Master! Master! THE SERIES by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path

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Part 1:

That fluffy tail in my face was familiar, sweeping against my nose over and over again, smelling like dust. As a cat owner, I was used to waking up in this way, my furry roommate, Momo, sprawled out on my chest, waiting for me to feed her. But only the tail was familiar, the actual weight seemed way off. Whatever was on top of me was making it next to impossible to breathe. I raised my head as much as I could, and looking down my chest, my eyes fell on a very unfamiliar sight. Instead of a fuzzy cat butt, I was looking at a large pair of womanly cheeks, peach-like, gleaming in the light of the sun. Between them, a lily-white starfish. Beneath that, the bottom of a pair of labia just barely in view, rubbing against the blanket, lips plump and smooth. Two long legs were spread, the knees on my shoulders. Just over the horizon of the cheeks, the base of the black tail, still sweeping back and forth like a pendulum.

I laid my head back, my mind somehow a raging storm of confusion and questions, yet simultaneously blank. My first thought was the obvious: this had to be a dream. I closed my eyes and scanned my brain for the usual signs of sleeping, such as the absence of memory within a dream, but my mind seemed to be functioning normally. I even remembered going to bed the previous night.

But maybe there really was a girl in my bed and I was just imagining the tail, or perhaps dreaming it. Nope, I was now fully awake. So, there is a naked girl in my bed and she has a tail. Actually, forget the tail for now. Who’s this girl? Did she break into my house? Is she a stalker? I’d like to think I’d know if I had a stalker, maybe get some crazy love letters or see someone rooting through my garbage. I’m a nice guy, I deserve a stalker. Maybe she’s it and she decided to take the plunge. She broke into my house, drugged me, and the tail I’m seeing is just a hallucination. It was time to face this intruder.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed the girl to the side and rolled out of bed. “Who the hell are you?!” I yelled, getting to my feet.

Now with some room, I was able to see this girl completely. She appeared 18 and was quite lovely, tall and slender, raven-haired with good-sized breasts and beautiful face. Aside from her long black locks, the only hair on her body was on her tail, still swishing, and… her ears. On top of her head were two cat ears, each as large as the palms of her hands. For a moment, I thought they were fake, but they looked as real as the rest of her and even twitched.

She didn’t really seem startled by me pushing her off or yelling. She simply rolled onto her back and stretched. “Master, Momo wants food,” she whined.


Her blunt words were like a slap in the face.

“Momo wants breakfast. Feed Momo.”

“Who are you?” I asked again as she continued to stretch.

Finally, she looked up at me and smiled, flashing a pair of gleaming feline eyes. “Momo is Momo.”

I slowly reached out to touch her head, feel her ears. She met me halfway, pressing her forehead against my hand and rubbing against it like a table corner. I felt the triangular ears poking out from her long hair, finding no seam or line to suggest they had been glued on or were fake in any way. The touching of her ears made her purr, a genuine cat purr, and it increased in volume as I moved down and felt the sides of her head. She lacked human ears, the sides of her head completely flat, save for a slight crease running up to join the edges of the cat ears. With my other hand, I felt her tail, as soft and bushy as the night before, but now bigger. I followed it to its base, just above her rear, and again found that it was perfectly merged with her body, protruding from right where the tailbone would be.

The more I touched her, the more she purred, and seeing the pleasure on this naked woman’s face as I caressed her was turning me on. I was already sporting a tent in my boxers, but this stranger didn’t seem to care, or even realize what it was.

“This is impossible,” I gasped, “you’re really Momo.”

“Momo is Momo, Master.”

“How is this happening?”

“Don’t know, don’t care. Too hungry. Time for breakfast!”

I walked over to the window, looking up at the sky. No balls of fire were falling from the clouds, no black hole sending the raptured souls to Heaven, no signs that the world was coming to an end or experiencing some kind of shift in reality. Was this like that show ‘Wilfred’? Would she just appear as a normal cat to anyone else?

“Master! Master!”

I followed “Momo’s” impatient voice through the house and to the kitchen. My house was small, barely larger than a studio apartment, and just a rental, but it had a nice spot in the Maine suburbs and gave me a yard and peace and quiet. Apparently, some people had died in it, so that and the size made it affordable for someone just a few years out of college, but I doubted a few ghosts were capable of turning my cat into a woman.

Momo was standing by the cabinet where I kept her food, stark naked. Her tail curled and writhed as she waited for me to feed her. I retrieved a can of food but stopped, unsure if I was doing the right thing. Was Momo a cat or a person? She looked human, but she still had her ears and tail. Should I still give her cat food? I would just have to wait and see how she felt. I looked over and saw her by her food bowl, crouching and staring at me. I was also unsure of having her food on the floor, but she seemed unconcerned.

I opened up the can of mush and poured it out, with Momo immediately diving for the bowl and slurping it up. I couldn’t even see the bowl, her hair hung around it like a curtain. As she ate, my eyes moved back and forth across her naked body. Any man in my position would say he would immediately start having sex with this strange cat-girl hybrid. They’d change their tune if this situation actually happened to them. Her body was beautiful, but I was too stuffed with curiosity and anxiety to have any thoughts of sex. My pud was standing at attention, but my brain was elsewhere.

“Master, Momo is still hungry,” she said, having finished her food. How like a cat to speak in the third person.

“Well, you’re bigger now, so one can probably isn’t enough to fill you up.” I retrieved another can of food and crouched down beside her. “Here, see if you can open this up.”

I gave her the can, and following her first instinct, she began biting it like a chew toy, trying to break it open. I was about to stop her when I saw ingenuity spark in her eyes. Whether it was the memory of watching me do it or her new humanoid brain, she found the ring on the top of the can and pulled it up, managing to get it open. She didn’t even bother emptying it into her bowl, she simply ate the fishy pulp out of the can.

It wasn’t until she had downed a third can that she was finally full. With a pot of coffee brewing, I sat down in the living room, having yet to even start my day but already exhausted beyond measure. Momo wordlessly climbed onto the couch and into my lap like she always would, rolling around to find the perfect spot. She was relaxing but I was tenser than ever. Jesus Christ, what was I supposed to do? I got this weird creature in my house and no clue how to deal with it. Is Momo an actual person now? Is she going to stay like this forever? Is she going to transform into something else altogether? How the hell am I supposed to take care of her?

My coffee was soon ready and I was able to finally relax with some breakfast. Whether cat or human, Momo had her nose close to my cereal bowl as she always would, and I had to push her back. Once I had eaten, my mind started to clear. Momo settled back down, resting her head on my lap. If only she knew that there was nothing but the fabric of my boxers separating my erect manhood from her cheek. Sighing, I began to rub the top of her head, listening to her purr.

“Momo, what is the last thing you remember before waking up?”

“Climbing into Master’s bed and falling asleep.”

“And were you a cat when you did that?”

“Isn’t Momo a cat now?”

“Do you feel like a cat?”

“Not sure, feel different.”

“Well when you came into my bed, were you smaller? Or were you the size you are now?”


“And you fell asleep?”


“And when you woke up, you were big.”


“Did you feel anything when you were asleep?”


“How do you feel now?”

“Tired. Oh, right there, that’s the spot.”

My fingers had moved to the base of her ears, and she raised her head to get me to rub harder.

Well, not a lot of information there. I had no idea how this had happened or how to proceed. Should I tell someone about this? Who could possibly be trusted with this kind of information? I didn’t want me and Momo to end up in the tabloids or some government lab. Should I just keep her hidden and hope things will sort themselves out? At least I had today to figure this—


Oh fuck no. Please, no. My phone, my fucking phone, why did it have to ring today of all days? There’s only one person who could call me this early in the morning. Muttering curses, I answered.

“I need you to come in today,” my boss said. “There was a computing error last night and now everything is screwed up.”

“This is the THIRD time in the past month that you’ve called me in on my day off!”

“Yeah, well, that’s how the world works.”

“You know, they passed a law in France that makes it illegal for companies to harass their employees like this.”

“Well here in America, the law says that if you don’t get to your cubicle in the next thirty minutes, I can fire your ass. Don’t make me call again.”

My boss hung up before I could and I screamed the loudest “fuck” I could.

The sudden noise made Momo flinch and she looked up at me from the couch. “Master?”

“I… I need to go the office. Be good while I’m gone, don’t make a mess, and stay away from the windows. Don’t let anyone see you like this.”

She leaned over and wrapped her arms around my waist. “Nooooo, stay home and pet Momo. Momo wants to cuddle with Master.”

My heart skipped a beat. Jesus, that’s some powerful stuff. I didn’t know whether to pet her or throw her down and make love to her. I took a deep breath and made the correct choice. I rested my hand on the top of her head and rubbed her ears. “Sorry, but I got to go. If I don’t work, I can’t get food for you. Just be good and I’ll come back and play with you.”

“Ok, Momo will be good.”

With the clock ticking, I cleaned myself up, got dressed, and was ready to go back to the fucking office. Standing by the door, I took one last look at Momo. I had left her plenty of water and she knew how to get food from the pantry so she would hopefully be ok. She was sprawled out on the couch like she would always be, not a care in the world. The difference now was that she had a cute ass that I couldn’t help but stare at.


While I had originally cursed it, being back at work was helping me clear my head and served as a good distraction. I still had no idea what to do about Momo other than keep her inside as much as possible. If I bought her some clothes and a hat, maybe she could go outside. I still couldn’t believe what was going on, that in the course of one night, my cat had spontaneously transformed into a human. Well, mostly human. How was this possible? I tried googling phenomena such as this, but all I found was hentai. Speaking of which, I was faced with the unavoidable ethical dilemma: is it wrong to fuck my cat? Technically she was a person now, and she has the body of a grown woman, but could it still be counted as bestiality if she still has the ears and tail? Plus, there was her mental age. She had the body of a woman, but her brain was incredibly childish. Sure, she was smart enough to talk and open cans of food, but you could probably teach a parrot to do the same thing. Would sex mean taking advantage of her? This was a question that would take time to answer.

On my way home, I stopped off at the local Goodwill and picked up some shirts and sweatpants for her. I didn’t yet have the courage to get underwear. As I drove home, dread started to build. What if what I thought was Momo was actually some eccentric con artist that was really good with makeup? What if the mailman came by and saw Momo? What if she ended up chasing a fly and my house was a total wreck?!

I finally pulled into the driveway, finding no signs that cops or government scientists in HAZMAT suits had stopped by. Taking a deep breath, I unlocked the door and stepped inside. From what I could tell, the house seemed fine. There was no damage that I could see, nothing appeared broken.


“Master…” she groaned. I found her in the kitchen, lying on the floor. “Master, Momo doesn’t feel so good…”


I rushed to her side, my mind immediately jumping to the worst-case scenario. Was she sick? Was this some weird side effect of her transformation? Who should I call, a doctor or a vet? It would have to be someone who could keep a secret…

It was then that I looked up to the counter and saw over half a dozen empty cans of cat food. My fear was replaced with annoyance. “Well of course you’re sick! You ate too much of that crap!”

In response, she raised her head and threw up on the floor. Ugh, this fucking cat, I swear to Christ. With one arm under her knees and the other against her back, I hoisted up the naked and groggy… whatever she was. I had always wanted to carry a girl in the princess hold, but not like this. Not like this.

I brought her to the den and laid her out on the couch. “From now on, you eat what I eat, understand? No more cat food, or at least just a little of it.”

“Masterrrrrrr, Momo doesn’t feel good!” she whined.


With Momo suffering from a stomachache, I picked a very simple meal for her, just a rotisserie chicken and plain rice. I set out two plates on my tiny bachelor dinner table with my humanoid cat watching me from the couch with wide eyes.

“Ok, from now on, I want you to eat like a person. And first things first, you have to wear clothes at the table.”

“Momo doesn’t like the sound of that,” she pouted.

“They’ll help you stay warm. It’s not like you have your fur anymore.”

“But it’s hot! Why does Momo have to wear clothes?”

‘Because having a naked girl walking around my house is a lot more stressful than one might think.’ “Because you’re a person now and you need to act like one.”

I pulled out one of the shirts that I had bought and brought it over to Momo. I managed to get it on her, but her expression told me that she was not enjoying it. I, on the other hand, was able to release my held breath once her tits were covered. Then came the sweatpants, which were much easier to put on her, though touching her bare legs sent a very powerful rush of blood to a particular area.

“Ok, how does that feel?”

Momo stood up and spun around as if chasing her tail. She blushed in frustration. “No! Momo hates this!”

‘You know, you were a lot easier to deal with when you were just a silent fur ball.’ I wanted to say it, but I bit my tongue. “Well I bought them for you so learn to deal with it.”

Instead of fighting back, Momo blushed and covered her mouth as if embarrassed. “Master got them… for Momo?”

Ok, that was pretty damn cute. Was this how she had always felt? When I bought her toys before, would she get all flustered like this?

“Look, it’s just during meals, then you can pull them off. Plus, I’ll put a hole in the back of the pants for your tail to stick though. You’re probably not comfortable with the waistband right under the base like that.”

She gave a bright smile. “‘Kay!”


I don’t know why I bothered putting out a knife and fork for her, she didn’t even acknowledge them. She had enough sense to imitate me and sit down before eating, but as soon as her butt touched the seat, she bowed her head and ate straight off her plate like an animal.

“You know, I’ll let it slip tonight, but tomorrow, I’m going to teach you how to use a knife and fork.”

“That’s dumb. This is easier.”

“It will make you look prettier.”

“Momo’s already perfect.”

Yep, she’s still a cat.

The moment her plate was clean, she sprung from her seat with a smile. “Yay! No clothes!”

She stripped down and my cock hardened at the sight of her bouncing breasts springing free of her shirt. Then she frolicked around the house leaving me to finish my dinner. By the time I was done, she was standing by the veranda door, looking anxiously outside and bouncing on her toes.

“Master, Momo wants to go out! Momo wants to go out!”

“It’s too bright, someone will see you.”

“But the yard is right there!”

“Listen, once it’s dark out, I’ll take you somewhere special.”

“Ok…” she huffed.

I took my seat on the couch and turned on the TV. As she always would, Momo crawled into my lap and settled herself down. Once again, the presence of a naked girl was more stressful than relaxing.


At around 9:30, I deemed it late enough to risk letting Momo out. However, with neighbors nearby and the yard in full view, I couldn’t let her wander around by the house. I would have to take her farther away.

“Ok, get your clothes on, we’re going for a ride.”

While a little while ago, she had seemed so eager to go outside, my words now terrified her. “A ride? You’re not taking Momo to the vet, are you?!”

Her fear gave me a laugh, one that I sorely needed after this stressful day. “No, I’m not taking you to the vet. I’m taking you somewhere where you can wander around with lots of room. Put your clothes on, and when we get there, you can take them off.”

With visions of shots and rectal thermometers making her growl, she put on her clothes. I checked outside to make sure the coast was clear and then brought her out to my car. I wanted to put the seatbelt on her, but with how tense she was, that restraint might tip her over the edge. We drove for a couple minutes with Momo continuing to growl, as this was the same route to the vet. Finally, I pulled in to the lot of the nearby park, a wide-open field surrounded by forest. There was no one else there; we had total freedom. It was summer, a beautiful night, more than warm enough for a certain cat girl to walk around naked.

I opened her door and she sprung out of the car, wary of any sign of an imminent checkup.

“It’s fine, it’s the park. You can take off your clothes if you like.”

She finally relaxed and undressed. I think by now, I was starting to get used to seeing her naked, though her ass still looked fantastic, toned to match her womanly body, yet plump enough to invite you in. It was a beautiful night, warm with a slight breeze, smelling of grass and pine needles. The birds and bugs were chirping and chiming, and I was left wondering why I hadn’t come here in so long.

First thing’s first, it was mosquito season, so I had to cover us both in bug spray. Momo hissed from the vile smell, but it was for her own good. I had a flashlight with me, and carrying her clothes under my arm, I started down the path. Momo followed me, having no trouble being barefoot, and soon she began to branch out, exploring the area around us. I kept my light on her as much as I could, not wanting to risk losing her in the dark. She crept along through the grass and underbrush like a predator, sniffing out anything that caught her fancy. She often moved on all fours, seeming unaffected by her new body. Her tail acted depending on her mood, standing up straight and curling when she was curious or hanging down low when she followed the scent of an animal. It seemed she had natural night vision, and often, she would look back at me and her feline eyes would catch the light. Walking through the woods at night and seeing a naked humanoid figure with a pale body, flickering tail, large ears, and eyes glowing like two cigarettes is frankly a lot more terrifying than cute.

To be honest, after the day I had had, the strangest thing about this was that I was walking my cat. If my dog had suddenly turned into a naked girl, bringing her here wouldn’t seem so weird. Soon enough, Momo and I circled back to the car and she put her clothes back on, blissfully fatigued. We returned home, but as soon as she stripped, I was able to see the effect of the walk.

“Jesus, you’re filthy. I thought cats were supposed to be clean animals. It looks like you rolled around on the ground.”

“Momo found some nice patches of warm soil. Momo will clean herself off.”

Just as she was a regular cat, she started licking herself, trying to wash away the dirt and grime. This wasn’t going to cut it; I was going to have to really bathe her. The question was if I would be able to control myself.

“Come on, let’s get you into the shower.”

Her ears perked up in confusion. “Huh? Shower?”

I brought her into the bathroom and turned the shower on. The loud hissing of the water made her jump back and hide behind me.

“Relax, it’s just water.” I wetted my hand and flicked some droplets at her, but that just made her more uncomfortable. Even with a new body, cats still didn’t like getting wet. “Momo, you’re going in there whether you like it or not.”

“No! Momo doesn’t want to!”

“If you don’t do it, I won’t let you on the furniture anymore.”

“Well… will Master do it with Momo?”

That was something I had been hoping to avoid. For God’s sake, Momo! I’m just a man! I don’t do well with temptation!

“I can’t, because then my clothes would get wet.”

She scowled at me. “Then take them off!”

Crap, she was smarter than I thought. It seemed like I would have to bite the bullet.

“Ok, fine, but you don’t get out until you’re clean.”

I took off my clothes, with Momo no longer being alone in the nude. But there was something she couldn’t help but notice.

“What’s that?” she asked, looking at my log, for truly, I had wood.

“Don’t mind that. Just… don’t.” And of course, being a cat, she swatted it like it was a toy mouse. “Don’t do that!” I barked, already suffering from blue balls.

I turned her around and pushed her into the shower. She fought against me, sticking to the nearby corner to avoid the water. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her straight into the spray. Shrieking from the downpour, she turned around and pounced on me, wrapping her arms and legs around me.

“Uh, Momo? Do you think you could climb off me?”

I was in a precarious position, with Momo’s slit resting on the shaft of my manhood and her melon breasts smooshed against my chest.

“No! Momo isn’t letting go!”

Stuck with the situation, I decided to make due and step into the full spray of the shower, pretty much dragging her down with me. She winced and tightened her hold, feeling the hot water pouring down on her, but once her body was completely soaked, she began to relax. While her arms remained locked around my neck, she released her legs and stepped down. But that just made the situation worse, as now my manhood was gripped in her thigh gap and the feeling was almost more than I could handle.

“Momo, I really need you to let go!”


I tried pushing her off but her arms remained firm. I could only manage to push her back a few inches before she would close the gap, with my manhood sliding back and forth across her labia. She continued to squirm, her every movement increasing the intensity of what I was feeling. I had enough self-control not to commit the taboo, but I had to act to relieve the pressure. Hoping Momo would forgive me, I began thrusting forward between her legs, rubbing my equipment against hers rather than actually penetrating her.

Momo began to blush, getting the same intense feelings as I was. “Master, what are you— oh! Master, that tickles!”

Her tail writhed and curled, her ears twitched nonstop, and she panted in arousal as we both approached climax. I achieved it first, a much-needed orgasm that sent semen shooting through the air and splattering the wall behind Momo. She hadn’t yet experienced her own orgasm, but her hold on me weakened enough for me to finally break free of her grip and separate the two of us. Selfish as it was, it would probably be better if Momo didn’t know what an orgasm was.

“Ok, first, let’s wash your hair. I don’t have any girl shampoo, but mine should work just fine.”

I poured a puddle of Head & Shoulders into my hand and then started rubbing it into her scalp. Her eyes closed and she immediately began purring with a smile on her face. The more I lathered her hair, the more pleasure she seemed to feel. In a way, it looked like she would collapse any moment, falling asleep like a child having her hair brushed. She especially loved it when I toyed with her ears, and I got a kick out of it as well. I turned her black hair into a pile of white foam and had her step out of the water.

“We’ll leave that to set for a couple minutes. Now it’s time to clean your body. See that white block right there? Take that and use it to wash yourself.”

She cocked her head to one side. “Huh?”

“Take it and rub against yourself. Think of it as like a tongue.”

She picked up the soap, surprised by how slippery it was. “Can Master do it?” she asked.

“You mean show you on myself?”

“No, can Master wash Momo?”

After that first orgasm, I had lost a lot of pressure, but a large twitch moved through my dick.

“It would be better if you did it.”

Her ears dropped and she looked back at the bar of soap. She began dabbing herself with the end, giving small sweeps with it like she was using a paintbrush. At the rate she was going, we would be in the shower all night.

“Ok, fine, but only this once. After this, you do it yourself.”

I took the bar of soap from her and began scrubbing her arms. When she was an actual cat, having her legs touched normally made her shy away, but now she was actually purring from it, and again when I washed her belly, always with my eyes on her soft skin. I avoided her pelvic region altogether, both front and back. I didn’t want to open that Pandora’s Box. But when I put down the bar of soap, her ears perked up.

“Master, you haven’t washed Momo here.”

She was pointing to her breasts, which were, in turn, pointing up at me. They were beautiful, large enough to bounce with every movement she made, with quarter-sized areolas and bright pink nipples. I desperately wanted to touch them, but it was for that reason that I had avoided them. But Momo wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“All right, turn around.” She turned her back to me and I soaped up my hands and took a deep breath. “Here we go.”

I reached around her and cupped her breasts. Her ears perked and a shiver crawled up her spine, but the sound she made was one of bliss. I began massaging the soft mountains, rolling them around in my hands and thoroughly lathering them. They fit in my palms perfectly, but no matter how hard I tried, they slipped out of my hands every time I squeezed. I couldn’t help but toy with her nipples, making her both purr and whimper from the sensation.

“Master…” she cooed as her tail twisted like a snake.

Her reaction wasn’t helping to calm my erection, which was now pressed against her ass. At last, I was able to pull myself away, but Momo wasn’t done yet. She turned to me, blushing and unable to look me in the eye.

“Master, while you were rubbing Momo’s chest, this part of felt weird,” she murmured, framing her slit with her hands. “Can you wash it too?”

I swallowed the lump in my throat. “No. That, you’ll have to do yoursel—”

Once again, she refused my refusal and threw herself at me. She clung to my arm, grinding against it with my hand between her legs. Instinctively I flexed my fingers, moving them across her labia. That was clearly what she wanted, as along with a purr, she released a continuous whine, soft and sweet, almost a wince. The look on her face was adorable beyond words, a form of anguish composed of pure ecstasy, cheeks flushed, eyes trembling, her tongue wetting her soft lips. My self-control was unable to reach my arm and I continued to pleasure her, stroking her lips with my soapy fingers, playing her like a piano. But as her voice continued to escalate, I knew I was playing with fire. If Momo achieved an orgasm because of me, it would screw up everything.

Thinking fast, I pulled her back into the water, interrupting her bliss with a pouring rinse. She hissed and pulled away, screwing her eyes shut to keep the shampoo out. I managed to get a hold of her and wash the soap out of her hair. I swept across her body, wanting to get her out of the shower as soon as possible. As soon as she was clean, I pulled her out and gave her a towel.

“Here, dry yourself off with this and go to bed. I’ll come out in a couple minutes.”

Once she left, I stepped back into the shower and turned it to the cold setting. I needed to get this swelling down before I had a heart attack.


More exhausted than I had been in a long time, I stepped out of the bathroom and looked at my bed like it was the love of my life. Momo was nowhere to be seen, probably passed out in the living room on the couch. Oh God, I just wanted to sleep. I went around the house, turning off all the lights, but I couldn’t find Momo, meaning there was only one place she could be. I returned to my bed and lifted the blankets, finding her curled up in the sheets. A big part of me wanted to kick her out, but when she looked up at me and smiled, I just couldn’t do it.

“Move over.”

She did as I told her and I climbed into bed. As soon as I was under the blanket, Momo grasped my arm and pressed herself against me. Great, so much for the cold shower.

“Today was really fun, wasn’t it, Master?”

“Yeah, I guess it was.” The day had been stressful beyond words, but sure, it was fun as well.

“Good, Momo loves Master. Goodnight.”

I smiled and rubbed her wet head, again making her purr. “And Master loves Momo,” I said.


Wearing her sweatpants and a t-shirt. Momo sat at my kitchen table with a bowl of cereal in front of her. She was clenching a spoon in her fist the way a child would, having a hard time getting the food to her mouth. She was not enjoying it in the least.

“Master, this is too hard. Can Momo please go back to eating on the floor without hands?”

“I’m having you do this because I want you to act like a person,” I said from the other side of the table.

“But Momo is a cat.”

I sighed. “Tell you what, once you master silverware, if you really want to, you can go back to eating out of your bowl.”

“Can Momo not wear clothes?”

“Fine, go ahead. But if I ever tell you to get dressed and eat at the table, you got to do what I say. Deal?”


Today was Sunday, a much needed day off. My boss hadn’t called me in yet, but I refused to answer him even if he tried. I needed a day to rest, some time to stay at home and figure things out. I had slept very well, considering I had a naked girl clinging to me like moss, but maybe it was because of her that the night zipped by.

But the problem came when I woke up. I was on my back with Momo pinning my arm, somehow keeping it bent so that my hand was cupping a warm breast. Hello, morning wood. She woke up as I began to stir and rolled over, telling me she was hungry. Her morning breath was atrocious, to say the least. Her mouth was completely unwashed and I could still smell all the cat food she had eaten the previous day. My mission was clear: I had to teach Momo to brush her teeth.

Once she had finished her breakfast and stripped free of her hated clothes, I brought her into the bathroom and sat her down.

“Master, what are we doing? Momo doesn’t have to take another shower, right?”

“Well considering that it’s summer, you’ll probably have to take one every night to wash off the sweat and bug spray from our walks. But right now, I’m going to teach you how to brush your teeth.”

“Brush my teeth?”

“I’m sure you’ve seen me do it before. You take a small brush and scrape it against your teeth. You need to do it twice a day or they’ll rot and I’ll have to yank them out.”

Her hair stood on end at the warning. Let’s face it, it’s not like I could take my transformed cat to the dentist. If anything happened to her teeth, I would have to take care of it the old-fashioned way, with a glass of whiskey and a pair of pliers. I had to hope it would never come to that.

“Will Master do it to Momo?”

I expected her to ask that.

“Only the first time so that you’ll know what it’s supposed to feel like. Afterwards, you do it yourself. Remember, twice a day.” Momo remained sitting on the floor and I retrieved an extra toothbrush and a half-filled tube of paste from the medicine cabinet behind my mirror. “You start by wetting the toothbrush in the sink, putting some toothpaste on it, and wetting it again.” I showed her how to do it and crouched down, putting one hand on the back of her neck in case she tried to pull away. “Then you go through every corner of your mouth, thoroughly scrubbing every surface of every tooth.”

I brought the brush to Momo’s lips and she nervously opened her mouth, having no idea what this would feel like. The moment I started brushing her teeth, a tremor ran through her. She squirmed with every touch of the bristles on the soft tissue of her gums and tongue and she gave a garbled whine. Her face was moving as much as her body, showing an almost pained expression but with her cheeks flushed as if in embarrassment. It took more and more effort for me to reach each tooth, the growing force I used making her react more and more, but I was always careful not to hurt her or agitate her gag reflex.

The longer I brushed her teeth, the more I noticed something. This was sexy as fuck! The way she was writhing, that look on her face, it was like she was using a high-powered vibrator for the first time in her life and couldn’t handle the sensations! Her breasts jiggled like water balloons and she was rubbing her thighs together as if she was taunting me. And the almost phallic object swirling around in her mouth while white liquid dripped from her lips, why was this making me so hard?! I had once again become painfully erect, inflicting onto Momo what looked like nothing short of sexual anguish.

A friend of mine once mentioned seeing something just like this in an anime. I had just ignored him, not being into that cartoon shit and unable to understand how dental hygiene could possibly be made sexy. Acting out that exact scene, I had to wonder what the fuck kind of anime was he watching?!

Finally, I pulled away the toothbrush and Momo spit out a mouthful of minty foam, letting the white liquid run down her chin and drip onto her breasts. I’ll be honest, I ejaculated a little when she did that. After waiting for my body to calm down, I got Momo to her feet and had her spit out the last of the foam into the sink. I then cleaned her off, again watching her breasts jiggle as I wiped them with a tissue. Momo stared at herself in the mirror, panting and blushing.

“So how was that? I wasn’t too rough on you, was I?”

“Momo… might need Master’s help. Can Master brush Momo’s teeth again tonight?”


“No… sorry. You, uh… you only get one. How about you go take a nap on the couch, I uh… need to take care of something in here.”


Just a few minutes after pushing Momo out of the bathroom, I opened the door, taking a grateful breath of air. My legs were shaky, my tank was empty, and my body was flushed with endorphins. Speaking of flushed, at least a shot glass’s worth of my little soldiers were on their way to a watery grave. Sorry, boys. I stepped into the living room and looked around, not seeing Momo. I found her soon enough at the veranda door… where I happened to keep her litter box. Seeing her squatting over the tiny sandbox, my mind seemingly went blank for a moment, as if to protect itself from the horrible realization that came just a second later.

I’m going to have to toilet-train my cat.

Well, it’s a good thing I rubbed one out beforehand, because I might not be able to look at her the same way for a while. I took another deep breath, trying to work up the courage I desperately needed.

“Momo, before you go in your box, can you come back into the bathroom, please? There’s one more thing I have to teach you.”


Momo was huddled on the couch in the fetal position, wearing clothes by choice for the first time. I expected no less. Showering with her had been easy compared to… *shudder* teaching her to use the toilet. Considering the way she had straddled my hand the previous night, teaching her to clean up the front was no problem. But when it came to the back, well, it was just like when the vet would take her temperature. She had hissed at me, refused to look at me, and even swatted at me a few times. The one brief moment we made eye contact, her face was flushed with rage and humiliation.

She didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. I gave her dinner on the floor the way she liked, but she wouldn’t eat it until I left the kitchen. She didn’t want to go to the park like she did the night before and I knew better than to push my luck with another shower. With Momo spending the night on my couch rather than in my bed, I was starting to get worried about our relationship. Hopefully things would be better in the morning.


I woke up with Momo once again on top of me, but like the morning before, we were both under the covers. She was using me like a mattress, her bare back against my chest and my manhood pressed against her ass, with nothing but the fabric of my boxers preventing penetration. This was a good sign. The fact that she had climbed into my bed last night showed that she had forgiven me for the toilet training. If the lessons stuck, we could put that chapter behind us

Since today was a workday, it was my alarm that woke me up. The harsh ringing made Momo stir and she slowly rolled over so that our chests were pressed together. She gave a wide yawn and blinked her sleepiness away.

“Good morning, Momo.”

“Mornin’, Master.”

“Ready for breakfast?”


She then sat up, straddling my lap, and with a yawn and stretch, her breasts were pushed out as if on display. This combined with my natural morning wood into something Momo could not ignore, as it was grinding against her the same way it had in the shower.

“Master, your thing is hard again.”

“Yeah, uh… just ignore it.”

Rather than do what I told her, Momo pulled down my boxers, showing my erection laid out on my stomach like a fallen log. She started batting it around with her hands, the way she would a toy. A wide smile crossed her face as she watched it bounce and swing from side to side.

“Momo, stop!”

Once again, she seemed not to hear me. She grabbed my dick with her hands and started rolling it in her grip. She was completely immersed in her new plaything, and I was unable to stop her, my strength failing as I received a handjob from my cat. My orgasm was almost immediate, a result of all the tension that had built up these past few days, regardless of the load I had emptied yesterday. The sight of semen on my stomach and the softening of my penis piqued Momo’s curiosity. She lowered her head, her nose twitching.

“Momo knows this smell. The trash bin next to Master’s bed always smells like it.”

Then, before I could stop her, she opened her mouth and licked up the white puddle on my stomach. Definitely a stroke of luck, Momo’s feline tongue didn’t stay with her when she transformed into a person. The sight of my semen on her tongue horrified me, but she rolled it around in her mouth and smiled.


Are you serious? She actually likes the taste of semen? It must be all the salt, I had heard somewhere that cats really like salt.

“Momo wants more!”

She again lowered her head, licking up every remaining drop like it was chocolate syrup, and of course, it led to her taking my penis in her mouth. It had been a long time since I received a blowjob, and of course, it felt amazing… for the first few seconds before she thought to bite down.


I cooked Momo’s breakfast, wincing in both pain and guilt, pain for the scrape I had received on my shaft from Momo’s teeth, and guilt that I had let my innocent little kitty give me a handjob and then suck me off. What kind of a person am I?! For fuck’s sake, she’s not some nymphomaniac that’s been around the block, she has no idea what any of this is! She may have the body of a woman, but her mind is like a little kid’s! This is borderline molestation!

But it was strange, though. Momo seemed to have no sexual instincts, or at least no instincts as to what sex meant. All animals knew how to have sex; it just came naturally, though not so for humans. Regular monkeys can automatically procreate, but humans need “the talk” or to take Sex Ed, or at least see some animals doing it to make the connection. Momo really was like a human child; she appeared to be discovering this all on her own, figuring out what was pleasurable without knowing the purpose or value. Weird, that certain human and feline traits would remain or be replaced.

That got me wondering as to what else she knew or didn’t know. She could speak, and seemed much more intelligent than in her feline form, not to mention that she seemed to understand many things. It wasn’t just like her cat brain had been scooped out of her skull and plopped into this new human vessel; there was clear psychological growth. Was she just repeating everything she had seen and heard from me and whatever TV shows I happened to be watching with her? Or did her knowledge come from somewhere else?

Momo was waiting by her food bowl, crouched down and staring at me. “Master!” she whined for the umpteenth time, no different from the constant meowing she used to do up until I gave her cat food.

“Settle down, it’s here.”

I bent down and tipped a frying pan over her bowl, pouring in some eggs and a couple sausages. Funny that she was eating better than me, considering that I was just having cereal. Momo dove down and began gobbling it up. I watched her as she ate, my eyes following every inch of her naked body, counting the bumps of her spine. Now that I thought about it, there was something sexy about a naked woman eating off the floor. I mean, technically, anything a woman does naked is sexy, but in this case, it made me think back to the BDSM porn videos I had watched. Add in the fact that she called me “Master”, and you had some good kink material.

My dick began to harden, making my scrape sting. I had to force my erection down with pure will so that the cut wouldn’t be stretched out. The scrape was slight, it would heal by the end of the day, but in that area, everything hurts with ten times the severity. What was I thinking? I couldn’t do that to her. She trusted me to care for her and I couldn’t take advantage of that trust. Besides, like I had said before, she clearly wasn’t mature enough for something like sex. I would have to ignore temptation and try to make sure her curiosity didn’t cost her innocence.

“Thank you for the food, Master,” she said, sitting up and licking the egg grease off her lips.

“I’m glad you liked it. Now, go wash your face and brush your teeth. I need to get ready for work.”

With Momo taken care of, I was able to get in a quick breakfast and shower. I was feeling much better than I had on Saturday, as I was now used to the situation. As long as Momo behaved, I had nothing to worry about.

“Momo, I’m off to work. Momo?”

I stood by the front door, expecting Momo to see me off. She wasn’t in the living room or kitchen. I found her back in bed, snuggled up in blankets. Yep, still just a cat. Smiling, I sat down on the edge of the bed and rubbed her ears.

“I’ll see you later,” I said.

“Ok, bye-bye Master,” she yawned.


Hours passed, and finally, Momo opened her eyes. She had slept half the day away, but for some reason, she couldn’t stay asleep. As a cat, she normally spent most of her life sleeping, but this new human body didn’t function the same way. It also didn’t help that she was hungry. Giving a wide yawn, Momo got out of bed and went into the kitchen. There, she made herself a cat food sandwich, having learned the process of putting food between bread through observation.

Afterwards, nature called and she made her way to the bathroom. She would much rather simply use her litter box, but it had been made clear that she could only use the toilet from now on. She shuddered as she remembered the lesson. She loved being touched, especially between the legs, but not that other spot, never that spot. Hopefully, if she did it right, she wouldn’t have to be taught again. And of course, she was taught her to wash her hands afterward. Even she understood the reasoning behind that.

Now with all of her physical needs met, she decided to wander the house and look for anything interesting. She was glad to have hands, now able to actually pick up things and touch them, rather than just smell them. Most of the electronics made no sense to her, regardless of all the times she had seen them used. Soon enough, just looking around became boring and Momo lied down on the couch.

She had no idea what to do with herself. Maybe if she could go outside, she would feel better, but she wasn’t even allowed near the windows. She wished she could feel that familiar warm hand on her ears. And her tail. And her chest. And come to think of it, she really wanted to be touched in that other place, the one between her legs. In her first shower, she remembered that thing rubbing against her spot, and that felt really good,

Would it feel good if she rubbed it?

Bored and curious, she slid her hand down her flat belly and let her fingers find her slit. Just that initial touch was enough to make her purr, telling her that she was on to something good. She traced the petals of her virgin flower with her fingertips, feeling that gentle touch reverberate through her lower body. It was like a tickle, one that didn’t make her laugh but instead made her feel warm. She did this for a couple minutes, letting herself get used to the sensation. Her breath fluttering, she pushed it further and moved her finger between the lips, stroking the pink interior. She could feel herself becoming wet, her body reacting to the stimulation.

She thought back to what had been done to her in the shower and she slid her fingers into her velvet sleeve and stirred them, whining in bliss. She began moving them back and forth, her fingers sliding effortlessly through her. Her fluttering breaths became deep pants, with her muscles expanding and contracting and making her writhe and stretch.

She couldn’t help it; she needed more. She inserted her index finger as well, while her left hand struggled to find something to grab onto. At first, she clutched her shoulder, then her arm, but at last settled by grasping her breast. She experimentally gave her nipple a soft pinch and gasped, feeling as if a bolt of lightning was stretching between the soft nub and her slit. Her whole body was becoming tense and hyper, like Restless Leg Syndrome. She started arching her back and then curling up, her voice beginning to slip free between her frantic pants.

Waves of euphoria, indescribable to her innocent soul, submerged her body in a hot bath while billions of tiny massage therapists gave every muscle a deep rubdown. Her voice slipped free, a single moan echoing through the house, while she could feel drops of her arousal splattering against her palm. Soon, the bliss ended, and she was left gasping for air with her chest heaving. Looks like she found something to occupy her time.


I got out of my car and sighed in happiness. This had been a long day and work had been especially rough. I climbed up the front steps and unlocked my door, but stopped when a noise reached my ears. It sounded like a cat crying out, as if in a fight. My heartbeat skyrocketing in fear, I wrenched open the door and my jaw hung slack.

With the living room couch directly in line with the front door, I found myself staring at Momo’s peachy ass, raised in the air. Her tail had taken the shape of a question mark, flipping back and forth, and between her legs, her fingers were working frantically.


