Me [F23] airdroping in the middle of a football game

My mission for November is to make as many as I can fail the NNN. Because I love challenges and I enjoy the feeling to make men cum for me. It makes me feel powerful.

I was at a bar today to watch some football. Obviously I didn’t go there to watch the match. My idea was to take the chance to score. And where do you find a lot of men?

So as my airdrop did so well before I did it again. As most of guys have been very focused on the game. I waited for half time, felt very long but I had a lot of time to prepare… As half time arrived nearly all men looked at their phone and some of them found my naughty stuff. Eventually I was the most important topic in the bar and I got a variety of replies.

It was very stressfull to answer to each of them. Was rating cocks and sending out my number… Really crazy how many men have been looking at my stuff in such a short time period.

Then the game started but I wasn’t really looking forward to that so I did decide to do something else…

I did send out invites via airdrop to join me on the toilet. And as I was waiting there I was thinking how many I will be able to take.

After a few minutes 4 guys arrived. To them I was more important than the game. Because of that they deserved the best treatment they could think of. They used me for over 30 minutes. I did take 2 good loads from each of them.

Best football match of my life 🙂

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