My daughter was finally returned by stewocity

“Mr Smith I know this is difficult to accept, and we will give you all the resources we can to aid you and your family.” I heard the lady say this to me, but I was not comprehending any of it. I stared blankly at the window with tears in my eyes. I was full of confusion, shame, regret, and deep anger. I wasn’t sure at the time who I was most upset with at the time, the evil mother fuckers that stole my daughter’s life, or the worthless absent father who was an unaware enabler who I see in the mirror every day.

My name is Jason Smith and I am a recovering addict, a terrible father, and the worst person I know. When I was 18 years old I had a variety of problems. I didn’t have any structure in life and I was a rebellious little shit. I was a dropout who peddled a little dope on the streets of KCMO. I had no future and looking back I think I knew where my life was headed. I met a skanky little lady named Trish that I thought at the time I was in love with. She was kind of hot and freaky in bed. We shared a little run down trailer in the city. We didn’t work. We were both addicts who didn’t do anything but do dope, fuck, and sell crystal to support ourselves and our own habit.

After living this dope fueled life for a few months we were offered an opportunity to step up in the drug world by making more money moving dope from Mexico up to St Louis. I say it was an offer, but our supplier volun-told us to do it or else he would kill us both. We owed him a few grand for crystal we smoked so we didn’t have much choice. He was connected and although I didn’t much value my life much at the time, I didn’t want it taken by some goofy ass dope boy with a gun. I remember the night vividly because he forced Trish to suck his dick while he pointed a gun at my head. After he blew a load in her mouth he said that token of “good faith” was enough to offer us this one gig to pay back what we owed him. I was so scared at the time this happened I don’t even remember being angry at Trish for doing it. It may have literally saved our lives. A few days later we were provided a rental car and were given instructions on the route to take, location to get the load, and the location to deliver it. It seemed like an easy few days of driving and I wasn’t sure if we had the choice whether to decline or not. The Cartel is not the kind of people to fuck with.

Trish and I made our way down south. We met a sketchy crew of hombres in a gross little van on a rural dirt road near a border town in Arizona. I remember being terrified as we pulled up to them. I partially expected to be executed, but thankfully they were reasonably pleasant. They gave us food, water, a prepaid phone (first generation before they even flipped) and they loaded the trunk of the car with a dozen bags. I didn’t dare ask what was in them, I knew better than to risk getting smoked for asking too many questions. One of the men placed an electronic device on the trunk lid and one under the car. I later learned that the device on the trunk lid would notify them via GPS that I opened the trunk and the other was an actual GPS to track the car. This was pretty new technology at the time and I remember being impressed by the amount of thought that was put into this endeavor.

They gave us a little bag of crystal so we could “stay awake” for the long drive to St Louis and not have to stop and rest. We were certainly appreciative at the time. We smoked less that ten minutes after we embarked on this journey. Thoughts of running off and taking the dope for ourselves crossed my mind but the fear of retaliation to me and my entire family made me think differently. I didn’t much care for my parents or my brother but I did have nephews that wouldn’t deserve paying for my stupidity. The thing I liked most about Trish is she was always horny as fuck when she was high. Junkies have a super high sex drive when they’re on dope and it is almost impossible to satisfy it. Sometimes we will fuck and fuck and fuck until we are raw. At the time, I thought it was great but the orgasms were never very satisfying. Several hours into the trip we finished the sack of glass they tipped us. I was driving good, wide awake, and just drove into the corner of Missouri. Six more hours and we are there. Trish had been begging me to pull over to fuck but I didn’t want the Cartel thinking we were making unscheduled stops so I declined. Trish finally had enough and stripped her jeans off and started to loudly masturbate in the passenger’s seat. I struggled to keep my eyes forward but I did my best. After several minutes of hearing her slosh her loose pussy around she finally let out a moan and rested. It was impossible to not be turned on by her actions so as soon as she finished I pulled my cock out and waved it at her. She needed no further instruction as she leaned over the console and started sucking like a pro. This, this was the moment that my life changed forever. This was the decision that ultimately reshaped the future of my life. Seven minutes into the road head I unleased a much needed load into Trish’s mouth. I was high and put more force on the back of her head than I typically would but I wanted to finish as deep in her mouth as I could. When I felt I was completely empty I released her. She was such a used up dope slut that the treatment didn’t even bother her. Before she met me she had been treated way more aggressively. She sat back down in her seat, looked up and screamed “Oh Shit”

I was so caught up in the blowjob and my own high that I hadn’t noticed the red and blue lights behind us. I heard the police siren blare and I panicked. I knew I’d go to prison if they searched the car so I floored the gas and though I’d outrun the old cop car. Next thing I know, we are going 112mph down the turnpike with now three police cars hot on my ass. I pushed this shitbox rental car to its breaking point. I heard a loud BOOM under the hood and the car died. The car rolled to a smoky stop. Trish and I bailed out the car and took off running in opposite directions. I made it less than 100 yards before the cops cornered me in a small forested area off the highway. I tried to fight but the truth is they kicked my ass. I might have gotten one good punch in but I didn’t really stand a chance. I was cuffed and dragged back to the highway and put in the back of a police car. Trish actually faired a bit better than me. She made it over a half hour before she was found. I later learned that skinny bitch hid inside a hollow tree stump.

We were taken to the local jail and I was interviewed by several detectives. I told them all to go fuck themselves. I denied knowing what was in the trunk of the car. I truly didn’t know technically but I wasn’t surprised to learn they found 200 lbs of crystal. I was surprised to learn one of the bags had three fully automatic sub machine guns in it though. That was a felony I was not prepared to take. The next day I was interviewed by a couple DEA agents. They threatened me with life in prison if I didn’t snitch. As scared as I was, I decided to keep my mouth shut in fear my nephews could be killed by the cartel if I said anything.

To make a long story shorter, six months later I was sentenced to 7 years in Prison. My court appointed attorney was good, but the evidence against me was just overwhelming. I was surprised to learn that the fucking cunt Trish took a deal. She spilled her guts, told the DEA everything and actually testified against me in my trial. She was only sentenced to two years. The biggest shocker however, is that Trish found out she was pregnant while she was incarcerated. At my trial she was 7 months along. I was angry that she was doing this to me, but I was a bit relieved that she was clean and the baby was not being drugged. I was pretty sure the baby was mine, Trish claimed it was, but not seeing it for the next 7 years was difficult to accept. A few months later Trish gave birth to a little girl she named Robbyn. I never got one phone call, one letter, or even a picture of the girl. When you’re in prison, you are powerless to the outside world.

While I served my time I met an old man named Beau who was serving life for his boss’ murder. Despite his history, the man was like a father to me. He was full of wisdom and he really motivated me to be a better man. Before he shot his boss in the face for sleeping with his wife, Beau was actually personal security for the local football team. Beau must have listened to way too many motivational speeches from the coaches because he was a real motivator. He was wise beyond his years and I credit him for turning my life around.

I was released from Prison after serving 5 years and 1 month. I was moved into a halfway “oxford” house for the first year I was out of prison. It not only motivated me to stay clean and sober, but it allowed me the ability to help council other addicts. Beau really taught me how to help people and I loved doing it.

I made several attempts to contact Trish and Robbyn but I had no idea where they were. I made over a hundred phone calls and found out they moved around a lot. Trish’s sister told me they haven’t seen them in years and last she knew, Trish had plans to move to New York state but had no idea where.

I never gave up my search for my daughter. Five years after my release I was doing pretty well for myself given my past. I was a head councilor in a program that helps drug addicts, sex addicts, alcoholics, and people suffering with depression. I made a fair salary that I used to go to night school and earned a degree in this field. I loved what I did and I was really getting good at helping people kick addiction and helping them through life’s real struggles. I felt I made a difference in the world and I was using my second chance in life to its fullest. I hired a private investigation firm to find Trish and Robbyn. They found where she had been arrested in a few states for drug possession, but she was long gone from those areas. She was really a drifter, running from the law, and dragging my daughter along the way. My new focus in life was to find my daughter and be a real father. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to be working.

Several years later, when Robbyn would have been a Jr High student, I got the worst news of my life. I was contacted by an FBI agent who informed me that my daughter Robbyn had been sold to human traffickers. That stupid cunt Trish was so strung out and in need of a high that she sold Robbyn to known traffickers in Florida. The investigator had recently busted a part of the organization and found documentation that Robbyn had been sold to them for five thousand dollars. The investigator said they also found Trish, deceased in her car of an apparent overdose.

I was devastated by the news. I was angry, and worried about Robbyn and what was being done to her. The agent was a really good dude and he not only told me a little about Robbyn, but he later mailed me the only picture they had of her. She was beautiful. Petite like her mother, but she was not ate up by drugs and a hard life.

The agent and I stayed in touch over the years. Every time they would get a tip or a hint of where she could be he would tell me. Mostly in countries in South America that I had barely heard of. I eventually lost some hope that Robbyn would be found. I continued to council people in my organization which had grown to cover three states. Although my own life was in turmoil, at least I could help others. I never really settled down with one lady in my entire life. I met plenty of great women that would be fun for a few months until the relationship or the sex grew stale then I would move on. Counseling people through their sex addictions opened up my mind to all the kinkiest parts of the human brain most people couldn’t handle. I found it intriguing and entertaining at times. There are some really freaky people out there that make gang bangs look like cuddling in comparison. Although I found it entertaining, I had an uncanny ability to talk them through finding a positive coping method for those addictions.

Six years after Robbyn was sold into human trafficking, the Agent called me and gave me the long awaited news that Robbyn had been found, she is alive, and they are bringing her back to the US. It was literally the best news I had ever heard in my entire life. We scheduled a meeting in Virginia where I would go and stay a few days while their doctors, Investigators, and psychiatrists treated Robbyn. I was so excited to see my daughter for the very first time even if she was now 19 years old. I wasn’t sure what kind of mental condition she would be in, but I was prepared to spend the rest of my life trying to help her through it.

When I arrived in Virginia I met with Robbyn’s psychiatrist and doctors. I was not mentally prepared for them to tell me what she had been through the past several years.

“Mr Smith I know this is difficult to accept, and we will give you all the resources we can to aid you and your family.” I heard the lady say this to me, but I was not comprehending any of it. I stared blankly at the window with tears in my eyes. I was full of confusion, shame, regret, and deep anger. I wasn’t sure at the time who I was most upset with at the time, the evil mother fuckers that stole my daughter’s life, or the worthless absent father who was an unaware enabler who I see in the mirror every day.

I learned that my daughter was purchased by a millionaire from Canada named Richard VanCole. He was an investment banker who had stolen millions from investors and before he was captured fled to South America with his fortune. VanCole had several homes along the coast but spent most of his time on his 8 million dollar yacht the size of a small town. VanCole had purchased a couple girls that lived most of their lives on the boat where they were subject to all his sexual desires. Robbyn and another girl named Sasha were his personal sex servants for years. I was informed he was rarely violent with them and even rewarded them for good behavior by taking them on luxurious vacations around the globe with his paid security team. I learned that his Yacht accidently drifted into international waters and the UN coast guard surrounded the Yacht. VanCole released the girls before going below deck and shooting himself in the head. Apparently he had thousands of hours of sex videos that he made with Robbyn and the other girl.

