, Donna was walking down the hall, returning from the bathroom.

Trying to remember the menu of her favorite Japanese restaurant, Donna was brought to a dead stop when she reached the door and peered through the small vertical window above the handle. She could see Isaac, Holly, and Alice, all three of them together with joined lips, their tongues slithering together like a pit of snakes in the process of mating, with strings of saliva stretched between their mouths.

Donna staggered back, feeling like she was about to suffer a heart attack. Did she really see that?! Alice kissing both Isaac and Holly?! No, it couldn’t be! Alice was just a kid; she would never get involved with Isaac and Holly! Well she certainly knew that Alice had been chasing after Isaac, but she was sure that Isaac would always turn her down! Was it possible that the three of them were having sex?!

Alice was so young, how could Isaac even think of touching her? Damn it, she had gone down this same exact path. She had fallen for an older man while just a kid in high school and she ended up with nothing but a fatherless child and a bitter future.

Looking down the hall, Donna could see the nurse from before, making her second round to tell everyone that visiting hours were over. If she came by and saw Alice kissing Isaac and Holly, he would end up in jail for certain. If he was really having sex with Alice, then he probably deserved it. But… she had known Isaac for years, he was a good man, one of the most honest people she had ever met. If anything… she had always hoped that Alice would find a man like Isaac.

The nurse had almost reached the door; it was now or never. As nervous as when her daughter gave birth, Donna grabbed the handle of the door and jiggled it loudly while she slowly entered. Having no idea that Donna had seen them, Alice and Holly jumped back to their chairs as she stepped into the room, trying to hide her shock from what she had just witnessed.

“Hey, uh… I just realized I left my wallet back at the apartment. So how about we just head back home and I’ll cook up something for the three of us. We’ll go out tomorrow night to celebrate Isaac coming back.”

“Sure, that sounds good,” Alice shrugged.

“I’m already looking forward to it. The next time I see you girls, I’ll be standing in front of this hospital,” Isaac said with a smile.

As the girls said their goodbyes, Donna spoke with clear uncertainty in her voice, wondering if she had done the right thing by saving Isaac. Alice was like family to her and she was only thirteen, was she dooming her to the same life path that she herself had lived? Was she allowing a pedophile to live under her roof? She wouldn’t know until she was told the truth.

Having originally planned on cooking up haddock and preparing a salad, Donna was almost completely excluded from Holly and Alice taking over her kitchen. Being Isaac’s slaves, they knew and were well experienced with cooking, not to mention Holly had always helped prepare meals at her foster home and Alice had always made her own meals. Feeling out of place, Donna simply stood back and watched the two of them, her mind buzzing around what she had seen at the hospital.

Having seen Isaac and the girls engaged in a three-way kiss, signs were now appearing that Donna had never noticed. Holly and Alice worked and got along so well together that they might as well have been twins, but there was a certain flirtatious nature to their interactions. They continuously eyed each other up and down, winked and giggled, and brushed up against each other.

Alice also seemed so much more confident and relaxed than before, almost like she was strolling around naked after a night of sex. She was smiling and laughing and her movements seemed more mature. Just the way she walked displayed a subtle but inarguable sexuality that Donna had never noticed. Now that she thought about it, Alice had been like this for at least a week before she left to spend time with Linda. Had this relationship been going on for two whole weeks? What kind of things were the three of them doing?

On one hand, this seriously disturbed her, but on the other hand… never in her life had she seen Alice so confident and carefree. Her parents had left her traumatized, her asshole uncle paid her bills just so that he wouldn’t have to deal with her and never spoke to her, she didn’t know if Alice had any friends at school, and Donna was always too busy with work or repairs to hang out with her. Finally paying attention, she realized that this was the first time since they met that Alice appeared to be… happy.

Dinner was delicious and full of life, with Donna forcing herself to suppress her anguished thoughts in order to put up the guise of a cheerful mood. They continued to talk and laugh long after the sun set, eating bowls of ice cream beside their dirty dishes, until at last Holly began showing signs that she was ready to call it a night. Her shift at work had been an exhausting one and this heat wave had yet to break. Plus, even with Alice around to help her vent her sexual energy, she barely slept at night. She needed her Master with her.

Hearing her umpteenth yawn, Donna decided that now was the best chance to talk to Alice alone. “Holly, you look like you’re about to collapse. Go to bed, we’ll talk more tomorrow night when we go out to dinner with Isaac.”

“Oh no, I should really stay and help you clean up,” Holly said sleepily.

“Nonsense, Alice and I can take care of the dishes. You go get some sleep.”

It wasn’t in Holly’s nature to walk away from a chore, but she was too tired to argue and excused herself from the apartment, leaving Donna and Alice sitting at opposite ends of Donna’s dinner table, each of them with an empty ice cream bowl, a dirty plate sticky with dried haddock juice, used silverware, and glasses still perspiring from their emptied drinks.

“All right, well I guess we should clean up,” said Alice, about to get out of her chair.

“Hold on, I want to talk to you a little more first,” Donna replied calmly.

Alice immediately tensed up. Even with her past, she knew that an adult wanting to talk alone was usually something bad. It was basically an instinct that all children had.

“Sure,” she said, settling back in her chair.

“I saw the three of you today when I was coming back from the bathroom, what you were doing…”

All the blood drained from Alice’s face and she felt like she had ice in her veins, as if she was now the coldest thing in the apartment. Hundreds of scenarios rushed through her mind, pretty much all of them ending up with Isaac and Holly going to jail.

“Uh… I uh…” she stammered, unable to form any real words.

“I shouldn’t have to tell you that you are playing with fire. I’ve been where you are, I fell for an older man when I was just a couple years older than you and I ended up pregnant and alone. I’ve told you this a hundred times.”

“Yes… I know…”

“So knowing that, why the hell would you get involved with Isaac? He’s more than twice your age! I don’t know who seduced who, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s illegal what he’s doing with you, and what Holly is doing as well. I’ve spent the whole day wondering if I should call the police and have them haul him away. I know you love Isaac and I’ve known him even longer than you have, but for your own safety, I’m strongly considering it.”

“You can’t!” Alice exclaimed with fearful tears in her eyes.

“Why not? Tell me why I should look the other way while the girl I love like my own daughter is molested by one of my tenants.”

“Because I love him, and Holly, and they love me.”

“Did they say that?” Alice nodded, struggling to hold back tears. “Well how can I be sure that you are safe? I’ve heard the kind of things Holly screams when they have sex, I know what they do. What exactly are you to him?”

Alice looked down, choosing her words carefully. “Holly and I are his slaves and he is our Master. That’s what I wanted to be. Remember when Isaac left for that weekend? Well I asked Holly to teach me to be a slave while he was gone so that he would accept me.”

Donna covered her face with her hand in shame. “Oh Alice, why would you let them do that to you?” she groaned, trying not to imagine the things Alice had been put through.

“They never did anything I didn’t want! I swear! I asked Holly to teach me and I had to beg Isaac to even look at me when he came home! He was scared and furious when he saw me, but he gave me a chance and promised me that I would never be lonely again!”

A curious look crossed Donna’s face. “Really?”

“Yes! The two of them were so gentle and caring, never in my life had I ever been treated so well. Holly knew exactly what to do to make sure I was always comfortable, and when we fell asleep, we would spend the night holding each other. She actually trained me to be like her and I’ve now become a masochist,” she said, speaking the last part with a giggle.

The last word made Donna shudder a little, but she could not ignore the joy in Alice’s voice. “A masochist? You mean they hurt you?”

“Yes, but it’s never anything I don’t want! They are always really careful and keep asking me if I’m ready and want to do what they offer. I love everything they do to me, every kinky and perverted act! I love getting whipped and smacked and choked! I never knew getting hurt could be so much fun! Every time the three of us make love, it’s heaven!”

The last sentence struck a cord with Donna. Instead of using the words “sex” or “fuck”, Alice had actually used the phrase “make love”. Could S&M bondage really be as tender and loving as Alice made it seem? Could it really be so innocent?

“Are you absolutely certain that Isaac and Holly love you?”

“Yes! Once Isaac looked beyond my age, he accepted me as a woman instead of just a kid! He loves me the same way he loves Holly, he told me so. He acknowledges me as a woman and Holly thinks of me as her equal. When I asked Holly to teach me to be a slave and when Isaac and I were first intimate, they both said the same thing to me: “welcome home”. I cried both times and they always hugged me tightly.”

Hearing Alice, Donna still wasn’t sure what to think. On one hand, no one was getting hurt (at least harmed), Alice was happier than she had ever been, and Isaac was taking care of her. On the other hand, it was still ridiculously illegal and Alice wasn’t old enough to rationally make these kinds of decisions.

“Just three more questions. First, are the three of you using protection? I don’t want you catching any STDs and I’ll die if you end up getting pregnant.”

“Oh, don’t worry about STDs. I asked Holly and she said that she and Isaac both got tested when they started dating and got clean bills of health. As for pregnancy… well you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Why not? Aren’t you having your period?”

“Yes, but Isaac… is sterile. They both told me and he hated having to admit it. I know it doesn’t seem like something that would bother him, but he’s actually really embarrassed. He said that unless he were to get help from an embryonic lab, it’s impossible for him to get a woman pregnant. You wouldn’t think it, but he’s always wanted to have a big family. I was supposed to keep it a strict secret.”

Donna tried not to laugh, having never expected Isaac to have such an issue. “Second question: How exactly do you have sex? I mean… He doesn’t make you do anything too horrible, does he?” she asked hesitantly, afraid of the answer she would be given.

Alice then blushed and gained a very unusual look on her face, one that Donna had never seen before, but Holly often wore. It was a cross between stoned out of her gourd and being on the verge of a massive orgasm. She had a smile on her face portraying pure hedonistic perversion.

“Oh, we do EVERYTHING. Isaac will fuck one of us until we scream and then the other one gets to suck him off. He’ll bend us over any nearby surface and sodomize us like a machine, switching between us back and forth. Sometimes he’ll spend hours just sucking on my nipples or running his tongue through my pussy. When Holly is gone, he’ll focus completely on me and use my body for hours on end until I’m too exhausted to move. When he’s gone, Holly and I will just play with each other until he gets home. You would not believe the things she can do to a girl’s body. Sometimes Isaac just likes to watch us, often giving us a strap-on to use on each other. And—”

Donna just listened with her mouth hanging as Alice spent the next few minutes vividly describing every way she had defiled her body with the help of Isaac and Holly. There was whipping, electroshock, clothespins on nipples, choking, restraints, and countless other methods of bondage, all fully consensual and desired of course.

Donna was both horrified… and intrigued. The things Alice told her about… holy shit. She didn’t even know such things were possible! Isaac must have really been studying the vast archives of porn that the Internet had to offer or read the Kama Sutra. It was probably both.

Finally, Alice reached the end of her list wiped the slobber from her chin. Donna was shaken from the stupor Alice had put her in. Sure, she enjoyed kinky stuff, but this was just crazy. At least Isaac had a clear line that he wouldn’t cross: scat sex, watersports, and other such acts. Hell, from the sound of it, Isaac was always careful to monitor the girls’ health and wellness.

But it took her a second to regain her mental bearings. “Uh, ok, last question: Are you happy being a slave? Do you feel safe and secure?”

Alice answered with the brightest smile Donna had ever seen. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I didn’t think it was possible for life to be so incredibly wonderful. I want things to be like this forever.”

Donna smiled. Perhaps the law didn’t always know what’s best. “Very well, then even with the clusterfuck bomb you just set off in my brain, I guess I’ll let the three of you continue. After all, of all the men you could have started banging, you couldn’t have picked anyone better. Isaac is perhaps the most honorable man I’ve ever met, and I’m certain that he’ll always take good care of you. As long as you’re safe, happy, and taken care of, I’ll let the three of you keep your relationship.”

With fresh tears in her eyes, Alice shot around the table and pounced on Donna, hugging and thanking her over and over again.

At any other time, the weather would be considered a pain in the ass. In Maine, anything above 75º was considered agony, so being in the low eighties could be called hell. After this record-breaking heat wave, 82º was now considered a sweet relief. Isaac stood in front of the hospital, finally a free man. He was still a little sore, but he had underestimated his recovery. He wasn’t quite ready for rough fucking, but he could at least have good sex.

Smiling, he watched as his pickup truck rolled up down the street before coming to a stop in front of him, his two slaves waiting for him in the cab, each wearing bright smiles. The passenger door was opened for him and he jumped inside, giving Holly and Alice each a loving kiss.

“Let’s go home.”

Isaac sat on his couch with both girls straddling his lap, rubbing their moistening slits against his legs. He had a towering hard-on, which they both stroked lovingly with their soft hands. While they grinded and moaned, Isaac switched back and forth between them, licking every sweet corner of their mouths and then stopping to suck on Alice’s nipples and rub Holly’s bouncing breasts against his face. He loved the feel of her tits smothering him, their size and firmness were like delicious melons, almost as large as Donna’s.

“Master, can I please ride you first? I’ll go crazy if you don’t use me!” Holly pleaded.

“No Master, let me!” Alice argued.

“Sorry, Alice, but Holly asked first. Ok, Holly, be a good slave and pleasure your Master.”

Holly was too happy to even respond, she giddily moved onto Isaac’s cock while Alice dismounted his thigh. Holly blushed as she lowered herself down onto him, overjoyed to feel her owner’s manhood penetrate her, being put back in its rightful place. Taking a moment to reacquaint herself with the filling sensation, she smiled and nuzzled Isaac’s face, blushing from the loving contact. Isaac held her slender womanly frame and kissed her over and over again. He had missed the feel and taste of her naked body.

Feeling energy replace sentimentality, Holly grasped Isaac’s shoulders and began raising herself up and dropping back down, letting her Master’s cock tenderize her sopping wet cunt. She moaned and whined each time she dropped down, trying to keep her legs working while impaled with such a great mass. As she rode him, he continued sucking on her breasts, as well as scrubbing her chest and neck with his tongue, licking the delicious sweat from her sensual body.

After several days without even masturbating, Isaac could barely hold himself in. He lasted only a few minutes before emptying more than half of his reserves in Holly, flooding her vagina with semen. She shuddered in euphoria as she felt the thick white syrup being pumped into her deepest recesses, so intense in temperature that she almost felt like it would burn her.

“Sorry, Holly, I didn’t mean to be that quick,” Isaac panted, already winded and having yet to regain his stamina.

Holly just smiled tenderly and kissed his forehead. “You shouldn’t worry about whether or not I have an orgasm, my body is a sex toy with the single purpose of giving you pleasure. Knowing that I made you climax is as good as having my own. I live to be your personal cum dumpster.”

“Master, don’t forget me,” Alice whimpered, always driven to get as much affection as Holly.

Smiling, Isaac pulled her close and kissed her. “Don’t worry, kiddo. I’ll never forget you. But I just blew my load, so if you want to ride me, you’re going to have to build me back up.”

The condition only excited Alice, as once Holly dismounted Isaac, the young girl began gargling on his cock, slurping up Holly’s pussy juice and Isaac’s cum as if dying of thirst. She lathered and foamed the mixture of bodily fluids, turning it into a frothy, disgusting mess that she smeared across her face. While she worked, Holly sat beside Isaac, kissing him and using her fingers to stir his seed in her slit. Quickly, Isaac’s flaccid dick returned to its former glory, standing tall once again.

Eager to serve her Master, Alice climbed onto Isaac’s lap with her back to him and her feet on his knees. She settled down on his cock, letting him penetrate her tiny childish pussy. As always, she winced as it entered her, her petite body barely able to hold him. Cupping her cute little ass, Isaac began lifting her up and dropping her back down, her frame as light as a pillow in his arms.

She smiled and moaned as he used her like a fleshlight, currently in her favorite position. She loved when Isaac used her body this way, she loved being held in his arms, embraced, cradled even. It made her feel truly cherished and cared for.

