Mother’s Submission- Chapter 11 (reposted) by Sadistic_Dominant

Alex Morgan smiled when he heard the knock on the front door. He’d been excited about this ever since he and his mother left the clothing store with their purchases. Alicia was excited as well, her pussy dripping. She was glad that Alex had allowed her to wear one of the outfits they had bought today. It showed off her body, which she was discovering more and more that she really enjoyed. And she was looking forward to helping another mother enjoy showing off and submitting to her son.

Trevor hadn’t told them anything, except his mother’s name, Rhonda. Alicia opened the door, smiling at Trevor, whose virginity she had taken hours earlier. Beside him stood a beautiful black woman, her hair hanging in waves past her shoulders. She had full, plump lips, large breasts that were at least a D cup, wide hips and a thick ass.

“Welcome to our home. You must be Rhonda”, Alicia said, shaking the woman’s hand. “Pleased to meet you. You must be Alicia”, Rhonda said. As Alicia showed them to the living room, she could feel both of their eyes on her revealing outfit. When she turned around, she caught the scowl on Rhonda’s face, as well as the smile on Trevor’s.

Alex entered the room shortly and sat in the armchair, Alicia kneeling on the floor in front of him. Rhonda raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. As they made small talk, Alex could tell that Rhonda was uncomfortable, but she wouldn’t be rude and leave.

Finally, after about half an hour, she excused herself to go to the restroom. Alex smiled, knowing it was time to act. “Slut, get Trevor ready to go, but don’t make him cum”, Alex said to his mother as he got up to follow Rhonda.

Alicia smiled and crawled over to Trevor, who was already sporting a tent in his pants. She freed his thick, black cock and eagerly began sucking it. She ran her tongue up and down his ebony shaft, then sucked on his balls while she stroked him. Then she slid her mouth down his pole, taking it into her throat. “Fuck”, Trevor moaned as Alicia used her mouth on him. “That feels amazing.”


Alex got to the bathroom and took a breath, then opened the door. Rhonda looked up in surprise, trying to cover herself. “What the fuck”, she said, scowling at Alex. “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself”, he said. “I needed to talk to you alone.”

“And it couldn’t wait until I was done pissing”, she said, clearly frustrated. “No”, Alex said as he stepped closer. “You see, Rhonda, I find you very attractive. And I wanted to get you alone without your son.” “Oh, and why is that”, Rhonda asked, clearly taken aback by what Alex said.

“Because, when I see something I want, I go for it”, Alex said, stepping closer to the woman. She looked unsure, but she didn’t stop him. As Alex unbuttoned his pants, Rhonda’s eyes grew wide. “I don’t”, she started to say, but stopped when he pulled his dick out.

“Oh my god”, she said, clearly awestruck. “I’m glad you like it”, Alex said. “Something tells me that it’s been awhile since you had some dick.” “It has”, Rhonda said, unable to pull her eyes from Alex’s impressive shaft. “Trevor’s father left us years ago and I haven’t really dated since then, being so busy raising him.”

“Well, he’s all grown now, so you can get what you need”, Alex said, his voice firm. “Now, open your mouth.” Rhonda was shocked by the command, but she found herself obeying. Alex slid his dick between her lips and she began sucking automatically, running her tongue over his shaft as it slid in and out of her mouth.

“Fuck, that’s good”, Alex moaned as Rhonda pulled her mouth off of him and started licking his balls while she stroked his shaft. “I’m glad to hear that”, she said. “I haven’t done this in a long time and I would hate to think that I lost my touch.” “You definitely haven’t”, Alex said. “But I want more than just your mouth. Follow me.”

He turned and walked to his room, Rhonda pulling up her pants and following after him. As he entered the room, he pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard. She kissed back, moaning into his mouth. His hand slipped down her pants and began stroking her pussy, feeling her trimmed bush. “Oh, fuck”, she moaned as he rubbed her clit. “Keep that up and I’ll cum.”

“That’s the idea”, Alex said as he slid two fingers inside her wet pussy. Rhonda cried out as Alex stroked her G-spot, an orgasm rushing through her. Alex held the woman as she went limp, her pussy convulsing and her juices soaking her panties.

