[MF] Unexpected Night with Neighbor: The Aftermath Part 2

Hi my name is Levi, I have been telling stories of my experiences with my neighbor. If you are new here, please see my post history in order to understand what’s happening.

To my return readers, sorry for the delay. My plan was to space these out a week at a time, but life got in the way. I write these on mobile and for some reason I always get errors when trying to post. If you can remember, this is a continuation of a sensationalized recounting of my wife cheating on me with my best friend.

Lastly I want thank those of you who have liked, commented, and even given pointers on my writing. This is therapy for me as well as an opportunity to hone my skills. So again I want to say thank you. This is a long one, so strap in and enjoy the ride.


The plan wrote itself, no manipulation needed. I swiped on the story and let him know I was in the area. Asked if he wanted to go to a local club with me and my girls. An opportunity to party with a group of girls? Who wouldn’t want that? Guys are so predictable.

I kept Levi updated with what was going on, well everything except my seduction. So there was no surprise when my own SC stories showed Q partying with my friends and I. We danced, we drank, we had the time of our lives. Unfortunately, every great night has to end and I was on a mission.

The plan had been for some of us to continue the party in Qs room as his hotel was in walking distance of the night club. Some may call this a coincidence, but I call it fate.

The after party lasted all but an hour as many of my friends were married and had to go back home. I told Levi I would crash in Qs room so I didn’t have to order an expensive ride home. I faltered when Levi made a joke about funny business. Doubt crept in my mind, but was quickly dismissed. He had his fun, so I get mine.

Q was a lot like Levi but very much different as well. He was darker with a head full of curls. He was taller with a lankier build. He also sported abs but lacked the bulk Levi has. He was shy and reserved, while Levi was outwardly and open.

Qs room only had a king sized bed, which when addressed, Q insisted he sleep on the floor. I told him nonsense and that the bed was big enough for us to sleep on opposite sides, grinning inwardly I made my first move.

I was wearing a short dress that came to mid thigh, only other piece clothing I had on was my red lacy thong. I asked Q for a tshirt and he obliged. I wanted his mind buzzing so I told him to unzip me. I asked him to turn around while I got dressed, couldn’t let him figure out my plans just yet. I couldve easily went into the bathroom, but this would get his mind going for sure.

I slipped out of my dress, leaving only my thong on and I threw his tshirt over my head. I told him I was good as I got in bed. I started scrolling on my phone and lingering on the NSFW posts. My intention was to get so horny I could throw caution to the wind.

“You good”? Q asked, I realized I had been fidgeting too much. “Yea, I just can’t sleep right now.” I answered. He replied that he couldn’t either. We started a conversation and just talked about the day and Qs chances with one of my friends that was dashed by an ex calling her. The conversation wound up on his crazy exes and their escapades. This landed me my opening.

He finished a story about an ex who always wanted really weird positions in sex. I asked what were some of his favorites and he started spouting off names. I hadn’t heard of a lot of them, but he mentioned the wheel barrel. I knew this one, but feigned ignorance, this was lining up nicely.

“What’s that?” I asked, I was trying my best to sound innocent. “Hmm? The wheel barrel?” He said with a furrowed brow. “Yea, how do you do it?”, I said this with a perkiness I’m not usually akin to. Confused, Q stood up and explained that you hold your partner by the hips while their arms hold them up.

“I don’t get it, show me”, I said. He started to ask what I meant, but quickly lost his thought when I laid back side down on the ground. Raising my legs I asked, “like this?”. “N-no, uhh your supposed to be turned the other way” he stuttered, something I’ve never heard him do. “Here show me” I flipped over, everything still covered by the over sized T-shirt I was wearing.

He took a second, but eventually came over to me. He stepped between my legs, bent over, and grabbed my hip bone on both sides. He lifted me to about his knees and shuddered again, “l-likes th-this”. “Really?” I asked, “seems kind of low, how would that work?”. I was still feigning ignorance of course.