The worst part however, was when the shrink told me about Robbyn’s psyche after years of being with VanCole. Apparently Robbyn had a terrible condition of Stockholm syndrome. The personnel that originally interviewed her learned that Robbyn would only refer to VanCole as “Daddy” and she refused to say anything bad about him. Apparently she believed she loved him and she didn’t actually want to leave him. VanCole was 61 years old and Robbyn believed she belonged to him and it was her life’s duty to serve and please him. They didn’t go into much detail, but suggested their sexual acts were extremely perverse. Since Robbyn was brought to the medical center in Virginia, she had refused to speak. She was told I was coming to see her and take her to her real home and Robbyn didn’t even respond. The staff had purchased Robbyn a variety of moderate clothing, since she only has risqué outfits on the boat but Robbyn wasn’t responding well to wearing the body covering garments. Apparently she preferred the hooker clothing VanCole made her wear.

The medical center staff and the investigators had provided me with the knowledge, but they didn’t have many suggestions on how to help her adapt to normal life. We put together a plan, that involves me taking Robbyn home, if she was willing, and slowly allowing her to discover what freedom really was. She only had a 7th grade education and getting her enrolled in an education system for her would be a priority and a struggle. She had little experience with the newest technology and culture. I learned that the only television she was ever allowed to watch was hardcore pornography. She had missed out on a big part of a young lady’s life and it was my job to re-introduce her to reality without causing any more damage to her psyche and forcing her into an actual psyche hospital for who knows how long. The only real communication the staff was having with Robbyn at this point was through writing. Robbyn was unwilling or unable to talk to them but she would write down short answers to their questions. She still remembered how to type and text and they had plans to stay in touch with her both electronically and weekly visits to our home. Vancole had provided Robbyn with pretty good medical care over the years. She was healthy, a bit pampered, and now she was safer than ever.

When I finally got to see Robbyn, I stepped into her housing room and I burst into tears and stepped up to her with my arms out. I was hopeful for a hug but she just looked down and turned her back to me. I should have known that would seem odd from a complete stranger you’ve never seen before. She was told in advance I was her father but I can understand the hesitation. I composed myself and told her that I was happy to meet her, that I loved her, and that I will spend the rest of my life helping her become the happiest girl on earth. Robbyn was a petite girl, long blonde hair, and sky blue eyes that she definitely got from me. She was a beautiful girl. She was 5’2’’ tall, a little curve in her hips, and I hate to say it but she had a solid b cup. I had never seen her before so all I was doing was sizing her up.

We stayed at the medical center for 3 more days. Robbyn didn’t speak much but she would muster out short phrases when really pressed. I got her a cell phone on day 2 that allowed her to text me if she had something to say. I made it clear to her that she could tell me whatever she wanted and if she needed to tell me though text I would be happy to hear it. Robbyn agreed to write in a journal explaining what had happened to her from the time she was taken/sold to when she was rescued on the boat. Knowing that could take weeks and/or months complete, they were sending the journal home with her to use as a diary to explain what she had gone through. Since Robbyn was reluctant to speak, they believed this would provide help and evidence to fight human sex trafficking in the future. Apparently Robbyn had written in it some already and the investigators were happy with her detail and honesty in it so they encouraged her to continue as long as she could.

Slowly we made progress and the staff thought getting her out of the center and into her own home and own room would be a good next step. It was a 6 hour drive home but I think it would be a great time to get to know each other. We hit the road the next morning at 8am. What few belongings she had were loaded into my SUV and we drove off hoping this would be a new joyous beginning. I talked, and talked, and talked for the first hour. I kept babbling about how happy I was to see her and get her home. Robbyn nodded a few times but didn’t say much. I thought I was annoying her so I turned the radio on low volume. That was something Robbyn responded to. I saw she was slightly lip singing with the old country song on the radio. Music must be a real escape for her so I turned the volume up and started singing along. She was kind of doing the same but quietly. It was the first time I felt like we were connecting since we met.

Another hour later Robbyn appeared to have fallen asleep. I glanced at her as she slept peacefully and reminded myself how lucky I was that she was alive and right where she was supposed to be.

Robbyn woke around 2pm as we pulled up to my home. It wasn’t much but it was a good little house on the outskirts of town. I owned about 20 acres or forested area around my home that I like to bow hunt on. It was perfect for me and I think it would be a great place for Robbyn to begin her new life. I grabbed her bags and escorted her into the house. I walked her to her new room which I hadn’t had time to decorate or anything. It was a spare room with a queen bed and a couple dressers. It wasn’t much but it was a safe place to sleep. I gave Robbyn some privacy to put her things away and get settled in. I went to the kitchen and stuck a pizza in the oven. I wasn’t sure if she’d like it but I assumed it was a safe bet.

When it was done cooking I knocked on Robbyns door and told her that lunch was ready and to come on out and eat. A few minutes later she emerged from her room and I almost fainted. Robbyn apparently didn’t want to wear the clothes the staff got her. She came out to the kitchen wearing a tiny pair of yoga shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top. She definitely wasn’t wearing a bra. I saw her large pointy nipples trying to pierce through her shirt. Her nipples were much larger than her breasts would suggest. I was so stunned by her clothing I stumbled over my words about the food. Robbyn sat across the table from me and looked at the plate of pizza. She didn’t move, she just looked down waiting. I told her to go ahead and eat and she cautiously picked up the pizza and nibbled on it. I wasn’t sure why she was so reluctant but I assumed meals on that boat went a lot differently. I tried to make small talk but she didn’t say much. She just nibbled on the food and occasionally nodded. After she ate about half of her pizza, it was clear she was finished. I asked her if she needed anything from the store. I told her we could go get her anything she needed like clothes, bedroom furniture, a tv, or whatever she wanted. She briefly looked at me like she wanted to talk but she didn’t. I cleaned up the plates while she sat there silently, thinking about how I could get her to communicate. Then I remembered I gave her the phone to text me, which was about the only way she would communicate at the medical facility. I said to Robbyn “Why don’t you go ahead and text me a list of things you want. ANYTHING you want, and I will try to get them for you. I want you to be comfortable and feel at home here.”Robbyn glanced at me briefly and then walked back to her new room. I finished the dishes and I sent her a text “I really want to help you adapt here, what is something you want to make you feel more comfortable. Anything at all?”

I was trying to get an open line of communication started. I did do that, just not in the way I expected. Robbyn replied to me saying “I miss Daddy.” I read that statement and I hated myself all over again. That statement really hit me in the guts as it reminded me how much I have failed her. After a moment to calm my self-hatred I replied “I understand, but I am here for you now, your real dad, and I want to make you the happiest girl in the world. I will do whatever it takes to bring you joy in life.” I meant every word of that statement. I believed I would do anything to see her smile. I was not ready for her answer.

Robbyn replied “Daddy brought me joy with his cock. I’m not taking care of it like I should be.” As angry as I should have been thinking about that old bastard fucking my brainwashed daughter for years, I couldn’t help but to find that statement a little arousing. I responded: “The only thing you should be taking care of right now is yourself. Let’s not think about his needs, let’s think about your needs. What do you need right now that doesn’t have to do with him?” I waited for several minutes before I got a reply. Robbyn said “I don’t know. I’m horny and I don’t have Daddy or any toys or Sasha. Daddy would never make me go 2 weeks without making me cum.”

Honestly, how the fuck do you respond do that? What the fuck is an appropriate response? I have counselled a lot of sex addicts but I have never heard such a blunt answer. I couldn’t help but find myself aroused at her statement but I certainly wasn’t about to go fuck her. I wanted her to feel comfortable and I knew I couldn’t overreact so I thought out my response carefully. I said “Nobody is stopping you from servicing yourself. In your room you can do whatever you want in private. Masturbation is normal, and you are welcome to do it as much as you’d like in there or in the bathroom. This is your home now, you have all the freedom.” I think she’s way beyond birds and the bees talk. Might as well talk to her like she’s an adult and see how she responds. Robbyn surprised me again by saying “I can’t cum with my hands. I need my pussy fucked by daddy’s cock or with toys.” I couldn’t help but to cringe as my cock swelled to full size under my pants. I hated myself for responding this way, but I couldn’t get the idea of a professional fuck-slut in my house that’s crazy horny. I hated it because I wasn’t thinking of her as my daughter and as a toy just like VanCole did. I didn’t know what to do to help her. I couldn’t fuck her and I didn’t have any toys… or did I? I walked back to my bedroom and went through the spare drawer at the bottom of my dresser that my last girlfriend used when she stayed over. Not much was left in there except the one thing I was looking for. I pulled out an 8” suction cup dildo that my ex Sara liked to use. She liked to take it into the shower together and stick it to the wall. She would take turns between sucking on it while I fucked her doggy style, to turning around and fucking it while sucking my dick. She always wanted to have a 3 way with a guy and that was how she fantasized about it. It was a slender dong. It beat me a little by length but I had the advantage in girth. I held up the dong and snapped a picture of it. I sent the pic to Robbyn with the message “If it would help, my old girlfriend left this behind. You can have it if you want.” Less than 10 seconds passed before Robbyn replied “Yes please”

I walked down the hall and with a comical thud I suctioned the dong to the outside of Robbyn’s door. As I walked by I said to the door “It’s all yours.” I walked out to the living room and sat in my recliner. I heard her door open, the distinct sound of the dong being plopped off the door, then the door shut again right away. I was hard as a rock knowing what was about to happen in there. I got a message from Robbyn that said “do I have to be quiet? Daddy likes it when I talk dirty and it helps me get off when I do.” I read that message and I could feel precum ooze from my restrained cock. I replied “No baby, this is your house, you can make as much noise as you want and say anything you want to.” With that, I walked into my room which was more soundproof, and I laid on my bed. I turned on my television and turned up the volume. I told myself I wasn’t supposed to hear what was coming although my dick was excited to find out.

I can’t even remember what show I was watching. I was staring at the TV and couldn’t see or hear anything other than the thoughts in my head. My dick was hard and ready and my conscious was telling me to stop being a perverted piece of shit. Ultimately my smaller head was winning out. I couldn’t stop myself from slowly, one number at a time lowering the volume of the TV. I had only been in my room a couple minutes but it felt like hours by the time the TV was muted and I finally heard sound coming from Robbyn’s room. Our rooms were not directly next to each other thankfully as a closet and a bathroom separate them. I heard the unmistakable sounds of Robbyn talking. I couldn’t exactly hear what she was saying, but it sounded to be in a provocative tone. Against my better judgement I stood and walked to the nearest wall to her room to hear better. “I’m so sorry Daddy, I haven’t been there for you. Your poor balls must be so full and sore.” I heard Robby say before hearing the unmistakable sound of slurping and sucking.

