My affair with my co-worker’s younger wife(24) – Part 17

Backstory – I’m 35M married with 3 kids and have been having an affair with my coworker’s younger wife Sara (24) for several months. I’ve posted other parts of this story in other forums. I can’t tell any of my family or close friends, so figured I can share online. I’ve been married for 10 years and have never cheated until recently. Sara is very petite, about 5’1”, 100lbs, blue eyes and tan skin. I’m pretty fit, 6’, brown hair and blue eyes.

After a very busy couple weeks of work, and not really getting to chat much with Sara due to our spouses both being home almost the entire time, we were able to meet this morning. I took this week off of work and it kind of works out nicely since her husband will be gone through Wednesday. With my kids being in school, I had a bit of free time to get out of the house. I got a call from her on Saturday while I was at the zoo with my son, she said she was gonna take today off and wanted to go do something. We ended up deciding on a trip to the aquarium. It’s a bit of a drive so we didn’t expect anyone we knew to be there, especially on a Monday. We chatted a little more and I told her I’d pick her up in the morning.

When I pulled up to their house I parked and went inside, as usual she had left the door unlocked for me. I heard noise from the bedroom so I walked in and found her finishing getting ready. She was wearing this little blue and white floral sundress. It looked absolutely amazing on her. It was relatively short, with thin shoulder straps and pretty low cut so her cleavage was a bit exposed. When she saw me she got up and hurried over, throwing herself in my arms and giving me a kiss. She stepped back, doing a little spin and looking up at me for approval. I didn’t think she needed the reassurance, she looked stunning and she knew it, but I told her I loved it.

After a couple minutes of her finishing getting ready we left and started the drive. We talked for a large chunk of the way, catching up on everything since there’s large periods where we can’t really communicate. I guess at one point while I was driving she noticed my eyes running up her legs to the bottom of her short dress, because when I looked back at her face she gave me a little smirk. I turned my eyes back to the road and before I knew it she was unbuttoning her seatbelt and her head was in my lap. Luckily my windows are tinted because whoever drove by on the passenger side would’ve had the most perfect shot of her ass.

Within seconds my shorts were slipped down and her mouth was wrapped around my cock, her tongue starting to flirt with my tip as I turned the radio off to hear the sucking sounds. I reached over to her ass and pulled her dress up to her lower back, exposing her little pink thong. The feeling of her mouth making me harder was distracting but I still managed to slip my hand under the front of her panties to play with her pussy. She was already wet, and the sound of her sucking my cock mixed with my fingers sliding around her clit got me rock hard. I looked down to see her already gagging on me, alternating with stroking my shaft hard. I kept my main focus on the road but she was really working. I could hear her muffled moans and feel her saliva running down my balls as I started working her clit harder.

She kept at it for a while, I could feel myself starting to build up. I went even harder on her clit, also telling her I was about to finish. She kept working, keeping her mouth latched as her hand pumped it out of me. I exploded into her mouth while she continued to milk out every drop. When I was finished she cleaned me off completely and pulled her dress back down, sitting back in her seat. We laughed and I told her I’d return the favor sometime today, but as much as I loved her thong, I wanted her to leave it in her purse. She smiled and asked if I actually thought she’d do it. Sensing the dare, I told her I didn’t think she would. She immediately reached under her dress and slid it down, taking it off and waving it playfully in my face before putting it in her purse. I shrugged with a smile on my face, secretly loving the fact we’d be walking around later and I’d have all the easy access I want to fuck around.

We pulled up at the aquarium and got our tickets. When we went inside I could immediately tell it wasn’t a busy day, which is always the best. This aquarium has a bit of a route you take where you can’t venture too far off, almost like a huge lap to see all the exhibits, so we found ourselves separated from any large group and were able to just enjoy them together. It was really nice and relaxing. We were able to laugh and have our dirty jokes without worrying about anyone around us. I found myself randomly lifting her dress to get a peak while she hurried to push it back down, giving me those wide “did anyone see us” eyes as she laughed and hit me. It was adorable and seemed to only motivate her more to rub her hands along the front of my shorts throughout the day.

A little ways in we had reached a ducked off clownfish exhibit. I looked to see if anyone was around before grabbing her arm and pulling her off to a dimly lit half hallway kind of thing made for the staff to exit. I spun her back around against the wall, dropping to my knees and lifting her dress. I dove my tongue right in, driving it right up and down the center of her slit. I only stopped so I could suck on her clit, letting my tongue massage it while I did. She covered her mouth to muffle her moans in case anyone came in the area. I went crazy, just burying my face in her. Knowing we didn’t have much time alone I stood up, starting to kiss her neck while my hand worked back under her dress. I slipped two of my fingers inside of her, working them in and out slowly while my mouth continued to work her neck. I could feel her bump her legs apart as my pace picked up. I finger fucked her against the wall as she leaned in and started softly biting my shoulder while her juices ran down my hand. We kept at it for a little while until we heard people approaching, quickly recovering and walking back out to the exhibit. We played it off well, but I could still hear her heavy breathing.

