Mother’s Submission – Chapter 9 by Sadistic_Dominant

Alex Morgan looked at the man standing before him. “What in the hell is going on here”, Bill Lewis repeated. The man had just walked in and caught his wife, Monica, cheating on him with Alex. “Bill, what are you doing here”, Monica asked.

“I thought I’d surprise you and take you out to lunch”, Bill said angrily. “Who is this punk you’re fucking?” “I’m Alex. Alicia is my mother”, Alex said as he looked the man up and down. Despite the man’s angry tone, his posture wasn’t aggressive. Then Alex spotted something.

“I have a question, Bill. Did seeing me fuck your wife turn you on”, he asked. “What the fuck kind of question is that”, Bill demanded, but his cheeks burned red like someone who had been caught in a lie. “Considering the tent in your pants, I would say you liked what you saw”, Alex said. Monica looked and, sure enough, her husband was sporting a tent in his pants.

An idea came Alex, although he wasn’t one hundred percent sure that he was right about Bill. “Come here”, he said in his most firm, commanding voice, looking directly at the man. Both Alex and Monica could see the fight in Bill’s eyes between being angry and, possibly, wanting to obey.

It took a full minute, but Bill eventually walked over and stood in front of Alex. Alex sized up the man in front of him. At least six foot, Bill had a strong frame, yet he gave off a very submissive vibe. “Kneel”, Alex said, holding onto the commanding tone. This time it took less than a second for the man to obey.

Bill was on his knees, his eyes level with the dick that had just been fucking his wife. Alex watched Bill’s eyes grow wide as he stared at the younger man’s package. “Slut, has your husband been boring in bed lately”, Alex asked, looking at Monica.

“Yes, and it’s been that way for a long time”, she admitted. “I think I discovered the problem”, Alex said with a grin. “Your husband is a submissive little bitch. You need to take charge with him.” Alex could see a devious light in Monica’s eyes as she contemplated what that meant.

Bill’s cheeks burned red as he listened to Alex talking, but he couldn’t argue. He’d never admitted it to anyone, but he got turned on whenever someone else told him what to do. It was one of the reason’s he hadn’t tried to get the promotion at work. He loved how bossy his bitchy supervisor was.

Alex looked down at the man before him, trying to decide what to do with him. Truthfully, Alex had never considered having a male submissive, but he found that the idea didn’t repulse him. Rather, he found it intriguing and he thought of a perfect way to try it out.

“Slut, lay back and spread your legs”, he commanded and Monica immediately reclined on the sofa, her pussy on full display, his jizz leaking from her hole. “Now, bitch”, he said, looking down at Bill, who looked up at him, “crawl over to your wife and lick my cum from her cunt.”

Bill gulped, nervous about what was going on. But he found that he couldn’t help but obey. This young man was strong and commanding and Bill was incredibly turned on by that. He turned and looked at his sexy wife, another man’s cum leaking from her pussy, and began to crawl toward her.

Monica loved the sight of Bill crawling on his hands and knees. As much as she loved being submissive, she was feeling the intoxicating thrill of dominance and she loved it. As Bill reached her and his tongue touched her slit, an orgasm ripped through her. The mixture of her’s and Alex’s cum squirted all over her husband’s face.

Bill couldn’t believe how much he loved what was happening. It was incredibly humiliating and demeaning, and yet it was the hottest thing he’d ever experienced. He began to lick his wife’s pussy in earnest, something he hadn’t done in a long time. And, although he had never felt any attraction to other men, the taste of Alex’s cum in his wife’s pussy was the most delicious thing he had ever sampled.

Once he finished, his wife’s pussy glistening and clean, Bill leaned back on his knees. He looked up at Alex, who was standing right behind him, eager for praise. “Good bitch”, Alex said and patted the man’s head. A feeling of joy and pride filled Bill, knowing he had pleased Alex.

Alex then turned his attention to Monica, his face stern. “As for you, slut, I don’t recall giving you permission to have any of those orgasms”, he said firmly. Monica’s face dropped, her feeling of excitement replaced by a mixture of dread and anticipation. “I’m sorry, master”, she said, already getting on her hands and knees.

“You will be, when I’m done with you”, Alex said. “Bitch, crawl over there and fetch my belt”, Alex said, turning to Bill and motioning to his discarded clothing. Bill did as he was told, unsure of why Alex needed the belt, but having a pretty good idea.

