Miss Lyscious Fuckmore (Miss Lyscious Ch. 2) by OrcishTendencies

The first ray of sunlight woke me up and briefly burned my eyes the morning after my wild night in with my first MILF. My balls were still aching after being drained by the bimbo that just moved in downstairs. Lysha Luckmore, AKA Mrs. Fuckmore, AKA Miss Lyscious is a stacked and spunky ebony woman, twice my age, who loves and needs to be fucked on the regular. She also has a scrawny son my age, who plays football on my team and lives with her, completely clueless about her special talents. Not for much longer, though.

I heard the sound of an old engine starting and veering off in the distance until outside of earshot. Dad left for work, which meant it was time to play with my new toy.

I threw on some jeans, a tanktop and socks before making my way down the two sets of stairs, the first set leading up to my place and the second leading down to the basement around the side.

I knocked on the door and waited a few minutes before knocking again.

She opened the door with a wide yawn, crusty white all over the side of her mouth. If I hadn’t stuck my cock in that hole, even I’d be fooled into thinking it was drool from her sleep. It was hard to focus on that with her outfit, however.

Fuzzy, baby-blue pyjamas with clouds on the top and bottoms. The shirt seemed small, had buttons, and plenty at that, though only one was done-up and just barely covered the lower half of her nipples and exposing her midriff.

Her bottoms were just as tight, her plump and luscious bootycake spilling out over the top and the lower cheeks suffocated by a cotton prison of fabric. There was also a flap for going to the bathroom, but I pictured that would come in handy for something much greater. If Teddy, her son, hadn’t been sleeping with the door open to a direct view to the living room, I would’ve stuffed her full of morning wood and a liquid breakfast right there.

“You look like you’re well rested.” I chuckle and check over her shoulder to see if Teddy’s still asleep, then put my hand on her smooth stomach and rub my throbbing dick through my jeans against the outline of her pussy. I never thought I’d be so happy to be fully stocked with a heavy load.

“And you look like you want some delicious Miss Lyscious for breakfast!” She whispered and weakly groaned, shutting the door behind her. She pushed my head down and washed my face in her cleavage, smothering me in the sweetness of perfume and her jiggly boob buffet. She pulled my head up for air and undid her button, revealing her beautiful mountain of chocolatey tits, rubbing and bouncing them in her hands. She pulled me in again, attacking my face with gelatinous smacks out before the open field.

The closest neighbours we have, besides our tenants, live down a stretch of flat road that’s past the horizon. If someone walked up, they’d see everything this wild nympho was doing.

After a few heavenly breast smacks to my face and a suckling kiss to her stiffened nipple and areola, I grabbed her by the bum and felt my hands sink in.

“I’m gonna bring you upstairs and collect another two payments from you. Is junior gonna bother us?” I ask, feeling up as much plump assmeat as I can before she answers.

“Depends on how long the payment takes, baby.” She whispers, fixing her hair with her fingers.

“Wake him up and tell him to stay down here. You’re going to ‘get some’ from the landlord. He’ll be half asleep and think he passed out for a second.” I instruct her, giving her booty a loud smack that made it ripple.

She rubbed her bottom and pouted. She opened the door a crack, tits still hanging in the chill of the morning wind and only pushed her head through.

“Teddy-bear! I’m going to…get some from the landlords! Stay here, sweetie!” She tells him as he slowly rises from his sleep. She shuts the door quickly and runs upstairs with me.

We get inside and exchange devious, lustful smiles and she slips her fingers inside of my jeans and around my thick member.

“Not yet. Take a shower. It’s full-body walk-in with clear glass. Put on a show and I think I could make you famous.” I smirk and kiss the top of her head, leading her over to the shower.

She takes off her pyjama top completely and flings it past me.

“I’ve always wanted to be a pornstar! They look like they have so much fun! Evan, my ex hubby wouldn’t let me, though. Couldn’t be married to a slut, and Teddy would get made fun of when his classmates found out.” She slid her hands up her sides and sighed like a weight was just lifted off of her shoulders.

I pulled out my phone and started recording.

“What did you want to be, Miss Lyscious?” I asked for the camera.

“I said I wanna be a pornstaaar!” She said, clasping her hands and shaking them left and right as of holding an award, tits bouncing.

“And why couldn’t you be one?” I zoomed in on her tits, then back up to her face. She licked her hand and wiped the white off, freshened up a little.

“My ex husband, EVAN, didn’t want to be married to a slut!” She put her hands on her hips and pouted with feign frustration and innocence. It was clear she loved playing along.

“He was though, wasn’t he? Married to a dirty, filthy little bubblebutt slut?” I signal her to twirl around with my finger outside of the shot.

She followed my lead and spun, sliding down her bottoms and freeing those massive humps.

