[MMF][Dubious consent] Hazel Chapter two

This story is a work of fiction. All of the characters are over the age of 18 (they’re college students).

This is part two of my Hazel story. You can find part one here:

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Hazel could barely sleep and she woke up early the next morning without any alarm. The rest of last night was a blur and she noticed Andrew was sleeping at the foot of William’s bed.

She took her entire suitcase in with her to the bathroom. She didn’t want the others to see her body while she changed. She rested it on the seat of the toilet and she took a short shower. After showering she opened her luggage on wet floor of the cramped bathroom and picked out some clothes. She changed and put her old clothes back into her luggage container.

Her asshole was sore and painful from last night. It felt like she still has a small penis inside her, stretching her out. She hoped she wouldn’t have a bowel movement today.

She had a lingering feeling of embarrassment and anger within her. Although she had not seen their faces while they were fucking her, she imaged lurid faces of pleasure. She imagined them with large grins, their eyes rolling back in their head in ecstasy. She felt this way whenever the pain in her backside reminded her of the events from last night.

It was still dark out and the hotel room felt cold against her wet skin and her damp hair. She hoped the sounds of the shower wouldn’t wake either of her two companions. She turned off the light in the bathroom before opening the door, pushing the door open softly. She scanned the hotel room near her bed before she left to make sure she hadn’t left anything. She made sure she had her cell phone and her purse and then she left, the hotel door making a small click as it closed behind her.

She walked down the empty hotel hallway. She was glad there was no one there and she didn’t want anyone to look at her. The pain in her backside made her feel like she was still being touched in an intimate way, and anyone that looked at her could see directly into her soul and see her shame. It was like they were watching her getting butt fucked.

She made her way to the lobby. The breakfast buffet hadn’t opened yet and there were some workers that didn’t pay attention to her. She found a table in the dining area for breakfast and sat down. She pulled out her phone and sent a series of texts to Lindsey.

She was vague just saying she wanted to switch back. She tried to convey that she wanted to switch back without revealing that anything was wrong. She sat in the booth constantly checking her phone, hoping with Lindsey would wake early. She had her luggage with her and if they were going to switch she wanted to do it as early as possible so she could get settled in the new room and drop off her suitcase. She needed to work out the key card exchange. She mentally went over the details of how she would conduct the switch back; organizing the details quelled her anxiety.

Time passed and outside the dark night started to turn into the blues of early morning. Hazel was upset that she had not received a message yet and she knew she would have to leave. She was terrified of seeing William or Andrew again. There were more staff members getting the breakfast buffet ready and she saw a few early risers in the lobby. They looked like business people.

She gathered up her luggage and headed out of the hotel. After consulting her phone, she found a waffle house that was open at this early hour. She summoned an Uber to ferry her there. She added the unforeseen costs of the Uber to her list of distresses, she hadn’t counted on this additional expense.

She ordered a cup of coffee and waited. The early morning sun rose over the horizon, flooding the waffle house with a bright light. She looked at her phone hoping for a message from Lindsey. She drank the coffee compulsively and it in turn compounded her anxiety.

She sent a short text to her coach stating she was feeling sick and she would not be able to make the competition. This would not be a big deal – she wasn’t a star player, and the team could easily handle her absence. The girls would ask about her absence and she would make up an excuse about having a stomach virus. She figured she couldn’t play with the amount of mental turmoil she was enduring.

The anxiety was eating her alive. She felt like she was caught in a fox trap and she was ready to gnaw her own foot off to escape. She had a movie that was playing in her head. She would head to the hotel room. The two brutish nerds immediately would descend upon her and begin to pick away her clothing. She would protest, even stamping her feet and raising her voice. But it wouldn’t matter. Not only would they not heed her claims, but it was also as if they didn’t hear her at all.

It made her upset because she felt it mirrored the times in her life were she her objections weren’t heard by male coworkers or fellow students. She had a very meek personality and she was frequently steamrolled into doing things or going along with things. She was, however, used to having partners respect her in the bedroom and being in control of her bodily autonomy. And now that was being stripped away too.

The movie in her head continued to play. She watched herself being used by the two nerds. They looked like large ogres in her head. They turned her nude body effortlessly in their hands, grasping and squeezing her flesh. She saw them marvel at her small tight pussy and her asshole. She watched her own facial expression a mix of horror and helplessness. She knew it ended with the true brutes plunging their huge cocks into her tiny body while she lay there and took it. No screams, just her grimacing while their monster dicks stretched her pussy and asshole to absurd lengths.

