[MM][MF][Anal, non consent] Academy Chatper 4

This story is a work of fiction. All of the characters are over the age of 18 (they’re 22 years old). This story contains both male/male sex and male/female sex as well as liberal doses of dubious consent and non-consent. Proceed with caution!

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Sven felt his erection strain against his tight white underwear as he knocked on Redmond’s door.

“Redmond. Are you ready?”

“Yeah.” He heard from beyond the door.

Sven pushed open the door. The first morning light was coming through the window, making Redmond look like something out of a fairytale.

“Hey, I want to do it in here. Get in the position.” Sven said

“Ah, ok. Do you want me to suck you?” Redmon asked.


Redmond was getting really good at sucking dick but this morning Sven really wanted his ass. He watched Redmond obediently take off the gym shorts and the t-shirt he was wearing and get into the doggy style position. Sven took off the only piece of clothing separating him from total nudity.

Then he got in position to fuck Redmond. He looked down at the pink rosebud between his cheek. It now looked unkempt and messed up due to the rigors of almost daily anal sex, but it was still tight. Sven spit into his hand then wiped it on his dick.

He thrust into Redmond and was rewarded with guttural grunt. Redmond was soft and complaint now. Sven enjoyed it more when the sodomy felt like he was violating Redmon. He appreciated the small sounds Redmond would make, usually when he entered him, that showed that the morning’s sex act still was difficult for him.

Sven pushed his penis in and out of Redmond slower than normal. Usually, his main goal was to cum quickly but he wanted to relish the experience. He had been feeling sad and conflicted for awhile and last week he had an epiphany after drinking nine beers.

As he had sat on the couch watching reruns of Cheers he realized he wished Redmond loved him. He wished Redmond would lie next to him when he watched TV at night. He wished Redmon would want, of his own volition, to be closer to him and to stay near him beyond the sex acts he was required to take part in under threat of violence. He also realized the impossibility of his desires. He wanted someone to love him and lean against him but the basis of his sexual desires was all that of dominating an unwilling sex partner. How could he have someone that loves and desires him but also someone who didn’t want sex that he could take advantage of? It was a contradiction.

He watched his dick disappear into Redmond’s tight anal cavity, he held it there and withdrew all the way out. He watched Redmond’s asshole close up as his penis left his butthole. Then he put back in enjoying the small grunt Redmon made as he entered him again and then put it all the way back inside him again.

He knew that as summer approached Redmond would probably go back home for the summer and next year would find different lodging. This made him sad. He felt he had a special connection with Redmond and he didn’t want it to end. Even if he found another roommate next year he could coerce into sex it wouldn’t be the same. He was attractive and muscular and he knew he could have consensual sex with men if he wanted but he didn’t want that at all. The worst-case scenario for him would be if his next roommate was gay.

He wanted to see Redmond taken advantage of and humiliated like when he had sex with Trevor and also later at the party. He remembered seeing Redmond’s hate in his eyes as Trevor fucked him in the ass and it made him horny but he felt bad. He had resolved to just keep sex between himself and Redmond. Besides, he thought, he had some other ways to satiate those desires.

He smiled. Soon.

The thought of Redmond crying and being face fucked and barfing and it made him hornier and he increased the tempo. Soon he was cumming in Redmond’s ass. When he was completely finished he withdrew and admired his handiwork. Redmond’s asshole gaped and semen dribbled out slowly. Redmond held in place obediently.

“Ok, you’re done. Go shower.” Sven said finally

Redmond rolled over off the bed and went to the dresser to grab some clothes. Sven looked around on the floor for his underwear.

“Hey, you know, if you wanted to do me if you want.” sven said. “Turnabout is fairplay, you know? I won’t fight back, I promise. You can just take it.”

“Naw, I’m good.” Redmond said, digging through the dresser.

“You sure? Anything you want. Try me.”

“Anything? Ok. I’d like to do a fantasy where you leave my asshole alone and just masturbate to get off?” Redmond said. He pulled out a pair of underwear from under a pile of jumbled clothes.

“Ha! Don’t be a smart ass.” Sven said and pinched Redmond’s ass. “It’s too good to leave alone.”

“Yeah, I can tell. Hey, I was meaning to ask you. I got a strange e-mail out of the blue from a guy who said he wanted to have lunch with me? He mentioned about you and a bet?” Redmond said, naked but holding a pair of underwear.

“Oh yeah. Was his name Sam? Yeah. Wait, he e-mailed you?”

“Yeah. I think he must have looked me up in the student directory.”

Sven shrugged. “He lost a bet. He’ll be coming over later this week. Hey, looks like your asshole will be getting a little break. That’s what you wanted, right?”

