[MFF] She said she just wanted to watch the two of us

It wasn’t your normal group chat. I knew that when I labeled it, “Mr. Casey and Two Naughty Sluts.”

Jade initially protested the label of dirty slut. Not enough to demand that I re-name the group, because I think she knew. Bee, of course, had absolutely no problems with the label.

Bee, to her core, was a naughty slut. She came on strong to me in her initial DMs, eagerly sending me nudes to get my attention. Honestly, I thought she was a catfish trying to show off stolen photos, so I tasked her with writing, “Property of Casey” on her tits and sending me a picture of that.

Her being the eager slut she was, she sent six pictures and a video of her rubbing her tight little body, smudging the body writing and moaning softly. Dark hair, curvy hips, small but perky tits and a wicked smile. She was going to be fun.

Jade was a bit more reserved with her nudes. It wasn’t until after a pleasant meet-up for a cup of tea that she felt comfortable teasing me with her tits and smile. But she made it clear, right now she was only agreeing to watch.

At least at first.

She wanted to see what I would do to Bee when I used Bee as a fucktoy. Jade wanted to see me rip Bee’s clothes off, pick her up, throw her on the bed. Jade wanted to squeeze her thighs together and pretend to not squirm from excitement when I made Bee cum.

And to be fair, if all she did was watch, I’d enjoy that.

But I already knew exactly how the night was going to go. Jade gave it away when she first picked out her name. Her username was a bit of a mouthful, so she needed something a bit shorter. At the time we were both referring to Bee as “Fucktoy,” so Jade’s first instinct was to match that:


It was so happy and eager and horny all at once. I had to remind her that the plan was for her to just watch me and the Fucktoy, and if she was tempted, THEN she could be a Cocksleeve. She agreed and offered up Jade as her pants-on version.

Jade also decided that Fucktoy needed a name, so she picked Bee.

The rules were negotiated out. Bee had a hotel room. I’d meet Jade in the lobby, then we’d meet Bee in her room. Jade would take a seat, and I’d have my fun with Fucktoy. If Jade decided she was a cocksleeve, she’d be allowed to join.

Everyone had their role to play. And I knew damn well what I was walking into.

I prepared for the scene with my normal gear backpack – rope, safety scissors, lube, condoms. Some impact toys like a wooden spoon, a ruler, a ping pong paddle, a plastic coat hanger, a leather flogger. One of my favorite types of gags, a nice little O-ring. A dulled knife that was overly large and dangerous looking. A small, wickedly sharp knife. A ring light for my phone. Water-based paint pens and permanent Sharpie markers. Clothespins. Zip ties. A couple spare dog collars. And some velcro cargo straps that have proven to be some of the best restraints I’ve ever found.

It did feel a little odd having a backpack over the shoulder of my suit jacket. But Bee was a good little slut and deserved to be used by me in my finest. I went with the basics – white shirt, black tie, black sneakers. My beard was freshly trimmed, and I felt amazing. It’s not the easiest thing to find a good suit when you’re 6-2 with broad shoulders, but I have a good tailor.

Jade looked the part in the lobby, going with a short skirt, tall boots and a loose blouse. She was almost as tall as me, which was a fairly rare experience for me. I tend to enjoy making cute little short girls my playthings, it’s just a lot of fun being physically massive and overpowering. Bee was only 5-2, and knew that she was going to be helpless tonight.

But Jade was only four inches shorter than me. She was already trash-talking me about a potential CNC scene, but only if things went really well for us tonight. In the back of my mind, I was plotting out that very scene for the next spring, picking the location and figuring out where I wanted to tie her up first.

I needed to focus on the moment, though.

“You ready?” I asked, giving her a quick hug and a squeeze of her ass.

“I hope so,” she said. “I’ve been watching too much threesome porn.”

“I’m going to make you watch at least a little bit,” I said. “If only to torment you.”

She wrinkled her nose and shot me a look.

“Room 1252,” I said. “In case you need to text it to anyone.”

Jade nodded and fidgeted with her phone for a bit. Maybe she was texting someone, maybe she was bluffing. I try to give my play partners some privacy in this matter, never really knowing if they have a safety buddy or not.

I texted Bee, “Stoplight?”

The … danced on my screen as the elevator went up.


It was my safeword system. They could use the lights at any time – red for stop, yellow for slow down, green for go. But occasionally I’d ask for a stoplight check, just to make them think about their situation and make sure their better reasoning skills didn’t fade into subspace.

And green means go.

The door to 1252 was held open by the deadbolt. I opened the door for Jade, as I’m a gentleman. Then I closed and locked the door behind me.

The room was divided into four areas – a bathroom on the immediate right, with a kitchen and dining area on the immediate left. Then the carpet started, with a loveseat facing a king size bed.