I couldn’t resist anymore. I freed my cock and gripped it with a firm hand. I did the slowest couple pumps and felt a large glob of precum ooze out the tip and free fall to the floor. My cock was so hard I couldn’t remember a time it had been so excited. I felt the guilt and self-hate for just a moment before hearing Robbyn moan and say “Yes Daddy, oh yes that feels good. Babygirl hasn’t been fucked in a while and I’m extra tight. I have missed your cock so much.” Followed by grunts and moaning. I’m not usually a two pump chump but I blew my load right then. I pumped and pumped and I feel like I poured out a gallon. I looked down and realized I had painted the wall and the hardwood in my bedroom with one of the largest loads I have ever seen fly from this dick. The inevitable regret started creeping into my head. “I wish Sasha was here, I know how happy your little cum sluts make you Daddy” I heard her say. I was shocked at the vocabulary. She hadn’t said but a sentence to anyone in the last few weeks but she’s such an advanced dirty talker. I stood frozen with my dick out as I listened for another couple minutes as she built up her moans and groans before her approaching orgasm hit. She was talking much louder as she got closer. She grunted “That’s it Daddy I’m gonna cum on your cock. I’ve missed you so much. Please cum with me. Drain your balls into your horny little cumslut… Oh… Oh… Oh yeah Daddy I’m Cumming, IM CUMMING!!!…” I heard Robbyn grunt hard several times as she rode the waves of her orgasm until she went silent. That was undoubtedly the hottest thing I have ever listened to. Although my dick was full hardness again, I forced myself to tuck him away and calm myself.

I laid back down on my bed and heard my phone chirp. I had a message from Robbyn that read “Thank you. Can I keep this? I will probably need to cum a couple more times today. Can I get more toys? “ My dick lurched. I couldn’t believe her bluntness. It took me a bit to compose my words right but I responded “Of course you can keep it. Take all the time you need to do your business. Again, this is your house and you can do whatever makes you happy and feel at home. What other toys are you wanting?” I waited several agonizing seconds for her response. I was so hung on messages from her I felt like I was watching paint dry. Eventually I got her message and I couldn’t believe how advanced her knowledge of sex toys was. For some reason I had thought she was living in a cave all this time but it seemed as if she was living a porn-stars life. The Message read “I want a buttplug, a big one, daddy made us wear them every other day and I love the way it makes me feel so full and sexy. I also want a dildo that squirts fake cum. Daddy liked it when we played with it when making videos for him when he wasn’t around. I miss real cum. I also want a vibrator I can wear and control with this phone. Daddy got us some and teased us a lot. I miss the feeling of it. I don’t have any money but I can make some. Daddy says I make him lots of money when Sasha and me do things in front of his camera. I always liked it when he got the camera and told us to be extra naughty.”

That was a lot to digest. For one, she knows what she wants and I don’t think I should tell her no but I couldn’t possibly buy my own daughter such kinky toys knowing what she was going to do with them right? Second, she offered to pay for stuff making sexy videos. I was not going to let that happen, but who am I to tell her not to do something that it seems she really likes to do? I certainly didn’t know all the answers for her but I simply answered “I will see what I can do. But right now I want to go to the store and get some groceries. Would you like to go with me? You don’t have to. You can stay here if you want. What would you like for breakfast tomorrow?” I thought shifting the conversation would help rest my libido. I was hoping she might like to go see other people and open up her freedoms a little.

Robbyn replied in a text “I don’t think I am ready to leave here yet. I really just want to cum again I am still horny. You said I can use the shower so I might do that next. I don’t usually eat breakfast other than Daddy’s cum. That was one of my most important jobs was to wake him up every morning at 7am with a blowjob. I never failed him until now. If I can’t have daddy cum for breakfast I might just eat some fruit.”

Fuck…fuck fuck fuck… I couldn’t handle this. Everything about this girl was a perfectly made sex goddess. I cringed knowing it was trained into her for years but I couldn’t help but get aroused by the results. I was so hard and it was the very first day here. I collected my awful thoughts and replied to her as appropriately as I could. I said “Sweetheart, I will get you what I can for now but I will let you get whatever you think is best for you. I will set you up on my online shopping account and you can order whatever you’d like without having to go out shopping. The items will just arrive in the mail after two days. You will have an allowance to spend as you please on clothes, personal items, or whatever you want. You will not have to earn this money, it is simply a gift from a father to their daughter. Does that seem okay to you?” She responded quickly “yes that will be really good. I need clothes too. So many things are changing and I want to feel comfortable here.” That was her first real indicator that she wanted to be here and I can’t help but feel a bit proud at the moment. I responded “That’s great news. I really want you to feel comfortable here too. This is your new home now. I’m going to go run a few errands. I will be back in less than an hour. Take your time and explore the house as you wish. If you need anything you can call or text me and I can be back here in less than 5 minutes. Okay?” Robbyn responded “okay, can I cum while youre gone? Daddy didn’t like us cumming without his permission when he wasn’t there.” Just when I thought the conversation was steering clear of sex, she brought it right back. I finally made it as clear as I could. I said “YES of course you can. You can do whatever makes you feel good. It is your house, and it’s your body. You don’t need permission to make your body feel good. In fact when you are here alone you can do it anywhere in the house however you want to. I’m leaving now for an hour so explore all you’d like.” I gathered my things and left the house. Robbyn sent me a “thanks” message as I went down the road.

Shopping was impossible. My brain was scrambled as I walked through the produce at the market. Thinking I was looking at breakfast foods that were second best to 61 year old man’s cum to my daughter as the ideal meal. I looked at the bananas and couldn’t get kinky images from my head. I eventually gathered a variety of fruits and continued my mindless shopping. I checked out and loaded the groceries into my truck. I heard “Hey Jason… I heard your daughter was finally found. I’m so happy for you.” I turned to see one of my previous clients. Her name was Rachel. She was once a junkie that worked as a prostitute through the early 2000’s. She was just a white girl being passed around by her black dealers and turning tricks to support her habit for years. Given my past I was always very sympathetic to her situation and I helped her in her recovery efforts. She was one of my regular clients that showed up to NA and AA meetings every week for continued support. She has always been flirty with me but I don’t sleep with my clients. She was kind of pretty for a 45 year old with a rough life but she was a pleasant person to be around and she was a strong supporter in the group. She was roughly 5’2’’ tall and a little heafty around the mid-section. She had a big ass and rather small boobs but I’m not really much of a boob man anyhow. My favorite thing about the female body is the look of a great ass and the treasures it protects. I chatted with Rachel for a few minutes giving her vague answers about Robbyn. I wasn’t ready to talk in depth about her condition, certainly with a client but I did have one question I wanted answers. I asked Rachel in a long winded overly complicated way where a person could purchase personal massagers and such. Really I wanted to know if any place local sold sex toys to get for my daughter but I couldn’t exactly say that. If anyone trustworthy would tell me confidentially it was Rachel.

By the time Rachel caught on to what I was saying she had a bit of a giggle. She observed my obvious discomfort. “Jason, no need to feel embarrassed. There is a little shop down by the old train station downtown. It’s a bit sketchy but the items they sell are top quality. I used to work in the back booths years ago. I don’t go in there very often anymore but I see lots of the members from our group regularly. It’s the only place around here that sells the quality USA made toys and not Chinese junk.” Rachel could see my wheels turning. It was obvious I wanted to get some shopping done there but risking being seen by a member of the group would be bad. Bless her heart she saw my conundrum and offered “Jason, don’t feel embarrassed, but I can keep a secret. If you want me to go in and get you something I will so you don’t have to go in there. I mean it, I’ll get you anything. You know I don’t judge.” I less than convincingly declined her offer and acted as if it was about to leave. She responded “I’m serious. What is it you want? A dildo? Anal lube? A vibrator? Some DVD’s? I’ve always wondered what a man like you wanted. If you want your dick sucked in the booth you’d have to go in for that.” She looked at me quizzically with a serious non-judgmental look but I was retracting. I blurted out “I wouldn’t go in there for that” without any more context. Rachel reached out and grabbed my arm and looked me right in the eyes with those “stop pretending and tell me what you want” eyes. If I was ever going to actually get anything, I needed to be honest for a minute. I looked down and asked meekly “no judgement and no questions asked?” Rachel replied “Of course, we all have needs, even you. What do you want me to get you?”

I slowly gave Rachel the order as requested by Robbyn without telling her who the items were for. Rachel only asked one follow up question, she asked “How big of a plug?” as she dug through her purse. I didn’t know how to say BIG without sounding foolish. Rachel then pulled out two metal buttplugs from her purse. My eyes widened and I looked around to see who may be seeing what we were doing. Rachel said “They come in a few different sizes. I sleep with this one (as she held up a small metal plug with a pink gem on the end), and I wear this one when I want to really feel frisky or when we are in our meetings (she displayed the much larger one, roughly as round as a plumb) and the one I have in now is somewhere in the middle. It’s a better size for daily activities.” I couldn’t speak. It was too much at that moment. She wears plugs to our meetings? I would be lying if I didn’t look at her with a little arousal now. I simply nodded towards the larger one. She was totally professional about the verbal exchange. She told me it would cost about $150 for everything. I gave her $200 in cash and told her to keep the change for the favor. We arranged to meet at a park around the block from the shop. I went there and waited. I felt nervous like I was doing something criminal and thought I was going to get caught. I felt like I was a drug mule again. The thrill was exciting, but it made me feel uncomfortable.

20 minutes went by before Rachel met me. I was feeling awkward about the exchange when she handed me the bag of sex toys that I knew my daughter would be fucking soon enough. Rachel told me that the owner gave her a discount for being a former employee so she got something extra for me. I didn’t dare open the bag and stuffed it in the back seat. Rachel said to me “You know Jason, I’m not here to judge you, but if you were wanting to go there for some head you don’t need to. If you ever want your dick sucked just text me. I owe you a lot for your help in my recovery and I would love you show your cock my appreciation no questions asked. Spare me with the councilor mumbo jumbo about relapse before you even say it. Just know, if your balls ever start to ache, you can blow your load down my throat. Nothing more than one friend helping out another that has done so much for me. Have fun with your toys and I hope to see you at our meetings soon.” With that, Rachel got in her car and left. I had been so professional and maintained strict rules with my clients. But my daughter’s presence has awakened something in me. Something dark and kinky. I wanted to face-fuck Rachel right then and that was a thought I would have never had before. I need to get myself under control and I didn’t know how.

When I got home I walked in the house with arms full of groceries and the bag of sex toys. As soon as I walked in I smelled the distinct aroma of pussy. The smell of sex was in the air and knowing it was caused by Robbyn fucking my ex’s dildo made me instantly harder. I’m glad jeans do decent at hiding an aroused cock despite the discomfort. I didn’t see or hear Robbyn but her door was shut. I walked into the kitchen and set down the bags. I texted Robbyn that I was home and that I get her something. She replied “I’m really sorry I made a mess. I don’t usually squirt and I couldn’t control it.“ Yup, I need to jack off. I needed to nut because everything happening this day is making my dick go crazy and her openly telling me this is making me go nuts. I walked down the hall to my room and dropped the bag at her door saying “it’s okay, these are for you” as I walked past. I stepped into my bedroom and the aroma of sex was extra strong in there. Then I saw it. I saw the wetness on the top of my bed and pillows. I saw the distinct ring from the suction base of the dildo on my headboard. My daughter had stuck the dido to my headboard and fucked it on my bed before cumming all over the place I sleep. I whipped my dick out as I approached my bed and beat it like a mad man. Seconds later I made an audible grunt and blew my load onto the bed’s wet spot left by my daughter. It felt like my balls would never stop pumping. My knees were weak as the goo finally stopped and I stumbled back into a chair I kept in the corner. I must have passed out from pure sexual exhaustion.

