Mom and Daughter’s special bonding by TightPussyIsBest

Here’s a story of how a good friend of mine and my mother’s used us like toys and gave my mom her most humiliating fucking of her life, as I just watched in amazement and lust.

My mother, Jessie, a cute and tiny framed women. Maybe 5 foot 3 and 105 pounds. Shoulder length blonde hair and beautiful innocent blue eyes.

Me, Shannon, her daughter, A plump considered gorgeous by by woman. Firm C cups breast, thick thighs with a rather large and round ass. Long brown hair and big brown eyes. Considered by many to be innocent and shy but in actually couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Our long term friend, Bret. A kind and gentle man. Strongly built, 6 for tall and a chiseled face and short dark hair.

Late one night after my mother and I have already been having a blast and were both feeling rather drunk. Our inner, dark sexual desires got heated a few times in the past but tonight the alcohol had a grip on us as our innocent night of web surfing instantly took a turn when I had to use the bathroom. She went with me and we were teasing eachother and jokingly squeezing each other’s body. Slowly our hands started grabbing more and more intimate areas. Once I finally softly pinched my mother’s small but tender tit she softly moaned, then firmly looked into my eyes as her hand cupped, quickly and firmly shot up and she grabbed onto my already tingling pussy. Her small hand barely able to cover the mound created in my thin yoga pants by my plump pussy’s lips. Overcome by excitement I lean back against the wall as her hand begins squeezing, pressed against hard and massaging circles into. Each circle intensely stimulating my already excited clit. Within seconds her hand feels my warm moisture penetrate the thin fabric as I quickly grasp her hand with mine and begin guiding her movements. My soft moans begin filling the hallway as she presses her body against mine and suddenly kisses my lips as my mouth was hanging open as her hand firmly grasps onto my tender pussy and fills her palm with my warm juices.

Jessie: “I’m done waiting”

Shannon: “Meaning?….”

Jessie: “Your pussy feels amazing and I need to taste it”

Mom grabs my hand and pulls me into her room as she shoves me forward onto her bed. Before I can even react I feel her hands grip each side of the top of yoga jeans and she swiftly yanks them off and drops them. I roll over to see her eyes, completely lost and fixed on my freshly shaved and now fully exposed pussy. As soon as I go to speak her phone on her dresser rings.

Jessie: “One minute….you sexy fucking thing you”

I simply watch her answer the phone as I remove my shirt and now lay fullly naked on her bed, laying on my side and bending my leg up. Giving her an unobstructed view of what she craves, my plump pussy, as my leg is bent upward it causes my pussy lips to part open, allowing her to see into the wet and bald slit of her daughter as she bites her lip and answers her phone.

Jessie: “Hello”

Jessie: “Oh really?!”

Jessie: “Sure that’s no problem!”

She then simply drops her phone and swiftly undresses herself. I lay there and gently rub my warm and increasingly wet pussy as I get to see more and more of her small and slender body. As her panties fall to her knees I can’t help but moan in pleasure while rubbing my throbbing clit. Mom’s pussy….It’s so beautiful. The clearest skin, rounding perfectly into an innie slit, topped with a thin line of short hair straight down the middle leading right to her clit. She quickly climbs across the bed and lays next to me.

Jessie: “Position yourself like this”

As she guides me and we entwine our legs and leaving our our pussy’s lips parted open and facing her closed door.

Shannon: “Why like this mom?”

Jessie: “Shhhh….you’ll see. I have a surprise for you. Our night just got more exciting”

Shannon: “Oh? I’m not sure I follow but ok”

She grips my hand and pulls it into her spread thighs, as pure lust and bliss comes over me. Then I feel it, the tips of my fingers touched her smooth and warm slit. Then she pushes my hand down as her reach between my thick thighs and without warning I feel a rush of pleasure as she quickly slips two fingers into my already soaked slit as we begin to please eachother.

A few short minutes past as I faintly hear down the hall “Umm hello?….”

Shannon: “Fuck! Mom who’s that?!”

Jessie: “Shhhh….keep doing what you’re doing. That’s our surprise”

As my hand dances across her pussy and her fingers wiggle as deep into my as possible we both become taken my pleasure. Our slits nearly dripping onto the bed as we both faintly moan. She turns and presses her lips to mine as her door opens and I feel her hand quickly pull her fingers out then sink back inside me, but not it felt like she used double the fingers. I can’t help by throw my head back and let out a pleasure filled moan as I hear mom say.

Jessie: “Bret! Just in time”

Bret: *nearly speechless as he can’t help but stare at the extremely erotic, kinky, taboo and sexy sight before him* “Oh…umm….fuck….”

Jessie: “I know you’d love to join us, so come on and join us baby”

Bret: *firmly biting his lip as his hand gently runs the bulge forming in his pants* “Fuck you guys…gladly. But I’d like to do this my way and show you guys how to really get off”

He then quickly leaves and within a minute or two returns. His hands now grasping 8 pairs of handcuff. As he walks over to the bed he slides his pants down. Leaving just his thin and tight fitting briefs on, outlining his clearly rather large dick. As he sets the cuffs onto the bed.

