My Cousin is Teasing Me Infront of Our Family

I sent her my dick pic and doing this regularly.
I guess she likes my dick, she never replied anything on chat. But she’s behaving very normally like nothing happened between us.

She became more touchy with me and now using desi slangs in front of me which was akward at first tbh. Now she’s is teasing me infront of our family. I don’t know what to do now as we both were sitting with our family so it’s very hard for me to proceed.

She Made eye contact with me and raised her eyebrows again and again for almost 5-6 times(as it was the time of sending my dick pic to her). Yesterday she was rubbing her feet on my arm and doing this again and again while video calling with her boyfriend. I really want us to have fun with each other.

So any ideas or suggestions for me?

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