Mother’s Submission – Chapter 10 by Sadistic_Dominant

Alicia Morgan stood under the warm, pulsing water of the shower, rinsing the soap from her body. There was something magical about showers, as if they could wash away all the troubles of the world. And she needed that kind of magic right now.

Her ex-husband, William, had showed up out of the blue yesterday, professing his love for her. The man who had cheated on her multiple times, broken her heart, and destroyed her confidence, had told her that he was sorry and wanted another chance.

She had thrown him out, but the whole thing had made her feel very upset, ruining her plan’s with Alex for the day. And Alex had been very sweet, bringing her her favorite flowers and fruit from a local farmer’s market. But it just wasn’t enough.

Today she had woken up, Alex holding her in his strong arms, and she still felt upset. But she was determined not to let that ruin another day with her son and lover. Especially since she couldn’t tell him the reason she was so upset.

Despite everything that Will had put her through, she still loved him. He had been her first love, as well as the man she had given her virginity to. And, no matter what he did or said, a part of her wanted him back. But another part of her loved Alex and the new relationship they were forming.

Her pussy became soaking wet every time she thought about Alex. He was so forceful and strong, completely dominating her. She was completely submissive, finally true to who she really was. And she didn’t want to lose that. So here she stood, letting the shower wash over her.

The door to the bathroom opened, breaking her from her thoughts. “How are you doing in here”, she heard Alex ask and she smiled. Although she wasn’t sure what she was going to do about Will, she knew what she wanted right now. She pulled the shower back, revealing herself to her son.

“Just finished getting clean, sir”, she said and she could see his dick getting hard, just from the sight of her. “Unless you’d like to join me. I wouldn’t mind getting dirty again”, she said with a wink.

Alex didn’t need a second invitation. He quickly got into the shower with his mother, who immediately dropped to her knees. She began sucking the head of the dick she loved so much, her hands stroking up and down his huge shaft.

Alex moaned loudly as his mother ran her tongue up and down his cock. He loved her more than anyone else, her body so much more attractive than any other woman he had ever seen. And her mouth was magical, like heaven on his dick.

Alicia moaned around her son’s shaft, proud of how good she made him feel. Despite everything that was going on, she knew that she pleased her son. And that knowledge made her take his cock down her throat, humming so that it would send vibrations of pleasure up his shaft.

Alex loved when his mother deep throated him, the tightness of her throat contracting on his dick. It felt like nothing else and it made him feel amazing. But, right now, he wanted to feel a different hole. “Stand up, slut”, he said and Alicia quickly obeyed.

He grabbed her thick waist and turned her around, bending her over so that her hands were against the wall. Then he spread her legs, her wet pussy eager for him. He rubbed his thick shaft against her gash, before shoving his entire length inside her.

Alicia screamed our in pleasure, her cunt convulsing in pleasure, her juices flowing, threatening to send her over the edge of orgasm. But she pushed it down, not wanting to be punished. Alex loved how tight his mother’s cunt was and he could never get enough of it.

He started hammering her, his dick ramming deep inside her over and over again. The bathroom was filled with the sounds of their flesh smacking together and their moans of pleasure. Alicia loved how strong her son felt as he held her fast and shoved his huge dick inside her. Nothing in the world felt as good as being powerless in his strong, loving grasp.

His mother’s convulsing pussy was too much for Alex and, as he thrust deep inside her, his balls unleashed a torrent of cum inside her. He held her fast as he pumped his seed into her waiting womb. And, just as he finished, he leaned forward and whispered, “Cum, slut”.

The words released Alicia from her effort and her orgasm exploded. It was as if a volcano erupted as her pussy spawned, juiced squirting out all over the shower. Alex moaned, loving the feeling of his mother orgasming on his dick.

He held her by her waist until her orgasm finished. Then, without any orders, she turned around, dropped to her knees, and took his dick down her throat. She eagerly licked and sucked his shaft. “Fuck, I love how your dick tastes after it’s been inside me, sir”, Alicia said in between licks.

