Masturbation in the shower of a public pool in front of the cleaning lady

The story is an old one, but it’s still pleasant to recall. Back then, been 20-years old I lived in a small provincial town in Russia. After my studies at the academy and working in a sedentary office job, I used to go swimming in a pool several times a week. This wasn’t the modern-day fitness center; it was a stern establishment from the Soviet era, formerly a palace for the creativity of pioneers (something like a social club for teenagers).

I finished work quite late and managed to swim only in the last hour before closing. Often, I was the last one to leave the water, cherishing the opportunity to swim as much as possible. The way to the changing room, as usual, went through the showers. It was a large hall with shower heads sticking directly out of the walls. There were no cubicles, partitions, doors, or anything like that, just open space.

As I said, being the last one out of the water, I often showered alone. The topic of publicity has always turned me on. Therefore, I could not miss the opportunity to masturbate in such a literally hot environment. What was really exciting was that if someone came in, there was basically nowhere to hide, the only option was to turn your face to the wall. But from the side it didn’t hide much, especially if the dick was already hard and there was no way to cover it with your hands.

One evening, during the height of my adrenaline-fueled fun, a middle-aged female cleaner with a bucket and mop for collecting water entered the showers. She wasn’t bothered by the fact that not everyone had left. Paying no attention to me, she placed the bucket right in the middle of the shower and started to collect water from the floor in the far corner from me. Her arrival, on one hand, excited me even more, but on the other hand, it also made me very confused. Therefore, turning to the wall, I turned off the cold water taps and tried to calm down the erection as quickly as possible.

Since then, we occasionally ran into each other in the same place. Unfortunately, I wasn’t always alone in the shower, but the number of people present never seemed to bother her. Apparently, cleaning up quickly before closing was more important to her than a few naked guys who hadn’t finished showering yet. And perhaps she even liked what is now called CFNM.

However, we stayed alone quite often, about once a week. The first few times, still embarrassed, I simply washed myself and went to the locker room. A bit later, gaining confidence, I returned to my usual practice of masturbation. At first, I turned to the wall, although from the outside it was perfectly clear what exactly I was doing. And a bit later, I started doing it openly, facing forward, and this was the most exciting part. The cleaning lady behaved quite differently: initially, she pretended as if nothing was happening, focusing on collecting water and washing the floors far from me. Later, when I began to masturbate, facing her and clearly doing it for her, she would sometimes stop what she was doing and look at me. Silently and without visible emotions, but the mere fact of her looking at me jerking in a really public place with nowhere to hide excited me extraordinarily. I came in front of her so that my legs buckled and dark circles appeared before my eyes.

This went on for about six months, without any changes. We never spoke to each other. Most often she just looked at me while I was completely naked masturbating in front of her in the shower. Occasionally, she returned to ignoring me.

It seems that this story should end with something more significant, but at some point, she just stopped coming to the shower. Maybe she quit, or perhaps she started cleaning somewhere else. Another cleaning lady didn’t appear either; apparently, they started cleaning much later, after closing. Realizing that my kink no longer worked, I eventually stopped going to that pool.

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