My BF hasn’t been giving me the attention I need so I did this

Ive been in a rough patch with my BF lately hes been working so much and hes just exhausted when he gets home, I appreciate him so much but Im a girl and I have needs
We used to fuck 3 times per day, you’d wonder do we do anything else :’)
But lately i have been getting 0 action in the bedroom, so i went to the sex store near my office on the way to work, got a silent bullet or at least thats what it said on the box and slipped it in under my dress while i was at work, when nobody was looking i reach between my legs and up my skirt to press the little rubber button at the top, it was so strong, thankful my office chair is super soft cushioning so the noise was low, I wiggled and shifted my body constantly until my eyes rolled back and was biting my lip non stop, squeezing my thighs together and tensing my pussy as hard as i could
I let it run for a little while longer until i was too sensitive to even sit still with it pressed up agaisnt me, damn this has helped but im still wanting my BF inside me… hopefully tonight

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