Her face pressed down against the couch, Momo cried out in happiness the way only a cat could, and from her pussy, a splash of clear fluid soaked her hand. I stood in shock, unable to believe what I had just seen. After everything I had been tempted with, why was I now forced to witness this? Did she even realize how hard she was making this for me?!

Noticing me standing there, Momo turned around and smiled, feeling no shame for what I had just seen her do. “Hi, Master! Momo had a fun day and learned a new trick! And look! Momo has been doing it so long that her fingers are wrinkly!”

I didn’t answer her. I couldn’t answer.

“Huh? Master? Is something wrong?”

Finally, I released a scream of frustration and sprinted past her, zooming into the bathroom and locking the door behind me. Just like Momo, I decided to have my own wank-athon.


Dear, my cat recently transformed into a human-feline hybrid and now she won’t stop masturbating. Please help.

I was tempted to put it online, I really was. After a long day of work, I had arrived home, hoping to have a peaceful evening. Instead, I found myself sitting on my couch, Momo’s head on my lap, and her hands busy. I had immediately told her to stop, but she would not obey. Having transformed into a person, her obedience was well beyond a normal cat’s, but she still only listened to about half the things I told her to do.

It had now almost become a game. I would tell her to stop flicking her bean, and for a few minutes, she would. Then she would slowly resume, seeing how long she could keep it going before I again told her to stop. Was she doing it just to annoy me?

“Momo, enough,” I said, taking a rolled-up newspaper and swatting her on the head.

“But it’s so much fun!”

“I don’t care, I don’t want you to do it around me. I don’t do it around you, do I?”

“Huh? You do it too?”

Oh crap.

A wide smile on her face, Momo rolled over and bolted up onto her hands and knees. “That’s great! Master and Momo can do it together! Momo can even help you and you can help Momo, just like when we were in the shower!”

“No! We absolutely cannot do it together!”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s wrong.”

Her ears drooped. “Why is it wrong?”

“Because you’re my cat. Men aren’t supposed to do that kind of thing with their cat. You may be bigger now, but it’s still wrong. Besides, you don’t understand what you’re doing or what you’re asking.”

She leaned forward, her hands on my thighs, the way she used to when I had a plate of food in my lap, but this time, her attention was focused on me, our faces inches apart.

“Then explain it so that Momo can understand. Momo just wants to play with Master.”

A part of me did want to explain it. A part of me did want to do those things with Momo. But there was a line that we could not cross, and if we did, we could never go back. Momo might not understand sex, but I knew she would never again see me the same way, nor would I see her. Momo was an innocent creature, a living miracle, and I didn’t want to corrupt her.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her back. “I’m going to get dinner started.”


Like her breakfast, Momo ate her dinner out of her food bowl on the floor, and afterward, we waited for it to get dark enough to go to the park. It was a quiet evening walk, Momo staying by my side rather than roaming around me. Walking my cat… that still stands out to me as being one of the weirdest aspects of this whole situation.

I soon began to wonder if Momo was mad at me and giving me the silent treatment. She walked next to me at the park but didn’t say anything, and at home, she had her head in my lap, but didn’t purr when I rubbed her ears. Later that night, I was in bed, reading the news on my phone. I heard Momo in the bathroom spit out a mouthful of foam. Good girl, brushing her teeth without asking. She came out of the bathroom, rubbing her wet hair with a towel to dry off from the shower she had just taken.

She circled to the other side of the bed and climbed under the covers, but didn’t cuddle up with me the way she usually would.

“Goodnight, Momo,” I said, hoping for some kind of response.

I looked at her back, enduring the silent seconds trudging by.

“Goodnight, Master,” she murmured before pulling the blanket over her head.



I woke up with a snort, feeling Momo lying on my chest. It was still dark out, but my eyes had adjusted. Momo sat up, straddling my lap with her eyes catching the dim light like gems.

“Momo? What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Momo wants to play with Master.”

I dropped my head back. How like a cat to suddenly want to run around the house at 3:00 in the morning.

“Momo, it’s too late for that. Go to sleep. We’ll play tomorrow.”

“Master doesn’t need to worry about Momo.”

My eyes, which I had closed in resignation, opened back up and I looked at her. “What?”

“Master doesn’t need to worry about Momo. Momo will be fine with whatever Master wants. Momo knows Master wants to play, but doesn’t know why he won’t. Momo wants Master to be happy.”

She then leaned down, her obsidian hair slipping across my chest like paint brushes, and her lips met mine. The kiss lasted only for a few moments before she sat back up.

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“Momo always watches TV with Master. Isn’t that something that people do when they love each other?”

She then grasped my hand and placed it on her breast. It felt so warm, almost like a giant ember, but felt as smooth and soft as a water balloon.

“Master, please touch Momo. And let Momo touch Master.” Her other hand fell to my boxers, and she pulled them away to reveal my erect cock. “Momo knows it feels good for Master when his thing is touched.” She then rubbed her slit, already wet with arousal. “And it feels really good when Master touches Momo here. There might be a way we can both feel really good.”

She raised herself up, still keeping one of my hands on her breast while using her free hand to stand my cock vertical. The head met her lips, about to enter her.

“Momo, stop. I’m your Master and I’m telling you to stop.”

“No, Momo is going to make Master feel good.”

I could have stopped her then, I should have stopped her then. With my free arm, I could have pushed her off me, but I didn’t. I simply released my held breath as Momo lowered herself down, allowing me to penetrate her.


She winced from the insertion and I could feel her virgin blood running down my balls.

“Damn it, that’s why I wanted you to stop. It hurts, doesn’t it?”

She stubbornly shook her head as stinging tears budded from her eyes. She raised herself back up and then dropped down, and this time, her eyelids fluttered from the feeling of my manhood inside her. She started to move, the soreness of her deflowering now disappearing. She smiled, getting the hang of what she was doing and bobbing on my cock. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman, and Momo’s valley felt spectacular, soft and warm, and oh so wet. I watched her bounce, her full breasts heaving every time she raised her body, her ears twitching with every stir of my cock, her tail writhing like a snake having a seizure. Rather than a moan, she was releasing a strange noise, that sort of feline cry you’d normally hear when they’re in a fight or getting manhandled at the vet, that sort of mix between a hiss and a meow.

“Master, this feels so good! Your thing is so deep inside Momo! It’s driving Momo crazy!”

She was getting more ravenous, shifting her bodyweight back and forth and changing position, riding me in every way she could think of. Well, it was too late to back out now. I might as well prove myself as her Master. I reached out and grabbed her by the ass, raising it in the air and giving me some room to maneuver. Harnessing the mattress springs beneath me, I began thrusting up like an oil drill, hammering Momo’s pussy (lol, “pussy”) as hard as I could. No longer being in control, Momo’s power drill whine increased in volume, but the look on her face told me she was in ecstasy. She leaned over, smiling like a stoner, eyes watering, happy as could be. I smiled as well and kissed her, taking the opportunity to teach her how to properly make out.

While I fucked her, our tongues danced between our joined lips, parting only for the brief milliseconds when her body would rise up off my cock. I kept my hands on her ass, maintaining a firm hold for me to control her. But the longer I gripped her cheeks, the more I began to ponder something. An idea forming, I released one hand and grasped Momo’s tail. In that instant, her whole body locked up. She normally liked it when I played with her tail, but not when I squeezed it. Not wanting to ruin our rhythm, I moved my hand along her tail, stroking it.

“M-Master…!” she whined.

I reached the end of her tail and began toying with it, rubbing the very tip between my fingers. The more I teased her, the more she trembled, her voice giving way.

“Masteeeeer! It’s not fair for you to touch Momo there! Momo’s tail is really sensitive! Momo’s gonna… gonna… ROOOOOOOWR!”

She sat up, clutching herself as she squirted like a fountain. I got soaked, but if anything, it turned me on even more. Besides, now I knew her best erogenous zone. With Momo’s strength drained by her orgasm, I decided it was time to switch positions. I grabbed her legs and sat myself up, sending Momo falling onto her back. With her legs in the air, I was now thrusting straight down, dropping my weight with each plunge.

Momo had lost her original confidence. Rather than looking like a ravenous beast, she looked like a shy maiden, hiding her mouth with her hands and blushing in embarrassment, but she was still giving that whine of pleasure, and I was ready to stop any time if she wanted me to. Damn, she was just too adorable. How the hell had I been able to resist her for so long? Her ears and tail made her seem fragile and mystical, but her body was perfect for fucking, basically the body of a porn star.

Soon enough, though, I could feel my end approaching. I had already masturbated several times since coming home, but I had been given enough time for my body to reload. All the muscles in my pelvis were tightening up and I was getting dizzy, just a little bit longer!

“Master! It’s happening again!”

Momo released another cry of euphoria, her voice acting like a starter’s pistol and letting me flood her womb with my seed. Man, am I glad I got her fixed. I pulled out of her and fell back, my body drained of both energy and semen. Momo sat up, smiling and purring. She crawled over and gave me a gentle kiss.

“That was so much fun! Will Master play with Momo again?”

“You bet I will. You’re my sweet little sex kitten.”

Momo then settled down on top of me and I pulled the covers over us. With our naked bodies pressed together, Momo’s purring was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.

Part 2:

“Didn’t I tell you I was feeling sick yesterday? What do you mean you don’t remember? I definitely remember telling you. Well look, I’m not coming in today. Whatever I ate, it’s coming out both ends. I’m glued to my toilet. What are you, nuts? I don’t even want to get in my car, let alone my cubicle. Yes, I swear it’s the truth. Ok, hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I hung up the phone and Momo pounced on me, wrapping her arms around my neck and purring like a Ferrari.

“My boss bought it. We got the day to ourselves.”

“Yay! Momo wants to spend all day cuddling with Master!”

“The feeling is mutual,” I replied, rubbing her ears.

Whether or not Momo truly understood the implications and meaning of sex, she sure seemed more energetic than she would normally be in the morning. Perhaps she was aware of the honeymoon period of relationships. Wow, to think I’m in a sexual relationship with my cat. To anyone who didn’t know the situation, that would sound both incredibly depressing and horribly repulsive.

But while Momo said she wanted to cuddle, the growling of her stomach said otherwise. I too was starting to get hungry. I led her to the kitchen and prepared her breakfast, a bowl of dry cereal mixed with a can of cat food. I was still trying to figure out the best diet for Momo, and the cat food seemed nutritious enough, and she liked it. As Momo ate her breakfast on the floor, I made myself a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee, decaf, as it wasn’t like I needed to be anywhere.

After brushing her teeth, Momo joined me on the couch, taking her rightful place with her head in my lap as I watched TV. As usual, she purred loudly with every touch, her ears twitching as I rubbed them between my fingers. Once I was finished with my oatmeal, I stroked Momo’s hair with one hand and held my coffee with the other, simply enjoying the serenity. But the longer I sat with her, the more aroused I became. My dick was growing, and Momo could feel it against the side of her face.

“Huh? Master, your thing is hard again. Does this mean you want to play?”

“Well maybe not play, but I could give you a special treat. Remember that white stuff from yesterday that you liked? If you put my thing in your mouth again, more will shoot out. But… don’t bite down like you did before. Just use your tongue and cheeks and suck on it.”

Eager to taste my salt, Momo removed my dick from my boxers and took it in her mouth. She did as I told her, keeping her teeth away from it and instead only the soft spots of her mouth. I rolled my head back and sighed, pacified by the wonderful sensation of oral. I continued to rub her ears as she worked, as if to thank her for her diligence. Her head was bobbing up and down, her tongue licking away my sweat as she tried to coax an orgasm out of me.

“Master, it’s not coming out.”

“It will, you just have to keep at it. But you’re doing a great job; it feels really good. How about I help you feel good? Let me get under you and I’ll lick you too.”

I lied down on the couch and Momo swung her leg over me, her smooth vulva right above my face. I licked my lips in anticipation and raised my head, slurping up her sweetness like my life depended on it. A deep shiver ran through Momo and she stopped blowing me to release a whimper of bliss.

“M-Master, it feels too good! Momo can’t hold on if you do that!”

“Just keep going and let’s try to finish together.”

I resumed licking her, giving equal amounts of effort to her lips and to her clitoris. She tasted delicious, sweeter than any other girl I had ever dated, and I could still smell the soap from the shower she took last night. Overwhelmed by pleasure, Momo tried to resume blowing me, but it was hard to tell who would outlast the other. She was taking my cock deeper and deeper into her throat, doing whatever she could to ignite an orgasm in me.

Soon enough, we both reached that amazing moment of a shared climax. I shot load after load of semen into Momo’s mouth, bucking my hips as I did so, and she showered me in a storm of her arousal, with me continuing to lick her through the downpour. Momo collapsed and we both waited to catch our breath. I was blissfully tired, the sleepiness from getting up early returning and mixing with the post-orgasm fatigue. The same was true for Momo, who also had a metabolism halfway between a human and cat.

“Come on, let’s take a nap.”

I got off the couch and scooped Momo up in my arms. Finally, I could carry a girl in the princess hold the way I had always wanted. I brought her into the bedroom and set her down, then went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Once I came back, I found Momo wrapped up in the sheets, eyelids dropping. She was trying to stay awake until I returned.

Smiling, I climbed into bed with her and got under the blankets. She curled up next to me, purring in indescribable happiness. It didn’t take long for us to fall asleep.


It was about noon when I finally woke up, my nap cozy and restful. Momo was still sound asleep, clinging to me like a life preserver. Her body was so warm that it was actually making me sweat, and oh so soft. I pulled the blanket aside to let us vent some body heat, and so that I could admire her nude form. Her breasts were round and pert, her stomach was as flat and smooth as a runway, she had the ass and thighs of a volleyball player, and her slit was like a ripe mango. To think, I had this sexy little vixen all to myself, my little secret.

I was starting to get aroused just by looking at her, even more when she rolled onto her back and put her body on display. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to tease her a bit. I started by simply tracing my finger around her areolas, a light touch, but plenty to make her purr in her sleep. I felt the bumps around her nipples like I was reading brail, while the pink drops became erect. My lust growing, I leaned my head down and pinched one of her nipples with my lips. The sensation made her release a small whimper of pleasure, but still, she remained asleep.

I sucked on the pointing bulb, painting it with my tongue and running my tongue around it like I had my finger. There really are few sensations better than sucking on a nice pair of tits. While I worked her with my mouth, I sent my hand down, but instead of going straight for her gate of paradise, I continued to tease her with my fingertip, dragging it from side to side across her chest, then in a closing spiral around her navel.

“Master…” she murmured, though it seemed like she was still half asleep. Maybe she was even dreaming; the sensations of her body bleeding into her subconscious world.

I continued to move my hand down, finally reaching her plump lips. Again, I restrained myself to just a light tickle, brushing her curtains with my fingertip. I could feel her becoming wet, her juices dripping like condensing dew as her body prepared itself for insertion. I gave in to my impatience, spreading her lips and toying with the interior labia, while my thumb stimulated her clitoris.

“Master,” she gasped again, finally waking up.

“Hey there, sleepyhead. How does that feel?”

She stretched and smiled. “Good!”

I took my lips from her breasts and joined them with hers, now letting my tongue explore her mouth as my fingers went to the next level. I inserted my middle and ring finger, probing her insides while I continued to play her clitoris like a game controller. Her voice started to break free of our joined lips as the intensity of my fingering grew, and she instinctively grasped my steely manhood, almost for comfort. She worked it in her grip, unknowingly giving me a handjob, a fitting form of mechanical stimulation to match my actions. It almost became a contest, to see who would reach nirvana first, and as Momo figured out how to slide the skin of my shaft, her skill and efforts soon equaled mine.

After just a couple minutes, I ejaculated, laying some white threads on Momo’s stomach. Momo became curious as my tool softened and shrank, breaking our kiss and looking down to make sure she still had it in her grip. Still just a cat. She continued rubbing it, trying to get it back to its former glory, and with her efforts, it soon regained its rigidity.

“Ok, now it’s your turn to cum. Roll onto your side and raise your leg.”

Curious and horny, Momo assumed the position, showing me her back while her tail writhed in anticipation. I closed the distance between us and penetrated her slit from behind, using my seed as lubricant. She shuddered and purred as she felt it enter her, looking back and giving me a sultry look of lustful hunger, surprising when compared to her normal air-headed self.

I started thrusting into her, once again using the mattress springs to help augment my movements while I groped her chest. She continued to purr, now with a moan on top of it. To be fucked and have her tits rubbed was almost too much for her, and I wasn’t giving her any time to rest. I rammed her as hard and fast as I could, each time slamming my lap against her rear end and momentarily feeling her furry tail flattened between us.

Wait, that gave me an idea. If her tail was an erogenous zone, then maybe there was one more. I got one arm under her back and the other under her raised knee. From there, I curled her body, buying me a few inches of height. With just enough room, I opened my mouth and started nibbling on one of her ears, covering my teeth with my lips to protect the delicate skin. The moment my lips enveloped the tip of her ear, Momo released a shrill yelp.

“M-Master! It’s not f-fair to do that! Momo can’t hold on any longer! Momo… ROOOOOWR!”

She gave her signature feline shriek and a colorless fountain pushed my manhood out of her, my sign that I had succeeded as a man. Hell, I didn’t even mind having to wipe up the floor. I pulled out of Momo and let her stretch out. She was gasping for air and blushing with watery eyes.

“Master, that’s cheating! Momo can’t make Master feel good if Master makes Momo feel good!”

I smiled and brushed her messy black hair out of her face. “Don’t worry, I feel good when you feel good. But if you want, I’ll save the ear nibbling for special occasions.”


After having sex, we had lunch and returned to the living room, curling up on the couch and watching TV. Once the evening came, I made dinner for the two of us, and we waited until it was dark before going out on our evening walk. Afterwards, it was back home for a little more lounging, sex, and then off to bed. In all honesty, it was one of the best and most relaxing days of my life, just dozing at home with the best cat in the world.


Weeks went by and Momo established our routine. Wake up, have sex, eat breakfast, I go back to work, come home, we lounge, eat dinner, go for a walk, have sex, and go to bed. While I was at work, Momo would spend the day lounging around, usually punctuated with masturbation. Quite often, I would come home to find her writhing on the couch or bed, frantically rubbing her clit and moaning as she approached her umpteenth climax, her naked body glistening with sweat and liquid arousal, just begging for me to penetrate her.

It was a wonderfully simple life, made blissful by the assurance of romantic company, always knowing that I had my eager sex kitten waiting at home for me. And of course, I tried to teach Momo how to be more human. She got more used to wearing clothes (but still avoided them whenever possible) and I taught her some skills on how to prepare simple meals like cereal and sandwiches and how to use the TV. Maybe soon I would even teach her to read.


“Huh? What?”

I raised my head and looked around the dark bedroom, trying to figure out what had woken me up. I thought it had been a noise, but I wasn’t sure. I looked to my clock; it was a quarter past 1:00. Momo was still sound asleep. Wait, it happened again. I heard the sound of banging and striking metal. Damn it. As I sat myself up, Momo finally stirred.

“Master? Momo’s too tired to play.”

“No, it’s not that. Something is rooting around in the trash outside, probably some raccoons. I’ll go scare them off.”

I pulled on a pair of pants and got a flashlight and a bat. I thought Momo would get up with me, but following her feline instincts, she chose to go back to sleep. I went outside and circled the house to the trashcans, following the sound of rummaging. I banged my bat against the side of the house and shined my light on the overturned bins.

“Hey! Get out of there!”

But out of the darkness, rather than a spot of gray, came a cloud of gold. A big yellow dog came out from behind the trashcans, dirty as sin but wagging its tail. It looked to be a golden doodle (half golden retriever, half poodle) and its hair was overgrown, nearly covering its eyes. It had a sweet face, looking gentle enough to carry a baby chick in its mouth without hurting it. I got down on one knee as it approached.

“Hey there, pup. What are you doing here?”

It met my outstretched hand and continued to wag its tail as I rubbed its ears. It had no collar and it looked like it had been sleeping in dirt for a while, plus it seemed skinnier than it should have been. A stray? Those were rare.

“Come on, let’s get you fed and cleaned off.”

I brought the dog inside and turned on the lights. Hearing the sound of claws on the wood floors, Momo peaked her head out of the bedroom and her hair stood on end. “What’s that?!”

“Relax, it’s a dog, perfectly harmless. Come say hello.” Momo shook her head in refusal. “Fine. I’m going to get this dog in the shower and clean him up. I want you to get a bowl and put in a few cans of cat food.”

“But that’s… MY food…”

“And I’ll get you more tomorrow. Just please do this.” I then placed my hand on the dog’s head and it started again wagging its tail. “Come on, follow me.” A nudge from me conveyed the message and I brought it into the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and waited for the water to get warm. Like Momo, the loud hissing of the water made the doodle shy away, but I managed it pull it into the shower with me. The hot spray poured down upon it and it lowered its head as if ashamed. The water running off it looked almost like sewage, as there was a lot of filth to wash away.

I poured almost a quarter of a bottle of shampoo on creature’s back and began scrubbing it in, and finally it began to show a little joy. I rubbed it down from head to tail, mixing suds and dirt into a frothy brown mess. It took almost half an hour, half of that spent getting the shampoo in and the other half spent getting it out. Once it was as clean as could be, I turned off the shower and waited. My instincts were right, as the yellow hound shook itself off, but the spray never got past the shower curtain.

I led it outside and began rubbing it down with a towel, but with its long hair, there was a lot of water I needed to remove. The dog was now smiling and again wagging its tail, loving the firm pets and attention. It even dropped down and rolled onto its back, inviting me to rub its belly. I could help but notice something missing.

“Oh, so you’re a girl. Well aren’t you a pretty lass? Nice and clean.”

Several minutes and two more towels later, I finally stepped out of the bathroom with the dog in tow. She was still damp, but there was nothing I could do to get her any dryer except wait.

“Momo, you got the food ready?”

No answer. I stepped into the living room and found a bowl with some cat food set on the floor, with Momo hiding in the kitchen, a low growl in her throat. The freshened doodle rushed over to the food and gorged itself while I went over to Momo.

“Come on, say hello.”

“No! I don’t want to!” she said with a pout.

“Stop being such a brat! Come on, she’s harmless.”

I pulled Momo over to the dog, who had just finished her food and licked her bowl clean. Hopefully that was enough food for her. “Just hold out your hand and let her smell it.”

Momo nervously did as I told her and held out her hand. A happy ray of sunshine, the dog smelled her hand, finding Momo’s scent to be very interesting, a smell she didn’t understand. She closed in, trying to figure it out, but Momo got spooked and jumped behind me, hissing at the intruder.

“I still have work tomorrow, so let’s all go back to bed.”

“You’re going to let that thing in the bed with us?!”

“Relax, I’ll sleep in the middle. You can be on one side and she’ll be on the other.”

Still growling, Momo returned to the bedroom and hid herself under the sheets, staying as close to the edge of the of the mattress as she could. Ugh, such a drama queen.

“Come on, pup,” I said, turning off all the lights and following Momo.

The dog walked alongside me, happy as could be, and a single word from me got her up onto the bed. I took my place in the middle, a very affectionate dog on one side and very angry cat on the other.


“Say cheese!” Not understanding what I was saying but happy I was talking to her, the doodle continued to smile and wag her tail as I took her picture. “There. Now I’ll just make some “found dog” posters before I leave work and I’ll put them up tonight. Good thing we live in the suburbs, there are plenty of people around to see them.”

“So when will she be gone?” Momo asked with evident impatience, keeping her distance.

“I don’t know, could be a week, could be a month. We just have to hope that her owner happens to see a poster and calls. Otherwise, she’ll live with us.”

“Momo doesn’t want her here! Make her go away!”

I stormed over and gave Momo a flick to the forehead. “Enough of that! If I had found you out there last night, I would have taken you in. Until I know that she has a home, this dog isn’t going anywhere. Deal with it and stop being such a brat.” I then retrieved my keys and phone and made my way to the door. “Ok, I already let her outside to do her business. If she paws at the door, you can let her out. Just don’t go out with her and let her in if she comes back. Please, try to get along with her. If you can play nice, I’ll make a nice meaty dinner for you to tonight. Ok?”

Momo pouted and looked away, fighting the urge to continue rubbing the spot on her forehead. “Ok,” she mumbled.

I walked over and kissed her, a long embrace to warm her heart and cheer her up. “Good, I’ll see you tonight. I love you.”


It’s rather hard to focus on work when you’re worried about your pets. The dog would be fine, sure. At worst, she would maybe chew on something or take a dump on the floor. Momo was the real concern, my neurotic, bitchy cat. No, that’s not fair, she’s just jealous. Besides, it’s what to expect from a cat when a new dog shows up. I printed a stack of fliers saying I had found the doodle, enough to cover a wide area. Hopefully her owner wouldn’t be too far away. I then stopped off at the store to pick up food for the three of us and made my way home.


I could hear the dog barking as soon as I got out of my car, making me sick to my stomach. I rushed to the front door and opened it, expecting to see something terrible. Instead, I found only the doodle, standing at the door and wagging her tail. I knelt down and rubbed her head. “What a good watchdog you are.”

I looked around, not seeing any apparent damage to the house, nothing broken. Nor did I see Momo.


The bathroom door flung open and Momo pounced on me, crying hysterically. “Master, you’re home! It was so awful! This monster kept following Momo around the house and bullying Momo! She wouldn’t leave Momo alone! She was going to eat Momo!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake. Did you spend the entire day hidden in the bathroom?”

“Uh-huh!” she said with a sniffle.

“Momo, she’s saying she wants you to pet her. When you get into my lap or follow me around, what does it mean?”

“That Momo wants to cuddle with Master!”

“That’s right. And when the dog gets in your lap or follows you around, it means the same thing. Here, just try petting her.”

Momo at first refused, but with her hand in mine, I coaxed her into at least touching the dog’s head. The yellow pup didn’t react much, good or bad, as to be expected from such flimsy contact. I kept rubbing her with Momo’s hand, and eventually, she resumed wagging her tail. At last, Momo calmed down and rubbed the dog’s head on her own.

“See? Now that’s not so bad. She just wants love. Feel better?”


“Good. Now, how about a special treat? I was going to put these fliers up around the neighborhood. How about you come with me?”

Her ears perked up at the offer. “Does Momo have to wear clothes?”

“For this, yes. We’ll be out in the streets, not alone in the park. We just have to hide your ears and tail and get something on your feet.”

I got her to put on some sweatpants and a t-shirt, deciding it would just be best to hide her tail in one of the pant legs. To cover her ears, I tied a bandana over her head and had her wear a pair of my old flip-flops. Frankly, the whole outfit made her look like a new recruit into a Latin street gang, but it would do.

“Ok, since we’ll be walking the streets, there might be other people around. If they try to talk to us or introduce themselves, just say “Hi, my name is Molly”, leave the rest of the talking to me, and I’ll try to get us out of it.”

“But Momo is Momo.”

“I know, but Molly sounds more human. You’re just pretending. We’ll put these fliers up around the neighborhood. Who knows, the dog might find her way back home if we go out looking. Are you ready?”

Momo looked at herself, as if judging her outfit. She curled her toes in the flip-flops and fidgeted with the bandana on her head, but finally nodded. She and the dog followed me outside, Momo relishing the feel of the sun after so much time. The dog quickly did her business in the front yard, with Momo flashing an angry gaze at me.

“Why does she get to do that outside? Shouldn’t she have to use the toilet like Momo?”

“First of all, you’re now a person. She’s not. Second of all, I’m not having sex with her. I need you to be clean.”

Jesus Christ, I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with my fucking cat.

We started off down the sidewalk, Momo on one side of me and the dog on the other. Both of them looked happy to be outside, Momo especially glad since her only outside exposure had been the park at night. The last time she had walked the streets like this, she had just been a regular cat. It was a lovely summer afternoon, the sun nearing the horizon but still offering hours of illuminated activity, and the warmth was welcomed. The air was rich with the smell of grass and flowers from the manicured lawns and gardens. Right about now, parents were coming home from work, seeing their kids, maybe taking their dogs to the local park. The slamming of car doors was echoing down the street. At every street lamp, we stopped and I taped up a flyer.

“So why don’t you like her?” I asked, making Momo pout.

“Momo doesn’t trust her. She’s just waiting for a chance to eat Momo and take Master.”

“Ah, so you’re jealous. You’re mad that you’re not getting all of Master’s attention, that there is another furry friend in the house.” Momo continued to pout. She was acting surprisingly human. I put my arm around her and pulled her close. “Don’t worry, she can never replace you. She’s just a cute airhead, a big pile of fur that wants to be petted and rubbed.”

“So is Momo!” she cried. That actually made me laugh a bit.

“But I can’t talk with her, I can’t rely on her, I can’t play with her in the special way we do.”

Finally, she smiled. “Momo loves Master.”

“And Master loves Momo. Now come on, let’s put the rest of these fliers up and get home. I promised you a big meaty dinner.”


Weeks passed and no one came for the dog. I never received a single phone call, and even posting online yielded no results. Either she had come from far away or nobody was looking for her, and I eventually came to realize that she was now mine. But on the plus side, Sonja (as I decided to call her) made herself right at home. I took her to the vet, got her all checked out and up to date on her vaccinations, and then dropped her off at a groomer to shave off all of that matted hair. Every day I would wake up, my dog snuggled up with me on one side and my cat-turned-human on the other. I would feed the two of them, go to work, come back, and then we’d take our evening walk. When we relaxed on the couch, I would sit in the middle with Momo’s head on one thigh and Sonja’s head on the other.

Sex with Momo unfortunately lost some of its frequency. We’d have to wait for Sonja to fall asleep in one room and then go into another. Otherwise, she would come up to us, thinking we were just wrestling and wanting to get involved. Not to mention that it’s awkward to fuck when your dog is on the other side of the mattress, watching you.

At least Momo and Sonja learned to get along. Momo still didn’t trust or like Sonja and kept her food bowl away from her, but when the dog came up to her, she would at least pat her head.


‘Oh no. Oh God, no. Why is this happening to me? Why is this happening again? What the fuck did I do to deserve this fate? God, if you’re up there, please realize how much stress you’re putting me under.’

These were the first thoughts that popped into my head when I woke up on that August morning. And what would make me think this? Why, a titty in my hand, of course. Without even opening my eyes, I knew it wasn’t Momo’s. Momo’s breasts were a good size, large enough for any man to be content, but the soft mountain I was trying to contain was beyond the yield of my fingers. It was like if you cut a melon in half and laid them side by side, you would have a perfect analog for Momo’s breasts. But these were like two whole melons. And of course, there was only one reason for a pair of colossal titties in my bed, as ridiculous a reason as it may be.

I opened my eyes, looking at a beautiful sleeping face. The young woman had sun-kissed skin, porcelain smooth, and long blonde hair. But even with my grogginess, I could see one large dog ear hanging down the side of her head, camouflaged with her hair. I sat up and gave her a full scan with my eyes. Her body type was just like Momo’s, just a bit taller and of course with cans that a man could happily suffocate under. But above her rear end, right where her tailbone would be, an actual tail, slightly curved, almost as long as her legs, and very fluffy.

Jesus Christ, my life is turning into The Hangover meets The Island of Doctor Moreau. Why did this happen again? How could this happen again? Do I have some crazy power that turns animals into sexy girls? If Sonja had been a male dog, would I have woken up next to a well-hung Aryan model from Abercrombie & Fitch? Or would he have lost his dick and gone XX?

At the very least, today was Sunday, so I had time to get things figured out. But if my boss called me, I would burn the office to the ground.

I tried to get out from under the covers and escape my bed, but before I could reach the floor, my movements woke Sonja. She yawned and gave a wide stretch from her fingers to her toes, then opened a pair of bright blue eyes. “Good morning, Master!”

The voice of a stranger made Momo bolt from her sleep. She sat up, looking at Sonja in horror and pointing at her. “What in the world is that?!”

“Mornin’, Momo!” Sonja said cheerfully.

“Momo, that’s Sonja. Apparently, whatever happened to you has now happened to her.”

Momo switched her gaze from me to Sonja, her hair standing on end. “No! It’s not fair!”

“Momo, I know this is a complicated time, but please calm down. Let’s all eat breakfast and figure this out.”

“Yay! Food!”

Sonja jumped off the bed and began doing a strange dance. She was moving her feet around in frantic little steps, shaking her butt, and wagging her tail. For a moment it just looked weird, then I realized that it’s the same exact dance that all dogs do when they’re really happy. It’s pretty damn cute.

I got out of bed and got dressed, but Momo didn’t move. On her face was a look of fury, sorrow, and panic. Regardless, as Sonja and I made our way to the kitchen, she inevitably followed. For Sonja, I gave her a bowl of dry dog food mixed with milk, and for Momo, I made her scrambled eggs. I just went with cereal. As usual, Momo ate far away from Sonja, but it was funny watching them eat. These two naked girls, both facedown with their faces buried in food bowls, kneeling in the exact same posture with their tails sprawled out behind them.

But watching them, the first obvious problem rose up: Money. I made good money at the insurance company I worked for, enough to pay the rent and keep Momo and I well fed. Hell, I was even able to afford the dog food for Sonja. But now Sonja had become a person, meaning three adult people on one man’s salary. If I pinched my pennies and cut down on expenses, I could probably stay just above breaking even. But that left me in a precarious situation. The moment my cash outflow exceeded my inflow, the clock would start ticking, a timer to see just how long I could make my savings last, and at my age, that wasn’t very much. If something happened to me or my car needed repairs, I would be up shit creek.

Then came the next problem: Sonja herself. The chances of someone discovering this… whatever the hell it is… had just doubled. Unlike Momo, Sonja was active and loud. Every day I came home, she would be barking at the door. What the hell would she do now when the mailman came? And it would be much harder to keep her inside. Momo was still like her original self: lazy and quiet, except for the rare times she would get a sudden jolt of energy and run back and forth through the house. Yep, even as a person, she had that cat trait. Sonja had more energy, and would probably be hyperactive.

Last was probably the biggest problem: how far was this going to go? I still had no fucking idea what was going on or what had caused this. Was this me? Did I have some weird magical power? So far, two animals had turned into people, meaning that there was no reason for me to expect it to stop now. Would I have to start avoiding animals for the rest of my life? Would it work on anything else? Hell, if I didn’t get my house sprayed for pests in the spring, was I going to end up with an army of insect babes marching from room to room in search of sugar? And what was the range? Were other pets in the neighborhood going to start changing?

The answer was simple, but the actual effort and procedure would be monumental: I was going to have to move. It was the only reasonable option. I would have to find a place that was secluded, away from other pets, and most importantly, people. A place with more room, where the girls could go outside freely, rather than being cooped up all day. And it was going to have to be affordable. Unless I got a raise or a higher-paying job, I would need a mortgage with the lowest possible rates. Anything above my current rent and I was screwed.

Oh, there was one more problem. I had given up expecting someone to retrieve Sonja, but now I had to hope no one came. What if someone showed up at my door, asked to see their dog, and this busty blonde with dog ears and tail pounced on them without clothes on? I’m not sure which would be worse, just trying to explain it or the three of us getting locked away in some government lab. I needed to get rid of all of those fliers I put up. But now that Sonja had turned into a person, I could ask her directly.

“I’m full! Thank you, Master!”

Even while looking at her, I hadn’t noticed Sonja finish her breakfast. She skipped over to me, the sunniest smile on her face, and started bouncing in front of me. I was mesmerized for a few moments, watching her breasts jiggle with each movement. Hello, morning wood. Looking up from her bowl, Momo saw the bulge in my pants and her ears drooped. A scowl on her face, she rushed over and embraced me, her breasts pressed against my chest while she gyrated her hips. “Momo’s full too. Thank you, Master.”

“Um… I’m glad. How about we all sit on the couch. There’s something I need to talk to you two about.” I took my place in the middle of the couch with the girls on either side of me, both with their hands on my thighs. Every time Sonja got close to me, Momo would get closer.

“Ok, to start, Sonja, do you realize that something has happened to you?”

She looked herself up and down, from her hands to her feet. “I think so. My body is weird. But now I can see better and I’m not hot all the time! And best of all, now I can talk to Master!”

“Well do you know exactly when you became like this? Did you feel anything when it happened?”

“No. I went to sleep last night and woke up like this.”

Just like Momo, so no hints as to this craziness. But on a side note, Sonja didn’t speak in the third person like Momo did. Did that have to do with their intelligence? Their personalities?

“Well I need to ask this: where did you live before you came here?”

Sonja’s happiness vanished in the blink of an eye, her tail becoming limp and her smile vanishing. She looked down, wringing her hands together. “A bad house.”

I now regretted asking her. But as uncomfortable as it made her, I had to make sure she hadn’t left behind any loose ends. “I’m sorry, what was bad about it?”

“People weren’t nice to me, and there wasn’t much food. I didn’t get to sleep inside very often, even during the cold nights. I didn’t have a name. They just called me “dog”, and they yelled a lot. I ran away, but they don’t care that I’m gone.”

Goddammit, this is like an ASPCA commercial! I felt sick to my stomach, not wanting to imagine what this poor girl had gone through, even as a puppy. Now I want to go on a fucking rampage and kill the shits she was stuck with! But then Sonja grasped my hand with both of hers and held it against her chest. It surprised me, such a human move.

“But then Master found me and took me in when I had no home! I never knew that it was possible to be so happy and have so much fun!” Shit, now there are ninjas in my house, chopping onions! Fucking heartstrings! Sonja threw herself forward and wrapped her arms around my neck, her cheek pressed to mine. “I looooooooooove Master!”

Gripping my arm, Momo tried to pull me away. “No! Master is Momo’s! Only Momo gets to play with Master!”

“But I want to play with Master too! I want to run and chase and roll around with Master! Let’s go to the park! Can we go to the park? Can we go to the park, Master? Come on, can we? Let’s go to the park!”

At least she didn’t understand what Momo meant by “play”.

I managed to pry them both off me. “Girls, settle down! Now listen, Sonja, things are going to have to change around here. Now that you’re no longer an ordinary dog, you’re going to have to learn all the things that I had to teach Momo.”

“I wanna learn! I’m ready to learn! Learn! Learn! Learn!” She then got up from the couch and ran to the veranda door, jumping up and down. “Let’s go outside and learn! I’m ready! Come on! Come on!”

Oh honey…

“Sonja, that’s the first thing. From now on, you can’t go out during the day. The reason why we go on our walks at night is because the park is empty, there’s no one around to see Momo. It’s the same for you now. From now on, no going outside except for evening walks.”

I could almost hear the sound of glass breaking, as once again, Sonja’s happiness was utterly erased. I almost expected her to start bawling.

“What? I can’t go outside anymore?! But I want to play and run around! I want to roll in the grass!”

“I’m sorry, but we absolutely can’t allow anyone to see you.”

“But what am I supposed to do when I need to pee? I really need to go!”

I covered my face with my hands and groaned. It was time once again.

“Come on, Sonja, follow me into the bathroom. I’m going to teach you to be an adult.”


Bless Sonja’s heart, she took it like a champ. Teaching her to sit down on the toilet to do her business was easy, just tell her to do it and it’s done. When I taught her to use toilet paper on the front, she blushed a bit and shivered, but no complaint, just like Momo. Unlike Momo, who hissed and swung at me, Sonja did her best to maintain a silent dignity when I taught her to use it on the back. Girls, you may hate me for this, but it’s for your own good. I don’t want to see you scooching across the rugs on your butts.