“He sure was! I sucked his best friend, Tucker, off after Evan lost to him at poker one night. And his boss to get him a nice, fat bonus. He thought it was because he worked hard like a poor baby.” She pursed her lips as she spoke those last two words and flaunted her tits once more, jiggling them with her hands.

“He only got it because I swallowed some fat nut under Gavin’s desk DURING Evan’s performance review. That’s right, I sucked GAVIN’S cock when you were both in the same room, Evan! I wasn’t stopping by just to bring you lunch, and I wasn’t attacked by a bird! My hair looked like that because Gavin! Fucked! My! Face!” She was going off, opening her mouth and wiggling her tongue around, as she furiously stripped out of her bottoms and tossed them.

She began running the water and waiting for it to warm, flicking her hand through the stream.

“Damn, Evan! Your girl—ex girl really took one for the team. Was that as far as you got around?” I ask, watching as the water starts trickling down and wetting her slippery, smooth skin.

“I also sucked off my son’s football coach. A lot. It was the only way to keep him on the team, according to the coach.” She gestured with her palms up in a shrug.

“The coach said he’d give his left nut before he let my boy on the team. And he did.” She winked and blew a kiss at the camera.

“Most moms would argue that their kid has talent and argue with the coach. But Miss Lyscious goes above and beyond!” I give a short little chuckle as she begins soaping up.

“Most moms did. And that’s why their boys…didn’t make the cut.” She gave a cocky and knowing smirk mid-sentence. “If they could take some dick the proper way, their boys might’ve gone pro.” She squatted a little, turned her face to the side and made her booty pop back and forth, jiggling it up and down. She really knows how to work that ass.

“Oh yeah? And what’s the proper way?” I indulge as the fun she’s having is painted clear as day over her face.

“Sloppy and however he likes it. Ha HAAAAAAA” She wiggles her tongue out some more and laughs.

“I also tugged on my son’s best friend’s cock as a thank you for taking me into his house after the divorce. Got kicked out when I sucked his dad a few hours later.” She stood up and ran her fingers back through her hair.

“Naughty, aren’t you? But you’re forgetting someone, aren’t you?” I wink and unbutton my jeans, flopping out my member.

“I sucked my landlord’s fat cock last night, the first night I stayed over. And now he’s gonna make my dreams cum true, right baby?” She gives herself a slap on that booty and licks her hands in the nastiest and best way possible.

I watch for a few minutes, soap bubbling over her and she pushes her squishy boobs against the glass, making a window swiping sound as she rises and falls.

I get a text from Rick, Teddy’s best friend. I stop recording, tucks away my girth and button up my jeans.

“I have a surprise. Keep showering. I want to enjoy this.” I tell her, walking to the front door to let him in.

She sings loudly in the shower, thinking that we’re alone. “I want my landlord’s DICK! I want my landlord’s COCK! I want my landlord’s CUMMMMM!” And repeats it loudly enough to hear.

“Holy shit, dude! Is that?” Rick instantly recognized the voice and I nod, showing him the video where she takes my baby gravy on her face.

“She’s going to be a huge pornstar, Rick. If it weren’t for you, she wouldn’t be in my shower, singing about how she wants to fuck. I want you to be part of the demo reel. She already gave you a handy, but that’s not enough. So this time, I want you to look her in the eyes while she takes you in her mouth, and tell her how long you’ve waited. Can you do that for me?” I ask completely serious, though a smirk slips through as he color drains from his face.

He didn’t want to betray his best friend, though that image of Teddy’s mother with her mouth full of cock was too much and he knew that it would end his friendship. It’d be worth it for those sexy dark lips wrapped around his shaft.

He walked up to the shower and saw her soaked body glistening with endless water droplets.

“I brought your costar.” I chuckle as she rushes forward and give Rick a huge hug, pushing bare breasts against him.

“Round two! How do you want to fuck me, Rick?” She asks, sucking on her finger slowly.

“That’s a question for the director, me.” I slap her on the booty and smile, Rick taken aback.

“The scene is he walks in on you while you’re showering, just the way you were. He asks where Teddy is, you say your son is still asleep downstairs. You say it’s been a while since you’ve slept over. Miss Lyscious, you tell Rick that it comes with a fee, since you’ve been craving something for some time. You ask if he’s ever thought about playing with your booty. Rick says yes and kneels down. He worships you with kisses all over, plunges his tongue inbetween your cheeks and pussy.

He keeps at it for a while, then you tell him it’s time to return the favour. You drop on your knees and give him the sloppiest head you can, eyes locked on each other. Continue sucking and stroking until you get your fee and leave a little in your mouth, but have him mostly decorate your face. Gargle it, savour it and then tell him to wake Teddy up to hang out. Then whisper to the camera ‘At least he gave me breakfast. Now I can ask my landlord for some lunch.’ And then finish it with a cummy kiss and wave.”

