[MF] Unexpected Night with Neighbor: The Aftermath Part 1

Hello, my name is Levi. If you look at my post history, you will see that I’ve had two weird encounters with my neighbor. One with my wife, one behind her back, but this next one is the weirdest.

As my previous intros have explained, these events have already transpired and I’m giving them to you to work on my writing skills. I also want to provide spank material to all of you degenerates. Gotta give back to the community. Please enjoy my story at my expense!


The walk home in its entirety took less than 30 sec. However, it felt like an hour. I didn’t immediately leave after my wife graciously hung up in my ear. I initially pleaded with Nicole to tell me what was going on, but I was met with nothing but a bone chilling silence.

I realized pretty quickly, that she was not going to answer me. So I began the longest 30 sec walk of my life. So many scenarios running through my mind, the main one being the loss of my family. Visitations, awkward encounters, watching the love of my life live her life with someone else….

I cleared my mind as I got to my door, thinking I have no need for intrusive thoughts. Inhaling deeply, I entered my house. The living room was dimly lit by candles, fresh linen was pleasing to the nostrils. Odd, I thought, this was my favorite scent and my wife knew it was.

My confusion was further heightened as I rounded my sectional to find my wife sitting there, but she wasn’t alone. Quinton, Q for short, was my best friend in the world. We became friends at my job and have been inseparable since.

Why was he here? Was this an intervention? Was he supposed to be the mediator? I sat on the very chaise where this all began, my wife opposite of me, and Q perpendicular. His gaze avoiding mind. Browed furrowed I asked, “what’s going on?”.

“Don’t speak”, my wife said. Not a good sign, but I kept my mouth shut. She exhaled “there is something I need to tell you”. Unlike Q, Sara had no fear, remorse maybe, but she held my gaze nonetheless. “I had sex with Q”.

I let out a breath that I didn’t even realize was being held. Breathing heavily, I stood up, my instincts driving me to hurt Q. Sara stopped me, “Sit, NOW. You have no right to get mad and are lacking crucial information. I will explain if you’ll let me”.

She was right, I had zero room to talk and my intrigue quelled my anger for now. I sat down and let my wife.

Fourth wall break: this next part will be told from my wife’s POV. This is obviously sensationalized for YOUR pleasure.

“I had sex with Q”, I said. The words seemingly taking a part of my soul, my innocence, with them. Levi immediately stood up, hands balled into fists, deadpan stare directed at Q.

“Sit, NOW. You have no right to get mad and are lacking crucial information. I will explain if you’ll let me”. Levi obeyed, sitting down quickly and facing me. His eyes wracked with guilt, pain, and….. intrigue?

It started the morning after the night with Nicole. I awoke to a pounding headache and leaking tits. It wasn’t all bad though, I could feel Levi’s hardness along the ridge of my ass.

I assumed we had fun last night judging by the lack of clothing. Regardless, I couldn’t remember what exactly happened. What I did know was that being akin to skin with a stiff cock pulsing my ass made me want to replay it.

Slowly, I started grinding my ass against his rod. Already slick with precum I slid easily along his shaft. Biting my lip, my fingers met my nipples sending a shockwave down out through my clit. I let out a moan that cause Levi to start. He let out a moan of his own.

His rough hands started caressing my thigh up to my stomach and down to my mound. He slowly played with my clit, starting with a tease, but carrying me to ecstasy. Hissing I rolled over to face him, our lips meeting instantly. His tongue on mine, my hands stroking him idly.

I lifted my left leg, resting it on the back of couch to allow Levi access into me. He wrapped his arms around me and nibbled on the section between my shoulder and neck. Levi grabbed his hard cock and slid it over my slit. Drawing small circles on my clit, knowing this drove me crazy. I needed him in me, so I slapped his hand away and guided him in me.

I was filled with a torrent of pleasure, so much so I exhaled a moan. This followed by humming as he stroked with a rhythm he knew too well. Before I let my mind get too lost, I wanted control. Flipping him on his back, I moved up to sit on his face.

Levi put his tongue over his lip, making for a smooth slick surface. I gyrated my hips with precision the feeling of tongue in clit. Starting to let go I grabbed both nipples and squeezed, adding to it all.

I don’t know how long it took, but eventually I was lost in an orgasm. Leg shaking, frozen in bliss, and all my air seeping through shudders. Levi was content with finishing himself off, I was enjoying the release.

After the come down, I told Levi I was sorry I couldn’t finish him off. To my surprise he said “it’s fine, got my release last night, if you know what I mean” nonchalantly. I thought he meant because we had sex last night, but I realized something. We didn’t have sex. I didn’t have any of the usual feeling of the morning after. It slowly dawned on me that he didn’t get his release with me. He got it with Nicole. The memory of us intwined on his lap came flooding in.

Feelings of jealousy, disgust, arousal?, pain, all emotions wracking me at once internally. Externally I just smiled and said “oh yea” with a nervous chuckle. Levi picked up on this and asked what was the matter. So we had a long discussion of what took place. I kept most of my feelings to myself, but i made it very clear we probably shouldn’t do something like that again. Levi agreed and all was well.

Except it wasn’t. I couldn’t get over it, knowing the love of my life was inside another woman. I know it was my fault for starting it, but he didn’t have to finish it. These feelings of remorse slowly morphed to desires of revenge. I wasn’t unhappy, I very much so still loved and wanted to be with my husband. However, I needed to get even.

I went on a trip back home for to help my family with something. Levi stayed up north with the kids and I took this opportunity to have a mini vacation. Bored, scrolling through snap and I see a story from Quinton. Q was Levi’s best friend and worked for the same company. It just so happened that he was in the area I was for college recruiting their company does. An ideas started to form.

It didn’t take much time to make my decision. I was gonna fuck Quinton. I was gonna fuck Levi’s best friend.

To Be Continued…….

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