We stepped out of the bathroom and I rubbed her head, hoping that a bit of love would ease some of the awkwardness. While she didn’t look at me, a slight wiggle of her tail put me at ease. “Good girl, you were very brave. Tonight, I’ll teach you to brush your teeth, and don’t worry, Momo seemed to enjoy it.” The compliment made her smile and her tail wagged with more fervor. “Yes, you are a good girl. Now how about we relax on the couch?”

The three of us plopped down in front of the TV and sighed in happiness. Sonja curled up the way she usually would, now resting her head on my thigh. Momo, not to be outdone, tried to squeeze onto my lap. It took a few minutes for her and I to compromise on a good position, settling with her leaning her head on my shoulder, clutching my arm, and interlocking our legs just for that extra closeness. With one arm locked down and half my lap occupied, it was hard for me to use my laptop.

Since I had decided to move for the sake of the girls, I needed to find available properties near me, for sale or just rentals. My next house had to be isolated, preferably with trees for cover, and close enough to my job without the gas expenditure getting out of hand. It also had to be affordable, so I was searching under the same parameters as I did to get my current house: small, mediocre, and hopefully some people had died in it. Nothing dropped a house value better than death.

Sonja and Momo seemed to pay little to no attention to what was on TV. They were almost dozing, focusing just on the sensation of being close to me. In a way, it was the same for me. What man wouldn’t relish cuddling up with two beautiful naked girls? The longer we relaxed, the sleepier we became, our lack of exertion resonating with our early breakfast. It was something I was used to, for as a cat owner, I almost never got to sleep in. Momo’s stomach was my alarm clock (I mean back when she was a normal cat). Even on days off, she would wake me up to feed her, so I decided to simply have my breakfast with her, lounge on the couch for a bit, and wait for my tiredness to return and take a nap.

“Ok, girls, I think I’m going to head back to bed.”

“Yay! Sleep with Master!”

“Not without Momo!”

The two of them jumped off the couch and ran to the bedroom, Sonja with a smile of absentminded joy and Momo maintaining her scowl of competitive jealousy. They stopped when they reached the doorway and looked back at me.

“Master? Aren’t you coming?” Momo asked.

A smile on my face, I looked at the two naked beauties standing at my bedroom door, utterly mesmerized. The light of the midmorning sun was shining on their bare bodies, perfectly shaped for sex like the nymphs of Greek myths, their flawless skin looking soft as silk. Their ears and tails added to their mystery, their mysticism, and also highlighted the taboo of their very existence. I had already gotten to know Momo intimately, and it was inevitable that my relationship with Sonja would blossom in the same way. Had I defiled them or myself? But what I loved most of all was their faces, that pure, loving innocence, so beautiful, so adorably airheaded.

“Yeah, I’m coming.”


“Ok, girls, close your eyes and pinch your noses.”

Sonja and Momo did as I told them, covering their faces so that I could lace them with bug spray. It was time for our evening walk, the first time for Sonja since becoming human. Once I was done, Sonja sniffed herself and grimaced.

“Masteeeeer! This is stinky!”

“Better stinky than itchy. Trust me, you don’t want to be covered in bug bites. You ready? Let’s go.”

Naked as a jaybird, or technically, a dog, Sonja pranced around the field as Momo and I walked the park path. Like Momo, she had no problem going barefoot and was as energetic as usual, inspecting each unusual scent and searching for anything interesting.

“See, now this isn’t so bad,” I said to Momo, walking beside me.

Momo scowled. “Momo doesn’t want her around Master.”

“Because you don’t want me to play with her the way I play with you?”

She turned to me. “Because Momo doesn’t want Master to like playing with Sonja more.”

I grasped her hand. “Momo, there is no one I like playing with more than you.”

Running over to us from the darkness of the nearby woods, Sonja appeared with a stick in her mouth and dropped it at my feet. “Master! Can you throw the stick?”

I smiled and picked it up, giving it a fair toss across the field.

“Yay!” Sonja exclaimed as she ran after it. I made sure to keep my flashlight pointed at the spot where it had landed so that she could find it. Retrieving the stick, she turned around and ran back, with me unable to resist watching her titties bounce.

“Momo! Come run with me!”

Momo clutched my arm. “Momo doesn’t run. Momo likes to walk next to Master.”

Sonja grabbed my other arm. “Then I’ll walk with me Master too!”

“You girls are just too much.”


“Shower time, girls,” I said as we returned home, stepping through the front door.

For Momo, this was routine. After a hot and sweaty day, followed by being sprayed with bug repellent, she would have hopped in the shower without me telling her. Now that Sonja had become a person, she had to do the same. Her ears dropped at the prospect.

“Aw, I hate showers.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be that bad. Momo will go first, then I’ll go in with you and show you how it’s done.”

Hearing that, Momo grabbed Sonja and pushed her towards the bathroom. “Momo will show her how it’s done. Master doesn’t need to do it.”

In the bathroom, Momo turned on the water and waited for it to get hot before pulling Sonja in. Unable to resist, I pulled away the shower curtain, putting them on display while I sat down on the toilet to watch. Yeah, I know I’m a scumbag, but there’s no way I was going to miss this.

“Master?” Momo asked.

“Oh, uh, just making sure you don’t forget to teach her anything.

Sonja scrunched up when the water first touched her, just like she would as a dog, but became much more relaxed the longer it poured on her. Maybe it was because they were still animals at heart, but she was taking it much better than Momo had when I first washed her.

“So first, you’re going to shampoo your hair. You don’t want to do it every time you shower because that will damage it. Just every three days.”

Following my directions, Momo poured some shampoo onto her palm and then started rubbing it into Sonja’s scalp. The blonde beauty smiled and wagged her tail, relishing the feeling of someone playing with her hair and massaging her ears. I remember Momo reacting in the same way when I first bathed her.

“Now you’ll let that sit for a couple minutes. Momo, soap her down, and don’t forget to get yourself.”

Sonja stepped out of the water and Momo retrieved the bar of soap. Working diligently, she scrubbed the two of them down, leaving their bodies coated in a white film. I watched her with aroused focus, focusing on the bar of soap as it moved across their skin. I directed most of my intention when Momo soaped up her breasts, her pert cupcakes with gumdrop nipples, then Sonja’s, the two soft bowling balls on her chest, the nipples soft and smooth under the hot spray. Just watching those balloons shift and flatten with the presses of the soap was enough to drive me nuts.

“You know, Momo, the two of you will get really clean if you rub your bodies together. It will get you really sudsy.”

Momo wasn’t comfortable pressing her body against someone other than me, especially someone she considered a rival, but she didn’t understand what I was really getting at and decided to obey. The two women pressed their chests together and started rubbing, their breasts smooshed and kissing while their bellies slid across each other like two sheets of ice. The sensation was more intense than either of them expected and they began to pant, a noticeable blush crossing their faces as they continued to rub their tits together. Watching them, my whole body was shaking in arousal and I was even precumming a bit. I wanted to put my dick right between them, buried in their joined, soapy cleavages.

“Don’t forget between the legs, just like how I washed you,” I said. Momo looked at me. “Unless you want me to do it.”

Showing no hesitation, Momo thrust her hand down and started playing with Sonja’s pussy, lathering it with her soapy fingers. Sonja moaned from the sudden fondling, having never been touched in such a way before. It was impossible for her to even expect it and her mind didn’t know how to process what it meant. She didn’t know what was going on, all she knew was that she liked it. Her instincts told her that she was supposed to imitate what was happening, so acting without thought, she began working her own fingers between Momo’s legs, shocking the feline.

I watched in utter amazement, the two beauties fingering each other while their nipples kissed. They were panting and moaning, such a small space between their parted lips. It was almost a competition, Momo increasing the strength of her petting as if to get Sonja off her, while Sonja tried to keep up. Momo soon gave in, wrenching herself away from Sonja and jumping out of the shower. Still half-covered with soap, she straddled my lap, a look of lustful desperation in her eyes.

“Master, please, Momo is going to go crazy. Momo wants Master’s thing inside her.”

Already achingly erect, I managed to wrench my cock free from my pants and Momo settled herself on top of it. She moaned as it penetrated her, her pussy slippier than ever, both from her arousal and the soap on Sonja’s fingers. She began riding me with water splashing off her ears with each movement. Sonja watched us with deep curiosity, not understanding what Momo and I were doing but wanting to try it for herself. Leaning over, Momo ran her tongue through my mouth like I was an empty tuna can, while I savored her sweet taste and the feel of her womanhood on my cock. I had her ass in my grip, cradling the bodacious cheeks and using that leverage to help raise her up higher and drop her down harder, defiling her pussy until, at last, she cried out in euphoria.


Having achieved her orgasm, she was able to calm down. She gave me a silent kiss of gratitude and then returned to the shower, where Sonja was still very confused and very interested.

“I want to play with Master like that too!”

“No, only Momo and Master can do that. Let’s rinse off and go to bed.”


“Uh… girls? I need to get up. Girls?”

I was on my back, Momo on one side and Sonja on the other. My hands were between their legs, my arms were held in their embrace and between their tits, and their legs were wrapped around mine. My alarm was beeping but neither cat nor dog wanted to wake up. I tried pulling myself free, but they were holding onto me like their lives were depending on it, as if we were stuck out in a frozen wasteland and had to huddle together for warmth.

Their lips against my fingers, my first instinct was to try and fiddle with their pussies and force them awake. Without opening their eyes, the two girls started whimpering and humming in bliss, their faces turning red.

“Girls, come on, I need to get up.”

“Five more minutes,” Momo whined, starting to come to but wanting to stay asleep.

“It’s time for breakfast.”

Momo and Sonja bolted up with such speed that they almost bounced off the bed.

“Breakfast! Food! Food! Food! Food! Food! Food!”

“Master, Momo wants food!”

They then climbed off and ran into the kitchen, leaving me in the bed.

“Master! Come on and feed us!” they called from the kitchen.

Sometimes those two can be a pain in the ass.


I prepared breakfast for the girls and ate my own, getting myself ready to go off to work. I soon found myself at the front door, doing a mental check to make sure I had everything in order. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check? Showered, shaved, and brushed teeth? Triple check. Food for the girls? Check. I looked over to them, sitting on opposite ends of the couch. Wait a sec, there was one thing I hadn’t yet gone over.

“Sonja, can you come over here for a second?”

Hearing her name, Sonja jumped off the couch and ran over. She reached me and crouched down with her tail wagging.

“Sonja, you how every time I come home, you start barking?”

“Of course! Because what if you’re not Master? What if you’re an intruder? I need to protect the house!”

“And I appreciate the sentiment, I really do, but you can’t do that anymore. You can’t make any noise, you can’t let anyone hear you or know that you’re here.”

Her tail stopped wagging. “But what if someone tries to break in?”

“That’s why I keep the doors and windows locked, so they can’t. And who would? The chance of someone choosing my house to break into is almost nonexistent. I mean, come on, why the hell would they pick this shack? This is one of the cheapest properties in the county, who could possibly think I have anything worth stealing?”

“What about your couch? Or your bed? Or your food?”

She’s a dog, of course she sees different values than I do.

“Trust me, no one is going to try to take that stuff. Listen, the only people who could possibly come by are the mailman or someone leaving Thai food fliers. No matter what happens, you aren’t to make any noise. I’ve already had this talk with Momo. If someone comes to the house, you go and hide in the bedroom and don’t make any noise.

So, what do you do if someone comes to the house?”

“Bark really loud to scare them off!”

I covered my face with my hand and sighed.

“No. You make no noise and hide in the bedroom. One more time, what do you do if someone comes to the house?”

“Tell them that this is Master’s home and that they need to get lost!”

Time for some tough love. I grabbed a newspaper from my coffee table, rolled it up, and smacked Sonja over the head. It didn’t actually hurt her, but she stared up at me in shock.

“You will do no such thing! You won’t make any noise and you won’t let anyone see you! Now answer me, what will you do if someone comes to the door?”

“Yell at them to go away!”


She winced as the rolled-up newspaper slapped the top of her head.

“I’m going to be late for work at this rate. Momo, I’ll leave this to you. Continue hitting her over the head until she gets it. If someone comes to the door, keep Sonja from making noise no matter what. Sonja, NO NOISE.”

I opened the door and stepped outside. As I walked to my car, I heard the whap of the newspaper. That pretty little idiot. Hopefully she’d figure it out before Momo would have to knock her out with a book.


“So, what did you want to talk to me about?”

I had just stepped into my boss’s office, trying to build up all the courage I had. I hoped to look nothing like the overweight balding man when I reached his age. I sat down on the other side of his desk and took a deep breath.

“I want a raise.”

“And I want to win the lottery. Which do you think is more likely to happen?”

“Let me rephrase: what do I need to do to get a raise?”

“Look, even if I wanted to give you a raise, there’s no room in the budget. For God’s sake, you’ve been here for three years. Do you really think you deserve a raise?”

“Come on, I work harder than anyone else here. Name one person who gets more done.”

“Like I said, there’s no room in the budget for anyone to get a raise. Where’s this coming from? Did you knock someone up?”

“Not exactly. Let’s just say that I have people to take care of and leave it at that.”

My boss leaned back in his chair. “Ok, I’ll tell you what. A regional manager position is opening up, meaning I may be able to move up the ladder. If I get the job, I’ll give you my office manager position. But I want you to show me that you deserve a promotion. The decision will be made in two weeks, so I suggest you work your ass off until then.”

I reached out to shake his hand. “Consider it done.”


It was another long day at the office, especially long actually. I had stayed late, doing everything I could possibly do to make myself busy. For these next two weeks, I had to go above and beyond as the model employee and show that I had what it took to run the office. I was completely exhausted and not looking forward to the coming days. I had even picked up some Thai food on the way home, not having any energy to cook.

But on the plus side, when I arrived home and slammed my car door shut, I didn’t hear any barking. Or whatever sound Sonja would now make. It seemed Momo had gotten through to her. I opened the door, seeing neither of them.

“I’m home!”

“MASTER!” Sonja bolted out of my bedroom and charged towards me. “MASTER! MASTER! MASTER! MASTER! MASTER! MASTER! MASTER! MASTER!MASTER!MASTER!MASTERMASTERMASTERMASTERMASTER!” She tackled me, nearly knocking me onto my ass, and held on tight, her tears soaking my shirt. “Master! You were gone so long! I didn’t think you would ever come back! It’s so late! Please don’t be away for so long ever again!”

“Aw, I’m sorry, Sonja. I had to stay late at the office. But where’s Momo?”

I looked to the doorway of my bedroom, seeing Momo, hiding with tears in her eyes. Like Sonja, she rushed over and embraced me, but instead of yammering her fears, she silently cried into my chest. I had two naked beauties, crying from their loneliness. I could do nothing but smile and hold them close.

“I’m sorry, girls. I’m so sorry. Don’t worry, I’ll always come home. I’d never leave you. Come on, let’s relax on the couch. I got us all dinner.”

They wouldn’t let go of me, so I had to walk the three of us over to the couch and sit us all down. We stayed there for a few minutes, the two of them with their faces buried in my chest as I held them in my arms. Is this how pets normally feel when we leave them alone for too long? Eventually, they calmed down and I was able to distribute the food. I didn’t know what they’d like, so I just ordered the most normal (and cheap) food I could, avoiding weird sauces and spices and focusing on meat and vegetables. Momo was downing shrimp like shots of tequila and Sonja was nibbling away at chicken on a stick.

“Now girls, for the next two weeks, I’m going to be coming home late. I’ll be working really hard at the office. But if my work pays off, I’ll be able to get something really good for us. So, I need the two of you to be patient, stay calm, and know that I’m coming back for you. Can you do that?”

“Yes,” said Sonja.

“Uh-huh,” said Momo.

“Good, now let’s finish eating and go for our walk.”


The next week was a nightmare, getting up extra early to be the first one at the office and staying late to be the last person to leave. I worked through lunch, took no breaks, and made sure that I accomplished every task that could be done. I tried to take more of an administrative role in the office, showing my boss that I could replace him as the manager. It takes more than work ethic to get a promotion; I had to show that I had the skills required for the job.

The girls hated my new schedule, waking them up earlier and not getting home until later. It was a long time to be away from them. When I did come home, I was exhausted, but still had to cook and take care of them. I also wasn’t getting laid. Momo realized she had made a mistake when having sex with me in front of Sonja. Now, instead of the moment being ruined, Momo was afraid of giving Sonja any ideas. And while I knew I was inevitably (and happily) going to end up balls-deep in Sonja, Momo was doing all in her power to prevent it, always getting between us and showing her possessive side.

But one thing that helped was that I bought us a bigger bed, king sized. The queen-sized bed I had before had been perfect for Momo and I, and had just enough room for Sonja when she was a dog, but then she transformed and we ended up packed like sardines on the mattress. Now with a new bed, we had enough room to stretch and move while we slept.


“The property offers three acres of wilderness with the closest neighbor being over a mile away,” said the real estate agent, speaking to me in front of the house.

I was out in the middle of the woods, facing a tiny cabin of 1000 square feet. It was just what I was looking for; deeply isolated with plenty of nature around, just what the girls needed, and the small size made it very affordable. If I got the office manager job, I would be able to afford a mortgage and buy it. But what was making me nervous was that no people had died in it, which to a normal guy would sound strange and horrific, but to me meant dollar signs.

“The cabin looks to be in great shape. Can you show me inside?”

“Of course,” the woman said.

She brought me up onto the front deck and unlocked the door, then led me inside. It took only a few seconds for me to look through it thanks to the size, and I’ll admit, I was impressed. The interior was in good condition, no watermarks or mold, and the kitchen didn’t look like it had been furnished with the defective discards from Ikea. The bathroom even had a tub, which would be great for sensual baths with the girls. The cabin had two floors, the first floor being a single room, a combined kitchen and living area with a tiny woodstove in the corner and a mudroom next to the door for coats and winter gear. There was a narrow flight of stairs against the side of the house going up to the one bedroom and bathroom, and a closet hidden underneath with a stacked washer and dryer and the water heater. The second floor, which would normally increase the cost, actually saved money by minimizing the horizontal space the house occupied. Outside, there was a propane tank and a shed for tools and firewood.

This place might sound a little small for three people, but we were all sleeping in the same bed and the girls didn’t take up much room, not to mention that all my possessions could be hauled with my car in one trip, minus the furniture, which would need a real moving truck. But probably one of the best perks was the distance from the office. It only added twenty minutes to my drive, a small sacrifice.

As long as the girls didn’t end up finding the Necronomicon, this place was perfect.

“This cabin looks brand new, what’s the story?”

“Well the man who built it was a real recluse, but he died in a car accident just after it was built, so with no next of kin, it fell to the bank.”

“Ok, so what’s the catch? Why is this place so affordable?”

The woman looked at me in confusion. A tiny cabin like this, would of course, have a low price tag, but considering I was only 26, she could understand why my sense of money wasn’t fully refined. But I knew there was something else.

“Well the isolation makes it rather undesirable, there’s nothing around and school buses don’t come out here. It also easily loses power in stormy weather.”

“I’ll just buy a generator. And I don’t need to worry about restaurants or schools.”

“So you’ll take it?”

“I’m waiting on a job opportunity and I’ll know in a week. If I get promoted, I’ll buy this place immediately.”


With a goal in my mind, the second week was easier to get through, and my boss certainly seemed happy. His chance for a promotion to the regional manager was almost guaranteed, and he had been giving me strong signals that I had proven myself capable to take over. That Friday, there was a farewell party at the office, and over cake, my boss thanked everyone for all their hard work and support, and named me his successor, which of course pissed off everyone older than me, which pretty much means everyone.

The following week, after making sure that everything was in order and my pay matched my expectations, I went to the bank and got a mortgage. Afterwards, I called the real estate agency and made a down payment on the cabin. Life was good.


“Where are we going? It’s too early for a walk,” said Momo, her nose pressed to the car window.

It was late in the morning on Saturday and I was driving with the girls. Momo was wearing a hoodie to cover her ears and Sonja had a knitted hat. I had expected them to complain about these clothes in the heat, but it seemed they were used to it from when they were furry animals. Plus, it helped that the two of them were wearing short shorts, showing off their smooth legs.

“It’s a surprise,” I said with a smile.

Momo turned to me with a look of horror. “Are you taking Momo to the vet? Momo doesn’t want a shot!”

“No, no, I’m not taking you to a vet. We’re going somewhere really great. Trust me.”

In the back seat, Sonja was happy and anxious, having missed being out in the sun and wondering where we were going. We drove for an hour, crossing to the other side of Augusta as we headed for the more rural areas. The long drive made the girls calm down, but as we reached the empty woods, they perked up, knowing that they would be let out of the car. Finally, we turned onto an unpaved driveway and drove up to the house.

I let the girls out of the car, the two of them as confused as could be.

“Master, where are we?” Sonja asked.

“We’re home.” From the way the girls looked at me, they might as well have had question marks hovering over their head. “I just bought this house. Tomorrow, we’re going to move all of our stuff and live out here, meaning that from now on, you girls can go in and out whenever you want, however you please.”

Ecstatic smiles crossed their pretty faces, the two of them happier than I had ever seen them.

“Really?!” Sonja squealed.

“Yep, these woods are yours to explore and play in, and there shouldn’t be anyone to bother you, so you can—”

I wasn’t able to finish the words, as with perfect synchronicity, they both pounced and knocked me to the ground.


I stood in my rental home, the interior completely barren of furniture and possessions. Out in front was a moving truck with a couple movers I had hired for help with big objects like the fridge and couch. Coughing out a black cloud, the truck started up and rolled out of my driveway. The truck was loaded and they were taking it to my new property. I told the movers I would follow them in a minute and to go without me.

With no one around, I went to my bedroom closet and opened the door. Hiding in the darkness were Momo and Sonja, wincing from the light but grateful for the rush of cool air into their stuffy coffin.

“Ok girls, let’s go.”

Dressed with their ears and tails hidden, I brought them outside and they climbed into the car. I took one last look at the rental home and then pulled out of the driveway. Hopefully, whatever weird phenomenon was at work here was due to the house. The girls seemed a little despondent to be leaving their home, but as we made the drive to our new house, their excitement levels perked up. Finally, they would be able to go outside freely again, now in a forest that offered safety and privacy. It was a cloudy day outside and unbearably humid, but hopefully it would rain in the evening and cool everything down. Once we reached the entrance to the long, unpaved driveway, I told the girls to go hide in the forest until the movers left, then drove up to the house to unload the truck.

It took just half an hour to unload everything and get the big pieces of furniture in place, such as the couch, bed, bureau, and assorted tables and chairs, as well as the fridge. All that was left was for me to decide where everything else went, but right now, all that I really wanted was a rest. I went up to the bedroom and threw myself down on the mattress, sweaty and exhausted. Not two minutes after I close my eyes do I hear someone come up the stairs.

I looked over to the door and saw Sonja, a big smile on her beautiful face.

“I love this house, Master! There is so much room outside! So much space to play in!”

I leaned my head back, my gaze returning to the ceiling. “I’m glad, that’s exactly why I got it. The house might be a little small, but it’s enough for the three of us.”

“I really want to play with Master.”

“Don’t worry, we will, I just want to relax for a bit.”

“But this is the only time Momo isn’t around. This is the only time I can play with Master.” A rush of blood went through me and I looked up at Sonja, who was now wagging her tail. Suddenly, all my fatigue seemed to vanish. “I want to play with Master the way Momo does. I want Master’s thing inside me.”

Such naughty words, but her smile was still so innocent.

“And I really want to play with you too. Take your clothes off and come over here, I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Sonja stripped down and pranced over to the bed. She sat next to me and I undressed, watching her eyes fall to my erection. Seeing the look on her face, I found myself wondering what she was feeling. Was she horny? Was she experiencing lust the way a normal human would? Or was this the same exact joy she would get by me taking her to the park? Either way, this was going to be a lot of fun for the both of us, and this time, I was ready to initiate everything.

“Do you want to touch it?”

Curious, Sonja reached out and began to caress it, having no idea what she was actually touching. The sensation of a new girl stroking my manhood sent shivers of euphoria through my body.

“Why does your thing get hard like that?”

“It happens when I’m excited, sort of like when your tail wags. I always get like this when I see you girls parade around without clothes. It’s because you’re so beautiful and sexy.”

“Master thinks I’m beautiful?” she asked happily. Of course “sexy” went over her head.

“Very, I’ve been wanting to play with you ever since you became like this.”

“Ok, so how do we play?”

“First things first.” I leaned forward and kissed her, just a small peck, followed by a longer union. When I leaned back, she appeared confused but not unsatisfied. “How was that?”

“That felt kind of good. I see you and Momo do it a lot.”

“It’s called a kiss. Come on, let’s do it some more.”

This time, she leaned in with me and we resumed our embrace. Her lips met mine, at first unmoving due to her inexperience, but soon becoming more active as she imitated me. Daring her to go farther, I sent my tongue into her mouth, and without hesitation, she countered. Kissing her was sweet, just like with Momo, almost sugary, with the slight hint of toothpaste from that morning. The longer we kissed, the more Sonja relaxed, with me soon able to push her onto her back.

Hovering over her, I reached down and cupped a warm breast. “You know what really excites me? These big beautiful tits of yours. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them.”

“Really? Why?”

“Men have been trying to figure that out since the dawn of time. Either way, they are very fun to play with.”

While I massaged one with my hand, I enjoyed the other with my tongue, first tracing it around her areolas, probing every little bump. Sonja’s breathing quickened from the intimate touch, and a soft whine even escaped her once my lips closed around her nipple. I sucked on it greedily while I pinched her other nipple with my hand. Her voice grew in volume the harder I worked, the soundtrack to weeks of tension finally being released. I played with her breasts for several minutes, thoroughly examining them with both mouth and hand, squeezing and manipulating the soft flesh the way I would a lump of clay. They were so incredible, like two giant stress relievers that I could play and fidget with for hours on end. But soon enough, I knew it was time to move on.

“Time for the next part. I need you to kneel on the floor.”

She eagerly did as I told her, getting down on her knees in front of me with her tail wagging behind her.

“Now, I want you to put my cock—that’s what you call it—in your mouth and suck on it.”

“Suck on it?”

“Pretend it’s covered in peanut butter and lick it off. But whatever you do, don’t let your teeth touch it. Just use your tongue and your cheeks.”

“Ok!” She leaned forward and started by first running her tongue up the shaft, nearly making me cum right then and there. “Yum! Master is salty!”

I suddenly had a flashback to my childhood dog, who loved to suck on dirty socks for the salty sweat.

“If you like salt, then keep licking, and something really salty will come out.”

Sonja resumed licking me, her tongue painting my manhood like a brush. It was actually a bit funny; she was licking me just like a dog would. If she were still an actual dog and I happened to be holding a popsicle in my lap, just the movements and tongue work would make it look almost exactly the same. Ok, bad thought, bad thought, retract. I pushed that imagery out of my head and told Sonja to try sucking on it now. Eager to play, she took it in her mouth, and then stopped moving, just continuing to let her tongue lather it. Some more words of advice got her to start bobbing her head and play with it more, using her cheeks and tongue to better stimulate it. I rolled my head back and groaned in bliss as I felt her massage my dick with her mouth, the watery warmth of her saliva and the softness of her tongue and cheeks. It was a truly heavenly experience. As she worked, I rubbed her ears the way I would with Momo, to sort of thank her for her efforts.

Soon enough, my eruption began to build. Before I could warn Sonja, a stream of semen sprayed from my cock and flooded her mouth. She fell back, coughing on my seed and as shocked as a puppy hit with a gust of air.

“Master, what is that?!” she asked, her dog instincts going into full fight-or-flight mode.

“It’s the salty stuff I told you about. Sorry I didn’t warn you.”

She rolled my cum around in her mouth, evidently having a hard time swallowing it but showing no signs as to disliking the taste. It was no surprise, considering that dogs will pretty much eat whatever you give them.

“So does that always happen?”

“Whenever you get me really excited, yeah.”

A big childish grin crossed her face and her tail started swatting the ground. “Again! Again!”

“Hold on, it doesn’t work like that. My guy needs some time to recharge. But come lie down on the bed and I’ll make you feel good.”

Once again, she climbed up onto the bed and I laid her out on her back before getting to my feet. Goddamn, she was so beautiful, so sexy, easily the most erotic body I had ever seen… minus the tail and ears. Aw, who am I kidding? The tail and ears just give a cuteness bonus! She looked at me with anticipation, possibly knowing what I was about to do, but unsure. I licked my lips and spread her legs, putting her pussy on display. Her excitement rose as she realized what was going to happen. She didn’t seem scared or nervous the way a normal virgin would be in this situation. If anything, she seemed anxious because she knew what she would experience would be completely overwhelming in its physical euphoria.

I lowered my head and took a moment to sample her aroma. Like me, there was the hint of sweat, but other than that, she was as clean and fresh as new bed sheets, with her sweet feminine scent driving me wild. I didn’t hesitate, I joined her lips with mine and started slurping up her pussy like I was carving away at a jawbreaker. Sonja’s moans of euphoria filled the cabin, just like when she and Momo had fingered each other in the shower. She didn’t know how to describe this feeling, it went beyond her ability to describe or define. I savored her flavor, the delicious womanly taste that made my blood boil. I’m not sure how other guys feel, but personally, I love going down on a girl as much as her going down on me.

“M-Master, s-something is hap-happening to me!”

“That’s called “cumming”, it’s what happened to me when I shot out all that white stuff. Just enjoy it.”

I increased my pleasure output, focusing my attention on her clit. That’s all it took to break her threshold. “Master, I’m cu-CUMMING—AROOOOOOOOOO!”

She then let loose a wolf-like howl, similar the feline “rowr” that Momo would release whenever she had an orgasm. There was an increase in her arousal, running from between her lips like condensation on glass. After licking up every drop of her lust, I sat up to let us both catch our breath.

“Master, that was incredible,” said Sonja, her face flushed.

“Yeah, I’ve been waiting to do that. Now, are you ready for the real playing? When I put my cock inside you?” She nodded. “Good. Now get up onto your hands and knees.”

A bit shaky from her orgasm, she rolled over and got on all fours, pointing her butt at me. My erection having returned to full power, I got behind her and got ready to deflower her. Of course I’m going to take her virginity in doggy-style, I would be crazy not to! Her tail got in the way a bit, but I was able to get into position.

“Ok Sonja, now the first time is going to hurt a bit, but after that, it’s smooth sailing. Do you want me to go slow and gentle, or should we just do it quick like ripping off a Band-Aid?”

“Quick,” she said, burying her face in the crook of her arm.

“Ok, take a deep breath.”

With my cock at her entrance point, I took my own advice and breathed deeply, then solidified my hands on her hips and thrust forward. I forced myself inside her in a single shove, deflowering her without anything to stop me. Sonja cried out and I stopped, letting her get accustomed to the sensation.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Master, it hurts!”

“Just relax and wait a second. It will feel better soon.”

I gave her some time to get used to my cock inside her and then pulled out, letting the blood from her hymen drip down onto the mattress. I waited another few moments and then forced myself inside her, making her yelp a second time. A few more thrusts and her voice began to change, the high-pitched cry turning into a deep moan, pain giving way to pleasure. Soon enough, I was able to start building a rhythm. With my hands on her hips, I was thrusting into her with growing speed and power, watching her perfect ass cheeks clap and ripple with every impact. Sonja raised herself up, moaning like an opera singer while her huge tits swung like chandeliers.

“Sonja, how does it feel?” I asked, trying to keep her tail out of my face.

“Master, it feels so good! Your cock feels so good inside me!”

I soon got up to my maximum speed, hammering her with everything I had. The whole house almost seemed to be rocking from the shifting of the bed as I slammed Sonja over and over again like a piston. The sound of her voice and flesh against flesh bounced off the walls.

So engrossed in physical pleasure, there was no way we could have known about Momo, standing in front of the house and looking at us through the bedroom window. There was no way we could have seen her tears or heard her footfalls as she turned around and ran.

Part 3:

“Momo! Momo!”

Sonja and I were wandering around the property, calling out her name. It was getting dark and she still hadn’t come, and every minute that passed was making me more worried. Had she gotten lost? Had she eaten something poisonous? Had she tripped and sprained her ankle? Had people found her and taken her?

“Master, over here!”

I followed Sonja’s voice to the front of the house, where she was crouched down, her noise to the ground.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Momo was here, I can smell her.” She then began to crawl, keeping her head down and moving along the driveway. “She went this way, towards the road.”

From where Momo had stood, I turned to the house and could see into the bedroom. She must have seen us and run off. Good thing Sonja was originally a dog; she may not have been a bloodhound, but her nose must be hundred times stronger than mine. “Can we follow her?”

“Yeah! Come on, Master!”

She started running towards the road with me chasing after her. I wanted to get into my car and follow Momo’s trail that way, but I knew Sonja wouldn’t be able to pick up the scent. We would have to go on foot. We reached the road and Sonja paused, moving from side to side with her nose low.

“That way!”

She pointed down the road and we both started running, hoping that we were moving faster than Momo was. Minutes passed, my low stamina soon taking effect. I wasn’t fat, but I spent all my time on either on the couch or in the office, and after moving all my stuff and having sex with Sonja, what little strength I had had been used up. Regardless, I pushed myself to keep up with Sonja, running ahead of me with her fluffy blonde tail bouncing. Every kilometer or so, Sonja would stop and smell the ground, making sure that we hadn’t skipped over any place where Momo might have turned and gone the woods. She was moving consistently alongside the road, but no matter how far we ran, it seemed like there was no change to it. The woods on either side stayed the same without any sign of the growing distance.

I was just glad that no cars passed by us. This area wasn’t between anything important and I was the only person for miles around. I had to hope that no one did come down this road before we started chasing Momo. Hopefully she was still wearing her clothes, and anyone driving by would be going too fast to see her tail. I just had to keep on hoping, but that hope was running out. The sun eventually set, but with the cloudy overhang, we lost the light before it even reached the horizon. Miles from home, the mosquitoes biting us, we were forced to the slow down. Even Sonja’s canine energy reserves and fit body couldn’t maintain such a pace. Soon enough, the last stroke came, a drop falling from the sky and landing on my nose. I looked up as the summer storm began, a slowly building deluge. On one hand, the rain was welcome, cooling us down and quenching our thirst, but on the other hand, it was a whole new problem.

Kneeling on the ground, Sonja turned to me with a worried expression. “I can’t follow Momo’s scent, the rain is washing it away. Master, what do we do?”

“We keep going. I don’t care if I have to follow this road until sunrise, I’m going to find Momo.”

Sonja looked at me and smiled. “Right!”

We continued moving, trying to return to our original pace. Summer storms in Maine are beautiful but fierce, with warm winds pushing everything over and thunderous downpours drowning the land with grape-sized raindrops. The gales made us struggle to keep our balance and so much rain hit our faces that it was like we were staring down the nozzle of a garden hose.

“Master, I think I see her!”

I looked ahead, past Sonja, and saw something dark on the side of the road. “Please let it be her.”

We rushed over, finding Momo sitting on the side of the road, hugging her knees to her chest, her hood pulled over her face. I crouched down and pulled back her hood. “Momo, what are you doing here?!”

She gave me one look and pulled her hood back over her head. “Go away!”

“Momo, do you have any idea how worried we were about you?”

“Why do you care?”

I paused, flabbergasted (yes, flabbergasted) that she really didn’t understand. “Because I love you, you furry little idiot.”

She looked up at me, her face wet, but with tears or rain, I couldn’t tell. “Master loves Sonja. Momo saw you two.”

“Yes, I love Sonja, but I love you just as much. How could I not love you? You’re like family to me.”

“But Master likes playing with Sonja more! Momo knows Master likes her big boobs!”

Goddammit, why must she make me laugh at such a tense moment?

“Ok, you’re right, she’s got a big pair of rockin’ tits, but yours are great as well. Momo, if I didn’t love you, would I really have come running all the way down here after you? Come home with me.”

“No! Master and Sonja can go without Momo! Momo will be fine!”

At that, tearful Sonja threw her arms around Momo and held her close. “But I looooooooooove Momo!” Held to Sonja’s chest, the look on Momo’s face was one of shock. “Don’t leave, Momo! I don’t want you to go!” Sonja wailed.

“See? Sonja loves you too, just like I do. All this time, you’ve thought of her as a rival or even just an annoyance, but she’s loved you from the day you two met.” I then wrapped my arms around them, sandwiching Momo between Sonja and I. “And I love you too. Momo, no matter where you go, you’ll never find anyone who loves you as much as we do. Weird as it may be, the three of us are family, and that tiny cabin is our home. Please, don’t leave us.”

Momo began to tremble, and over the pouring rain, I could hear her cry. We stayed there like that for several minutes, Sonja and I shielding Momo from the spray, letting her cry it all out. Finally, the rain began to lessen and so did Momo’s sniffles. She soon stopped and we all stood up, cold and wet, but happy. Exhausted from the long day, we began the trek back home, the girls on either side of me, my arms over their shoulders. It took over two hours to walk what we had run, the forest road so dark that we almost passed by the entrance to the driveway.

Stepping inside, we shed our soaked clothes, sighing in relief. Wordlessly, Momo and Sonja went to the kitchen, each grabbing a can of cat food and dog food respectively. Looking half dead with exhaustion, they opened the cans and ate the meaty mush inside with their fingers. I was certainly in the same boat, only having enough strength to pour myself a bowl of cereal. They finished eating before I did and went upstairs to brush their teeth and go to bed. I finished soon afterward and left my bowl in the kitchen sink. Heading upstairs, I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, my red toothbrush next to a pink one smelling like mint and cat food and a yellow one smelling like mint and dog food.

More exhausted than I had been in a long time, I stepped into the bedroom, desperate to fall asleep, but stopped. In the center of the bed were Momo and Sonja, their naked bodies interlaced and their foreheads pressed together, sleeping soundly. It was such a sweet sight, I almost didn’t want to disturb them. But of course, I climbed into the bed and pushed them over so I too could get under the covers.


“Sonja, you left the door open again!”

It had been a quiet Sunday afternoon, when without warning, Sonja saw a squirrel outside and rocketed through the door to chase after it. Closing my laptop, I sighed and got up to find her. She was outside, jumping up and down next to a nearby tree and yelling at the squirrel.

“Who are you?! What are you doing at my house?!” Her tail then dropped. “Please come down! I want to run around and play!”

“Sonja, come over here and close this door!”

“But Master, there’s a squirrel! He looks tasty! I want to lick him!”

“Leave the squirrel alone! You left the door open! Now come over here and close it!” Sonja trotted over with a pout and closed the door. I patted her head, making her feel better. “Listen, I’m glad you can go out whenever you want, it’s why I bought this place. But you have to remember to close the door every time. When the door is left open, mosquitos can get in, and since you’re always naked, they’ll eat you alive. Not to mention that winter will be coming and we’ll need to keep the heat in. Got it?”

“Yes, Master.”

I wanted to believe her, I really did, but we had had this conversation almost six times already. Tomorrow, I was planning on going to the hardware store and seeing if they had any springs or mechanisms I could use to have the door shut automatically.

“Good, now do you want to come back inside or stay out here?”

“I’ll come in.”

I let her back in and we returned to the living room, where a movie was playing on the TV. Actually, it can’t really be called a living “room”, more like the living quadrant. We took our usual positions on the couch, me in the middle with the girls on either side. Momo had taken advantage of us leaving the couch and stretched out, showing her true cat nature. A few pats on the thigh got her to move and we sat down.

