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Me My Maid And Her Daughter

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Now coming to the story,3 years ago my maid who works in my home was adjusting her saree once thinking that no one was there, but through a mirror, I could see her milky huge boobs and her hot navel(34-30-36)so she was a sexy blonde.

This was the first time I was feeling something different inside myself and my penis became rockhard. But she was nearly 20 years elder than me and I was thinking this is a sin, but I masturbated 2 times imagining her that day.So I couldn’t resist myself from seeing her daily from that day.

One day she wore a blue saree with a black blouse, that black blouse was transparent and I could see her bare back,I even wanted to watch her boobs , so I said her to clean my room fan so that with this reason I can watch her navel full open and her breasts through the transparent blouse(she wasn’t wearing a bra).

Without saying no she started to use the ladder and clean the fan and I was holding the ladder down for support. From down I could watch her assets(boobs) moving up and down, and my dirty mind wanted to feel them.After cleaning the fan, while coming down the ladder, I got hold of her breasts and her navel like giving support to get down. She stared at me and I was scared that she would complain to my mom, but she did not. And this used to continue while washing clothes , the floor I used to enjoy seeing her assets and her bare back and she used to see me staring at her and got a doubt that I’m seeing her in bad intention, and she didn’t complain to my parents, and I used to masturbate twice daily imagining her. But she used to talk to me normally but covering the body.

This went on for a year, I’m a teenager now and wanted to have her on the bed. One day my parents had to go to a relative’s marriage in their hometown in Tamil Nadu.So this was the chance I was waiting for , so asked for my friend who as a medical ship the before day 5 packs of condoms.

I was excited that this is the day I was waiting for, so the next morning no one in home, she came at 9 as usual and started sweeping the house, so I made her coffee and started to talk to her(we talked in Kannada, as she only knows it)
Me:- So your husband keeps you happy?

She:-What happy, weekly once he comes to my home, he’s just back to saving money for future of my daughter(1 year younger than me).
Me:-So, do you have sex with your husband and why don’t you wear a bra for your big breasts

She:- How did you get to know about my breasts?
Me:- See the blouse you’re wearing now, you can see your boobs, and I love them

She:-How dare you can speak like this to me, I’m like your mom.
Me:-There is no age barrier and relation for love
She:- After the birth of son and daughter , he’s not having sex with me and is just back for money.
Me:-Can you fulfill my dream?
She:- what dream?

I went near to her and caught her navel and started giving her a lip lock, but she hesitated and tried pushing me but I didn’t leave her then started pressing her ass and her boobs touching my chest I started enjoying.I said don’t worry both our dreams will be fulfilled and no one will get to know. After listening to this she started enjoying the kiss. Then showed her some porn videos in my mobile to her and said we will have sex the same way, so that time I started lovingly playing with her boobs removing the saree completely. She was shocked to see the ways of having sex and said today I’m with you only and I’m completely yours.I said I’m your second husband from now on removed her mangalsutra and made her wear it, got some lipstick and other Beauty products like kajal etc from mom’s room, she was looking a new bride on the first night.

My dick was hard in seeing her in blouse and petticoat, so my dream come true at last.I started to play with her legs then removed her petticoat, she was now wearing an only black transparent blouse and local panty.I started to lick her boobs fastly and slowly I removed two of the blouse buttons and licked her cleavage, now time to play with her big boobs so I removed her blouse completely and I also removed my dress only in I’m in my underwear. Now started to play with her big booty boobs and started sucking them completely like a baby and at the same time I put my hands on her other breast and played with it, now finished playing with the boobs.

I removed her started licking her pussy, started slowly her moaning was just ahahah, then I did it fastly, then started fingering her pussy, her moaning was louder ahhhhahhhh, the same time I started giving her French kiss this continued for 20 mins I drank all her cum which came out. Now I said her to give her a deep blowjob wearing the condom , and she gave the perfect blowjob, first she hesitated to drink my cum then I said it’s healthy and there is no harm drinking it she drank. Then I went near her ass it was like wow, and slowly put my dick in it and started fucking her and at same time I started giving her kiss(I was on cloud nine), we tried all positions as I instructed she followed and we had a great 3 hour morning session, so I asked how was it she said great and wanted more from me and also said I would have married you in real, not that asshole husband who is a waste.

So I called her for a night session after her daughter sleeps. And I gifted her 5 branded designer bra’s and 5 branded panty’s of my favourite colours and said her to wear them for night session, as I said I love women wearing bra and wear them other times when we had sex, she said I will wear it every time as it is gifted by My darling and we had a French kiss in public.

Night session happened better than the morning session and she didn’t want the condom this time and I recorded all this for remembrance and we both slept nude till next day morning and had a small session again.

In some time we both started to be like husband and wife and even I got some courage to have sex fun like blowjob and licking boobs even having parents in the room. We both even went to resort as mom and son and had sex, and even had outdoor sex in the grass.

This continued and we had sex whenever and wherever we could have , and news of she becoming pregnant and her daughter caught us having sex and forcefully made her daughter had threesomes, I will reveal it in my next story.

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