Her asshole hurt and it hurt more as she got to the end of this mental vision that wouldn’t stop playing. As soon as it stopped playing once, it would start playing again from the beginning with her walking nervously down the hotel hallway to her room.

Lindsey was certainly awake now and Hazel was forced to accept that her friend was ignoring her messages. Her anxiety was at maximum levels and she wasn’t sure what to do. Her mind flipped through possibilities. They were either impossible or forced Hazel into a scenario she didn’t want to confront.

As she thought of her next moves, a thought slithered up from the darkest recesses of her anxiety and whispered in her ear: What if you just fucked them?

After all, hadn’t she agreed to the sex that happened last night? Hadn’t she consented? The best solution to being afraid of them having sex would be to just agree to have sex. That eliminated the uncertainty of the situation. And if she controlled that part of the equation she could control the entire situation. She could stay in the same hotel, and take a shuttle to the event in the morning and it would be just fine.

She felt the anxiety melt off as she convinced herself this was the best solution. The release of stress felt euphoric to her and she laughed at her absurdity. She imagined herself telling Lindsay about this whole thing later. About the awkward first night. About her taking control. Lindsey was always more sexually adventurous than her and she imagined her being suprised at Hazel’s exploits.

She thought of the movie before but this time it changed. She imagined the two large ogre-men lying on the bed. She watched herself climb on top of them, and stuff the penis inside herself. Then she watched herself bounce up and down on top of them; their eyes rolling back in their head in exaggerated ecstasy After milking their cocks to completion they fell instantly asleep. Their unconsciousness akin to a drugged stupor. In the end, with both ogres slumbering, she saw herself self-assured having conquered the beasts. She saw herself looking smug and self-confident while climbing into bed for a goods nights rest.

It was mid-day. She couldn’t head to the summit without breaking her cover story. Whenever anxiety crept up, she stuffed it back down by telling herself she had a plan. She looked up the distance to her hotel room. 4.4 miles. How many kilometers was that? Freedom units never felt familiar to her even after almost a year in the United States. It’s not that far. She figured she would walk back to save some money. If she saw anything interesting on the way she would have plenty of time to check it out.


It was early evening when she arrived back in the hotel room. She had found a supermarket on the way and bought some food. She hadn’t anticipated how tired all of the walking would make her. Her feet were sore, she was cold and she wanted to lay down.

Now that she was closer to her hotel she felt dread creep up inside her. A feeling of dread crept up on her as she entered the hotel elevator knowing what it was bringing her closer to. She managed to squash the emotion down by telling her the same lines: It’s just sex. They’ve already seen you naked. It can’t be worse than before. It’s just sex. It’ll make a good story. You’re in control. You’re in control. You’re in control.

The elevator dinged and she stepped out onto the low ply carpet of the hotel hallway leading to her room. She walked along with her small suitcase rolling behind. She stopped outside the door. She had her keycard and the reader beckoned just below it.

It was still early and likely they were still at the event, she knew. But she wanted to be ready. She had prepared a little speech and she went over it in her head. She took a deep breath, pressed the keycard to the reader and when she saw the green light pushed open the door.

The door opened and William and Elliot looked up at her. Her mouth hung open and she felt disoriented and surprised. She thought for sure that they would be not be there she was mentally prepared for them to not be in the room and so anticipated that she would have some time alone to prepare and to be alone.

She stood in the doorway. She realized after a second she must have an expression of terror on her face and she worked to pull herself together.

“Hello” She said in a voice filled with fake cheerfulness “How was your event?”

She forced a smile.

“It got cancelled.” William said, “All the same to me, though, I got a free hotel out of it.”

“Oh, good.” She said. She looked around and tucked her lugged into the corner of the room by her bed where it had been this morning before she left.

“How was your events?” He said. “You’re back early.”

“It was quite good.” She said. She thought of them standing naked last night, their erections protruding out of their pale skins.

She hesitated and opened her mouth to say something and then closed it. She gulped and tried to steady her nerves. Then she launched into the words she had prepared in her head:

“So hey I know last night was a little crazy and we got a little crazy. I know you guys like to have fun and I like to have fun too. Why don’t we just go a little slower tonight and if we do that we can all do what we need.”

The words came out too fast and her delivery sounded forced. Her voice cracked at the last word.


