MILF’s afternoon delight with a college stud

Every since the new year, I feel I haven’t had a real moment alone. I’m always trying to cheer up my husband due to his business woes, and take care of everyone else in the house. Even hobbies have come to feel like more of a chore than anything, where I have so much to prove. We are having financial difficulties and between that and his neediness, I just don’t really feel like hitting with my husband at all. I’ve put on my big girl panties and determined to save our household, but it’s a lot of work. Sometimes I wake up though from dirty sexual dreams and wonder if I will ever get a chance to feel hot again.

As it turned out, I did, sooner than I expected.

I was at a local cafe working on one of my side hustles when my eyes went wandering to the guy sitting next to me. He was dark skinned and young and reading a book about the philosophy of driving. I suppose I was looking for distractions, because I took the opportunity to ask about his book, and soon we were deep in conversation. It was the most fun I’d had all day for sure, and gave me a good opportunity to drink him in. He was big, had dark curly hair, shining eyes, white teeth, and his personality sure gave me a boost. Part of me wished I was single and twenty years younger.

He got talking about his life as a musician and student-athlete and I started talking about mine, even though I cringed a little to reveal my age and the fact that I wasn’t single. But something about him made me want to be open. I felt so open that I started talking about my fantasy that for at last a little bit, I could just leave my cares and responsibilities behind and feel playful and sexual again. Well, that made him smile. He asked if I could make this afternoon free. I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not, so I just said yes. When our eyes met next, I could feel the heat and knew we were on.

I knew my husband and kids were out for the day, so I took the risk and smuggled him into the house. Even though I had just met him, I felt an instant sense of like and trust and felt comfortable being my dirtiest self with him. He was clearly inexperienced but down for everything. I tied him down to the bed and spent some time orally worshipping his body, sucking his toes, licking his balls and tonguing his asshole, teasing his cock, and grinding against him, until he was hard and horny. He tackled me and fucked my throat for a while, gagging me on his sweet hard veiny cock, until neither of us could take any more and he put me on my knees and fucked me doggy style, pulling my hair as I reached back and jacked off my clit.

After he came, we took a bath together and had round two.

By then it was getting late and I knew my husband would be back soon, so I hustled him out the door with a kiss. I know both of us will always remember this as a very special afternoon. I’m certainly feeling better and what my husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

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