My bf begged his friend to cum in me

I recently was laying with my boyfriend and we were just casually teasing each other when he brought up the fantasy that he has been having of me fucking his (hung) friend. He told me that he really wanted to watch me get filled up by him and how he really wanted him to cum in me. I was down so we set it up for that weekend.

When the day came and we started hooking up it was amazing. His friend did not dissapoint size wide and it was probably the biggest cock I have ever gotten fucked by. It was so hot seeing how turned on my bf was from watching me get railed by such a huge cock. We did a bunch of different possitions but the hottest part was when he was railing me from behind and my boyfriend started begging and pleading with him to cum in me.

He kept saying “pls cum in her” “fill her pussy up with that huge cock and cum” “I want her dripping for me”. It was so fucking hot. His friend unloaded in me and then I spread my legs wide for my bf to come and clean me up. He made me cum so hard from licking my cum soaked pussy it drove me absolutely wild. Amazing experience.

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