I opened my eyes and took a moment to register where I was as it was now dark outside and in my room. I was feeling oddly comfortable with empty balls and a relaxed body. I found my phone in my pocket and read through the messages I had from Robbyn. I also had a couple photo messages from her. The first message, based on the time was right after I passed out a couple hours ago. The message read “Are you mad at me? I’m sorry. If you want to punish me I understand. I was just so horny and you said I could do it anywhere in the house while you were gone.” That statement actually stung a little. I didn’t want her thinking I was mad at her. The next message was a photo. It was a photo of a cylinder with three different inserts. I instantly recognized them as a pocket pussy kit. That must have been what Rachel meant by getting me something. I should have looked in the bag before I dropped it at her door and letting my animal instincts take over. The inserts were of a vagina, an anus, and a mouth. The message read “This is for you dad. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing I’m not the only one getting off here.” Two things about that message hit me. First, that was the first time she referred to me as Dad, and she said she was feeling more comfortable here. As fucked up as the circumstances were, a tear formed in my eye. It might be unorthodox progress, but it was progress. The next photo was what was really confusing. It was a photo of my bedding in a pile in front of the washing machine. I looked up and realized my bedding was gone. Robbyn must have come in and removed the bedding while I was napping. The horror hit me that I never put my dick away after I sat down. Robbyn had been in my room while I sat there snoozing with my spent dick hanging out. Worst of all the message on the photo said “I’m really sorry, I will wash them for you. You can always save your cum for my breakfast instead of wasting it on the bed if you want.” I want to say that this girl no longer surprises me or shocks me but that would be a lie. I guess a girl raised having cum for breakfast every morning might not look at the taboo situation that statement made. I was actively trying to make excuses in my head to make sense of all this. The last message from Robbyn said “I washed the bedding and folded them. I’m really sorry. I didn’t want to wake you so I placed everything in front of your door. I’m exhausted and I’m going to sleep. Goodnight Dad.” That little tear re-appeared as I looked past everything a realized my long lost daughter was finally home resting her sweet little head.

I opened my door and found my bedding folded neatly. On top the bedding was the pocket pussy and the attachments. Of course they were. That’s a little embarrassing but I’ve always wanted to try one and never had the guts to consider buying one. Given my new revved sex drive I might actually need it to get through my day. I made my bed and went to the kitchen for a snack and a beer. I had forgotten about dinner but saw that Robbyn had made a sandwich. Thankfully she fed herself while her idiot father was sleeping off an incest fueled jackoff session. Before heading to bed myself I decided to check in on Robbyn knowing I would probably be shocked by what I saw in there. I cracked her door open to look inside. Robbyn was sleeping soundly under the covers. The room was well kept and I didn’t see any toys around her room. The only thing I saw was her journal on the desk. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to read it or not but I felt I needed to. I needed to understand her at a deeper level. I didn’t think it would be violating her trust like a diary, but in this moment I needed to read it.

I walked to the table and grabbed the journal. I bent and gave Robbyn a brief kiss in her head. Damn she smelled good. The room smelled like sex, but I was full of fatherly love at that moment. That was the first contact we had ever made.

I went to my office across the hall from Robbyn’s room and opened the journal. Robbyn had been busy in the journal as she had written over a hundred pages of entries. I sat and read everything she had written. For the next several hours my emotions shifted from guilt, to sadness, to anger, to arousal, to guilt again. For better or worse, I viewed my daughter’s life through her mind.

Robbyn had a really rough childhood. She loved her mother Trish but suffered abuse because of that dumb cunt. Robbyn knew she had a father but Trish had told her I was in prison for the rest of my life. Trish moved Robbyn around all over the country living the drug fueled life she was accustomed to. Robbyn explained that her mother was a prostitute and serviced john’s in front of her regularly. Robbyn said guys would pay more money if she was present to watch her mom get fucked. Robbyn remembered when Trish sold her to traffickers in Florida. Robbyn remembers feeling abandoned by Trish and never saw her again. She didn’t know she had OD’d the day after her sale until she was rescued from the boat and she was told about me. Robby talked about going to a camp in Venezuela with dozens of other girls to be “trained” by a handful of men. Robbyn learned then that being quiet and willing to do anything they asked earned extra treatment. Robbyn said she learned to be a good dick sucker and that really helped her get through the training. Robbyn had a low gag reflex and learned from her mother how important being a good cocksucker was. Robbyn was so good at sucking cock everyone started calling her Bobbin Robbyn as a compliment. Robbyn said the girls were graded based on their sexual abilities and willingness. Robbyn had a high grade because she was an eager cocksucker who loved to swallow cum, she loved sex and had an amped sex drive, she allowed her ass to be stretched and learned to enjoy anal sex, and she was willing to get kinky with other girls. She was graded an A for her sexual score and a B for her attractiveness. Robbyn said girls that didn’t grade well were often punished and sold to mean men. She trained herself to love sex so getting purchased by a nice man was increased. Robbyn said she was graded lower on appearance because she didn’t develop big boobs and some men didn’t like her long nipples. All the trainers or “daddies” at this camp used condoms during sex with all of them but she was expected swallow cum no less than 3 times a day. Robbyn said she learned that she liked the older daddies cum the most. The younger daddies never had enough flavor for her particular taste. Robbyn and Sasha were purchased by VanCole as a pair. VanCole was impressed with Robbyn’s ability to deepthroat his cock and he liked the way Sasha and Robbyn connected sexually. Robbyn said VanCole (She always referred to him as MY DADDY) was impressed with the way Sasha and Robbyn genuinely cared for each other. Robbyn explained how adapting to life on the Yacht was difficult at first. VanCole had very strict rules for them. They had to wax their pussies every week, they were expected to dress like hookers all the time, they were the maids on the boat and had a strict schedule, Robbyn was so good at sucking dick she was his personal cock sucking alarm clock, and many other strict rules if they ever went to shore. They were rarely allowed entertainment other than the radio and they were required to watch porn of his choosing when he felt the need. He got them both on birth control that was inserted in them, the kind that lasts up to 5 years. Robbyn said VanCole loved to watch her and Sasha fuck each other. He trained them to use every toy imaginable but her favorite was a double headed dong and her favorite thig to do was share it with Sasha ass to ass while sucking VanCole’s dick. The girls were not allowed to speak to anyone without his permission but they were encouraged to talk dirty during sex. VanCole rarely hurt them but he would slap them if they did not comply with his rules. Robbyn said VanCole had friends over at least once a month and allowed his friend, up to 6 at a time, to fuck her and Sasha. Robbyn said VanCole sometimes fucked them after all the other men. Apparently fucking a worn out pussy full of other guys cum is arousing to him. What shocked me most was that Robbyn actually loved this lifestyle. She loved Sasha and she loved VanCole. She loved being a cumslut and she didn’t realize she was a prisoner. She viewed VanCole as the man who saved her from the camp in Venezuela. Robbyn was truly a nympho cumslut, loved being treated as one, and she is obviously confused why the life she enjoyed was taken from her. The journal was not complete yet, but I felt I understand Robbyn at a much deeper lever. Tears were pouring down my face as I returned the journal and gave her one more kiss on the head before retiring to my room for sleep. It was right then I promised myself to do whatever necessary for Robbyn to live her happiest life.

I woke up to the sound of moaning. I sat up in my bed confused for a moment before the reality dawned on me. Robbyn was in the shower, I could hear her moan and the water running. “Fuck Yeah Daddy… I love your cock Daddy.” My cock instantly plumped and I knew I needed to drain it before the day got any further. It was then the pocket pussy on the dresser caught my attention. Fuck it, why not right? I grabbed the mouth shaped sleeve, poured a little lube from my bedside in it, and worked my swollen cock in as Robbyn was on the other side of the wall moaning. Honestly, the sleeve felt really great. I have no idea why I hadn’t bought one before then. I heard “Daddy what hole do you want to cum in… They’re all yours.” Yeah, that got me close. Then she grunted “I’m cumming on your cock again daddy.” Her grunts pushed me right to the breaking point as I heard her ride out her orgasm. I kept stroking and then heard the water turn off. I froze because the water was no longer masking the sounds of the slippery toy gliding across my cock. I needed to cum so bad that I almost said fuck it and kept going but I stayed froze. I heard Robbyn step out of the shower, towel off, then exit the bathroom and enter her room. Four or five jerks is all it took before I unloaded my again full balls. I did some advance thinking this time and had a towel handy to catch the mess. That pocket pussy was really pretty great. As I got cleaned up I heard noise in the kitchen. I wanted to shower before the day started but I wanted to say hello to Robbyn first and make sure she was okay after last night. I pulled up my pajama pants, put on a modest t-shirt and walked out.

I walked into the kitchen and said “good morning” as Robbyn came into view standing at the sink. I froze and couldn’t move. Robbyn glanced at me then back down to the sink and froze. She was washing her toys. She had the dong I gave her and one I hadn’t seen before in the sink. Washing dildos isn’t what surprised me, it was her choice of outfit that did. Robbyn was wearing a white skirt that was no more than 9 inches top to bottom. The bottoms of her ass were just barely hanging out. A bright pink g-string ran up and out the skirt before circling her waist above her skirt and she was wearing a skin tight strapless shirt that did nothing more that cover her boobs and wrap around her back leaving her stomach bare. She looked fucking HOT. Robbyn froze and looked down like she does. I needed to act quickly and make her feel comfortable in her house. Even if she was dressed like a hooker while washing dildos this was her home and her safest place. I blinked and approached her from behind. She didn’t flinch and she didn’t look scared, just submissive. I stood behind her and briefly kissed (in a fatherly way) the top of her head and said again “good morning” before turning to the coffee pot and started preparing it to brew. Robbyn glance at me and we made the briefest eye contact. That only lasted until I saw her long pointy nipples trying to pierce through her shirt. Damn it! When I looked back at her face she turned back to the sink with just the tiniest smile on her face and she continued to wash the dildo as before. This was a comfortable moment for us and it actually felt kind of right. When the pot started to brew I turned to Robbyn again and I couldn’t help but admire that beautiful behind of hers. The problem is that my cock was swelling again and the pajama pants couldn’t contain it at all. I needed to get out of there. I walked past Robbyn and announced that I was gonna take a shower before cooking breakfast.