William was relieved to see Hazel return and that she wasn’t mad at them. He thought for sure Hazel was mad when he noticed she left with her suitcase. Even though he was sure the sex they all had was entirely consensual – he had asked for consent at every step of the way! – he had a creeping feeling he might be in trouble.

He and Andrew had been hanging around the hotel all day. They went over the events of last night; they couldn’t believe it! Andrew had been cocky and full himself, bragging that he knew that Swedish women were easy. William had to hand it to him, he got them both laid.

William tried to make small talk with Hazel. She seemed a bit nervous. She declined the Mountain Dew he offered her.

They talked a bit about school and some politics. She asked about his hobbies and he took the time to launch into a detailed analysis and explanation. He was glad she showed interest.

Andrew was mostly quiet, adding a small detail here and there. As the conversation waned Andrew blurted out, “Do you guys want to have sex again?”

William looked at Hazel and awaited an answer. If she said no, he would chastise his friend but he waited until he looked at her expectantly before chastising his first.

Hazel shrugged. “Ok, let’s do it.” She said. She pulled her shirt up over her head. She sat before them in her jeans, her naked torso covered only in a small red bra covering her small breasts.

“But why don’t you two get naked first so I am not the one always getting naked first?” She said.

William thought her smile seemed off but he figured that just must be because he was nervous.

“Uh, sure! Fair enough.” William said. Both him and Andrew stumbled out of their clothing. Shoes were taken off and kicked across the room. Then jeans were lowered, shirts lifted off and boxers taken off. They were naked in a flash.

“Ok, why don’t you just lay back?” She said “Each one on the bed, and then I can be on top? And it will be easier.”

William laid down on the twin-sized bed, his erection pointed towards the ceiling. Hazel unclasped her bra from the back. Her breasts were exposed, small mounds of flesh with a tiny island of pink in the middle. She took the remainder of her clothes off until the small petite woman was standing fully naked in the room.

She climbed up on the bed. Her smooth body hairless except for a small tuft of hair above her vagina and her long blonde hair. She grabbed Williams’s hard erection with one hand and began to tug it.

The motion felt good but it was also rough. William was used to jerking himself off and her tugs didn’t have the same practiced motion he was used to. Still, it felt good to have her touch him and her soft feminine hand felt good around his penis. He watched her other hand reach between her legs as she started to touch herself. She must be super turned on, thought William.

She then hoisted up above him, with her small athletic legs on either side of his chest. She sat down on his pelvis, his erect penis underneath her body but not inside her.

“I’m not completely ready so we have to go slow at first, ok?” She said. She raised herself and, using one hand to guide his penis in, slowly lowered herself down onto him, his penis disappearing into her tight slit. He grabbed her small warm body by her hips. He loved feeling her tight body in his hands. He moved his hands further back, squeezing the globes of her ass tightly, his large hands able to fully contain the rounded flesh of her ass.

She came down on him and soon his entire length was inside her. She let out a little “Oof” and did not move. It felt good, thought William. It felt really good.

She started to rock a little bit which moved his penis inside her. She moved back and forth, moving the penis in and out of her. She braced herself by putting her small hands on Williams’s chest and she lifted his pelvis up and then down, his penis sliding in and out of her.

William closed his eyes in ecstasy. He wanted to last longer but this was too much. He felt himself cumming in her tight pussy.

Hazel slowed her motion as he started to fill her up. She lowered herself all the way down on top of him while his penis convulsed deep inside her.

“Ah! Ok and you are good now?” She asked him

“I’m better than good. That was amazing.” He said

She gave him a smile. She looked satisfied. She left herself off of him and his cum oozed out of her. Some of dropped down on his leg and on the sheet.

“Oh shoot, I forgot. I brought condoms.” William said

“It is ok. I am on the birth control.” Hazel said. She looked like she was going to say something else but then just smiled.

She began to wipe herself off with a towel.

“You have a lot!” She said and laughed

William laughed. He loved her thick Swedish accent.

“I think it’s because you’re so hot!” He said and got up from the bed.

As he got up, Andrew laid down on the bed. He had a dumb grin on his face and he was lightly stroking his hard penis.

William felt uncomfortable being so close to his naked friend. When he was horny a few seconds ago, it felt different. Now after he came it felt weird. He realized Hazel was going to have sex and he didn’t like being so close to his friend experiencing sexual pleasure. He realized he also felt a bit jealous and protective of Hazel.