He stood upright, leveling my ass with his groin, but there was no contact. He kept space but let out an “uh” when the tshirt lost its tension with my ass cheeks. This exposed my bare ass and even though my pussy was covered, it was a good view nonetheless. “I get it now” I giggled as I pulled my legs forward and stood up. His tshirt covered my body again and I thought I heard a sigh of relief come from his direction.

“My turn”, I exclaimed as I sat back on the bed. Flashing a devilish grin I started to speak about what Levi and I like. “Have you ever heard of hotdogging?” I asked, setting my final trap. Q shook his head and I wondered if it was his turn to feign ignorance. I explained that it was when a man wedges his dick in places on a woman to fuck. I emphasized that it was normally the ass cheeks or thighs.

“Bullshit” Q said, his confidence was returning. “I can see the ass, but would thighs feel good with a girl who is skinnier?”. I should say, that at this point I lost all my baby weight and was on the lighter side. “There’s a pocket that forms for every girl when their thighs are together and they’re bent over”, I told him. “The top of your dick rubs our slit and the bottom is covered in thigh.” I let out a sigh, “Ill just show you” I said rolling my eyes.

I got on my hands and knees, making sure to lift my shirt up just enough for my covered pussy to show. “Give me your hand”, I said. I reached back and grabbed his hands. I took his point and middle, placing them in my thigh gap. Still holding on to a semblance or self control, he took care not to touch me. His fingers were millimeters from my wet slit. He had to have felt the heat emanating and the undeniable smell of sex.

“I still don’t get it, doesn’t seem tight enough”, he said. I had him I thought to myself. “Fine, see for yourself”, I said with a sigh. It was time I made my biggest move. I stood up and pushed him back, his face flashing terror, he must’ve thought he crossed a line. Oh how he was wrong.

In one swift movement I pulled his boxers down and resumed my position. This was so efficient I barely saw his cock. I did hear it as it smacked his stomach. My initial thought was that he was definitely longer than Levi, but not thicker.

After a long silence filled the air, too long, I asked what the hold up was. Unsure if it was real ignorance or the need for permission, Q said he didn’t quite know what to do. “Come closer and put the head of your cock in my thigh gap.”, I explained. He stepped closer, his hands so cold I could feel them through the tshirt as he steadied himself.

He poked my leg twice, leaving the slickness of pre-cum. This sent my lower belly ablaze. My pussy soaking the small fabric holding it hostage. Finally his cock met the hole, it was a perfect fit. “Does he just hold it there, doesn’t seem all that great”, he laughed. “You gotta thrust dummy”, my voice catching as his hard rod slid through the gap up my slit and grazing my clit.

He pulled out, causing me to exhale and said “the fabric doesn’t feel very good either”. I composed my self quickly and countered. “This is the authentic way”, I said. I moved the tshirt up, exposing my ass and slid my panties down. The fabric over my pussy was the last to come away, it was matted in my juices.

Without needing coaching this time, Qs cock slid easier through the gap. Skin on skin it sent a shock through my body. Small moans escaped his mouth, “what does this do for you?” He grunted. “Put a finger under your dick and raise it a little”, I exhaled. “Hmm, like this?”, he mused. Before I could register what he said, his cock slid up my slit, sandwiching between my lips.

My body exploded with pleasure as the head of his cock ran over my clit. Like pressure releasing from a valve, I let out a long moan. It was like a deep ache that was finally relieved. “Ah, I get it now”, Q exclaimed. He promptly removed his dick and walked over to his side of the bed. “Shit” I thought, he thinks he’s in control and I need to get it back. My core screamed for more and every pulse was angrier than the last.

“Hold on, you got to experience authentic hotdogging, but I still don’t know how the wheel barrel works”. Checkmate I thought, a smile spreading over my face. Q quickly dropped his head, obviously in contemplation. Resolve filling his face he smiled himself, “you got me there”.

I scooted back and planted my feet on the ground. My thong slid off and I removed the tshirt in one motion. The icyness of the room finally biting my skin. I lowered myself to the ground, ending up on my stomach. Qs footsteps were muted by the carpet, but I could feel his heat heading in my direct. His legs were warm against my inner thigh.

