Mom steals her daughter’s date

Many years ago I’m out with a few friends at a local club. I spy an attractive young lady over by the bar. The tequila has made me feel bolder than normal so I stride over and strike up a conversation.

Things are going well, Melissa was a junior at the local university. 5’5”, tight jeans show off her tight ass and a thin tank top hints at a pair of nice perky C’s. A drink and a shot later and I’m thinking I might get lucky tonight. She excused herself to use the ladies room and I’m thinking I’m about to close the deal.

Not more than a minute later a tall brunette slides in next to me, apparently wanting to order a drink. I politely move a over a bit and say hi, now noticing she is a smoking hot MILF, probably twice my age at the time. She smiles at me, leans in to my ear and asks, “are you planning on taking my daughter home?”

Oh shit I think, this lady is totally going to cock block me. “No no no,” I reply, “we’re just chatting.”

She smiles, sticks her hand in my drink and grabs all the ice. “If you’re hot enough to melt this ice you can have her.” She says. Before I can even process what she just said she takes my hand and places it in her other with the ice. Stares me square in the eyes and starts deep French kissing me. She kissed me with the passion this young man had yet to experience. Her breathing became heavy and she started grinding herself into my leg.

Maybe a minute maybe an hour, I lost track of time. She breaks the kiss, looks at her wet and ice-less hand and smiles. Gives me a filthy look and says “nope, I’m keeping you for myself.” She re-grabs my hand and we quickly head for the door.

She practically drags me through the parking lot to her car, a Cadillac Biarritz. (to let you know how long ago this was) She rips through the parking lot like she just robbed a bank, around to the back of the building, I guess for some privacy. She pulls into a shadowy parking spot and hits the back seat before I could blink.

She treats me to the best MILF suck fuck suck session I’ve ever had….to this day.

For some reason (ignorant youth I was) when we were done instead of going back in and trying for a mom/daughter evening I just got into my car and drove home, trying to figure out how to tell anyone and have me believe them.

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