Deciding to tease her, Isaac kept one hand under her and inserted his middle finger into her asshole, and used his other hand to reach around and pinch her erect clitoris. With the double penetration and pressure on her clit, Alice climaxed almost immediately, moaning at the top of her lungs as Isaac emptied the rest of his seed into his underage sex slave. Panting, Isaac turned to Holly and laughed at the look of jealousy on her face, something very unnatural for her. Alice got ejaculated into AND she got to have a climax? How was that fair?

“Holly, I promise that tonight, I’ll punish your asshole until you pass out from orgasms,” he teased, making her smile.

“Thank you, Master! I can’t wait!” she squealed.

“All right, now let’s shower off and just lounge for a while. Donna set up dinner reservations for us at 7:00.”

Dinner was a memory all four would look back on with deep fondness. They talked and laughed, so much so that it took them forever to eat their food, even when their dishes were laid down in front of them. They were eating in the Japanese restaurant Isaac had taken Holly on their first date. They certainly looked like an unusual group, a blond middle-aged woman, a guy in his late twenties with brown hair, an eighteen-year-old with black hair, and an underdeveloped thirteen-year-old with auburn hair; it was clear they weren’t related, so how the hell did they know each other?

Donna gave no hint as to knowing about the relationship Isaac had with the two young women, but after hearing Alice’s description, she found herself unable to stop imagining Isaac and the two girls engaging in the kinky threesome. Alice had been very descriptive when she summarized the kind of sex the trio enjoyed, and Donna had barely been able to go even a few minutes without simulating it in her mind. It had reached new levels of vividness now that she was at a table with the three of them.

With each bite Alice took of her yakitori (basically chicken on a stick), Donna imagined her moving back and forth, running her tongue and lips up the side of Isaac’s manhood. When she saw Isaac slurping up bundles of noodles, she imagined him kissing Alice’s flat breasts. When she saw Holly gobbling up sushi and rice balls, she imagined her going down on the young girl and making her moan. No matter what she saw, her mind transformed it into a sex act. It was impossible not to imagine the three of them sitting naked at the table.

The longer she thought about it, the more interested she became. She thought about every sensation Holly and Alice must have experienced with each other and Isaac, and what he was capable of. Due to her tragic history with romance, it had been almost two decades since she had actually gotten laid, and that was with a woman, after she had sworn off men and tried her hand at the love that dares not speak its name.

True, playing for the other team had been fun, but it just wasn’t the same as getting a real hard fuck, and she had never been able to put her trust in men. After so many years with nothing but a vibrator for company, she had all but forgotten what it was like to have sex and the sensations that came with it.

As dinner continued, she began imagining herself in that very same bedroom, taking part in their escapades. She became silent at the table, her chin resting on her hand, a statue lost in her thoughts. Beneath the table, her other hand was moving between her bare thighs without her even noticing. Hmm, what would it be like to join? Getting fucked by Isaac, her tongue in Alice’s mouth, and Holly lips around one of her nipples…

No. No. She couldn’t, it was horrific of her to even wonder. Alice was like a daughter to her; she could never do such perverted things with the sweet child she had looked after. Plus she had known Isaac for years. She was his landlady and his employer, as well as his friend, and to be his sex slave would completely mess up that relationship.

And being one of three sex slaves? How could anything possibly be more demeaning? Hell, when she swore off men and tried to go lesbian, she had even attended quite a few feminist rallies. But from the sound of it, Isaac basically put those girls on pedestals and loved them like no one else could, and anything they did, whether it be a sex act or the duties of a maid, they did so out of pure devotion and gratitude.

Oh, who was she kidding, it wasn’t like she could if she even wanted to… not that she did of course! She was a grown woman in her mid-forties. She was too old to be a part of some harem with two girls younger than her own kids, acting as the personal concubine for a man in his twenties. Hell, she didn’t even know if she could keep up with them in the bedroom.

At their ages, they could probably go all night without ever needing to catch their breath, while she would be yawning by the time dinner was finished. What interest would Isaac have in an old woman like her when he had two fresh, tight little vixens eager to please him in every way possible?

No, it was better she just let the kids have their fun and to just accept her life the way it was.

Isaac smiled with pride, looking down at his two slaves. Holly and Alice were both passed out, their beautiful naked bodies caked with semen, with the thick white seed dribbling out of both their pussies and assholes. It had taken a lot of effort, but he fulfilled his promise to Holly, deeply satisfying the two girls. He was back in his prime… well, maybe not now. At that moment, he could barely stand, and if he tried to beat off, the only thing that would come out would be a puff of smoke.

There was still something he had to do before he could sleep. He had left his phone in his truck with a dead battery. He had meant to take it with him up to his apartment to charge it, but Holly and Alice had been so horny that they pulled him out of the truck like a pair of ravenous dogs and dragged him up to the apartment. He had to get his phone so that he could let it charge overnight.

Shaking aside the post-sex dizziness, he got dressed and headed downstairs to the apartment lobby. Coming out of the staircase, he heard Donna’s voice. From the sound of it, she was on the phone. Walking past her office by the front entrance, he gave her a smile and nod and she waved. Heading out to his truck, he retrieved his cellphone and returned the building. Re-entering the lobby, he could hear Donna end her conversation.

“Yes. Ok. I’ll call you in a day or two. Give Jacob a big wet kiss for me. I know; I felt the same way when I had you. Yes, he’ll be calling you that before you know it. Yeah, don’t remind me. Ok. I love you. Ok. Bye.”

Isaac passed by her office just after she hung up the phone, and looking inside, he saw something unusual. Donna was leaning back in her chair behind her desk, her hand still resting on the phone, and a look of lethargic sadness on her face. It was a very peculiar look to see on her, Donna was the strongest woman Isaac knew and was always upbeat. Sure, there were times when he could see her getting overwhelmed and stressed out, but he had never seen her looking so depressed.

“Hey Donna, what’s wrong?” he asked, knocking on her open door.

“Oh, nothing.”

“Come on, you know you can’t lie to me. Tell me what’s wrong,” he replied with a smile while sitting down at the other side of the desk.

Donna gave another sigh. “I was on the phone with Linda, just checking in. She was telling me about how Jacob is already smiling whenever she holds him and how happy it makes her. I told her that I was the same way when I had her. She said that it almost felt like he could already start talking, and at any second, he would call her ‘mama’.”

She said the last part with a nostalgic laugh, and then just as quickly lost her smile. “And she said that soon he would even be calling me grandma. And hearing her say that… it just really hit me. For the first time, I feel old.”

“Donna, you’re not old. Sure, you’re mature, ‘middle-aged’ would be the more proper term, but you have another fifteen years before you even need to consider yourself as being old.”

“Isaac, I’m 45 years old. I’ll probably start going through menopause before the end of the year. The few gray hairs I used to routinely pluck out are now becoming like weeds on my scalp, I can see crows feet developing in the corners of my eyes, and it’s taking more and more effort to keep my figure.”

“Stop it, most women don’t look half as good as you at your age. Hell, you look ten years younger than you think you do. Forget aging like fine wine, you age like a twinkie.”

Isaac was more than successful in making her laugh, raising her spirits higher than they had been all night, even at dinner. “Thank you, Isaac, but it’s true. You know, I’m not sure why I even bother caring about my appearance anymore. I do an hour of Polates workout every morning but my ass is still the same size as when I delivered Adam.

Besides, I’ve had such horrible luck with men that I should just give up and get a dozen cats. I’ve had three kids and I spend almost every waking moment at work or here, repairing something for the umpteenth time. What man would want me when there are a dozen young tight babes in every bar?”

“Donna, you deserve to be with someone who makes you happy. All those pricks who walked off were stupid to leave behind someone as fantastic as you. You’re beautiful, you’re funny, and you’re stronger than you give yourself credit. And just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be alone. Hell, if people in nursing homes can still get laid, then there are armies of men who would be happy to be wrapped around your little finger.”

Donna smiled. “You really think so?”

“Of course I do. Stop comparing yourself to younger girls. You said it yourself, you’re 45, so compare yourself to other women your age and you’ll find that you are way ahead of the game. And if you can’t get married, so what? You’re at the age where you should know what you want and can just go ahead and take it.

You’ve had three husbands already and you’ve given birth to three wonderful kids. Younger women are freaking out and desperate to get married and have kids. You’ve already done everything you had to do, so now just do whatever you want to do. And having a body like yours at your age? You couldn’t be better off. Whatever you want, go for it.”

His words brought the happiest smile she had ever worn. “Thank you, Isaac, thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome. Now it’s time for me to get some rest.” Standing up, Isaac walked to the door but came to a stop and looked back. “You said before that your ass was still the same size as when you had Adam? For the record, your ass looks absolutely fantastic, especially in those tiny denim shorts of yours. Feel free to wear them all year.”

Laughing harder than she had in years, Donna began throwing pens at him, calling him awful and telling him to go away. Smiling with the knowledge that he had done his job well, Isaac went back upstairs to his apartment, eager to climb into bed between his girls.

Down in her office, Donna was deep in thought with a coy smile on her face. “So, if I want something, I should just go for it? Ok, I think I know what I’d enjoy…”

It had been two days since Isaac left the hospital and he was busy working on his garage project. It had all been so simple in his head, but for some reason, he was just facing problem after problem. His tools weren’t working, the materials weren’t acting as expected, he was continuously losing the parts he needed, and everything was just an ordeal. He was so close to being done, but his luck was against him, and he was quickly losing his patience.

After two hours of barely getting anything done, he finally decided to call it quits. He sat down in a spider-web covered lawn chair next to the entrance to the garage, frustrated and trying to nurse his frayed temper. He closed his eyes and slowed his breathing, forcing himself to calm down.


He opened his eyes and looked to the back door of the apartment building, where a woman in her sixties with frizzy hair and glasses. She was one of Isaac’s fellow tenants.

“One of the dryers is broken.”

“All right, Ms. Goldman, I’ll get right on it.”

Hopefully fixing the dryer would take his mind off his project and maybe turn his luck around.

Isaac had spent a lot of time working in the basement, as well as fixing the washing machines and dryers used by him and his fellow tenants. Luckily, the broken dryer was just moderately damaged; some of the inner mechanics had been shaken loose and disconnected. It wasn’t anything a little welding couldn’t fix.

Looking inside, he couldn’t help but notice that the drum that would hold the wet clothes looked dinged up, like someone had been filling it with shoes and running the dryer. After an hour of tedious but easy work, he repaired the machine and checked to make sure he hadn’t made any mistakes. Deciding to test it, he threw in some wet towels and let it run for a few minutes.

While the towels were spun and heated, Isaac had his ear to the side of the dryer, listening for any knocks or dings that would tell him if anything was loose, as well as focusing on his sense of smell to detect any odors of smoke or burning. Over the sound of the steady rumbling, he didn’t hear the sound of the basement door opening and closing, as well as the lock being fastened. He soon caught the sound of footfalls on the creaky wooden steps but simply ignored the newcomer. It was just another tenant, coming to do laundry. He would leave in a minute.

Deciding the dryer was working fine, he stood up and turned it off, then started collecting his tools off the top surface. He suddenly stiffened as he felt a hand grab his crotch and then smiled. “Holly, I thought you were at work? Came home on your lunch break for a quickie?” he chuckled, immediately gaining an erection that was struggling to find room in his jeans.

“I’m not Holly, and I don’t want anything to be quick,” he heard a familiar voice purr.

He quickly turned around, finding Donna standing naked in front of him. Well, not completely naked, she was wearing a pair of high heels and a layer of makeup. Either way, his eyes were drawn straight to her tits, even greater in size than Holly’s and lightly portraying Donna’s maturity, aged just enough to broadcast her ripeness in a very erotic and unusually kinky manner. He could just barely see the veins under the skin around her areolas, the two of them the size of silver dollars with nipples like 9mm bullets. For a woman her age, the firmness of her breasts was magnificent.

“Donna, what are you doing?” Isaac asked with a jerk, momentarily broken free from being caught like a deer in the headlights.

“You said before that I was old enough to know what I want and just take it. Well I want your dick and I’m going to take it deep inside me. You said before that my ass is fantastic, well today you get to fuck it as long and hard as you want,” she said coyly, leaning forward and resting her hands on the corners of the dryer with Isaac trapped between them.

“Look, Donna, I’m honored and you’re definitely sexy, but I’m in a committed relationship with Holly.”

“Don’t give me that, I know you’re always on the market for more girls. Alice is certainly happy to be your slave.” Isaac immediately felt his heart drop into his stomach. “Don’t worry, she didn’t spill your secret. I found out about you three all on my own and confronted Alice. Besides, considering the situation, do you really think I’d turn you in to the police?”

Isaac wanted to sigh in relief, but was once again hypnotized by Donna’s breasts.

“You were right, I’ve already been married and had kids. So now I’m in the prime of my sexual life and all I want to do is have fun and get fucked. From what Alice told me, being your slave sounds like a lot of fun. I’m always open to some kinky stuff…” She then dragged her finger down the middle of his chest. “Especially if it’s you that asks, or should I say order? So what do you say ‘Master’? Do you want to fuck every hole I have and use me as your personal plaything?”

Isaac smiled, feeling one of his oldest fantasies finally coming true. “I’ll be happy to have you. ALL of you,” he chuckled, reaching around and grabbing her fat yet firm ass. Goddamn, he wanted to grope her like this since the day they met.

Isaac and Donna both then leaned forward and began kiss, not even hesitating to explore each other’s mouths with their tongue. Funny, they had never realized until now how much sexual tension there was between them. While they kissed, Isaac squeezed and massaged Donna’s milf ass and Donna freed his cock from the confines of his pants, trying to suppress her shock as she felt its size in her hand. She had never had one this big before, and she had forgotten how one felt in her hands.

Surprising Donna, Isaac grabbed her by the thighs and picked her up. Turning around, he swept his remaining tools off the top of the dryer and sat her down. Pulling his lips from hers, he began kissing and licking the side of her neck. For a woman who hadn’t felt any intimate contact since the previous century, this simple contact was already making her moan in arousal.

Unable to maintain his patience, he moved down and grabbed her tits, squeezing them both aggressively and making her whimper and moan, both from the pressure he was exerting and the feel of his rough skin. His mouth watering, Isaac darted his head forward and began sucking and licking them, nearly losing his mind to the power of his lust. They were so big and delicious; he wanted to be smothered by them. He licked them, sucked them, squeezed them, pulled on her nipples, and rubbed them against his face, making sure he had gotten his fill before moving south.

As he ran his tongue down her flat stomach, she eagerly spread her legs wide, revealing her recently received Brazilian waxing. Like her breasts, her labia lightly showed her age, having lost the tight, gleaming, firmness in the glistening lips that someone like Holly would have, but that just made them more enticing and erotic. Isaac dove right in, licking the sweet lips and the juicy interior.

“Oh God, Isaac! It’s been so long since anyone touched me like this!” Donna cried out with her hand on the back of his head.

Isaac looked up at her with a line of pussy juice running down his chin. “You’re supposed to call me ‘Master’. You want to be my slave, don’t you?” he teased before getting back to work.

He slurped up every drop of her delicious arousal, sending his tongue deep inside her to savor her essence. The interior felt so soft and warm on his tongue, and the smooth lips smelled so sweet. Moving upwards a bit, Isaac began sucking directly on her clitoris while working his fingers inside her.

To feel lips around her erect clit and a man’s fingers inside her velvet sleeve, it pushed Donna over the edge faster than she ever remembered. She screamed in ecstasy, clamping her thighs around Isaac’s head as she climaxed over and over again.

“Oh my God, I haven’t had an orgasm that good in years.”

“Well now it’s time for you to make your Master feel good,” said Isaac as he pulled off his clothes and kicked them aside. He grasped his manhood, rubbing the pulsing shaft against her wet slit. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a sexy milf like you. So are you sure that you want to become my slave? That means obeying any order I give you and living to give me pleasure.”

