My best friend in highschool admitted that she wanted to get me off on the bus.

When I was younger, me and my girlfriend went to different highschools. She went close to her house, my school was 2 buses away. We were super cute together and very happy. One of the the only thing we ever fought about was Terri.

Terri was one of my best friends in highschool. We met first day Freshman year really hit it off. To say there was sexual tension was putting it mildly. Terri was short, dirty blonde hair, she would bite her lip when she smiled, and had the most perfect ass I have ever had the pleasure of staring at. We definitely had the hots for each other, we even kissed once to see if there was chemistry… There was, but I didn’t want to ruin things with my girlfriend Abby. She never found out about the kiss, but she didn’t like that a cute girl was spending time with me without her.

Throughout highschool Terri and I stayed close. We hung out in the halls before the first bell, and after we took the bus home together with a group of other friends. By senior year some of the tension seemed to have worn off. I think she accepted the fact that I was happy with Abby, and though I still had a thing for Terri, I was happy to have her as a friend.

One day we were waiting for the bus. It was always super packed so it wasn’t uncommon for my group to let a few busses go by before we all tried to cram on together, and I do mean crammed. It was like front row of a standing room only concert in the isle, and most days we’d share seats.

We were waiting for the heard to thin so as we stood around we goofed off, talking about this and that. Being that we were horny little 18yr olds, it didn’t take much for the conversation to get back around to something sexual. One of the girls was telling a story about some guy, and she mentioned how funny it was that he had a boner. I got slightly concerned, so I asked, “wait….. Girls can TELL if a guy has a boner?” You have to understand this was the mid 90’s guys wearing fitting clothes were nerds, everything was baggy. I had never considered this possiblity. The girls looked at each other and smiled…. Biting their lips, “uhhhh yeah… We can tell.” Terri said directly to me.” “Why do you think we always sit on your lap on the bus dummy?” All the girls started giggling to each other.

The bus pulled up as my jaw hit the floor. We all cued up in line as the implications of what I had just heard sunk in. Slowly we shuffled to the back of the bus when Terri gestrured me to take a seat. As soon as I did she wiggled her way in and climbed on top of me. Now it goes without saying that at this point I was rocking a substantial stiffy as Terri gently lowered her spectacular ass down onto my lap. “So what you’re saying is….”, clumsily fell out of my mouth as Terri reveled in the moment. “Mmmmm hmmm” she hummed as her perfect ass made touch down on my shorts.

Not being burdened by having to hide her secret pleasure anymore, Terri arched her back and slid her spread cheeks right up into the tent I was pitching. She then wiggled to make sure the hot dog was properly seated in the bun as the bus pulled away.

We rode the bus for about 30mins with her rubbing my hard on like a stripper looking for a tip. I had my hands firmly planted on her thick thighs as she undulated, using every pothole and speed bump to her advantage. The other girls in our group, glued to the scene like a telenovela, cheered her on. I couldn’t hold out much last 20 mins and I came pressed up against her asshole, with only cotton and nylon separating us. But that didn’t stop me from pulling her close and grinding into her as I filled my shorts with a warm sticky mess.

Terri’s stop came up first. When we pulled up she turned around and kissed me. More than a friendly pec, but far from making out. “Don’t worry I won’t say anything to Abby. See you tomorrow.”

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