Mother’s Submission- Chapter 13 by Sadistic_Dominant

Alicia Morgan’s mind was confused as she fixed dinner. After having lunch with her ex-husband earlier that day, she had been feeling a terrible mixture of emotions. On one hand, she still loved Will, even after he’d cheated on her and abandoned her. She wanted to believe that he’d changed and deserved another chance.

But the other part of her was incredibly happy with Alex, her son who had become her master. He fulfilled her in ways she had never felt before and she couldn’t bear the thought of losing him. And yet, she knew she would eventually have to make a choice. But, for now, she was going to try and concentrate on dinner.

Alex sat in the living room, the television on, but his eyes were on his mother. He could tell that something was bothering her, but she wasn’t saying anything. And, when he’d asked her about it earlier, she said she was fine. He knew that she would tell him whenever she was ready to and, until then, he’d just do whatever he could to be there for her.

He got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around his mother’s waist. “Dinner smells good”, he said, kissing her cheek. “Thank you, sir”, she said turning to face him. “I was taught to keep my man full of delicious food.” “Well, whoever taught you that was brilliant”, Alex said before kissing his mother again.

“I’ll tell your grandmother that the next time she visits”, Alicia said. As she looked up into her son’s eyes, his gaze firm and strong, just like the rest of him, she felt such love. He was perfect and she wanted to make him happy. In that moment, she knew just what to do.

She kissed his cheek and then slid down to her knees. “What are you doing, slut”, Alex asked. “I thought I’d have my dessert before dinner”, Alicia said as she unbuttoned his pants. Alex’s large cock sprang free, Alicia moaning as she beheld the object of her worship.

Alex groaned in pleasure as Alicia began stroking his semi-erect dick. She loved feeling it harden and grow in her hand, almost as good as feeling it in her mouth. There was something heady and exhilarating about knowing that she brought such pleasure to her son. Within moments, his shaft was fully erect, hard and thick, enticing her to swallow it.

So she did. Alicia took her son’s dick into her mouth, the very dick she had created within herself, moaning as she did so. She ran her tongue around his shaft as she slid her head back and forth, his cock filling her mouth and pushing against her throat. After a few moments of sucking, Alicia pulled Alex’s cock from her mouth and ran her tongue over his head while she stroked his shaft.

“OH fuck, I’m not going to last much longer if you keep going like this, slut”, Alex said, his cock already twitching. Alicia smiled and kept stroking his shaft as she ran her tongue over his balls, knowing how good this felt to him. Then she moved her mouth back to his cock and took it between her lips.

Alicia took a breath and relaxed her throat, then took her son’s dick deep inside her mouth. She could feel her throat bulging around his massive shaft. And she’d seen pictures he’d taken of her while she was doing this, so she knew it looked sexy as hell. “I’m cumming”, Alex moaned as his dick erupted.

Alicia quickly pulled back until just his dickhead was in her mouth, just as the first blast of cum shot out. She moaned, her pussy dripping, as she tasted her son’s savory seed. It was salty and delicious, made even tastier by the taboo of it all. She felt Alex shoot several spurts into her mouth, making it difficult not to swallow, before he finished.

When Alex’s orgasm finally ended, he pulled his dick from his mother’s mouth. She held her mouth open wide, showing him the huge load he’d deposited on her tongue. “Good slut”, Alex said, stroking her hair. “Now, swallow.” Alicia happily obeyed, her pussy spasming as she felt her son’s forbidden jizz sliding down her throat and filling her belly. She kept herself from orgasming, but just barely.

After her mouth was empty, Alicia eagerly licked Alex’s cock until it was completely clean. “May I get up and finish dinner, sir”, she asked and Alex nodded. As he watched his mother return to cooking, Alex felt like things would be alright.


After dinner, Alex got a call from one of his old friends, Tyler. He invited him out for drinks and to catch up, since Alex hadn’t seen any of his friends since he’d gotten back to town. “You should go”, Alicia said when Alex told her. “It would be good for you to see your friends.” “Are you sure”, Alex asked, still concerned about whatever was going on with his mother.