Bret: “Shannon you stay where you are, Jessie you lay your head down here at the bottom of the bed”

Mom obeys as he begins cuffing us to the bed. Both her and I have our hands pulled above our heads and cuffed to the bed. And he cuffs our ankles to the other end of the bed. Mom and I now being completely restrained, completely exposed and completely driven nearly insane at the excitement and anticipation of feeling Bret’s clearly large cock. He walks around the bed to my side and climbs up as his strong hands grip onto my knees and force my legs open as far as the chains of the cuffs allow. Bret: “Hold them there my soon to he slut”. As his words shock me the reply both mom and I had was quickly silenced. His hand reached down, reached his fingers into the hole on the front of his briefs and pulled out his eager cock. Mom and I just stared, eyes wide, mouth open and speechless.

Bret: “And don’t scream too loud Shannon, Your cunt looks like it might not be able to handle this”

I simply bite my lip in excitement as my legs remain wide open, causing my plump and hairless pussy lips to expose my inner most personal parts. My pussy’s hole just barely spread open and my clit being visible I lay in wait. He then climbed in between my legs and lines up the lips of his thick…..round….and throbbing head to my open pussy. Letting my lips feel his warm skin and slowly spreading around to engulf him. I can’t help but look down and watch. He spits into his hand, wraps it around his shaft and begins sliding it up and down. I watch his cock become slick, glistening even. Notice that it slowly grows as it hardens, his enormous cock growing more causes the tip to spread my lips open without him even moving his hips as he moans and I feel his now pulsating head just inside of my pussy. As his shaft slowly forms a few veins and it’s girth and length reaches it’s peak.

Bret: “You ready?”

Shannon: “I mean…fuck no but I don’t-“

My sentence being cut off by the pussy splitting cock quickly being driven halfway up into me. My moans already filling the room. He gets his legs in a comfortable position and then looks into my eyes as he cups his hand and firmly presses it over my mouth. My eyes begin to show fear as I feel it all at once. Everything else around me just disappeared. All I can feel or focus on was his hips and thighs now being pressed against mine. My eyes quickly shoot down to my stomach as my mom is squirming in amazement and lust. His nutsack pressed against my asshole. And I instantly became overwhelmed and nearly paralyzed as my pussy is stuffed. I groan and grunt into his palm as I feel the head throbbing. It must have been pressed against my womb. I looked down as what I saw made my pussy tremble even more. His cock was visibly bulging out my stomach. As he grips his hand over my mouth he begins to fuck me. No warm up, no slow strokes first. He just begins yanking what must have been 10 inches of cock and 3 fingers of girth out of me. Till only the tip remains in then driving himself into me. Forcing my pussy to engulf his monstrous cock. As he continues. Deep and powerful thrust repeatedly impaling my pussy as each impact of our hips cause my pussy to splash it’s moisture onto his hips. As he continued to relentlessly fuck me as my eyes rolled back into my head and I was left powerless to beg for mercy or stop what I felt start to happen. He grunted in pleasure as I felt my deepest walls become flooded with his hot cum. He buries himself completely up into me. Plunging deeper than I thought possible as he fills my pussy with every drop his cock has. Then he yanks himself out. Causing me to loudly gasp as my pussy feels nearly pulled inside out. I collaps and lay motionless as I watch him stand up.

He walks to the bottom of the bed and pulls my mom lower. As she slides down the bed her redoes her cuffs so her head is now hanging off the bed. Her head completely pulled back and her hands so tightly restrained she isn’t given an inch of freedom.

Jessie: “Fuck! How can you fuck me like this?!”

Bret: “You’ll see slut”

Bret then presses his still erect cock to my mom’s lips. Mom’s head under and in between his legs as she feels warm juices dripping onto her face as she panics and shakes her head. She tries to say something but instantly regrets opening her mouth. He tongue is quickly overcome by the warm and strong taste. As his thick cock covered in his own cum, my cum and my deep pussy juices filled her mouth. The cum on his cock being forced into her mouth as some is pulled of my her lips and it drips onto her faces as her screams become muffled, and her muffles become nearly silent as I look down to witness the most hardcore thing I’ve ever seen. His knees bending slightly and his hips driving forward as mom’s mouth is filled, inch by thick inch. As his head reaches the back of her throat and he grunts as a little bit of forward force shoves his head into her throat. As his cock continues sliding its cum soaked shaft over her tongue and inch by inch his cock impaled her face. Her legs kicking as he bites his lips and mouth. His nuts now against her nose. As he begins to mercilessly fuck her throat like her fucked my pussy. Sliding out only half before plummeting back down her throat. Not slowing or showing a shred of mercy even as we both see her throat perfect outlining his cock. Showing exactly how deep and thick his cock is repeatedly and forcefully fucking her face as he let’s out a loud moan.

Bret: “Mmmmm fuck Jessie! How does your daughter’s fucked cunt’s juices and come taste?”

As he plunges down her throat and holds his cock buried deep. He feet frantically kick as he loudly moans and begins to empty his balls into her throat as he moans over and over and I’m squirming in sheer excitement.

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