Military experiences

Everyone who is in the military knows that things can get alittle homo. While On deployment me and a group of friends used to call jerking off “killing babies”. For obvious reasons, shooting our baby sperms on the ground lol. There were 4 of us. One guy “Wilson” (obligatory name) he was like the “leader” of it. He would always say “I’m going to kill babies, anyone want to join?” Depending on the day, there would be 3-4 of us all going. We would go into the bathrooms we had. Basically around 8-10 toilets all lined up next to each other with no stalls. We would all lean back against the wall and jerk off next to each other. Never touching each other. Occasionally you would see each other looking but that was all. When the first one cums, the others would laugh. It was like an unspoken competition. Other guys would come in and out of the bathroom, some with no reaction. Others would laugh, and make a joke about shutting the door(that didn’t exist). We would all shoot cum all over our abs, clean up, and go back to normal. This went on for about 9 months.

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