My boyfriend and I had our first foursome with a lesbian couple

About a week ago, my bf and I matched with a FF couple on an app. We chatted for a while and eventually, we planned a date after they started taking a lot of initiative. A night before our set date, they asked if we happened to be free. In our original plan, we were going to meet up for a drink at a bar and see how we all got along, but they seemed super eager to meet up. We thought it could be really hot to just do it that night, since they were so enthusiastic, so we said fuck it and just invited them straight to our place.

We had never been with two women at the same time before, let alone a couple, so we were pretty nervous before they arrived. We didn’t know if it would be more like a swap or who would make the first move, or what they were both into preference-wise, so we had a lot of questions.

Eventually, they came over and we sat on the couch together talking. It was pretty awkward at first since they also hadn’t been with a couple before. It was hard to see how we were going to transition into having sex, so we asked if they wanted a tour of our place which was a really cheesy and obvious way to get to the bedroom. They said yes and once we got into the bedroom, I just went for it and kissed one of the girls. My partner took my cue and he started making out with the other one. The one I was making out with was a great kisser, she also had huge tits and a nice fat ass so my hands were running all over her body and grasping at her clothes. By the time we hit the bed, both of us were half naked and my bf and the other girl were in a similar state of undress, making out on the other side of the bed.

Once we were all completely naked, my bf and I switched partners. After getting more acquainted with our new partners’ bodies, my girl started eating me out while her girlfriend started sucking my boyfriend’s cock. I was watching her take my bf deep in her mouth and her girlfriend commented how good she is at doing that. My boyfriend and I laid side by side while the two other girls gave us head like that for a while, it was so fucking hot. Once we were both really turned on, I got up and hopped on my boyfriend’s face and the two other girls started to suck his cock together. We stayed in this position for a while together until I was dying to cum. I kept grinding on his face and looking back at them pleasing his cock together. I moved downward toward his cock and they moved out of the way for me, letting me lower my dripping wet pussy down onto his hard saliva-covered cock.

While I was fucking him, one of the girls laid back while the other started eating her pussy. The one getting head was watching me ride him. She rubbed my clit for me, getting me so close to cumming. I loved looking her in the eyes while we were both getting so close, eager to cum together. I loved watching her get her pussy eaten and hearing her girlfriend suck her clit, both of them moaning together while I fucked my boyfriend’s big cock. I started rubbing my own clit to push myself over the edge, I was already so turned on from all the foreplay that I came really quickly. I came so hard but pushed myself to keep going, I continued rubbing my clit. I could tell the other girl was getting really close too, so I started rubbing my pussy faster and faster so we could cum at the same time. It was so amazing.

Then we swapped again and I started going down on the first girl I made out with, the one who just came. My boyfriend started fucking the other one and the girl I was with wanted me to finger her really forcefully while her girlfriend was begging my boyfriend to pound her pussy. They both laid back with their legs held wide open, getting filled up. The girl I was fingering had one of the wettest pussies I’d ever experienced in my life. It was so noisy fingering her wet cunt. I fingered her hard and deep with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. I’d alternate between doing that and spitting on her pussy and licking her clit while spreading her wide open. They came together while we both fucked them like that.

We switched again and my boyfriend started fucking one girl while the other one fingered my pussy. Once my boyfriend started fucking the other girl, she got super vocal and started moaning for his cock, screaming about how good he fucked her. She looked at him super deeply in the eyes and told him how much she loved his cock. My boyfriend was intensely rattling the whole bed with how passionately he was slamming this girl’s pussy and I could tell her girlfriend was a little jealous, trying to finger me just as hard. The louder her girlfriend got, the harder she’d finger me.

My boyfriend then flipped his girl around and started completely dominating her from behind. Hearing his hips slam into her fat ass was so hot. At this point, the girl I was with kept fingering my pussy but wasn’t even pretending to eat me out anymore, she just wanted to finger me and watch her girlfriend get fucked. I loved the view of her tits jiggling back and forth while my boyfriend slammed her pussy, so I started rubbing my clit while my girl fingered me hard and deep. He was choking her and pulling her back onto his cock. It was so hot seeing her facial expressions as he used her like a total slut. Then he pushed her down onto the bed and started just slamming her pussy and using her like a fuck doll. I started rubbing my pussy harder and faster because I could tell my boyfriend was about to cum. Once I saw his face intensify with pleasure, I came so fucking hard. The girl beneath him was begging for him to cum in her and he filled her pussy. It was definitely a fun night.

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  1. omg that sounds so hot! such a crazy and wild experience for you all! ive never been with more than one person at a time before and ive never even been with a girl before. ive only been with my bf and i havent even done anything like that with him yet. tho i do wonder what it would be like to have another girl there. idk if i would be into it or not cuz im not really into girls but idk what it would be like to try. but im so glad you had a great time!


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