Me and My wife’s meet up with a femboy at Los Angeles

So I’m writing this story, just a day after this happened. My wife wanted to spice up things and wanted to go a little bit towards LGBT. So we met a femboy on tinder, who was nice 19 year old 5″5, long blonde hair, mini skirt, crop top, and teasing legs.

We met at a hotel. Where we reached first and waited for the femboy to arrive, as we both were ready with wine and all.

The femboy came in a very mini skirt, socks that reached his knees, crop top that reveal his abs and hot half sleeves that reveal his arms. The femboy first came and gave me a kiss on the lips, I looked at my wife and she was just shocked and really not bothered. While kissing the femboy pressed his bare thighs against my crotch while I was wearing pajamas which let out a soft moan out of me.

The femboy kissed my wife as well and playfully tickled my wife on the clit to which she got weak on the knees. In an instant we three got naked in a fancy way. I got completely naked, my wife wearing her boots and the femboy just wearing socks that reached his knees.

My wife gave me a blowjob while I femboy got himself rock hard as me. My wife told me to take it inside me, as I was excited myself, I took his tiny dick inside my ass, it didn’t hurt much as it was tiny. It wasn’t hot until my wife passed degrading comments while stimulating my balls.

The femboy was edging himself on my ass as my wife grabbed and squeezed my balls medium power while saying degrading things like “don’t you like to take it in your ass? I knew you were gay” and more while laughing and massaging my balls.

The femboy pulled out and got on top of me and started riding me while my wife kissed him. His ass was so tight, It was so tough so tough to hold it back, but that femboy sensed it and pulled out putting me on edge, giving me severe blue balls. I got hottest blue balls at this moment, first from my wife’s blowjob and other from that femboy’s riding skills.

So the femboy decided to spice it up more, he gave me a leg job (squeezing my dick between his calves and thighs) bringing me to the edge again, and just when I was on the edge again and my wife took it inside her ass, and she started riding me more intensely while she sucked off that femboy, while he was fingering her.

The time came for out climaxes, the scene was insane, I was lying down and my wife was taking my dick up her ass, and she was sucking off the femboy while he was fingering her. And I erupted, my dick flinched 5 times inside her ass and I drained my balls, while my wife sucked the cum out of femboy and swallowed while my wife came in loud moan and came on the bed.

THE END (the event was long lasting, I explained in short)

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