“Oh yes. I want you to stick your cock in me and fuck me like your whore! I want you to cum inside me so bad, it’s driving me crazy!”

Not needing to say another word, Isaac rubbed the head against her entrance and forced her in in a single shove. Unlike Holly and Alice, Donna wasn’t a virgin, so he had expected her to be loose, but years of Polates and Kegels had made the muscles in her pelvic region almost crushingly powerful. She was just as tight as Holly and Alice, not because of youth and inexperience like them, but because she was inadvertently clamping down on him.

Isaac pushed his way through, gritting his teeth from the feel of Donna’s grip, and soon burying his cock all the way up inside her. Donna cried out as she felt the huge mass inside her. She had only used dildos since she had sworn off men, but those were nothing compared to the sensation Isaac was bringing her. And even though she had given birth three times, it had been so long since she had been properly fucked that it almost felt like she was losing her virginity all over again.

Grabbing her hips, Isaac pulled out two thirds of his length and then returned to her valley with a powerful shove, making Donna yelp in happiness. Biting his lip with a smile, Isaac began slamming into her with a growing rhythm, pulling his cock out almost all the way and then pummeling her cunt with it. With each thrust he made, she loosened up and made the next shove easier.

She lied back across the dryer, her neck bent with her head against the concrete wall behind it. Isaac moved his hands from her waist to her thighs, giving him a better hold and letting him increase his speed. With each thrust he made into her, her glorious tits jumped up and down, completely taking up Isaac’s focus. He had always wanted to see her breasts jiggle and bounce like that, it was almost as satisfying as the feeling of fucking her sweet milf cunt.

“Oh fuck me, Isaac! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she howled, squeezing her tits and soaking up the sexual stimulation like a sponge.

Isaac came to a stop and she looked at him in horror. “You have to call me ‘Master’, remember?”

“I’m sorry, Master! Please fuck me! Harder! Faster!”

Smiling, Isaac moved up to his maximum speed, brutalizing her pussy with the entirety of his manhood, making her cry out in jubilation. At that moment, inspiration hit him. He reached past Donna’s shoulder to the control panel of the dryer and started it up, with the wet towels still inside. At the same time, he lifted up the dryer just enough to let him kick out one of the cardboard pads protecting the base of the machine and the basement floor.

Now unbalanced with a spinning load inside, the dryer began to shake and rumble with almost unsettling power. The vibrations traveled all throughout Donna’s body, stimulating the nerves in her pussy in ways that not even Isaac’s cock could achieve. The combination of the subtle vibrations and powerful slams into her body broke her threshold. Once again, she had waves of orgasms, but no matter how much she moaned, Isaac never even slowed down.

Isaac had never had sex with an older woman, at least older than him by more than a couple years. With Donna, there was a whole new level of eroticism. There was certainly a unique kinkiness to it, similar to the taboo of fucking Alice, while also it’s opposite. It was hard to explain the difference in the sensations, it was like… fucking Alice was like eating raw cookie dough, fucking Holly was like eating the cookies fresh out of the oven, and fucking Donna was like eating the cookies after they cooled without having to make them himself.

Ok, that was a terrible metaphor, but Isaac couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. He had known this woman for years, he respected her, and now she was on her back with her legs spread, begging for his cock. For some reason, her being older than him actually made it feel like more of an accomplishment, like he had just bagged his biggest catch yet.

For Donna, it was a peculiar sensation as well. To feel the manhood of someone so much younger slamming her insides made her feel… degraded. It made her feel like she had lowered herself by letting Isaac use her this way, not due to her new role as his slave, but simply due to the difference in their ages. Here she was, a mature adult woman who had been married three times, had given birth to three children, and now was a grandmother, getting fucked like a cheap whore by a man nearly half her age, almost a child compared to her.

It was like Isaac had robbed her of what made her his superior and left her powerless and at the mercy of his desires, as if she were the queen of the building and Isaac had just dethroned her and taken over. But this humiliation excited her in a way she did not expect. She found herself loving the sensation of being subjugated, this embarrassing powerlessness that turned her mature and experienced body into nothing more than a sex toy at his disposal. It was like the fulfillment of some kind of rape-fantasy.

“Oh God, I can’t take anymore! Please, I need to rest!” she panted, feeling each orgasm draining her of her stamina.

“Not yet, you don’t get to quit until I blow my load!” Isaac growled, putting everything he had into his thrusts.

The brutal pounding continued on for more than a minute, with each miniature orgasm Donna experienced draining her stamina and leaving her struggling to keep up. While she had begged him to stop, the fact that he wasn’t showing her any mercy turned her on even more. At last, Isaac came to a dead stop before experiencing a full-body shudder and dumping a load of semen deep into Donna’s pussy. She could feel it being pumped inside her squirt by squirt, flooding her womb. She had forgotten how it felt to have someone ejaculate into her, how hot the seed felt as it dribbled out from her cunt.

Isaac staggered back, his cock semi-deflated and coated in a mixture of his sperm and Donna’s pussy juice. The dryer then came to a stop, having finished its cycle, and while both adults were panting, Donna started to laugh.

“It’s funny that we’re doing this here. I have a few sex toys up in my bedroom, but my favorite way to masturbate is to ride this dryer. I’ll put something heavy and uneven in, then sit on it and play with myself while the vibrations run through my whole body just like they were a minute ago.”

Isaac smiled. “So YOU’RE the one who caused the dryer to break! I just spent an hour fixing it. You need to make it up to me.”

“What do you want me to do, Master?” she asked coyly.

Isaac looked to the other side of the laundry room at the few washing machines that lined the far wall. Walking over, he sat up on the top of one of them. “Come over here and put your mouth to use.”

Maintaining her coyness, Donna stood up and began to walk over, but Isaac stopped her. “I want you to crawl like a proper slave,” he added, having so much fun that it should have been illegal.

At that order, Donna blushed in embarrassment. She had nothing against the subjective act of crawling for Isaac. Hell, the very idea turned her on. But at her age, gravity took over when she hung her body horizontally. Whenever she bent over in the shower to wash her legs, she couldn’t help but feel like her breasts had transformed into udders.

But she had agreed to become his slave and that meant she couldn’t disobey him. Hoping her breasts didn’t look half as bad as she thought she did, she got down on all fours and slowly crawled over to Isaac, trying not to scuff her nice high-heeled shoes.

All this time spent with slaves was turning Isaac into a bit of a sadist, because the embarrassment on Donna’s face as she crawled on her hands and knees and the knowledge that she was now his possession returned his erection before Donna could even touch it. Getting up on her knees, she wiped the dust off her hands and began stroking Isaac’s towering member, making her fingers and palm sticky with the drying semen. At this point, she was completely his and staring at his cock with pure lustful hunger.

She ran her tongue up the length of the shaft, not even tasting his cum but already telling herself it was delicious, and loving the sinful eroticism of licking Isaac’s cock. She repeated the broad lick, running her tongue up the pulsing shaft with her saliva dripping down onto his balls.

Manually stimulating him, she lowered her head and began sucking on his scrotum, using her tongue to play with his testicles like a cat playing with two balls of yarn. Much like Isaac had done with her breasts, she moved back and forth between his testicles, sucking on them adoringly while continuing to jack him off, never breaking eye contact.

Before long, she raised her head up and began to deep-throat Isaac, trying to cram as much of his cock in her mouth as possible and masochistically punishing the back of her throat with his head. Her technique was just like Holly’s, in which she would lather his cock messily with her saliva, mixing it with his cum into a frothy mess. She would gather it into her mouth and then pour it onto his cock, rub it with her hand as if to work it into the skin, and then slurp it back up and repeat. It seemed that even after all these years, she hadn’t forgotten her routine.

“That’s right, suck your Master’s cock good and hard. How about using those big, beautiful tits of yours?”

Smiling, Donna hefted her glorious rack of the Gods and clasped the flesh melons around his member, fulfilling Isaac’s greatest fantasy. Still lubed with cum and saliva, it slipped effortlessly between her tits, which Donna used to jack him off while using her tongue and lips on the head. Her skin was so soft and smooth, it was completely beyond description, and just the sight of those huge natural balloons completely enveloping his dick almost pushed him over the edge.

Donna could see his orgasm loading itself and responded with intensified enthusiasm, jacking him off furiously with her tits, trying to exert as much pressure and tightness as possible, while running her tongue through the slit at the tip of his cock. As expected, Isaac’s orgasm was signaled with a loud grunt, paired with thick white streams of semen plastering Donna’s face and the roof of her mouth. She tried to catch as much of it as she could in her mouth, not only knowing that Isaac expected her swallow it all, but actually craving it. She sat back, wiping the semen off her face and then licking her fingers clean.

About to do the same to her breasts, Isaac again stopped her. “I want to see you lick it off.”

“Yes, Master,” she giggled.

Slowly, teasingly, she lapped Isaac’s seed off the slopes of her breasts, holding them up to get a better reach. She gluttonously licked up every drop of semen, washing it around in her mouth. Even once she had licked herself clean, she continued playing with her breasts. Pulling them all the way up, she managed to get both of her nipples in her mouth, sucking on them and pulling on them even harder with her teeth. Even after ejaculating twice, the sight of Donna sucking on her nipples brought him back to a full erection.

“You’ve proven yourself to be a good slave, but you still need to be completely broken in. Get on all fours in the middle of the floor and spread your legs.”

Donna obeyed, getting into position in the middle of the floor. Behind her, Isaac got down and spread her ass cheeks, staring at her anus and semen-caked pussy.

“Well, well, well, it looks like someone got some bleaching done.”

“Alice told me that you enjoyed playing with her ass.”

“If you got your asshole bleached, that must mean you’re a trashy slut, and sluts like you need to be punished. Don’t move.”

He pulled his belt out of his discarded pants and stood up. Donna had a feeling of what he was going to do and was scared, but she was too horny to disobey him. Holding the metal buckle, Isaac swung his belt and lightly whipped Donna across the ass. She yelped in pain, feeling the hard leather bruise her lily-white skin.

“You need to be properly broken in if you’re going to be my slave,” Isaac joked, once again swinging his belt and whipping her wide ass, careful not to actually hurt her. All bravado and roll-playing aside, he was not a true sadist.

Donna cried out from the harsh strike, knowing that a long red welt was already stretching across her rear end. The pain of the strike was also euphoric in a sense. Isaac had already dominated and subjugated her body as his personal possession, now he was just rubbing it in and humiliating her. Yes, he was humiliating her, and she loved it. She wanted more abuse, she wanted her young Master to brutalize her body further.

“I have to make sure I whip the slut right out of you before you can really be my slave. Are you a dirty slut?” he asked, whipping her a third time.

“Yes, I’m a dirty slut! Punish me, Master! Beat my slutty ass!”

Happy to oblige, Isaac whipped her again and again, leaving numerous welts across her ass cheeks and marking her as his property. Every time his belt struck her tender flesh, Donna cried out in pain and joy, feeling a miniature orgasm quake within her. She had never imagined that she would like pain so much. It was a truly mind-twisting discovery. Or perhaps was her horniness just so intense that she welcomed anything even remotely sexual?

Isaac soon stopped and got down behind her, licking every square inch of her bruised milf ass. Overcome with lust, he spread her ass wide and inserted his tongue into her anus, making her shudder from the unusual sensation. A few girls had licked her there in the past, but never a man, and she had never felt it so aggressively done. Isaac was sodomizing her with his tongue, forcing it in all the way while slapping her ass and pussy, further beating her. He had wanted to tongue-fuck her glorious ass for years, and he still couldn’t believe his fantasy was coming true.

Knowing he had one last load to blow, Isaac stopped and reared back. Spitting on her asshole, he prepped his cock for penetration.

“Isaac, wait! I’ve never had anything in there but a few fingers!” Donna exclaimed.

“You’re supposed to call me MASTER!” said Isaac, grabbing her hips and forcing herself inside her.

Donna cried out like a cat with its tail stepped on, feeling a pain that gave her childbirth flashbacks. She instinctively jerked forward and collapsed, her body trying to get away from Isaac’s cock. He was upon her without mercy, slamming his body down on top of hers and forcing his cock inside her. She legitimately thought he was going to tear her open, she had no idea her anus could enclose such a painfully large mass. The fact that Isaac was actively pinning her down so that he could have his way with her increased the physical pain.

“My ass! Master, you’re raping my ass!”

For a moment, Isaac was concerned that he had gone too far, but then he realized that her calling him “Master” meant that she was simply stating a fact, but by no means objecting to it.

“You’re my slave, remember? Your entire body is my personal property and I can do whatever I want to it, including rape your ass,” he growled in her ear, playing along as he buried himself in to the base.

“You’re raping my ass!” she cried again.

Keeping her pinned, Isaac began thrusting into her with all of his strength, struggling to maneuver with such friction and tightness. One thing was for sure, Donna had been an anal virgin up until that point.

“You love it don’t you?” he asked, managing to ease his strokes.

“Yes! I love it!” she cried with tears streaming down her face.

“Beg for it!”

“Master, please rape me in the ass! I love getting my ass raped by your cock!”

With that, Isaac raised himself with his arms as if doing push-ups and began doing slow but deep strokes, barreling into Donna so deeply that even her gag reflex seemed to feel it. Every time he entered her, Donna shed tears of both pleasure and pain, experiencing indescribable masochistic joy at the forced sodomy. Being pinned down, her face pressed against the cold concrete floor, her ass being impaled without any hint of mercy, it was driving her so wild that she couldn’t think straight by any means.

But the position that often worked well in bed was proving unsatisfactory for Isaac on the cold hard ground. He was having a hard time getting the angles for penetration right. Deciding he needed to adjust, he momentarily stopped and threaded his belt through the metal buckle, then looped it around Donna’s throat into a makeshift leash. He then sat up on his knees, pulling Donna with him and never removing his cock from her asshole.

As she struggled to hold herself up on all fours, he resumed his thrusts, now able to move with more speed and power. He kept a continuous pull on the leash, leaving Donna gasping for air and unable to release the slightest noise as he butt-fucked her with almost sadistic brutality. He even reached around with his free hand and squeezed one of her tits with painful strength, making Donna cry out in pain. While he strangled it in his grip, its twin continued to bounce and swing like a chandelier.

It almost became a game with him, to see how much he could make her ass jiggle. Every time he slammed into her or pulled her back against his cock, it was like a tsunami of flesh would jiggle down to her thighs and up to her back, a record for him to beat.

But even after changing positions, he was still not comfortable. As a contractor, he had spent a lot of time working on his knees, but he had been spoiled by kneepads, and this concrete floor wasn’t very forgiving. Giving up his tight squeeze of Donna’s breast and his hold of the leash, he stood up and pushed her head down, redirecting her ass upwards. Now on his feet, he began driving straight down into her with his full body weight, piercing her asshole at a much steeper angle and making her scream continuously. At any moment, her asshole was just going to tear, she knew it, but the pain felt SOOOOOO good.

“Oh God! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!” she hollered with liquid arousal and semen trickling from her pussy with the tsunami-like waves of pleasure rushing through her body.

At the same time, Isaac had his final orgasm, emptying every last sperm he had into her rectal cavity. His stamina completely drained, he pulled out of her, yet her ass maintained an impressive gape. With her pussy, ass, and mouth having all served as Isaac’s sperm dumpster, Donna fell on her side and rolled onto her back, panting as heavily as Isaac.

Surprising her, he leaned down and very lovingly and tenderly kissed her out of the blue. “Welcome to the family.”

Chapter Eight

Having blown his load and acquired a new slave, Isaac decided to take another crack at his project. He found his luck suddenly on the upbeat with everything coming together perfectly and his tools working without the slightest issue. Not to mention he got Donna to give him a few special “parts” for his machine. He managed to complete it before the end of the day and was eager to show it to Holly and Alice, but formed a devious idea as he looked at his finished creation.

“Sorry girls, no sex tonight,” Isaac said with Holly and Alice stripping down and slithering in his lap on the couch.

