My adventure with an older domme…[MF]

One of the best things about being a member of a great kink community is you don’t just get to meet awesome lifelong friends but you get to meet awesome lifelong friends of friends who help expand your kinky polycule, which is how I met Hannah

I was invited to a get together at an older couples house who I had played with before to have some drinks before heading over to our cities sex club. Hannah went to law school with the host of the party and is in her mid 50s, 5’2, slim, small chest but a surprisingly thick and playful ass (squats do wonders). She was in town for business as an in house attorney for a large corporation (still can’t remember the name) and was part of my friends polycule in their previous city. We were introduced and made pleasantries but nothing more while at our guests house.

We all ended up at the sex club, it was couples night so me and her went in together to even the numbers, I told her I’d buy her a drink before we all got changed and into the play area. I was originally invited to join another couple I had played with previously but when I saw the dress Hannah had changed into my mind became fixated on her. We had a drink and got to know each other a bit better. I was feeling very confident and more cocky than normal which she picked up on right away. I had met women like Hannah before, successful career women who come to clubs to find a dom to hand over power to I was playing that up. Little did I know…

We finished our drink and she suggested we go get changed and meet our friends in the play area. I playfully told her to “be a good girl and wait for me” but after the words were coming out of my mouth I realized I had severely underestimated her. Her eyes fixed onto mine and I felt myself shrinking, heart beating and I was the dorky, awkward kid I had once been. She had her index and thumb on one hand firmly on my chin and her other hand gently on my crotch and told me that I need to learn some manners. I mumbled out an “I’m sorry” which made her grip around my crotch tighten ever so slightly as she said “I’m sorry Mommy…” to which I repeated immediately, and with that the dynamic was set.

I eagerly got changed down to my underwear while she came out in a lovely lacy black outfit with garters and a tight bun and led me by the hand to a private corner. She sat down and instructed me on my knees and held up her foot for me to hold. I wanted nothing more then to taste her but I kept still as she moved her foot around my body, running her toes over my nipples, my chest, around my cock, etc. Finally she told me to stand up and take get naked and lay on my back and keep my eyes closed. I immediately got into position as I felt her feet wrap around my cock. She was a master with them and had me squirming for what seems like forever. By the end I was begging to cum, but she kept making me beg louder and louder as she picked up the pace, finally I screamed “please let me cum mommy” to which she replied “yes baby cum for mommy” and it did not take long before my chest was covered in cum.

She then told me to open my eyes and that was when I realized we had a growing audience watch her milk my cock with her feet. She crawled up beside me, ran a finger over my chest and tasted my cum which met her approval before cleaning me with a towel. We cuddled on the bed as she told me how much of a good boy I was and how her friends were right that she would enjoy me. She was excellent at after care and I could have just stayed there the rest of the night but eventually we got ourselves up and went to grab another drink. We hung out the rest of the night enjoying the summer air in the clubs hot tub getting to know one another and discussing our kinks, etc. I learn how she finds it hard finding submissive men that suit her desires, a lot just want to take back control or don’t take her serious because of her size. I assured her that wasn’t the case for me, her confidence and assuredness disarmed me immediately and would happily submit to her whenever she liked.

Finally as we were all waiting for our Uber she took me to a side street and as soon as we were around the corner her hand slide up to my neck and with a light, but meaningful squeeze, she told me if I think I got off that easily. I mumbled that I didn’t know what she meant but her hand got tighter and I knew that was the wrong answer. “You came tonight..but I didn’t, now you’re going to have to fix that. Tomorrow you’re going to come to my hotel room at 7:00pm sharp, if you’re a minute late you will not be let in and you will work on returning the favour I bestowed upon you, now do you understand”. I gave a very meek “yes mommy” to which she smiled and happy I didn’t forget her honorific and with that she kissed me for the first time and led me back to our friends as the Uber arrived. What happened the next night was even more fun…

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