“Yeah. He sounded pretty nervous about it. I think that’s why he wanted to have lunch with me.”

Sven smiled. Nervous and scared was hot. He planned on annihilating his virgin asshole and sending him walking bow-legged back home.

“Well, calm his nerves if you can.” Sven said.

“I’ll try. Hey… are you free later today? I need your help with something.”


\* \* \* \* \*

Phoebe walked out of class and felt her phone buzz. She reached in and looked at it.

“Hey I met up with Ann and Scarlett and we’re changing the meet up later today to the music room basement, same time. Does that work for you?”

Music hall basement? She knew the music hall was being renovated and all of the equipment had been moved to another building. Was the basement open for use? Huh. ok.

She typed a quick reply saying that worked for her. She had two sex appointments in the one hour before the meeting with Redmond, Scarlett and Ann.

She frowned. Her sex appointments were bumming her out. She didn’t recognize the name on the first one but the second was her Film Studies professor. This was her fifth sex appointment with him since the semester started. He had to be cheating, how is possible to get so many sex appointments with her? She almost never got students, only faculty.

The appointments with this professor had all been oral and it was again today. At least in the past when students gave their professor a blowjob they did it to get good grades. She had already swallowed four of his salty loads and she got a C+ for her essay on the films of Terrance Malick. She spent a lot of time watching his previous films (which were not assigned) to contrast them with his recent work. She put a lot of effort into it and his bad grade felt like a slight. That bastard! And now he got to enjoy her mouth again today.

Mostly, she felt the sex appointments lack the drama and excitement she had been expecting. When she first started doing sex appointments she had a number of personas she would enact. The shy naive school girl afraid of sex. Or the strong back talking woman that would insult them as they had sex with her. She wanted to force them into interacting with her.

But she found that people reacted in a number of predictable ways and she was getting bored of those responses. Mostly, people wanted to dump their semen into one of her warm orifices and then be on their way. If she was a naive schoolgirl she would get some instructions that she didn’t need on how to do and then after a few pumps they would be filling her mouth, asshole or pussy with cum.

The sassy reticent persona got different reactions, with one person apologizing profusely after he came inside of her. But it wasn’t very much fun for her. What she wanted is for them to forcefully take her, to tame her. But instead, they seemed so tame. Usually using bureaucratic threats to force her to comply or asking why she signed up for the academy if she hated sex appointments so much.

So, she figured during her sex appointments she would lie there and take it. It didn’t matter. It’s only three times a week.

She made her way to a central building with small rooms that were used for sex appointments. She found both her professor and a person her age waiting for her.

She was so happy to see that her first sex appointment was with someone her age she told him he could do stuff off the menu even if the appointment was for vaginal sex. He asked her to be on top and came after less than a minute of riding his dick, facing away so her butt was bouncing up and down in his face.

He mistook her initial enthusiasm for an infatuation with him and asked her if he could see her again outside of sex appointments. She told him to get lost.

She was fully nude when her professor came in. She tried to ask about the grade she received but he advised her to come in during office hours. Less than ten minutes later he was using a paper towel to wipe off some stray semen that had gotten on his slacks. He left without saying thank you.

Phoebe sighed and then got dressed and made her way to the music hall. When she got there the large double doors of the entrance were closed and when she pulled on the handles they didn’t open.

She texted Redmond: Hey, I’m here. Doors are locked?

Redmond: Go around the side. By the advertisement sign. There’s a side door.

She walked over to the side of the building but didn’t see a sign. Then she walked to the side and saw an advertisement saying “Jazz Comes Alive!” and gave the time and date for a recital. She walked towards it tentatively and she saw some steps and a wheelchair ramp leading to a door on the side. It was propped open with a small piece of wood.

She gingerly opened the heavy metal door and stepped inside. It was dark and when the door closed behind her the only source of light was dim fluorescent lighting above.

There were doors on each side and each one of them had a little square window. She peeked in and saw large dark, bare rooms with some chairs stacked. Why did they move the meeting here? She walked down the hallway until she saw light coming from one of the rooms. She walked to the room quickly and opened the door.

Redmond was sitting in a chair in the middle of a large bare room. The floor was beige tile and the walls were white that had yellowed over the years with two large chalkboards on the wall.

“Hey, yo. Where’s Ann? Where’s Scarlett?” Pheobe said and she dropped her backpack by the door.

“Oh, yeah, hang on. Let me text them I think they said they’re running late.” Redmond said and tapped his phone. Then he put his phone in his pocket and took a deep breath.

“Why did we change the meeting place to here? Is there a table here?” She looked around. “I guess we can maybe drag one from one of the other rooms but I didn’t see one.”

She was caught by surprise as Redmond tackled her and knocked her to the ground. They tumbled down onto the floor. She was wearing a denim jacket over a blouse. Redmond grabbed her jacket and pulled it over her head.