We ended up grabbing some lunch where she sat at the table with her legs tightly crossed, before we finished our round of the aquarium. It ended up being a great trip, that I think we both really needed. The car ride home was really fun too, a lot of joking and A LOT more flirting. Based on how wet she was in the car, I’m honestly surprised she didn’t have to wipe her thighs while we were walking the aquarium. Maybe she did and I never noticed.

By the time we got back to the house we were ravenous. We barely got in the door before she jumped into my arms, making out and grinding herself against the outside of my shorts as I carried her to their bedroom. When we got in there I tossed her onto the bed, lifting my shirt off and pulling off the shorts, climbing up after her. She laid on her back as I crawled on top of her, pulling the top of her dress down so her tits could hang out and throwing the bottom up to her stomach. I could see the “just fuck me” look in her eyes as I positioned myself and pushed inside of her. She was drenched, and her pussy just ate me up. I almost immediately picked up the pace, letting her have every inch of me with each thrust. She pulled her legs back and held them, just letting me split her apart. I crashed in hard, reaching up and grabbing her neck with one hand and tits with the other as I laid it on. She was already worked up from the ride home so now she was pretty much already leaking on the sheets. I eventually let her legs rest on my shoulders, her hands moving quickly to my sides as I punished her. She screamed out in lust, staring into my eyes and slamming herself against me as she gripped my sides tight, pulling me deeper into her.

I moved my hands down to her waist, lifting her ass about a foot off the bed as I pounded her lips, just watching them split apart around me. I held her up and fucked her this way for a couple minutes, eventually slowing down my thrusts and grabbing her dress, slipping it down off her shoulders and pulling the entire thing off her body, tossing it to the floor. She sat up and grabbed my arms, leaning me to the side and onto my back. She quickly climbed on top of me and grabbed my cock, lining it up as she sat down on it, her grinding starting immediately. She was fucking me with a purpose, her perfect motion just massaging me as she took her ride. She’d alternate between the grinding and actually lifting herself up and slamming back down on me. I grabbed her hips and helped her slam, raising my pelvis and trying to get every part of my dick inside her as she crashed down. The room was dead silent except for her screams and the wet claps.

I pulled her down to me so her tits pressed against my chest, her ass still slamming down as we started to kiss. Her tongue went wild, moving from my lips down my neck and back. I could tell she was completely into it at that moment, everything down below was a wet mess and she wasn’t slowing down. I grabbed her ass and held it in place while I picked up thrusts of my own, just gliding my entire shaft in and out of her with every thrust while she gripped tightly around me. I wrapped my arms around her lower back, locking her ass in place while I bent my knees and braced my feet, picking up to full speed. Her kisses turned to screams as I moved one arm off her back and brought it to her neck again, holding her face right in front of mine as I delivered hard down below. Her eyes tried to stay focused on mine but couldn’t help trying to turn and see what was happening behind her. I held her head firm, not letting her look as a little drool started to leak onto my hand.

I felt her lower body starting to shake and her pussy start to pulsate around me as she squeezed her thighs tightly together. She let out a loud scream as I continued clapping it hard, the saliva now running off my hand and onto my chest. I started to slow down as she recovered, her heavy breathing directly on my lips. I started to give slow but hard thrusts, feeling her sharp breaths and moans on my face with each one as she leaned back in to kiss me. I moved my arms to her shoulders and pushed her down hard with each final thrust as I finished, pumping everything I had deep inside of her. She collapsed down on top of me breathing heavily, my cock still inside of her keeping the seal. I brushed her hair out of her face as she laid there kissing my chest, my other hand massaging her shoulders. We stayed there for a little while, not talking but just catching our breath in each other’s arms, enjoying where we were.

Eventually I knew I had to get back home. We got up and headed to the bathroom, I followed behind as she tried to unsuccessfully contain all of me inside of her, watching it leaking into her cupped hand. We took a long shower, mostly making out as we cleaned and explored each other’s bodies. Towards the end I wrapped my arms around her stomach and stood behind her, her hands holding my forearms as we just stood there for a bit, letting the hot water rain down on us. We relaxed for a while before getting out and drying off. I had one last moment to admire her body before we got dressed and shared a kiss goodbye.

Closing – As always, thanks for all the support and interest. As I said before, please keep anything negative to yourself and just move on. I will continue to tell our story if there’s still interest, but if there’s hate I’ll stop (the story). Be sure to tell me if you actually still enjoy hearing it.

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