“Master,” asked Sonja, “since I couldn’t lick the squirrel, can I lick your cock instead?”

I couldn’t help but grin. “Of course, baby, anytime.”

I removed my manhood from its denim prison and stood it upright, letting Sonja crawl over and take it in her mouth. Her head started bobbing and I groaned in bliss. As she worked, I rubbed her ears to thank her. Beside us, Momo watched with slight interest, but not the jealousy she had before. In the weeks since I deflowered Sonja, the relationship between the three of us had greatly improved. Momo no longer tried to keep us apart and didn’t seem to mind sharing me. I had made it clear that I loved her just as much as I loved Sonja and that I would always keep her with me, and every day, I proved that. I always gave the two of them plenty of attention, letting the sexual barriers become more fluid. Sometimes she would still get jealous, though, especially when it came to “playing”. I would pull out of Sonja and Momo would demand I fuck her next. But on the plus side, her relationship with Sonja was definitely better. They started being affectionate with each other, Momo aloof but open and Sonja a limitless geyser of love. They were even starting to close the distance in the bedroom.

All in all, everything was going great. With this new place, I no longer had to worry about the girls being discovered. They finally had the freedom they wanted, often spending as much time outside as inside. I had fully settled into my manager position at work and was enjoying the big new paycheck, giving me enough money to take care of the girls and pay the mortgage.

Now my thoughts were starting to drift to the long term. How long could I keep this hidden? What would happen to them if I died? Without me to look after them, they could starve to death, or someone could snatch them up, either held in captivity by some pervert or spend the rest of their lives in a lab somewhere. Women typically outlived men, so I would need to figure out a way for them to be safe in their old age after I was gone. Maybe we could move to some remote village in a developing nation, where we would be worshipped as gods or something, somewhere that no one from the outside world would ever find them.

That also brought up the issue of their lifespans. Did they age like humans or animals? Sonja had experienced two winters before meeting me, making her almost three years old, but in dog years, that could put her in her late teens or early twenties, which certainly matched her appearance. Did that mean she would only live another ten more years? Was it the same for Momo?

Also complicating matters was the fact that they didn’t appear to experience menstrual cycles. When Momo first turned into a human, I’ll admit, the idea of her having a human period was definitely an unsavory thought, especially since she was always naked, but no such thing had happened so far, for either of them. I had looked up menstrual cycles for both cats and dogs, but Momo and Sonja never showed any symptoms, meaning that they likely weren’t ovulating. That was certainly a blessing for me, as pregnancy would open up a whole new can of worms. I had originally operated under the assumption that Momo was still spayed from when she was a regular cat, but I had doubts that the same was true for Sonja, considering the kind of home she came from. Perhaps her previous owners did it simply to avoid having more dogs. Hopefully, the two of them were sterile in their humanoid forms, sort of like how animal hybrids like mules and ligers can be born but they themselves can’t reproduce.

Maybe it was about time to try teaching them life skills so that they wouldn’t always have to rely on me. I had tried before, making Momo more humanlike, but it didn’t quite stick. Maybe if I taught them skills rather than rules, it would work this time.

“Master, can Momo have a turn?” the feline asked, sitting up and leaning over.

“Sonja?” I asked.

The blonde beauty sat up, wiping the saliva from her lips and grinning. “‘Kay!”

Momo then crouched down and began sucking me off, lapping up Sonja’s spit without any kind of hesitation. There’s just something wonderful about pulling your dick from one girl’s mouth and then sticking it in another. Like with Sonja, I rubbed Momo’s ears as she worked, making her purr and her tail curl. After a minute, she gave it up so that Sonja could have another turn. She started slurping on it with gusto, as if Momo’s saliva added an extra deliciousness to it. Again and again, they switched the job between them, the turns growing shorter and shorter, as well as the girls working harder and harder, even using their hands. They were really trying to coax an orgasm out of me, perhaps even trying to see who could get it first. My lap was becoming a wet and sloppy mess, but that is just proof of the heaven I had reached.

“Girls, I’m about to cum.”

Momo and Sonja closed in, pushing against each other to win their gooey prize. Pulled free from their mouths, my cock released a white geyser, splattering on their faces. With their salty dessert having missed their mouths, they simply sat up and licked it off each other’s faces. Considering their animal personalities, it was quite expected and innocent, but of course sexy as hell at the same time.

“Ok girls, when this movie is done, we’re going to try something new.”

They both looked at me with curious excitement.

“A new kind of playing?” Sonja asked with her tail wagging.

“No, I’m going to teach you both how to read and write. It will help you understand things and let me trust you with tasks.”

Momo’s ears dropped. “This isn’t going to be like eating with a fork, is it? Momo likes having her bowl on the floor.”

“No, no, it won’t be like that. Think of it as a good way to pass the time when I’m at work. It’s an important skill to have.”

Once the movie was done, I brought the girls into the kitchen and sat them down at the table. Gathering some pencils and paper, I started out by writing out the alphabet and showing it to them.

“See these? These are letters. When you put them in order, they form words and can be used to save messages and information.”

Momo made some small swipes at the paper, daring the letters to show this amazing ability I had mentioned. Sonja just smiled and wagged her tail, dumb as a rock.

“Each letter has a name, which helps tell you what it sounds like.” I put my finger on the paper and moved it down the line. “Their names are A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Say those with me.”

I read through the list again, saying each letter and having the girls repeat me before I moved onto the next. We did this almost a dozen times, making sure they had the names memorized. Then I started picking letters at random and having the girls give the names. It took a bit of time, but they soon figured them out.

“Ok, now, how about I show you how to spell your names? Momo, look at these letters and try to guess which ones are used. Sound it out.”

I slid the paper over to her and she squinted at the letters. “Hmm… oh… mmm… oh.” She looked through the list, trying to remember their names. “Is it… M-O-M-O?”

“That’s right! Very good!”

I wrote her name down at the bottom of the paper. She stared at it, her eyes full of wonder and her ears twitching. “Momo is Momo,” she whispered.

“Me next! Me next!” Sonja exclaimed.

“Your name is a bit harder and the letters sound different. Try and guess the first three letters, the “Son” part.”

I gave her the sheet and she looked through it. It took her a moment, I could see her mouthing her name over and over again. “S-O-N!”

“Very good, your full name is S-O-N-J-A.” I wrote her name down and she held up the paper proudly. “I’m Sonja!” she announced.

“That’s right. Now, I’m sorry to do this, but I have to complicate things further. I told you that each letter has a name that hints to its sound, but not all letters sound like their name. Some can even have two sounds.” You could almost see smoke coming out of their ears. It was impressive enough that they had gotten this far in one sitting. “Actually, how about we go for a quick walk, let you two air out?”

Sonja jumped up and rocketed outside, the idea of a walk making her drunk with happiness. Momo followed at her own pace, just glad to have a break. We set out into the woods, taking a path we had figured out since moving in. As usual, Momo and Sonja were naked, enjoying the summer air and sunlight. They didn’t even mind being barefoot, walking on sticks and leaves as if they were wearing hiking boots. Right now, they were happy, but soon they would be begging for the clothes they hated so much. A part of me eagerly awaited the satisfaction of seeing them have to suck it up and face the cold with pants and sweaters. Though I would certainly miss seeing those bouncy titties 24/7.

“So why does Momo need to read?” the feline asked, walking alongside me as Sonja orbited around us.

“Well, I’m sure you get bored waiting for me to come home. If I could get books for you, you could read them during the day. I could get you books about cats.”

Her ears twitched at the idea. “Hmmm, Momo isn’t sure. Momo is busy during the day.”

“Playing with yourself all day doesn’t count as being busy.” She looked at me as if I had just spoken in gibberish. “Besides, I’d like it if you and Sonja could start helping around at home. You know, I could leave you a list of things to do during the day. Maybe I could teach you two how to cook so you could make dinner.”

Momo groaned. “That sounds like a lot of work.”

“And that’s why I’m asking you for help, because I can’t do it all myself.” I wrapped my hand around hers and kissed her forehead. “We’re family after all.”

“Hmmm, it’s not fair when Master asks like that. Ok…”

“Good, then let’s head back. Sonja, ready to go?”

Sonja was down on all fours, trying to fit her head into a hollow space under a tree. “Just a second!”

As hilarious as it was to see her bare ass sticking out with her tail standing like a lightning rod, I had to pull her away to spare whatever poor creature she was bothering.


“Ok, so what are the letters of the alphabet?” I asked, having returned with the girls to the kitchen.

“A B C D E G I J K N M O P Q R S T U V Z!” they chanted.

“Close, but not quite right. Now, for the sounds of the letters.” I went back through the list, sounding out each letter and having them repeat it. We did this over and over again, drilling the alphabet into their skulls.

Afterwards, to give them another break, I simply had them point things out or pick words and I would spell them. I would put sentences together using the simplest words I could and have them read them out. They were certainly fast learners; I couldn’t remember how long it took me to learn to read when I was a kid but they had definitely swept past me. But once again, when it seemed like smoke was going to start pouring from their ears, I stopped.

“Ok, girls, now how would you like to help me prepare dinner? We’re having meatloaf tonight.”

Their tails stood on end and they jumped from their seats, wanting to do whatever they could to help hasten the arrival of dinner. After turning on the oven, I brought them over to the kitchen counter, where I had already set out the meat upon returning from hour walk. By now, it had hopefully warmed up.

“This time, the two of you will be making it, I’ll just give you instructions. First, take all the meat out of their packages and put them in a big metal bowl. You can find it in the cupboard above the fridge.”

Momo retrieved the bowl while Sonja tried to tear open the meat packages. Luckily the cat came over with the sense to use scissors. Ground beef, pork, and turkey were dumped into the bowl, the girls staring at them with their mouths watering.

“Oh, I almost forgot. The two of you need to wash your hands since you’re going to be touching the meat.”

They obeyed, ready to sell their souls if it meant getting close to all that raw meat. While they washed their hands, I got out some eggs and a small bowl.

“Now I’m going to show you how to crack open an egg. You take an egg, tap it against the edge of a bowl to create a line of cracks, and then you gingerly pull it open.” They had seen me use eggs plenty of time before, but this time they got in close and paid attention. They tensed as the eggshell fractured, as if they were watching a horror movie, and then gasped when the gooey insides poured out into the bowl. They were so amazed by something so simple, it made them look even more adorable than usual. I poured my egg in with the meat and gave the girls their turn.

Given her egg, Momo brought her face as close to the small bowl as possible and began making small taps on the shell, as if trying to speak in Morse code. Wanting to get this done before dying of old age, I clutched her hand in mine and helped her break it open. I then gave the bowl and an egg to Sonja, hoping that she would do a little better. Squealing in joy, she crammed the egg in her mouth and began chewing on it with goop running down her chin. Honestly, I had been expecting her to just smash the egg into the bowl and make a mess.

I pushed her over to the sink. “No! No! You spit it out! I’m not paying for any Salmonella treatments!”

Sonja pouted and gave in, regurgitating a slimy, fragmented mess into the drain. We would have to try this again some other time, maybe for scrambled eggs.

“At least now we can get to the main part. You’ve put all the meat together and added an egg. Now you have to mix it up with your hands. Both of you reach in there and start mashing it up with your fingers. I think it’s something you might enjoy. But don’t eat any of it!”

Sonja and Momo started mixing the meat together like toddlers with Play-Dough. I could see their mouths watering as they worked, their predatory instincts telling them to dig in. Anytime they tried to eat some of the meat, I would tap them on the head with a wooden spoon. Maybe this was a little cruel, but learning to do these things was for their own good. I added some ground garlic to the mix and then had them shape it into a loaf. After dropping it onto a glass pan, I pushed in some lumps of mozzarella and then put it in the oven.

“Good work, girls! I’m very proud of you! You’ve just made your first meatloaf. Before long, you’ll be able to do it without me here.”

My praise made Sonja wag their tail and Momo purr, though that might have been the smell of the meatloaf cooking.


I’ll never get tired of it, never get tired of watching them eat. Crouched down on all fours, completely naked, their faces buried in their food bowls, their heads bobbing while they chewed… it’s just such a strange and entertaining sight. Momo no longer kept her distance from Sonja, now letting her canine counterpart eat right next to her. Every few mouthfuls, one of them would move to the water bowl between them and take a drink. I was sitting at the table, eating my own dinner and watching them. It was mesmerizing.


That next morning, as I was making breakfast for the girls, an idea came to me. While they were eating, I brought my laptop into the kitchen and set it on the table with the charger hooked up, as well as gathering the pencils and paper from yesterday. Going to YouTube, I looked up ‘learning to read and write’ and found a channel with a full playlist of lessons. I set the playlist to autoplay and repeat and started the first lesson, pausing it at the beginning. Once the girls had eaten and I had gone through my morning routine, I showed them the computer.

“Girls, pay attention, because I have a task for you. While I’m at work, I want you to watch these lessons and do whatever they tell you to do. This will be your homework.” I had never let them use my computer before, so they looked at it with unease and confusion. I had already disabled the sleep function, so it would stay on this page all day. “You can pause it and start it anytime you want, so feel free to take breaks, but I want you to get as much of it done as possible. See? Just do this.” I pressed the space bar, showing them how to start and stop the video. “And if you do this for me, I promise you a big reward.”

They both perked up at the sound of a reward, standing on their toes with their ears and tails erect. “A big reward!” they squealed.

“That’s right. Now, I’m off to work.”

On cue, they each stepped forward and gave me a long kiss, full of love. Love and tongue.


After going back to bed and napping for a while, Momo and Sonja took their seats in the kitchen, the computer in front of them. It took Momo a second to remember which key I had pressed, but she got the first lesson going. It was a woman in a classroom with a whiteboard behind her. She gave an introduction, an overview of what she would be teaching, and then began the basics. Thanks to my lessons, the first video was little more than a recap.

The girls did I as I told them, following the instructions of the video and writing everything down. Their penmanship couldn’t really be called that, as they held their pencils in their fists like children, leaving their letters scrawled. After the first half hour, Momo set her head down on the table.

“Momo’s tired,” she grumbled.

“Come on! Master will give us a big reward if we do this!” said Sonja, trying to get her back up.

“Master also said we could take breaks. Let’s take a break.”

Sonja wanted to argue, but she did want to go outside.

“Ok, we’ll rest for a while.”

Sonja paused the video and then zoomed outside to frolic in the woods. Momo was nearly knocked out of her chair by the blonde beauty rocketing past her. After, of course, closing the door behind Sonja, Momo went upstairs for a catnap. She entered the bedroom and wormed her way under the blankets, purring as she relished being enveloped in her master’s scent.

An hour passed, Sonja eventually returning inside. Already knowing where Momo was, she went upstairs and found the feline tossing and turning in bed, her hand between her legs and her face flushed. Sonja was used to seeing Momo do this, it was how she spent much of her day, but the longer she watched, the more curious she became.

“Is it really that fun?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” Momo replied, rolling over onto her knees, ass in the air and face in the pillow, fingering herself like she was digging for the last tic-tac in the pack.

“Can I try?”

Momo didn’t reply, too engrossed in her own pleasure.

Taking that as a yes, Sonja jumped onto the bed, nearly bouncing Momo off and onto the floor. The cat scowled at her in annoyance. “Just use your fingers to tickle yourself and imagine it’s Master.”

Sonja watched Momo pleasure herself, studying the movement of her fingers. Deciding to just wing it, she tried it on her own, running her fingers across her lips. She shivered from the sensation, her mind flashing back to the last time “playtime”. She thought back to what it felt like to have body stimulated, played with, the intimate touching and caressing. She began to pant, her fingers becoming more ordered in their movements, especially once she found her clitoris. Lying side by side, Momo on the right and Sonja on their left. The two girls moved like mirror images, their hands vibrating between their legs while their breasts jiggled from every movement of their bodies. Their voices reached the same pitch while the same redness in Momo’s face spread to Sonja.

As she writhed and twisted, a thought popped into Sonja’s head. She had felt this exact kind of simulation before, back when she and Momo had first showered together. Maybe they could do it again. She reached out and jammed her right hand under Momo’s, playing with her slit the way she had her own.

“What are you doing?!” Momo hissed, feeling Sonja’s fingers penetrate her.

“It’s just like the shower! I’ll do you and you do me!”

Momo growled but gave in, resting her left hand between Sonja’s legs and stirring her sleeve with her fingers. A new level of intensity had been reached, the girls moaning louder than before as they played with each other. Having someone else touch them in this way magnified the sensations, so much so that they were bucking their hips and stretching. They rubbed each other’s clits like it was a race to induce an orgasm.

“Ah! I’m cumming! AROOOOOOOOOOO” Sonja howled.

She spread her legs wide, screaming in bliss as she came again and again, soaking Momo’s hand. It took several seconds for her to settle, at which point she rolled onto her side, snuggling up against Momo, her right breast pressed to Momo’s left. She changed hands, now rubbing Momo’s clit with her left, able to get much more control and elbowroom. Momo moaned and cried, overwhelmed with the strength of Sonja’s rubbing and the sensation of their nipples kissing.

“ROOOOOOOOWR!” she hollered, experiencing her own orgasm and drenching Sonja’s fingers.

After a couple minutes to catch their breath, they got up and returned downstairs to continue their lessons.


“Girls! I’m home!”

“MASTER! MASTER! MASTER! MASTER! MASTER!” Sonja hollered, rushing over to me and wrapping her arms around me. Momo came a few moments later, much calmer than Sonja but showing just as much affection. There’s nothing like two beautiful naked women welcoming you home after a long day at work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hug them back because I was carrying two big plastic bags.

“Yes, yes, I missed you too. Now, have you girls been good today? Did you get a lot done?”

“Yes, we did! We did a ton!” said Sonja.

From the table, she grabbed several sheets of writing exercises, showing that the girls had been busy. Their penmanship was still sloppy and childish, but in a cute way.

“Good girls! I’m very proud of you!”

I checked on my laptop, seeing how far they had gotten in the playlist. They hadn’t done as much as I had hoped, but considering their intelligence and that I wasn’t here, they had made realistic progress. I set the bags down on the table and the girls stared in interest, remembering that I had promised them a reward. I poured out the bags, sending out packs of crayons, markers, colored pencils, and a few other arts and crafts materials. I didn’t get paints or glue, simply because I couldn’t yet trust them not to make a mess.

“Master, what are these?” Momo asked, picking up a carton of colored modeling clays.

“These are for you. I actually should have gotten these a while ago. I bet you girls are probably bored out of your minds while I’m at work. Well, now you can make pictures, you can draw statues and figurines, and I’ll get you more stuff later so that you can make whatever you want.” The girls didn’t quite understand. “Here, let me show you.” I grabbed a piece of paper and a few markers. It was just a quick doodle and more cartoonish than I would have liked, but I drew a picture of Momo and Sonja. “See?”

They stared at it like it was the Holy Grail.

“Master, that’s so good! How did you do that?!” Sonja exclaimed.

“I’ll show you in a bit. For now, I just want to relax on the couch with my girls.”

We retreated to the living room where I took my place in the middle of the couch, snuggled up between two naked babes. We watched the evening news, me on my laptop, the Momo and Sonja butting their heads against me so that I would pet them, the three of us just enjoying the serenity. I soon had to give up on using my computer and simply gave the girls what they wanted, but in the way I wanted. I was working my fingers between Momo’s legs, making her purr, and massaging Sonja’s melon-like breasts, making her whimper. As usual, I got hard pretty quickly and they immediately noticed, fighting over who would get to suck me off first.

Sonja won the argument and sprung my rod free, only to immediately imprison it in the soft confines of her mouth. After a few minutes, Momo took over and managed to get the drop on Sonja. Instead of blowing me, she swung her leg over my lap and settled on it, using Sonja’s saliva as lubricant to slide me into her. Momo started to bounce on my lap, moaning as I kissed her breasts. Every day spent in my office was a day spent waiting to come home to play with my girls. Every few minutes while sitting at my desk, my mind would drift back to the wonderful sensation of penetrating them, of stirring myself in their wet cunts, of making them moan and cry out. Now, I was where I belonged. Life was good.


After the news, I brought the girls back into the kitchen and showed them how to use everything I had gotten them. I showed them how to properly hold pencils and markers and drilled into their minds that the caps always had to be put on when not in use. As I prepared dinner, Sonja and Momo were seated at the dinner table, doodling with big grins on their faces and markers flying.

“Master! Master! Look what Momo drew!”

She rushed over to me, holding up a crudely drawn picture of the three of us on the couch. Funny thing though, she drew her and Sonja as a dog and a cat. It looked like it had been made by a first-grader, but I still loved it.

“Very good, very good! It’s beautiful! I’m hanging it right up on the fridge!”

I rubbed her head to congratulate her, relishing the sound of her purring.


After having dinner, the girls watched as I reached into one of the bags of art supplies and pulled out a label maker.

“What’s that?” asked Sonja.

“This is to help you learn to read,” I said as I cut away the plastic packaging.

After failing to get it working and having the swallow my pride and read the directions, I started printing off labels for everything in the kitchen. They soon started following me around the room, reading off things as soon as I tagged them.

“Cab-i-nets…” said Momo, opening and closing the overhead door over and over.

“Close, it’s ‘cabinets’.”

“Refri-ger-a-tor…” said Sonja, wagging her tail in front of the stainless-steel box.

“Refrigerator,” I said.

“K-nife,” Momo mumbled, examining the cutlery.

“Nope, just knife. The k is silent.”

“Ap-plee,” said Sonja, a piece of fruit in her hands.

“Nope, it’s pronounced app-el, just like table.”

“Lig-ht…” Momo said, squinting at the light switch.

“Light,” I replied.

“Why are these words so weird?”

“Oh honey, it’s because English is stupid. It’s a horribly conceived language that mooches off of other languages for bits of spelling and grammar.”

Then with a smile on my face, I printed off a small label and stuck it to Sonja’s forehead. As expected, she frantically started spinning around, her eyes rolling all the way back as she tried to read what it said.

“What’s it say?! What’s it say?!”

Momo came by and read it. “Dog.”

“That’s correct,” I said. I then put a label on her own forehead.

“Sat,” said Sonja.

“No, she’s a cat. In this case, c sounds like k.” Then, on a roll, I printed off more and more labels and stuck them on their bodies, naming all of their parts for them. “And now, onwards through the rest of the house.”


After taking showers to wash off the sweat of the day (and those labels), the three of us made our way to the bedroom.

Momo was laid out on the bed, stunningly beautiful. She blushed as I held myself over her, blowing on her bare skin to tease her. Between breaths, I would lean down and kiss her body, dotting her naked form at random points. Climbing up onto the bed, I let my lips join hers. She spread her legs, inviting me, and I answered by plunging into her. She moaned as I explored her deepest recesses, often breaking our kiss to let her voice echo through the house. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her tail twisting like a corkscrew. The strength and speed of my movements grew with the passing time, the whole bed soon rocking back and forth as I thrust into her. Her breasts jiggled with each impact, her nipples skating across my chest.

Beside us lay Sonja, playing with herself as she watched us, desperate for her turn. What could it be called, the anticipation she was experiencing? She did not understand sex the way normal humans did, did not have a lifetime of experience in the modern age to define it in cultural terms and her apply her own moral values. To anyone watching this, her behavior could be considered naughty, to say the least, depraved, but in truth, it was purely innocent. In many ways, lust was almost animalistic, the desire to mate being so basic and overwhelming that it directly opposed human logic and reason, but it was still so different for Sonja, who pretty much was an animal. To her, it was innocent enjoyment and excitement, the movements of her fingers in her slit about as naughty as the tossing and turning of a sleepless child on Christmas Eve. To her, it really was simple playing.

Leaving Momo thoroughly satisfied, I moved over to Sonja. She too received me on her back as I slid into her, still slick from Momo. Now it was Momo’s turn to watch us, her fingers tentatively probing her flower as Sonja and I sucked on each other’s tongues. I ended our kiss as my speed increased, instead deciding to play dirty. I lowered my head to her side and started nibbling on her right ear. It was much easier to do with Sonja than Momo, since her canine ears hung down rather than stood.

“Oh Master!” Sonja cried out, the added stimulation driving her over the edge. Whether cat or dog, nibbling the ear was always a winning move. For some reason, their ears just became a hundred times more sensitive during sex.

After a couple minutes, I pulled out of her, sitting up to catch my breath. Loudly purring, Momo crawled over and sniffed my manhood. I’m sure I could probably make a cat and fish smell joke, but that would be in bad taste. Showing none of the hesitation or concern that a normal girl might feel in this situation, she opened her mouth and began blowing me, cleaning me of Sonja’s essence.

“Good girl,” I hummed, rubbing her ears.

She looked up and purred, then turned around and pointed her ass at me, something that would have greatly annoyed me if she were still a normal cat, and while Sonja won in the breast department, Momo certainly had the cutest ass you had ever seen, heart-shaped and luscious. I leaned over and kissed her cheeks, something that confused her but still made her feel good.

Then, I got up behind her and mounted her like an animal, making her moan in happiness. Gripping her by the hips, I began rocking back and forth, thrusting into her as hard and fast as I could. Momo’s voice became a continuous feline whine, a sound that I had long-since learned was a sign that I was on the right track. With ripples moving through her ass from each thrust, her tail seemed to curl and scrunch up, while her beautiful face made an expression almost similar to crying, but was really a reaction of sexual bliss. As I slammed into her again and again, Sonja came up from behind me. She was on her knees like I was, wagging her tail to try and get my attention. I once again started kissing her, freeing up one hand from Momo’s hips to squeeze her breasts.

“Master! Momo is cumming! Momo is… ROWR!”

Momo released her signature cry, signaling that she had just climaxed. I fell back, exhausted but still erect. Seeing an opportunity, Sonja got in between Momo and I and took her turn to suck me off, slurping up the taste of Momo. I closed my eyes and relished the sensation, letting Sonja work hard to satisfy me while I regained my strength. After a couple minutes, she sat up and moved onto my lap, letting me spear her through. She gasped as I penetrated her and then started to rock back and forth, using me to stir her up like a whisk.

While Sonja bounced on my lap, Momo crawled over and kissed me. After licking each corner of my mouth, she hefted her breasts in my face, telling me where she wanted attention. I smiled and let her smother me, sucking on her nipples while she purred above me. I moved back and forth between her breasts, pulling on her areolas with my lips and running my tongue across her skin to sample her body’s flavor. Her purring increased in volume the longer and harder I played with her, soon prompting her to hold herself up with only one arm so that she could use her free hand to play with herself.

Seeking greater stimulation, she swung her leg over my head and lowered herself onto my face, straddling me with her back to Sonja. She grinded her lips against me, moaning as I licked her honeypot. Behind her, Sonja was bouncing on my cock like my lap was a trampoline, her giant tits heaving and her facing blushing as she cried out in bliss. I was in absolute nirvana, having one beautiful girl sitting on my face and letting me gorge myself on her sweet nectar, and another riding my manhood like it was rodeo bull.

“Girls, I’m going to finish. Move off me.”

They did as I told them and I instructed Sonja to lie down on her back. Expecting me to again fuck her in the missionary position, she was surprised when I got on my knees over her, my cock between her breasts. She blushed as I squished them against my manhood and began to thrust, sliding between them with the liquid from her pussy acting as lubricant. I’ll be honest, it was almost better than regular sex. It was a different kind of softness, the resilient bounciness of her tits drawing out a kind of instinct in me, almost sadistic, where I wanted to slap them around with my dick. It was sort of like holding a balloon and having that evil desire to pop it.

Sonja didn’t understand what I was doing, but it felt great, the stimulation of her breasts and the sensation of my dick charging between them like a battering ram. It excited her in a way she didn’t quite understand, a perplexing desire that sent shivers of bliss up her spine, even more refined than when we had been playing normally just seconds ago. She had her eyes on the head, shooting from her cleavage to touch her chin and then receding, and was using her hands to help hold her breasts together so that my member was completely enveloped.

Momo watched us with wide eyes, wondering if her assets were large enough to do that kind of thing. She wanted to play like that too, this new kind of playing that felt… almost naughty.

A grunt from me told Sonja to open her mouth, letting her catch a stream of semen on her tongue. I moved off her, shooting out more white ropes onto her chest. With me out of the way, Momo crawled over and lowered her head. She licked my cum off of Sonja’s tits, easily one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but laugh, drawing the girls’ attention.

“I swear I’ll never get used to this.”


“Master! Master! Look at what I made!” said Sonja, greeting me at the door as I returned home the next day. In her hand was a small tree, made of green and brown clay from the packs I had bought.

“Oh, very nice. We can put it in the oven so it will harden.” My praise and a pat on the head made her giggle and wag her tail. I looked at the kitchen table and saw many more clay figures, shaped into trees, people, animals, and houses. All of the clay had been used up, giving her a tiny village. “My, you’ve been busy today. Where’s Momo?”

Sonja led me into the living room, where Momo was lying on her stomach on the floor, crayons and pictures scattered around her, her tail bobbing as she drew on a piece of paper. Seeing me, she got up and scurried over, holding out her newest creation. “Momo drew Master!”

I took the drawing and gazed at it like a proud parent. Little by little, her skills were improving.

I pulled her in and kissed her cheek. “Good girl, very nice work.” In reply, she buried her face in my neck and purred.

As we did every day, we plopped down onto the couch, me breathing deeply in the bliss that work was over and I could relax. “So, girls, how did your lessons go today?”

Momo twisted around onto her back, her head in my lap. “Good, we did the work that the lady told us to.”

“And are you getting it?”


“Good, then soon I can start getting you books. I already need to get you more clay.”

Unable to resist, I tickled her belly, and her hands clamped around my arm like a bear trap. Once a cat, always a cat. I looked out the window into the woods. It was now September, and while the leaves were still green, that wouldn’t last much longer.

“Now that I think about it, I need to get you two a lot more stuff. You’re going to need clothes for when it gets cold. We’re going to need to get wood for fires. This will be our first winter together like this. I should also probably get you two some toys.”

At that, Sonja slammed herself against me. “TOOOOOYS!” she cheered.


The weekend came, and I decided it was time for us to get some work done and prepare for winter. I had already ordered the girls more clothes and some shoes online, and they stood before me on a warm Saturday morning, dressed and… willing. Sonja was eager to do whatever I told her, but Momo was slouched over and had her eyes closed as if I had pulled her out of bed just moments ago.

“Masteeeeeeer! It’s too early! Momo wants to go back to beeeeeed!”

“I know it is, but better we do it now than in the afternoon when it’s too hot. I’m not asking you for much. We’ll do what we can for now and then relax. Now, I want the two of you to search the forest for dry sticks and tree branches. I don’t want to spend even a penny on heating oil if I don’t have to. Look for stuff that is dry and not rotten, namely stuff that isn’t on the ground. I also want you to collect birch bark, that peeling stuff on the white trees, like paper. We’ll use all that for kindling. Get as much as you can and stack it in the tool shed.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for any dead trees, hopefully not too rotten. I’m going down to the hardware store to get some tools. Luckily, the guys who built this place left a few things in the shed, but not enough. When I come back, I’ll start cutting down the dead trees. We’ll stop at lunch. Ok, let’s get to work.”

“Yay!” Sonja hollered, running off into the woods to complete her task, her fluffy tail poking out through the hole in her shorts and wagging as she moved. Momo grumbled and trudged after her.

Watching them, I couldn’t help but feel glad that I had grown up in a rural area. I wasn’t a survivalist or farmer or any stuff like that, but I at least knew how to split wood and maintain a house.


Sonja rushed through the woods, eyes swerving and nose twitching as she searched for firewood. Behind her was Momo, carrying most of what was found like a pack mule. For once, she was glad to be wearing a shirt. All of these dry branches and sticks were rough on her skin.

“This is perfect!” Sonja hollered, picking up a stick that looked no different from any of the others she had found. She gave it to Momo and grabbed another stick ten feet away, exactly the same. “This one is even better!”

Every time they filled up their arms with wood, they would carry it back to the house and load it into the tool shed. Momo at least had the sense to try and stack it properly to minimize the space used. In an old trash bin left by the builders, they stashed all the birch bark they could find.

I returned an hour later, bringing with me several new tools from the hardware store in the nearby town. Among them were a log-splitting axe and the cheapest chainsaw I could find. Both girls were dirty, Sonja as happy as could be and Momo still grumpy.

“How have you girls been?” I asked.

“Good! We got lots of sticks!”

“Thank you, that’ll help keep us warm this winter. Now, can you girls show me to any dead trees? Momo, you can go inside if you want.” Now both girls were smiling.

I fueled up the chainsaw and followed Sonja into the woods. She pranced around me, overjoyed for the two of us to be together on such a beautiful day. Many of trees she showed me were pretty punky but would still burn ok, just not quite as hot. Most of them were in pretty good shape, still hard and dried out from the summer sun.

We arrived at the first tree and I gave Sonja a pair of safety goggles and told her to stand back while I put on my own. This wasn’t my first time using a chainsaw, but it always made it nervous.

“Ok, this is going to be really loud. Just keep your distance, and whatever you do, don’t stand under the tree once it begins to fall.”

I started up the chainsaw, making Sonja wince and cover her floppy dog ears. The motor roared and whined as the chain met the side of the tree, sending up clouds of sawdust and wood chips. Two slow cuts sent the tree falling, busting through the canopy of its healthy brethren and shaking the woods upon its landing. I then went down the line, cutting it up into sections to be split. Our house had a woodstove in the living room, but it was pretty small, fitting for our little cabin. It may be possible to simply heat the house with only the sticks the girls had found, but I wanted something with a little more girth. I just had to make sure they could fit.

With the tree diced up, I began chopping up the sections with the axe, first setting them onto the stump and then making a few heavy swings. Damn it, I had forgotten how much I hated splitting wood. It always takes ten times more energy than you think, a lot of which is wasted on bad swings. But I had Sonja with me, watching in awe as I worked. Who knows? Maybe I was even turning her on.

By the time I had finished chopping the wood, the afternoon had already started and the September heat was sapping my strength and leaving me drenched in sweat. I had hoped to get a few more trees done, but there was always tomorrow. Compared to the girls, I had gotten barely anything done. Oh well, once we reached fall, I would be much more productive.

“All right, we’ll haul this wood back to the shed some other time. Let’s head back and relax.”


Sonja pranced through the woods with me behind her, still trying to figure out if we would have enough wood for the winter. Winters in Maine were rough, and I only wanted to use gas heating to keep the pipes from freezing. We would have to keep the stove going almost nonstop. But once we got back home, I put those thoughts away with my tools and followed Sonja inside. The first thing we did was drink like racehorses. I should probably get some water bottles.

I looked into the living room and saw Momo sound asleep on the couch. Since coming in, she had stripped down and taken a shower, but her hair was almost dry from the heat.

“Come on,” I said to Sonja, “let’s get cleaned up.”


I settled into the tub, sighing in relief. The bathwater was just over lukewarm, cool enough to not add on to the summer heat, but hot enough to still feel amazing. On my left side, the shower wall was a large window letting in the natural light, but was made of blurred glass so on the off chance someone was outside, they couldn’t see anyone who might be in the bathroom. On my right was Sonja, eager for her chance in the water.

“Come on in, the water feels great.”

“I don’t know if there is enough room for me,” she said, moving her gaze from one end of the tub to the other.

“Sure there is, just pretend I’m a couch.”

Getting the idea, she smiled and stripped down. Regardless of all the collected hours I had watched her walk around naked, the release of her breasts still made me rock hard in an instant. She turned around and backed herself into the tub, lowering herself on top of me. Her tail batted my face a couple times, but she managed to get it out of the way and settled herself into the water. She hummed in bliss as her body was submerged and fell back against me, my manhood nestled in her butt. It was an amazing feeling, our naked bodies pressed together but not in the way as if we were having sex. Her skin was smooth, and her body was so soft yet so toned. It would have been perfect if not for her tail pressed against my inner thigh.

“This feels really good!”

“It really does. I’ve always wanted to take a bath with a girl like this.”

“Has Master been with other girls besides me and Momo?”

“Yeah, a few, but they were all normal humans.”

“Did you play with them?”

I laughed. “Yeah, we played.”

“Well why aren’t they here now?”

“Things didn’t work out. It happens with people. We would get along for a while but eventually get sick of each other.”

“Is Master gonna get sick of me?”

I wrapped my arms around her. “Of course not. I could never get sick of you. But you really need to learn to close the goddamn door when you go outside.”

She giggled. “Ok, Master!”

“Now that I have you here in this tub, it’s impossible for me not to play around with these…” My hands cupped her breasts, making her ears perk.

“It feels really good when you rub them!”

“I’m glad. They’re so big and soft, I can’t resist squeezing them like this.”

I began playing around with them the way I usually would, now using the bathwater as a lubricant to let my hands slide across them. The longer I groped her, the more excited she became, an aroused pant passing her tongue as she licked her lips.

“And I know it feels even better when I touch you here.”

I moved one hand down, sliding my fingers between her legs. She automatically spread them, inviting me in. My fingers slipped into her pussy effortlessly, the plump lips softer than latex. She began to whimper and her cheeks turned red as I played with her, her body soon writhing in bliss. In a strange way, it was almost better than regular sex, not physically of course, but the sense of smug satisfaction that came from knowing I could drive her wild with such simple touching. Then, to push it even further, I started nibbling on her ears, making her climax almost immediately and sending her canine howl through the house.

As soon as her body settled, Sonja turned around and straddled my lap, letting my cock drive up into her. She started gyrating her hips, while behind her, her wagging tail splashed water everywhere. While my cock stirred her pussy, I leaned forward and kissed her breasts, putting extra attention into her pointing nipples. Just pulling on them with my lips was enough to make her gasp. I looked up at her and our lips met, as well as our tongues. We licked the insides of each other’s mouths, all while I had my hands on her ass, shifting her around like a joystick while I whisked her cunt like pancake batter.

My “patience” was already diminished from the time spent simply lying with her in the tub and fingering her, and I came sooner than I would have liked, flooding her with my seed. Sonja dismounted me and I moved out of the water, sitting up on the edge of the tub. As if excited by the flaccidity, Sonja buried her head in my lap with my limp noodle rolling around in her soft mouth. I groaned as I felt her lick up the semen, as well as suck out any rounds that had not been fired. As always, I rubbed her head as she blew me and watched her wagging tail.

“Master!” I looked over at the door, seeing Momo, clutching her stomach. “Momo’s hungry!” she whined.

Sonja leaned back with a thread of saliva bridged between my cock and her lower lip. “Master, I want food too!” she whined. She had been in full sex mode just seconds ago and had now returned to being an animal. Oh well, I wasn’t one to judge, especially with how my stomach was growling.

“Ok girls, let’s go have lunch.”


We started earlier the next day, wanting to beat the heat as much as we could. I set out with my axe and chainsaw, feeling very rugged and manly, with the girls leading me to dead trees. I’d cut them down and chop them up, all while the girls continued searching for dry sticks. We were filthy with sweat and dirt by the time morning turned to noon, with piles of wood scattered through the forest. We stopped for the day and returned home.

“Ok, girls,” I said, standing in the kitchen and making them sandwiches, “this week, I want you to go back and collect the wood I just cut up. Stack it up in the shed, but leave enough room for tools. Any extra wood we have can be stacked up on the porch.”

Momo, of course, whined at the prospect of more work, but Sonja was as happy as could be.