Fucktoy was kneeling in the center of the carpet, a little black dress hugging her curves and matching a snug black collar with a large silver anchor ring on her throat. She had on thick eyeliner and bright lipstick. I had a hunch neither were smear-proof.

Fucktoy noticeably had the lights on and the drapes pulled wide.

I motioned to Jade to take a seat on the loveseat as I set my backpack on the dining room table. Fucktoy only stared at me.

It’s not every day that I walk up to a slut on her knees, unzip my pants and push my dick into her greedy, open mouth. But I did my best to pretend that it was. Using my most intense instance of “Fake it until you make it,” I could feel my cock getting hard as she started to suck on the tip.

Fucktoy had talked up her cocksucking game for weeks. The eager intensity alone was backing up that talk. Her eyes lit up as I let out a bit of a moan.

“Good girl,” I said, patting her head.

It didn’t take her long to get me fully hard, and I let her toy with her reward for another minute. Then I tangled my fingers into her hair and gripped them in a fist, pulling her mouth off of my cock.

I walked towards the bed, keeping my grip on her. She scampered to keep up, pacing my hand to make sure I didn’t pull her hair too much. Fucktoy was a good crawler. I sat on the edge of the bed, looking Jade in the eyes as I guided Fucktoy’s head back to my crotch.

“Doesn’t Fucktoy look good with a cock in her mouth?” I asked.

Jade bit her lower lip and squirmed a little. She wasn’t going to resist.

“Yes,” Jade said softly.

She was looking directly at Fucktoy’s ass.

“Here, let me get you a better view.”

I bent down, grabbing a loose fold of her black dress, then pulled it up, exposing her ass and tiny g-string underwear. Fucktoy moaned, her throat vibrating on my cock.

“That’s right, Fucktoy,” I said, stroking her hair as she bobbed on me. “Ms. Jade likes looking at your little slut body as you suck my cock. She likes seeing what a dirty little whore you are for me.”

Fucktoy moaned a little louder, and I could have sworn that I heard Jade mutter a “fuck” under her breath. Jade squeezed her thighs together. Her hips were starting to thrust, possibly without her even realizing it.

I was tempted to let Fucktoy make me cum in her mouth. She was almost finishing the job now, all I would need to do is just pump her mouth a few times, nice and hard. She wanted that. I was pretty sure I could stay hard with these two… but I wanted to show off a little more.

I grabbed Fucktoy by her hair and pulled her off my cock. She kept her mouth open and her tongue out, reaching for me. Drool started to drip off her chin as she whimpered.

“Stand up,” I said, using my full Daddy Command voice.

Jade almost got up before realizing I meant Fucktoy. Fucktoy closed her mouth and stood. Her dress started to settle before I grabbed the bottom hem and pulled it over her head. Tossing it to the side, I noticed she opted to not wear a bra. Her tits were small and perky enough that I had a hunch she rarely wore one anyway. She liked the attention she got of people noticing her pierced nipples through thin shirts.

I turned her body around, putting my left knee between her legs and making her face Jade.

“Look at this good little fucktoy,” I said, sliding my hands up her sides and giving her tits a squeeze.

I pushed her down on my thigh, feeling the warmth of her pussy through my pant leg. I let one of my hands wrap around her neck, the other between her legs. She leaned back against me, letting out a slow, low, “ooooh.”

“That’s a good little slut,” I said. “You’re a wet little whore right now. Your pussy is dripping, Fucktoy. Is this because Ms. Jade is watching you be a whore?”

“Mmmm hmm,” Fucktoy nodded.

“You’re a good whore for Mr. Casey,” I said. “I bet you’d love to have Ms. Jade licking this wet pussy, wouldn’t you?”

She could only whimper and nod.

“Fuck,” Jade said.

Jade pushed up her skirt, then hooked her thumbs into her panties, pulling them down to her ankles and off of her left high heel.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” she said.

Her hands were already between her legs. Jade was such a tease, but already couldn’t control herself.

“She’s looking right at you, Fucktoy,” I said. “She knows what a whore you are. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

That broke any hint of control Fucktoy had. Her hips squeezed shut hard, crushing my fingers against her clit. I wasn’t expecting her to cum so fast. I held her tight, giving her neck an extra squeeze as she quivered.

When I loosened my grip, Fucktoy took a few deep gasps of air.

“Did you cum, Fucktoy?” I asked.

“Yes… Yes Mr. Casey.”

“Without asking for permission?”

Her eyes widened. She knew.

“Stand up,” I said.

She got off of me, and I noticed the wet spot on my pants. I got up, and casually started to take my shoes off.

“Turn around,” I said.

