Mind blowing meetup – Forcing a hot Redditor cry by making her cum over and over (TW: CNC)

**\*Warning – this story has elements of consensual non-consent (CNC). Everything that happened here was pre-planned and agreed to, with the necessary safety prep accounted for\*** With that said – Enjoy!


It started with texting. She responded to my idea that I was craving heavy, sadistic kink that would leave my partner completely used up.

She lives in a city on the opposite coast, so we’d meet in either place or the middle, when possible. Our first few meetups went incredibly well. She responded nicely to my firm hand, and alternately as well to my soft touch. She wanted to learn. To play out the acts that she’d only ever thought about acting on when she was touching herself. To maybe figure out why vanilla sex just didn’t do much for her.

When we met this time, she checked into the hotel first based on flight schedules. The hotel was very upscale, located in a very nice part of town. We had a room adjacent to the pool, where you could walk right out and go swimming without a problem. I arrived, she greeted me at the door wearing nothing but a Honey Birdette Kukoro set – I was impressed. Gorgeous. Of asian descent, she was about 5’4”, with shoulder length brown hair. She’s an athlete so now was my time to live up to all of the banter about being able to physically dominate her.

Setting the tone, I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall. I found that she was already soaked. I used my hand to make her cum, tightening up the grip that I had on her more and more as I slid my left index finger across her clit, under the panties. At first she pushed back, but eventually her legs started to shake, and “No” turned into quick gasps of whatever air I let her have.

I suggested that we get a drink from the swanky mini bar in the corner of the room, she agreed. I told her to pour two shots of whatever she preferred. Leaning against the low bar, I kneeled behind her, and pulled the tight leather thong to the side. With one hand on each hip I pulled her back to me, which caused her to bend even more at the waist. Her beautiful, clean shaven pussy glistened between her thighs.

As she reached for a bottle of tequila, I wrapped my arms around her legs and gently traced the outline of her puffy outer lips. Her legs buckled, but I held her in place. As she twisted the cap I described the view in front of me. She had a new tattoo that I hadn’t seen on her before. It was a cute edison-style light bulb on the top left quadrant of her left ass cheek. The tattoo artist certainly had a nice view that day.

I asked her if she could keep her slutty little mouth from moaning when a guy was back there tattooing her ass. She said it felt so much like the times that I’d give her bruises from bites that she ended up soaking her panties. “Good girl” I said, as I pulled her creamy tan skin into my mouth, and between my teeth, causing her to whimper with excitement.

Attempting to pour the drinks, she felt me hold her in place as I finally wrapped my mouth around her needy, throbbing pussy. It was mine. My perfect, sweet, ripe peach plucked from the tree on a warm day. Into my mouth and down my beard. My lips maintaining an intermittent seal as my tongue broadly stroked her from her clit to her opening. My fingers dug into the skin of her thighs, she moaned and tried to squirm against me as she poured, missing the shot glass. But she was held firmly in place. I encouraged her to try again as I slipped my thumb inside. In and out I worked her clit with my finger as I fucked her with my thumb, her gasps getting faster and more desperate.

I laughed a little at how desperate she was as my hand slapped her pussy as it quickly went in and out of her. I told her she’s probably the kind of slut that likes her ass licked. She said that she’s not, told me to stop, and tried clenching so that I couldn’t, but with the angle with which I held her, that wasn’t enough to stop me.
I used the tip of my tongue to circle her tiny, perfect little hole, almost like tickles at first. Adding pressure I flattened out my tongue and pushed into her. She let out a desperate, shrieking moan. Saying “I fucking hate that I love this”. With my deep voice directly into her, I told her to cum. Within a few seconds she was buckling against my grip, and I was the only thing holding her up.

With two shot glasses overfilled and Don Julio soaking into the carpet, I stood up, brought her over to the bed and slipped a blindfold over her eyes. I drank my shot and brought hers over. Silently, I dipped my finger in it and traced her lips. She has excellent lips. Perfectly shaped, and full. Instinctually she wrapped her lips around my finger. She used her tongue to swipe the bottom of my finger, and created a vacuum that I had to pull against. I took the shot glass, pressed it against her lips and poured, adding to the mess.

I tied a length of rope to each corner of the bed. She had taunted me over the course of developing the scene together that she wouldn’t hold back in trying to fight me off when I tied her. Taking her right arm over her head she realized what was happening. She rolled over to get up, and while she was face down on her chest, I placed my knee between her shoulder blades. I was able to use more or less of my weight depending on how hard she tried to fight back. With a couple quick motions I had bound her wrist. I took that opportunity to slide the panties off, dragging them over her face to taunt her.

For the other hand, I took the opposite rope while she was still on her belly and tied her other wrist. With one hand gripping her hair, I pulled until she rolled back over, and simply retied it on the corner post. Laying there, blindfolded, It wasn’t hard to simply straddle her legs at this point, making her completely immobile. I told her that no matter what, when she leaves this room she’ll have my cum deep inside her. There’s nothing she can do at this point to stop me. Her body is completely mine to do whatever I want with.