Looks of horror crossed their faces like drug addicts hearing that their dealer was out of merchandise. Actually, they could legitimately be called addicts with Isaac as their dealer. Sex slaves without sex left them with nothing to do.

“But Master!” Holly whined.

Chuckling, Isaac wrapped his arms around his naked slaves and held them close. “Sorry girls, but I want to rest up tonight. You two can still play with each other, but I want to save my stamina and reserves for tomorrow.”

“What’s happening tomorrow?” asked Alice.

“I have a surprise for you girls, or two surprises to be more exact. But I need time to prepare it and it would be best if you two were out of the building. Holly, do you have work tomorrow?”

“Yes, I have the morning shift, from 6:00 am to noon.”

“All right, you can take my truck. And Alice, tomorrow at say… 11:00, you head down and have lunch at the diner. Just hang out with Holly for an hour. Then by the time you come back, your presents will be all set up and you can play with them to your hearts content.”

“What kind of presents are they?” Holly asked giddily.

“Let’s just say that there is a reason why I want to save myself for tomorrow. Get ready to have some of the best sex of your lives.”

It was a long night after that announcement, as the girls were pretty much bouncing off the walls at the thought of getting special gifts. Holly’s childishness never ceased to make Isaac laugh. She was like a little kid on Christmas Eve, and even on Isaac’s orders, she couldn’t stop begging him to spill the secret.

She started bargaining with him on things she would do for him if he told her, but he always deflated her attempts by reminding her that she normally did those things for him, would be overjoyed to do those things for him, or would probably even enjoy those things more than him. Her hyperactivity even spread to Alice, turning the normally quiet little kitten into a happy gas molecule.

It certainly didn’t help that Isaac had told them he wouldn’t have sex with them. In order to give them a way to vent their energy, he finally tossed them onto his bed and told them to have at it with each other. He made it an order and told them he would even watch while they did it, just for that extra incentive. Two hours later, he was wondering if the girls had been drinking Red Bull by the liter. It was Alice’s turn to use the strap-on, and he was using it to skull-fuck Holly with nothing short of fanatic brutality.

Jesus, they had better settle down before someone ends up needing a trip to the dentist, Isaac thought, watching as the dildo slid back and forth between Holly’s lips over and over again.

Just as planned, Alice left the apartment building before 11:00, heading down to the diner where Holly worked. With the two girls gone, Isaac got everything ready, eagerly waiting for two of his three slaves to return home. Back at the diner, Holly and Alice could barely think straight. Holly was eyeing the clock more often than usual and Alice could barely focus on eating. Isaac had promised them some of the best sex of their lives, and the only thing separating them from cumming over and over again were some ticks of the clock.

Finally, Holly’s shift ended, and the two girls wordlessly sprinted out to the parking lot and into Isaac’s truck. They screeched out of the lot and into the street with Holly trying to contain herself and keep her hands steady. The short drive to the apartment felt like the journey from the Lord of the Rings, but the girls soon returned home and sprinted through the apartment building, too impatient to use the elevator and simply zooming up the stairs.

They reached Isaac’s apartment, hearing a peculiar hum reach them as Holly worked her key into the lock. It was low and continuous, some kind of mechanical drone. They flung the door open, stripped off their clothes, and ran to the bedroom, feeling their jaws drop at the sight before them.

Isaac’s project was on the floor at the foot of the bed, about the size of a beer keg. It had an aluminum skeleton frame made from bicycles with top lined with the seat cushions of a junked car. Inside was the motor from the broken power sander, turning a gear with a riveted arm attached. The arm had a secondary joint, turning the rotational movement of the arm into a linear movement, and converting it into a piston. It came with a second gear with a second addable piston.

Bolted to the arm of the piston was a dildo that moved through an opening in the top, the same with the second optional piston, and secured to the front in an upright position was a wall-powered vibrator with a rubber head just slightly smaller than a tennis ball, one of the tools Holly used to train Alice.

Riding the device was Donna with the dildo moving back and forth in her anus at almost painful speeds and the vibrator bringing a very slow yet continuous flow of liquid arousal from her slit. In her mouth was a gag and her wrists were bound with the rope tied to the back of the machine. She was wearing a full-body fishnet suit and had clothespins on her erect nipples.

She had been like this for the past ten minutes, unable to move at all with her asshole being brutalized by the piston and the vibrator teasing her relentlessly into having orgasm after orgasm. Isaac was watching her from his bed, a smile on his face and his erection in hand. Of course he had monitored her carefully to make sure she was never injured, as well as stopping the piston to apply fresh lubricant.

Holly and Alice moved slowly through the room, their eyes never leaving Donna’s naked body. They had never before seen her like this, never even imagined it. Her lips, chin, and chest were wet and sticky with saliva, and the sea of orgasms she had been forced to endure had almost soaked the contraption. Her breasts were pink and swollen from the clothespins, and jiggled endlessly as she was sodomized. The fishnet suit seemed to give her body added definition, showing off her big breasts and wide ass, while complimenting her taut, flat stomach. Around her neck was a dog collar, with her name engraved on the tag.

“What do you think, girls? Yesterday, Donna asked me to make her my slave. Of course I accepted and now she’s just like the two of you. Now the four of us are one big happy family.”

“This is awesome! Now I have an older sister! Master, may I?” Holly asked ecstatically.

“Go right ahead.”

Eagerly climbing up onto the bed, Holly faced Donna and began running her hands up the mature woman’s naked body. After removing the clothespins on Donna’s nipples, she closed her hands around her fellow slave’s breasts, barely able to contain the great masses in her hands but squeezing them with the smile of a child seeing their birthday cake. Like Isaac, she had fantasized about Donna’s fucktastic body since meeting her, and finally she could act out these fantasies. Leaning forward, she mashed Donna’s tits against her face, purring and grinning from the sensation of the huge fleshy pillows smothering her.

While Holly couldn’t be happier, Alice seemed uncomfortable. Seeing Donna in such a position, the woman she admired and respected, even loved almost like a parent, she couldn’t help but think less of her for it and for herself, for being put in the same position time and time again. But looking over, Donna made eye contact with Alice. She couldn’t smile with the ball gag in her mouth, but Alice could see her trying, and she certainly saw the wink Donna sent to her, as if to say “don’t worry, let’s just have fun”.

“Alice, come here,” Isaac said, sensing her unease.

Already feeling better from the nonverbal message Donna had sent her, she climbed up onto the bed and snuggled up against him. To Donna, the young girl had never looked cuter and more content.

“Relax, she’s part of the family now, and I’m going to take care of the three of you forever. Now, how about you show her some of the things you’ve learned?”

Smiling, Alice leaned over and took Isaac’s cock in her mouth. After all the time he had spent watching Donna, the wet touch of Alice’s tongue drew a continuous drip of precum from Isaac, every molecule of which she lovingly sucked up. She moved her tongue back and forth across the shaft, stroking it as she did so. Thoroughly wetting it, she began moving the head in her mouth, scrubbing it with every soft corner while continuing to manually stimulate him.

The whole time, it wasn’t Isaac that Alice was making eye contact with, but Donna. While Holly was nuzzling the mature woman’s bodacious breasts, Donna and Alice stared into each other’s eyes. Alice was seeing the kinky side to Donna she had never imagined, and Donna was seeing how far Alice had matured since she met her. Alice was far more daring, taking so much of Isaac’s length in her throat that she almost threw up and juggling Isaac’s balls with her fingers.

“All right, Donna, are you ready to get off that thing?” Isaac asked, petting Alice’s head like a cat in his lap. Donna nodded.

“Holly, would you please?”

Holly kindly untied Donna’s wrists and removed the ball gag from her mouth, letting her dismount Isaac’s machine.

“So how did you like that?”

“Oh, I love that! I wish I had that thing twenty years ago!” Donna laughed as she stood up and stretched.

“Donna, how about you and Alice ‘reacquaint’ yourselves? Holly, come show your Master some affection.”

Holly came over to her Master’s side, sitting with him by the headboard. As she had time and time again, she settled herself down on Isaac’s lap and let their points of intimacy connect. As his manhood kissed the entrance to her womb, Holly gained a very tender smile, wrapping her arms around her Master’s neck and pressing her forehead against his, letting their eyes project their love to each other. No matter how many girls he got, she would always be his first slave, and perhaps even his most precious.

Holly started riding Isaac’s cock and slipping her tongue around his. Nearby Donna and Alice sat next to each at the foot of the bed, nervousness replacing the confidence from earlier. Together, they looked like opposite ends of the figure spectrum.

“It’s weird to be doing this with you,” Alice said, unable to look Donna in the eye.

“I know what you mean, but we both knew what we were getting into when we decided to be slaves.”

“I know, but I’ve always thought of you… almost as like my… Plus with you AND Holly, what interest would Master have in a kid like me?”

Donna smiled and pulled her close, the young girl’s head pressed against the side of her right breast. Even with the full fishnet suit wrapped around Donna’s body, Alice could clearly feel the warmth and softness of her skin. She felt so… hot.

“Alice, if there is one thing I’ve learned since becoming a slave, it’s that it’s not the kind of thing a kid could do. I’ve finally realized that you’ve become a woman, and now it’s time for you to realize it as well. No matter how small you may be, you’re a woman, just like Holly and I. When we wear these collars, the three of us are equals. Now I love you and you love me, so let’s just enjoy ourselves.”

Alice smiled. “Sure!”

Donna then leaned down and began to kiss Alice, with Alice returning the sensual contact without hesitation. Wrapping their arms around each other, the two girls lied down on their sides, their lips wetting with their mixed saliva as they licked the inside of each other’s mouths. Reaching down, Alice tentatively touched Donna’s wet pussy, finding a small gap in the fishnet suit for easy access. She ran her fingers up the glistening pink lips, unable to believe she was touching the woman in such a way, but highly aroused by it. She slipped her fingers into Donna, making her suddenly raise her head and moan.

“Wow, you’re sensitive,” Alice hummed with her face buried in Donna’s glorious cleavage.

“After all that time I spent sitting on that thing with the vibrator buzzing, you bet I’m sensitive. But I wonder how sensitive YOU are…” Donna purred, reaching down and running her fingers along Alice’s tiny slit.

For Alice, the experience was almost as unnerving as when Holly touched her for the first time. For Donna to reach out and make such an intimate contact with her… it was almost like a certain trust had been broken but a new one was made in its place. Alice resumed stirring Donna’s honeypot and Donna did the same, fingering the small girl with the two of them moaning softly with each internal flick and swirl. Beside them, Holly cried out as she achieved her first hair-trigger orgasm, collapsing onto Isaac with her excitement soaking his lap. Isaac laid her down beside him, letting her catch her breath.

“Alice, it’s your turn. And Donna, come give me a taste.”

“Yes, Master!” they both said lovingly.

Isaac lied down flat on the bed and the two girls crawled over to him. Alice plugged Isaac’s manhood into her tiny pussy, taking in as much of it as possible as she settled on his lap. At the same time, Donna was sitting on Isaac’s face, purring and jiggling her ass as he ate her out. Wanting to impress Donna, Alice began riding on Isaac like a rodeo bull, lifting her scrawny body up and down on his cock and whimpering softly from the fullness in her pelvic region.

Giggling, Donna leaned over and licked Alice’s flat breasts, never able to get in sync enough to actually suck on her nipples but thoroughly painting them with her tongue. While this was going on, Isaac was struggling to breath. Donna’s big, glorious ass was completely smothering him and he only got access to air when she gyrated her hips, but he loved every second of it, just as much as he loved the feel of Alice’s pussy sucking on his cock.

A couple soft slaps to Donna’s thigh told her that Isaac wanted to switch, and as soon as she raised herself off him, she could hear him gasping for air. Sitting up, he leaned forward and kissed Alice, then lifted her off his lap. As if reading his mind, the girls got into position for Isaac to fuck Donna. The mature woman lied down with her legs spread and her glistening pussy on display. Holly and Alice were curled up against her on her sides, each of them sucking on one her nipples while feeling each other’s naked bodies. Suspending himself over the three of them, Isaac took a few moments to make out with Donna, then forced his cock inside of her without even needing his hands.

She cried out with the rough penetration, having not been spared a single shred of hesitation. Holding himself up with his arms, Isaac fucked her like a dog humping a pillow, forcing his pulsing manhood deep into her pussy. All the while, Holly and Alice continued to suck on her nipples, pulling on them with their lips and teeth to tease her while pinching their own.

Feeling Isaac’s cock punishing her slit while the two girls played with her breasts triggered another orgasm in Donna, the first one since she got off Isaac’s machine. At the same time, Isaac had his first orgasm, flooding her womb with his seed until it overflowed.

Eagerly, Holly and Alice zoomed down to between Donna’s legs, both licking her pussy. Each girl tasted one of her soft pink lips with their tongue, slurping up every drop of their Master’s seed that gingerly dripped from the opening.

With Holly and Alice mooning Isaac, he smiled and began stroking their pussies with his hands, while working his thumbs in and out of their assholes. The four of them stayed like this for over a minute, with Holly and Alice desperately fighting for every droplet of semen leaking from Donna’s cunt, all while Isaac toyed with them from behind.

Finally, Holly turned around and began sucking Isaac off, looking up into his eyes with a coy expression. Normally she would have started blowing him as soon as he pulled out of Donna, but in this situation, she was like a dog surrounded by bouncing tennis balls with no idea which one to go after first. After sucking on Isaac until he had regained his erection, she stroked him with her hand, rubbing his dick against her lips and cheeks.

“I love the taste of other women on you.”

Isaac chuckled. “Most women would feel the opposite.”

“Most women don’t know the joys of being your slave. When I taste another woman, I feel proud of you, because I know that my Master is successful as a man. As long as you always let me lick you clean, I feel nothing but joy to watch you be intimate with another woman.”

Isaac reached out and cupped her cheek. “There really is nobody on this earth like you, you’re in a league all your own,” he said lovingly. “Ok, who would like a turn on the machine?” he then asked.

“I would!” Alice quickly shouted before Holly could raise her hand.

“All right, I’ll help you get set up.”

Isaac and Alice got off the bed and Alice climbed up onto the machine, nervous but smiling.

“Ok, do you want the vibrator or double-penetration?”

“I’ll just stick with what Donna did.”

“All right then, just sit down on here…” Isaac said, taking a moment to rub some lubricant on the rear dildo from a bottle on the nearby dresser. Alice shuddered as she sat down on the dildo, letting the rubber toy sodomize her. To think that Donna had been in this very same position just minutes ago…

“And of course, it’s no fun without something to hold you still,” Isaac said with a chuckle as he tied her hands to the back and then securing the ball gag in her mouth.

With the dildo inside her asshole and the vibrator pressed against the entrance to her pussy, Isaac activated the two devices. He had adjusted the rivet’s location on the wheel, bringing it closer to the center so that it would move back and forth with less distance, lowering the chances of any injury to Alice’s rectal cavity. Upon the activation of the two machines, Alice’s muffled screams of masochistic joy flooded the apartment, as her pussy was vibrated like the hands of a jackhammer operator and her asshole was violated with the quick and steady strokes of the dildo.

Isaac then turned to Holly and Donna. “Before I rejoin you two, I want to see just how compatible you are. I want you to put on a show for me. Be as rough as you want with each other.”

Donna smiled at the order. Holly was a gorgeous young woman with a delectable body. When Donna had sworn of men and tried dating women she didn’t find lesbian sex to be her forte, but that certainly didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy it. Plus she probably had more experience than Holly had when it came to having sex with other women so—

Her thoughts were silenced as Holly pounced on her, a ravenous look in her eye. She forced herself between the mature woman’s legs and pinned her wrists back. Giggling to herself, Holly began aggressively kissing Donna, forcing herself into the woman’s mouth with her slippery tongue. At the same time, she jostled her breasts against Donna’s, moving in just right way to make their nipples kiss each other. Holly’s young but large breasts pointed down, her nipples brushing against the mountain summits of Donna’s breasts. Wow, she had no idea Holly was so aggressive!