September turned to October, and my home became an island in a sea of autumn leaves. It was beautiful beyond words, being able to wake up and come home while gazing upon waves of yellow, orange, and red. With the start of fall, the weather started getting colder, though just at night. The girls insisted on remaining naked, simply waiting for the late morning before finally rising out of bed and going outside. I started testing out the woodstove, making fires in the morning and evening to keep away the chill. It took only a few pieces to heat the whole house, a very good sign that our wood supply would last the winter.

One afternoon, I found myself just standing on the front porch, looking out on the leaves covering my yard. It was actually something I was not used to, both my childhood home and my rental house not surrounded by trees, at least anything but pine, birch, and swamp maple. I hadn’t really paid much attention to the lawn since coming here, too focused on other things or simply not seeing the point in getting nitpicky, though something was nagging at me to rake the leaves.

Maybe in the spring, I could start a vegetable garden to help cushion our food expenses, as well as teach the girls responsibility. I could gather up all the leaves into a compost pile. I had promised myself I would get as much done as possible once the weather cooled down, so I might as well keep myself busy.

The weekend arrived, and I bought three cheap rakes. The girls and I were once again standing in front of the house, me facing them like a staff sergeant examining two new recruits. As usual, they were naked, Sonja smiling with her never-ending reservoir of canine joy, and Momo scowling from the knowledge that she was going to have to exert effort.

“Girls, today, we are going to rake the yard. We are going to gather all of the leaves into one big pile. This is going to be an ongoing project, we’ll do it every weekend until the leaves stop falling.”

“Masteeeeer, Momo doesn’t want to do thaaaaaat.”

When she was still a cat, she would whine with that same tone whenever she was hungry.

“Momo, this is important. We’re going to grow plants in the summer and these leaves will help. Besides, when we’re done today, I’ll show you something really fun to do. It won’t take long. Now, when you’re raking, I want the two of you to avoid any spots with animal crap. Your noses are way better than mine, so just watch out and ignore any leaves that are dirty.”

I handed them the rakes and we started working, scattering around the house to take care of different areas. Momo was silent as she raked, her feline laziness slowing all of her movements. Sonja, of course, was having the time of her life, even singing some kind of gibberish. The leaves had just started to fall, but there were so many trees around my house that I was almost wading through the downed foliage. Regardless, we got it done, grouping all the small piles together into one giant pile, about the size of the woodshed.

“Good work, girls. We’ll take a break and then start stuffing the leaves into trash bags for compost. But before we do that, we can play for a bit.”

“Momo prefers to play inside.”

“Not that kind of play. Just watch.”

I walked to the end of the yard, turned around, and sprinted past the girls before jumping into the leaf pile. I was swallowed up, sinking into an ocean of orange leaves, every breath more autumn-y than a white girl with a pumpkin spice latte and UGG boots. Man, I haven’t done that since I was a little kid. The nostalgia was overwhelming. Good thing I had asked the girls to avoid raking any leaves near animal crap.


The girls were screaming in terror, thinking I had vanished from the universe. Once again, they proved that they were still animals. I poked my head out of the pile and looked at them as if from a hot tub.

“Come on in.”

They looked at me in uncertainty. Were Sonja still a golden doodle, she would probably be circling the pile and barking at it to let me go.

“Girls, it’s just a pile of leaves. Run over and jump in.”

They looked at each other, still unsure of what to do. Sonja managed to gather her courage, starting a cautious run to my position. Buck naked with tits bouncing, she charged across the lawn and jumped, disappearing into the pile just as I had. She stayed submerged for a few seconds then burst up, throwing leaves into the air.


She then dove back down, writhing and twisting in the pile like a husky savoring the last pile of snow in spring.

“See, Momo? We’re having fun. Come and join us.”

Momo gingerly strode over, taking her time. Still a cat at heart, she leaned over the pile as much as she could without touching it, her nose twitching as she sniffed the leaves. She began petting the leaves as if looking for something, the same way a cat would check a surface before jumping on it. Deciding to give her a little push (or technically a pull), I grabbed her hand and sent her falling into the pile.


Swallowed up by the leaves, she let loose a cry of shock and flailed her limbs as if she was drowning. I reached into the foliage, wrapped my arm around her, and pulled her into the surface, her hair filled with debris. “You’re such a drama queen.”

She wrangled herself out of my embrace and crawled over to the side, trying to find someplace comfortable. We were a good two feet off the ground, sitting on this leafy mattress, and the uneven platform and poor footing did not agree with her. Beside us, Sonja jumped out of the pile and ran to the end of the yard. Turning around, she sprinted back and leaped into the pile, cheering in happiness with a big goofy grin on her face. Diving under the leaves, she surfaced on the other side and repeated the run. Momo finally found an even spot in the pile and curled up, trying to keep warm in the sun.

“Are you sure you don’t want to play like Sonja?” I asked.

Momo rolled onto her back and closed her eyes. “Nah.”

Seeing her lying there in the leaves, completely naked with the sun shining on her breasts, I was starting to get aroused. If Momo wasn’t in the mood for fun, I would just have to get her in the mood. I reached out and started playing with her labia, making her squirm. She wouldn’t be able to fall asleep if I kept this up. I toyed with the plump lips, pinching them between my fingers or just tickling them with soft strokes. She began to moan and roll from side to side, neither resisting nor going along with it. Once the stimulation made her wet, I was able to slip my fingers inside her. She spread her legs, at last getting into the mood. I continued fingering her, palm facing upwards, simply brushing up on the fundamentals. Her pussy greedily enveloped my fingers, as if trying to bite them off, her soft insides just begging for further stimulation. Her moans grew in volume and I knew she was ready.

I unzipped my pants and whipped out my cock, then grabbed Momo by the ankles and pulled her over to me. She finally opened her eyes as I forced myself inside her. She released a shrill whine of bliss as I began to move, diving into her confines with deep strokes. Her legs were in the air, her toes curled, and her breasts were jiggling with every movement. I didn’t bother trying to hold myself back and simply emptied everything I had into her. Momo purred as she felt me flood her pussy with my seed, and I pulled out, leaving her with a foamy creampie.

As I returned my snake to its den, Sonja dove into the leaves for the umpteenth time. “Hey, Sonja.”

Her head perked up. “Master?”

A big smile on my face, I grabbed a handful of leaves and threw them at her. Hit with a leafy bukkake, Sonja laughed and retaliated, gathering up a pile of leaves and throwing them at me. She missed, hitting Momo instead. Of course, Momo shot back, hurling a bundle at Sonja, who managed to hit me with her second shot. Back and forth, we engaged in our leaf battle, enjoying the rest of the day.


As the sun began to set, we hurried with the second part of the composting. We gathered all the leaves together and stuffed them into black trash bags, perforated to let air and moisture through. After adding some water and shovelfuls of dirt to provide the microorganisms, we tied up the bags and left them in a nice sunny spot to cook. Next week we would repeat the whole process, and hopefully, we would have plenty of good fertilizer by next summer.


It was an average morning; I was getting ready for work, Momo was dozing on the couch after eating her breakfast, and Sonja had gone out, her restlessness trumping the cold.

As I was filling up my travel mug, the door swung open and Sonja rushed in. “MASTER! MASTER!”

“What is it? Did you find another squirrel?”

“No, there’s someone in the shed!”

Part 4:

I knew what I was going to find on the other side of that door, but I still didn’t have the guts to open it. Sonja had just come into the kitchen saying that there was someone in the shed, and considering the strange phenomena that had been happening to me lately, the circumstances of this stranger’s presence were obvious. But I knew I had to face this new trial. Behind me were Momo and Sonja, Momo’s ears twitching from her curiosity and Sonja growling and fighting her instincts to bark and yell.

I opened the door of the shed and my palms met my face. “Goddammit, this isn’t funny anymore!”

Crouching in the back of the shed, surrounded by overturned firewood, was a small girl, drop-dead beautiful. With short white hair and waxy skin, she almost looked like a ghost. On the sides of her head were two fuzzy ears like satellite dishes, and wrapped around her ankles was a tail like a length of rope. She was shivering with teary eyes, cowering at the sight of me, a scrawny little thing. From the look of her, she was (or technically had been) a mouse living in the shed. She transformed last night under the woodpile, knocking it over.

“Are you… Master?” she whimpered, covering her mouth with her hands as if to chew her nails.

Great, now I have a kid to take care of. Looks like I won’t be “playing” with the new girl.

“Yeah, I guess I am,” I said with a sigh.

I took a step towards her and she squealed in terror. “Please don’t hurt me!”

I stopped, shocked by her cry. This was certainly new. With Momo and Sonja, I had gotten to know both of them as animals before they transformed, meaning that they loved me before they became people. But this new girl, I had never met her before. Perhaps she had seen me come into the shed while she was living in here, but that was it. I was going to have to build up a relationship with her from scratch. Not to mention this added credence to my theory that the girls actually acquired knowledge of human vocabulary rather than remembering it from past exposure.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. Just let me get a look at you.”

“Who are you?!” Sonja yelled. “What are you doing in our shed?!”

“Sonja, Momo, go wait inside!” I couldn’t let the two of them crowd the new girl. They refused to leave so I was forced to herd them back to the house and toss them inside.

I returned to the shed, the girl still cowering in the corner.

“Relax,” I said, “I just want to check you out.”

I slowly approached her, my arm outstretched. With every step I took, her shivering increased and she tried harder and harder to burrow into the corner and hide from me. At last, I rested my hand on the top of her head, and I felt her tension begin to wane. I ruffled her hair, the way I would Momo or Sonja, and she soon became calm, though she remained curled up in a ball.

“See? No one is gonna hurt you. Now let me see that pretty face of yours.”

She looked up at me, her face like a doll’s. She was beautiful, but something didn’t quite look right. I then did a quick check of her body, finding dirt and signs of slight frostbite from after she transformed.

“Aren’t you a little cutie? Come on, let’s bring you inside, get you something to eat, and get you clean and warm.”

I scooped her up in the princess hold, her small body even lighter than it looked. She didn’t resist me picking her up, but she grabbed her tail and clung to it. I carried her outside, letting the sunlight shine on her. I could see Momo and Sonja in the windows, watching us like wolves eyeing a wounded deer. I opened the door and Sonja rushed over, sniffing her the way only a dog would. Suddenly swarmed by the blonde beauty, the new girl squealed in fear and buried her face in my chest. Momo, on the other hand, kept her distance, but the twitching of her ears and look on her face told me that she was very curious.

“Both of you get back! Scram!”

I kind of had to kick them a little to get them to back off, sending them scurrying back to the couch to watch us. I brought the girl into the kitchen and sat her down in one of the chairs. Now with proper lighting, I was able to get a better look at her and confirm the strangeness of her body (beyond her ears and tail of course). She wasn’t a little girl; she was a woman, well, college student age, but just tiny. I don’t mean that she was stocky and scrunched up like a midget (I know I should say little person, but there aren’t any around, so fuck it, I’ll say midget), I mean her body was perfectly proportionated, but it was as if all her atoms were closer together than they would be for normal people. The bone structure of her hips, face, shoulders and the rest of her body belonged to a girl on the tail-end of puberty. She was like the tiny woman that Moe dated in that episode of The Simpsons. Her flat chest and shy mannerisms just made her look like a child from a distance. Quite simply, she was “mousy”, pun very much intended.

It made sense in a weird way, her appearance at least. Since she was such a small animal before, it would be strange if she wasn’t also small in her human form. After all, Sonja, formerly a dog, was taller than Momo, formerly a cat. It certainly explained her flat chest. She was also at the same developmental stage as Momo and Sonja, comparable to a nineteen or twenty-year-old. Maybe the age of the human form was based on the lifespan of the animal form. If, as a golden doodle, Sonja could live to be fourteen, then were she seven years old when she transformed, she might have the body of a forty or fifty-year-old. Or maybe whatever weird magic was causing this simply transformed the girls into human bodies at peak sexiness.

Anyway, since she wasn’t actually a kid, I seemed I might be able to play with her after all.

“Let me get you something to eat.”

Considering what she had originally been, and the fact that she had just transformed, I went with something simple, a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk. As I worked, all three girls watched me, the mouse from her chair, now pulling her feet up and hugging her knees to her chin, and the cat and dog from the living room, their heads poking up from above the back of the couch. I set down the food and drink in front of her and took the nearby seat.

“Here you go. You eat the sandwich with your hands, and for the milk, you pick up the glass and bring it to your lips to drink.”

Her eyes moved from me to the sandwich, the look of fear on her face still sharp. She snatched up the sandwich and sniffed it. Liking the smell, she started to nibble on it with rapid, tiny bites, the way a rodent would. As she ate, I pulled out my phone and called the office. As the manager, it was no big deal for me to be late, and as long as someone covered for me, there were even times when I could take the day off. It would be better not to skip the whole day, so I just called my assistant and told her I would be in later.

I turned off my phone as the girl began trying to pick up the cup. She clearly was still getting used to her new body. I helped her out and clasped her hands around the cup, her pale face turning red as my hands overlapped hers, and then I helped her bring it to her mouth. Both Momo and Sonja had seen me do things like this before they transformed, so it was easy for them to do it when they first turned.

Even with my help, some milk trickled from her mouth. I got a paper towel and wiped the drops off her chest, suddenly finding myself aroused. Normally, small boobs aren’t that great. I mean, of course, boobs are boobs, but Momo and Sonja had spoiled me. But strangely, the fact that her body was so small actually made her flat chest very sexy. I wanted to tickle her little pink points and made her shiver. In fact, everything about her was turning me on. Her shyness and innocence made me almost want to dominate her a little bit. She was very… how do I say this… she was very… molestable? No, that sounds too creepy.

I waited for her to finish eating before I spoke to her. “It’s good, isn’t it?” She nodded, but still looked fearful. “Tell me, do you have a name?”

“A name?”

“You know, something I can call you? My name is—”

“Master!” Sonja yipped. “Can we come see her now?”

“Not yet. I’ll wait until she’s comfortable, then you can come over.” I turned back to the girl. “Anyway, they call me ‘Master’. You said that too, didn’t you?” She nodded again. “So, you can call me that if you want. Do you have a name?”

Unlike Momo and Sonja, I had not given this girl a name, no one had. Would she come up with one herself?

“No, I don’t,” she murmured, looking away as if ashamed. I almost expected her to start crying.

“OK, then I’ll give you a name. From now on, your name is… Chloe, a cute name for a cute girl.” I patted her head and she looked at me.


“That’s right. Now, once you finish your sandwich, I’ll give you a bath.”

“A bath?”

“It’s like sitting in a big puddle of hot water. It must have been freezing out there last night. You’ve got some signs of mild frostbite. A nice bath will help you heal and get you all cleaned up.”

In all honesty, I was very much looking forward to giving her a bath, but as my thoughts continued on down that line and expanded into greater things, I realized an inherent danger: I had no idea whether or not Chloe could get pregnant. Momo and Sonja had both been spayed when they were animals (at least there was a good chance that Sonja had been spayed, but I couldn’t be sure), and as such, had never shown any symptoms of a menstrual cycle. There were only two possibilities: either Chloe could end up pregnant if we “play together”, or she was sterile in this form and I didn’t have to worry.

Until I knew which it was, I had only three courses of action. The first was that I simply use a condom, but frankly, I’m just not that kind of guy. If I can’t do it raw dog, I don’t really see a point in doing it at all, especially if it’s my first time with this new girl. The second was to try and get her onto some kind of contraceptive, but I had no idea how to even get it and I didn’t want to risk giving Chloe medications that could be dangerous. The third was the most painful but ultimately the best choice: wait one month before having sex with her. If she didn’t have a menstrual cycle in that time, then it meant she and the girls were all naturally sterile, or at least that she didn’t operate on the same cycle as normal human women. Besides, it was far too early for me to play with her. I needed to build up a trust between us.

“Ok girls, you can come in now.”

Sonja immediately rushed in, smelling Chloe just like before with her tail wagging. The albino pygmy gave a pathetic whimper as Sonja prodded her with her nose. Momo came in much more slowly.

“These two are Momo and Sonja. They’re just like you.”

“I’m Sonja!” the doodle cheered.

Momo didn’t reply and simply huddled behind me. Was she feeling jealous like when Sonja transformed? No, it didn’t seem that way. She also didn’t seem afraid.

“Are you going to play with her, Master?” she asked.

It was not the question that surprised me. I had expected her to ask that after everything with Sonja. It was the way she asked, very casual, that surprised me. I looked back at her and realized that her tail was swaying and there was a soft purr in her throat.

“Play?” Chloe asked, once again tense. Was it something painful?

“Playing with Master is a lot of fun!” said Sonja. “We do it all the time! It feels amazing!”

“Hold on, girls. Let’s take it slow. You both were with me a long time before I played with you. I’m going to wait for Chloe to become comfortable with me. Now, let’s move this conversation upstairs. Chloe? Can you walk?”

Being addressed, Chloe’s first instinct was to release a terrified squeal and cover her head with her hands. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Chloe, it’s ok, you haven’t done anything wrong. Just tell me, can you stand up?”

She looked up at me with big, tearful eyes, and nodded. “Uh-huh.” She then got to her feet, her hands clasped in front of her.

“Good girl. Now come on, let’s go upstairs.”

I led her up to the bedroom with Sonja and Momo following, and sat her down at the foot of the bed. I then went into the bathroom and turned on the bath faucet, filling the tub with hot water. I came back out, finding her still sitting on the bed, but with Sonja pressed next to her, happy as could be. Meanwhile, Momo was lying across the pillows by the headboard. Not only was she still keeping her distance, her tail was continuing to flick and coil and she had a curious gleam in her eyes.

“From now on, you’ll be living in the house with us and sleeping in bed with us. It’s certainly a lot nicer than that shed you’ve been staying in.”

Though now that I thought about it, I wasn’t sure there was enough room. We slept on a king-sized bed, which, while large, was at its limit comfortably accommodating three people, all of which liked to stretch and roll while they slept. With Chloe also squeezing in there, we might end up packed like sardines, just like before. Maybe if we dropped the mattress onto the floor and added some couch cushions as an extension…?

Those thoughts were pushed aside when Chloe got down on the floor and crawled under the bed. Her head poked out and she looked at me. “Can I stay under here?” she asked, but her shaky voice made even that simple question sound pathetic.

“Well, I meant that you would sleep ON the bed.”

“I’m sorry!” she cried out, grasping her ears and pulling them down, looking like she was expecting someone to hit her.

I sighed. “You really like it under there?”

She nodded. “I feel safe.”

“Ok, I just thought it would be more comfortable for you in the bed. I suppose we can make a little nest for you under there with blankets and pillows. Just know that you’re always welcome up top.”

For the first time, she smiled.

In a few minutes, the tub was full and I brought Chloe into the bathroom, though I had to lock the door behind us to keep Sonja and Momo from following us inside. I beckoned Chloe to the tub. “Go ahead, the water is perfect. Just climb in and enjoy yourself.”

Clutching herself and shivering, Chloe walked over and first sniffed the water. She batted it around with her fingers, gauging the temperature, and then dipped her right foot in, one tiny toe at a time. She gave a tiny squeak and lowered herself into it, her breathing deepening as the water enveloped her. At first, she simply huddled in the middle of the sub, clutching her knees to her chest, but with some coaxing, I got her to lie back and stretch.

I sat down on the toilet. “There, see? Isn’t that nice?” She nodded. “Good, now, can you tell me the last thing you remember before waking up like this?”

“I was in my burrow in the shed and I was about to fall asleep. I was tiny. Then I woke up and I was big. My burrow was ruined and I was cold. Then Sonja came.”

“You don’t remember the actual transformation?”

She shook her head. There was nothing she could tell me to answer my confusion. The only thing I was now certain of was that origin was me, rather than my old house, but that was a huge problem. Chloe was proof that it was more than just pets that could transform, and the range and time needed for it to happen was variable. Minus the times when I went into the shed, Chloe and I had never been in any kind of proximity until now, and I hadn’t lived in this house for very long. It seems that coming out to the woods was a bad idea. Were squirrels and birds gonna start changing?

Perhaps I should move again, someplace where there aren’t animals, but where? Any desert that can’t even sustain lizards would be too inhospitable for us. Maybe I could move to a tiny island? No, because there are still animals there, crabs and mussels and everything else. It would be a major pain in the ass if I woke up to find a mermaid washed up on shore. Maybe northern Alaska or the Arctic? But then how would I provide for the girls? Perhaps if it was isolated enough to be away from the wildlife but not be too far from people and employment, maybe I could work on an oil rig? But I’m not sure I have what it takes for a job like that. I may be a Mainer, but I don’t have antifreeze for blood. I’m just an office guy. Plus, it would be hard to imagine the girls being happy when surrounded by ice 24/7.

Either way, I couldn’t move now. All my finances were tied up in this place and I now had another mouth to feed. I’m the lone breadwinner of a family of four and it would take a long time to get another job at the same financial level. At the very least, with Chloe’s size, she hopefully wouldn’t eat as much as Momo and Sonja, but we would certainly need to get that vegetable garden going. Hell, it might be a good idea to go to the government or the scientific community. I had worked hard to avoid exposure, but maybe we would be treated like celebrities, our needs taken care of in exchange for the chance to study us.

But enough about that, it was time to indulge my inner-scumbag. I may not be able to “play” with Chloe, but I could still have a little fun.

“I’m not sure how you’d keep yourself clean out in the wild, or if you even bothered, but now that you’re a person, you need to learn to bathe. Since you’ll probably want to stay naked most of the time, you’re going to inevitably get dirty and sweaty. So, you’re going to need to shower every couple of days. I’ll show you how. First things first, get your hair nice and wet.” Chloe began splashing herself. “No, I mean lower your head into the water.”

She had a strong look of uncertainty, and I could understand why. Like Momo and Sonja, she not only had huge ears (the largest of the three of them), but huge ear canals. Every time the girls took a shower or bath, it would take them several minutes to get the water out of their ears.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. The girls will show you how to get the water out of your ears.”

With that encouragement, she slipped farther into the tub, letting it come up to her chin and then leaning her head back. She scrunched her face up as she felt the water flood her ears, and after a moment, she sat back up and leaned her head from side to side to drain them.

“Good girl. Now I’ll apply the shampoo. This stuff is to keep your hair clean, but don’t use it every day or it will dry your hair out.”

After taking off my dress shirt and undershirt, I retrieved the nearby bottle and poured some onto her scalp. I began working it into her hair and Chloe seemed to go limp. Her head was drooping, almost looking like a cobra under the spell of a snake charmer. Just like with Sonja and Momo, rubbing her head calmed her down. Her slender shoulders jittered as I rubbed her elephant-like ears, but from the small noises she was making, I could tell that she was enjoying it.

“Ok, we’ll let that sink in while I wash the rest of you. Come sit up on the edge of the tub and I’ll get you nice and soapy.”

Chloe didn’t understand but did as I told her. She sat her cute little butt down on the end of the tub with her back to me. It’s amazing how something so simple as a girl’s bare back can be so arousing. The line of her spine, the flexing of her muscles, the tenseness of her shoulders as if from embarrassment. I might not be able to last a full month with this girl around.

I got the bar of soap and began rubbing it on her arms, making her shiver from the feel of my hands on her naked body. I then did her legs and her inner thighs, followed by her stomach. I was saving the best spots for last. I soaped up my hands and leaned against her, her back pressed to my chest. She shivered from the sensation and began to whimper as started working on her breasts. They were certainly small, just A-cups, but considering the size of her body, that just made them cute. I ran my palm and fingers across them, toying with her little pink areolas.

“Master!” she whimpered.

She covered her mouth with her hand, chewing on her finger as her nipples became erect. I knew this felt good for her, she simply was not used to these sensations. I began gently tugging on her nipples, trying to draw out the tiny squeaks she was working so hard to contain. I couldn’t help myself, I started running kisses up her shoulder and neck, savoring the taste of her soft skin.

“That feels good, doesn’t it?” I whispered in her ear.

She squeaked in reply. “I’m feeling… tingly… down there,” she said, rubbing her thighs together.

“Oh, that just means I needed to wash that spot. Spread your legs for me.”

After wiping some excess suds off her petite breasts, I moved my hand down. At first, she had her legs spread, but the closer I got, the more she began to retract them, afraid of these new, strange sensations. I managed to worm my fingers between her thighs and reach her virgin slit. The lips were so plump and smooth, like two soft plums, they were just begging to be toyed with. It was too soon to actually start fingering Chloe, but I could just play with the entrance. I slid my fingers between the lips, squeezed them to make them puff, and tickled them, all while Chloe whined and squeaked.

“Master, this feels really weird!”

“Don’t worry, Chloe, just go along with it.”

I continued like that for another minute, using one hand to toy with her nipples and using the other hand to tickle her labia. I couldn’t bring her to climax with this low level of stimulation, but once I stopped, I could tell it had drained much of her stamina. I finished by washing her back and then scrubbing her under the water to get off the soap and shampoo.

I finally got her out of the tub, clean as could be, and wrapped her in towels. “Now, since you just ate and had milk, I need to brush your teeth. This is something you’ll need to do twice a day every day. It’ll keep your breath fresh and stop your teeth from rotting.”

I sat her down on the floor and retrieved the toothpaste and new toothbrush from the medicine cabinet. With the brush wet and ready, I kneeled in front of Chloe. She was clutching herself and shivering, unable to make eye contact. This was concerning. Had I been too rough with her?


“Eeek! I’m sorry!” she squealed.

“Sorry? For what? Honey, you haven’t done anything wrong. I just wanted to ask if you were ok. How are you feeling?”

She began squirming, rubbing her thighs together. “It felt weird when you touched me here.”

“I’m sorry. That’s a game I play with the girls. I guess it’s too early for me to play with you like that. Don’t worry, I won’t do that again until you’re ready. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

“Master… It felt kind of good.”

“I thought it would. I’m glad. You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m the one who’s sorry.” I ruffled her hair and she again gave me a tiny smile, with her pale face now flushed. “You have such a cute smile. Before I brush your teeth, I should dry you off. Look down and hold your breath.”

I got another towel and wrapped it around her head and rubbed her the way I would when drying off a dog, using both the towel and the air to dry her hair. But I was also careful, long-since learning how sensitive these girls’ ears are. She kept her face down and tried to endure it with a silent composition, but she couldn’t stop herself from emitting tiny squeaks. Once her hair was dry, I helped her get the water out of her ears, each passing minute making her give tiny mouse yawns.

“Are you feeling sleepy?” She nodded. “Then let’s brush your teeth and then you can take a nice nap.” I lifted her chin and brushed my thumb across her lips. “Ok, open up.”

She opened her mouth and I gingerly started brushing her teeth. She reacted the same way that Momo and Sonja reacted when I first brushed their teeth. The sensation of the bristles scraping against the soft tissue of her gums and tongue sent electricity through her nerves, and the fact that it was being done to her rather than doing it to herself intensified the feeling since she had no control over it. To them, the weirdness of the sensation was almost similar to a rectal thermometer. Her reaction was cute, to say the least, panting with watery eyes, as if she had been tied up and was being tormented by a vibrator.

Once finished, she spat out a mouthful of foam into the sink and rinsed. “Now, let me smell your breath.” She exhaled and I smelled nothing but mint. “Perfect. Good girl. Now, let’s get you into bed.” I brought her into the bedroom, where of course, Momo and Sonja were waiting. “Girls, unless you’re here for a nap, scram.”

“I wanna nap! I wanna nap with Chloe!” said Sonja, jumping up and down and clapping.

“Momo?” I looked at the feline, lying across the bed, tail flicking as if she was swatting flies.

“Momo wants to sleep with her too.”

“Good. Chloe?”

“I’m sorry!”

“No, Chloe, I was just going to say that you should sleep in the middle. I know you said you’d sleep under the bed, but it would probably be better if you slept on top this time. Ok girls, under the covers.”

Chloe got into the middle of the bed and huddled under the covers, holding them up to hide her mouth. Momo and Sonja crawled into the bed on her left and right sides, their naked bodies disappearing under the covers. Chloe was so small compared to them, her head at the same level as their bountiful breasts. The three of them were cute beyond words, a trio of naked animal-eared girls, looking cozier than a guinea pig sleeping in a wool sock.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and took turns rubbing their heads, making each of them smile. “You girls are just too much. Momo, Sonja, you be nice to Chloe, take care of her. When the three of you wake up for lunch, make her something to eat. Chloe, if you need anything, just ask them. I’ll be a little late coming home, I need to get some stuff for Chloe.” I then leaned forward to Momo and whispered in her ear. “Also, if you can teach her to use the toilet, I will be eternally grateful and bring you three a reward.” I then kissed them each on the forehead as they laid their heads on their pillows, snug as a bug in a rug. “I’ll see you tonight. Bye, girls.”

“Bye, Master,” they all said as I tucked them in.


A few hours later, Chloe woke up to a strange sensation. She was being embraced and felt fingertips brushing against her skin. It was Momo, spooning against her, one of her nipples poking Chloe’s ear. There was a purr in her throat as she dragged her fingers across Chloe’s soft stomach, making the girl shiver from the sensation of being touched. Momo continued to purr, the movements of her hand becoming more and more intentional, as if searching for Chloe’s most ticklish spots. Then she began to drift downward, her hand disappearing between the girl’s slender thighs. Hanging out over the edge of the bed, Momo’s tail curled as she began toying with Chloe’s slit. The feeling of Momo’s fingers probing such a sensitive place was drawing tiny squeaks from Chloe, unable to work up the courage to stop her. Lacking any sense of sexuality or the cultural values that humans applied to their genitals, the discomfort Chloe felt was due simply to her uneasiness of being touched by someone she didn’t know. The same reaction would be drawn were Momo tickling her feet or playing with her hair, though they wouldn’t make her blush and pant the way she was now.

Momo leaned in closer to Chloe, the feline’s excited breath being felt on the top of her head. Any time Chloe tried to move away, Momo would pull her closer and increase the intensity of her fondling. Soon enough, she even started to slip her fingers inside Chloe, making her whimper. That soft whine awoke Sonja, and the moment her eyes opened, she popped out of bed with a smile on her face, ready to enjoy the day.

“I want to go run around outside! Chloe, come run with me!”

Momo sat up, removing her moist fingers from Chloe’s pussy and acting like nothing had happened. “Master said we had to make her something to eat and teach her to use the toilet.”

“I’ll make the food, you teach her.”

“Momo wants to make the food. You teach her.”

“Rock, paper, scissors?”

Momo yawned and nodded. With Chloe watching them like they were two titans about to bare-knuckle box, Momo and Sonja held out their fists and shook them.

“One, two, three, shoot!”

Momo threw rock with her thumb up, while Sonja did some kind of sideways paper with her fingers spread. It should be mentioned that neither of them had any idea how to play this game. They simply saw it on TV and thought that that was how disputes were settled.

“Momo wins,” the feline said. She was just guessing, but Sonja didn’t know any better and conceded.

“Ok! Chloe, come with me to the bathroom!”


In the kitchen, Momo poured a can of wet cat food into her bowl, some dog food with milk into Sonja’s bowl, and set out a third bowl on the floor with some dry cereal. She had no idea what else to give Chloe. The dog and mouse came downstairs, Sonja chipper as usual, but Chloe now walking with her butt clenched. Getting her labia tickled by Momo had been pleasurable (at least physically), but Sonja teaching her how to use toilet paper was traumatizing. At least she wasn’t taking it personally.

She watched as Sonja and Momo kneeled down on the floor like sphinxes and buried their faces in their food bowls. Chloe followed their lead, taking the same position. Truth be told, she preferred this method to sitting at the table. The sound of slurping and crunching filled the kitchen.

“Done!” said Sonja after a few minutes, sitting up with milk running down her chin. “Chloe, let’s play outside!”

Chloe had just enough time to finish the last of her cereal before Sonja grabbed her wrist and pulled her out the front door. She managed to break free of Sonja’s grip and remained on the porch, but Sonja didn’t seem to mind and simply pranced around the yard, singing to herself while her ears flopped and melons jiggled like dashboard bobble heads on a dirt road. Even in October, she could run around naked and be perfectly fine, though it took her a while to realize that Chloe wasn’t actually with her.

“Come on, Chloe! Let’s run!”

Chloe pulled on her ears, trying to hide her face while her frightful shivers returned. “But there are no leaves on the trees! The birds will see me and I’ll get eaten!”

Even after transforming, her instincts wouldn’t let her forget what life was like in the lower tier of the food chain. Sonja lacked such instincts.

“I wanna eat a bird! I’ll chase the birds!”

Sonja ran over and picked up Chloe, hoisting her over her shoulder. She dashed around the house, Chloe squealing in terror with her cute little butt in the air. Back inside, Momo was doodling with crayons, humming to herself with her ears twitching.


Momo was waiting by the door when I arrived home. “Master, look what Momo made!”

She held out a picture of our strange little family, including Chloe. The childlike skill just made it that much cuter.

“Aw, I love it! Did you girls have a nice day?”

Momo nodded. “Yeah, it was fun.”

“I’m glad. Where’s Sonja and Chloe?”

“Taking a nap. They both ran around a lot.”

I walked into the den, finding Sonja stretched out on the couch. I patted her head and her tail began to wag.

“Hi Master!” she said with a yawn.

“Hey, sweetie, how are you feeling?”

“Good, hungry.” She then rolled onto her back. “Feed me and rub my tum-tum!” A quick belly scratch left her groaning in happiness.

Before going to check in on Chloe, I got some firewood from the shed and built up a flame from the embers in the stove. In minutes, it was pumping heat through the house. I then went upstairs, where Chloe was under the bed, wrapped in a blanket. I climbed under the bed with her and rubbed one of her ears, slowly stirring her.

“Hey, Chloe.”

Seeing me, her eyes went wide and she blushed. “I’m sorry!” she automatically squealed before covering her face with the blanket.

“Chloe, you haven’t done anything wrong. I just came up to see how you were doing.” She slowly pulled back the blanket, letting me see her teary eyes. “Did you have a nice day?”

“I guess. Sonja made me run around with her outside for a while. I was afraid the birds would get me.”

“Yeah, she loves to run and play, and unfortunately, Momo doesn’t quite share her interest. I guess she was hoping you would be a more active playmate. But other than that, how was it? Were Sonja and Momo nice to you?” She nodded. “Good. Do you want to come downstairs? In the evening, we watch the news on the couch together and then I make dinner. Come join us.”

She followed me downstairs, where Momo and Sonja were already waiting for us, sitting at the ends of the couch in their sovereign territories. The question now was where would Chloe sit? There was enough room for the four of us to sit on the couch, but she would be beside me, meaning that either the cat or the dog were going to end up on the far edge of the galaxy. I took my place in the middle of the couch, leaving the decision to her. But instead of sitting on the couch, she plopped herself down on the floor, leaning against my legs.

The news came on and we all relaxed. Both Momo and Sonja curled up into balls with their heads resting on my thighs. I tickled their chins and their ears, making Sonja wag her tail and Momo purr. Sometimes I would move my hands down and massage their breasts, relishing the feel of the bodacious dumplings in my grip. Down below, I had my legs wrapped around Chloe like a seat belt, keeping her warm and covered. She was looking in the direction of the TV, but I wasn’t sure if she was actually watching or just drawn to the light and noise. Even if she understood English, anything she was hearing now must have been gibberish. I was starting to understand her little squeaks, differentiating between when they meant happiness or discomfort. When I played with her hair or tickled her ears, the squeaks would be high pitched, meaning she was enjoying it. The squeaks from that morning had been deeper with a slight whine to them.

I was certainly happy. I was still full of questions as to this strange phenomenon and I was worried about the future, but there were few moments in my life that were better than getting to relax on my couch in my own house, cuddling with my three girls. The news was on, I had a cozy fire in the stove, and soon I would make a nice dinner for the four of us. It was bliss.

Once the news ended, I went into the kitchen and prepared dinner. It was a simple beef stew, hopefully enough to leave us all full. With the addition of Chloe, I would now have to prepare larger meals. If I was careful with the pricing, I could keep the expenses low, but I would need to continue teaching the girls how to take care of themselves. I noticed that a third food bowl had been set out for Chloe on the floor next to Sonja’s and Momo’s, probably from when they made her lunch. I filled up each bowl with stew and set out a second water bowl between Momo and Chloe.

“Girls! Time to eat!”

They rushed in, almost sliding across the floor if not for their bare feet. Sonja was first, a big happy comet, jumping and wagging her tail. Then came Momo, dainty and elegant, looking like some kind of elf from a fantasy book. Last was Chloe, her tiny steps not making any noise and a look of uncertainty on her face, like a little kid on the first day of school, looking for her class.

They all assumed the positions, arranged by size with Sonja at one end and Chloe at the other, but everything from their postures to their movements was perfectly synchronized. It was a relief to see Chloe enjoying her food. Considering that she had originally been a mouse, I was curious to see how well she would handle meat. I filled up a bowl of my own with stew and sat at the table, watching them eat. It was honestly better than television. Seeing three beautiful, naked girls eating on the floor like this was hilarious, sexy, and adorable, all at the same time. I was fairly tempted to crouch down over them and run kisses up their backs.

But breaking the serenity, I saw Momo remove her face from her own bowl and shift to Chloe’s. Chloe gave a tiny squeak of fear and surrendered like France. Momo had never done this before, at least never done it to Sonja.

“Hey! Momo! Cut that out! That’s not your food!” Hearing me yell scared her back to her bowl, but I was still angry. When the three of them were done, I stood over Momo. “I don’t ever want to see you doing that again, got it?”

Momo, kneeling on the floor, nodded. “Got it,” she said softly, her face downcast.

“Now apologize to Chloe.”

She turned to the mouse. “Momo is sorry for eating your food.”

Chloe blushed, apparently more embarrassed than Momo was. “It’s ok! It’s ok! I’m sorry!”

“It’s fine, Chloe, you did nothing wrong. From now on, if Momo tries to eat your food, I want you to take the water bowl and dump it on her head. Sonja, if you see Momo do it, splash her too.”

“Got it!”

“Ok, now we can move on. Since you girls have been so good, and to celebrate Chloe joining our little family, I got something special for the four of us. All of you sit at the table.”

They took their seats, wondering what I was going to give them. I set out plates and glasses of milk, then from the fridge, I pulled out a small marble cake. I would have gotten chocolate, but with Sonja still being part dog, I didn’t want to risk it. The girls knew it was food, they could tell that much from the fact that I had hidden it in the fridge, and while they didn’t know what kind of food it was, they definitely liked the smell. I set it out in the middle of the table with a lit birthday candle in the middle. I suppose, in a way, this could be called Chloe’s birthday.


“I’m sorry!” she squealed.

Was she going to apologize every time someone addressed her?

“I was just going to say welcome to our home. Now, you have the honors. Go ahead and blow out the candle.”

Chloe leaned forward and gave a tiny puff of air, almost like a sneeze, but it was just enough to blow out the flame. I congratulated her with a loving head pat and then went about cutting the cake. I divided it into quarters and gave each of the girls a piece. I hadn’t really bothered with teaching Sonja how to use a fork and Chloe had just gotten here, so I simply let the three of them eat with their hands.

Momo perked up from the first taste, her ears nearly flapping and her tail standing erect.

“This is so good!” Sonja exclaimed, already with cake smeared across her face.

The brightest smile I had yet seen on her doll face, Chloe gave a squeal of happiness as she took a bite.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the three of them, getting more joy out of watching them eat the cake than eating it myself, though it was delicious. They finished by licking the cake and frosting off their fingers and washed it down with the milk I had set out.