I stormed into the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I kept the water cold and calmed my dick. I knew the day would be a struggle. After my shower I dressed in tight jeans and a long shirt that covered my waist. Robbyn was in the kitchen when I got back. She was drinking coffee and looking at her phone at the table in that wonderful FUCK ME outfit. I tried to make small talk with her but she didn’t respond much. I cooked bacon and eggs with a bowl of fresh fruit cut up. I served Robbyn a plate of food and she nibbled around it a little. She ate the fruit but didn’t barely touch the bacon and eggs. She glanced at me occasionally and nodded to some of my questions but didn’t say anything. She seemed overly occupied with her phone. It was her first smart phone and a 19 year old girl is expected to be attached to it. When I was finishing my plate Robbyn yelped. I looked at her surprised and her bulging eyes were staring at her phone. She yelped again and I heard what sounded like a small vibration sound. Then again and again. Robbyn was frantically tapping buttons on her phone and looked destressed. She looked at me and my obvious face of concern must have got her attention. “Help” she said meekly and handed me her phone. When I looked at the screen I almost started laughing. It was an app for a Bluetooth vibrator. She must have the vibrator in her and she cannot figure out how to stop it. I navigated the settings and turned it off just seconds after she let out a yelp and groan of obvious pleasure. She was panting a little and wide eyed as I turned the phone to her and showed her what buttons activate and deactivate the device. She looked embarrassed but I wasn’t going to allow that. Embracing the awkwardness of the situation I said “Good thing it didn’t stay on until the battery died. Would’ve scrambled the eggs a second time.” It was a poor attempt at a joke but Robbyn cracked a small genuine smile. I handed the phone back to Robbyn and collected the dishes on the table to dispose of them. My phone chirped and it was a message from Robbyn that said “thanks for the save. I’m still learning apps. Will you download it and control it? Give it a little buzz from time to time. When it’s unexpected it’s much better.” I swallowed hard and tried to collect my thoughts. How could I justify this? I was going to cave ultimately so I just skipped to the end. I looked at Robbyn over my shoulder and said “I suppose I could do that, go get the instructions from the box so I can link it.” Again I saw that beautiful little smile on her face. She stood and walked to her room. I watched her walk away and my dick stirred. I was in real libido trouble. I needed help. It would be hard to explain what was happening to anyone who wouldn’t assume the worst. I don’t want to lust for her but I can’t help it. Robbyn came back a minute later and set the instructions on the table.

Just then my phone rang. It was a number I didn’t recognize. I answered it and a man with a strong middle eastern accent was on the other end. It was Sasha’s Uncle who is her caregiver now. Basically he was having trouble getting Sasha to communicate and when she would, all she wanted to do was talk to Robbyn. I thought this would be a great idea for the two of them to talk so we set up video chat on their phones and set them up to video chat. Robbyn was almost in tears when Sasha’s face came on the screen. The two of them didn’t really talk and I assumed it was because of my or her uncle’s presence. I suggested to her uncle that we give them privacy. He agreed and I decided to leave the house for a bit and allow Robbyn to speak to Sasha freely without being confined to her room. I told her to call or message me if she had any questions before I left. Right as I was about to walk out Robbyn held out the instructions for the toy she had in her twat. She really did want me to use it. I took the instructions and left in my truck. I drove around for few minutes lost in my thoughts. I didn’t know what to do. I needed help and only one person came to mind that felt I could confide in.

I called Rachel. She was more than excited to hear from me. She answered the phone with a “Thank you for calling, I was worried I scared you off.” She agreed to meet me with me and invited me over to her place. When I got there, I was less than impressed with it. It was a small studio apartment is a lower quality part of town. It was amazing that she hasn’t relapsed living in that environment. Rachel was wearing yoga pants and a form fitting t-shirt. Yoga pants looked pretty good on that fat giggly ass of hers. She sensed my internal conflict and encouraged me to talk to her. Rachel re-assured me she was the most trustworthy and non-judgmental person I know. She knew I was stressed and needed to talk. I spilled my guts to her. I told Rachel everything. I told her about the journal, the urges I was having, and my struggle with the temptations. When I was finished telling my darkest secret I exhaled a huge sigh of relief. Something about telling someone you believe to be trustworthy a huge life secret feels relieving. Rachel approached me and embraced me in a tight hug. I needed that. I sobbed a little and melted into the physical contact. I was weak, and she cared for that moment of weakness. We bonded right then that I haven’t experienced before.

“You’re in a tough spot Jason, uncharted waters, and nobody on earth would know how to navigate that” Rachel said. She was right of course. Rachel offered to come over to my house to meet with Robbyn. Rachel believed a female may encourage Robbyn to communicate and adapt to her new home. I had nothing to lose so I agreed. I held up the instructions for the vibrator app and looked at Rachel quizzically. “Do it, and have some fun with it. No shame playing her games and enjoying yourself. Just know where the line is to be drawn, or not. If you play her games she will be more trusting.” Rachel really made a good point and it made me feel less guilty. “I cant fuck her” I said out loud. Rachel responded with “then find a way to control yourself on your own terms. If that’s where you draw the line, then find a way to get relief before it gets to that point. I nodded in agreement and I was glad to have a partner to help tackle this overwhelming pressure.

I downloaded the app and the device linked through WiFi. I hadn’t realized that was possible. I instructed the app to give the vibrator a few short bursts. A moment later I got a message from Robbyn that said “yes.” I txt Robbyn asking if she would like to meet my lady friend. I said another female would make the place feel like a more comfortable environment. Robbyn replied “that would be okay. Im gonna take the vibrator out for just a bit so I can ride my dildo. Are you going to be back soon?” Rachel was looking over my shoulder as I read that message. “Wow, you poor man. That’s gotta be tough on you.” I gave her the “that’s why I’m here asking for help” look. I texted Robbyn back “We will be there in 30 minutes. Is that okay?” Robbyn responded “Yes, I can definitely cum before then. Sasha said we can do it together on video. Do you want me to change before your friend sees me? “ I was breathing heavy reading the message. Rachel read it over my shoulder, let out a small moan and said “No, let her be comfortable in her house. She can wear whatever makes her feel comfy.”

As I typed out that response Rachel walked around me and knelt between my legs. She reached out and grabbed my hard cock trapped in my jeans. I jerked and tried to withdraw but she cut me off. “You poor thing. This is torture for you. Just shut up and let me drain you. You’ll feel better and be more focused.” I was defeated. She already knew everything. I finally gave up, laid back against the couch and stopped resisting. Rachel unsnapped my pants and with expert precision, pulled out my hard dick without scraping the zipper. She shimmied my pants and boxers down to my ankles. I lifted my ass just enough to assist. Rachel stroked my cock slowly and said “You have a nice cock Jason, and these poor balls are so full.” She used her other hand to massage my balls gently. I groaned in approval. “Are you a heavy cummer Jason. Are you going to blow a big load for me?” I groaned louder. I was so excited that I was ready to blow already and she knew it. I was so aroused and so sensitive that it would happen very fast. I nodded my head yes. A big blob of precum was oozing out the tip. Rachel slurped the tip and swallowed the glob. I was not going to last another second and she knew it. Rachel blurted out “Feed me a big load for breakfast daddy” and she pushed my dick into the back of her mouth. Her words and only a couple head bobs caused me to unleash. I almost shouted when I shot stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth. Rachel was an expert cocksucker and didn’t let a drop spill. She swallowed as fast as I could pump it in her. When I was just about spent she pushed my dick all the way in and I felt it poke into her throat. She waited like that for a moment so every last dribble drained into her throat. She slowly withdrew from my cock and slurped out any remaining cum I had left. I felt like she sucked the soul right out of me. She looked at me and a huge smile crept across her face. She spoke first and said “I thought that little role play would help and it clearly did. And you do cum a lot even for your second load today.” Rachel stood up and composed herself. I said “Thank You.” As I tucked away my dick and zipped my pants.

We arrived at the house 30 minutes later as promised. Robbyn was sitting on the couch as we entered. I introduced them to each-other. Robbyn gave Rachel a mild nod. Rachel complimented Robbyn on her beauty. She sat next to Robbyn on the couch and tried some small talk. Robbyn still didn’t really say much but she didn’t look uncomfortable. Rachel eventually gave me the little head nod that said “give us some privacy” so I retired to my office. As soon as I walked in, I could smell sex again. I looked around and found the ring from a suction dong on a metal file cabinet. It was a couple feet off the ground. She must have been on her hands and knees fucking it doggy style right here in my office. I sat and browsed online for a bit. I inevitably started looking at lingerie and toys. My head was overwhelmed with naughty ideas. I decided to be a little naughty and I transmitted to the vibrator to give Robbyn a long powerful vibration that increased in intensity for a full ten seconds. A minutes later I got a text from Rachel that said “Don’t stop, and don’t come out here.” I wasn’t sure why but I followed instructions.

For more than an hour I sat playing with the different vibration options. Pulsing, random, long escalations… That tech was really pretty advanced. I eventually heard my office door open and Rachel stepped in. She was smiling big. At the same time I heard Robbyn’s door open and close across the hall. “We’ve made a breakthrough” Rachel said excitingly as she shuffled over. She had my full attention and I was clearly eager to hear what happened. “She will talk and tell you whatever you want to know if she’s being pleasured. She wouldn’t say much until you started playing with that remote then she just opened up.” Rachel kneeled on the ground between my legs again before continuing “She needs a Daddy. She knows no other way of life.” Rachel again reached out and unclasped my pants. “She’s going to fuck her dildo right now and the idea is making me really horny.” I again helped her pull my pants down. I was almost fully hard. Rachel removed my pants and boxers completely. And tossed them aside before reaching for my dick and giving it a gentle strokes. Just then we heard Robbyn let out a moan. My dick jumped and Rachel grinned even wider. “I told her I sucked this cock just before we came over.” Rachel paused for effect as I was hanging on her every word. “Yes Daddy, Ohhhh” Robbyn moaned. Rachel moaned hearing that too. “When I told her I sucked your cock she had a mini orgasm before telling me she needed to go to her room and cum” I groaned very loud. I know I had cum twice already today, but I was fueled like never before. Rachel hissed “Now she’s in there fucking her dildo knowing we can hear her. This is so wrong and hot.”

Rachel maintained her evil grin while agonizingly slowly stroking my cock. Rachel brought a condom wrapper to her mouth and tore it open with her teeth. She pulled the rubber out, placed it on the tip of my dick and with one smooth expert move used her lips to roll it down my cock. Robbyn groaned from her room “Daddy please fuck me. I’m your little cumslut.” Rachel, hearing those words, moaned with the tip of my cock in her throat. She stood up and said “This is so fucked up but I’m so fucking horny. Get up here and fuck me while you listen to your daughter beg for daddy cock.” Rachel peeled the yoga pants off her bubble butt down to her knees. She leaned over the desk and showed me that big beautiful ass with a little black thong covering her best parts. I was surprised she was a thong wearer but it was a pleasant surprise. She reached back and pulled the string from her crack to the side. Rachel was crazy horny and I was thrilled to see she was wearing a jeweled butt plug. I wasted no time lining my cock up to her slippery snatch and easily gliding in. She was so wet and she was not really tight but it felt hot and good. She let out a satisfying moan. It was then Robbyn cried out “I love your cock daddy” from her room. Rachel turned to look at me and she moaned whispering “I love your cock daddy” I revved up my efforts. Robbyn went quiet then. After pumping Rachel for another minute she was starting to build a series of groans as she was nearing an orgasm. I gripped her hips firmly and started slamming harder and harder knowing it was Possible Robbyn could hear. Something about her hearing me fuck Rachel was extra taboo and I was lost in my thoughts. Rachel grunted and gasped as I felt her sloppy pussy quiver. I hammered her as hard as I could until I triggered my own orgasm. My dick and balls were almost sore from the recent workout. I hate cumming in condoms but it is what it is. I pumped another dozen times making sure I filled the end of the condom with everything I had left. Frankly, I was exhausted. If I hadn’t been so sexually charged by Robbyn I probably wouldn’t have ever fucked Rachel I was pleasantly surprised by her actions.