As she finished, she looked at him with hunger in her eyes. “I want you inside me”, she said and Alex smiled. “Strip”, he commanded and Rhonda began ripping her clothes off, tossing them on her floor. Alex went over to the side of bed and grabbed a bag of toys he had bought with his mother on the way home earlier.

He looked up and saw Rhonda’s exposed body, her large tits that were beginning to sag, her belly that had a few love handles, and the triangle of curly hair above her wet slit. Her pussy peeked out of her labia, bright pink against her dark skin. “Fuck, that’s sexy”, he said. “Now, lay on the bed.”

Rhonda laid on her back, looking at the man who was making her pussy drench. She was surprised when he pulled out a blindfold. “I don’t know if I want to get into that kinky stuff”, she said, but Alex put a finger to her lips. “Trust me”, he said and she nodded. He slipped the blindfold over her eyes, followed by a gag in her mouth. He finished off with leather cuffs, holding her wrists to the bedpost.

“Are you alright”, he asked and she nodded. “Good”, he said and he rubbed her cunt with his fingers. She squirmed under his touch, eager to feel his cock slipping into her. Smiling, Alex motioned to Trevor, who was standing in the hallway with Alicia. The boy entered the room, obviously nervous but determined.

“Don’t hesitate”, Alex whispered to the boy, whose eyes were glued to his mother’s pussy. “Take her and make her your slut.” Trevor nodded and climbed onto the bed. Rhonda was bucking a little, pulling against the restraints, eager to feel her pussy stuffed with cock.

Trevor took a breath, his dick less than an inch from the pussy he had dreamed about for the last several years. In one moment, his dreams would come true. He grabbed his mother’s hips, gathered his confidence and thrust forward.

Rhonda cried out in pleasure as her pussy convulsed in orgasm. Trevor held his own orgasm down, although he was already on edge from Alicia. He held onto his mother’s thick, luscious hips and started fucking her through her orgasm, pounding her as her pussy spasmed.

Alex smiled as he watched and Alicia, the sight making her incredibly horny, dropped to her knees and began sucking her son’s dick. Alex did his best to contain his moans as his mother’s expert mouth threatened to make him erupt.

As for Rhonda, she was in ecstasy as her orgasm ended, her pussy still throbbing, squeezing the dick buried inside it. It had been far too long since she’d been fucked, especially like this. For a younger guy, he really knew what he was doing. His technique could use a little work, but she couldn’t deny that his cock filled her perfectly, as if it were made for her cunt.

Trevor couldn’t believe how good it felt, finally plowing his mother’s twat. It was far better than he’d ever imagined, better than porn ever suggested it could be. He felt his orgasm hit him and couldn’t hold back any longer. He thrust deep inside his mother and exploded, firing his virile seed into his mother’s womb.

Rhonda moaned as she felt her pussy being filled with cum. She’d expected him to pull out, but it felt so amazing for him to dump his load inside her. And he still felt rock hard, even after that amazing orgasm. She had to suck it, taste herself on that amazing, thick cock. She pulled against her restraints, wanting to be freed.

Alex walked over to the bed and removed the gag from her mouth. “How are you feeling, Rhonda”, he asked. “Amazing”, Rhonda said, moaning and moving her hips. “That was the best dick I’ve ever had.” “Oh really”, Alex said, Trevor smiling widely. “Yes. Now I want to taste it”, she said and Trevor smiled. He moved up to the head of the bed and pushed his dick between his mother’s lips.

Rhonda began sucking eagerly, loving the taste of her own pussy on a young dick. “Fuck, that feels good”, Trevor moaned and Rhonda immediately stopped sucking. Alex laughed and pulled her blindfold off, loving the shocked reaction on her face as she realized that her own son’s dick was in her mouth.

She spat it out and looked from Trevor to Alex to Alicia, who was stroking Alex’s cock. “What is going on here”, she demanded. Alex told her about his conversation with Trevor earlier. “And now he’s gotten what he always wanted, to fuck you”, Alex said, Rhonda’s eyes getting wider.