“Can we have more?” Momo asked, her face as messy as Sonja’s.

“No, that was for a special occasion. But don’t worry, there will be other times when I will get you sweets. Now, Chloe, I got some clothes for you on the way home. I want you to try them on to see if they fit.”


“The things I’m wearing. The three of you wash your faces and we’ll move back to the couch.”

Momo moved over to me. “Can Master… wash Momo’s face?”

“I’m pretty sure you can do it yourself.”

“Not like this.”

She then leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue slipping past my lips and running along my gums, searching for bits of cake and frosting yet to be swallowed. Understanding what she meant, I returned the affection, licking every corner of her mouth as well.

“I want to do that too!” said Sonja.

She rushed over from the other end of the table and I started kissing me as well. Chloe watched us, unsure of what we were doing.

I couldn’t help but laugh when Sonja finally pulled away. “That just cleans your lips, not your faces.”

I then started licking her cheeks as if I myself were a dog. She giggled and wagged her tail at the feel of my tongue. I didn’t really clean the cake off her face, so much as thin the mess. I did the same to Momo, making her purr, especially when my tongue met her lips. Once they were both done, I looked over to Chloe. She was shifting in her seat, her head hanging low as if someone had just tickled her neck. She still didn’t understand what the three of us were doing, but she was feeling a little bit left out.

“Can Master… please clean my face as well?”

I smiled and held out my hand to her. “Come here.”

She moved onto my lap and I licked her cheeks as I had Momo and Sonja. Her eyes were screwed shut but her squeaks told me she was enjoying it. Once I was done, she looked at me and I finished by joining my lips with hers. I didn’t bother trying to French it up, as even this gentle meet seemed enough to leave her reeling. She obviously didn’t understand what I had just done, but she was blushing.

“That’s called a kiss. You do it to someone you love.” My words made her reddening face deepen in hue. “Ok girls, now wash your faces for real. Chloe, we still need to check out those clothes I got you.”

The girls cleaned their faces in the sink and then followed me back to the couch, where I had a large bag from GoodWill. Most of the clothes they sold were second-hand, but luckily all underwear was donated directly from retailers and never worn.

I started by handing her a pair of panties. “Here, put these on.”

She, of course, put them on over her head, thinking that the leg holes were for her ears. Both Momo and Sonja had made that same mistake when I had them wear panties for the first time. In retrospect, I should have known by now to word it better and not leave it so vague, but this was too cute and funny for me to let this opportunity slip by. I wanted to take a picture just for myself, but I fought against it and told her how to properly wear them. It was strange, but when wearing only a pair of panties, she somehow managed to look even cuter. I then had her try on some sweatpants and jeans, then shirts, socks, and a hoodie.

“How does that feel?”

She looked at herself, toying with the string of her hoodie. “It’s nice. I feel nice and warm. But I still like being naked.”

“That’s fine, these are just for when you get cold or we have to go somewhere. Otherwise, you can be naked as long as you want.”

After she undressed, we watched a little more TV and then decided to call it a night. We headed upstairs, and I laughed as I watched the three of them brush their teeth at the same time. While they brushed, I took several blankets and pillows I had bought on the way home and set up a nest for Chloe under the bed. Once the girls were done with the bathroom, I went in to brush my teeth and they got all cozy.

I came out, seeing Momo and Sonja on either side of the bed, and Chloe down below, wrapped up in blankets. It was such a beautiful sight that I almost didn’t want to intrude. Whatever was going on was stressful, confusing, and oftentimes expensive, but I couldn’t remember a time in my life when I was so happy. I didn’t want any more girls to show up, but if they did, I would love them all the same.

Tired from a long day, I turned off the lights and climbed into bed between Sonja and Momo. “Goodnight, girls.”

“Goodnight, Master,” they all replied, with Chloe’s voice echoing from down below. I set my head back on my pillow, pulled Sonja and Momo in close, and drifted to sleep.


The days were getting colder, and the girls, no matter how stubborn they were, caved in and started wearing clothes. It was certainly a loss, no longer being able to watch Momo and Sonja’s melons bounce freely with every movement, but seeing them in yoga pants gave an added allure. I would keep a fire burning in the stove almost nonstop, starting it in the morning and then rekindling it when I got home and before bed. But for that luxury, gathering firewood became a continuous chore for the girls. I wanted to preserve our stocks until winter and there was no way in hell I would use any heating oil, so every day, they would go out into the forest and search for wood to burn.

Chloe settled in to her new life, a smile on her face every day, shy and fragile, but a smile nonetheless. Whenever someone called out to her, she would instinctively apologize, even though we kept telling her that she had done nothing wrong. We chalked it up simply to a personality quirk due to her former species, like Momo talking in third person or Sonja’s airheaded hyperactivity.

With the arrival of the weekend, I resumed teaching the Momo and Sonja how to read. I even fulfilled my promise and got them several children’s and picture books from the local library. I hadn’t given Chloe her first lesson, but she sat with us when I helped Momo and Sonja read Dr. Seuss. Hopefully this would give her some insight into what she would be doing. The four of us were on the couch, I with a book, Momo on my left and Sonja on my right, with Chloe lying across Sonja’s lap.

“Do you like green eggs and ham?” Momo asked. “I do not like them, Sam-I-am. I do not like green eggs and ham.”

“Very good! Not too long ago, you would have had to sound out each word. Sonja?”

She leaned over to read the next passage. “Would you like them her or ter? I would not like them her or ter.”

“Close. When there’s an e at the end, it’s a hard vowel. Here. And when t and h are next to each other, they make a thhh sound, like a hiss.”

She stuck her tongue out at me and hissed, harder than I had, and I hissed right back. It went on like this for a few seconds, she and I have a hissing fight before I finally laughed and kissed her on the forehead.

Moving farther over Sonja’s lap, Chloe looked at the pages. “I would not like them eer. I do not like green eggs and ham.”

I was surprised, then slightly disappointed, and then a bit proud. I had thought at first that she had actually read the passage, then realized she was simply guessing what it said based on the repetition of the words (hence, why she left out the “anywh” in “anywhere” and assumed the vowel rule applied), and was then impressed by the intellect it would take to actually get that far.

I ruffled her hair, prompting her to close her eyes and give tiny squeaks of joy, albeit with her face looking like she was actually being tickled against her will. “Nice try, but you aren’t ready for this stuff yet. And for the record, it’s “anywhere”. In this case, the vowel rule doesn’t apply, like in “there”. But it was a good attempt though.”

“Master, can we have green eggs and ham? I’m getting hungry,” said Sonja.

“Well I can’t make them green, but I do have some ham steaks I can fry up, and I’ll add some eggs if you girls want. I’ll make them for dinner. But for now, if you’re hungry, go eat some fruits and vegetables. I want to make sure you girls get enough vitamins.”

Sonja went to the kitchen to fetch an apple and then returned, allowing us to resume reading. We continued on through the book, then through the rest of the stack I had gotten from the library. Sonja and Momo took turns reading passages, and all throughout, I was giving Chloe small lessons. I was skipping over the introduction to the alphabet and simply showing her important words. Surprisingly enough, she understood it better than I had expected, figuring out the sounds associated with each letter and learning to assemble words.

The sun was setting by the time we finished, but we still had an hour or so of light. “Come on, girls, let’s go for a walk.”


We took our established route through the woods, already worn into the underbrush from the pressing of bare feet and sneakers. Both Momo and Chloe clung to my arms while Sonja orbited around us, prancing and bobbing with a big grin on her face. Leaves were falling around us like rain, our Maine autumn approaching the point where beautiful turned to dreary. One such leaf fell on Momo’s head and she stopped, letting go of my arm. Chloe and I took a few more steps and then looked back when we realized she wasn’t following us. Momo was standing still, her eyes nearly rolling all the way back into her head as she stared at the leaf stuck to her hair. Her ears were flicking like crazy, and she started to blow air upwards, trying to get it off. I finally pulled it off and she shook her head as if awoken from a trance.

“I wonder what it will be like, spending our first winter here,” I said, looking at the leaf, red as a watermelon jolly rancher.

“What’s winter?” Chloe asked, her hold on my arm tightening. “Is it scary?”

“Oh, that’s right, this is probably your first winter. No, it’s not scary. Winter is a time of year when it gets very cold, and the rain that we would normally get freezes, and falls as specks of ice, sort of like the frost on the windows each morning. That’s why I’ve been so focused on gathering firewood, because we’re going to need a lot to stay warm through the winter.”

“Momo doesn’t like winter,” my cat pouted, “the snow always makes my paws hurt.”

“That’s what boots and gloves are for. What about you, Sonja, do you like wint—”

I stopped myself as soon as I realized my mistake. Before I took her in, Sonja had been abused and neglected, and probably spent most of her winter nights sleeping out in the cold. That same thought went through her mind, as for the briefest moment, her smile faded, but then it was relit and she skipped over to me with her tail wagging.

“I don’t like being stuck out in the cold, but I love playing in the snow! I love jumping and prancing and swimming through it! And now I can go inside after I’m done playing! I can’t wait!”

I pulled myself free of Momo and Chloe and wrapped my arms around Sonja, holding her close.

♫ In the arms of the angels… ♫ dun dun dun… ♫ That’s pretty much all the words I know from that song.


After returning home, I decided to try to teach Chloe a little bit more about reading. I introduced her to the alphabet, which she managed to memorize with surprising ease, much faster than Sonja and Momo. I had the girls help me with dinner, teaching them to fry up ham steaks and eggs (I hadn’t forgotten my promise). After eating, we returned to the living room to watch some TV, then headed upstairs.


Momo groaned in happiness as she bounced on my cock, letting it stir up her pussy like a whisk. Her beautiful face was blushing, her pert breasts jiggling with every movement she made. “Master, your cock feels so good in Momo!” she cried. She was leaning back, looking down her chest at me. However, we couldn’t make eye contact, as Sonja was sitting on my face.

Sonja whimpered and moaned, feeling my tongue penetrate her. She gyrated her hips, a natural instinct when the sensations became too much for her. It didn’t help that I was also stroking her tail, sending lightning bolts up her spine that threatened to decimate her sanity with each passing moment.

Sitting on the floor was Chloe, understandably incapable of sleeping under the bed with both the mattress springs and the girls crying out. She looked like she was watching a horror movie, an expression of terror on her face, but with it, curiosity and even a seed of arousal. She had no idea what was going on, what the girls and I were doing. I had simply told her we were playing, after all, that’s what it was to Momo and Sonja. But to Chloe, this was the strangest thing she had ever seen. Since she had transformed, her animalistic instincts for reproduction had disappeared. In their place was the potential to develop a human sense of sexuality. Like both Momo and Sonja, she lacked the lifetime of interaction and socialization that gave humans an understanding and perception of sex and intimate relationships.

What she saw here was a physical act; it’s purpose completely unknown, its origin and significance a mystery. From the way Momo and Sonja were acting, she equated it to their reactions when I would play with their ears and tails, but so much more intense. Shy and fearful by nature, it scared Chloe, especially the looks on their faces and the noises they were making. Were they in pain? She certainly couldn’t imagine being penetrated like Momo not hurting.


Sonja released her signature howl, announcing she had just climaxed and letting me drink her nectar. Panting like, well, a dog, she fell off to the side, spread out across the bed. With Sonja out of the way, Momo leaned over and joined her lips with mine, letting her tongue explore my mouth. I cupped her rear end with both hands and started bucking my hips, now able to actually move rather than simply let her ride me.

Momo broke our kiss and wrapped her arms around my head, pressing my face to her chest and she whined. “Master, you’re being too rough! Momo can’t take it!” I didn’t ease up, I continued ramming her until she climaxed, at which point I emptied myself into her.

She collapsed on top of me and my deflating manhood was unplugged from her sleeve, letting my overflowing semen trickle out of her. She still had her arms around me, and we simply looked at each other and panted in each other’s faces. Once we had caught our breath, we resumed kissing.

By now, Sonja had regained her stamina. “Master, can I have a turn now?”

“Sure, but I’ll need some help getting hard again.”

A wide smile on her face, she moved over to me and took my placid member in her mouth. She sucked it gluttonously, slurping off the taste of my semen and Momo’s pussy, all while coaxing it back to full attention. Once it was ready for her, she maneuvered herself onto my lap, her back to me with her legs tucked under mine so that they wouldn’t get in the way. She backed herself up like a truck, her full moon ass pressed to my lap with my cock between her cheeks. It took a little work from the two of us, but I was able to guide my cock into her pussy, aiming it just low enough for it to slide into her. A blissful grin on her face, she began rocking back and forth, first leaning her body forward and then sending her ass crashing against my lap, each time relishing the feeling of my cock drilling into her while her breasts clapped together like two tetherballs.

With Sonja taken care of, I turned my attention back to Momo, eager to receive my affection. I held her close and we began making out, our tongues searching for some new spot to probe. I moved one hand south, slipping it between her legs. She purred as my fingers entered her, stirring my seed in her cunt like cake batter. Feeling ravenous, I pulled my lips from her and instead wrapped them around one of her nipples, while the arm I had under her to hold her, I used to reach around and start tweaking her other nipple.

Momo leaned her head back, covering her mouth with her hand as she whined and moaned. She would have liked to kiss me a little longer, but this was certainly euphoric as well, the feeling of fingers massaging her pussy from the inside while one nipple was played with and the other sucked. Her legs never stopped squirming, clamping together with my hand between them as if to both keep me out and lock me in, all while her sweet voice cooed in my ear. Her nipple was like a cholate chip, and every pull of my lips made her squeal, every lap of my tongue made her purr.

“M-Master, Momo’s gonna cum!” she whimpered.

At the same time, Sonja’s moans were reaching that signature pitch, her tail standing erect as she threw herself against me. I came just before she did, filling her with semen as she howled like a wolf. She collapsed, her face pressed to the bed with her butt sticking in the air, a string of cum connecting my P to her V like a spider web. Momo came just seconds later, her chest heaving from the excitement. I removed my fingers from her slit, varnished with seed and nectar, and held them over her face. Her lids lowered with fatigue, she simply opened her mouth like a Roman emperor being fed grapes. That said, as I swirled my fingers around her mouth, she became livelier, at least with her tongue, slurping up the two liquids with relish.

Once she was done, I kissed her on the nose, drawing a tiny purr. “You’re such a good girl. Sonja, how are you feeling?”

She got back up on all fours and stretched, first leaning forward and then back, letting me see my handiwork. “Really good, Master! That was so much fun!”

“Well it was certainly fun for me too. Ok, you girls go clean up and then it’s time to sleep.”

“’Kay!” they both said, prancing to the bathroom.

I sat up and retrieved some tissues from the box on the nightstand. As I cleaned off my pole, I looked over to Chloe. She was huddled in the corner, sniffling in fear. Crap, I had screwed up. I had decided to wait a few days before letting her see us have sex, but clearly, that wasn’t enough time.

I crouched down in front of her. “Are you ok, sweetie?”

She looked at my limp noodle as if it was a weapon. “Are you going to play with me like that?”

“Not until we’ve gotten to know each other better. I’ve been with those two for a while, so there is plenty of trust between us. I’ll wait as long as it takes for you to be comfortable with it, and if you never want to do it, that’s fine with me.”

She spread her legs, showing me her wet lips. “Watching you made me like this. I feel really weird down there.”

I smiled and patted her head. “Looks like you might want to try it soon, but take your time.” She gained a smile of her own. “Good girl. Now, give me a kiss and let’s go to sleep.”

She leaned over and gave me a tiny peck on the lips. I ruffled her hair again, making her giggle and she crawled under the bed. Momo and Sonja returned from the bathroom and jumped into bed. They showed surprising energy, considering how much I had worn them out with my awesome manliness and sexual skills.

“Goodnight, girls.”

“Goodnight, Master!” they all cheered.


The next morning found me rushing to get out of the house. So many lost seconds had now added up to minutes that I didn’t have. Even the office manager had to come to work on time (at least mostly). However, I had enough time to set up my laptop so that the girls could continue their reading lessons. Chloe would now be taking part so I left Momo and Sonja with the job of helping tutor her. They were upstairs, having gone back to bed.

“Girls!” I hollered, “I set up my laptop. You can start your lessons after lunch! I’ll see you later!”

As I closed the door behind me, silence returned to the house. Upstairs, Sonja lay curled up in bed, sound asleep, but below, there was plenty of activity. Having crawled under the bed, Momo was once again spooning with Chloe, purring as she worked her fingers between the pipsqueak’s legs. This had become a habit of Momo’s. When Chloe was alone or everyone was asleep, Momo would pin her down and toy with her like this. The more Chloe reacted, the longer Momo worked her. Chloe whimpered and squirmed, overwhelmed with the feelings radiating from her pussy. The three girls still lacked a sense of sexuality, so to Chloe, it was like her feet being tickled against her will.

As had been done to her, Momo got an idea and closed her lips around the edge of Chloe’s ear. The nibbling sensation was too much for Chloe to bear, further enhancing the bubbling warmth between her legs.

“Something is happening! I’m—EEEEEEEEEEEK!”

A shrill squeal was released, its pitch high enough to wake up Sonja. She bolted onto all fours, her hair a mess. “HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY!” she barked, acting on instinct. Then, just as suddenly, she collapsed back onto the mattress and fell asleep.

Under the bed, Momo continued toying with Chloe, but even rubbing her clit drew little response. It seemed the orgasm had sapped her strength. Now bored, Momo shrugged and climbed back onto the bed, pulling the blankets over herself so that she could nap.


Hours later, the girls all woke up, craving an early lunch. The fire in the stove was still burning strong and the house was warm, so they didn’t bother to get dressed. They moved downstairs and raided the fridge, glad to find some leftover ham steaks and eggs from the night before. Luckily, they had been taught how to use the microwave. After eating, they settled down at the dinner table and brought my laptop out of sleep mode.

“Why does Master want us to know how to read?” Chloe asked.

“He said that it would help us entertain ourselves if we could read books,” said Sonja. “Wasn’t it fun reading those picture books yesterday?”

Chloe nodded and the first video was started, a woman speaking to the viewer from in front of a dry erase board. “Is that the same woman from the TV shows? How did she get into the computer? Did she climb inside when we weren’t looking?”

“Master says that they are all different people, but Momo can’t tell the difference.”

The lessons began and Chloe worked diligently to perform all of the instructed exercises, holding a crayon in her tiny fist with her face inches from the paper. Momo and Sonja did them as well, for even though they had already seen these videos before, they could certainly use a refresher. Two hours passed before they all decided it was time for a break. But as Sonja reached out to hit the space bar and pause the video playing, a squirrel caught her attention outside and her hand slipped, pushing the wrong button. The window closed, showing the desktop. All three girls squealed in terror. To them, they might as well have dropped a brick on the screen.

“Did we break it? Did we break Master’s thing?” Chloe cried.

“He’ll be mad at us if he sees it like this! He wanted us to do the lessons and now we can’t do the lessons and he wanted us to do the lessons!” said Sonja, gripping her head as if afraid of it falling off her shoulders.

“Momo doesn’t want to make Master upset!”

“Momo! You have to fix this!” Sonja exclaimed.

The feline turned to her, looking as if she had just been slapped in the face. “Momo doesn’t know how to fix this!”

“You’ve been with Master the longest! You’ve seen him use it more than any of us!”

“Please fix it, Momo!” Chloe begged.

“Ok! Ok! Momo will try!”

She took Chloe’s place in the middle and pulled the laptop over to her. It’s true, she had seen this thing used for countless hours, but she had never paid any actual attention. She looked at the desktop, seeing folders and icons, some of them with words she recognized, but none of them looking like they had anything to do with the reading lessons.

“What does Master normally do on this thing?” Chloe asked.

“Well, when he wants to do something, he brings this pointy thing down… by touching this spot here.” She dragged her finger across the trackpad, moving the cursor. There was a time when upon seeing that cursor moving across the screen, Momo would be tempted to swat at it like it was a fluttering moth. Technically, it was still that time, but she managed to resist her instincts and bring the cursor down to the bottom. The dock automatically sprung up, making all the girls tense and move back. This was uncharted territory for them.

“Then what does he do?” Chloe asked.

“Master picks one of these things and taps it.” Momo’s eyes fell to the Chrome icon, round and colorful, just begging to be played with. She inched the cursor over to the icon, and after several confusing taps, managed to click it.

“Look, it’s bouncing!” said Sonja with her tail going wild.

A new window was brought up and Momo nodded. “Ok, this is starting to look familiar.”

Sonja leaned forward, resting her giant breasts on top of Momo’s head. Normally Momo would shy away at the feeling of having her ears crushed, but she was too focused on what was going on.

“Oh yeah, I remember seeing this. What’s that big word? Goo…gle? Is that how it’s pronounced? Goo-gle?” Sonja asked.

“Maybe it’s called Google,” said Chloe.

“Yeah, Momo heard Master use that word before.”

“But what’s a Google? Is it something you eat?”

“Momo has seen Master use this. He puts in words and it does something.” Momo looked at the keyboard. There were so many buttons, but the fact that she recognized the letters helped her stay calm. “What should Momo put in?”

“Try ‘read’,” said Chloe.

Momo clicked on the search bar and typed the four letters, all with just her index finger. They stared, waiting for something to happen.

“What now? Momo doesn’t know what to do next.”

“What’s that word there? Se-arch? Does that mean anything?” asked Sonja.

“Maybe it’s actually saying ‘search’. Trying clicking it.”

Momo clicked on it and the search results were brought up, but they didn’t see what they were looking for.

“Nothing,” Momo grumbled.

“Try ‘how to read’, maybe that’ll do it,” said Chloe.

Momo typed it in, but did not know how to put in spaces. Luckily Google had her back and did it for her. Another list was brought up, but the outcome was the same.

“Is there any way to move down? I think I’ve seen Master move down before.”

“Momo thinks Master does… this?” It took some more fiddling, but she managed to figure out how to scroll down. There, at the bottom of the page, was the YouTube video.

“There it is!” exclaimed Chloe.

Momo clicked on it and they were brought back to the start of the playlist that had been set up for them. The girls jumped up and cheered, having avoided disaster.

Momo suddenly stopped. “Do you realize what this means? We know how to use Master’s computer! Imagine what else we can do with it!”

“But Master will be mad if we mess around with it!” said Chloe.

“Or he’ll be proud of what we can do! Maybe if we impress Master, we’ll get another cake!” Both Sonja and Chloe licked their lips. There was no way they could ignore such a possibility. They all sat back down, trembling with excitement.

“What should we do first?” asked Chloe.

“Let’s go back to Google,” said Sonja.

“This might send us back,” Momo said, moving the cursor up to the arrow in the corner. She clicked on it and they were brought back to the results page. All three girls gasped in awe at their incredible technological prowess. “What should we do now? Should we put in another word?”

“Let me try! Let me try!” Sonja reached over Momo’s head and scrolled up to the search bar. There, she typed in ‘dog’. On the side of the results page was a cluster of images. “Oh! There are pictures!” Jumping up and down in excitement, she clicked on the pictures and squealed in happiness. The first picture was of a golden retriever puppy. “That’s me! That’s what I used to look like!”

Momo helped her move through the pictures, staring in awe.

Chloe was the same way, unable to believe there were so many animals in the world. After all, the world to her was nothing more than the property. “My turn!” she said.

Chloe went back to the main page and she typed in “mouse”, then went and checked the images to the side. She stared in shock, unable to believe that was her original form. While she looked through the pictures, a hungry expression crossed Momo’s face. Momo of course then took her turn, looking up pictures of cats, which of course brought up many more results. Her reaction was much more low-key, but considering that cats were solitary creatures, that wasn’t very surprising.

For the next half-hour, they continued looking up random words and subjects. Even while literate (at least mostly), they didn’t bother clicking on any links or results and simply entertained themselves with pictures. But what they couldn’t understand was why looking up ‘play’ and ‘playing’ brought up none of the pictures they had been expecting. Eventually, though, they got bored with simply looking at pictures.

“What should we do now?” Momo asked.

“Well what does Master normally do?” asked Chloe in return.

“There are those words at the top of the screen, I think he usually does something with them. Let’s see what they do,” said Sonja.

Momo moved the cursor up to the bookmarks bar and started clicking them one at a time. She recognized several pages, at least having seen them before, but none of them caught her interest. Then, in one of the folders, she saw something that she remembered seeing frequent visitations to, back before she had transformed.

“Does this mean anything to you? XNXX?”

Sonja and Chloe shook their heads. “No, what is it?” Sonja asked.

Momo clicked it and was brought to the front page. All the girls’ ears perked up, none of them having ever seen so many naked people at one time. Momo moved the cursor across the videos, causing the thumbnails to change into tiny slideshows.

“I think those people are playing!” Sonja exclaimed.

“Momo wants to see!”

Chloe gained a nervous and fearful blush as Momo clicked one of the videos. Unlike YouTube, the porn videos didn’t automatically start playing even when opened, so it took the girls a moment to figure out how to actually start it. The video showed a guy with three teenage girls. It started with the girls taking turns sucking him off, and whichever two girls were unoccupied would keep busy by making out.

“Hey, they’re kind of like us!” said Sonja with a grin.

The scene then changed, one of the girls riding the man, her ass bobbing on his lap. At the same time, another girl was working her tongue on the man’s balls and exposed shaft.

“We do that kind of stuff too!” said Momo.

Next, one of the other girls got in front of the girl riding the guy, shaking her ass at her. Girl #1 had her face buried in the ass of Girl 2#, causing Momo, Sonja, and Chloe to exchange glances. What exactly were they doing? In nature, it was common for animals to sniff each other’s butts in greeting. Was this something like that? The angle didn’t seem right for it to be cunnilingus. They watched the rest of the video and then moved on to the next.

This one was a lesbian video, which came to a shock to the three girls. The movie progressed with the actresses doing all manner of things to each other, things that Momo, Sonja, and Chloe normally did with, well, not each other. Certainly, they didn’t really have a lot of boundaries. In bedroom, Momo and Sonja had licked semen off each other’s chests on multiple occasions, and there was that time when they fingered each other, but it was not like they had actually acknowledged each other in doing it. Hell, anything they had done together was simply due to the other being present or in the way, not out of any sort of attraction, even Momo’s “bullying” of Chloe. They had never done things like kiss each other or go down on each other. Their minds had never even registered it as being possible, like they were suddenly discovering that people could walk through walls. Either way, it certainly left them interested.

They spent over an hour watching videos, the three of them with slick inner thighs. Momo and Sonja found a strange joy in seeing other people play the way they did. It almost became a game, the two of them on the lookout for things they had already done before. The girl on girl stuff was still new to them, but almost every position a man and woman could do had already been checked off the list. They also noticed several new toys that they really wanted to play with.

For Chloe, it was a much more mind-blowing experience. After seeing sex for the first time, she had had no idea what to make of it. All she thought was that it looked painful. But seeing all these people doing the same things, getting ridden, sucked, licked, mounted, spanked, and contorted helped take away that fear. In fact, she was starting to get curious.

Once again on the main page, Momo scrolled down to the next video, but something in the title didn’t make sense. Well, sure, a lot of the titles didn’t make sense, but still.

“What’s this word? Anal? What does that mean?”

“I’ve never heard it before,” said Sonja. “Maybe it’s something new.”

Momo clicked the video and they all began to watch it. At first it seemed normal; the woman sucked the man’s cock, the man licked her pussy, they fucked in a few different positions… and then it got weird. The man started by giving the woman a rimjob, once again making the girls exchange glances of confusion. Why would a man lick a woman’s anus? Then, with looks of shock on their faces, then watched as the man mounted the woman from behind, ball’s deep in her backdoor. Their three sphincters slammed shut as they watched him take the woman to pound town.

This was completely beyond their understanding. While it was true that several animal instincts had been lost in their transformation, one instinct remained ironclad: that spot was not for playing with! It was an exit only! It brought back memories of when they had been “housebroken”, and for Momo and Sonja, the added trauma of rectal thermometers at the vet. They continued to watch with horrified expressions as the man sodomized the woman without mercy, assuming every position imaginable and beating her asshole like it owed him money.

It was when the movie stopped that they finally closed the laptop. They all looked at each other, their hands having instinctively moved to cover their butts.

“Master… isn’t going to do that to me, is he?” Chloe whimpered.

“H-he hasn’t done it to us yet, r-right, Momo?” Sonja stammered.

“Pants! Momo wants pants!” she exclaimed.


I got out of my car, so glad to be home. With the days getting shorter, it was getting darker and darker by the time I left the office, making it feel like I was working later and later into the night. This had been one brutal Monday and all I wanted was to collapse on the couch and snuggle with my girls. Maybe, just maybe, they could cook dinner for me and I wouldn’t have to get up.

“Girls! I’m ho—”

Stepping through the door, I was nearly knocked over, the three girls clinging to my legs like parking boots on a car. And strangely, they were all crying, absolutely hysterical, and… wearing pants with nothing else?

“Girls, what’s wrong?”

They looked up at me, all of their faces wet with tears. “Please don’t put it in our butts!” they all cried.

Wait, what?

Part 5:

The girls were sitting on the floor, eyes downcast in shame with me looking down on them.

“So, you watched HOW many porn videos?”

Momo and Sonja looked at each other and then held up both their hands. “This many,” Momo said. Beside them, Chloe looked like she was about to cry.

I turned to Momo. “And I’m guessing you were the ringleader?”


“It was your idea.”

“We thought we could impress you by using the computer and you would give us cake.”

It’s pretty hard to stay mad when they’re so damn cute.

“Had you actually stayed on YouTube after getting back to it, I would have been proud. Not proud enough to get you a cake, but proud. Instead, now I’m mad and you all need to be punished.”

All the girls shied away, trying to make themselves look as small as possible. In truth, I knew that they would inevitably start messing around on my computer. I had been reluctant to let them use it for their reading lessons but it was the best solution. Among the dangers of them exposing their existence on the Internet, I really didn’t like them looking at porn. I mean, sure, it was hard to imagine Momo and Sonja seeing anything on that website that we already hadn’t done (besides anal of course), and Chloe certainly got an eyeful the other night, but I just didn’t want to expose them to that. These girls are more than just my pets, they’re like my kids, and like kids, they are dumb as dirt and easily impressionable. The last thing I needed was them asking for a gang-bang or seducing the mailman like the countless pool boys and pizza delivery guys of pornos past.

The question was how to punish them? A whap on the head with a newspaper might be enough, but Chloe was so fragile that it might traumatize her for life. But nor could I go easier on her than on Momo and Sonja.

“Ok, I’ve decided your punishment. No more head pats for the rest of the night.”

The girls all gaped at me in horror. No petting or having their ears rubbed for the rest of the night? They might as well be left to sleep in the rain! They rushed to me just like when I first came through the door, crying into my pants.

“We’re sorry! We’re sorry! We’re sorry! We’re sorry!” they pleaded.

Crap, now I’m hurting. When a girl is crying against you, you of course want to touch her! Especially if there are three of them! Besides, I was so used to petting them I might need to take up smoking just so that I could keep my hands occupied.

“I know you are, and hopefully you’ll learn not to mess with things you don’t understand.”

They hugged me even tighter, rubbing their heads against my legs. Crap, this was too much. I had to do something for them.

“So, you really liked using the computer?” They all looked up for me. “I taught you three how to make spaghetti and meatballs, remember? So, if you three make dinner, I’ll show you how to use my computer properly.” Wide grins crossed their faces, once again making me want to pat their heads. They rushed into the kitchen while I collapsed on the couch.


“Ok, so I’ll start by making you girls your own account. That way you won’t go digging around in my bookmarks.” The girls were crowded around me on the couch. I had Chloe on one side and Sonja on the other, with Momo lying above us on the top of the couch, purring in my ear.

I brought them onto their new account, with a blank desktop and generic galaxy background. All the girls awed at the picture.

“You like it? Well, if you want, I can show you how to get a different background. But we’ll do that later. Ok, now what do you want to learn how to do first?”

“Can we watch porn?” Momo asked.

I gave a deep sigh. “You’ve all had more than enough porn for one day. What ELSE do you want to do?”

“We used that Google thing to look at pictures,” Chloe said.

“Well then I’ll show you what else Google can do.” I brought up a browser window, showing them Google. “Ok, what do you girls want to know about?”

“You mean with pictures?” Sonja asked.

“No, I mean actually learn about. It’s why I’m teaching you how to read. What interests you?”

“Playing,” said Momo.

“We’re not watching any more porn. Ok, since you love cake so much…” I typed it in and showed them the results.

“We can do that,” said Sonja.

“Yeah, but you just looked at pictures. Here, you can read about it.” I brought up the Wikipedia page. “See, this is called Wikipedia. It’s like Google, it will tell you everything you want to know about whatever you’re interested in. See, look at all this information.” I scrolled through the page, and while the huge wall of words intimidated them, they were also interested. I then bookmarked the main page and showed them how to get to it.

“Ok, now you’ve been using YouTube for your reading lessons, but you can watch plenty of other movies.”

“You mean like—”

“Momo, if you keep asking for porn, I won’t give you any head pats tomorrow either.” That shut her up. “Ok, I’ll show you some things you might like.” I showed them cat videos, dog videos, and mouse videos, each of them making the girls wiggle in excitement.

After that, I showed them a couple flash games websites, mainly old arcade games. Wikipedia, YouTube, and games, that’s all I trusted them with as far as the Internet was concerned. I then showed them some applications like Photo Booth, Microsoft, and a few other things. Finally, I set up some strict parental controls.

“Ok, girls, that’s all you need to know about the computer and you’re now free to use it. However, I have rules. First rule: you are not allowed to eat or drink and use it. Second rule: no bringing it into the bathroom.”

“But you do both those things,” said Sonja.

“Because I know what I’m doing, you three don’t. Third rule: no going outside with it. Fourth rule: You have to be ridiculously careful with it. Always carry it with both hands, keep it on the table, keep it charged, and close it if you’re not using it. If it breaks or gets any damage, I’ll give each of you a hard spanking.”

“A spanking?” Chloe asked.

I clapped my hands together as loud as I could. “I’ll do that to your butt, several times.” Now that scared them. “Fifth and final rule: Unless you’re all using it together, you’re each limited to an hour use every day. If you behave well, I’ll let you use it longer. Understood?” All the girls nodded. “Good, now let’s go to bed. I’m exhausted.”


I woke up the next morning being head-butted by three naked girls. Even Chloe had slithered under the covers and was lying on my chest. Since it was a new day, their punishment was over and they wanted to make up for lost time. I pulled them in close and rubbed their heads like I was trying to polish them, making the girls whimper in bliss. With only two hands and three girls to satisfy, I had to add my mouth to the equation, nibbling the ears of whichever girl I wasn’t able to pet. Of course, it had been a strain for me to resist petting them last night, and with three naked girls rubbing up against me, my morning wood was getting an extra charge.

Feeling my erection between her legs, Chloe’s porcelain face became flushed and she moved aside in embarrassment. I had managed to resist temptation these past few days, but this month was really dragging on. Another few weeks would tell me whether or not she had a menstrual cycle, as well as solidify her trust in me. As such, she had already seen me play with Momo and Sonja, but her nervousness had yet to ease. Oh well, my balls wouldn’t be turning blue anytime soon.

Seeing my hard-on like the dot of a laser pointer, Momo pounced. She straddled my lap and stuck herself on my dick like a marker top. Sonja followed suit, joining her lips with mine. Luckily, I always set my alarm extra early so we’d have time for some morning coitus. After emptying myself into Momo and playing Sonja like a harmonica, I went downstairs with the girls cheering for breakfast. I no longer needed to prepare it for them. I had taught Momo and Sonja how to use the stove (but only when I’m home so I could turn it off if they forgot) and to cook eggs and sausages, and Chloe was a simple breakfast girl.

I had a well-established morning routine. I would eat at the table, watching the girls eat on the floor in their usual bowed posture. I had my laptop with me, checking my email, the news, and of course, dank memes. After eating, I’d brush, shave, finish getting dressed, and then give the girls a kiss goodbye as they crawled back into bed for a nap.

“Ok, girls, I’m trusting you with my laptop. But first, you have to tell me the rules. I want to make sure you remember them.”

“No using it around food,” said Momo.

I nodded. “Good. And?”

“No bringing it into the bathroom when we use the toilet,” said Sonja.

“That’s right. Chloe?”

“I’m sorry!” she squealed under the bed.

“Do you remember the third rule?”

Her white head poked out. “No bringing it outside?”

“Good girl. And the fourth rule is that you have to be careful with it. I want to be able to trust you with it, trust that you can keep it safe. Don’t make me regret it.”

Momo sat up in the bed. “Can we watch porn?”

Hearing porn mentioned excited Sonja. “Yeah! Can we? Can we?”

My palms met my face.

Dear, my humanoid cat and dog are obsessed with watching pornography. Please advise.

“No, you cannot watch porn. You watch porn and I’ll give you a spanking. Understand? Good, then I’ll see you tonight.”

I gave them all a kiss and left them sound asleep in (and under) the bed.


Hours later, the girls all woke up, though not quite at the same time. First was Momo, who first thing upon waking crawled under the bed to bully Chloe. The unwanted fingering awoke Chloe, whose whimpers of embarrassment and nervousness woke of Sonja. Then they all got dressed and went down for lunch.

“So who gets to use the computer first?” Chloe asked after they ate.

Sonja stretched. “I’m gonna go play outside for a while.”

“Momo wants to look for something on the computer. Does Chloe want to do something?”

“No! No! That’s ok! I don’t need to use it!” her shy nature revealed itself, afraid of getting in anyone’s way.

“Ok, then Chloe, come outside and play with me! Let’s go look for firewood!”

Before Chloe could object, Sonja pulled her outside. Momo sat down at the kitchen table and logged on to the girls’ shared account. From there, the search was on.


Sonja and Chloe returned after half an hour, dirty from carrying sticks. They found Momo with her head on the table, a true image of a broken soul.

“Momo, what’s wrong?” Sonja asked.

“Momo can’t find the toy,” she groaned.

“What toy?” asked Chloe.

“The toy from the porn yesterday, remember? Those two girls used it? It buzzed like a bee. Buzz! Buzz! They seemed to like it.”

“Oh yeah, I remember. Google isn’t helping?”

“No, Google is too dumb to get it.”

“Well maybe Master will know what you’re looking for,” said Chloe.

The feline’s ears perked up. “Momo will draw Master a picture!” she declared.

She ran off to find her crayons, leaving the computer with Sonja and Chloe.

“Do you want to use it?” asked Sonja.

“I’m sorry! It’s ok! I don’t want it!” she squealed instinctively.

“Let’s play a game!”

Taking the computer, Sonja brought up the bookmarked game website, showing classic games like Pong and Space Invader. For hours they played together, taking turns or using games that allowed for two people to share the keyboard. True, they were breaking the time limit rule, but hopefully they wouldn’t get in trouble.

Momo being Momo, she finished her drawing and went upstairs to spend the day napping and masturbating.


“Please tell me you girls haven’t been on that thing all day,” I said, coming through the front door. All the girls had greeted me as usual, but I could see a paused game on the open laptop.

Sonja and Chloe exchanged guilty looks. “Not ALL day,” said Sonja.

“Bad girls,” I said, making the dog and mouse shy away. Momo came up, holding a piece of paper and looking very eager to tell me something.

“Momo, did you make another picture for me?”

“Master, can Momo please have one of these?”

She handed me the picture but I was unsure what she was trying to show me. It looked almost like an ice cream cone.

