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So I’ve been with my wife for 5 years now. We have a great sex life, into all kinds of kinky stuff. Her mom my MIL had been divorced for about 2 years now, any time we go over to her house she’s always wanting me to drink with her, always making sexual gestures towards me. Always complimenting my physical appearance, telling me how good I look. I kinda flirt with her too every now and then. So my wife has been telling me how lonely her mom is that she hasn’t had sex in over 4 years. She could really use “some help” and told me I should go have sex with her. I asked her if she just wanted to do a threesome because I felt like that wouldn’t be so weird, but my wife was like no I don’t really wanna see my mom naked or anything like that but if I wanted to hookup with her every now and then she would be fine with it. So I guess my question is how would I go about asking this question, because to me just coming straight out saying hey wanna have sex. I don’t know to me it’s a little weird, how would y’all approach this and what would you say?

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  1. That’s tricky because the MIL might be flirty with no real intention behind it because she thinks you’re ‘safe’. You should ask your wife if it’s something she’s discussed with her mom. If so, and they’re both cool, then you need your wife to help you by hanging out together and having a good time, make sure you test the water a bit with flirting and plenty of (but not blatant) physical contact with your MIL to make sure she’s receptive. Once everyone’s had a little liquid courage then your wife should play the “I’m going to bed” card and let nature take its course. If there’s a pool or jacuzzi to work into the hangout all the better.

  2. Hey man first lucky man getting the green light from your wife, like a lot of dudes here I also have a thing for my mother in law. She’s not divorced ut I know her and my FIL don’t fuck anymore, pretty sure he has issues and is just a zombie and smokes too much weed. This would be a dream to hear from my wife


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