Finally, his frozen hands wrapped around my waist, firmly pulling my jiggly ass upward. I propped my self on my forearms, a drop of my nectar wasting to the floor. Now in position, Q lined his rock hard cock up.

I held my breath as his solid member parted my dripping entrance. I was so ready, he slid in with no problem. “Oh fuck”, I said, with this angle the head of his cock slid against the top of my pussy.

He was slow at first, but his pace quickened, my eyes rolling into my head. My vision blurred and I almost drew blood from biting my lip. “Yes”, I pleaded, each one a confirmation and a query. I wanted more, but truth be told this position used a lot of energy. As if he read my mind, Q braced his arms against my abdomen and lifted me up. He placed me on the bed, never disconnecting from me.

In an effort to gain control, I moved forward, stifling a moan as he slid out. “What’s wrong?”, he asked. Shushing him, I spread my legs wide, “you like to run your mouth, why don’t you show me what it can do?”, I wanted to challenge him.

His face chiseled with confidence, he lowered himself between my legs. With his mouth slightly ajar, he ran his mouth down my thigh. Electricity surging through me, my cunt wanted it’s due. Expecting his tongue, I was surprised when Qs long fingers played with my pleasure button. Pulses of nirvana wracking my body. I told him that was it and to keep going, but my body was sent into overdrive as his tongue passed over my asshole.

My vision cut out momentarily as the combination of clit and ass play met in perfect harmony. This was Levi’s move, how did he know? That thought was lost in space as my body took over. I couldn’t take it anymore, letting out a torrent of fucks, my hips started bucking. Wave after wave after wave of pure bliss sang through my body.

It took a couple minutes for the aftershock of my orgasm permitted me to have thought and movement back. Sensing this, Q positioned in front of me to get his due, but I had other plans.

“Ah ah” I stopped him. “I have one more to show you”, I said trying to keep the theme going. This was my seduction and my mission, couldn’t let him take control.

I firmly gripped his long slender cock at the end. Rolling my hands to coat them in the lubrication of my juices and his precum. My hand created a rythym of its own, gliding up and down his rod like skates on ice. The slickness slapping the air, my pace quickening. He wasn’t quite ready, but he was close.

Pressing my free hand to his back, I pushed him forward. His hands braced on the bed I told him to stay put. He started to protest,but I sped up temporarily to shut him up. I shoved middle finger in my pussy, coating it in my wetness. Before he could ask another question, I rubbed his ass hole with my middle finger.

A full moan burst it’s way out of his lungs. A combination of tapping and rubbing his asshole caused his hips to buck. Faster and faster my hand went. Only the sounds of grunts and slick flesh on flesh could be heard. Suddenly, as if he was a statue, Q froze for a split second. This was followed a long winded moan. Ropes and ropes of cum spurting to the bed, I stroked him dry.

Both of us stood there in silence, heavily breathing. I was instantly slammed with guilt. Dread and regret sapped any modicum of joy or bliss I had from this experience. Almost in unison we asked “what did we just do?”. I quickly got dressed in my thong and Qs tshirt and started to grab a blanket to sleep on the floor. Q insisted he sleep there and with that we went to bed.

This concludes Sara’s point of view.

Back in reality my wife stared at me.

Her actual rendition wasn’t as detailed of course. As mentioned before this is for the readers benefit and at the expense of myself. She was truthful about seducing him and explained they were both drunk and she just kissed him which led to sex.

The silence went on for several minutes. It was clear that it was my responsibility to break it, but I didn’t know what to say. My body was a dangerous concoction of contradictions. How could she do this to me? How could I have done this to her? My skin crawled at the thought of another man’s cock in my wife, let alone my best friend. But I’m sure her skin crawled when she heard I was balls deep in her friend… twice.

Ultimately the silence was broken, but not by me. It was my security system announcing my front door was open. I clearly was left out of the loop as my head was the only one that looked to the doorway. Nicole walked in, eyes puffy from crying and bloodshot from the alcohol.

I turned Sara and asked her a simple question…. What the fuck is going on?

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