Once she was satisfied that Alex’s cock was clean, she looked up at him and saw him smiling down at her. “You are so fucking perfect”, he said as he stroked her hair. “I love you.” “I love you too, sir”, she said. “Good. Now, let’s get dried off and dressed. I believe we have a shopping trip to go on”, Alex said as he turned off the water.


Half an hour later, Alex and his mother pulled into the parking lot of a local clothing store. Alicia was wearing a miniskirt and a sheer white crop top, with high heels. It was one of the few outfits she still owned and she felt very exposed in it. With each step, the bottom of her ass, as well as her pussy, were in display.

The knowledge that anyone and everyone could see her most intimate area both scared and thrilled her. Alicia had never been an exhibitionist before, but, then again, there were lots of things she had never done before Alex. And she trusted him to not let her be embarrassed.

As for Alex, he loved how sexy his mother looked in her outfit. He loved the feeling of power that came from knowing that everyone who saw her would be jealous and that they would want her. But she was all his.

As they entered the store, Alex saw a young man, maybe eighteen, working the register. The boy barely looked up as Alex walked around, looking for clothing he seemed appropriate, followed by his mother. Alex found several tops for his mother to try, all of which would accentuate her large breasts.

Then he found a few skirts, none longer than what she was wearing now. He also collected a few pairs of fishnets stockings for her. “Alright, slut, go in the changing room and try these on. And come out and show me each outfit”, Alex said as he sat in the chair outside the changing rooms.

Alicia felt a little nervous, but she wanted to please Alex, so she obeyed. She changed quickly, now donning the red skirt and baby blue tank top. As she came out of the dressing room, she saw the smile on Alex’s face, as well as the tent in his pants.

As his mother went back into the changing room to try on the next outfit, Alex looked over at the clerk. The boy was staring, his mouth open, in their direction. Alex smiled, knowing the torture of seeing an incredibly sexy woman and not being able to touch her.

“Come here”, Alex said and the boy quickly came over. “You think she’s sexy”, Alex asked, motioning toward the changing room. The boy just nodded, probably afraid to say anything for fear of getting in trouble. “What’s your name”, Alex asked. “Trevor”, the boy answered, trying to sound cool and nonchalant.

“Well, Trevor, I have a question for you. Are you a virgin”, Alex asked, bringing a shocked look to Trevor’s face. As he stammered for an answer, Alex spoke again. “I ask because you’re not acting like someone who is sure of himself.”

Trevor just nodded, clearly embarrassed. “There’s nothing wrong with that, Trevor. Good things, like getting fucked, sometimes take awhile to happen. But today might just be your lucky day. Go and lock the front door so we can have some privacy.”

Trevor moved fast, probably faster than he had ever moved at this job. While he was locking the door and turning the “open” sign around, Alicia came out of the dressing room, in another skimpy outfit. “Perfect”, Alex said and then motioned her over with his finger.

Just then Trevor returned to his spot beside Alex, surprising Alicia. “Who’s this”, she said, subconsciously trying to cover her exposed flesh. “This is Trevor. And Trevor needs to see just how sexy you are. Turn around and bend over, slut”, Alex said.

Alicia’s eyes grew wide, but she had promised to be obedient. So she slowly turned around and bent at the waist, knowing her ass was completely exposed. “Spread your legs. Let him see what a slut’s pussy looks like”, Alex said.

Alicia took a breath and then spread her legs, giving Alex and Trevor a clear view of her wet cunt. Her pussy was leaking juices down her legs as she exposed herself like this, doing her best to be obedient to her master. She had never considered herself an exhibitionist before, but she had to admit that it turned her on to know that a complete stranger could see how slutty she was.

“Good slut”, Alex said, slapping her ass and causing her to yelp in surprise. Suddenly, she felt his hands on her pussy, rubbing her labia. “See how wet she is, Trevor. That’s because she’s excited. A true slut loves having people look at her, lust after her.”

