My (21M) girl bestfriend (21F) got pounded by another man (22M) in front of me

It’s been a week since the incident and I still feel humiliated. Let me start from the beginning.

I am currently in my 3rd year at community college. I met this girl, we’ll call her Jasmine, last year in our Economics class. I was immediately attracted to her due to her 5’2″ frame, athletic body (she plays volleyball), and round bubble butt. I didn’t make my attraction known to her, so we began a normal friendship.

Over the course of our relationship, we grew closer, going to restaurants, watching movies, even sleeping over at each others dorm rooms (I would sleep on the floor and let her take my bed). I took these as promising signs that Jasmine might be starting to be attracted to me as well.

However, Jasmine met another man, we’ll call him Tyrone, last month. Now, Tyrone is much mors physically gifted than I am. He’s 6’2″, I’m 5’6″, he clearly works out and has a strong physique, while I am pretty skinny. Needless to say, he made me very insecure.

Jasmine caught feelings for Tyrone, and they began dating. It broke my heart. It felt like the one girl I thought I maybe had a chance with had slipped through my grasp. Nevertheless, I didn’t make this known to Jasmine, and I maintained my friendship with her in the slim hope that she might leave Tyrone and be with me.

Anyway, their relationship was very physically romantic from the get-go, presumably because Jasmine wasn’t interested in much of Tyrone besides his body. What was weird was that Jasmine was telling me about how good Tyrone was in bed and giving me lots of details about their sexual endeavors. Inside I felt anger ans jealousy, but on the outside I was just a normal supportive friend. It was odd, though, that she was sharing these stories with me when she knew that I’m straight.

At least, I thought she knew. Two weeks ago, Jasmine came to me with an idea so ridiculous that I thought she was pulling a prank on me. She asked me if I would like to go out with her and Tyrone and then go back to his dorm with them and watch them bang.

I know, a ridiculous offer. At first I thought “No way, that would be embarassing!”. So I asked her why she thought that I would be into that. And she said, “Well, aren’t you gay, I thought? Like, isn’t that something you’d enjoy?”

There it was. My best friend for over a year who I have felt serious attraction towards thought that I was gay this whole time. This crushed me. The one woman I really liked… Thought I like men.

Now, the thoughts flooded my head. On one hand, Jasmine’s idea was utterly insane. I mean, who in their right mind would enjoy watching their crush get pounded right in front of them?

On the other hand… If Jasmine thought that I waa gay… Then this might be my only chance to ever see her naked! Even if I wouldn’t get to touch her, I’d still get to see her nude beauty! This thought took over the other, and I had surprisingly made my mind up pretty quickly. “Yes, Jasmine, I’d love to do that!”.

A week passed, and the day arrived. We all went out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant. Jasmine and Tyrone were all over each other at the restaurant. I just sat there watching.

We went back to Tyrone’s place and he told me I should just sit on the chair besides his bed and be quiet. I complied. He stripped Jasmine’s clothes off and threw her onto the bed. She giggled and layed face down ass up, her round ass on display.

Tyrone took his clothes off and prepared his dick. He lied down on top of Jasmine and penetrated her pussy in pronebone position. He held her down with his hand on her neck and forced her to take his length. I was devastated to see her violated like this, but horny at the same time.

I pulled my dick out and started jerking off. Jasmine looked over to me and laughed. “It’s tiny!” She exclaimed and chuckled while Tyrone blew her back out. She humiliated me.

I continued jerking and watching them for the 15 minutes they spent in bed, during which they switched to doggystyle and Tyrone came on her back. Jasmine’s legs quivered and she orgasmed.

I went to wash myself up in the bathroom, and when I returned, they were both looking at me.

“I know you’re not gay” Jasmine said. “I just wanted to cuck your pathetic ass. Tyrone, baby, show this loser out please.”

Tyrone walked over to me and pushed me out of his dorm. I heard Jasmine giggling as the door closed. Her plan worked. She cucked me. And I was utterly ashamed.

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