Mommy Issues

So, back in the day when I was younger (I’m 29 now, but when I was about 12/13 years old), my mom decided to get a second job to help pay the bills as she was a single mom with two kids. She would always be out at night and wouldn’t come back until late in the night or early in the morning, so I just always assumed she was working as a bartender or something and just went along with it. One day, when I was about 15 years old, I was staying at a friends house but ended up having to go home at night and so his parents drove me home and as I walked in the door, I witnessed my mom, on her knees, giving a random guy a blowjob on the couch. All I saw when I walked in was her head bobbing on his huge dick, and him holding her blonde ponytail up to keep her hair from getting in the way. They both quickly turned and looked at me and I just bolted up the stairs. Concerned for my mom, I decided to listen in to ensure he wasn’t hurting her or anything. “Idk if we should continue” she said to him. He returned “come on, I’m close… just a few more strokes and I’ll blow”… she acquiesced and went down on him for about 2 more minutes before he moaned and exploded in her mouth. She swallowed, and he was out the door. The next morning, we looked at each other and before I said a word, she offered an explanation and said “Look, honey, I know this is probably hard for you to understand, but I’m an escort on the side and I decided to work from home tonight because I thought I was alone, if I knew you were coming home, I would never have done that.” While I appreciated her honesty, I was a little disturbed that my mom was an escort and wondered about how many guys she has fucked. If you want to know more, dm me and we can discuss. Also open to calling to talk about it.

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