Mom’s Journal by Dont_Tell_A_Soul


Sunday was another typical morning in the house, Robert was working on spreadsheets and emails and I had a massive headache from drinking too much the night before. The painkillers hadn’t kicked in yet so I decided to lie on the couch and watched an old movie. When Michael came down the steps admittedly I was surprised how grown up he was beginning to appear. He was always a nurturer so it didn’t surprise me when he brought me water and curled up behind me on the couch. He always had an instinctive understanding when I needed a considerate moment.

We lay together watching the movie like we had countless other times but this time felt different. He was draped around me differently and his body was more contoured into mine. He wrapped his arms me like a lover and not my son. As I lay there trying to remove these ludicrous thoughts from my head I felt his hand move down from my shoulder and rest on my naked stomach. His hand then started moving in a slow circular motion. I tensed not knowing what to think. I didn’t wanted to make a big deal of it and make his feel uncomfortable for his kind action. He was just being his compassionate self I told myself so I relax into the couch and enjoyed my unexpected stomach massage. As I closed my eyes, I all of the sudden felt his hand brush the side of my breast. Without a bra, my breast laid far down into my t-shirt giving him ample access. Was it an accident, did he intend to touch his mother’s breast? My mind raced his hand continued to brush the sides of my breast. What was the most unexpected part however were the shock waves it sent through my pussy. I could feel it begin to pulsate as I anticipated his next touch. My breathing began to increase and my pussy became wet as my son’s hands traced my stomach and incidental touch electrified my breast.

As our scenario intensified, I opened my eyes to see Robert still working in the study oblivious to my current situation much like the last ten years of our marriage. My pussy continued to pulsate as I let my son’s exploration continue. I couldn’t stop him as waves of pleasure flowed through my body. His hand no longer content to stay on the outsides of my breast began to caress my nipples as I felt his cock harden behind me as he began slow rhythmic gyrations behind me. Suddenly I felt his body tense, his hold tighten and his hand on my breast intensify followed by a sudden relaxation. Did my son just orgasm, did I just make my own son cum. My god what have I done? My head swirled, as I lay motionless. We continued to lay intertwined as he held me and I feared our relationship might just have changed forever.


I was sitting in the conservatory last night reading and drinking wine, Robert was sleeping as typical and Michael continued his new sexual pursuit of me. He came down at about midnight still in his pajamas and claimed he couldn’t sleep because of a stomachache. I guided him to several remedies in the kitchen; but, he was convinced a stomach rub would be all he needed. Relented to his continual insistence, I turned to my side and he nestled in next to me on his back and began to rubbed his stomach gently hoping to ease his discomfort. As I rubbed lower I found myself hitting something firm with the side of my hand as my Michael’s cock had responded to my treatment. I decided to make a conscious effort to stay higher on his stomach as I continued but his excitement was not to be deterred. Before I realized, he had pulled his bottoms down to expose his fully erect cock. I must say I was surprised at its size, but knew this couldn’t continue and promptly returned it to his pajamas. Michael was not to be deterred and he quickly removed his large erection a second time. It must have been the wine because I didn’t resist this time and let it remain exposed. As his massage continued, I found my hand sliding under his cock and gently moved my palm to its head. He was bigger than his Dad and absolutely harder. I found myself unconsciously beginning to stroke it. My pussy began to dampen as we continued this taboo dance together. I closed my eyes as I squeezed and stoked this beautiful cock up and down while I massaged its head. I could hear his breathing increase and his cock begin to pulse as his orgasm exploded across his stomach. The sheer volume amazed me. When he settled, I told him to clean himself up and get back to bed.

As I sat the alone reliving what just happened, I noticed a large splash of his cum on my shoulder, my sons cum. That realization sent shivers through my pussy. I gathered up his seed and unconsciously began to rub it into my clit. Harder and harder I rub my sons seed into my pussy as I let out the most powerful orgasm I’ve experienced in years. I realized I was taking a journey down a very dangerous road but the intensity I feared was impossible to stop.


Our behavior is getting more and more hazardous. Michael had become more tenacious with his hands and hugs when I drink at night. Robert doesn’t seem to be aware but I fear I can no longer stop Michael nor do I think I want to stop him. Friday night with Robert again sleeping, Michael came down the stairs and wanted to give me a back rub. I quickly said yes and pointed him to the baby oil in our downstairs bathroom. While he was retrieving the oil, I removed my top and laid on my stomach on our living room floor. I felt like a schoolgirl again anticipating his hands caressing my back and touching the sides of my breast. As he poured the warm oil and began to massage into my skin, I melted into the thick carpet. I could feel his energy flow through his hand as his cock hardened against the thin yoga pants that provided the only barrier to his entering me.

When I turned over my resistance had collapsed as he started to massage my front. My breasts now completely exposed to him made me feel incredibly vulnerable and erotically charged. I spread my legs wider providing him access to massage me but also unconsciously positioning him within my pussy. He immediately began to massage my breast and caress my nipples. I could feel his hard cock pressed against the fabric covering my now drenched pussy.

My eyes closed, I reveled in this intense pleasure as my son caressed my body. My legs ever wider inviting him in closer and when he asked if he could remove my yoga pant every ounce of my mind said no it was wrong and it cannot continue but the word “YES” left my lips. I was now completely naked laying spread before my son resting my upper body on my elbows as he removed his clothes as well. This was the first time I looked at his chiseled frame not as my son but as my lover and as I pulled him down on top of my body I instinctively guided him inside me. I could wait no longer to feel that magnificent cock deep inside pussy. He entered me with no resistance as my body eagerly accepted him as each thrust filled me an intensity and a love that had no bounds. Every part of me felt the beauty of our union as he continued to impale me with his manhood. I loved him at a deeper level at that moment with a bond like I’ve never felt. I pulled him in tight as he came inside my womb filling me with a seed that created an entirely new depth to our connection.

We lay together naked holding one another before I realized Robert could come down at any moment and Michael should head back to his room. For my part I slept in the guest room that night.


I need him again but its too dangerous here at the house. I’m going to plan a weekend at the beach house so I can ensure our secret is safe.


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