Releasing one of her wrists, Holly reached down and began working her fingers in Donna’s pussy, moving the digits like eels while never pulling her tongue from Donna’s mouth. When it came to fingering, Holly’s skill was truly unparalleled. Just as she had with Alice, Donna reached down and under Holly and began fingering her the same way, trying to keep up. The backs of their hands touched over and over again as they fought, trying to prove their superior skill when it came to invoking orgasms.

Donna broke first, screaming as droplets of liquid arousal splashed out from between Holly’s fingers. However, Holly didn’t stop. She merely pulled her lips from Donna’s and instead wrapped them around her right areola, sucking on it hungrily. At the same time, she continued fingering Donna, now at frantic speed, using the first orgasm to keep her defenses down and trigger countless others. Alice and Isaac merely watched, observing their intimacy as if it were a sporting event. Isaac had never seen Holly in such a ravenous state. It seemed that she really did have a strong fetish for stacked women.

At last, Donna managed to trigger an orgasm in Holly, and without missing a beat, Holly leaned back and squirted all over her fellow slave, soaking her body with her excitement. Now wanting payback, Donna took advantage of the exhausted girl and got on top of her in the 69 position. She ground her pussy down on Holly’s face while licking the former’s gate of paradise. Both women moaned as they licked each other clean, their bodies extra sensitive after their orgasms. Like Isaac, Holly loved the feel of Donna’s wide ass on her face and was spanking her as she was straddled.

At the same time, Donna was essentially drinking up the remaining fluid from Holly’s orgasm, trying to cause another one as soon as possible and prove that she could keep up with and outlast the young nymphomaniac.

From above them, Alice watched with a hungry expression, overwhelmed with both the show before her and the violent sexual pleasure she was enduring with the machine. She watched Donna rub her pussy against Holly’s face, her large vanilla ass cheeks rippling from the slightest movement, held within her full-body fishnet suit. Donna’s asshole was completely exposed, begging to be penetrated by Alice’s tongue, but being bound to the machine beneath her, she would have to wait for the opportunity.

Being the one on top and so close to the headboard, Donna reached out to Isaac’s nightstand, where she had left one of the sex toys she had brought with her: a vibrating dildo. She got off Holly and turned it on, then lied down beside the young woman.

“You’re going to enjoy this.”

“A few of my sisters had those, I loved using them,” Holly said before the toy was inserted into her.

Holly gave a deep whine of euphoria has the synthetic vibrating phallus entered her, sending waves of buzzing pleasure through her pelvic region. Upon its insertion, Donna pulled it out and began working in inside her as hard and fast as she could, trying to pay Holly back for the aggression shown to her. At the same time, she started sucking on Holly’s left breast, her mouth wide open as if she were trying to actually consume it.

Holly had her legs spread, letting Donna violently fuck her with the dildo. It seemed like almost every time the toy was crammed inside her, she would release a small orgasmic jet. She was moaning at the top of her lungs, unable to contain herself when faced with such overwhelming pleasure.

After a few minutes, Donna had to stop. Her wrist was starting to hurt. Oh, please let this not be the first signs of arthritis…

As soon as she put the vibrator down, Holly snatched it and got out from under Donna. Getting behind her, she pushed the dildo into Donna’s pussy, the toy still wet with Holly’s own juices. Donna moaned from the sudden insertion and the rapid thrusts inward that immediately followed.

The vibrator being forced in and out pushed aside her tiredness, and suddenly, when Holly stopped, she knew that she couldn’t let the pleasure end. Raising herself up onto her knees and elbows, she began rocking back and forth against the dildo, fucking herself with it as if to simulate being in the doggy-style position.

Looking up, she stared into Alice’s eyes and felt a glimmer of shame. How strange, that after everything they had done so far today, she would be ashamed to let Alice see in her in this desperate perverted state, fucking herself with a vibrator held by a girl less than half her age.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” Donna screamed, suddenly coming to a stop with her whole body rigid.

She fell on her side, panting and exhausted, but Holly wasn’t ready to let her quit. Lifting up Donna’s leg, she got between her thighs and began rubbing her pussy against Donna’s. The peculiar touch revitalized her, as never before had she done something like this, even when she dated women.

Holly began thrusting against her, grinding her slit against Donna’s and forcing the two sets of lips to make out. Donna could feel it, the hot softness of Holly’s pussy against their own, and the concoction of their essences forming as their juices mixed. She was too tired to move, so she simply lay there while Holly sat on her lap sideways, forcefully scissoring her.

Finally, when Donna seemed to have regained some of her strength, Holly dropped down and lay beside her. She retrieved the vibrator and held it between their pussies, shaking at full power. They stayed there, their unclothed bodies intertwined, the vibrator buzzing between their slits, their large full breasts pressed together, and their lips joined with strings of saliva stretching every time they separated with their tongues swirling. It was actually rather beautiful, and it continued on until both women shared a simultaneous orgasm.

“Ok, girls, you’ve proven to me that you can work well together. Holly, how would you like a turn on the machine?” asked Isaac.

Holly grinned. “Can I? Can I please?!”

“Of course. Alice, are you ready to come down?”

Having endured almost a dozen orgasms from the anal pounding she had received and the buzzing of the vibrator against her clit, Alice looked like she was struggling to stay conscious. She nodded and Isaac turned off the machine and the vibrator. Removing her gag and untying her wrists, he caught her as she fell into his arms and gently laid her out on the bed. He turned back to the machine and smiled as the sight of Holly licking the dildo clean.

“Master, can I use this second part too?” she asked, seeing the unused dildo on the retracted piston.

“Ah, I figured you would want the double-penetration. Sure, baby, just hold on and I’ll get it ready.”

While Donna and Alice recovered, Isaac adjusted the machine, setting the second gear against the first and interlocking the teeth. With the second gear set up, he raised the additional piston through the opening in the seat, towards the front, with the attached dildo ready for use. After removing the vibrator and securing everything, he had Holly sit down and penetrated her with the two dildos.

She was as excited as could be, barely able to hold still as Isaac tied her wrists back and put clothespins on her nipples for good measure. After securing the ball gag in her mouth, he kissed her on the nose and activated the machine, slowly turning up the speed.

The electric motor began to spin the two gears, causing the dildos to move back and forth in perfect sync, one always rising while the other one dropped. As they moved, Holly’s eyes rolled back and she gave into pure masochistic joy. True, Isaac had been cautious in raising and setting the speed, but there was almost no warning or buildup for Holly.

In a single moment, both dildos were moving in her, one being forced in as the other was pulled out. To not only be gagged and tied with clothespins on her nipples, but to also be double-teamed by the machine her Master had built made her so happy that she wanted to cry.

Feeling the two dildos heartlessly ramming her pussy and asshole made her feel so kinky and dirty, somehow both slutty and loyal to only her Master. He watched her with a smile, and to be watched by her Master as the machine brutalized made her hope that Isaac liked what he was seeing. All she wanted was for him to be happy, and of course for kinky fun like this.

With Holly off in her own world, Isaac turned to Alice and Donna, both having regained a fair portion of their energy and stamina. Isaac sat back against the headboard.

“Alice, come over here and give me a kiss. And Donna, I bet Alice is a little sore from riding that thing for so long. How about you make her feel better with your tongue?”

A tired smile on her face, Alice crawled over to him and kneeled on all fours in his lap. As they began to kiss, Donna spread Alice’s ass cheeks, staring at her prominent gape. The machine had really done a number on her, but Isaac had always made sure that she was never harmed. Plus, it was clear that her cute little ass had gone through a lot of training since becoming Isaac’s slave.

Too horny to feel any awkwardness, Donna didn’t hesitate to lower her head and start flicking her tongue in Alice’s back door, making the young girl coo and shudder in bliss. After the anal pounding she had received, to feel Donna’s soft wet tongue gently caress her asshole was heavenly. While Isaac kissed her, he ran his hands across her delicate, underdeveloped body, loving the way she shivered when his rough skin rubbed against her soft flesh.

After a few minutes, Isaac picked Alice up and laid her on her back, her legs spread and her head in Donna’s lap. Taking some time to let his tongue sample her naked body, he hefted his manhood and entered her pussy, making her whimper. After being subjected to the buzzing of the vibrator, her pussy was so sensitive that it felt like it would crumble like tissue paper.

Donna held Alice’s hands as Isaac began to thrust into her, leaning forward on his hands and swinging his lower body to delve deep into her womanly valley. He always loved the look on her face when he fucked her and the sounds she would release; that look of pleasure and pain and the tiny yelps and whimpers. She would blush and get teary-eyed, as if about to cry, but as soon as he would slow down, she would beg him to fuck her harder. Deciding to tease her, he came to a complete stop.

“Master, what are you doing?”

“You know I love it when you beg.”

“Please keep fucking my pussy with your big cock!” she whined, squeezing Donna’s hands.

Isaac kissed her on the forehead and then obliged, resuming his pumps but twice as fast, making her cry out in painful joy. She had been fucked a hundred times, but it always felt like Isaac would split her open at any moment. He continued his thrusts for another five minutes before ejaculating into Alice’s pussy.

Still hard, he pulled out of her, lifted her hips, and forced himself straight into her asshole. The sudden rough penetration made the small girl yelp, and it took a couple seconds for her masochistic instinct to convert the feeling of pain into the awareness of pleasure.

Isaac raised her hips, basically holding her up in the air as he fucked her in the asshole like the machine she had just been riding. Her soft whimpers of pleasure and pain were music to his ears as he watched her underdeveloped body shudder and writhe against the anal pounding received from his cock.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she screamed as hot convulsions rolled through every inch of her fragile form.

Once she calmed down, Isaac pulled out of her and leaned back, his erection pointing at Donna. “Donna, could you clean me off, please?”

“I would be happy to, Master,” she giggled.

Leaning over Alice, she began licking Isaac’s cock clean of the young girl’s aroma, able to taste both her pussy and asshole on his manhood, as well as the salty gleam of his semen. It was peculiar feeling, to be sucking him off just after he had fucked the young girl beneath her. It was almost a form of intimacy between the two women that went beyond simply eating each other out.

Once Donna was finished, Isaac continued fucking Alice. Having been cleaned by Donna’s mouth, he decided to go with Alice’s pussy, once again slamming into the small pink lips between her legs and making her cry out. Getting down into the missionary position, he thrust into Alice over and over again while holding her tightly in his embrace. With each ram against her petite body, Alice moaned and dug her fingers into Isaac’s back. Without needing to be told, Donna took advantage of Isaac’s position and spread her legs for him, letting him lick every corner of her sweet milf pussy.

After a few more minutes, Isaac pulled out and leaned back, panting heavily but with his phallus still standing proud. A coy smile on her face, Donna crawled over and sucked him clean just as she had before, licking off every delicious droplet of Alice’s pussy juice.

While Alice rested, Donna turned around and moved in close to Isaac, slipping her legs under his so that they wouldn’t be in the way. Raising her ass, she grasped Isaac’s cock and let it enter her pussy. Without him even having to move, she rocked back and forth, slamming herself against Isaac’s lap and impaling herself with his cock.

Happy as could be, Isaac merely sat back against the headboard and enjoyed the show. Every time Donna rocked back onto his cock, her fat ass would clap against his lap and ripples would jiggle through it like two melon-sized mountains of jello, and her brown eye would stare up at him, just begging for abuse.

Not to mention the sight of Holly, getting double-teamed by the machine beneath her, having enjoyed orgasm after orgasm with the puddle beneath her attesting to her joy. Her nipples were swollen from the bite of the clothespins and she had drool down her chin and chest from the ball gag in her mouth, but there was an insatiable look of lust on her gorgeous face.

Loving the sensation of Donna’s pussy soaking his cock and lathering it with her hot interior, Isaac decided that he had to take it further. Simply wanting to tease Donna, he retrieved the vibrator she had used earlier on Holly and inserted it into her asshole, proceeding to crank it to pull power. The feel of the toy vibrating in her rectum robbed Donna of her strength and overwhelmed her with sexual pleasure, forcing Isaac to once again take control. Grabbing her thighs, he began bucking his hips forward and fucking her while still lying back, using Donna almost as an anchor to pull himself against her and ram her from behind.

Soon regaining his full strength, he got up on his knees and resumed fucking Donna, this time in the doggy style position.

“Oh God, yes! That feels so good! Fuck me, Master! Fuck my slutty pussy harder!”

In reply, Isaac removed the vibrator from her asshole and forced it into her mouth. While she sucked on it, he forced her head down against the mattress and raised one leg, putting everything he had into his thrusts. He kept her pinned down like that, her face pressed against the sheets while he fucked her as hard as he could, almost painfully so. After a few minutes, Isaac grunted as he had another orgasm, once again flooding Donna’s womb with his seed and causing the woman to have an orgasm of her own.

But while his cock was left deflated, the rest of his body was still full of energy. Grabbing Donna, he hoisted her up and again lied on his back, now with Donna on top of him and Isaac holding her legs spread. By the time he had gotten everything right, he had regained his firmness and was ready to resume.

With Donna’s feet on his knees, he lifted her up to give him some room to maneuver and began thrusting upwards. Alice and Holly watched in awe, completely amazed that Isaac had such strength to both lift her up and raise his body to fuck her. Sure, he had done this same position with both girls plenty of time, but Donna definitely outweighed them, no matter how much she worked out.

Donna was reaching back and clinging to the headboard for dear life, having never experienced this kind of sex position. She had only seen it in porn but she never thought she would get to try it out for herself. She couldn’t believe how hard Isaac was able to keep his strokes, it as was if he was trying to mirror the machine under Holly and turn his body into a piston.

But soon, Isaac’s strength gave out, and he had to take a rest. He pulled out of Donna, his cock sticky with his semen while the thick white syrup dripped from Donna’s pussy.

“Alice, if you would please?”

Alice eagerly yet gingerly leaned forward and began to lick Isaac’s cock, her bobbing up and down as she gently sucked him clean of semen and pussy juice.

“Ok, Alice, now guide me in. You know where.”

“Yes. Master.”

Taking a moment to stroke out any hints of softness, she grasped his dick and helped him insert it into Donna’s anus. As he lowered the woman down onto it, she shivered in ecstasy. He raised her legs higher, with her feet no longer on his knees. He had to get her at just the right angle in order to sodomize her from this position. Achieving just the right position, Isaac resumed his powerful thrusts, fucking Donna’s asshole from below just like the machine she had been riding not too long ago.

Alice watched closely, her face less than a foot from Donna’s pussy. She stared at the two of them, at Isaac’s manhood as it shoved its way into Donna’s gaping anus, at the sweat clinging to their bodies and mixing with their bodily fluids, and semen dripping from her pussy.

Seeing her Master’s seed, Alice was overcome with lustful hunger and darted her head forward, going down on Donna like her life depended on it. She aggressively penetrated Donna and bullied her pussy with her tongue, drinking up her Master’s sperm out of Donna like her pussy was a wineglass.

She looked up, staring into Donna’s eyes with her mouth completely invisible against the bruised lips of the woman’s pussy, her tongue hard at work inside her. Donna couldn’t look away; she loved this new side to Alice, loved seeing how much she had grown. Her words had come true; with those collars around their necks, they had become equals.

With Isaac butt-fucking her from below and Alice sucking on her pussy in an attempt to siphon out every last drop of sperm, Donna’s will broke and she succumbed to orgasm after orgasm. As she moaned in happiness, Isaac pulled out of her and Alice sucked him off, savoring the taste of Donna’s ass. But just when Isaac was about to ask her to guide him into Donna’s pussy, Alice squeezed onto Isaac’s lap, getting between him and Donna.

Holding onto Donna, Alice began grinding against the shaft of Isaac’s cock, sandwiching it between her pussy and Donna’s. Taking the hint, Donna bit her lip with a smile and began to gyrate her hips, rubbing up against her Master’s phallus with the lips of her pussy kissing it again and again.

