My Boyfriend’s Younger Brother

Last weekend I (F20) hooked up with my boyfriend’s younger brother (M18) at his house.

My boyfriend was away for work and had asked me to drop off some clothes at his brothers house.

I texted his brother when I was outside his house and he told me the door was open so I walked in.

He was in the yard, in his shorts and shirtless. I literally couldn’t stop looking at his penis outline through his shorts and he of course noticed it too.

At first he didn’t say anything but I kept glancing at it and he kinda flirtatiously asked me if there was something I wanted to see and winked at me. I ended up blushing but couldn’t keep a straight face specially since he was getting a little erect.

I was really turned on and horny because it had been a while since my boyfriend and I had sex so I asked him if I could see his penis.

I wasn’t sure how he would respond but he just took his shorts off and sat down next to me while I started playing with it.

We made out and he did oral on me which drove me crazy and made me cum. I wanted to suck him but as soon as I came he got on top of me and started fucking me.

It was amazing and I stayed the entire evening having sex with him. He made me cum a bunch of times and basically destroyed me.

I can’t wait to have sex with him again when my boyfriend leaves for work this weekend again

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