I ran my fingers over the spot between her hip bone and the spot where her leg creases on her lower abdomen. It was sunken in slightly, and very well defined. It created a perfect catenary arc between her small waist and toned belly. I told her it might be my favorite spot on her body. I leaned down to kiss from that point up to her belly button, then to her breasts, still being held by the black strappy bra. She squirmed under me.

Undoing her bra from the front, I ran my fingers over her full, bare breasts, following the lines from where the fabric marked her skin. I intentionally ignored her nipples, opting instead to simply enjoy the view and the feeling of her incredibly soft and warm skin. Now that she’s restrained, I could take my time. This wasn’t a race. Her nipples were very hard at this point, I used my large hands to grip each breast firmly, making her aware of the power in them. With my lips I started to tease her, with the tip of my tongue on the point of her nipple at first, then my lips, and eventually using my tongue to swirl around them. Which caused her to let out another desperate gasp.

When I’d had enough of that, I turned around and with more rope, I tied each ankle, leaving enough slack to allow her some mobility. Enough to allow her to forget albeit for a moment, that it’s useless to try to escape.

One thing about this partner is that she has very intense orgasms, often losing control of her legs, and ending up on her side in a fetal position. My goal for this session was to not allow this. I wanted to push her to her max. We agreed that the session would end when she was completely used up. I’d force her to have as many orgasms as I wished. Until she no longer knew her name. Until she cried. And only after that would I use her spent, used up body like a fleshlight, as many times as I wanted.

With both legs bound to the corner posts of the bed, her perfect, glistening pussy was in full view. I crawled between her legs, having waited long enough to again do what I enjoy the most. Slipping one finger inside her, I went straight for her little clit with my mouth. To achieve my goal, I had to be diligent to keep the momentum going once I started. Reading my partner is one of the most satisfying parts of being in a dominant role. I get to make something beautiful out of the clay that was placed in my hands, and I take that responsibility seriously. I’m always aware of body language, breathing, and sounds. I enjoy finding the thing, or things, that drives my partner crazy.

Flicking her clit with my tongue, alternating with a deep sucking pattern at the same time as steady pressure in and out inside always does the trick for her. She came very hard, screaming and pulling violently against the restraints within a few minutes. Reader, I wish you could have seen it. It was so beautiful.

We continued for three more using that exact strategy before I switched it up with some toys. I always use new toys when seeing a partner, and leave the toys with them for next time. Since we were meeting in another city we didn’t have any of the previous ones available. I had to “Uber eats” some from a local pharmacy when I was on my way from the airport. All that was available was a medium sized purple wand from satisfyer. Out of the box it seemed like it had decent power, and it didn’t disappoint.

While she was still squirming from the last orgasm, while holding her down by pressing on her pelvis, I took the vibrator, turned it on and placed it at the bottom of her clit, pushing up toward her belly. In-tense. Sen-sa-tion. I’d alternate swipes with my tongue over her inner lips, allowing the vibrations to be transmitted through my tongue and mouth. She quickly came again, and again. And again. I used variations, slipping the toy inside, rotating her hips, holding her down and licking her ass, fingering her ass and pussy at the same time, and finally using the vibrator to slap her pussy while on, increasing the sensation overall and introducing an element of blunt impact which she also enjoys.

Each time she came she screamed, buckled, and sobbed. Her face was covered in tears, and the blindfold had slid off at some point. Toward the end she’d watch me use her body, play it like an instrument. Each stroke of her skin a chord. Each orgasm a symphony. She’d see me command it to happen, independent of her cooperation. Doing everything I’d ever dreamed of to her perfect little body.

She loved calling me Daddy. I am a big guy, big arms, hands, shoulders, everything. I can scoop you up for any reason, any time. She enjoyed that. We have a safeword, but after what seemed like dozens of orgasms she called me by my real name. She had finally been broken. I gently untied her. Legs first, then arms. She didn’t speak or move. She looked at me through narrow slits in her eyes. I rotated her to her belly, on top of a pillow which put her hips in the perfect position for me to enter from behind.

Her pussy was soaked and raw, the bed was damp with sweat, and I was pushing my cock deeper and deeper inside her. She let out a half hearted moan at first, then started breathing deeper, faster. I didn’t think it would happen like this, but she was getting ready to cum. Again. The harder I fucked her spent pussy the closer she got. I felt the familiar pressure building behind my cock as I was moments away from climax, and so was she. Screaming into the pillow one more time as I growled and filled her to the brim with my seed.

We had talked about aftercare, which I also enjoy. So I rotated her to her side, laying behind, I pulled her body into mine and stroked her hair. With her arm around mine, she squeezed it and fell asleep as my cum slowly leaked out of her body.


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