I pulled from Rachel’s slit with a slosh and fell back into my chair. Eventually Rachel recovered and pulled her yoga pants up. She turned to me and dropped to her knees between my legs again. She seems comfortable there. She spoke softly “I’m sorry Jason I got carried away there. That girl of yours’ kinkiness is contagious. No man could stand a chance given the circumstances.” Rachel handled my dick and pulled the condom off being careful to not spill the load. She removed the condom and tied it at the end before setting the slimy bag on the desk. Rachel then lowered her head and sucked my softening cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked my dick clean before standing up and sitting on my desk in front of me. She looked at my condition and said “Why don’t you go take a nap. I’ll make Robbyn lunch and see if she will open up to me a little more. I was tired and I didn’t feel like arguing. I gathered my clothing and retreated to my room. I put on my pajama pants and flopped on my bed. I was out in minutes.

I woke up in late afternoon. I woke up to the sound of two females laughing down the hall. I got up and made my way out there and was pleased to see Robbyn and Rachel sitting next to each other on the couch. Rachel had my laptop and they were looking at something. When I caught there attention as I walked in Rachel gave me a sweet “good morning sleepyhead” greeting. Robbyn looked at me and gave me a meek smile. I smiled back and replied to the verbal greeting. Robbyn didn’t look down or submissive. She seemed comfortable and dare I say happy? She was still wearing that sexy little outfit that looked spectacular on her. I sat on the couch next to Rachel and learned they had been going through internet videos. They were currently watching a video about modern phone apps. Things most of us had grown and learned with but Robbyn is just learning for the first time.

“We should go get some dinner” Rachel said to me with wide eyes that suggested we needed to talk in private. I fumbled for a second and agreed. Apparently Rachel learned that Robbyn loved seafood and she suggested we go and get some shrimp and Rachel would make Alfredo for supper. I went to my room and put on some Khaki shorts. Things appeared calmer and my dick was pretty worn out so I didn’t think I was in need of tight jeans to conceal my hardon. Rachel and I left in my truck and she filled me in on her time with Robbyn. “That girl is a real kinky freak. I’m serious, and I don’t think that’s ever going to change. She is the literally a custom built fucktoy and she loves it.” I nodded my head in agreement. She continued “She’s eventually going to fuck you ya know. I encouraged her to maybe find a boy her age and she was terribly dismissive. She is most attracted to older daddy type men.” I couldn’t speak. I had nothing to say that would make that statement any less uncomfortable. “We found the site her capture posted all their recent sex videos on. This girl might be a better cocksucker than me.” I looked at her quizzically and said “You watched them? With her?” Rachel responded “Yeah it was her idea. She loves watching herself get fucked. I don’t know how to explain it. She doesn’t see sex like we do. We see it as fun and she sees it like its oxygen. She thinks sex is necessary to survive and I think you should indulge her some. You don’t have to fuck her but she responds well in intimate situations. I know it’s crazy but it’s true.” I looked at Rachel with needing eyes and I said demandingly “What did you do?” Rachel said “I got her to talk and it wasn’t hard. I fingered her for a little while and she told me anything I wanted to know. It works and it make her comfortable. She confessed anything I asked. I was a little bad with her and please don’t be mad, but the good outweighs it. She is talking and she wants you to love her.” My stupid cock was growing again thinking about Rachel fingering my daughter while I slept. I asked “What did you do exactly?” as we were pulling into the grocery store parking lot. Rachel pointed at the far end of the parking lot with the fewest cars and said to pull in there first. I did, turned off the engine and looked at Rachel anticipating her answer.

Rachel scooted over in the seat to the middle of the truck. Rachel reached for my fly with her left hand and said “Take your cock out and I will tell you everything. It’ll be easier to hear while I jack you off. I sighed, but complied. Who wouldn’t have? I undid my shorts and Rachel pulled out my half hard dick and pumped it a few times. Rachel spit into her hand and used her saliva to smear over the shaft before starting a slow rhythm or jerks. Rachel seductively whispered in my ear “You know your daughter is a cumslut right?” My dick flexed and I let out a moan. I think that question was rhetorical. She continued “Remember when you fucked me earlier in your office?” I nodded. “Remember blowing your load in that condom?” I nodded again, feeling myself building an orgasm. Rachel whispered “The cum from that condom is in your daughters belly.” My eyes shot wide in disbelief. My dick flexed hard and Rachel increased her efforts stroking a little faster. She continued “I fed your cum to your cumslut daughter and she fucking loved it.” I let out a gasp and a groan and threw my head back. I was about to blow another load. Rachel knew it was about to happen and lowered her head to my dick and started bobbing her mouth down my shaft as I erupted. Rachel eagerly drank my rather modest load and sucked my dick clean again. She sat up and smiled. “It was hot, and she loved it. Nobody got hurt, and it was what boosted her to tell me all about her love for cum. Don’t freak out anymore. I have a plan for tonight to make you two a little closer and it doesn’t involve her fucking your cock so relax. I’m gonna run in and grab a few things. While I’m gone go ahead and ask Robbyn through text what she thought of it.“ Rachel had a huge grin and stepped out of the truck and walked to the store.

It took longer than anticipated for me to text Robbyn but I finally asked ”So, what do you think of Rachel?” Robbyn replied quickly “I like her. I am really comfortable around her.” I replied “That’s great I am glad you like her she has been my friend a long time.” I was intentionally trying to keep the conversation PG to see if we can actually just communicate like a father and daughter should. She of course immediately wrecked that by saying “She let me eat some of your cum. It was pretty good. Bet it’s better fresh and warm.”… How could I possibly answer that? For the past two days I have struggled to find words like never in my life. I eventually responded “I’m glad you are getting more comfortable and willing to tell me things.” She answered “Me too.”

I didn’t say anymore after that. When Rachel got back from the store she had a few bags and a huge grin on her face. She put the bags in the back and got in the truck. Before she asked I said “I talked to Robbyn… Things are moving a bit fast and overly strange but I think it’s actually good for her.” I looked at Rachel seriously and followed up “Thank you for what you are doing, but be careful with her.” Rachel nodded and we went back to the house. When we got there things actually felt a little normal. Rachel cooked shrimp Alfredo while Robbyn and I sat at the table. We had a rather basic conversation about foods we liked and disliked. Robbyn didn’t say much but I did learn she doesn’t like olives or carrots. We sat and ate dinner together. Robbyn had a better appetite since the pizza she barely ate. After supper Rachel and I washed the dishes while Robbyn was on her phone in the living room. She had been talking to Sasha almost nonstop and I hoped it was helping.

Rachel went to the bathroom and announced to Robbyn that “it” was ready. She saw the puzzled look on my face. Rachel told me as if it was normal “The wax is ready, we are going to do some pampering.” Robbyn looked pretty excited actually and the two retreated to the bathroom. They were in there for almost an hour and I heard nothing from them. I had gotten a photo text from Robbyn. The message read “looks better now doesn’t it.” Followed by a close up photo of Rachel’s hairless pussy and asshole. She didn’t have the plug in, but I recognized that worn out slit from earlier. My worn out dick and balls barely responded. They were clearly appreciative of the sight but just exhausted. I responded “Much better.” And left it at that.

Another several minutes passed before the bathroom door opened and I saw Rachel emerge from the hallway. She walked up to me seductively with a huge flushed smile. She stood between my legs and pulled the front of her pants and panties down displaying her now hairless pussy mound. “You like?” she said seductively. I nodded and couldn’t help but smile at the attention she was giving me. “She’s very thorough ya know… and we agreed we are going to do you next.” I chuckled a little thinking it was a joke. “I’m serious” she said and I could tell by her demeanor that she was. “I… don’t know about that.” I said. In truth I had never considered something so painful and trivial. I admit I had been pretty relaxed on trimming my balls and pubes over the years but waxing is serious. I couldn’t imagine how painful that must be. “It’s only fair. This will now be a pube free household. It’s not as bad as you think and we will be very, very gentle.” I didn’t have time to protest before Rachel pulled her pants up while Robbyn entered the room carrying a small sack and what looked like a crockpot. I learned pretty quick that it was the wax warmer. Robbyn was clearly in a good mood as her body language and face expressed happiness. Rachel said to Robbyn in a sarcastic tone “He said he isn’t sure if he can do it.” Robbyn’s face instantly started to sower. I was almost pissed that she said that. I really didn’t want to be the reason she felt sad about anything. I interrupted “I..I… I can do this…. I think.” I was less than convincing. “Promise us you will do it. All of it. Until we are finished.” Rachel said as if she was the authority in this house. Truth be told, she kind of was in this moment. I nodded and said “Fine, but I need a drink first. This is a bit out of my comfort zone.” Robbyn smiled a genuine full face smile. It was beautiful and heartwarming and in that moment I wanted to keep that look on her face by any means possible. Rachel interjected “Since it is probably your first time you better go shower to soften the hairs. I will bring you a drink.” With that she pulled my hand so I got to my feet and she escorted me towards the master bathroom. As we entered she pushed me against the counter and kissed me. This was unexpected. I returned the kiss not knowing how else to respond. Something was different though. I felt her tongue probe my mouth and the taste was…familiar. Her mouth tasted like sex. It tasted like pussy. She broke the kiss, looked at my confused face and said seductively “Yes, that is the taste of her pusssy, and yes it is delicious.” My jaw dropped and words couldn’t be found. “Hop to it, we don’t have all night” she said as she walked out.

I slowly undressed and jumped in the shower. The water was extra hot and steamy. My brain was doing backflips as I was trying to put my life situation into perspective. My client (hardly a title now) just ate my daughter’s pussy in my house before kissing me. The taste lingered and my cock was growing. It had never been so used before this day. Soon, my daughter and Robbyn were going to wax my pubes and I couldn’t say no. The idea of Robbyn touching my cock and balls was so wrong but the idea was so appealing. I heard the bathroom door open. Rachel walked to the shower and pulled the door open. She handed me a glass with what I assumed to be alcohol as she said “Bourbon and coke is all I found. Oh, and don’t jerk off. It’s work better when the balls are full.” She was so confident and spoke as if this was just another mundane task and nothing taboo or freaky. I stood in my steaming shower drinking a stiff drink and it actually felt therapeutic. The drink was probably 90% bourbon and 10% coke but it went down fast and smooth. I took my sweet time lathering and rinsing my dick and balls not believing what I was about to do. Eventually I had stalled long enough and it was time to face the music. My dick wasn’t going to relax anytime soon so I had better just get this over with. I told myself this was not going to be fun and it would feel like torture but I knew I was anxious to have two women handing my cock.