The feel of two soft cunts stroking his manhood was too much for Isaac to bear and he ejaculated after less than a minute, splattering drops of semen across their bellies. The two women dismounted their Master and took turns cleaning each other off with their tongues while Isaac tried to catch his breath and collect himself.

He had one last load in him and just enough stamina for a few more minutes of fucking. Standing up, he walked over to Holly and turned off the machine beneath her, then caught her as her limp body fell into his arms upon the untying of her bonds. Smiling to himself, he removed the gag from her mouth and the clothespins from her nipples.

“So how did you like that?” he asked, sitting on the bed and carrying her in the princess hold.

“That was heaven,” she murmured tiredly.

“Ok, girls, all of you lie down on your backs with your heads hanging off the bed.”

They all did as told, lying down across the bed horizontally on their backs, with their long hair brushing against the floor. Isaac started at the end of the line with Alice. Knowing what her Master wanted, she opened her mouth and let Isaac slide in his cock. Lying in this position, her mouth and throat were now perfectly in line, creating one straight channel for him to fuck. Leaning over with his hands on the bed at her sides, he began to move his body slowly in a back and forth rhythm, moving his penis in her throat.

He could feel every bump and ridge along the rout of her mouth, the inevitable small brushes her teeth made when she tried to accommodate him, and the full-body convulsions that ran through her when he went in all the way, choking her with his cock while his balls lay draped across her pretty face.

He soon gained confidence and picked up speed, skull-fucking his thirteen-year-old sex slave like she was a blowup doll. Alice relished the rough treatment at her Master’s hand, the way he defiled her as he had done time and time again.

But the back of her throat wasn’t used to this kind of pounding. With each full-length insertion, her gag reflex would be taunted, causing a deep shiver from head to toe and making her mouth water to the point where she couldn’t hold it in and drool ran down across her face. She was certain she wasn’t vomiting, but she knew it would happen if Isaac made the wrong move.

Acting spontaneously, Isaac pulled out of Alice and looked at her, watching the thick foamy mixture of saliva and semen run down her face as she panted like a marathon runner. After giving her a few seconds to catch her breath, he smeared his cock across her face and then had her suck on his balls. She pulled on them hungrily with her lips, trying to envelope both testicles into her mouth.

While he played with her, Donna, who was beside Alice, reached over and began tickling the young woman’s clitoris, increasing her sexual pleasure. Alice did the same to Donna, stroking the mature woman’s lips and trying to make her squirm. At the other end of the line, Holly decided to get involved and added her hand between Donna’s legs, fingering her fellow slave and provoking Donna to reach over and begin fingering Holly.

After a minute, Isaac moved down the line to Donna. Sticky and covered in the frothy mix of bodily fluids, he inserted himself into Donna’s mouth, where she eagerly licked him clean. Just like with Alice, he skull-fucked the woman like a machine, punishing her throat with shove after shove and choking her with his member. Once again, his every shove caused her gag reflex to react, making her mouth water and overflow with the thick slimy mixture of cum and saliva running down her face like syrup.

His continuous thrusts even made her eyes water, causing her ruined makeup to further smear and make a disgusting mess on her face. While he fucked her, Isaac couldn’t help but play with her breasts. He squeezed them hard enough to make her scream, pulled them up and in all directions, and toyed with her nipples like they were tiny stress-relief balls.

Donna hadn’t been trained like Holly and Alice, so it was much more of a struggle to take the rough skull-fucking. She always felt like she was about to throw up, she could barely breathe, she had her eyes screwed shut to keep out the slimy mess covering her face, and she was even feeling a bit of shame and embarrassment for engaging in such a humiliating act. However, those sensations disappeared when he moved on to Holly.

Holly received Isaac even better than Alice and Donna, and was actively sucking him off instead of simply letting him use her throat. As he had with Donna, he played with her big beautiful tits while he fucked her. However, the smooth ride stopped when Isaac shifted his footing and slipped on a small puddle of lubricant. He barely shifted before regaining his balance, but it was just enough to set off Holly’s normally suppressed gag reflex. Her whole body convulsed and Isaac pulled out of her as she lightly puked, his junk and her face sticky with slime.

“Oh shit. Holly, are you ok?”

“Master, please don’t stop,” she gasped.

A warm smile on his face, Isaac leaned down and kissed her on the middle of her chest, just over her heart, and resumed skull-fucking her. As soon as his cock was back in her mouth, she sucked him off like a vacuum, trying to clean off the mess she had made. Her near fanatical efforts broke Isaac’s control and he emptied the last of his reserves into her mouth. She sat up, swallowing his cum happily.

“Ok, girls, I think we all need a shower…”

Isaac woke up that night, sore from sleeping in one position for so long but too exhausted to move. After their shower, the Master and his slaves had taken a break from sex to have some food and watch some TV, before returning to the bedroom and going at it again. After some more relaxation time and a delicious dinner (eaten off the three girls’ naked bodies), they had sex one more time before passing out.

Isaac had basically blown through everything he had in that first fucking, so he was unable to do anything but shoot blanks for the rest of the day. Plus, his manhood quickly became too sore to use and he had to sit back. To make up for it, he simply paced himself and had the girls exert their energy on each other, as well as letting them use their sex toys. He also made sure he gave them all equal attention.

Now it was the middle of the night and he had woken up in bed, lying in the middle of a harem crater. On his left side, Holly was clinging to his arm like a child holding a stuffed animal. His hand was between her legs, his palm and fingers sweating against her smooth thighs.

On his right, Donna was lying on her side with her back to him. His arm was pinned underneath her with his hand held tightly in her embrace. A surprising behavior for the middle-aged woman, she was actually sucking on Isaac’s thumb as if she were a toddler. Down at the foot of the bed lay Alice, curled in the fetal position between Isaac’s legs, the same way a cat would snuggle up in her owner’s lap.

The three girls were all deep asleep, having worn themselves out from hours of sex. He knew that they were all happy, and he was happy to have all of them in his life, his dear sweet slaves. He had originally woken up because he was sore from lying in the same position for so long, but seeing how comfortable the girls were, he decided he didn’t want to disturb them and would simply try to fall back to sleep the way he was. He laid his head back and smiled, unable to believe how great his life had become.

Isaac smiled as he slowly woke up, catching the smells of a breakfast feast being cooked in the kitchen. There were pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages, and even some waffles. He could hear his three slaves in the kitchen, working to the tune playing on the radio. Standing naked, the three of them giggled as they danced to the music, incorporating the movements into their labors of love.

Side by side at the stove, Holly and Donna bumped their hips together to the music’s beat, moving in mirror images of each other with coy smiles on their faces as they watched each other’s breasts bounce in the corners of their eyes.

Needing a plate for the cooked sausages, Donna twirled across the kitchen, wrapping her arms around the nearby Alice. Her head between the woman’s bountiful breasts, Alice looked up at Donna and smiled, while moving her body from side to side just like her dance partner. Holding Alice’s hand, Donna rolled her up and unrolled her like a yoyo, as if dancing the tango. They were all so happy, their family felt full.

Still in bed, Isaac had a content smile on his face, feeling blessed for the three wonderful slaves he now had. Ready to greet the morning and his girls, he got out of bed and traveled to the den and the kitchen, not even bothering to get dressed.

“Good morning, Master!” they all said happily.

“Good morning,” Isaac hummed, embracing his beloved slaves and giving each of them a soft kiss.

“Breakfast will be ready in just a minute, Master. Please relax,” Donna said with a wink, finding herself strangely happy in once again having people to cook for.

Isaac chuckled to himself and left the kitchen, taking his place at the head of the small dinner table in the den behind the couch. He smiled as he watched them work, basking in the light of their smiles, and of course relishing the sight of their naked bodies. To think, they all belonged to him, his precious treasures.

Minutes after he sat down, the girls all came out with plates of food, a buffet for the four of them to share. With a feast laid out before them and cups of steaming coffee (just tea in Alice’s case), they all settled and ate hungrily, having burned more calories the previous day then they could count.

The conversation almost immediately drifted back to the sex they had enjoyed, with the girls teasing each other about the funny faces they made when they came or when they rode Isaac’s machine, Isaac joking about the things the four of them had done, laughing about a few funny accidents that had happened, and just tossing around ideas for new things they could do, both in the bedroom and just out in the world.

Chapter Nine

Isaac and the girls were in walking down the expansive hallways of the Maine Mall, moving from store to store. Isaac had decided to take them shopping and spoil them a little, so of course he was carrying the bags and covering most of the purchases. The smiles of their faces were priceless, but hauling the countless bags of clothes, he couldn’t help but smile at the thought that he now felt like THEIR slave.

Blood splattered across the movie screen in the newest horror movie released, with Alice, Holly, and Donna trying to sink into their theater seats while struggling to work up the courage to watch the film. The four of them had been trying to pick a movie to go out and see, when Alice spontaneously suggested seeing the ghost film and daring Holly and Donna to watch it without once covering their eyes. Whoever lasted the longest would get Isaac and the bed all to themselves that night.

Donna had gotten in on the action, believing her age and maturity would ensure her success, but more than halfway into the movie, she appeared just as terrified as Alice and Donna. Whether she just had a strong aversion to horror movies or the time spent around her fellow slaves had made her more childish, Isaac didn’t know, but he sure found it amusing. To think, two masochists and a grown woman would turn into scared hermit crabs when watching a horror movie. This certainly made the bet more complicated.

It was early August when Isaac and his slaves climbed out of Donna’s car in the parking lot behind the beach. Having come on a Tuesday, they expected the beach to be empty, Donna and Holly had even taken days off from work for this, but it seemed like a lot of people had the same idea and wanted to enjoy the beautiful day.

It certainly was perfect beach weather, barely a cloud in the sky, high 70’s, and a gentle breeze carrying the sea’s salty aroma. Oh well, it was certainly less crowded than it would be on the weekend, they would just have to walk a little if they wanted privacy.

“Oh God, what the hell was I thinking when I bought this thing?!” Donna cursed, referring to the bathing suit she was wearing under her clothes. She loved it when she originally got it, but it had taken a lot of coaxing to get her to put it on and come out of the safety and privacy of the apartment.

“You thought that it would make you look beautiful and sexy. Nothing has changed since then,” Isaac assured her, pulling the cooler out of the back of the car.

“Beautiful and sexy, more like old woman trying to look as slutty as possible! I should probably just keep my clothes on while we’re here.”

“Come on, Donna! You’re going to look fantastic! Please take off your clothes!” Holly begged.

“Yeah! We haven’t gotten to see you in it yet!” Alice added.

“Come on, Donna. I guarantee you, you’ll look breathtaking!” Isaac encouraged.

Donna finally gave a low sigh. “Fine.”

Everyone who saw Holly and Donna found themselves unable to look away, men feeling lust and women feeling jealousy. Holly was dressed in a skimpy dark blue bikini, struggling to hold in her breasts with the bottom portion barely covering her ass. She had a smile on her face, relishing the feeling of men’s gazes and their eyes crawling up every inch of her body, knowing that she would always hang out of their reach and would belong solely to her Master.

Next to her was Donna, wearing a one-piece that consisted of a thong, that instead of wrapping around the waist, actually split and stretched upwards into the two shoulder straps, going up over her breasts, rejoining behind her neck her neck, and then stretching down her back to rejoin the thong nestled between her ass cheeks.

It was daring to say the least, with both her pussy and nipples so barely covered that Donna felt like one wrong move would leave her completely exposed. Hell, the straps over her areolas were only a few inches wide, not to mention the thong was so thin that she felt like it would slip right in between her pussy lips and leave her labia fully exposed. She could have covered more of her body with just her hands.

But she had to admit, the bathing suit did make her feel sexy. The strap design seemed to reinforce the size of her breasts, since they stretched between her nipples and pussy less like a piece of clothing and more like the strings of two longbows. Plus, while she did feel like something would slip at any moment, the suit seemed have been somehow designed to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. Whether it was some kind of use of friction or a specific weave in the fabric, it held onto her without restricting her movement or causing chafing, and her confidence in it was growing with each step.

It made her forget her age and feel unstoppable and unchallenged in sexiness. However, the only way she could work up the courage to actually walk out without her clothes was with Isaac securing her dog collar around her throat. He normally avoided putting the collars on the girls in public because it could reveal the unique nature of their relationship, but with everyone staring at her suit, the collar would never be noticed. It was strange, but wearing the collar—the physical proof of Isaac’s ownership of her body—actually lessoned the embarrassment she felt in the bathing suit.

Not to toot his own horn, but Isaac thought that he was getting a similar reaction from the people on the beach. His job had certainly granted him a physique that made women horny and men feel outclassed. And of course there was Alice, hiding beneath a wide sunhat and wearing a simple one-piece, lacking the confidence in her body to go with any kind of bikini.

Seeing Donna and Holly in their swimsuits was reminding her of the vast physical differences between them. Other than maybe the rare pedophile, all eyes were on Holly and Donna. She forced herself to ignore it and repeatedly reminded herself that as long as Isaac loved her body, she didn’t care how she looked.

They walked a bit down the beach, making absolutely sure they were far away from everyone else. Certain that they had privacy, they laid out several towels, a couple beach chairs, and put down the cooler full of food and drinks and a bag full of other beach stuff. Beneath the towels, they laid out one of Isaac’s large work tarps, which would help keep the sand at bay.

A late night purchase involving alcohol and an infomercial, Isaac set up a beach tent, large enough to park a Hummer under, with draped sides that could be lowered for privacy while also allowing air to pass through if desired. Finally he could stop regretting buying this thing.

“I can’t wait to get in that water, we never went to the beach at the orphanage,” said Holly with a stretch.

“I’ll race you!” Alice giggled, getting to her feet and running to the water with Holly scrambling to catch up.

“Are you coming, Master?” Donna asked.

Sitting in a beach chair in the shade of his tent with a cold beer in his hand, Isaac shook his head with a content smile. “Nah, I’m just going to relax here for a little while. You go on and have fun.”

Donna merely smiled in reply and walked off towards the surf with Isaac staring at her curvaceous ass and watching her swing her hips from side to side with each step. For a good half hour, Isaac simply watched the three girls play, gazed upon their beautiful bodies wet and glistening in the waves, listen to their laughs as they swam and splashed each other, and let his mind ponder this point in his life.

Never did he imagine he would be in this kind of relationship, owner of a harem of three beautiful women, desperate to serve as his sex slaves and eager to fulfill his every desire. But of course it was more than just sex, they all loved each other and fulfilled the gaps in each other’s lives. Alice, Holly, and Donna; they all clung to him because he helped make them whole.

The child who wanted to be loved, the girl who wanted to be needed, and the woman who wanted to be desired, and then there was him, who simply wanted a happy family, and they were more than he could ever ask for.

After working out their bubbling energy, the three girls returned to the camp, eager to lounge. They all lied down on the towels, letting the sunlight shine on their half-naked bodies.

“Master, could you please put some suntan oil on me? Pretty please? I really don’t want to get my hands oily,” Alice hummed coyly, using it as an excuse to get some affection.

Holly and Donna exchanged shocked glances. The sneaky brat! How the hell did they not think of that?!

“Me too, Master! Please!” Holly exclaimed.

“Please rub oil on me!” Donna added.

“Ok, girls, I’ll rub oil all over you. But be patient, you’ll all get a turn.”

Retrieving a bottle of suntan oil from the tote bag holding their beach gear, he poured some on his hands and Alice eagerly kneeled in front of him. He rubbed some of the oil on her forehead and nose then cupped her cheeks, making her smile and purr like a cat. “Such a pretty face,” he hummed before leaning over and kissing her on the lips. Pulling back, he rubbed the oil on her neck, her shoulders, and then her arms.

“Now lie down and I’ll do your legs.”