Alex took the belt and walked over to Monica. She took a breath and braced herself, just as the belt made contact with her ass. She let out a yelp as she felt the sting of the leather. “Thank you for disciplining me, Master”, she said and Alex swung the belt again.

Each time he struck her with it, she repeated the phrase. The melody of her yelps of pain, the smack of the belt against her ass, and her apologies resounded in Alex’s ears, making him increasingly horny. After ten strokes, he dropped the belt, his dick rock hard once again.

He looked down at Bill, who was watching what was happening in awe. “Bitch, use that tongue of yours and prepare your wife’s asshole for me. I’m going to wreck that sweet little ass of hers.” Bill crawled over to Monica, her bright red ass in front of his face.

He grasped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, eliciting a cry of pain from her. “Ignore her and do as you’re told”, Alex said when Bill hesitated. “Yes, Master”, Bill said, using the same term he had heard his wife use. Then he leaned in close to his wife, the scent of her wet pussy wafting up to him.

He pressed his tongue against her tight, puckered asshole and began licking up and down. Monica moaned loudly as he did this, the feeling of pleasure mixing with the stinging pain in her ass. Bill took this as a good sign and applied pressure, his tongue slipping inside his wife’s asshole.

Monica loved the feeling of her husband’s tongue in her ass, more than she had ever thought she would. The knowledge that he was being humiliated like this just made it even better. His tongue darted in and out of her ass, leaving copious amounts of saliva inside her.

After a few moments, Alex grabbed Bill by the hair, pulling him away from his wife. Without warning, Alex shoved his dick into the older man’s mouth. Bill was surprised by this, but he didn’t hesitate. He began sucking and licking the huge shaft. “Good bitch”, Alex said, surprised by how good and natural this felt. “Make sure you get my dick nice and lubed up. Wouldn’t want to hurt your wife, now would we?”

Bill pulled back and shook his head before returning to licking Alex’s dick. Alex moaned as Bill’s tongue tickled his balls. He nearly blew his load, but he wanted to do that in Monica’s ass. So he pushed Bill away and moved over to Monica, pressing his dick against her waiting anus.

Monica did her best to relax as she felt Alex applying pressure, but she couldn’t help but let out a yelp when his dickhead popped through her sphincter. After Alex got his dick inside her, he stopped for a few moments, letting her get used to the feeling of her asshole being stretched.

Then he thrust forward a little, his dick going deeper. Bill’s saliva, both in Monica’s ass and on Alex’s dick, provided a very good lubricant and it didn’t hurt near as much as Monica had been anticipating. On the contrary, she soon found herself lost in pleasure as Alex pushed inch after inch of his huge cock deep inside her rectum.

It took almost ten solid minutes, but Alex’s balls finally rested against Monica’s pussy, his dick completely buried in her asshole. Monica moaned as she felt her ass being stretched beyond what she thought was possible. Before she could really get used to it, Alex slid back, until most of his dick was out of her body.

Then he thrust forward, causing her to gasp and moan. “Fuck, that feels so good, Master. Your dick is amazing, so much better than my husband’s”, she said, throwing in the last bit just to add to Bill’s humiliation. And Bill loved it.

As he watched Alex fucking his wife’s ass and heard her saying those degrading words, his dick felt like it was going to explode. “Please, Master, this is turning me on too much. May I cum”, he asked and Alex looked down at him, never breaking his rhythm. “Strip and get on all fours, like the bitch you are”, Alex said.

Bill quickly removed his clothes and assumed the position. He didn’t have a bad body, although he was developing a bit of a gut as he got older. And his dick, seven inches long, wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about, but it couldn’t compare to Alex’s. “Now, you may cum”, Alex said as he slammed his dick deep into Monica’s ass, causing her to scream in pleasure.

As Bill watched, realizing that he had never come close to giving his wife that kind of pleasure, his orgasm ripped through him. He had never cum that hard in his life, jizz exploding from his dick and splattering all over the floor. His orgasm lasted almost a full minute, creating a huge, sticky puddle underneath him.

As Alex watched, the man’s humiliation and submission assured, he exploded inside Monica’s ass. He thrust deep and hard, his cum pulsing out and filling her bowels. “Fuck”, Monica cried out, using every ounce of willpower to keep herself from orgasming.

As Alex slid out of Monica’s ass, his jizz running down her leg, he looked over at Bill. “Look at that mess you made, bitch. Lick it up and then come and clean your wife’s asshole. And you”, he said, turning to Monica, “you may cum while you watch your bitch husband lick up his own jizz. I’m going to shower.”

To be continued…

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