My BF fucked me in public for the first time

My (F22) boyfriend (M27) and I went on a date and I had sex in public for the first time.

(First time poster! Hope it’s sexy enough!)

We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of weeks because I was working at an internship out of state and he was living back where we met. He ended up driving through town to visit his family a few states away and wanted to stop and see me for a few days before he had to head back to work.

He picked me up and we went to a Thai place to get some takeout. It was summer and we wanted to be outside and have a cute little dinner picnic in the park.

After walking around the park for a little bit we found a nice picnic table under this gorgeous cottonwood tree. The sun was setting and everything was just perfect. We sat down and ate our food while chatting away for the better part of an hour.

We were having a blast and it felt so good to see him again. I could just feel the sexual tension rising with every second. Hand holding turned into me stroking his leg and him gently rubbing my back.

The sun was finally down and our picnic table was in the thick of the shadows. All of the park lights were across a big grassy field and people continued to walk around on a path over there.

It felt like we were alone when we were looking at each other. He made the first move and started rubbing my pussy over my leggings. We started making out and I eventually got up and started pulling his pants down. He sat on the bench backwards against the picnic table and I got on my knees and started licking his shaft up and down.

While I was sucking his cock like the good girl that I am, he was playing with my tits and squeezing my ass. He suddenly scooped me up and turned me over so my knees were now on the bench and I was bent over the picnic table. He wanted me to watch all the people walk by as he fucked me.

My boyfriend pulled my leggings down to expose my bare ass and started slowly eating me out from behind. It felt so fucking good. It turned me on so much to know that anyone could catch us like this. He picked up his pace and right before I could cum he pulled his mouth away and let the warm summer breeze blow across my wet pussy.

At this point I was just aching for his cock and he finally thrust it into me with one hard push. I let out a big moan and he started pounding into me with wreckless abandon. He fucked me until we both came. I felt his hot load dripping out of me once I stood up, and he pulled my panties back into place to soak up our fun.

After that we laid out a blanket that I brought and we talked and cuddled while staring at the stars. It was a great picnic and I can’t wait to be fucked in public again!

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