MFF photo shoot pt2

When she was done, she motioned G over and she awkwardly moved to her. “Let’s get you out of your shell. How bout some nudes for you” my girlfriend looked at her. As G sat down she untied her swimsuit top her perky firm tits showed as it dropped. G was very nervous and my girlfriend encouraged her “wow you look great, snap away babe!” She commanded me. G loosened up some and her perfect tits and body looked so good. My girlfriend sat next to me naked and told G “loose the bottoms!” I walked over to G on the bed and un tied the side strings and pulled she let them slide off. I grabbed her knees and pulled her legs wide. Her perfect Latina pussy was spread. She was shaved perfectly and had long lips on her pussy. my girlfriend grabbed the camera and got close. Shooting all the angles. I put G through a bunch of poses naked and my girlfriend was teasing my cock through my pants. “Oh wow you like G don’t you!” She teased. G instantly blushed and kept her eyes on my throbbing pants. “Babe why don’t you take a few with G? Touch her a little, G you don’t mind do you?” My girlfriend touted. “Um no no I don’t” G said nervously. I sat next to naked G and touched her neck and shoulders, around her chest and my girlfriend was snapping pics and encouraging. “G likes you, you two want eachother!” She laughed. G was breathing heavy and I started to tease her nipples, she was having a hard time sitting still and I bent down and sucked them. She moaned and I moved up and kissed her, still playing with her nipples. She was shy and timid but had no guy experience at all. She was horny and I took that as my invitation to continue, I ran my hands all over her tiny body and I spread her legs again and teased around her little long lipped pussy. Running my fingers down each side and around the top of her perfect shaved mound. My girlfriend was still watching and was gently playing with her tits as she watched G enjoy it all. I rubbed her pussy gently and circled her clit with my one finger as she moaned louder. Her pussy was soaked. I ran my finger between her lips and slid it in slowly and started to curl her g spot and fuck her virgin pussy with it. She just watched her pussy take my finger over and over and my girlfriend moved in behind her and sat legs wide and scooted up to G. G leaned into her and they both watched the show. I climbed between her legs and sucked her long pussy lips and licked her all over. Finally I put my finger back in and licked her clit together. Both G and my girlfriend were rocking together moaning, G was pumping her hips to my mouth and finger and my girlfriend was rubbing her self on G’s ass. G was humping harder and my girlfriend pulled her hips in tight to hold her still, her first orgasm from a man was coming and it was going to be intense. She yelled out “oh fuck” and began to cum and leak all over the bed and my mouth. Her tight pussy contracted on my finger and pushed out her hot cum. Finally she calmed down and could not take my touch any more and I stopped. My girlfriend turned G to face her and she sat with G in her lap. They made out and began grinding. Soon my girlfriend was on her back and that where scissoring. I dove face first into G’s nice ass and began to lick her. It was fun to watch their juicy pussies grind. I began to run my cock between their pussies and they both liked the hard shaft to rub on. I teased G with it. “Give her that stiff pole” my girlfriend moaned. I spread G’s ass and my tip entered her soaked pussy. She did slow down her scissoring and my girlfriend comforted her to. She worked at her own pace and I enjoyed her so much, she was talking about how much she wanted my cock and she was able to take all 7” eventually. She finally got comfortable and we all began our pleasure. I grabbed her tiny ass and her hair and began to give her all of it, and firmly. She moaned and yelled, and my girl friend slid out from her and began to take photos. I fucked her firmly and tip to balls every stroke. She clearly was lost in the moment moaning and clinching the sheets. “I’m cumming!” She yelled and I kept at her tight pussy. She came for minutes spasming and moaning. Her pussy pulsing on me and her juices dripped everywhere. My girlfriend sat and just watched me fuck her virgin friend. Finally I stopped and G turned over exhausted, “now it’s your turn” my girlfriend smiled looking at me. She pushed me back and sucked my cum soaked cock clean and then hopped on it. G sat and watched as my girlfriend fucked and rode me, “do you want more G?” My girlfriend asked. “ “my pussy is sore!” Said G smiling. “Fill my pussy” my girlfriend demanded. As she broke into orgasm i unloaded in her, filling her. Between both of our juices it was dripping all over, as we came to a stop my girlfriend unmounted me and sat right on G’s face “now taste our cum.” She demanded. G shockingly began to eat her pussy, while my girlfriend pulled her hair and head into her. “All of it” my girlfriend demanded. I watched G clean her cum filled pussy and take orders. “Wow I hope this continues” I thought.
After my girlfriend finished her dominance show, we all slept in the same bed. The next morning was interesting…… see pt 3

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