My cousins

Last month, me (F20) and my boyfriend met up with three of my male cousins college while we were on vacation in Las Vegas. The night was fueled by vodka, gin and tequila and it did not end well. My boyfriend passed out in the bathroom – literally out for the count. My three guys cousins convinced me to give them lap dances (being in Vegas and all), so I did.

It did not take long for my clothes to be off completely and their dicks to be out of their pants. What’s a girl to do…I am horny as fuck, boyfriend is passed out and I have three hard and ready dicks to play with.

Right there in the living room, they all took me. Every hole, every position, cum everywhere. They fucked me like a Vegas whore for a few hours. Most of the time I had an eye on the bathroom door – at some point my boyfriend would wake up – but he never did until the next morning. It was thrilling, filling and something that I obviously had a desire to do. I even fucked my first black guy cousin…yay! I cannot wait for the next Vegas trip with these guys!

And no, my boyfriend does not know anything!!!

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