Alice did as she was told, while Holly and Donna watched with hungry expressions. Isaac started on her left calf, rubbing her with his rough hands before moving up her slender thigh. Alice couldn’t help but shiver in arousal as his hands approached her moistening flower. He inserted a finger into the edge of her swimsuit, sweeping the flesh underneath and brushing against one of her smooth lips.

He moved to the right leg, stroking back and forth across her soft thigh with his hands, rubbing in the oil, then to her calf. Alice had her small feet in Isaac’s lap, and with a smile on his face, he grasped one of them and began to massage it with his powerful grip. Alice arched her back and gave a soft moan as the movements of his fingers shocked the nerves in her feet.

It is said that the nerves in the feet connect to every part of the human body, well that would explain why Alice could feel bliss throughout her entire form. There was a bit of pain as he massaged out the stress, but that pain was pure ecstasy to Alice.

Holly and Donna continued to watch from the sidelines, glaring at Isaac and Alice as he gave the young woman a foot massage. From the way she was moaning and writhing, they wondered how it must feel and compared it to the sensation of an orgasm. They wanted foot rubs from Master too! At last, when Alice calmed, Isaac released her.

“Ok, Holly, you’re next.”

An eager grin on her face, Holly lied down on her back and Isaac applied more oil to his hands. This time, he started with Holly’s feet, moving his fingers back and forth in a gentle yet firm squeeze, working out all the tension and strain that had been building. As a woman who spent all of her time on her feet at work, the sensation of having her muscles softened was beyond bliss.

After five minutes, Isaac moved on, sliding his oiled hands across her soft legs, then reaching under her and cupping her tight toned rear end. He went back to her front, sweeping across her flat belly. Holly instinctively curled up and giggled, both from the pressure exerted on her stomach and the ticklish sensation.

She settled back down when Isaac reached her breasts, slipping his hands underneath her dark blue top and squeezing them. Holly blushed and hummed in happiness from the sensual contact. He pulled her top out of the way and continued to squeeze and massage her tits, thoroughly soaking them in oil and letting them slip and roll in his grip.

They were so soft, yet so firm. So bouncy and full, yet so quick to revert to their original place. With all the oil Isaac had applied, he couldn’t even pinch her nipples without them slipping out from between his fingers, so he merely played with them, thumbing them like the joystick of a game controller. By now he was rock hard and Holly could see it bulging in his swim trunks.

“Master, please let me take care of you,” she asked softly as he lathered her arms.

Isaac smiled and took out his cock, admiring the look of gleeful hunger on Holly’s face as it sprung forth from his trunks. Remaining on her back, Holly craned her neck and began gently sucking him off, releasing the deliciously kinky sound of suction and wetness as she orally pleasured her Master.

As her tongue rolled around the head of his penis, Isaac slipped his oiled hand into her bikini bottom and began stroking the moist lips. Slick with oil, he worked his middle finger inside her, stirring back and forth while using his thumb to tease her clitoris. Holly squirmed from the soft probing, feeling Isaac’s finger tickle her nerves with just the right intensity to almost be considered teasing.

In the background, Alice and Donna watched with impatience. Holly got a foot rub, was being fingered, AND got to suck on their Master’s cock?! How was that fair?? After five minutes of Holly writhing to the strokes of Isaac’s fingers inside her, he finally decided it was Donna’s turn to get some attention. However, before she could lie down, Isaac got behind her and grasped the straps of her swimsuit.

“Don’t worry, Donna. I’m going to take good care of you,” he hummed in her ear, pulling up on the straps.

Donna winced and blushed as the thong of the one-piece became tight between her pussy lips, sliding between them and digging into her tender slit. Continuing to pull up on her swimsuit, Isaac reached around with his other hand and grasped her right breast, squeezing it hard and soaking it in suntan oil. Never in his life could he get bored of playing with them.

“Now take off your suit and lie down on your stomach. Holly, please keep watch for me and tell me if anyone starts coming close to our camp.”

Both girls did as they were told, with Donna stripping down and Holly serving as a lookout. Donna lied down on her towel, her breasts squashed beneath her like pillows and her curvaceous ass warmed by the sun. Wetting his hands with fresh oil, he started on Donna’s arms, making them gleam with an ample layer of oil. He shifted his attention to her back, and just as he had done with Alice and Holly’s feet, he pressed down with gentle and decisive pressure, immediately drawing soft yet deep moans from Donna.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had ever gotten a back rub, so just the slightest pushing from Isaac was pure heaven. Isaac had never done anything like this before, so he simply went on instinct and followed her voice to the most sensitive places.

Just like with Holly and Alice, he worked years of strain out of her muscles, squeezing and pressing her with just the right amount of force to make her completely unwind. He smiled as she stretched like a cat beneath him, extending everything from her fingers to her toes and humming in bliss.

Applying more oil to his hands, Isaac moved down. However, he didn’t lay so much as a finger on Donna’s welcoming rear end. He simply moved down her hips, then her thighs, her calves, and her feet. After giving a brief foot rub, he began to move back up. He slid his hands up her legs, scraping off the access oil. Donna smiled and bit her lip, eager for what was coming.

Licking his lips, Isaac reached Donna’s ass and gripped both her cheeks tightly, but he was barely able to get their mass into his hands. He moved back and forth, squeezing them and then letting them slip out of his grasp, smacking the oiled cheeks and relishing the beautiful sound. He soaked her smooth white skin with oil, making it glisten in the sun. Donna hummed from the massage, glad to have met someone who truly appreciated her figure. He then spread her ass cheeks, exposing her asshole and pussy, just waiting to be penetrated.

Isaac hefted his manhood and lathered it with oil, then began to rub it between her ass cheeks like a hotdog in a bun. The oil let him move against her so easily, it was like grinding between two mountains of butter. He slowly and smoothly teased her with his cock, prodding her back door with the head and then instead rubbing the shaft with it.

“Master, please fuck me!” Donna whispered.

“What was that?”

“Please, Master, fuck me in the ass.”

“Good girl,” he chuckled, kissing her behind the ear.

Sitting back up, he once again spread her ass cheeks and pressed his cock against her asshole. Slippery with oil, it entered her effortlessly. Donna groaned as he forced his member inside her, stretching her asshole to its limit. No matter how much punishment she endured, she still couldn’t get use to the size of him inside her. Lying down on top of her, Isaac gripped her by the shoulders and began thrusting into her.

Each time he entered her completely, Donna grunted in a mix of pleasure and pain, relishing the sensation of her Master dominating her and using her. He pulled her hair, adding to the intensity of her sodomy as he used her asshole as a punching bag for his cock.

Ever since becoming Isaac’s slaves, Holly and Alice had been trying to teach her how to be a masochist. The lessons weren’t being taken nearly as well as with Alice, but at least now she enjoyed being abused and brutalized by Isaac. But of course, Isaac only did those things because she enjoyed them.

Periodically stopping to scan the beach through holes in the sides of the tent, Holly watched Isaac fuck Donna with the inability to stop from touching herself. She loved watching Isaac fuck other girls, it made her feel like just a sex toy for him. Whenever she watched, she fantasized about him pulling out of the other girl, grabbing Holly, and forcing himself inside her with his manhood still slick with the juices of the last girl.

Alice was the same, stroking her tiny pussy as he watched Isaac sodomize Donna like an animal. It was interesting for her to watch how Holly and Donna looked when Isaac fucked them, and how they reacted. She would try to imagine how she would react in comparison and picture herself getting fucked instead, watching it as if in an out-of-body experience.

Isaac’s hold on Donna suddenly tightened and he stopped his thrusts, telling Donna he had just ejaculated into her. Already she could feel the hot fluid being pumped into her ass, and having become his slave, she loved the sensation. Isaac pulled out of her, a string of semen stretching between his cock and her gaping asshole.

“Ok, girls, time for you to entertain your Master. Take out some of the toys we brought,” Isaac ordered while Donna sucked him clean.

Reaching into the cooler, beneath the food and drinks, Holly pulled out the strap-on she often used on Holly. With a wide smile on her face, she secured herself in the harness while Donna rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Sitting in his beach chair like a king on his throne, Isaac prepared to watch them when Alice crawled over to him.

“Master, could you do that to me? What you did with Donna’s swimsuit?”

“Sure thing, honey,” he replied, letting her settle in his lap with his erect member between her legs.

Beginning to kiss her behind the ear, he reached around and ran his fingers back and forth against her covered slit, feeling the cute lips behind the fabric and teasing Alice. Gingerly, he worked the crotch of the swimsuit into a narrower and narrower strip between her skinny legs, bunching it up until it had formed a rope nestled in her camel toe.

Now ready, he grasped the front of her swimsuit and roughly pulled it upwards, tightening the fabric against her pussy. Alice whimpered as it grinded against her sensitive lips, feeling like she was being flossed from below. Her face turning red with horniness, she released a shrill whine as Isaac yanked her swimsuit down from her shoulders and exposed her flat childlike breasts. With one hand pulling her swimsuit against her pussy over and over again in rough jerks, Isaac used his other hand to pinch Alice’s pink nipples, making her yelp in pain and then pleasure.

While this was going on, Holly was thrusting into Donna with the strap-on, making the grown woman moan in happiness. Donna was on her back with her legs wrapped around Holly, who was on top of her while using her arms to try and hold herself up. She loved watching Donna’s breasts jump every time she forced the dildo deep into her snatch, and she loved even more the sensation of their nipples kissing when she leaned over to French her.

After a few minutes of Donna experiencing Holly’s Masterful skill of the sex toy, they switched, with Donna getting a turn in the harness. She stayed on her back, letting Holly ride the standing dildo. Bouncing up and down on Donna’s lap, Holly giggled and licked her lips as he played with the woman’s breasts, batting them around like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

While this was going on, Isaac had pulled aside the crotch of Alice’s swimsuit, exposing her glistening pink slit. He had long since penetrated her, and she was riding him much like Holly was riding Donna. With the underage girl whimpering and whining as she straddled him, Isaac constantly scanned the beach, turning his head like an owl to make sure that nobody was around to hear or see the four of them. Sex in a public place was one thing, but sex with a seriously illegal girl, that was something else all together, and they had never done anything like this outside the apartment. This was risky to say the least.

Isaac watched with a smile as Holly’s bobbing on the dildo suddenly picked up in speed and intensity, and the gentle hum she was releasing turned into a shrill whine. Knowing what was coming, Donna couldn’t resist reaching up and tugging on Holly’s nipples, providing that last-needed stimulation to trigger a gushing orgasm, soaking Donna in her arousal. Moaning in joy, she collapsed on top of Donna, before slowly pushing herself up and kissing her. Dismounting the dildo, she eagerly turned around and began sucking it clean.

“That reminds me, Holly, I forgot to apply suntan oil to your back. Alice, how about you play with Donna for a little bit?”

Alice sighed and smiled, having wanted to enjoy riding her Master for a little longer, but always happy to play with Donna. Alice removed her swimsuit and crawled over to Donna, with Holly retrieving the bottle of suntan lotion and crawling over to Isaac.

“Get on all fours for me.”

Knowing what was coming, Holly obliged and got on her hands and knees with her ass pointed at Isaac. Wetting his hands with oil, Isaac started rubbing her first at her ankles, then the backs of her calves, then her thighs, wet with arousal, and at last he began massaging her ass the same way he had Donna’s, making Holly purr in happiness from the subtle yet focused sensual touching.

Unable to resist any longer, Isaac buried his face in her perfect ass, tongue-fucking her back door. Holly gagged and moaned in happiness, never quite able to get used to the sensation of getting sodomized by someone’s soft tongue. It always made her feel like she had just sat on an eel.

While Isaac licked her out, he rubbed her back with the oil and reached around to play with her breasts. In front of Holly, Alice was on all fours, moaning as Donna fucked her pussy with the strap-on in the doggy style position. Having learned early on how to use a strap-on, she was having no trouble thrusting into Alice’s tiny frame with brutal strength. However, unlike Isaac, she didn’t know she had to compensate for Alice’s build and limit the depth of her thrusts, so Alice was wincing and nearly crying out every time the dildo was pushed into her tight pussy. It was a good thing she was a masochist.

Donna loved using the strap-on, mainly because she liked to imagine all the calories she burned while thrusting, but also because she liked feeling that sense of dominance from time to time. Plus it made her feel sexy, as she watched her tits bounce and bob with the movements of her body.

Having had enough, Isaac sat up and hefted his erection, penetrating Holly’s wet pussy.

“Oh Master!” she cooed, feeling her bond with him reach its peak intensity as her body loosened to accommodate his manhood.

After holding still for a moment to enjoy to the heat, softness, and wetness of Holly’s perfect cunt, Isaac grasped her hips and began thrusting into her, his lap clapping against the back of her thighs. Now in the same position as Alice, Holly leaned forward and began to kiss the young girl, letting the two of them lick the insides of each others mouths while their pussies were hammered.

As always, Isaac remained vigilant, making sure they were out of sight and earshot of anyone who could be nearby. Having checked the beach through the breeze gaps in the sides of the tent, he allowed himself to relax and instead focused on pleasuring Holly. He increased the speed and power of his thrusts, even raising one leg to get better leverage. He hammered Holly with all of his strength, forcing her to break her kiss with Alice so that she could bury her face in the crook of her arm and whimper from the euphoric roughness of her Master’s thrusts.

“I’m going to cum!” Isaac panted after a few minutes.

“Please cum inside me, Master! Pour all of your semen in my pussy!” Holly begged.

Isaac granted her wish, and came to a sudden stop and shuddered as he released a load of his seed into Holly’s womb. At the same time, Alice cried out as she had an orgasm, telling Donna she could finally stop thrusting. The four of them collapsed, all gasping for air and exhausted, glistening with sweat and oil.

“Before we continue, how about we take a break and swim for a little bit?” Isaac offered.

His three pets all smiled. “Ok!”

Putting their swimsuits back on, the four of them all returned to the water, cooling off from fucking each other. They played a couple games while they swam, like Marco Polo and chicken. For chicken, Alice would climb up onto Donna’s shoulders and Holly onto Isaac’s, and the two young women would wrestle and try to push the other one over, while trying to resist looking at each other in their swimsuits. Alice was at a disadvantage, both because of her size, and because Holly’s bouncing breasts were a great distraction.

Marco Polo was played naked, with all the fun of the game with the kinkiness of reaching out and trying to fondle someone.

Immediately after leaving the water, the girls all applied fresh oil to themselves and went at it again. Like before, Isaac had Alice to himself, and was enjoying a long blowjob from his young slave. She worked his cock back and forth in her small mouth, slobbering all over it and massaging it with every soft corner. In front of Isaac, Holly and Donna had pulled out a new toy: a double-ended dildo, made of a sturdy yet pliable rubber, with a ribbed surface and an 18” length. They were both sucking on one of the heads while they touched each other, preparing for what they were going to do.

Unable to hold themselves back, the two women interlocked their legs and got into the same position as when they scissored each other the first time they had sex. Wet with their saliva, the thick rubber toy made them moan softly as they inserted it into their pussies. They whined as they pushed themselves together, forcing it into their bodies until at last they were pressed together, the lips of their cunts kissing around the dildo.

Grinding their hips, they began thrusting back and forth against each other, pulling back to expose the toy between them, then pushing together until their wet pussies kissed. Their moans were loud and shrill as they fucked themselves and each other with the toy, while unable to resist reaching out and fondling each other’s breasts. For Isaac, it was a truly unparalleled sight.

However, it was difficult to truly keep up the position, but both girls knew an even better way to use it. Pulling it out of themselves, they turned the toy around and both sucked it clean of each other’s juices, wishing they were sucking off their beloved Master. With the toy once again dripping with saliva, they both turned around with their backs to each other and got on all fours.

Taking a deep breath, they each inserted a head of the dildo into their asshole, then slowly leaned back until their asses were pressed together and the toy had disappeared in their rectal cavities. This was a new experience for the two of them, the combination of both sodomy and the erotic feel of having another woman’s ass pressed against their own.