“What the fuck are you doing?” She yelled as they rolled on the floor.

Her arms were tangled up in her jacket and she felt Redmond pulling it up. She needed her arms and so moved her arms so the jacket would come away. Then she lay on her back on the ground with Redmond on top of her. He clumsily tried to kiss her and she pushed him back with both hands.

“What… Ew.. stop.” She said

Redmond moved his hands downwards and fumbled with her jeans. He tried to unbuckle her jeans but she was shifting and twisting. He managed to pull her pants down revealing her underwear. She tried to squirm away and rolled over onto her stomach. Her pants were below her hips and she tried to crawl away but Redmond hung on to her pants. He pulled back as she crawled forward and her pants were bunched up around her ankles. She kicked her legs as Redmond pulled them hard and she got her shoes through.

She quickly stood up, now absurdly only in panties while wearing shoes and her shirt and jacket. She ran towards the door but ran into the large frame of Sven in the doorway. Sven grabbed her forcefully and pushed her towards Redmond.

“What the fuck is happening? Let me go!” She said

“Get down on the floor, bitch slut.” Sven commanded

“What the FUCK!” She said

Sven put his leg behind her and forcefully pushed so she tripped over his legs and tumbled to the ground. Sven expertly manuevered towards the upper half of her and pinned her arms down behind her head. She saw Redmond removing his pants and underwear

“Ok, Redmond, you’re good to fuck her.” Sven said

“You’re literally going to rape me? Redmond, you fucking shit.” Phoebe said

“Shut the fuck up!” Sven said. He put one hand on his throat and squeezed roughly. “Shut the fuck up while he fucks you, you fucking whore.”

“Hey, whoa, Sven, go easy.” Redmond said as he kneeled down before Phoebe. He tugged on his flaccid penis and grinned. “You’re getting the full experience, though, huh?”

“You’re not even hard.” She said quickly

“The exertion took it out of me.” He said and then he climbed on top of her. She closed her eyes as he pulled her panties to the side and forced his only half-hard dick into her. He pushed it into her hole and she could feel it getting harder inside of her. Soon, he was fucking her fast and hard. She gritted her teeth and his penis slid in and out of her dry vagina.

“Ow… go slower…” She said quietly through gritted teeth.

Redmond continued to fuck her fast and hard.

“I’m… gonna.. fucking… Oh, fuck!” He said and Phoebe could feel her cavity fill up with warmth. He collapsed on top of her.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck that feels good.” He said

“Are you done?” She said angrily

“Yeah, I’m done. Oh, dang.” He said and pulled himself off.

“Can I go?” She asked.

Redmond stood up and she saw him look down at her. She could feel his warm sperm in her pussy. She knew her panties would have a large cumstain.

“Redmond, do you want to go again?” Sven asked

“No, it’s ok. You can let her up.” Redmond said and Sven released her. As soon Sven’s grip loosened she pulled away and stood up.

“You fucking piece of shit, Redmond.” She looked around for her jeans and picked them up. “You fucking raped me?”

He shrugged. “It was good.”

She looked at her pants and realized she wouldn’t be able to put them on while wearing her shoes. She sighed angrily and sat down on the cold tile floor and kicked off her shoes.

Redmond had his boxers on by now and he was putting on his jeans.

“It makes it so much hotter that you’re mad. I thought you would get into it. Sven, I see why you like this.” Redmond said pushing one leg through his jeans

Phoebe was angry. She did have rape fetish but this just felt like Redmond took something from her. She didn’t feel attracted to Redmond. She felt worse that he needed Sven to help him. It wasn’t like he could do it himself, that weasel.

“You bastard.” She pulled on her jeans and began to put her shoes back on.

“Hey, don’t get dressed so fast. Maybe Sven wants some too?” Redmond said and grinned.

“Naw.” Sven said quickly.

Phoebe felt a little pang of rejection. Sven taking her would be the kind of thing she found sexy. Maybe not right now but in general. He was tall and muscular, and she knew he could dominate her.

Redmond looked at his phone.

“The group wants to know where we are. Oh, shit, we gotta head over there.” He said

Phoebe stared at him angrily.

“I have a bunch of cum in me, I want to wash up.” She said

“Do it after our team meeting. I plan on telling them I came in you, just so you know.”

“Redmond… you win this round. Enjoy it. But so help me god I’m gonna get back at you.” Phoebe said

He shrugged. “You can’t, though. I already get ass raped just about every morning. I don’t even have a rape fetish.”

Sven laughed at that.

“Good. I’m glad. I hope it fucking hurts.” She said

“I try but he’s pretty good at taking it.” Sven said


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