I got out of the shower and felt the effect of the drink as my body temp returned to normal. I toweled myself off and wrapped the towel around my waste. I took several breaths before opening the door with false confidence that I could handle this. When the door opened I saw Robbyn sitting on my bed with that huge girlish grin. Damn she looked fine. Those long pointy nipples were starring right back at me through the flimsy top. I looked around the room and saw Rachel rummaging through my closet. She said “Now what do we have here? I knew you were keeping something hidden from me.” Rachel drug out a small chest I kept in the back. I knew exactly what she had found in the box and I was surprisingly excited and okay with her snooping. The chest contained a modest collection of restraints and light bondage tools. I used to date a girl that was really into bondage and I acquired these toys to please her. I hadn’t used them in a few years. I should have been embarrassed but the sudden rush of alcohol had me pretty relaxed and confident. I said proudly “A magician never reveals their tricks.” The girls both giggled a little. Looking back I know that was a dumb joke but their laughter was encouraging. “Well Mr Magic Man, lay down on the bed and let’s make you comfortable.” Rachel said reassuringly. Robbyn hopped off the bed and I sat down much aware of my boner being visible through the towel around my waist. “Scoot up and lay back silly” Rachel ordered. I did as I was told and watched her pull a couple restraints from the box. I knew where this was headed and a little panic started to set in. Rachel handed Robbyn one of them and said “We don’t want him backing out of a promise now do we. Go put this on his arm.” I was silent with an obvious look of concern as the girls approached my sides. I was weary to comply but I did. Robbyn and Rachel both took the leather restraints and clasped them around my wrists then attached the other ends to my steel headboard. I could move my arms a little but I couldn’t reach my face or anything. Next, Rachel pulled out a ball gag. I tried to protest and before I could muster out a word she put a finger to my mouth and shushed me. “This will give you something to bite down on if you feel a pinch” she said as I allowed her to put the ball in my mouth and secure the clasp a little too tightly behind my head. I don’t know why I was so compliant, but I felt powerless to stop them and now I was actually powerless.

“Alright, now we are ready!” Rachel announced with joy. The wax warmer and supplies were on my dresser and the girls approached them and started preparing the items. There was no turning back now. The girls approached me with giggly attitudes and climbed on the bed near my waste. Without warning Rachel whipped my towel open and they both had an unobstructed view of my full hard-on. I looked at Robbyn who let out a groan and looked at it hungrily. Rachel reached out and gave it firm grip and a painfully slow stroke. Robbyn, for the first time spoke without being pressed and said “That’s a nice cock.” The words made me moan and my dick pulsed a little. Rachel was thrilled to hear her say that and replied “It really is, and it will be much nicer when it’s smooth and bare. Here, feel how hot it is.” Without more invitation Robbyn reached out and closed her hand around my tip. I moaned again. Her soft little hand seemed to be a perfect fit around the width. Precum oozed from the tip and her palm smeared it around the head. “Careful Baby” Rachel warned “We can’t let him cum until we are finished.” Rache land Robbyn both released my cock which gave me a pinch of disappointment. Rachel moved the wax warmer closer to my groin and brought a large popsicle stick covered in wax up to my family jewel. The panic set in and I tried to tell her to be careful but the ball gag wouldn’t allow me to form any words. When the wax touched my skin to the right of my dick I was relieved that it was not as hot as I expected. She then grabbed a strip of cloth and firmly rubbed it into the wax. Robbyn repeated her process on the left side of my dick. They simultaneously rubbed the fabric firmly and it caused my cock to sway left to right. When the fabric was properly matted Rachel said “Okay, this is gonna sting a bit. But you promised to go through with it. It will hurt less the more we do.” The look of terror had creeped on my face. Rachel said to Robbyn “Why don’t you hold his cock while I do the dirty work.” Robbyn didn’t hesitate to grab midway up my shaft with her hand. She looked me in the eyes and again spoke without being encouraged and said “I really like your cock.” I groaned and flexed my dick. Just then Rachel ripped the first strip. I screamed as loud as I could through the gag. That mother fucker hurt like hell. I can’t even pretend that it was anything less than fire. I took a breath and she ripped the other. I whaled out again as the burning sensation flooded my groin.

“Good job champ. Only 10 or so more to go” Rachel said with a bit of pleasure in her tone. I was ready to get the fuck out of this situation. I tried to sit up but the restrains wouldn’t allow. I pulled on them and remembered I bought quality so I wasn’t going to rip them off. I was actually stuck. Just then Robbyn stroked my cock a couple times and I immediately laid back and groaned from the pleasure temporarily ignoring the pain. Robbyn then spoke again “Good job Daddy.” I groaned and flexed as hard as I could. She hadn’t ever referred to me as daddy before she always referred to VanCole that way. Rachel looked at Robbyn and asked “So is he your daddy now?” Robbyn jerked a couple more times and looked me straight in the eye and said “He is my daddy.” It’s hard to understand, but this was actually a beautiful emotional moment for me despite the situation.

The girls continued to wax the rest of my dick and balls for the next half hour. Thankfully they did smaller spots at a time and it was far less painful. I feared waxing my balls would hurt the worst but it actually wasn’t bad. I looked beyond my belly and had to admit that a hairless cock and balls was more appealing. The constant attention Robbyn was giving my cock before Rachel pulled the strips was painfully wonderful. Giving me couple careful strokes really helped me block out the pain and focus on the pleasure. Just when I thought they were about to be finished, that devilish grin from Rachel caught my attention. She spoke “One more place then Daddy will be done.” I looked at her confused. I was the only one confused as Robbyn looked at me with a big smile knowing what was next. The girls spread my legs further and further apart. They worked together to stuff a pillow under my lower back to lift my waste off the bed. I figured out what they were about to do and I physically protected with my legs. Robbyn sensed my reservations and looked at me with beautiful doe eyes and said “Please Daddy?” I huffed a little but allowed what happened next. The girls lifted my legs without resistance and pushed my knees to my chest exposing my asshole to both of them. I couldn’t keep my legs supported in that position so Robbyn grabbed the back of both of my calves for support. I felt so stupid and vulnerable in this position. I was actually really embarrassed of what they must be looking t. I’ve never seen my asshole, but I don’t imagine it was a good sight. Rachel wasted no time slathering the warm wax all over it. A sensation I had never felt before. I didn’t hate it but it was definitely bizarre. When she rubbed the cloth onto it, the feeling was intensified. When she was ready Rachel said “his one might sting, might make Daddy feel extra good while I pull it.” Robbyn didn’t hesitate as she lowered her head and stuck the tip of my dick right in her mouth. She maintained eye contact with me as I felt her tongue massage the under part of my dickhead. The feeling was the greatest pleasure I had ever felt. It only lasted two seconds before Rachel ripped all the little hairs off my ass. It hurt like hell. It caused me to jump and bury about half my dick into Robbyn’s mouth. She took that as an invitation to bob really hard on my cock four more times. I know it felt sensational, but my burning ass really took away from the pleasure.

“Congrats, you survived” Rachel announced as Robbyn withdrew her head from my cock. “Lotion time before we play.” Rachel commented. I hope I knew what “play” meant. The girls put the supplies back on the dresser and returned with a bottle of lotion. “This will help soothe the skin. You really did pretty good.” Rachel said. Robbyn chimed in “It’s a perfect daddy cock now.” My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I moaned at the words. The two girls squeezed a dollop of lotion in their hands and went to work on my dick and balls. She was right, the soothing effect was great but the sight of four hands roaming around my dick and balls was euphoric. I would have never guessed I would have ever been this lucky in my life. That was until Rachel got more lotion and started rubbing towards my asshole. I clinched and tried to prevent access. “Don’t be shy now, you probably even like it.” Rachel said with a huge grin on her face. I relaxed a little and allowed her seemingly gentle fingers to apply the lotion. Strangely, she wasn’t wrong about liking it. The sensation of her finger circling my ass wasn’t bad at all. When they were satisfied with their work Rachel finally said “Okay, now, we play. Baby why don’t you show Daddy your body and I will be right back.” Rachel stood up and left the room. Robbyn without braking eye contact more than necessary straddled my leg and pulled off her shirt. For the first time I got to see those long pointy nipples that have made my mouth water all day. She followed my gaze and played with them for a minute and pinched them between her fingers. “You like them daddy?” she asked and I moaned and nodded a slow yes. Robbyn smiled wide and crawled off the bed and stood at my side. Robbyn turned her ass to me and slowly shimmied the tiny little skirt off he ass and slid them down her legs. She did this smooth and with obvious practice. I saw instantly how her tiny little g-string held a pink jeweled butt plug in place. Her pussy lips were strained around the fabric that was clearly soaking wet. “You like my ass Daddy?” Robbyn purred. I nodded rapidly and flexed my hips. I am a known ass man and the one presented to me was my favorite in history.

Robbyn stood and turned towards me. With swift movements she peeled the panties down her body and presented me the holy grail of vaginas. It was perfect. It was small, hairless, a little puffy, and begged for my attention. I was mumbling nonsense and trying to lean my face into it to get closer. “Do you like my pussy Daddy?” Robbyn whispered. I was actively bucking and fighting the restraints. I was full of pure animal lust and I needed her more than I needed anything in my life.