“What is it?”

“Momo saw it used in one of the porns yesterday. Two girls were playing with it.”

Jesus, she was asking for a vibrator! It was one of those big neck massager ones, which normally had to be plugged into the wall.

“First of all, it’s pornOs. Porn is the subject, porno is the object. Second, no, I will not get this for you. This is exactly why I didn’t want you watching these videos!”

“Pleeeeeeeeease, Master? Momo will be really good!” she begged.

Both Sonja and Chloe were looking at us, curious as to the outcome. I really didn’t like the idea of Momo having a sex toy. For one thing, she spent enough time playing with herself already. Plus, I was afraid of further stimulating her curiosity. First she would ask for a vibrator and then who knows what. But on the other hand, it might be fun if I used it on the girls. I could see them now, moaning and squirming in bliss, calling me again and again. Hell, they might end up squirting like fire hydrants.

“I’ll tell you what, if you make dinner for all of us for seven nights, I’ll get you a vibrator.”

Her eyes sparkled. “Really?”

“Yep, but they have to be good. You’ll have to remember everything I taught you. I’ll make plans for dinners this week and get the ingredients, and it will be up to you to prepare them. That also includes washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.”

“Momo will do it!”

“Ok, but I’m trusting you with this, just like I’m trusting you with a computer. You have to share with Sonja and Chloe, and if you misbehave, I’ll take it away. Deal?”



Rather than wait for Momo to prove herself, I decided to have faith in her and order the vibrator that night. It would arrive in the mail sometime that week, and hopefully the girls wouldn’t notice and Momo wouldn’t screw up. As much as I liked the idea of giving the girls vibrator reach-arounds, I couldn’t break the rules I had established. I had to be careful about spoiling the girls, making sure that rewards only came with responsibilities.

For the rest of that week, Momo cooked everything I had taught her. She spent the evenings in the kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron, and had a look of almost predatory focus. Whenever I taught the girls how to prepare meals, I made sure to write it down in a notebook for them. Hearing her sounding out words and seeing her stare at the pages as she worked, I was filled with pride. She really had matured since she became like this. And best of all, her meals came out perfectly.

At the end of the week, I gathered all the girls at the table, having just finished eating some particularly good chicken nuggets (it’s not like I was teaching the girls how to make soufflés).

“Momo, I’m very proud of you. I gave you a challenge and you passed with flying colors.” Momo purred at the praise, an adorable smile on her face and her tail twisting. “A deal’s a deal. Momo, have fun.”

I reached under the table and pulled out the vibrator, handing it to her like the Olympic torch. It was a smaller version of the neck massager model, battery powered rather than needing an outlet. Knowing Momo, I made sure to stock up on batteries. She took it gratefully, her eyes wide as dinner plates. She pressed the button on the side and the toy activated, a low hum echoing through the kitchen with the rubber head clearly shaking. Not only Momo, Sonja was gazing at the toy with a hungry expression. While she didn’t play with herself as much as Momo did, she couldn’t wait to try it herself. Chloe, on the other hand, shied away, as usual. Even a low buzzing enough to scare her.


I had never heard Momo cry out so loud. She was on her back, legs spread. I was kneeling perpendicular to her, giving steady thrusts while Sonja held the vibrator to her clitoris. Momo’s cheeks were wet with tears and her tongue swept across her lips. One might think she was in pain (sitting in the corner, Chloe certainly thought so), but if I stopped my thrusts or Sonja stopped the toy, Momo would beg to have them returned.

I leaned over Momo and nibbled on her ears, the last bit of stimulation needed for her to cry out from a tidal wave of orgasms. Her voice echoed through the house, until at last, she lay limp, glistening with sweat. She might be out for the count.

“Sonja, are you ready?”

The blonde pup bounced on her knees, shaking the bed with her big yellow ears flopping. “I wanna try! I wanna try!”

Without me needing to tell her, she got on all fours, shaking her butt at me. How surprising that her favorite position is doggy-style. I mounted her from behind, her tail falling slack and an erotic smile on her face as she felt me penetrate her. As I started slamming into her, she brought the vibrator to her clit, starting her own choir of sexual bliss. Normally, she would stay on her hands and knees, letting her breasts clap together like a Newton’s cradle. This time, however, the stimulation was too much for her to stay upright. She was face down, her rear end sticking up, her drool damping the sheets as bliss overwhelmed her.

“Mmmmmasterrrrr… this feels soooooo gooooooood,” she groaned, looking like she had just taken a hit of acid.

“I can actually feel the vibrations through you, and I’m enjoying it as well.”

Sonja didn’t even give any warning, she just howled when she came. I pulled out of her, still full of stamina. Hopefully Momo was up for Round 2.


For several days, buzzing and moaning could be heard almost nonstop. Momo spent even more of the daylight hours in the bedroom than before, putting the vibrator through its paces and switching out batteries like they were shotgun shells. Her masturbation habit had gone from being cute and sexy to being rather concerning. At this point, it was more of an addiction. And while I had originally gotten the smaller vibrator because it was cheaper than the plug-in model, the cost of batteries was burning through the savings like thermite.

One night, upon coming home, only Sonja and Chloe greeted me. Momo was absent. I sighed loudly and moved upstairs, finding her on top of some tangled and damp sheets. Whether it was the sound of the vibrator or her own moaning, she hadn’t heard me come up the driveway. I stood over her, her back to me and her butt in the air, completely unaware that I was there. This was actually the same way I had found her and she first started flicking her bean.

Listening to her moans, a peculiar idea came to me. A catgirl pleasuring herself would probably attract a lot of fetishists, fetishists with money. Maybe she could become one of those webcam girls with the premium sites, pay to watch. Hell, her cutesy way of talking might drive some people wild, and if I put some tape on her butt and gave her some realistic-looking fake human ears, viewers would just assume that her ears and tail were just some really well-made props. Sonja and maybe even Chloe could also get involved.

I immediately shot the idea down. For one thing, all my effort had to be put into hiding the girls rather than exposing him, plus… it felt like I would be taking advantage of them. They were in my care, so while having sex with them was one thing, putting them on the Internet to make money was approaching pimp levels. And they didn’t know any better, so I didn’t like the idea of making them do this when they couldn’t comprehend it and understand the meaning and consequences. Oh well, the idea was always there.


She spun around, nearly falling off the bed as if she had just seen a cucumber. (Look it up.)

“Master!” she exclaimed.

“Momo, you and I need to have a talk.”

“Did Momo do something wrong?” Crap, she was being cute again. I swear she’s doing this on purpose.

I sat down next to her. “Momo, you’ve been using the vibrator too much.”

“But Momo lets Sonja use it when she asks!”

“I know, and I’m proud of you for that. But you’re spending way too much time up here, playing with yourself. Do something else with your day. I got you books and art supplies and you can use the computer now, plus it’s still plenty warm out if you put some clothes on, so maybe go run around with Sonja. I’m not taking it away, but from now on, you can only use it once a day, and I don’t mean until it runs out of batteries.”

Momo’s ears drooped. “Okay,” she mumbled.

“Come here, give me some love.”

She crawled over and gave me a kiss, then curled up with her head in my lap. I stroked her hair and her cheeks, making her purr.

“I love you,” I said.

“Momo loves Master, too,” she replied.


“Master!” x3

I woke up, quite unwillingly I might add. The girls no longer needed me to prepare breakfast for them, so I was finally able to sleep in on the weekends. At least that was the plan. They had left the bed to go eat, but immediately swarmed back.

“There had better be a fire,” I grumbled, face-down on the bed.

“It’s snowing!” Momo exclaimed.

I looked up at them. As expected, Sonja was overjoyed, Momo was pissed off, and Chloe was terrified. In the window behind them, I could see white flakes falling from the lightening sky. It was a flurry out there.

“Huh, the first snow of the season. Do you girls want to go play outside?”

“Yeah!” Sonja cheered.

Momo just pouted and shrugged, as if I was responsible for the snow. Beside her, Chloe was pulling her ears down over her face and squealing in fear. The girls and I got dressed and headed downstairs, then added on some extra layers and went outside. With a coat, hat, snow boots, and mittens, Sonja rocketed out the door and began frolicking through the yard.

“Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!”

I stepped out onto the deck, Momo beside me and Chloe behind me. Momo was scowling, and with her ears covered with a hood, she looked like your average bitchy teenager. “Momo doesn’t like the cold, Momo misses her fur,” she said as she pulled the strings of her hood.

Chloe looked around, clinging to my jacket. “Is it safe to be out here?”

“Chloe, relax, it’s just frozen water. See?”

I scooped up a handful of fluff and held it to her, the flakes as white as her hair. She leaned forward and sniffed it, wiggling her nose. I blew into the pile, spraying them into her face like she was a powdered donut. She jumped back, her eyes wide, not looking scared so much as unable to process the feel of the snow touching her skin.

“Come on, let’s go for a quick walk before breakfast.”

The girls followed me into the woods, and as one would expect, Sonja zoomed around us, eyes always upwards and her tongue sticking out to try and catch the flakes.

“Master, Momo’s cold!” the feline whined, clinging to me like a koala. The feeling of my arm between her breasts definitely kept the cold at bay for me.

Strangely enough, Chloe was calm. She was paying more attention to her footing and steps but appeared to have gotten used to the presence of snow. Perhaps she was getting more mature. As she followed me, I crouched down and picked up a handful of snow. It was pretty cold outside, so there wasn’t any moisture in the snow. I breathed into it, using the heat to melt the snow and then I formed it into a snowball.

“Hey, Sonja, catch!”

Down the path, Sonja turned around and I threw the snowball. She jumped up and it smacked her in the forehead. “Again! Again!” she hollered before I could worry.


After going back home, we all had breakfast and then crawled back into bed for a bit. Before falling asleep, I thought back to what the realtor agent had told me, about this house easily losing power. I still had yet to buy a generator and I needed to sign up for the plowing service. When we started getting real nor’easters, the last thing we needed was to be stranded out here without any power or food. After a brief nap, the girls and I got up, but Chloe only climbed out from under the bed so that she could crawl under the sheets and curl up in my warm spot. It seemed that she wanted to sleep a little longer.

Momo, Sonja, and I headed downstairs and had lunch, and as soon as she had eaten, Sonja put on her coat and boots and ran back outside, of course leaving the door open behind her. After closing it, I turned to Momo.

“I’m going to go run some errands, I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Oh, can we have ravioli tonight?” Momo asked.

“Sure thing.”

After I left, Momo found herself sitting at the table, unsure of what to do. She usually felt bored after naps, this was nothing new, but it was an annoyance. Maybe she could draw something? Nah. Play on the computer? Meh. Read a book. Yawn. She could always play with herself, but it would have to be on the couch. After all, Chloe had taken the bed. Chloe…

Momo’s ears perked up and she made her way upstairs. Reaching the bedroom, she stood at the foot of the bed, looking at the sleeping Chloe. Momo’s tail was curling and her ears were twitching from her rising energy. She crawled into the bed, the shaking of the mattress awaking Chloe. Seeing Momo and knowing what she was going to do, Chloe whimpered and turned away.

A deep purr in her throat, Momo pulled away the blankets, prompting Chloe to curl up the fetal position. Regardless of her passive resistance, Momo managed to work her hand between Chloe’s legs, her probing fingers slipping inside her. Chloe continued to whimper from Momo’s tickles, lacking the willpower to try and stop her. Chloe’s whine made Momo purr even louder, her own body beginning to react. She leaned over and nibbled on Chloe’s ears, making her shiver in response. She began to writhe and twist, feeling Momo’s tongue and lips massaging the sensitive cartilage, all while her fingers whisked up her virgin nectar.

It took only a couple minutes for her to achieve an orgasm, prompting a particularly loud squeak. Chloe rolled onto her back, gasping for air. Momo sat up, normally leaving after managing to coax an orgasm from Chloe, but this time, she instead reached over to the bedside table, into a drawer. Chloe tensed up when she heard that signature hum. Her eyes were tearful, but she didn’t resist Momo. Licking her lips, Momo brought the head of the vibrator to Chloe’s clit, drawing a continuous whine from the mouse.

Momo was curled up against her, purring with a small smile as she rubbed Chloe’s pussy with the vibrator. She was leaking like a sieve, the buzzing of the head making her body tremble like ripples in water. But Momo wasn’t satisfied with just making Chloe feel good. She climbed on top of her, similar to the missionary position. With their smooth legs intertwined, Momo began rubbing up against Chloe, letting the vibrator buzz against both their pussies. Due to the difference in height, Momo’s breasts were smothering Chloe. At first, she thought it was just coincidental, but with the way Momo was rubbing her chest against her face, she realized that Momo actually wanted her to do something.

Hoping it would get Momo to stop, Chloe opened her mouth and began sucking on her breasts. Momo groaned in bliss, relishing the feeling of lips on her nipples while the vibrator buzzed against her clit. Her tail stood erect, and soon enough, she came. Maybe Momo would finally leave, that’s what Chloe was hoping for. But Momo looked down at Chloe, staring into her eyes, and the hungry look on her face told her otherwise. Without saying a word, she began to crawl over Chloe, moving towards the headboard. She stopped once Chloe’s head was between her legs, suspending her dripping pussy over the girl’s tearful face. Sniffling, Chloe slowly extended her tongue, not having the strength to refuse.

“What the hell is going on here?!”

Momo looked over, seeing me in the doorway. It was a good thing I had forgotten my wallet on the bureau. Momo jumped off Chloe and hid behind the bed, while Chloe, crying, rushed over to me.

“Momo keeps tickling me! Make her stop!”

I looked at Momo. “What have you been doing to Chloe?”

“Momo just wanted to play with her!”

“Even when she clearly didn’t want to?”

Momo cocked her head to one side, not understanding why I was angry. What the hell was going on with her? Was Momo bisexual? Sure, I had seen Momo and Sonja lick my cum off each other’s breasts, or finger each other, but they had never kissed or shown any real sexual interest in each other. Why would she go after Chloe but not Sonja?

Dear, sorry about bothering you all the time, but my humanoid cat won’t stop sexually assaulting my humanoid mouse and I need help.

I looked back and forth between them, from Chloe’s ears to Momo’s. Oh for fuck’s sake! Momo isn’t molesting Chloe because she’s bi, she’s bullying her because they’re cat and mouse! She’s playing with her fucking food! She used to do the same damn thing when she was a kitten. She’s catch mice and birds, and even when they were injured or dead, she would keep batting them around, trying to get them to fight back. I thought she had outgrown it, but Momo was still a predator and was picking on Chloe because she was small and weak.

“Momo, you’re not allowed to play with someone when they don’t want to! That’s very bad! Very bad! You’re going to spend the next few nights sleeping on the couch!” I then stormed over and took away her vibrator. “And you’re not getting this back anytime soon!”


For the rest of the day, Momo made herself scarce, hiding in the woods. It’s better that she did, because I was furious for the way she treated Chloe. I filled up her food bowl at dinner, but she didn’t come in to eat until we had all finished and left the kitchen, at which point she waited for us to go to bed. Sonja was confused as to why I was bringing down blankets and a pillow and leaving them on the couch, with Momo sniffling in the far corner of the house.

“Master, what’s going on?” she asked as she followed me up to the bedroom.

“Momo has been very bad, so for the next few nights, she’ll be sleeping on the couch.”

Sonja froze, trying to imagine what Momo had done to earn such a horrible punishment. In the bedroom, we found Chloe, sitting on Momo’s side of the bed. The blankets I had given Momo were from Chloe’s nest under the bed. After we all brushed our teeth, we were about to climb into bed, but I instead saw Chloe crawl under it. Even without blankets and a pillow, she still planned on sleeping on the floor.

“Chloe, wait.” She poked her head up from under the bed. “I know you like to sleep on the floor at night, but there is plenty of room in the bed for you. Come on, it’ll be too cold and uncomfortable for you down there.”

Chloe’s face turned red. Normally, she would only sleep in the bed for daytime naps, since at night, her rodent instincts told her to hide under things and avoid the nocturnal predators. She wasn’t used to being so exposed at night. Plus, she and I had never slept in the same bed before. Even when I went to take a nap, Momo and Sonja would always flank me and leave Chloe to snooze underneath. After seeing what I did with Momo and Sonja, she was worried about what I would do with her so close.

I held out my hand to her. “Don’t worry, it’s ok. I promise you, you’re safe.”

Rather than take my hand, she slithered up from under the bed and into the covers. I could feel her beside me, taking the same kneeling pose she would to eat.

“Ok, everybody cozy? Goodnight girls.”

“Goodnight, Master!” said Sonja with a smile.

“Goodnight, Master,” said Chloe, giving a muffled squeak under the covers.


The next day, I decided to treat everything as I would normally. Momo was still grounded and would sleep on the couch for a few more days, but I didn’t yell at her or anything like that. She had already run away once, back when she thought I loved Sonja more than her, and if I was mean to her, she might run away again. At the very least, she understood that she had done something wrong. I just had to hope that she would understand why it was wrong.

After returning home yesterday and finding Momo and Chloe, I hadn’t gotten anything done. I needed to get this place ready for winter. Having slept in a bit and had breakfast, I found the girls playing in the living room. Chloe was doodling, Momo was playing Space Invaders on the laptop, and Sonja was reading Dr. Seuss.

“Girls, I’m going to go out and run some errands.”

“Bye, Master!” they said.

They all looked up to me, and when my eyes met Momo’s, I gave her a glare that said ‘you’re on thin ice, don’t fuck this up’. I think she got the message; she immediately hid behind the laptop.

Driving to the nearby town, I stopped at the hardware store and got some snow shovels, salt, sand, long-lasting candles, and a generator. I didn’t need something too heavy duty, just enough power to keep the water running and maybe the stove and microwave. Either way, the cost was more than I expected and I could feel rocks piling up in my stomach. Chloe’s addition hadn’t raised living expenses by very much, but even as an office manager, I was living paycheck to paycheck. I still made enough to have some savings left over, but it was scary how often those savings got depleted. It was a good thing I didn’t pay for heating oil or firewood.


That night, we had ravioli and meat sauce, just like Momo wanted, sort of like a peace offering. But now, hanging from her shoulder like a purse, Chloe carried a water gun. I had gotten it for her at the store and instructed her to spray Momo if she ever got even a little bit touchy-feely. She appeared reluctant to use it, but I could also see that she was relieved to have it. Hopefully the relationship between them was still mendable. But I was happy that the four of us could again watch TV together on the couch.


“Master,” Sonja whispered.

She was on her back, her legs wrapped around my waist. Even the smallest thrust made her breasts jiggle like Jell-O. With Momo still sleeping downstairs, it was just me and Sonja. I decided to take it slow tonight, gentle, loving, contrary to the hardcore threesomes we usually had. She looked so beautiful, even in the darkness, her blonde hair catching the faintest light. My lips met hers, our tongues following suit, not even separating when I pulled out or rushed into her.

It was nice to do it this way for a change. Sometimes one on one is better than a threesome. Besides, seeing us as we were now, Chloe’s expression was almost one of awe. Normally, she would look terrified when she watched me have sex with Momo and Sonja, but that was because we were normally much more hardcore in that scenario, fucking like porn stars. But now that she was seeing it this way, seeing how tender and caring it could be, her fear was disappearing. Lying just two feet away, wrapped in blankets, she watched with wide eyes and slick thighs.

Sonja finished, I coming in second. I kissed her on the nose. “I love you,” I said.

“I love you too, Master,” she murmured.

I moved off her and turned to Chloe, kissing her too on the nose. “Goodnight, Chloe.”

“Goodnight, Master.”


I left home that frigid Monday morning with a bit of worry. Chloe had told me that Momo often came after her in the middle of the day, usually when she was napping. I had stepped out yesterday to run errands, but with the work week starting once again, that was more than eight hours a day where I wouldn’t be supervising them. But I had left Sonja with the task of keeping Chloe safe, and the last time I checked on them, they were curled up in bed, Chloe with her water gun always in reach. Momo had one more night to spend on the couch, and I hoped for her sake that she didn’t screw up.

Hours later, Chloe and Sonja woke up and headed downstairs. They found Momo on the couch, shaking her head after a very unsatisfying nap.

“Momo misses Master’s bed,” she whined.

Chloe hid behind Sonja, worried that Momo might do something to her in her frustration.

“Well it’s your own fault,” said Sonja. “You made Master angry.”

“Momo doesn’t know why Master is angry.”

Sonja cocked her head to one side. “Huh, I don’t know either. What did you do, again?”

“She kept playing with me, even though I didn’t want to,” said Chloe.

“Momo thought Chloe was a toy.”

“Well of course Master is angry at you! How could you think Chloe is a toy? Master doesn’t think we are toys!”

Momo’s ears twitched, the words finally getting through. “Chloe, Momo is sorry,” she said.

Momo had already apologized before, or more accurately, been forced to, but Sonja and Chloe could tell that this one was truly genuine. Chloe stepped out from behind Sonja, holding her hands in front of her.

“I forgive you,” she squeaked.


I came home, finding Momo and Chloe on the couch, reading a picture book together. Chloe didn’t seem nervous and didn’t have her water gun next to her. It warmed my heart, seeing them finally getting along. That evening, Momo seemed less miserable about sleeping on the couch. Perhaps she had realized what she did wrong and was willing to bear her punishment. Anyways, this was the last night she was grounded, and even I was glad that it was over. She and I hadn’t had sex since I punished her, so it would be good for things to get back to normal.


I rolled off a very satisfied Sonja, finding Chloe watching us with wide eyes. “Come here, cutie,” I said, pulling her close. She tensed up when I put my arm around her, thinking I was going to use her for Round 2. Instead, I simply held her against me, her forehead pressed against my chest.

“M-Master?” she asked.

“We don’t cuddle enough.” The bed began to shake and small yips could be heard. I looked back Sonja. She was sound asleep but wiggling and whining. “Huh, look at her go. She must be dreaming about chasing squirrels.”


It was a new day and I was happy as could be. Sure, there was a frigid downpour outside and I had cut myself shaving, but neither of those could ruin my mood. Why? Because it had been more than a month since Chloe appeared, and never had she shown a single sign of a menstrual cycle, meaning she couldn’t get pregnant and was open for business!

“Ok, girls, I’ll see you tonight,” I said as I got my shoes on.

The girls were still having breakfast, but they got up to say goodbye. Each of them gave me a kiss and then returned to her bowls, but I grasped Chloe’s wrist before she could get away.

“Hold on a second, Chloe.”

It took only an instant for her eyes to become watery and her ears to droop. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong.” I got down on one knee and kissed her hands. “I just wanted to ask you something. I was thinking that maybe… you and I could play together tonight? You don’t have to worry, I’ll be gentle. But we won’t do it if you don’t want to.”

Her hair, ears, and tail stood on end and her body glowed red like a Christmas light. “M-M-M-M-M-Master…”

“Relax, you don’t have to answer now. Think about it. Now how about another kiss?” She was still petrified, so I kind of had to steal one.


“Ah, time for a nap!” said Sonja after washing the egg grease off her lips.

“Momo missed sleeping in the bed,” the feline added.

The two of them walked towards the stairs but stopped when they realized Chloe wasn’t following them. She was still standing by the door, nervous as could be.

“Chloe, are you ok?” Sonja asked.

Chloe turned to them. “Master said he wants to play with me tonight.” She had her eyes downcast and was fidgeting.

Contrary to Chloe’s mood, Sonja perked right up and rushed over to her with a big grin. “That’s great! You’re going to love playing with Master!”

“But I’m too scared! I don’t want it to hurt!”

Momo walked over. “It only hurts the first time, then it feels great.”

“How did you two do it?”

“Momo started it first. Master didn’t want to do it but he quickly changed his mind when his thing went in Momo.”

“And I had to wait for Momo to go outside before Master and I could play together and we both had a great time.”

“But what if Master doesn’t like me?”

Momo and Sonja looked at her as if she had just spoken in gibberish.

“Why wouldn’t he?” they asked.


It was a long day at work, but then again, the days are always long when instead of the ticks of the clock, you measure time by your heartbeat reverberating in your erect dick like it’s a tuning fork. Hopefully Chloe had some good news, but even if she didn’t, then at the very least I still had Momo and Sonja. Upon coming home, I rushed through the front door, and as usual, found the girls waiting to greet me. But instead of swarming to me, they were standing in the kitchen, Sonja and Momo side by side with Chloe, their hands resting on her shoulders.

“Master, I think Chloe has something she wants to tell you,” said Sonja giddily.

I looked to Chloe, who was blushing and wringing her tail. “I want to play with Master,” she squeaked.

A smile on my face, I got down on one knee with my arms outstretched and Chloe rushed over and hugged me. “I’m glad to hear that. And since Momo is no longer in trouble, both she and Sonja will be there to support you.” She then pulled away just enough for us to kiss. “How about tonight, after we’ve all had dinner, we take a bath, just the two of us, just as a warm up?”

She finally smiled and nodded her head. “‘Kay!”


Having anticipated Chloe’s decision, I cooked us up a special dinner: steak and mashed potatoes, though that brought about hilariously messy results. The girls normally ate like the animals they used to be, so with something like steak, they needed to use their hands. I know I could have cut it up for them into bite-sized pieces, but then I would miss the sight of them sitting on the floor cross-legged, faces caked with mashed potatoes and BBQ sauce, gripping their steaks and tearing pieces off with their teeth like vultures. I might need to give Chloe a shower before we even get in the bath. Of course, their clothes were ruined, but it was still pretty funny.

Rather than watch TV with the girls before going up to bed, I got the bath started right after dinner. I didn’t want to stay up too late playing with the girls. Once the girls had washed their faces, I called Chloe upstairs. She met me in the steamy bathroom, jittery as usual.

“This is going to be nice,” I said after locking the door.

I started taking off my clothes and Chloe did the same. She had spent so much time naked in this house, but tonight, she seemed particularly nervous as she stripped, like a runaway 14-year-old in a truck stop bathroom, doing what she needed to do to get a ride to California. Ok, dark place, let’s back it up and pretend that didn’t happen. And of course, while she had seen me naked plenty of times, the sight of my throbbing member made her give a tiny squeak of fear.

I got into the bath first, giving a slight wince from the heat. “Ok, Chloe, come here.”

“Um… how do I…?”

“Just sit on my lap and lie back against me.”

Trying to contain her nervousness, she stepped into the tub, and as she flashed me her cute little butt, I couldn’t resist leaning over and planting a kiss on the left cheek. Chloe froze up, not out of fear, but mere surprise that I would do something so bold. It took her a moment, but she managed to settle down on my lap, my manhood nice and cozy you know where (not there, we haven’t gotten to that yet). She leaned back against me and I could tell she was relaxing.

We stayed like that for a good while, simply relishing the warmth of the water and the touch of each other’s bodies.

“You know, this reminds me a lot of when we first met. You were this tiny little flower, afraid of her own shadow. You’ve grown up since then.”


“Yeah, but you’re still as cute as you were then.”

She looked at her hands. “Do you know why I became like this?”

I sighed. “No, I have no idea. I’ve been trying to figure it out but nothing has helped.

“I’m glad I got to become like this and got to meet Master.”

I kissed the top of her head. “Yeah, me too.”

“But I wish I was more like Sonja and Momo.”

“What do you mean?”

“They’re tall and have big chests which you seem to like. And when we watched porn, there weren’t any girls as small as me.”

I put my arms around her. “Oh stop, you’re perfect just the way you are. Believe me when I say this, you’re cuter than Momo and Sonja put together. If they’re dinner, then you’re cake.”

“Do you really think so?” she asked with a shy smile.

“Of course. And besides, even if you have a flat chest, I can still play with these.” I moved my hands under the water to her breasts and started tickling her nipples.

She squirmed and giggled. “Master!”

“And I can do this,” I said as I started nibbling on her ears, making her giggling turn to moaning.

“Master!” she panted.

“And you don’t need to be tall for me to want to spend all day touching you here.” One of my hands fell between her legs, touching her only lightly with my palm. Chloe became still, likewise making me tense up. Had Momo ruined my chances of actually getting to play with Chloe?

“Is it ok for me to touch you here?”

“It feels good when Master touches me there,” she whispered.

“Really? Well, does it feel good when I touch you… here?” I tickled her left lip, nothing more than tiny strokes of my finger. Once again, Chloe began to squirm and giggle. “And how about… here?” I moved to the right, making her fidget with a cute little smile on her face. “And how about down here?” I probing the bottom of her pussy, where the lips converged. Chloe’s breaths became faster. “And I bet you like it when I touch you here.” As expected, I saved her clitoris for last, and as I played it like a joystick, her panting deepened and her thighs clamped together.

I left the job to my thumb and slipped my fingers inside her. Due to her small body, she was tighter than both Momo and Sonja, but the hot water was helping to loosen her up and keep her slick.

“Master!” she whimpered, gasping for air as my fingers stirred inside her.

“Yep, this really is just like the first time we met. Come here and give me a kiss.”

She rolled over and rubbed her chest against mine, now blushing with arousal. We began to kiss, our tongues entwining as she straddled my hand. Her small rear end, poking up above the water, would jiggle as she reacted to the movement of my fingers, sending ripples through the tub. She pulled her lips away, looking at me with eyes swimming.

“I love you, Master,” she whimpered.

“I love you too, Chloe. Are you ready to move this to the bedroom?”

She mustered up her courage and nodded, so I let the tub drain out. We both stood up and dried off with towels, and then I scooped her up and carried her out into the bedroom. Momo and Sonja were there, eager to support Chloe and hopefully get some playtime of their own. I sat Chloe on the bed and ruffled her hair.

“Ok, now the first thing we’re going to do is you are going to suck on my member. I know you’ve seen Momo and Sonja do it. Are you ready?” She nodded, but I could tell she was nervous. “Girls, how about you show her how it’s done?”

I didn’t need to ask twice. The three of them kneeled on the floor, Chloe directly in front of me, staring at my manhood in both awe and fear. I turned to Momo, hefting it in her face. With plenty of experience, Momo began basting my cock with her mouth, drowning it in saliva while massaging it with her tongue and cheeks. I rolled back my head and groaned, overpowered by the sensation of her diligence. Chloe and Sonja watched her, Chloe taking mental notes and Sonja trying to contain her excitement.

“Ok, Momo, that’s good. Now it’s Sonja’s turn.” I turned to Sonja, unwittingly sending a drop of precum flying off and landing on Chloe’s lip. She wasn’t sure whether she could lick it or not.

Sonja decided to take a different approach. She started jacking me off, using Momo’s saliva as lubricant, while she lowered her head and slurped on my testes. Even after taking a bath, there was still some salt from my sweat from her lick up. She gave them equal attention, vehemently sucking on one side of my nutsack and then the other. Feeling my balls dancing on her tongue was one of the greatest sensations of my life. Maybe they reminded her of tennis balls? Either way, her efforts were more than commendable, and I had to stop her before she milked me dry.

I turned to Chloe. “Are you ready? Just don’t bite down. As long as you don’t use your teeth, you can do no wrong.”

Ok, it was her time to shine. Her eyes were a little tearful, but that was just the kind of girl she was. She didn’t hold it in her hand, as if afraid of it, and started making small, timid licks up the shaft. Normally this level of stimulation would be rather disappointing, but I felt it matched her style; innocent and adorable. She licked it as if she were a puppy, her speed and courage building with time. Perhaps it was because it was our first time together, but that small contact was strangely satisfying, though it was time for the next level.

“You’re doing great, Chloe. Now, try to fit it into your mouth and bob your head like Momo was doing.”

Chloe kissed the very tip, then her lips parted and my cock slid into her small mouth. She was able to take half of it, but she couldn’t deep-throat it yet like Momo and Sonja. She did most of the contact with her lips and then figured out how to use her cheeks and tongue. She was much gentler than Momo, her head moving back and forth much slower. It was a style that fit her personality, in a way making it feel more intense than it normally would have. My breathing became heavy, overwhelmed by what would have been considered a tepid blowjob if performed by anyone else.

“That’s a good girl,” I whispered, resting my hand on the top of her head.

She looked up at me, her eyes flushed with uncertainty. Certainly I had praised her, but she was worried I only did it at out pity. Was she doing this right? Was she as good as Momo and Sonja? I’ll admit, seeing that adorable desperation and nervousness in her big beautiful eyes tickled a sadistic side of me a bit.

“Don’t worry, you’re doing great.”

She tried to give a smile of gratitude, still with my dick in her mouth. She’s just too damn cute. I gazed at the three girls, all looking up at me with their sweet, beautiful faces, and an idea popped into my head.

“Girls, there’s something I want to try.” I gave them instructions and saw a twinkle of playfulness in their eyes.

Chloe leaned back, focusing her attention on just the head, while Momo and Sonja took the sides, licking and kissing the shaft. Three heads were clustered around my manhood, three tongues and pairs of lips running across it, and of course three pairs of cute ears for me to play with while they pleasured me. Words fail to describe the sensation I was experiencing, both physically and mentally. I had made it. I reached the great halls of harem kings from ages past, my name carved into the walls of Elysium. I was on top of the world. All I needed was a fourth girl, maybe… a bird girl, to be kneeling under me and sucking on my balls, and dare I say a fifth girl, perhaps some kind of lizard, giving me a rimjob. But I’m pretty sure that at that point, Jesus Christ would ride down on a T-Rex and bitch slap me just for being the lucky piece of shit I am.

Through the combined efforts of the three girls, I was overwhelmed and could feel an imminent eruption. I held Chloe’s head still. “I’m going to cum! Make sure you catch it all and don’t spill it!”

Before she could react, I emptied myself into her mouth, unleashing a geyser of semen. Chloe fell back, miraculously able to keep it all in her mouth.

“Mathterrrr! Thith ith yucky!

Huh, so she doesn’t like the taste of semen. That’s a new one.

“Open your mouth and let me see.”

She leaned her head back and showed me her mouth. Her tongue and teeth were completely submerged under a lake of cum. I’ll be honest, I just wanted to see her like this due to my need for self-gratification and sexual conquest.

“Ok, just give it to Momo and Sonja. Girls, open your mouths and she’ll pour in it.”

Momo and Sonja resembled baby birds about to be fed, looking up at Chloe with mouths wide open. She pursed her lips and let my sperm trickle out, pouring half into Momo’s mouth and half into Sonja. Chloe had to spit several times to purge her taste buds of the salty muck, but Sonja eagerly caught every drop from her. After a load like that, I had to buy some time to reflate my blimp.

“That was great work, Chloe. Now it’s my turn to taste you. Lie back on the bed.”

She assumed the position and I stood over her. Momo and Sonja were on either side of her, their luscious bodies almost framing her petite build. The frightened look on her face with her tearful eyes was cute beyond measure, and just the way her arms were twitching at her sides told me that she wanted to cover her small body, perhaps out of embarrassment when compared to Momo and Sonja, perhaps out of worry that I would do something painful. I had seen her frolic naked around the house for so long now, but never before her body enticed me so much.

To start, I leaned over and gave her a tiny peck on the lips to calm her down, then added some kisses on the forehead and cheek, moving down her slender neck to her collarbone. I took my time with her breasts, planting kisses upon her soft, ghostly white skin, using my lips to knead her delicate flesh and massage her nerves. Her breathing quickened as my mouth found her nipples, her arousal making them point like pink chocolate chips that I wanted to gobble up. At first, I simply traced around her areolas, as if the rings of small dots and bumps were a message in brail that I was reading with my tongue. I then closed my lips around one of the delicate nubs and gave a slight tug, drawing forth a gasp of bliss. Now that she was comfortable, I picked up the pace, switching between the left and right, kissing and sucking on her nipples with more gusto. I took turns with different techniques, either keeping my lips together and focusing the pressure on a small area, or opening my mouth wide and sucking on her breasts like I was trying to inhale them. Her breasts were so small, but I loved them.

The more I worked, the more Chloe reacted. Her soft voice preened and cooed, her thighs rubbed together, and her flat belly rose and fell with every trembling breath she took. She could finally understand why Momo and Sonja seemed to take such pleasure in me sucking on their breasts, and why Momo had made her suck on her breasts before. The sensations were almost too much to bear, but she knew that there was so much more to come.

I left her breasts slick and glistening and moved downward, running my lips across her belly and even tonguing her navel. She raised her head and looked at me, fearful of what was coming. Maybe I did it as an act of kindness, to give her more time to prepare herself, or maybe I did it as an act of sadism, taking joy in teasing her, but I completely skipped past her virgin flower and showed her slender legs the attention they deserved. So soft, so smooth, I caressed her skin, licking away any bath water that still clung to her thighs. I reached her small feet and kissed the tip of every toe. The tickling sensation made her giggle, the giggle giving her a smile and easing her tension. I even nibbled on the tip of her tail a bit.

Now that she was relaxed, I spread her legs, hungry for her honeypot. She held her breath, while I, almost ironically, teased her by blowing a stream of air onto her lips. That small chill from the movement of the air, on such a tender place, was enough to make her shiver. But that was enough procrastinating. Rather than warn her, I decided to just rip off the band-aid nice and quick and went down on her. My tongue penetrated her before my mouth met her entrance, sending a bolt of lightning up her spine. She cried out in happiness, nearly climaxing from that first touch alone.

Due to her small body, her slit had a little less surface area for me to work with, but that just meant I could completely envelop it with my mouth and suck on it like I was trying to draw venom from a snakebite. I moved her legs up onto my shoulders and went to town, drinking her nectar while her moans bounced off the walls. Even after the bath, she remained tight, my tongue having to force its way through to tickle her interior. My efforts made Chloe arch her back and moan nonstop.

Seeing the small girl react this way, Momo’s predatory instincts were beginning to flare up. A curious gleam filled her eyes, her tail curled, and her ears twitched and flapped like she was trying to direct planes on a runway. I could see it happening and kept a close watch on her. She and Chloe had made up and Momo promised that she wouldn’t bully her anymore, but the more aroused she got, the harder it would be to keep that promise.

Momo began to move and I momentarily paused, waiting to see if I should stop her. Her lips found Chloe’s small breast and enveloped her nipple, the movement of her tongue flushing Chloe with even more pleasure. I watched the two of them, still with my tongue inside Chloe. Chloe seemed aware of what Momo was doing, but the look on her face wasn’t one of an unwilling victim. She didn’t appear to mind receiving this kind of affection from Momo.

Sonja seemed to have the same idea I was having. She had her eyes focused on Momo and Chloe, watching for signs of discomfort or unease from the mouse. Finding none, she even decided to join in, sucking on Chloe’s other nipple and making the pipsqueak moan even loader. I got to say, I had a pretty good view there. While I continued to drink in Chloe’s arousal, I got to watch Momo and Sonja suck on her nipples like they were trying to leave hickeys, all while Chloe hollered from euphoria.

“M-M-Master! I’m c-c-c-cumming! I’m cumminggggEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!”

Her tiny body shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her, her mousy squeal sounding like a whistle. So, when climaxing, Momo meowed, Sonja howled, and Chloe squeaked. I have to wonder what would happen if I had sex with an elephant girl, the sound she would make. Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way. Maybe instead of hiding this from everyone, I should go public and travel the world. I could spend my life hunting down every single animal species on Earth, turning them into sexy girls, and then have wild sex with them! Hell, if I recorded it, I could make an audiobook of all their orgasm noises. People would probably pay good money for that.

A smile crossed my face as I thought back to that barnyard animal spinner toy I had as a kid. Imagine if, in the future, I made one myself. I’d pull the lever, it would spin, and say “the sheep goes ‘oh God! Oh God! Oh… BAAAAAAAAAH!’”

