[MF] Secretly groped in front of 10 people… then in front of 300

I used to coach at a university sports club in Scotland. One year I went along to the sports ball because the club was up for some award and we/they won – hooray! Anyway, everyone is all done up to the nines, there’s plenty of booze and (from my perspective) lots of gorgeous younger women looking amazing including…

Her – F – 5’5 ish, shoulder length straight blond hair, pale blue eyes, C cups (because I know you’re all wondering), curvaceous figure (not sure if thicc is the right word – curvy in a good way?)

Me – M – 5’10, short blond hair, blue eyes, in pretty reasonable shape 😉

One of the senior club members was this girl from Eastern Europe. She was a postgrad student, maybe 25, I was about 30. We’d always had a bit of light flirting and once (or twice!) a drunken snog, walking her home after a club night out, but things were about to escalate. That night I was in a kilt, jacket, waistcoat and tie. She was wearing a glittery, gold coloured dress. It was a one shoulder dress and it was tight. It came down to her knees roughly. And she was really wearing it – she was poured into it.

We’re in a room that seats maybe 300 people at round tables of 10-12. The table cloths hang low over the side of the tables. The food is finished and people are milling about talking and getting drinks. I sat next to her at some point in the evening and I told her I thought that she looked fantastic in that dress and in her softly spoken, slightly clipped (IMO sexy AF) accent she looked me up and down

“You look good too… I wonder if you are true Scotsman” – a quick slug of wine. Some Dutch courage for my Slovakian girl as it turned out. Under the table cloth she puts her hand on my knee, slipping under my kilt. I’m sitting down and I can’t move. She’s smiling and her eyes are pure mischief. My cock has sprung to attention, but the sporran is sitting on top of it, so it has been pushed down horizontally towards my knees… and her hand. I’m half way through stuttering about saving it for the walk home, and she’s smiling and pretending to talk normally when suddenly the back of her hand makes contact with my cock. Her eyes bulge out on stalks and she quickly pulls back. I am able to adjust and my hard on starts to subside a little. I make my excuses and head to the bar.

Back to the table and I turn my chair a little towards hers. She’s clearly applied more lipstick, a vivid red. I lean towards her and say ‘Now where were we’, still smiling as if it could be a joke – after all the moment might have passed. She feigns a gasp as if I’ve outraged her, which lets me know we’re all good. Suddenly I feel her hand on my leg again. If she was hesitant before she’s not now and I exhale as she slides her hand quickly up my thigh and wraps her fingers around my cock and whilst avoiding obvious movement that would give us away, she begins to squeeze and stroke. She smiles and bites her lip slightly and says ‘It’s good.’ I don’t know if it’s a statement or a question, and I can’t emphasize how little I cared. A dozen of our friends sit obliviously close, talking and laughing as stroke after stroke has me in the palm of her hand.

I can feel my cock lengthening and stiffening as she plays. She drinks coolly from a champagne flute in one hand and rubs my cock in the other – I’ll never forget. If we weren’t surrounded by hundreds of people I’d be ripping that gold dress off her curves. She isn’t slowing down and her fingers are teasing and rubbing. I have to consciously regulate my breathing

We’re interrupted by someone speaking to me, but she’s reluctant to let go and keeps stroking even as I try to chat. Eventually, reluctantly, she does let go. I go to the loos to splash some water on my face. There’s a condom machine and to my relief I have enough pound coins. I get back to the table and tell her to follow me. We try not to make it too obvious we’re slipping out of the main room together. In the building we try a few locked doors before finding one tucked away that’s maybe a meeting room normally. There are maybe 6-8 chairs around a oval table. I show her the condoms and she squeals with delight and grabs me bodily for what feels like a whole body snog.

I hike up her dress and kneel down in front of her, pull down her golden knickers and when she steps out of them I put them in my sporran. “Can’t go forgetting these” I say as run my hands up her inner thighs and plant a soft kiss right on her clit, slipping her a little tongue, twisting and turning and tasting how wet she is. She moans loudly and says something I don’t understand, but it sounds like I did good. I stand up “sshh, we’ll get caught”. She looks at me eyes on fire and stage whispers “More”, putting her hands on my shoulders.

She had been jerking me off for quite a while before so it seemed only fair to catch her up. I went down on her with a passion. My tongue ran wild, my fingertips traced all over her body and she was not quiet, as I requested. By this time she had got her arm out of her sleeve and she had one hand on the back of my head and the other was playing with her tits. After a while I began to kiss up her body and left my fingers only teasing and rubbing her clit, diving inside her pussy and finding her G spot. I took over, sucking on one and squeezing the other, then swapping. I kissed her on the mouth, letting her taste herself on me.

I slipped on the condom and spun her round pushing her up against the wall, spreading her legs. In what felt like one fluid motion, my cock pushed against the entrance to her pussy, she wiggled her bum towards me and suddenly my cock slid in deeply, filling her. Her pussy felt like it was made for my cock. As I started rocking my hips back and forth, steadily harder and harder, we were both getting loud. I could feel myself losing control.

“On the table” she breathed turning round and lying back on the table. What a view – her tits bounced and I admired for a second. I stood at the side of the table and slid inside her again. Her tits jiggled with every thrust of my hips. I had good access to her clit, so I rubbed her faster and more firmly, until I felt her whole body start to tense up. All I could make out was her gasping in quick succession “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” as she put her arms around my neck and her whole body physically shook and her orgasm ripped through her.

If I wasn’t about to cum anyway, that tipped me over the edge. As she pulled me in for a passionate kiss, from the base of my cock – from the base of my soul – I saw stars as the cum pumped, the pulses of pleasure radiating through my body. I swear she was almost laughing with delight at this point. We stayed there for a few minutes making out. She was still topless and laid back, I was propped up on my forearms and occasionally kissing her body. Her heels were still wrapped around my lower back. My cock was still inside her.

After a few minutes I realised we should get back. We continued softly kissing. But eventually we did stand up. I ditched the condom in a bin and cleaned up with a tissue. I helped her back into her dress, kissing each boob goodbye, which made her laugh. We slipped out of the room, still adjusting our outfits. A security guard was marching towards us. “Shouldn’t be in there mate” he said. It must have been incredibly obvious what we’d been up to. I mumbled “Err sorry”. He caught sight of her in that gold dress and much more softly he added “Don’t worry about it – easy to get lost in here” and once she’d gone past him he – genuinely – fist bumped me.

We slipped back in to the main room and no-one especially put 2 and 2 together that we’d been gone together. About 15 minutes later, our club won an award and a bunch of us had to go on stage. I stood behind her and during the photos, in front of 300 people, she put one hand behind her back and groped my cock – admittedly through my kilt. I adjust my sporran to the side to give her better access. In the minute we’re up there, she manages to get me aroused again. All I could do in reply was take a firm grip of her knicker-less bum.

That night, obviously we went home together and I pretty much never left her bedroom from the Friday night until the Monday morning.

During that weekend of sex, at one point between fucks, albeit curled up naked together, we looked online at some of photos from the night. In the big group photo, she complained that her hair was a bit messy. I said “You know why that is right” which got my a playful slap on the chest. Also she has her mouth open in a little gasp from my ass squeezing. Also, because I was slightly off to one side at the back of the group, you can just see a little bit of yellowy gold fabric protruding from my sporran. One bit of her golden coloured knickers (and which I did return as promised) were visible. Oops!

So I did the only thing I could do to be forgiven for showing her underwear to the world. I got between her legs and gave her a happy ending.

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