She faced the head of the bed, turned away from Jade. I started to unbuckle my pants, pulling the belt completely out.

“Bend over.”

I let my pants fall off of me, stepping out of them and moving next to Fucktoy. I folded my belt in half, and started to rub the leather against her ass.

“We ask for permission to cum, don’t we, Fucktoy?”

“Yes Mr. Casey.”


The leather stung her skin, making her whole body lurch forward a foot. I pulled her back.

“We ask for permission to cum.”

“Yes Mr. Casey.”


She was a little more braced for it, but her body still recoiled.











Her breathing was stuttered in a near-sob, and her body started to roll slightly away from me. And she was smiling like a goofball.

“Yes Mr. Casey.”

I pulled her underwear down and grabbed between her legs again.

“Remember, Fucktoy, you’re my property.”

She nodded. My hand was already slick from her wetness. I let go of her and licked my fingers.


She stood up straight. I snuck a quick glance over at Jade on the couch. Her face was flushed red and she was slowly teasing her clit with two fingers. My underwear was already half-off from Fucktoy’s eager cocksucking, it was easy enough to pull the rest off. I also peeled off my socks, shirt and tie until I was as naked as Fucktoy was.

I grabbed Fucktoy by her waist and hoisted her over my shoulder, carrying her around the edge of the bed before slamming her body down on her back. Then I pushed her head to the edge of the bed closest to Jade before spreading Fucktoy’s legs wide.

The groan that left my body when I pushed my cock inside of Fucktoy’s pussy was low and primal, escaping from my chest. It was going to take a lot of restraint to not just pound her into the mattress.

“That pussy feels so good, Fucktoy,” I groaned out.

She started moaning. I wasn’t going to get any words out of her in this state. And those moans… they weren’t just her. Jade was starting to move her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. I could guess what was going through her mind.

“I bet you want Jade to sit on your face right now, don’t you?”

Both of my sluts moaned louder with that, and Fucktoy managed a soft nod.

“That’s too bad,” I said. “Jade is only allowed to sit over there and watch you get fucked like the slut you are. A desperate, needy slut for attention.”

I made Fucktoy suck on my fingers.

“Such an eager mouth,” I said. “Jade isn’t allowed to join us. But Cocksleeve is.”

I pulled my fingers out and gave Fucktoy a light slap on the face. Then I looked Jade in the eyes.

“Are you a Cocksleeve?” I asked.

Jade let out a small moan and her whole body tried to sink into the couch, before her hips pushed her forward.

“I’m a Cocksleeve,” she said.

Cocksleeve fell to her knees and crawled the short space over to the bed, then gave Fucktoy a kiss as she stood up. She hiked up her skirt, then straddled Fucktoy’s mouth.

“Tell me again,” I said.

“I’m a dirty little Cocksleeve and I want to sit on her face, Mr. Casey,” she said.

I grabbed her by her blouse, tugging her closely and accidentally ripping one of the buttons off. I gave Cocksleeve a long, slow kiss, fully losing my concentration. I could feel myself cumming inside of Fucktoy.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned out.

I gave it a couple more thrusts, making sure I put as much cum in her as possible. I gave Cocksleeve another kiss, then pulled out of Fucktoy’s pussy.

Cocksleeve spilled forward, wrapping her lips around my dick.

“Fucktoy’s pussy tastes good on my cock, doesn’t it?” I asked.

She let out a happy moan of agreement.

“Good girl,” I said. “Now eat my cum out of this slut’s cunt.”

I let Cocksleeve finish up her clean-up task. I was still so fucking hard right now. Crawling to the other side of the bed, I got behind Cocksleeve’s ass. Her pussy was glistening from Fucktoy’s spit, among other juices. I pushed inside of her.

She immediately forgot about licking Fucktoy’s pussy and let out a loud, “Ooh fuck yes.”

I grabbed her hips tight and just let all thoughts, all words leave my mind. All that was important was railing this kinky little slut that thought she was going to get away with just watching. I couldn’t think if I wanted to.

I had to cum inside of her.

It didn’t matter how hard I came for Fucktoy. I needed more and I needed it out. I had to use her pussy for what it was made for, being a good little Cocksleeve.

The moment the word Cocksleeve popped in my head, I came.

Pulling out of her, my cum spilled out onto Fucktoy’s face. She was grinning, her mouth again reaching for my cock.

I let her lick me for a moment, forcing my body to shiver from overstimulation. Then I pulled back.

“Clean her up, Fucktoy,” I said. “Get all that cum out of my Cocksleeve.”

I stumbled back onto the couch to catch my breath, watching these two gorgeous women embrace and kiss and touch each other in filthy, naughty ways.

They were my two naughty sluts.

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