My boyfriend watched me (F24) suck off four guys at a gloryhole.

This happened with one of my ex boyfriends who was into cuckolding. At that stage he was just exploring the idea and he suggested to go to the red light district and try out one of the glory hole bars.

We both went into the booth, I think the word got out that I was in there, because we could hear the commotion outside. It’s actually fairly rare for girls to be there so all the straight and bi guys must have gotten super excited haha.

Almost immediately a cock appeared through the wall, I looked my bf in the eye and he nodded his head giving me the green light. He started jerking off as I was sucking off this stranger.

The first guy came pretty prematurely, must have not been more than couple of minutes before he shot a load in my mouth.

I heard the guy leaving the booth and before I could finish swallowing the previous load a new dick appeared in my face.

I looked at my bf again and could see his excitement. I started sucking off the new guy with even more passion and even showing off my deepthroat skills to my bf(I had not done that with him at the time).

We kept having fun until I had sucked off four guys to completion and treated my boyfriend after that.

As we were leaving I saw many guys standing outside waiting for their turn. They did not get lucky, first come first serve haha.

I would call our first cuckolding experience a success.

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