Giggling to each other and knowing that it was their job to keep their Master entertained, they leaned forward and exposed the toy, then forced their asses back together, slamming it back into themselves. Moaning like opera singers, they began moving back and forth in perfect synchronicity, leaning forward and crashing back together, butt-fucking both themselves and each other.

Over and over again, their asses, glistening with oil, clapped together with glorious ripples, while their hanging breasts bounced and swung like pendulums. Sometimes one of them would clench down on the toy and hold it stationary, then slam themselves back against the other, similarly to fucking with a strap-on. They usually tried to keep it even between them and just let their asses slap together for their Master’s enjoyment while the toy was rammed inside them.

With the magnificent sight before him and Alice giving him an expert blowjob, Isaac ejaculated after only a few minutes, with Alice happily drinking every last glob of her Master’s seed.

After Isaac fucked all the girls a few more times, they stopped for lunch, swam a little more, and then all took a nap in the sun to get some color. Waking up in the late afternoon, they fucked again and swam a little more. Once the sun had set and the beach was even more deserted than before, they decided it was safe to leave their camp. The four of them went on a walk, but not in a traditional sense.

Holly, Alice, and Donna were naked and crawling on all fours, each of them with their cherished collars around their necks, hooked up to leashes, which Isaac was holding. He also carried their swimsuits with him, just in case he saw someone else on the beach. But everything was quiet and tranquil, with nothing but the splashing of the waves and the long stretch of sand all to themselves.

The girls were all loving the “walk”; Holly because it reminded her that along with being her Master’s slave and toy, she was also his pet; Alice because it made her feel cute and carefree; and Donna because it actually made her feel young again, as if she had turned back into a kid and was just playing a game of pretend. The added sense of S&M and sexiness to it was an added perk. Plus the sand made it easy on their hands and knees, a comfort that was always appreciated.

Isaac enjoyed it not just because he had three beautiful women on leashes, crawling before him, but because it made him feel more secure than ever in his relationship with the three of them, like those leashes were the actual physical bonds helping to keep their strange little family together.

Life couldn’t get any better.

It was August 28th, Alice’s first day of high school. It felt so strange for her to be going to back to school after the summer she had spent with Isaac, Holly, and Donna. Sure, some things were still the same and they would all be there when she got home, but she had almost forgotten that there were other people and a whole outside world. Alice had returned to the apartment building, having survived the first day. It had been kind of stressful, even intimidating, but she had gotten through it. It had actually been much easier than her middle school years, mainly because she had something to look forward to.

She opened the door to Isaac’s apartment with the key he had given her and stepped inside. Isaac was on the couch with Donna and Holly on the floor in front of him. His erect cock was standing straight, held between the two women’s breasts. Their nipples were pressed together and his phallus was hugged within their joined cleavages. Their breasts were both wet with spit and they were trying to move up and down in perfect synchronicity to give their Master a proper double tit-fuck. Hearing the door open, they all turned to Alice with warm smiles.

“Hey, how was it?” they asked.

Finally having a family to come home to, Alice smiled set down her backpack. “Boring,” she simply said, pulling her collar out of a key bowl by the door and securing it around her throat. Knowing that they would talk more in depth about her first day of high school over dinner, she took off her clothes and walked over to join them.

Holly was on her back with Donna sitting on her face, moaning softly as she felt her fellow slave’s tongue penetrate her asshole again and again. Holly’s legs were spread, her pussy and asshole almost on display, bait that Alice could not ignore. As Isaac fucked her from behind, she feasted on Holly’s snatch, licking up her delicious pussy juice while being pushed back and forth from her Master’s powerful thrusts.

It was September, and the four of them were celebrating Holly’s birthday. With a large chocolate cake before her and a stack of presents on the table, she took a deep breath and blew out the candles. Then, just as Isaac was about to start cutting the cake, Holly began to cry. But her tears were tears of happiness, rolling down her beautiful smiling face.

Isaac was sitting back against the headboard, smiling as Donna and Holly worked together to orally pleasure him. They took turns sucking him off and licking him like candy, their saliva mixing together into a large puddle stretching across Isaac’s lap. Alice was anally fisting the two of them, unable to believe that she could fit her hands in their assholes. She pumped her arms back and forth, fucking them hard, her arms buried halfway up to the elbow.

Halloween had arrived and Isaac and his slaves were huddled together on the couch, gorging on candy and watching horror movies. Every year, Isaac stocked his DVR with scary movies playing on TV, bought a shitload of candy, and pigged out to the sound of screams. Holly, Alice, and Donna had yet to become used to horror movies, but they were slowly working up a tolerance. Besides, having their Master with them and more tootsie rolls than they could count was helping.

Donna was lying on her back her legs forced open and bound to keep her knees bent. Her wrists were handcuffed and she was gagged and blindfolded. Her breasts were tied tight with ropes, squeezing them like nooses and making them swell like balloons. Her breasts, stomach, and crotch were plastered with hot wax, and her nipples had clothespins on them. Semen was dribbling from both her pussy from anus from the untold amount of time Isaac had spent fucking her. She whimpered and moaned through her gag as Holly licked her snatch clean of Isaac’s seed, while pinching the woman’s clitoris and pulling anal beads out of her asshole.

For hours, Isaac, Holly, and Alice had been taking turns with her in this position, brutalizing her like a piece of meat. Her body had taken so much sexual abuse that she was fading in and out of consciousness momentarily. If anyone she knew were to see her right now, she wasn’t sure she could survive the humiliation.

Even after months of living as Isaac’s slave, Donna lagged behind in the masochism department, so tonight, they were trying to bring her up to speed. It was all consensual of course, they routinely removed her gag to make sure she was ok and she had a dog squeaky toy in her hand that she would squeeze as a safe word.

“Ok, Master, she’s ready for you,” Holly purred as she licked the anal beads clean.

As he had time and time again that night, Isaac got between Donna’s legs and began fucking her as hard and roughly as he could, pounding her already bruised cunt and making his degraded slave moan through her gag. Behind him, Alice stood with the strap-on, waiting for it to be her turn again.

Out came the Thanksgiving turkey, further thickening the delicious aroma that had filled Donna’s apartment. Isaac tried to keep from drooling at the glorious sight of the cooked bird, covered with a blanket of bacon. He forced himself to focus on his work, as he was in charge of preparing the mashed potatoes. Donna had taken the job of turkey preparation, Holly was providing the side-dishes, and Alice was making the desert.

All of them had rumbling stomachs and watering mouths, and they knew that as soon as the table was set and everyone sat down, they would eat so much they wouldn’t be able to move for the rest of the night. This was the first time Donna’s kids wouldn’t be coming back for Thanksgiving, but she wasn’t the only one grateful to be celebrating the holiday with this new family.

Holly was on all fours, sucking Isaac off. Behind her, his machine was running without a hitch. It had been turned on its side, so the pistons now moved horizontally instead of vertically. Her face was a mess of smeared makeup, saliva, and semen, and her throat ached from sucking Isaac off for so long. Not to mention her vagina and anus were aching from the heartless rams of the machine. It was pure heaven.

To the aroma of the Christmas tree in the corner of his living room, Isaac and the girls exchanged presents. As was his nature, he spoiled them rotten, but he couldn’t resist making them smile. Once the floor was covered in wrapping paper, he allowed them to open the last three presents he had been saving.

Holly received a pair of fake dog ears with a matching black lab tail butt-plug and Alice got a pair of cat ears with a matching cat tail butt plug. Like Holly, the fur of both the ears and the tail matched her hair color. For Donna, he got her a pair of Playboy bunny ears. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a rabbit tail butt-plug, but he was able to buy the matching black silk thong with a large white cotton ball in the back.

For the rest of the day, Isaac laughed as Holly ran back and forth across the apartment, yipping and barking constantly with the tail swinging behind her. Not once did she ever stop smiling or panting with her tongue hanging out. Before long, she even figured out how to work her gluteal muscles to make the tail wag.

At the same time, Alice was constantly rubbing up against Isaac and purring, curling up in his lap, and trying to get him to rub her belly. Donna spent the day making sexy poses with her bunny ears and thong, pretending she was a Playboy model putting on a special show for Isaac. She also did plenty of Bugs Bunny impressions.

The four of them were on the couch with Alice riding Isaac’s cock, whimpering as it slammed against the entrance to her womb over and over again. While she rode him, Holly and Donna were running their tongues across her naked body, especially her chest.

A brief temperature rise on a January Saturday pulled Isaac and the girls out of the apartment. They went to the nearby park and have a couple snowball fights. They couldn’t help but create a snowman and three snowwomen in very inappropriate and suggestive positions.

Donna was bent over the kitchen counter, taking it up the ass from Isaac.
“Yes, Master! Fuck my slutty asshole! I’m such a dirty slut!” she cried out, feeling her collar tighten around her throat as Isaac pulled on her leash.

Beneath the two of them, Alice was sitting on the floor, licking Donna’s pussy and playing with herself. Isaac had already shot his load into the milf’s cunt, leaving Alice with the job of licking it up. After finally ejaculating into Donna’s rectal cavity, Isaac pulled out of her and held his cock in front of Alice’s face. The young girl immediately darted her head forward and began sucking him off, savoring the taste of Donna’s ass and her Master’s cum. After she cleaned him off and restored is erection, she manually guided him into Donna’s pussy, so that he may restock her velvet sleeve with his essence.

A true Mainer, Isaac was shoveling the apartment parking lot in just a t-shirt, even as a freezing blizzard poured snow on him. True, the city plows had done most of the work for him, but there was still a lot of area that they had missed. Goddamn, February sucked.

Wiping his runny nose, Isaac turned as he felt a tap on his shoulder, seeing Holly’s smiling face beneath several layers of winter clothing.

“Here, Master, this should warm you up,” she said, handing him a metal travel mug with steam wafting from the small drinking slot in the top.

Isaac gratefully accepted and took a long drink of hot cocoa, letting the smooth beverage revitalize him. “Delicious. Thanks, baby,” he said before kissing her.

Alice was on the bed, whimpering and panting as Holly slowly fisted her asshole. Not surprisingly, Holly’s fist was certainly thicker than Isaac’s cock or any sex toy that Alice had been sodomized with, so Alice was unfamiliar with such a girth. While having experienced this thought over and over again since becoming a slave, she still couldn’t get used to the fear that she was about to be ripped open.

“I’m surprised that someone so small can take so much. You really are a dirty little whore, an anal prodigy even,” Holly teased, pulling her hand out and licking it clean.

Behind them, the sounds of smacking and moaning echoed through the apartment. Donna was standing in the bedroom doorway, her hands tied above her head and a gag in her mouth. Isaac was whipping her voluptuous naked body with his belt, and already, her large jiggling breasts, flat belly, smooth pussy, thick curvy thighs, and vanilla ass were crisscrossed with welts.

Having gotten some time off work, Linda came up to Portland in the middle of March with little baby Jacob to visit Donna. As expected, Holly and Alice went completely baby-crazy and basically had to be pried away from the blanket-wrapped infant. It was funny, but when Donna held her grandchild, she actually looked younger, something that Isaac noted.

He said that it almost looked like Jacob was actually her child and she had just become a mother for the first time in her life. As soon as Linda and the baby were gone, Donna jumped Isaac with intensity never before seen. It seemed the compliment was VERY well received.

Isaac and Holly were tenderly kissing each other as Isaac gently thrust into her in the missionary position. They had decided to take a break from the usual fucking and instead make love through the night.

But at the other end of the bed, Donna was standing over Alice, driving down into her asshole with the strap-on. Alice whimpered and cried out from the brutally rough thrusts Donna was making. The woman was putting her full weight down onto Alice as she punished the young girl’s asshole with each slam. Her tiny body could barely withstand each crash, while in contrast, Donna’s fat ass was rippling and jiggling like the ocean as she sodomized Alice.

It was a rainy April day and both Isaac and Donna had work, and Alice had school. Only Holly had the day off, so Isaac had ordered her to sleep in and relax. Alice had overslept a little and was rushing, so Isaac was helping her out and making her lunch. Beneath him, Donna was kneeling and jacking him off with her hand, while in her other hand she held her favorite travel mug.

Alice came out of the bathroom, wiping the toothpaste off her lips and eying the clock. She had to be down at the bus stop in ten minutes.

“Ham and cheese, an apple, a capri sun, and a pudding cup,” Isaac summarized as he zipped up her lunchbox.

“Thanks, Master! Now I got to go, I don’t want to miss the bus.”

“You’re not running to the bus stop in this weather, I’ll drive you to school. Just give me a minute.”

He then began to tense up, feeling his morning load preparing to fire. Sometimes a good handjob is the best thing in the world. He gripped the table and shuddered as he ejaculated more than a shot glass’ worth of semen into Donna’s mug.

“Ah, there it is!” she said with satisfaction. She then strode over to the coffee maker and poured the hot black brew onto the thick white splooge. Taking a quick drink, she sighed in happiness. “Nothing like some cream for my coffee.”

Isaac was sitting against the headboard with Donna and Holly straddling his thighs, grinding their pussies against him. There were both leaning forward, smothering his face with their breasts, gasping from the sensual feel of his tongue against their bare flesh. Between them, Holly’s head was bobbing up and down as she gave her Master a loving blowjob.

It was a sunny May afternoon, the usual silence interrupted with the sound of garbage and junk being hurled into a dumpster. Donna had finally gotten sick of all the old clutter in the garage behind the apartment building, so now she, her fellow slaves, and her Master were clearing it out. Normally, with the four of them, it would have been easy. However, Isaac was complicating things, by constantly saving something from the trash heap by claiming he could repair it or cannibalize it for parts.

Before the job was done, the four of them had to stop and hold a quick intervention to break him of his sudden hoarding. Overall, it was a good day.

“Am I doing this right, Master?” Holly asked, pressing her breasts together with Isaac’s cock sliding between the glorious mounds of flesh.

“That’s perfect, honey, just stay like that,” he panted, tit-fucking her to his heart’s content. Today, Donna was teaching Holly how to use her breasts to make Isaac cum. Of course Alice felt left out, so Isaac told her that she could be in charge of clean-up. He had already tit-fucked Donna for a demonstration, so while he helped Holly perfect her skill, Alice was busy licking the vast puddle of semen off Donna’s breasts, taking her sweet time to suck her nipples clean.

It was June, one year since Isaac met Holly. Isaac suggested they do something special for their anniversary, but Holly wanted to keep things simple, preferring that she serve her Master as usual. Isaac suggested that he cook dinner and she asked for spaghetti and meat sauce, everyone’s favorite.

“So what movie are we watching tonight?” Holly asked, naked like the rest of the girls.

“Alien, the only scary movie I like. I’ve seen it a hundred times,” Donna said proudly.

“Never heard of it,” Alice shrugged, shocking Donna.

“You’ve never heard of this sci-fi classic?! Starring the goddess herself, Sigourney Weaver?! Oh Alice, I weep for your generation,” Donna sighed, sitting down on the couch with Holly between her and Alice.

“Master, come on! Let’s start the movie!” Holly said happily.

“I’ll be there in just a few minutes, you girls just play with each other until I’m ready,” he hollered from the kitchen as he waited for the spaghetti to soften.

With nothing else to do, they left the movie paused and all huddled together. As they had time and time again, they all reached out and begin fingering each other, Alice and Donna slipping their fingers into Holly’s slit and Holly playing with the two of them. As the minutes passed, their arousal grew and they desired more stimulation. Both Donna and Alice lowered their head and began sucking on Holly’s nipples, using their tongues to play with the barbell rings she wore.

Without them noticing, Isaac came into the den and left their drinks on the table. He then returned to the kitchen, filling four bowls with meaty spaghetti, with extra sauce, grated cheese, and garlic powder. He came back out, carrying the four bowls, and handed them to his slaves. Donna and Holly moved aside to let their Master sit between them, and with everyone seated with their food and drink, they started the movie. As the intro slowly began, the Master and his three slaves all settled in for a relaxing evening at home.

The End

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