My [29M] “sex in the bathroom at work” story

Years ago I moved to Boise ID for a new job and as soon as I got there I spent a couple weekends checking out all the local clubs. I had a lot of fun and on one particular night at The Balcony I met these two cute girls, a blonde and a brunette, sitting at a table on the balcony (it’s an upstairs club) in the open air having drinks.

I sat down and started talking to them, asking them how they knew each other, what they were drinking, etc. They were flirting back, and we started alternating going inside to dance and coming back out to get some fresh air. I danced with both of them, kissed them both, and was having a great time. Eventually another guy came along; he paired up with the blonde and I paired up with the brunette. If I’m being honest, the blonde was hotter, but the brunette and I clicked better so that’s just how things went. We had a lot of fun in the club and got pretty handsy.

Eventually we decided to leave the club and go to the house of someone they knew. We all rode in my car since I was parked close (my office was downtown and I could park for free in the building’s private garage). We hung out at this guy’s house drinking and talking for awhile but eventually people started to leave. The blonde left with the other guy, not sure where they went or who they rode with, and I offered to take the brunette back to her car.

On the way back to her car she was trying to call her friend but her friend wasn’t answering (we figured she was fucking that guy somewhere, so she wasn’t mad or anything, just didn’t want to leave her stranded) so instead of going to her car we waited things out by parking back in the garage under the office.

Like an idiot I didn’t have any condoms on me or in the car that night, so we didn’t fuck, but she did give me a great blowjob while we waited for her friend. Eventually her friend called her back and I dropped her off with her friend.

This all happened in October. I got her number but wasn’t trying to date or get into a relationship at the time, so just kind of sat on it for awhile. In January I texted her one Friday or Saturday night to see what she was up to and she said she was at a bar shooting pool with some friends at Jim’s Alibi. I hopped in my car and drove over.

We hung out for a bit, shot some pool, drank a little, and eventually people started heading home, so I asked her if she wanted to go downtown to hit up some clubs and she agreed. I don’t think her blonde friend was around that night, or at least I don’t recall her being there. Anyway, we bounced through a couple bars clubs, danced some, and had a fun night just the two of us.

I’d left my car in the garage under the office again so when the night came to a close we headed back, and this time of course I brought some condoms. The garage area was connected to a small basement in the building which had a set of bathrooms. We went in the ladies room (which had a couch in it). She gave me another blowjob and then I fucked her on the couch. It was like 2am on a weekend, so I wasn’t worried about getting caught or anything, but I’d never fucked anyone at work before so that was super hot for me.

We cleaned up, got dressed, and I took her back to her car, but I worked in that building for the next two years and thought about that every damn time I walked by that bathroom.

This all happened about 10 years ago. I think I’m remembering all the details right (had to look up some old texts to double check some of this), but there you go. Nothing amazing, but this is actually a true story (lol), and for me it’s the only time I ever had sex in the bathroom at work, so it’s a fun story for me to tell.

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