Mom will you marry me. [Part-1]

Mom will you marry Me ? -1

Before starting the story , let me introduce my family and I am Anand , 21 years and doing my MBA from a reputed college in Delhi and also helping my Mom in her business.

My Mom Vibha is 42 years and She is 36 30 38. She is fair in color and 5 feet 4 inches in height. My Father Ashok Jaiswal died in 2008 due to high Diabetes and he left his business for us and a good amount of money but his death was a shock for us and also my mom was not capable of handling business at that time.

So after his death we faced lot of troubles and during this time and I came very close to my Mom and there were two hotels and one guest house which needs to be managed. Mom was alone so she asked me to help her in the business so i stated going to office in the evening time after the college.

I sue to stay in the hotel / office till late nights and mom use to leave by 8 PM, After all the work , I use to surf net and one day incidentally I opened internet and read many stories.
They were interesting but the one which caught my attention as incent mom and son stories. I read almost 10 stories on first day. While reading the stories , my mom’s face was coming in my again and again and was enjoying it.

I did not notice that while reading the stories I started masturbating thinking of my mom and was taking her name Vibha and I love you please come to me when I came in front of the screen and the monster in my mind got silent and had a big guilt feeling.

I slapped my own forehead thinking what the fuck I was doing.
How can i think so badly about my Mom. I came back home and the moment mom opened the door. I again lost the senses and started staring at her body and she was wearing a nighty black in color and her figure was looking amazing in that.

She asked me what happened Anand , why are you looking thrilled.
I told her nothing Mom just headache need some rest and I straightaway went to my room and again shagged thinking her in my arms. My mom wears modern outfits while in office or parties or even at home.

All her night gowns were designer and transparent. Till today I never noticed this but today was the first day when is saw her tummy from night.

Next Day she woke me up and said beta are you all right. You did not come for dinner yesterday and was locked inside the room and is everything all right. I told her Mom nothing to worry just headache.

Mom kissed me on my cheeks and said OK. You are working very hard now a day’s. You need some rest and why don’t you take some days leave from office.

I got scared as taking leaves means staying away from mom and now I wanted to be with her 24 hours. I told her no mom you don’t worry.

College is closing for summer vacations so now I have all the time for office and can stay in office for whole day as well. She was in the same night gown and her cleavage and tummy was clearly visible and my eyes were fixed on that while talking to her.

She then said ok now get reedy we need to go to office for a urgent meeting. She left the room while going her ass was moving and was totally exited looking at her ass.

We got ready for office. Mom was in business suit and her ass was protruding from the trousers and I was not able to control my feelings. I was driving the car and she was sitting beside me and my heart was pounding and though it was not the first time that I was driving the car and mom was sitting beside me but today was special.

I was trying my level best to touch her and while changing the gears of the car I was touching her thighs. Till now mom was not at all noticing all these things.

We reached office and worked for the whole day in between I touched her many a times showing as if it was a mistake but I was totally blank in terms of how to approach her as mealy touching cannot help me to get her and I was in deep love with her for her and the days passed in the same way.

The only difference which i noticed was that mom was friendlier with me as i was almost with her for the whole day and helped her in everything from office to kitchen and I started many new things to win her heart like I stated making breakfast for her in the morning.

She noticed the change and told me what the plan Anand. You are trying to impress me. What do you want ?

I said nothing mom just your love and she hugged me and said my love is always with you beta and you are my strength.

The plan was working also I was reading the incent stories every day to find new things which I can try to get closer to her and now I was looking forward for a way to see her nude body once and I tried many things like trying to see her through bathroom door , tried to see her while changing but every technique was failed and then one day.

I was reading a story on internet and there the guy shared how he got a camera installed in the bathroom to see his mother while bathing and that idea impressed me. So I went to local place that day itself and enquired at many shops for such cameras but every shop keeper said no. Suddenly one pimp came to me and said I can help you in getting a high quality camera and will suit very purpose. I told him I want for setting it up in someone’s washroom and want to see the live image at my system.

He said he will do but charges are high. I told him you don’t worry and I will give you whatever you want. He took me to a shop at the backside of the market and gave me a box and also the instruction how to install it a very small camera and water proof.

I installed it in the shower panel of the bath tub and checked it was giving the perfect clear view of washroom.

Now I was just waiting her to come back. She came back at 8 30 and went to her room after a good hug from me.

I was aroused by the thought that I will see her precious body today. I was in front of my system but I once again taste the failure as mom didn’t take bath and she just changed her clothes.

Webcam was installed in the bath tub area and she didn’t even open the curtain of bathtub area. She called me and that time I came to know she is already out but I did not lose the hope and we had dinner together and I was staring at her body continuously.

She for the first time noticed as if everything today turned against me and she said Anand what happened now a day you stare me lot is everything all right.

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