My Aunt was watching me.

I was alone finally. Everyone was out of town and I hit my small pipe and cleaned it out on my aunt’s patio & cleaned my hands. I stepped inside and felt my cock move as I pulled open aunties lingerie drawer. I stripped and pulled her black panties up an felt my body shiver with pleasure. I found the black thigh highs and my cock stiffened as I pulled them slowly up my legs. I put on the long black sheer gown that my Aunt wore a lot. I had placed a camera in her home, well 3 cameras actually. I found the black bra and slipped my arms in and placed the silicone 34d tits, filled with water inside the bra and with my first steps the bouncing made my cock surge as the titties bounced, the gown swishing against my legs & the thigh highs touching, I quivered as I reached for my almost 7 inch cock & pumped a few strokes. I had discovered the cameras my Aunt had placed in her bedroom and walked slowly by them. I had some slow music playing & was waiting for my lady friend to arrive. She was a childhood friend and we had been fucking for years. She was 34d 30 38. She was responsible for getting several of my customers that I danced for. My biggest money maker was the gay couple that I danced & jacked off for & those 2 dudes were actually second or third cousins a had inherited a ton of money. They were so nice & paid me well. I danced, stripped, & jacked off for them. They were so shy. When my aunt asked me if I would dance for them I was a bit unsure. But, I had some gay friends & they were forever popping me on my 35 inch perfectly rounded ass and I helped them find a home, but that is another story for another time. Oh yeah, my Aunt is a great gal. The first pussy I saw was hers. She is 20 years older than me and she is still beautiful & has a great body, 34c 30 38…I fucked her when I was 14. That first day I fucked her 5 times within 4 hours. I have not fucked her in awhile but I still dress up & Jack off for her & we kiss & it is great. She is always there when I dance for the gay couple. My cock is hard so I am stroking it some, mmmmmmm. I am 5’7”, have a beautiful almost 7” cock that is circumsized, great legs, an ass that will pass for a woman’s. My aunt caught me in her lingerie and I was freaking out and was crying & she hugged me & I went from childhood to kissing her and that was when I saw her titties for the first time and immediately went in her back bathroom & pumped off. Wow! What great memory. I have an 83 year old hot chick that I am gonna dance & I strip for. I have a full size “fuck doll” that I will be fucking for my customer today. Now, she is 83 but still makes me hard,and usually she strips, and we kiss & slow dance & I place my big cock between her thighs & suck them 48’s & blow cum on her thighs. She will not let me fuck her pussy, she will suck my cock & I will fuck her cunt with a dick but, no pussy. Not sure why….old chicks really turn me on. My X mil came with her once & I fucked her 5 times over a 12-14 hour period. That woman is big but has 44 tits not sure waist and 46 ass. I about blow cum. She is 84 & one fine piece of ass. Until later

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