“Careful Daddy, we don’t want you to cum too soon.” Rachel said from the doorway. I looked over and realized she too was now naked. Her body wasn’t great but I found her flaws to be oddly erotic. Rachel approached and said “Can I play with your daughter for a minute before we take care of you?” I slowly nodded my head. No man would have said no if they were in my position. “Good, Robbyn be a dear and put this in your Daddy please.” I looked in horror as Rachel held up a tiny buttplug. It was obviously the smallest of the set but I wasn’t going to allow this shit. No fucking way. Robbyn bounced over, took the plug and crawled on the bed between my legs. I was shaking my head NO and grunting “Uh-Uh” as best I could. Robbyn looked at me and stopped for a moment. Her smile faded as if she did something wrong. It stung my heart knowing I again removed her smile. Just then Rachel knelt down on the floor and pushed her face into Rachel’s real from behind. Robbyn moaned, rolled her eyes back, and her grip on my leg tightened. Rachel was eating her from behind and Robbyn clearly loved it. Instinctively Robbyn found my cock and brought her face to it. She paused, looked at me with clear pleasure in her face and sunk her face onto my dick. She bottomed out on my pelvis on the first push. She completely deep throated my cock with very little effort. She pulled out to the tip and did it again holding her place at the bottom and moaning. If my cock wasn’t so used today I would have nutted instantly. She pulled her mouth off my cock and stuck the plug up to her mouth. She let out a long slimy stream of spit coating the entire plug. She looked at me with longing eyes and whispered “Please Daddy, just this once?” I didn’t like the idea but I just couldn’t tell her no. I was already wrapped around her finger. I closed my eyes and gave her a little head nod that was the universal “okay” kind of nod. She wasted no time in finding my ass and slipping the plug in. The combination of the lotion and spit coupled with its small size made it pretty easy to seat it. It was uncomfortable and I didn’t care for the feeling, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Robbyn whispered “Thank you daddy.” Robbyn was breathing harder now and said “I’m gonna cum Daddy” We locked eye contact for the next minute as she climbed the orgasm wave and grunted hard as it peaked. She didn’t say much but she groaned and grunted in sheer pleasure. As her orgasm ended she lowered her behind and laid sideways on the bed between my legs. Rachel stood and crawled up the bed laying to my side and said “Your daughter has a delicious pussy” as she leaned over and licked my lips around the ball gag. I was so excited and needed to cum I was trembling. I could barely taste the pussy flavor she was teasing me with. “Robbyn dear, will you come up here and lick momma’s pussy please.” My eyes widened as I looked at Rachel thinking “Momma?” Robbyn crawled right over and started sucking and licking on Rachel’s fat pussy without a second thought. Robbyn was clearly experienced eating pussy. I like to think that my skills weren’t bad, but the way Robbyn ate that loose snatch was like a starving kid eating a watermelon. Rachel didn’t stand a chance. “Oh shit… Oh… my… god…” Rachel belched not expecting Robbyn to bring her off so quickly. “Oh my god girl… fuck… fuck.. FUUUUUCK” Rachel almost screamed as she bucked her lips into Robbyn’s face and rode the wave of pleasure. Rachel spasm and jerked until the sensitivity got the very best of her and she reached down and blocked Robbyn’s head. “Sweet fucking Jesus you are good” Rachel admitted.

Rachel took a few minutes to gather her composure and sat up facing Robbyn. Rachel initiated a kiss and Robbyn certainly appreciated it. I laid on my bed, shacked to the headboard, watching these two women exchange deep tongue kisses as they sat naked on my bed. I was certainly in heavenly bliss. Eventually their kiss broke just enough for Rachel to ask Robbyn “Should we suck his cock?” Robbyn needed no further questioning as she tuned and sprawled out between my legs. Rachel followed her and they squeezed their bodies between my legs. Robbyn was to my left and Rachel was to my right.

As if they had done this maneuver a hundred times before, the women executed perfect oral unison. Rachel went straight for my shaft as Robbyn started bathing my nuts with her tongue. Robbyn gently sucked in my left nut and completely surrounded it with warm bliss. Rachel was not too aggressive with my cock as it was ready to blow like a volcano. My dick had been through a lot today, but nothing was going to stop me from loving every second of this. After a couple minutes of this hi-lo combination they switched parts and Robbyn was on my cock while Rachel sucked on my nuts. A guy could get used to this form of treatment. Robbn gently bobbed her head and never sank my cock into her throat. It was as if she was showing it appreciation but not trying to make me nut. I laid there soaking up the bliss like a king. My life had officially become the best in the world.

Eventually the two girls stopped and crawled up to me. They snuggled into each of my pits and rested their heads on my chest. Rachel spoke and deflated my status a bit. She said “Sorry baby, but Daddy told me earlier he wasn’t going to fuck you.” I could tell (or at least I hoped) she was just messing with me. Yes, I did tell her that but I was so fucking aroused I didn’t give a fuck about anything but fucking her brains out at this moment. Rachel continued “what do you think we should do with him?” asking playfully as she gave my cock another few strokes. Robbyn replied “Daddy really needs to cum. If he won’t fuck me he should fuck mommy’s pussy.” I certainly wasn’t going to argue with that. “Well, he used the only condom I had earlier.” Rachel replied. Without hesitation Robbyn replied “I don’t think he will mind” she turned to look at me “do you daddy?” Those beautiful blue eyes pierced my soul. Truth be told I did care. Rachel was a total slut in a previous life and I didn’t really want to go in there unprotected, but I needed to cum so bad I didn’t give a single fuck at the moment. Without thinking I eagerly shook my head no.

Rachel climbed onto me and Robbyn handled my cock until it slid right into her without resistance. Rachel reached for Robbyn’s crotch and two fingers disappeared inside her. Robbyn gasped a little as her face was only inches from mine. With that Rachel stared to rock while simultaneously playing Robbyn like a fiddle. I was so ready to cum that I was forcing myself to hold back. Slowly Rachel built up speed, grinding and riding like a seasoned pro. Robbyn was gasping and breathing harder and harder. All three of us were beginning to peak and I wondered if it was possible for the three of us to cum at once. I was hoping that would be the case but Robbyn was the first to go. She grunted and twitched as she gasped for air. The sight was so sexy that I couldn’t stop myself. The flood gates opened as I let out a howl as my dick fired off into the hot sopping pit of Rachel’s pussy. I howled and howled until the long overdue blast subsided. It took too long to catch my breath. This fucking gag was not as fun or comfortable for me as I thought it might be. Eventually I looked at Rachel who was smiling from ear to ear. I felt a bit guilty that she didn’t orgasm, but she got off before me with Robbyn. Rachel climbed off and a slurping noise filled the room as my slimy dick fell from her twat with a string of slime.

I was jolted in shock and surprise as Robbyn instantly put her face to my cock and started sucking and licking the cum and pussy from my dick. If it wasn’t so exhausted it would be back to form in no time. I stared dumbfounded until she licked the entire shaft and balls clean of any residue. Although it was spent, my cock stayed half hard during this process. As soon as she was finished she turned to look at me as if she needed my approval. What a magnificent creature.

“Alright baby, Daddy needs to rest. Go ahead and run along. Remember to get him up at 7.” Rachel said. Like a trained animal Robbyn did as she was told and left the room. Rachel approached me gently unclasped and removed my gag. I stretched my jaw once it was free trying to loosen it back up. Rachel asked sweetly “Do you think you can handle that little pocket rocket?” I giggled a bit and said “I don’t know but I plan to enjoy finding out. “ Rachel leaned over and kissed my forehead before unclasping my right wrist. “I’m going home. Enjoy her. Remember to read her journal and you might want to encourage her to leave your cock out of it.” With that Rachel left the room. I unclasped my other wrist and I laid there silently for several minutes before I heard the front door open and close. Sleep found me and I was out for the count.

I felt it. It took me a minute to realize what it was, but that warm bliss was unmistakable. My eyes cracked open and I saw 7:01am on the wall clock. I looked down and saw what I was expecting. Robbyn had my dick in her mouth and she was looking straight at me. She pulled her mouth off momentarily to say “Good morning daddy” in the sexiest little voice I’ve ever heard. I didn’t see what she was wearing but I noticed her hair was in pigtails. I laid my head back onto the pillow as I felt my cock grow to full hardness in her expert mouth. I completely understand why they call her bobbin Robbyn now, she was an absolute professional at cocksuckig. My balls had refilled overnight and they were packing a big morning nut for her. My mind was consumed in the moment and her increased speed and depth on my cock was impressive. She grabbed my hand and pulled it to the back of her head. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what she was suggesting. I applied pressure to her head like I was bouncing a basketball. Only I was bouncing a perfect mouth on my rock hard morning wood. My inhibitions were gone as I picked up the speed. Soon I was bouncing her head the entire length of my cock and felt it jump in and out of her throat. His girl wanted cum for breakfast and I was determined to give it to her. I bounced her head over and over until I felt that familiar feeling. I pushed her head all the way down until her lips were touching my pelvis. I bounced here there only an inch in each direction as I grunted and shot my big thick morning load straight down her throat. I unceremoniously released her head as she peeled her head off my cock careful to not let a single drop spill. Her head came off my cock and she grinned ear to ear. She said “Thanks you so much for breakfast daddy it was delicious.” Before she crawled off my bed and turned to leave. She was wearing nothing but a tiny little thong and a skin tight red spaghetti strapped shirt. It was tight on her body and displayed he little tits and nipples like usual. I was really starting to appreciate VanCole’s handiwork. I hated him, but the results speak for themselves.

I crawled into the shower and washed the sex off of me. I dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt. Tying to conceal my dick when it got hard was useless at this point. I walked into the kitchen and smelled the wonderful aroma on bacon and coffee. Robbyn greeted me sweetly with a hot cup of joe and a bouncy smile. Her obvious happiness thrilled my heart, even if it was because I just face fucked her to start my morning. I sat and drank coffee and ate bacon while we shared simple conversation. She still wasn’t talking a lot (unless it was kinky) but she did tell me about some books and movies she had some interest in. It was a nice little moment for us.

Later that morning I felt my dick grow as she bent into the fridge to get a bottle of water. Her ass and pussy were on display for me. She was teasing and I loved every second of it. She brought me the water bottle and handed it to me while I sat on the couch. She then turned and set the other on the coffee table in front of me. She didn’t need to bend like that, or give her ass a little wiggle but she did right in front of my face. I saw the wet spot on the grey sheer thong. I wasn’t going to be able to take much more. Eventually she sat next to me and almost fussed as she let out a long exhale. I looked at her quizzically and asked her what was wrong. She looked at me pleadingly and said “I’m horny daddy” as she reached for the tent in my pants “I really want some daddy cock.” She finished as she cupped her hand over my swelling shaft.

I know I said I wasn’t going to fuck her, but I couldn’t take it anymore. With my left hand I yanked my shorts down exposing my hard cock. Robbyn’s eyes widened and her lips met mine. We kissed passionately as she climbed onto my lap. When the tip of my cock touched her warm crotch she gasped. She carefully pulled the thong to the side and aligned herself over my pole and lowered herself onto my cock. The heat of her pussy was outstanding. It was tight and wet and it took a couple tries for her to seat herself all the way onto my lap. When her butt met my lap, knowing I was all the way in we simultaneously moaned into each other’s mouths as the tension from the last few days final found its resolution. Robbyn broke the kiss as she began to rise and lower her tight tunnel onto my ready and satisfied cock. “Oh daddy… it’s perfect” she cooed as she slowly built up her speeds. “it’s perfect daddy, I love your cock” she said as her face began to scrunch in pleasure. Nothing else was said as she started slamming herself up and down on my dick. I sat there and used my arms under her butt to help lift her up before releasing her and letting her impale herself on my cock over and over and over again. Soon she was squealing and grunting as her pussy flexed and quivered tightly around my dick. As soon as her orgasm hit hardest, I blew like a volcano. She was so tight I am not even sure there was space for my load to go. I gushed out around my shaft and I could feel it making a huge mess between our hairless organs. Robbyn rode out my orgasm until she knew I was completely drained. We kissed and the connection was complete. I knew at this moment she was mine and she had given her body to me completely. Robbyn pulled her clamped pussy from my cock and servantly knelt on the floor and licked my cock clean. She really was a true cumslut and it was now my duty to provide her what she needed most.

When my dick was clean she crawled up next to me and we cuddled on the couch silently for several minutes. Robbyn only spoke one sentence that changed my life forever. She said calmly. “Thank you for bringing me home daddy.”

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