Rick gets naked and they follow through while I set it up. He buries his face deep into her booty, coming up for air and going on a frenzy. Her pussy begins to drip and she’s so fucking wet! He pushes in a finger to each hole and she groans. That’s when I realized she really did want to fuck Rick.

She didn’t want to cum and got down on her knees as she was pelted with cascading water and took his hardness in her moderately thick mocha lips.

She smiled wide as she gazed up at her son’s best friend, eager to taste his love juices as she sucked and jerked his cock with a twisty, passionate lust.

He didn’t stand a chance while looking into her big, round brown eyes, her tits and wavy hair bouncing. She cupped his sack and pleading, buzzing her tongue over him as her eyes said everything.

“I’ve wanted to do this ever since I started jerking off! You were who I was thinking of when I came for the first time! Now take my fucking cum, FUCKMORE!” He bellowed out as he called her by that nickname whenever Teddy and him exchanged yo mama jokes.

He felt the warmth of her saliva and the back of her throat on his sensitive tip, then held her by the hair and went for a skull fuck. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as he took control and turned her into little more than a fleshlight.

Spittle ran down the side of her mouth before white and thicker slime spilled afterward. He came, and pulled out as soon as he felt the second shot of ecstasy erupt from his tip.

Spit and jizz coated her forehead as he shook his dick, furiously trying to get it all out of his system. Her forehead was absolutely covered, as well as her right cheek and small dabs on her nose.

He shut the water off and admired the cum plaster he’d given to her face. She rubbed his cock between her tits, hugging it and jerking it again. She managed to extract on more pearly strand on her chin, which she scooped and placed on her tongue.

The gargle came, then the satisfied swallow and refreshing “ahhhhhh”.

“Go get Teddy and take him out for the day…” She followed the instructions to a T and I stopped recording.

“Great job, you two! You’re on call from now on, Rick. And I think it’d be a good idea for you two to practice scenes between films, as well.” I smile and turn the water back on to wash her up.

“Fuckmore, huh?” She raises her brows over at him.

Rick’s face got extremely red but he then remembered he’d just used her head as a disposable condom and steeled himself.

“Teddy has…had…to correct me on that all the time. Mrs. Fuckmore…the Cockwhore is pretty ingrained.” He admitted, daringly slapping her in the face with his meat before going to get dressed.

“Ooh! That could be a tag line for a movie!” She said excitedly, smiling at the slap

Once he’s dressed, he puts a hand on my shoulder and smiles at me.

“Thanks for making my dream come true, man! Busting on her face is and will be my favourite memory of all time! I’ll take him out for today and you take your turn.” He chuckles and shakes his head before leaving.

“Lyscious Fuckmore has a ring to it. Miss Lyscious Fuckmore in: A shower With my Son’s Best Friend.” I say jokingly, though her nodding and reaching into my jeans again says she actually likes it.

“But first…” She manages to get my button and zipper undone and pulls my pants and boxers down.

“Miss Lyscious Fuckmore: The Landlord’s Cumwhore!” She looks up at me and sucks hungrily, yearning for her salty cream.

I’ve been extremely hard for the entirety of the day and holding back is getting to be less and less of an option.

To sum it up, I’m gonna blow a massive wad.

Taking a page out of Rick’s book, I grab two handfuls of hair and plunge deeply down into her throat. Her eyes roll back again and I continue to hump her face.

The throaty ‘gluk’ sounds of dick meeting wet and velvety throat repeat as my sack makes contact with her chin again and again.

I pull her hair towards me and she takes my entire girth in her mouth and gags. My slimy spunk shoots directly down her throat and I slam into her again. And again. And once more until I realize I need to pull out. The guttural sound of her gulpy swallows send goosebumps all over me and as I pull out, I feel another surge of pleasure.

A big stream of cock goo pours out over her cum-coma’d face as soon as it slips free from her mouth and she groans out of a primal and autopilot-like response. Lights are on but nobody’s home.

I look down, notice her legs quivering and her pussy is squirting uncontrollably with HARD force! She shakes back and forth on her knees for a few moments, jizz running down the side of her face and onto her breasts until her orgasm subsides.

She comes to and asks what happened.

“You got cock drunk and came like a sprinkler!” She looks down and notices the gooey mess on her chest, scooping it with both hands and slurping it like a drink.

“I’m sorry I wasted some cum, baby.” She pats my outer thigh with an apologetic pout.

“It’s fine. You have all day to make it up to me.” I assure her, rubbing my tip over her bottom lip.

“And so many films to star in…” My voice trails off as I look at our reflections in the glass.

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