“Of course”, Alicia said. “You go out and have fun. I’ll probably just take a bath and try to get some rest.” “Alright. I’ll go then”, Alex said. Now, here he sat, with his friend at their favorite bar. “So, how’s life treating you”, Tyler asked. “Pretty good. College is going well and I actually have a pretty amazing woman in my life”, Alex said. “Yeah, your mother”, Tyler teased, punching his friend’s arm.

Alex just rolled his eyes, knowing he had to deflect the question. “Fuck you. My mother is amazing. You just wish you could date my mom.” “Hell yes I do”, Tyler said. “Have you seen your mom? She’s way hotter than any of the chicks around here.” “Shut up, man”, Alex said, punching his friend in the arm.

“You brought it up”, Tyler said. “But, whatever, tell me about this girl you’re dating.” “Well, she’s amazing”, Alex said. “She’s sexy and sweet and completely submissive.” “Damn, she sounds perfect”, Tyler said. “She is”, Alex responded. “So, when do I get to meet her”, Tyler joked. “Never”, Alex said.

“What? Why the fuck not”, Tyler asked, feigning indignation. “Because, you’d try to steal her away from me”, Alex said with a laugh. “I would never”, Tyler said, a serious look in his eyes. “I know, dude. Maybe you can meet her someday”, Alex said.

For the next few hours, Alex and Tyler got caught up on each other’s lives. But Alex couldn’t stop thinking about what Tyler had said. He did wish he could tell Tyler about his mother. Tyler was his best friend, but Alex didn’t know if Tyler would be able to keep his secret.

However, he didn’t have long to think about it, because the door opened and in walked someone Alex hadn’t seen since high school. “Lauren Walker”, Tyler said, clearly checking the girl out. “Have you talked to her since you got home?”

“No”, Alex said, his eyes glued to the girl. Her auburn hair fell just below her shoulders, her green eyes sparkling brightly, a smile on her face. She had perky C cup tits and an ass that every guy in high school had wanted. But she’d picked Alex. They’d gone out until just before the end of senior year.

He still remembered when she’d told him that she didn’t want to be the girl back home, waiting on her college boyfriend to come back, hoping that he was staying faithful. So she’d dumped him, two weeks before graduation. And now, as he watched her walking up to the bar and ordering a beer, all of those emotions came rushing back.

After she received her beer, Lauren turned around and immediately her eyes locked onto Alex’s. She started coming over and Alex did his best to maintain his composure. “Hey, Alex, when did you get back to town”, she asked, throwing her arms around him in a hug. Her voice was perky and bubbly and would make you believe she was an airhead, if she hadn’t gotten some of the best grades in school.

“I just got home a few days ago”, Alex said as Lauren pulled back from the hug. Her eyes drifted down to the erection that had sprung, creating a tent in Alex’s pants. “I think it’s safe to assume that you’re happy to see me”, she said with a giggle.

“What? I’m not”, Alex stammered, but Lauren cut him off. “Relax. I’m kidding”, she said. “Seriously though, how have you been?” “I’m good, Lauren. How about you”, Alex asked. “Oh, I’ve been great. I’ve got a good job and I’m healthy”, Lauren said with a laugh. “About the only thing I don’t have is a man.”

“Oh, come on. How can you be single”, Alex teased, laughing and beginning to feel more comfortable. “I don’t know”, Lauren said, a smile on her face. “I think I let the right guy get away.” After she said that, she turned and walked away, toward a group of her girlfriends. As she walked, Alex stared at her and he could have sworn she was wiggling her ass at him.


A little while later, Tyler told Alex he had to go. They made plans to get together again and then Alex found himself alone. He decided to head home, but first he needed to piss. He headed into the bathroom and relieved himself.

As he turned around, he saw Lauren enter the restroom and lock the door behind her. “What are you doing”, Alex asked. “I felt that erection when I hugged you”, Lauren said, her eyes filled with lustful hunger. “And neither of us are going anywhere until I see it.”

To be continued…

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