My Boss fucked me in the restroom

I’m twenty-four and work for a large company. Kevin, my extremely attractive boss, came to see me within a week of my signing up. Yes, he’s married, but so am I. He fucks me regularly when we travel together on business, but lately, that hasn’t been enough. Due to scheduling conflicts, Kevin and I were unable to see each other this week.

He leaves on Sunday and will be in New York until the following Friday. That means a long break of ten days! Our initial plans to meet tonight fell through and we were desperate to see each other before he left. He texted me this afternoon to ask me how late I could work. I replied that I had to leave: 30 because my husband would be home, so we agreed to meet at his office after everyone else had left.

Around 6:20 a.m., it became apparent that the other senior staff were in no particular hurry to start their weekend. I finally had to text Kevin and tell him my patience was running out! “You have two options,” he replied, “the boardroom restroom or another office on the ground floor,” I asked him to make the decision. He told me to meet him in the boardroom, with no panties on. I casually walked to the opposite end of the building where the CEO’s office and boardroom are located. I sneaked into the boardroom, looked around and peeked into the toilet.

Nobody was there. As I turned around, Kevin quietly entered the boardroom and pointed to the restroom. He closed the door and locked it quietly behind us.

I could feel every heartbeat in the lips of my pussy and my erect nips were tingling. We hugged and kissed deeply. Then he reached for his zipper and pulled out my favourite rock-hard cock! I bent down, took his fat dick in my mouth and sucked him for a few minutes until he grabbed my arms and pulled me up. Kevin grabbed the hem of my skirt and lifted it over my ass. I was wet, very wet.

He gently turned me around, bent me over the toilet and sank his stiff, throbbing dick all the way in. He started fucking me as we watched each other in the large mirrors hanging over the sink. He pulled my blouse and bra down until both of my beautiful boobs were fully exposed. I leaned over and leaned on the sink while he fucked my tiny little pussy from behind.

It was sooo hard NOT to make noise… Then we heard footsteps! He stopped and grabbed the door handle to make sure it was locked. The footsteps slowly faded away. He was still inside me, completely erect and rigid. We looked at each other in the mirror and smiled; Kevin started pushing that incredibly hard cock in and out of me again.

His heavy balls slapped my ass with each upward thrust. Looking in the mirror with my skirt up my ass, my big breasts hanging out and Kevin drilling his big, stiff cock into me from behind was a damn hot sight! I came twice, very quick, Kevin held onto my tits and kept his rhythm. After about five minutes he hesitated and I felt his cock start to pulsate.

My handsome boss is reaching his climax. Kevin penetrated me again and again and shot an enormous hot load of semen deep into my hungry pussy! He just held it all the way inside me and let it pump… He pulled out his soft cock and wiped it with a paper towel while I reached for another to soak up all the juices that were dripping from my swollen box. We both mended our clothing to ensure we were fully covered. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed tightly.

Kevin whispered, “Thank you, darling…” in my ear. I looked up at him, smiled and replied, “No thanks!” He checked that the coast was clear. After a final look to make sure everything was covered and adjusted, he walked out. I straightened my skirt and blouse before turning the corner.

Kevin poked his head through the outside doors one last time and gestured that everything was okay. I walked hastily and in the opposite direction. I’m driving home to my husband now and Kevin’s warm cum is dripping out of my little pussy. My husband is going to eat this pussy later because I’m still so excited, I think to myself, what a damn great way to start the weekend!

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