“Ok, so one more and then we are good!” Said Hazel. She clapped her hand and then got on the bed. This time there was no work up and she waddled up with her knees on either side of his torso. She hoisted herself above his erection and lowered herself down onto it. William saw her face grimace for a brief moment when she lowered herself on top of Andrew’s penis as if she was in pain. That didn’t seem right. Maybe it was pleasure?

Andrew kept his dumb grin on his face while this happened and kept his hands to his sides like he was an invalid. Once she lowered herself all the way down so that his penis was fully inside her, Hazel took a few deep breaths. Then she began the same motions she had begun with William. She moved back and forth with the penis inside rocking back and forth. Then she transitioned to using his chest to stabilize herself as she lifted her hips up and down so the penis was moving in and out of her in long strokes.

It was beautiful to watch, William realized. He tried to save this memory so he could think of this. he couldn’t watch himself be fucked by her but he realized this was the same motion she made on him. Did she have a boyfriend? This woman was wife material.

“Ok, now let’s do it from behind!” Said Andrew suddenly

Hazel slowed down.

“Ok. Yes, let us do that.” She said in a disappointed tone of voice.

Bodies rearranged on the bed as Hazel moved to the front of the bed on all fours facing the headboard. Andrew positioned himself behind her. He was overeager to get it inside her but his first few attempts didn’t make it inside. Finally, he used his hands to guide himself into pussy.

Hazel loud a surprised “Ah!” noise and he finally thrust his penis inside her. Then he began to attempt to fuck her vigorously. However, very shortly after his first frenzied attempted his penis came out of her pussy.

This continued on. He attempted fast thrust only to have his penis come out and for him to mutter a little “oops” and have to guide it back in. William sat down in one of the chairs, the fabric feeling cold against his bare flesh. He wondered if he should put on boxers but he felt he shouldn’t be the only one wearing clothes. It almost wouldn’t be fair. Besides, hopefully he’d get to go again.

The awkward fucking continued until Andrew declared that he wanted to taste Hazel. As she turned around any earlier expression of joy on her face was gone. She looked resigned. She grabbed some pillows nearby and propped her head up as she laid down on the bed. She opened her legs wide, exposing a clear view of her small vagina to everyone in the room. Her vaginal opening looked like a coin slot between folds of flesh. There was hair around it, small wispy blonde hair above and on the sides of it.


Why couldn’t he just cum like William did? Hazel thought. William had been so easy. It was harder than it should have been to take his penis inside her because she wasn’t turned on but overall the experience was easy. In the end she felt happy for him and happy it was over.

Her experience with Andrew was turning into an ordeal. She didn’t want this overgrown manchild to lick her. She could feel his unkempt beard brush against her pubic area. His tongue probed inside and around her vagina. Hazel closed her eyes.

This felt more violating this his penis. At least when he was fucking her it felt like they were moving closer to the end game. This felt not only pointless but also degrading.

She realized he might be waiting for her to orgasm. She let an “Oh, oh!” but instead it sounding like a cry of pleasureit sounded like she found the right answer to a quiz.

“Why don’t we move to another position?” She asked helpfully.

Andrew lifted his head from her muff.

“Ok,” He said “Can we do the backdoor again?”

Her asshole was sore. It hurt yesterday and she thought it would hurt even more if they tried again today.

“I’m sore from yesterday. Can we do something else?” She asked

“Maybe just blow me?” Andrew said

“Yes, I can do that.” She said

She moved towards him and he moved towards her. She let out a nervous laugh as she realized she didn’t know where she wanted him to be.

“Where… How do you want me to..?” She asked

“I’m gonna lay down” Andrew explained “Can you suck me so that your ass faces me?”

“Ok.” Hazel said.

She resolved herself to sucking him fast to get him to cum quickly. As she moved her head towards his crotch he grabbed her legs and arranged her so that each of her legs was on either side of his chest, her bare pussy and ass facing his face.

She used one hand to hold the base of his penis and she then used her mouth to suck him. She lowered her head down onto his penis and used spit to cover his penis. Then she began to move her mouth down over the top of his penis to the middle in quick motions. The saliva made it easier to go up and down quickly, the motion making a moist sucking noise. She hoped to make him cum quickly and but she had no luck. After a minute of this she withdrew and started gasping for breath.

While she had been hard at work Andrew was kneading and squeezing her butt cheeks. She felt him stick a finger into her pussyhole, moving it back and forth. After awhile, he got bored of that and she felt him probe at her asshole with the same finger.