“You mean”, she stuttered and Trevor nodded. “That’s right, mom. I’m the one who fucked you, giving you the best dick you ever had. Those were your words.” “I know, but”, Rhonda started, but she didn’t know what to say. Her son’s dick had felt amazing and it had been so long since she’d been fucked.

“But nothing”, Trevor said, beginning to feel more confident. He grabbed his mother and flipped her on her stomach. “What are you doing”, she demanded, but Trevor didn’t answer. Instead, he lined his dick up with her sopping wet cunt and plunged his dick back in. Rhonda cried out as her son’s shaft filled her pussy once more.

Alex loved what he was seeing and he wanted to join in. “On the bed, slut”, he ordered and Alicia quickly got on her hands and knees next to Rhonda. Rhonda looked over, surprised by Alicia’s presence. She was even more surprised when Alex grabbed his mother’s hips and slammed his dick deep into her velvety cunt.

“Fuck, that’s kinda hot”, Rhonda moaned as her own son drove his dick deep inside her again and again. “I know”, Alicia moaned. “There’s nothing in the world better than your son’s dick inside your pussy.” “I’m beginning to believe that”, Rhonda moaned as another orgasm hit her.

The room became filled with the sounds and smell of sex as both young men drilled their mother’s cunts. “Cum, slut”, Alex commanded as he hammered his cock deep inside his mother. “Hey, want to switch sluts”, Trevor asked. “Absolutely”, Alex said, never having fucked a black woman and wanting to experience it.

As he lined his cock up with Rhonda’s dripping cunt, he heard the sounds of his mother moaning as Trevor started hammering her pussy. Then he grabbed Rhonda’s hips and slammed his dick deep inside her. Rhonda screamed out as she felt Alex’s shaft stretching her out.

And Alex wasn’t gentle, driving his huge dick deep inside her over and over again. After the third stroke, Rhonda felt herself orgasm again. The bedsheets underneath her were soaked with her cum as Alex kept plowing her pussy. “Fuck man, I’m gonna cum. Is it alright if I cum inside her”, Trevor asked, temporarily stopping his thrusting inside Alicia.

“Go for it”, Alex said, much to Alicia’s delight. “I’m going to fill your mother up in a minute.” Rhonda moaned when she heard this, feeling happy to receive another load of cum. Alex thrust hard and deep, his balls slapping against Rhonda’s clit.

His balls exploded in orgasm, his cum shooting deep into her womb. He held her fast as he pumped his seed into her cunt. As he finished, he got an idea. “Free your mom”, he said to Trevor, who happily released his mother from her restraints. “On your back, slut”, Alex said, slapping Rhonda’s ass.

She let out a yelp, but got into position, eager for whatever happened next. “Sit on her face”, Alex said to his mother, who quickly obeyed her master. “Have you ever done anything with another woman”, Alex asked Rhonda. “Never”, she said, although she had to admit that Alicia’s soaking, cum filled pussy looked amazing.

“Well, just do what feels good to you when someone eats your pussy. You two use those tongues to clean out each other’s pussies”, Alex said, Trevor smiling at the idea. Alicia dove into Rhonda’s cunt, eager to taste her son’s cum in the woman’s ebony pussy. Rhonda was a little more hesitant, but as soon as she felt Alicia’s tongue, she moaned loudly. Then she shoved her tongue upwards, licking up and down Alicia’s slit.

The two women ate each other’s pussy for the better part of ten minutes, each of them orgasming during that time. Afterwards, Trevor and Alex fucked their mother’s throats, feeding them each a load of cum.

After they finished, Trevor and Rhonda took a shower together, getting themselves cleaned up. “Thank you for inviting us over”, Rhonda said to Alicia, kissing her deeply as Trevor stood by the door. “I hope we can come over again.” “You’re welcome anytime”, Alicia said, smiling as their guests left.

“Do you think they’ll be as happy as we are”, Alex asked, holding his mother close to him. “I know they will”, Alicia said, kissing her son’s cheek. “There’s nothing better than a close relationship with your son.”

To be continued…

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