“Damn”, she heard the young man say and she looked back between her legs. He was kneeling next to Alex, her cunt mere inches from their faces. “What do you want to do, Trevor”, Alex asked and the boy wasted no time in responding. “I want to taste that pussy”, he said and Alex nodded. “Go ahead.”

Alicia gasped as she felt the boy’s face press against her pussy lips, his tongue going into her sopping wet hole. She watched him search her cunt with his tongue, his ebony skin a stark contrast to hers. As his tongue retracted and flicked over her g-spot, she let out a moan.

“Slut, while we are in this store, you don’t have to hold back. You may orgasm as much as you want to”, Alex said, now standing before her. “Thank you, sir”, she said, looking up at Alex, who was pulling his dick out. She eagerly took it in her mouth while Trevor continued to feast on her cunt.

Every once in awhile, his tongue would wander to her asshole and probe her sphincter, causing her to gasp around Alex’s shaft. Then she felt it. Trevor’s fingers entered her pussy as his tongue pressed into her asshole. The sensations, combined with knowing the pleasure she must be bringing to her son, overwhelmed her.

Her pussy began to spasm as her juices exploded from her snatch. She felt Trevor’s mouth on her cunt, drinking down her juices as they flowed freely. Alex moaned as he watched his mother cumming on another face, surprised by how much it turned him on. So, when Trevor stood up and pulled his own pants down, Alex nodded.

Trevor began rubbing his thick, nine inch dick up and down Alicia’s cunt. She looked up at Alex, who gave a her a reassuring look, then back at Trevor. “Have you ever had a black cock, slut”, he asked, apparently having found his confidence. “Never”, she said and he smiled. “Good”, he said and then shoved his dick into her cunt.

Alicia moaned as she felt his dick inside her. It wasn’t as big as Alex’s, but it was still impressive, and thick. His shaft rubbed against her g-spot as he pumped his dick in and out of her. Meanwhile, Alex got tired of waiting for her to resume sucking his dick.

He shoved his shaft down her throat and started fucking her face. Alicia moaned as her pussy soaked Trevor’s shaft, loving the feeling of being fucked from both ends. It was as if she were just a doll and her master and Trevor were just using her to pleasure themselves.

“Fuck, slut, I didn’t realize you would enjoy this so much”, Alex said. “Maybe we’ll have to explore this side of you more”, he said as he pounded his mother’s face. He looked up and could see, from the expression on Trevor’s face, that the boy wasn’t going to last long.

“Switch with me”, he said and Trevor reluctantly pulled his dick out of Alicia’s cunt. He moved to where Alex had been and quickly began fucking Alicia’s throat. Within moments, he was pumping a load of cum down her throat. Watching his mother get fucked and then throat fucked, pushed Alex over the edge. He thrust deep and dumped his load deep inside Alicia’s cunt, even as she exploded in orgasm once more.

As they all finished, Alicia sucked both dicks until they were clean. Afterwards, Trevor showed her where the employee bathroom was so she could get cleaned up. While she was cleaning herself, Alex spoke to Trevor, once the two had gotten dressed.

“How is it that a guy with a dick like yours hasn’t gotten laid before”, Alex asked the boy. “Well, truth be told, I’ve had offers. But the woman I want, I can’t have”, Trevor said, looking embarrassed again. “Why not”, Alex asked, feeling sorry for the guy and wanting to help him. “Promise not to laugh”, Trevor asked and Alex nodded.

“It’s because the woman I want, the woman I find the most sexy in the world, is my mother”, Trevor admitted, a hint of shame in his voice. Alex smiled and patted Trevor on the back. “Want to know a secret?” “Sure”, Trevor said, confused by Alex’s response.

“That’s my mother”, Alex said, nodding toward the bathroom and Trevor’s eyes grew wide even as his jaw dropped. “No fucking way”, he said. “How did that happen?” “Tell you what, Trevor. Why don’t you bring your mother to my house this evening for dinner and I’ll help you make it happen for yourself”, Alex said. “You’d do that”, Trevor asked, smiling. “Yes I would”, Alex responded. “Because, trust me, there’s nothing better than turning your mother into your slut.”

To be continued…

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