My bi roommate eats me out after I bring guys home

I am in college and I have a girl roommate who is fully bisexual. I have been bringing a lot of guys back to our dorm and every time I do she does something CRAZYYY.

At first I was apologetic to her for the disruption, but a couple of weeks ago she admitted that she found me really attractive and got turned on as fuck knowing I was having sex right in the next room over and how jealous she is of them for getting to fuck me.

A few days later she came into my room a minute after a guy had left, and I jokingly said to her she should make me cum since he certainly didn’t. And so she did.

This has now become a regular thing where she gives me head after each guy leaves and sometimes just because I’m horny. I’m not attracted to her or girls usually so I usually pull the sheets over so I can’t see her, but I do love what she can do with her mouth and fingers. She even goes down on me after they cum in me she says she thinks its hot lmao.

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