She went back to work at a second round of making him cum. She sucked his penis vigorously, moving her head up and down in quick strokes. She had given blowjobs before and she knew how to do it well, even if this was not the position she preferred. She hoped he was close to cumming. He gave no indications that he was near finishing. She shut her eyes tight as his finger made it inside her butt, past her tight anal ring. He moved his digit back and forth inside her, fucking her ass with his index finger.

She took another break to gasp for air. As she look up she made eye contact with William, sitting in the chair. He looked bored. He gave her a little thumbs up. He was watching her suck off his friend while she had a finger inside her butt all the way to the knuckle.

She lowered her mouth onto his musky crotch again, filling her mouth with the unique taste of penis again. She set to work quickly sucking his penis in strokes, keeping firm suction. It made nice smacking noise and she moved up and down.

She felt Andrew’s finger withdraw from her asshole and he roared “Ok, I’m gonna cum!” She was on all fours on top of him, face down on his crotch. Before she knew what was happening he moved deftly, flipping her on her on back while moving himself so he was looking down on her, his penis pointing towards her face. This happened so suddenly that it disoriented Hazel. Immediately she felt big thick bursts of cum spraying onto her face and hair.

“Ahh!” She cried in surprise and then the next burst landed partially in her mouth and partially on her nose and cheek. He moved away just slightly and landed a third blast on her breasts.

She kept her eyes closed because there was cum on her eyelids and she didn’t want to get cum in her eyes. She held out her hands frantically.

“Please get me a towel!” She said, “I cannot see!”

She felt a soft towel being handed to her and she wiped off her face and her chest. She would need a shower to get it out of her hair. She swung her legs on the side of the bed and then stood up.

She was small. 5 foot, 3 inches. She was naked. She still had some cum on her face and body. And there was some dried cum sill on her inner leg from earlier. The ordeal was over and the ogres had been satisfied.

She looked around at the piles of clothes bunched on the floor everywhere. The sun was setting and the sky was orange red as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Hazel didn’t bother to get dressed as she watched William and Andrew put on their clothing. She sat down on her bed, and used the blanket to cover her naked body.

In what she later regarded as a stroke of genius, she asked William if she could drive his friend home so it would be just two people sleeping in the room tonight. William was quick to agree. She waited until Andrew was in the bathroom and asked him quietly if he wouldn’t mind taking some extra time out after dropping off his friend so she could have some alone time. William also agreed to this.

She was finally alone in the hotel room by herself. She felt so relaxed. She took a long hot shower and enjoyed feeling the soft sheets against her body in peace. She felt less nervous around William now regarding him as much less of a threat and also having the tension broken. it was silly, but she felt accomplished having mounted him and made him cum. She had confronted her fears and conquered them.

She felt less good about her experiences with Andrew and she was glad he was not returning.

She was lying in bed in nightshirt and panties when William returned hours later. They spoke a few words of greeting and then e stripped to his boxer shorts and got into bed. The TV was on and they watched a program in silence for a long time.

“Hey Hazel?” William said as it grew later and his eyelids grew heavy.

“Yes?” She said

“Thanks for tonight. It was really great.” He said

“It was good for me too.” She said

“I’m gonna turn in, I’m pretty tired…” He said and then paused “Would you be mad if I asked you for a blowjob before bed?”

She was pretty tired herself. But what the hell?

“I could do that.” She said. She pressed a button on the remote control and the TV turned off. The room was silent.

She pulled herself from under the covers. She wore nothing but a nightshirt. The twin beds were close and with two steps she was at his bed. She pulled the blankets away from his body and found his boxer. Leaning over his prone body, she dislodged his erect penis from his boxers and put it in her mouth. She sucked him quickly, with one of her small hands working the shaft while her mouth worked the top of his dick. He came quickly filling her mouth with sticky salty cum. She waited with her mouth covering his dickhole. When he was done and the cum as rolling around on her tongue, she swallowed all of it easily. She took a small drink from a cup of water she had on the nightstand.

“I’m gonna go to sleep” She said. “You sleep too, ok?”

She got under the covers and reached one hand to click off the light.

The only sound in the room was the soft sounds of blankets and sheets rustling.

“Hey Hazel?” William said after a minute, his voice penetrating the soft silence

“Mmm what?” She answered

“Can we do this again tomorrow?” He asked innocently

“We can do whatever you want tomorrow, William. Whatever you want.” She said sleepily


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