But enough about that, it was time for the main event. I got to my feet and leaned over, resting my manhood on her slippery opening. I had been waiting a month to take Chloe’s virginity, I couldn’t hold back any longer. Wait a second, when Momo was bullying Chloe, did her fingers accidentally… Holy shit. Holy shit, if Momo popped Chloe’s cherry, I’ll throttle her! No, no, get rid of those thoughts.

I looked down at Chloe, shivering with nervousness, her eyes swimming, a pure maiden about to be defiled by my cock. I suspended myself over her, as if doing a push-up. “Are you ready for this, Chloe?” She nodded, not trusting her voice. I leaned down and kissed her, a little confidence-booster. Ok, maybe I could tempt fate just a little bit. “Could one of you girls guide me in?”

Always eager for a chance to be helpful, Sonja smiled and grasped my manhood and helped me insert it. The head spread Chloe’s lips, the tightness becoming apparent. Was this due to how tense and nervous she was, or the size of her body? Probably both. Chloe began to pant and whine as I penetrated her, trying to get into the right position for a fast insertion. If I tried to take it slow and wait for Chloe to get accustomed to it, I wouldn’t reach her hymen until sunrise. It was better to just do it quickly, fast enough to get me all the way inside her without causing either of us injury.

I felt it, our genitals lining up perfectly like a USB port, my penis perfectly in line with her sleeve. It was now or never.

“Chloe, take a deep breath. Now, this first time will hurt and it will take a bit for you to get used to it, but afterwards, it’ll feel great all the time. I’ll do it quick, which will hopefully make it easier. Are you ready?”

She nodded again.

I said nothing and instead thrust into her, gritting my teeth through the tightness. Chloe cried out and a ring of blood could be seen around the base of my manhood. Chloe was crying and looks of concern were on Momo and Sonja’s faces.

“Chloe, are you ok?” I asked, wiping away some of her tears. “That’s enough for tonight, we’ll stop.”

“No.” She took a big sniff. “I want to keep going.”

I leaned over her and kissed her on the forehead. “Ok, but I’ll give you a bit of time to settle.”

I pulled out of her, leaving her virgin blood to drip off my cock and stain the sheets. I continued to wipe away her tears while her breathing calmed. Then, when she gave me the green light, I penetrated her once again. She was ridiculously tight, almost more than I could handle. I began my slow thrusts, her small body being pushed back and forth as I hollowed her out. She still sounded sort of like she was crying and there were still tears in her eyes, but that didn’t seem to change as time went on. Once again, the look on her face was tickling the sadistic part of me, but my concern overpowered it.

“Chloe, how are you feeling? Is it still hurting?”

“Not really. It just feels really weird.”

“Ok, just tell me when you’re ready and I’ll start picking up the pace.”

“I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?”

She nodded, and while there were tears in her eyes, it no longer seemed like she was feeling pain. Maybe the tears were just a quirk of hers. Either way, it seemed like the worst was over, so I increased the speed and strength of my thrusts. Chloe’s yelps loudened and she covered her face with her hands as if embarrassed, however, she never told me to stop or even slow down. The harder I worked, the higher her small white feet rose in the air.

“Hey, Chloe, there is an advantage that your tiny body has,” I said. The look on her face told me she had heard me and was asking me ‘what?’ “I can do… this!”

I moved my arms around her legs and under her back and then scooped her up. I stepped back from the bed, holding her with her knees close to her chin, her raised legs between us, and her upper body almost perpendicular to mine. She squealed in terror and tried to find something to hold onto with the tip of her tail unable to reach the floor. Holding her in my arms like this, I had perfect leverage and was able to begin moving both her and myself. I would raise her up while pulling my hips back, then bring us both slamming together and go in balls-deep. Her small body, light as a feather, was perfect for this position.

Every fierce impact sent Chloe’s cries echoing through the house, all while Momo and Sonja watched with wide eyes. They certainly wanted to play like this too, but even they knew that due to their heights, the mechanics would be different. I didn’t think I would be able to go as deep into her as I was now, her oiled interior smothering every centimeter of my cock and her lips stretching to accommodate me.

“Master! Master! Master! Master! Master!” She moaned this nonstop, and it was music to my ears. There are few things more satisfying than a girl calling you ‘Master’ as you fuck her. “Master, I’m going to cum again!”

I sped up my thrusts even more, releasing my inner porn star and hammering her like a jackhammer. Her moans turned into a loud squeak, so piercing that I thought the windows would break. Still holding her in my arms, I carried her to the bed and laid her down, watching her petite breasts rise and fall with her rushed breaths.

“Master, can Momo please go next?”

“No!” said Sonja, “I want to go next!”

“Sorry, Sonja, but Momo asked first, and it’s been a while since we played together. Momo, come on up.”

Momo jumped off the bed and into my arms, and by the skin of my teeth, I was able to remain standing and not break through the window behind me. Our lips joined, followed by our tongues, with her tail matching the movements. I leaned her up against the wall and she wrapped her legs around my waist, allowing me to free up a hand and plug into her. She began to whimper and moan in tandem with my thrusts, having dearly missed her playtime. Her tits were pressed to my chest, the feel of such softness driving me nuts. She broke the kiss, a tender smile on her face, and rather than grip my shoulders for support, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her forehead against mine, letting me stare into her glowing feline eyes. I thought she would say something, but she simply purred.

Back on the bed, Sonja was starting to whine like her favorite tennis ball was stuck under the couch. She was getting impatient and really wanted her turn, probably because of how lovey-dovey Momo and I were being. It might be a good idea to change anyway, since holding Momo up like this for so long was really killing my stomach muscles. I had to cut my playtime with Momo short but I wasn’t going to leave things unfinished. It was time to fight dirty.

I reached out and grabbed the end of her tail. The loving, caring look on her face, deserving of a portrait, became lewd as a shiver rolled through her, making her almost stick her tongue out while her eyes rolled back. I rubbed the very tip between my thumb and finger, which to her was like a second clitoris.

“Master!” she cried, achieving her orgasm.

Holy shit, if I don’t put her down now, my sphincter will blow out. I (rather ungracefully) dropped her onto the bed and looked at Sonja. “Your turn, but I don’t think I can hold you up.”

She didn’t seem to mind and she rushed to the wall and put her hands on it, leaning over with her back to me like I was performing a cavity search. She clearly wanted it in her favorite position and was wagging her tail as an invitation. An idea came to me.

“Actually, Sonja, how about you move in front of the window?”

She didn’t understand and didn’t really care. She moved to the window and I took her from behind. Her face melted into a perverse smile as I penetrated her, grabbing her by the hips and beginning my onslaught of clam slamming. She looked into the window, giggling at the sight of her own reflection. It was for that reason that I had told her to move to the window, as now I could watch her downright ridiculous breasts swing and clap together every time I forced myself in.

Watching them in the glass, those two tan melons bounce, I almost became angry. It just wasn’t fair how sexy she was, no one has any business being this fucktastic. I wanted to bully those glorious tits like in bondage porn, put some clothespins on her nipples and whap them with a yardstick. Then her fluffy tail would sweep in my face and brush those dark thoughts aside. She was too sweet and innocent for stuff like that, and that was why I loved her, because she was a big glowing sun of happiness.

At the very least, I leaned over and grabbed her tits, holding onto them like handles as I rode her like a Harley. She liked it when I played with her breasts, especially during sex.

She looked at me with a smile and blushed. “Master, you know how sensitive I am.”

I started patting her areolas, slapping them with just enough force to energize the nerve endings and make her shudder. “And that’s exactly why I’m playing with them.”

I then pushed her forward, up against the window. I continued slamming into her like a battering ram, letting her tits knock on the cold glass. She shivered from the chill, her areolas kissing the windowpanes and feeling the autumn bite. There was condensation on the glass, from both her breath and the sweat on her skin.

“My, my, look at how hard your nipples have gotten. They’re almost like strawberries.” I teased her, gripping her tits and pressing her nipples to the glass, just to see how large I could make them.

“That’s because it’s Master,” she panted, suddenly looking embarrassed.

I leaned forward and kissed her on the shoulder. “But you know, more than your tits, I think what I love most of all are these soft puppy ears.”

I started nibbling on the furry flaps, bringing up Sonja’s voice even higher. Having her ears nibbled, her boobs played with, and her pussy bombarded gave her a screaming climax, sapping all of her strength and leaving me to catch her. I was just about out of stamina and I had one more load to blow. It was time for the grand finale.

“Ok, girls, get on all fours with your tails pointed at me.”

They got into position with Chloe in the middle and Momo and Sonja on the left and right. Before doing anything, I took a moment to appreciate the view, gazing as these three perfect asses. Life is good. I came forward and planted some kisses on their smooth cheeks, then stood up and leaned against Chloe. I guided myself into her, digging in balls deep. She moaned from the penetration, still not quite used to playing.

“Chloe, I want you to try moving this time. Can you do that for me?”

She nodded and began rocking back and forth, at first moving just an inch at a time. Sonja and Momo looked at each other, wondering how long they would have to wait for their turns. Their answer came when I grabbed them both, sliding my fingers into their pussies at the same time. They moaned in euphoria, their sense of touch heightened after their last orgasm. I began fingering them, directing all the strength I had left into my arms. Thanks to Chloe, I was able to save my stamina, and she was gaining the courage to move more and more.

Before long, all three girls moaning like opera singers, and not just Chloe, but Sonja and Momo were both now rocking back and forth, slamming themselves against my hands to get my fingers as deep in them as possible. It was now taking quite a bit of strength to not be pushed away, but I had the sight of three beautiful girls to keep me going. I watched them, watched the muscles in their backs tense and relax beneath their smooth skin, watched them swing their heads like they were riding a rollercoaster, whipping their hair back and forth, and watched them look back at me, drunk from sexual euphoria but with eyes filled with love.




The girls sounded off, each of them having a gushing orgasm, while I fired everything I had into Chloe, flooding her tiny body with my seed. We all collapsed onto the bed, using the last bits of strength to get under the covers. As usual, I was in the middle with Momo on my right and Sonja on my left, but this time, we had Chloe with us. She was under the covers, lying on top of me with her stomach against mine.

“See, Chloe? Wasn’t that fun?” I asked as I rubbed her head.

She looked up at me, a beautiful smile on her face. “It was fun playing with Master.”

I laid my head back on the pillow, completely drained of strength. “I love you girls,” I said.

“We love you too, Master!” they all cheered.

We pulled the covers over us and closed her eyes. I drifted to sleep, feeling Momo clutching one arm, Sonja clutching the other, and Chloe’s soft breathing on my chest.

Part 6:

Chloe whimpered as I used my penis to play whack-a-mole, though there was only one mole and it was her cervix. We were in the missionary position, her small body almost invisible under me. She had her face buried in my chest, letting me smell her hair and nibble on her ears. I had emptied my tank last night, so I decided to top her off before breakfast. She gave her signature squeal, letting me know I could release everything.

I pulled out of her, watching my semen dribble out of her pussy. “So how was that? Did it feel better than last night?”

“Yeah, it kinda did!” She had a smile on her face but was crying for some reason.

“Chloe, are you ok?”

“I’m ok.”

“But why are you tearing up?”

“I don’t know; my eyes are just wet.”

She was crying like this last night. “Are you sure you’re ok? Are you sure it didn’t hurt? If there is anything wrong, you can tell me.”

“I was a little sore, but it didn’t hurt. I don’t know why I have tears like this.”

Crying during sex? Oh well, it definitely seemed like a quirk fitting her. I love her to death, but Jesus, it’s like she’s intentionally trying to be pitiful. It’s not fair how cute she is. The other girls came in, and some kind of canine sympathy instinct must have kicked in with Sonja because she hugged Chloe and licked the tears off her cheeks. Momo’s eyes fell to Chloe’s creampie and her tail began to curl.

“Can Momo have the semen in Chloe?”

Well that’s a new one. I turned to Chloe. “It’s up to you.”

She blushed in embarrassment, returning to her natural, timid self. “I-I-I don’t know! I guess?”

Without word or hesitation, Momo crawled onto the bed, dipped her head between Chloe’s legs, and began lapping up my semen out of her pussy. Chloe moaned from the feel of a feminine tongue slipping inside her, and the sight of Momo going full girl-on-girl brought back my boner with a vengeance. I couldn’t help myself, I got behind Momo and mounted her. The feeling of penetration made her purr and she continued slurping up my cum out of Chloe. I gripped her by the hips, burning away what little morning fatigue I had left, every slam I made pushing her face deeper into Chloe’s flower.

Beside us, Sonja was jumping up and down and clapping with a big smile on her face. “I wanna try! I wanna try!”

She got onto all fours and snaked her way between Chloe’s slender legs. Chloe was covering her face in embarrassment as Momo and Sonja diddled her labia, each taking a lip for themselves and letting their tongues fight for the white syrup trickling out. I was fingering Sonja like I had last night, almost using her to help maintain my balance. When I pulled out of Momo, I plunged into Sonja, and vice versa. I switched after a minute, forcing myself on Sonja and letting my fingers stir Momo’s insides.

Even though I had just blown my load in Chloe, I could feel another shot brewing, and I couldn’t hold it back. I pulled out of Sonja and began jacking off. “Hey girls!” Sonja and Momo turned to me, just as a stream of sperm shot forth, flying through the air and landing on their faces. They both seemed dumbfounded, unable to process this new event, but after a few seconds, the confusion abated as they remembered seeing people do this on those porn videos.

I sat back, nearly falling off the edge of the bed. “Ah, life is good.”


Now that Chloe and I had made the beast with two backs, things seemed to finally stabilize. While hard to properly describe, Chloe seemed more confident than before, albeit remaining shy and pitiful. It was like… she had finally accepted that this was her home and we were her family, that she wasn’t just a guest or even an intruder. Momo and Sonja had also gotten used to her. In fact, all three had gotten very “used” to each other. I don’t know if they did it out of actual sexual attraction, but the girls had started going down on each other like that morning, especially after I filled one of them up.

Momo and Sonja seemed to do it mostly to drink up any semen I had fired, but also out of boredom when we all played together. If I were having sex with Momo, Sonja would be licking Chloe, and if I were having sex with Sonja, Chloe would go down on Momo. Since Chloe didn’t like the taste of semen, I think she mostly did it as a way to prove herself, to show that she could keep up, and her natural timid nature made her want to please others and make them happy, as well as return the favor.

The colors of fall had met their end, the reds, yellows, and oranges replaced with brown and gray, but that meant it was one of my favorite times of year: Thanksgiving. Normally I’d visit my folks for dinner and have someone cat-sit Momo, but this year was different. I called and told them that I had met a girl and she invited me to her parents’ house for dinner and that I’d try to visit them some other time. Now that I had three girls to take care of, the responsibility was on me to prepare dinner. Luckily, I had the Internet for help.


Momo and Sonja stared at the frozen turkey with mouths watering. Even though it was all wrapped up and turned into a solid block, they knew what it was: meat, countless pounds of glorious meat. I had prepared plenty of chickens before, but they had never seen a bird of this size. Chloe was drawn to the bag of potatoes instead, omnivorous like Momo and Sonja but preferring fruits and vegetables. If only they knew that there was a cake hidden in the fridge…

“Master, is something going on?” Sonja asked.

“Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a special holiday. You celebrate it with a big dinner of turkey and mashed potatoes, so I want the four of us to eat at the table.”

“We’re going to eat this whole thing?” Momo gasped.

“Well I’m hoping we can get two dinners out of it, but yeah, and I’m going to need your help in getting it ready.”

“Yes!” they all cheered.


That next day, I made sure to have a light breakfast so I could stuff my face at dinner. Chloe and I cleaned and brined the turkey while I had Momo prepare a woven blanket of bacon to drape over it. I gave the turkey neck to Sonja, telling her to peel off as much flesh as possible to be added to the gravy. Unfortunately, a lot of the work with the turkey was left with Chloe, as I was constantly turning around to stop Momo and Sonja from eating their tasks. Sonja would be standing over the sink, gnawing on the turkey neck like a bone from a butcher shop. Momo would be chewing on the bacon strips like lengths of jerky.

Towards the middle of the afternoon, I managed to get it into the oven. Next were the potatoes. “Ok, girls, gather around because I’m leaving the mashed potatoes entirely to you.”

I sat them down at the table with a big pot filled with potatoes and water and set out a cutting board, knife, vegetable peeler, and a bowl. “Momo, the first part is yours. Take each of these potatoes and use this to cut off the skin.” I showed her how to use the peeler, letting her watch with wide eyes as a brown and white ribbon began to unravel with the rotating of the spud in my hand.

“Now you have to be careful with this. Never let the blades touch your fingers or you will get cut. Make sure you get every single spot, and if you find any bruised areas or parts that don’t look right, just keep scraping them off with the peeler. Put the peels in this bowl and we’ll add them to our compost pile.

Next, Chloe, your job is to cut them into quarters. It’s easy, just make sure you do it slowly and watch your fingers.” I took the cutting knife and divided the potato into pieces. Chloe was fearful of the long blade, but I made sure she knew where to put her fingers.

“Then you’ll put the pieces back into the pot. Sonja, when all the potatoes are peeled, cut, and back in the pot, you’ll take it to the sink and drain out the dirty water and put in fresh water. I’ll put it on the stove, and when they’re ready, you’ll have the most important job.”

Her ears perked up. “The most important job?” she asked with a joyous grin.

“You’ll be the one to mash them.” I handed her the potato masher, which she received like it was Excalibur. “You’re going to turn them into mush. You have more than enough energy for that.”

“Yes, Master!”


It was dark out, the sun having long since set this deep into autumn. It was just about time for dinner, and the kitchen was echoing with the sound of meat being cut, potatoes being pulverized, and stomachs growling. I was carving the turkey, not wanting to do it at the dinner table. The bacon juice had mixed in with the turkey meat perfectly and the smell was almost making me delirious with longing.


The potato masher knocked against the inside of the pot like the firing pin of an Uzi. Sonja was going wild, her hair almost flapping as she whipped up the spuds. The jiggling of her tits was glorious, to say the least. She didn’t have extraordinary arm strength, but she did have endless reservoirs of canine energy. If I hung a frisbee in front of her, she could run for hours on a treadmill.

At last, everything was ready. The girls all sat at the table and I laid out a platter of turkey meat and the pot of mashed potatoes. I loaded all of our plates and sat down. “Now, before we start eating, it is Thanksgiving tradition for us to each name something we are grateful for. Momo, would you like to start? What is something you are happy to have?”

She rocked on her chair for a couple moments, eyes screwed shut. “Momo is happy that Master plays with her.”

“Thank you. Sonja?”

She jumped up from her chair. “I’m happy that Master pets me and rubs my head and throws the frisbee for me!”

“I love those things too. Chloe?”

Her head drooped between her shoulders, blushing with embarrassment but with a tiny smile on her lips. “I’m happy that Master lets me live here.”

“Thank you, and I’m happy to have all of you girls in my life. Now, let’s eat.”

We dove in, and my hopes were dashed for enough leftovers for another dinner. We ate like lions, leaving only enough for the girls to have lunch the next day. After that, we had cake, must to the girls’ happiness. That night, we didn’t play together, simply because we were all too full to move.


With the arrival of December, gentle snowstorms became more and more frequent, a calm and beautiful precursor to the blustery winter approaching. The final days of the girls’ nudity puttered out like the last coughs of a car out of gas. They had obstinately clung to their animal instincts as long as they could, but even with a fire burning in the woodstove, the slightest draft made them shiver. Chloe was handling the cold better than Momo and Sonja, even though it was her first winter. The dog and cat were used to having thick fur to keep the cold at bay. It was especially bad for Momo, since as a woman and a cat, she was practically cold-blooded. That’s right, I said it and I’m standing by it.

Whenever the snow started to fall, Sonja would go outside and frolic, her face always directed upwards, tongue extended, as if trying to catch Jack Frost’s money shot. In the bedroom would be Chloe, watching the snow as if hypnotized. In the living room was Momo, who had set up bedding for herself right in front of the woodstove.


“I’m home!” I called, stepping through the front door.

There wasn’t really any need to announce my arrival, since the girls always flocked to the door when they saw my headlights and heard the shutting of my car door. Sonja was first, jumping up and down and cheering with her tail shaking even more than her boobs. She came at me and covered me with kisses, telling me how much she had missed me.

Then came Momo, standing behind Sonja, looking kind of out of it with her bedhead telling me she had just woken up from a nap. “Hi, Master,” she said with a yawn. She walked over and rubbed her head against my shoulder, repeating her words in the form of a purr.

In the far back was Chloe, nervous as always, afraid to do anything without an invitation. “Welcome back, Master!” she chirped while wringing her tail. I smiled and waved her over, and she happily rushed and hugged me.

The girls followed me to the couch and we all plopped down. I groaned in happiness, glad that I was finally home. It felt nice to decompress after a long day and just watch the news. The girls all snuggled up, Momo curling into a ball with her head on my lap, Sonja clutching my arm and resting her head on my shoulder, and Chloe sitting on the floor, crossing my legs across her like a seatbelt.

“How was your day, Master?” Sonja asked during the commercial break. I had taught them all to only talk during the commercial break.

“Long, tiring. Everything seems to go wrong in the winter.”

“Can I help? I wanna help!”

I smiled and rubbed her head. “I rely on you to do stuff here. You do help.”

“Momo misses cuddling with Master during the day,” the feline said, purring as I played with her ears.

“And Master misses cuddling with Momo.”

Chloe looked back at me. “Want us to make dinner?”

“Thank you, Chloe, I’d really appreciate that. And I have good news for the three of you: we have another holiday coming. In a couple weeks, it’ll be Christmas.”

They all perked up.

“Christmas?” Momo asked.

“It’s a day where we all give each other presents. I want each of you to make things to give as gifts. It could be drawings, pictures, or something else, but you have to keep them secret so it’s a surprise when we exchange them on Christmas. So, Momo, you’re going to have to come up with gifts more Sonja, Chloe, and me. Sonja and Chloe, you’ll have to do the same. You all get the idea?”

Momo sat up and leaned over, her face very close to mine, as if she was about to kiss me. “Will Master get us cake?”

I laughed and gave her a peck. “Yes, of course I’ll get you cake.”


The girls spent the rest of December working on their presents. I had to hope that they actually did understand the purpose of giving gifts to each other. Naturally, I was taking advantage of eBay. A quiet weekday found Momo lying on her stomach in front of the couch, legs kicking and tail curling as she worked on a picture. Peeling crayons and stubby colored pencils littered the floor around her. She heard the door open and close and Sonja strolled in. Seeing Momo, her tail began to wag.

“Wat’cha doin’?” she hummed.


“Can I see?”

“They’re for Christmas.”

“I wanna see!”

Sonja came over and Momo used her body to cover the picture. “No! Master said it’s supposed to be a surprise!”

“But I can’t wait that long!”

Sonja got down on the floor and tried to worm her way under Momo, to which Momo replied with a hiss and a swipe. Sonja backed off but her tail was wagging even more than before. She was on all fours and started bouncing on her hands, the way a normal dog might try and wake up its owner. Sonja pounced, not even aiming for the picture anymore. She and Momo collided and rolled across the floor, grabbing and slapping each other. Sonja had a big goofy smile but Momo was scowling and hissing. They continued to wrestle like this, with Sonja pouncing on Momo whenever she tried to get away.

Drawn by the noise, Chloe came downstairs, and, of course, broke out the waterworks. “You two shouldn’t fight!” she cried.

They finally stopped, Momo on top of Sonja. “Tell her that!” she replied.

“But I want to wrestle and play!” Sonja said as she wrapped her arms around Momo’s waist and rolled the two of them over to the side. “I want someone to play with!”

Neither Momo nor Chloe envisioned sex after hearing that word, as the three of them naturally knew that “play” was a vague term. To them, “playing” included cunnilingus and throwing frisbees.

“We could play hide-and-seek,” suggested Chloe, the small creature instinctively pulling her ears down over her face as if expecting to get yelled at.

“Yeah! Let’s play hide-and-seek! Come play with us, Momo!”

Momo groaned. “Momo doesn’t like the cold.”

“Just one round? Please?”

“Fine,” she huffed.


While Momo and Chloe ran through the woods, Sonja stood in the kitchen, watching the ticking egg timer. Well, technically, she was jumping, bouncing back and forth like a rabbit. She couldn’t contain her excitement, wanting to run out there and chase them down. One minute went by. It had just snowed the night before, so there would be fresh prints for her to follow. Two minutes went by. Momo would probably just run without realizing it, or at the very least look for areas where her footprints would be harder to see. Three minutes passed by. Chloe, having the instincts of prey, might prove cleverer, perhaps even backtracking to throw her off. Four minutes passed by. They would be smart enough not to actually run through the woods, at least not in smooth areas. They would probably try to stay in areas with underbrush, where ice couldn’t form on the ground.

The egg timer ringed and Sonja rocketed out of the house, the door closing behind her only because of how hard she had opened it. She ran around the house, searching for prints that weren’t her own. Who should she go after first? She found a set, smelling like Momo and too large to be Chloe. She took a moment to jump up and down and cheer in happiness, and then followed the tracks into the woods.

As a fellow meat-lover, Sonja could read the intention of Momo’s prints. She didn’t know how to run away from things since she was always the predator. She could only try to apply those instincts to what she was doing. Whether consciously or subconsciously, she always walked along ridges and raised spots, instinctively wanting to get the highest view she could, even if she wasn’t looking for anything in particular. She had also avoided almost all manner of visible twigs, focusing on silence, even though it wasn’t needed.

The tracks stopped at the base of a tree and Sonja looked up. Crouching on a branch and trying to hide behind the trunk was Momo.

“I found you!” said Sonja.

“Momo doesn’t like being followed,” she pouted.

“Let’s go find Chloe!”

Momo jumped down and they made their way back to the house. They searched the area, at last finding Chloe’s prints leading in the opposite direction from Momo’s trail. They dove into the woods, keeping their eyes peeled. Chloe had taken a different strategy, dragging her feet along to make one big messy trench through the snow. Sonja realized why when Momo called out to her. Sonja was ahead of Momo but was turned around, seeing what Momo was pointing at. Sonja had missed a footprint going off the trail and into an uneven thicket where snow hadn’t completely covered the ground. The messy footprints she left had made it that much easier to simply turn around and backtrack.

They followed the new path, keeping a closer eye on the snow. Chloe used that trick another two times. They soon spotted her standing in a clearing, not bothering to hide or anything. She was crying. When Momo and Sonja came up behind her, they saw why she was crying and both their tails dropped. A girl lay dead in the snow, frozen solid, her skin a frightful cerulean. She had pointed ears on the top of her head, like Momo’s, but longer and skinnier. They were brown, matching the color of her hair. She also had a furry, leaf-shaped tail, about twice as large as a human hand, the back of it brown but the underside white.

Momo and Sonja leaned against each other and pulled Chloe in. It took their breath away to see another girl exactly like them, who simply hadn’t been found in time. This deer, had she simply been closer to the house, they maybe could have saved her from the cold. She would have lived with them, played with them, exchanged gifts at Christmas. She would be a huge part of their lives. Now they would never know. When Chloe was found, she had already been suffering from frostbite. To think that she could have so easily ended up like this, it was no wonder she was crying.

“We should tell Master about his,” said Chloe.

“I don’t want to tell Master. I don’t want Master to be sad,” said Sonja with a tearful sniff.

“Let’s wait until after Christmas.”

The three of them nodded and proceeded to bury the girl in snow and underbrush, if only to make sure no one else could find her.


Rather than cutting a real one down, I set up my tiny plastic Christmas tree, a symbol of my fixed-income bachelor lifestyle. Momo had seen it in years past, but now that she understood what it was for, she gazed at the synthetic decoration with wonder. I had it set on the coffee table with all of the presents around it, the presents I had bought and the presents they had made. I had gotten each girl a large gift, while above the wood stove, I hung three empty stockings waiting to be filled with goodies. I couldn’t help but spoil them. Of course, they were anxious on this Christmas Eve, overcome with a childlike greed for the presents awaiting them. I kept a rolled-up newspaper handy, ready to swat anyone who tried to peak. Even the normally obedient and submissive Chloe ended up with a couple whaps to the head after picking at the wrapping paper.

It was a very cozy evening, with a fire burning in the wood stove and the radio playing Christmas songs, while outside, a light flurry of snowflakes reapplied a frozen gloss to the still woods. We were all in the kitchen, preparing dinner. I was working on a ham while the girls prepared mashed potatoes. Keeping them busy was the only way to protect the gifts.

“So tomorrow we can open our presents?” Sonja asked for the umpteenth time.

“Yes, Sonja, like I’ve told you a hundred times before, yes. But we all do it together. I don’t want any of you girls sneaking downstairs before dawn and going crazy, understood?”

They all nodded.

Once the ham was put in the oven and the peeled potatoes were set on the stove to be boiled, we retired to the couch in our usual positions. Perhaps it was excitement, but Momo seemed to be purring louder than usual as I rubbed her ears. On the other side of the couch, Sonja was rolling over again and again, as if unable to get comfortable, or perhaps she wanted to make sure every side of her head got to feel the warmth of my lap.

We were watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the girls were showing much more attention than they normally would to the TV. Chloe, especially, had eyes as wide as her ears and was mesmerized by the old-school animation.

“Master, the Grinch isn’t going to steal our presents, is he?” she asked.

Sometimes I’m almost infuriated by how goddamn cute she is.

Sonja perked her head up, her canine instincts on high alert. “The Grinch isn’t coming to our house! This is our house!”

This was why I didn’t bother telling the girls about Santa Claus. Sonja would just end up freaking out and spend the whole night patrolling the house for the big red invader.

I gave them both a reassuring head pat. “No, the Grinch isn’t real, you don’t have to worry.”

One of Momo’s eyes opened. “Master, what does Who Hash taste like?”


Even after a big dinner, Christmas excitement gripped the girls, so there was only one way to tire them out and put them to sleep. And that was a jog around the house. Just kidding, I fucked their brains out. The four of us were in bed and Chloe was currently on top of me. Her small body rocked from side to side with my cock stirring her up like a blender. She was giving tiny whimpers of bliss tinged with just a tiny spark of pain, while her eyes watered as if she was chopping onions.

Sonja was sitting on my face, moaning as I slurped her love syrup. She gripped the headboard for support, the movements of my tongue overpowering her. The feeling of her naked body completely smothering me was beyond words, the near-suffocating effect of her pussy against my mouth and nose, the softness and heat of her bare thighs against my cheeks. Beside us was Momo, pleasuring herself as she waited for her turn. Chloe soon tagged her in, unable to focus on riding me with Sonja’s fluffy tail swatting her face. As per routine, Momo first cleaned me off, using her tongue to lap up every drop of Chloe’s essence. She then got on top of me, purring as my manhood penetrated her. She had her back to Sonja and I, leaning back and forth against my cock rather than bouncing on it. She groaned as she moved, bobbing her ass with her tail reaching out and curling around Sonja’s like a vine. I could feel my cock tickling every secret spot she had, causing her hair to stand on end and her back to shiver.

A howl echoed through the house as Sonja came, offering me a flood of arousal to quench my thirst. She rolled off me as if my face was a bike seat and she had just finished the Tour De France. I gasped for air and stretched the stiff muscles in my face and tongue. Beside me, Chloe kneeled with a look of adorable uncertainty on my face. She wanted more affection but she saw my fatigue. Seeing her inner conflict, I smiled and invited her over. Our lips joined and I licked all the soft corners of her mouth, inviting her to do the same. While we made out, my fingers found her slit and probed her interior. I broke our kiss and moved my head down, this time letting my lips meet her flat breasts and the little pink bumps that were her nipples. The feeling of my fingers sliding in her body like tentacles and my lips pulling on her areolas made her whimper in bliss.

Momo’s gyrating on my lap robbed me of my control and I came, flooding her womb with my cum. She purred from the warmth of it in her body, and while I was losing my erection, I had yet to lose my desire. I pulled Momo onto me and sat against the headboard, holding her on my lap with my hands under her knees. I flaccid cock slipped out of her, my semen following suit with the removal of the meaty cork.

“Could one of you girls help me out?”

Chloe crawled over, seeing an opportunity to be useful. She rolled my cock around in her mouth, trying to return it to its former glory. More intrusive than helpful, but still quite welcome, Sonja forced herself in like she was trying to retrieve a tennis ball that had rolled under the couch. Since Chloe was providing cleaning fellatio, Sonja’s goal was the semen trickling out of Momo. She slurped it up the way only a dog could, bullying Momo’s pussy with her mouth and nose and making her moan.

Once I had regained my erection, Chloe guided me back into Momo and I began bouncing her on my lap.

“Master, you’re so deep in Momo!” she cried out, the expression on her face one of lustful intoxication.

I was driving myself into her as hard and fast as I could, subjecting my balls to almost painful whiplash. Every impact weakened Momo’s sense of reason, her words degenerating into animalistic meows and growls. Santa could have downed a six-pack and had an eight-reindeer pileup on my roof and even Sonja wouldn’t have heard it over Momo’s orgasmic cries. She collapsed on the other side of the bed, her inner thighs gleaming from her dripping arousal. She was down for the count but I was still full of energy and Sonja hadn’t yet gotten her turn.

She was laid out on her side with her tail wagging as if expecting a belly rub. I raised her leg and slid into her, making her wag her tail even harder. I began my thrusts, listening to her gasps while my eyes burned holes in her jiggling breasts. I lied down beside her, the two of us making out as I fondled those two glorious gifts from the Almighty. Beside us, Momo remained passed out and Chloe had fallen asleep without realizing it, giving Sonja and I a little bit of alone time. I was so used to having all the girls together in a harem, I forgot how nice it was to play one on one with each of them.

Sonja fully rolled onto her back, letting us get into the missionary position. She had her legs wrapped around my waist, her breasts heaving with each breath she took. We continued to kiss for several minutes, my thrusts now slow and gentle. As my speed picked back up, I pulled my lips from hers and began nibbling on ears, pushing her over the edge. She arched her back and cried out with a blush as she came again and again. I held myself over her, just smiling as I watched her settle.

“You girls are the only Christmas presents I need, including you, my sweet little puppy dog.”

She laughed and pulled me in for another kiss. “Merry Christmas, Master!”


“Master!” x 10^it’s too early for this shit

I felt three pairs of hands rocking me like a paint stirrer.

“Master, Momo wants to open her presents!” the cat whined.

I pulled the blankets over my head. “Girls, what was the rule I told you?”

“If you’re in the bathroom, we’re not allowed to bother you?” said Chloe.

“I meant the rule about waking me up today.”

“Not until it’s light out?” said Momo.

“Exactly. Now, I’m going to go back to sleep, and you had better not wake me up until the sun has risen.”

The girls all looked at each other and nodded. They knew that there was only one way they would get me out of bed. They dove under the covers, and before I could stop them, they pulled away my boxers and I felt my cock enter someone’s mouth. I groaned from the sensation, as whichever girl was sucking me off did so with great enthusiasm. Her head was bobbing and she was drowning my member in saliva and then slurping it back up. So aggressive was she was that all flaccidity was forcefully removed as if I were using a dick pump. Someone else then took it, her tongue licking from a new angle. I watched the blanket rise and fall from her efforts as she tried to milk me like a cow. She was pulling up, exerting as much pressure as she could as if she were siphoning gas.

“You girls won’t beat me with just that! You should know that even if you get me hard, I’m slow to fire in the morning!”

The third girl took it, I still don’t know who. Rather than deep-throating me, she focused all her attention on the head, her lips teasing the rim while she worked her tongue at the slit in the very tip. Now I was starting to squirm, feeling convulsions run through my body from the intense stimuli. I had trained these girls well, too well. They knew I was faltering and they combined their powers, performing the trinity blowjob I had taught them when I took Chloe’s virginity. I was utterly helpless, unable to hold on. I gave a loud grunt, as under the blanket, it became a white Christmas.

I set my head back on my pillow and gave a huff. While an evening orgasm was great for helping to fall asleep, launching a phosphorus flare in the morning had the opposite effect. All the excitement increased my heart rate and blood flow, figuratively “washing out” the fatigue from my body and energizing my mind.

“Ok, girls, you win. I’m getting up. But you’re still going to have to wait before opening any presents.”

We all got dressed and headed downstairs. The fire in the stove had gone out so it was as cold as it was dark. Before anything else, I started the coffee pot and built up a new fire in the stove. The girls were huddled on the couch, wrapped in blankets, having lost their excitement to the morning chill. By the time I poured myself a cup of decaf (I was planning on going back to bed after this), the stove was flooding the house with warmth and the girls were regaining their giddiness. I turned on the TV and found the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, setting the volume low to just add a little background noise. Everything was now bright and warm, a perfect Christmas morning.

“Girls, time to see what’s in your stockings.”

I distributed the giant red socks and the girls exploded in happiness, pouring out the gifts. For Sonja, her stocking was full of tennis balls and frisbees. Momo got a bunch of cat toys and art supplies, one of them being a furry rodent attached to a battery-powered ball. Chloe got an army of beanie babies and other stuffed animals, the little faces and bodies making her eyes widen. I had also mixed candies into the gifts, a little extra sweetness. I still didn’t know if Sonja could handle chocolate, but better to find out now with some small treats than with a big piece of chocolate cake. The girls all had wide grins, hugging their gifts and cheering. And to think, I had originally considered just skipping Christmas. I must have been crazy to even, for a moment, consider not spoiling these girls.

“Now it’s time for you to exchange the gifts you made. Chloe, do you want to go first?”

Her head drooped, her nervousness returning with the spotlight shined on her.

“O-ok. M-Master, I made this for you.”

She handed me a large sphere wrapped in newspaper. I had been wondering what it was. It was surprisingly light. I was very careful in removing the cover. It was a giant ball of pine cones, their stems tied together and with pine needles packed into the shingles.

“Oh, this is very cool.”

“I thought you could take it with you to w-work! If you like it, I mean!”

“I love it, it smells wonderful. I’ll hang this up in my office as an air freshener. Thank you.”

She smiled in relief, my words taking the weight off her shoulders. “You’re welcome! Momo, I made this for you!” Momo took a small hand-made envelope and opened it. It was a length of string with several pieces of quartz and mica from the driveway. “I thought you could wear it around your neck or hang it from your tail!”

“Momo loves it! Thank you, Chloe!” Momo said with a purr.

“And Sonja, this is yours!”

Sonja received her present and opened it. It was a sock I had thrown out last week, and from the shape at the end, one of Sonja’s last few tennis balls was sitting in it with the open end tied. Sonja seemed confused.

“Do I have to untie the sock?”

“No,” I said, “you’re meant to throw it. You hold the end of the sock spin it around, and use the extra force to send it flying, right Chloe?” She nodded. “Very clever! I am impressed!”

“Oh, let’s try it out!” said Sonja.

“Later, Sonja, later. Now would you like to hand out your gifts?”

“Ok!” She picked up a cardboard box from under the coffee table, originally from a package I had ordered a while back. She handed it to Chloe. “This is for you!”

Chloe opened it and smiled. It was full of pinecones, with clay added to make eyes, noses, and ears and turn them into craft fair mice. “Thank you, Sonja!”

“Aw, that was very cute, well done, Sonja,” I said, rubbing her head and making her wag her tail.

“Thank you, Master! Here, this is for you. Just be careful.”

I took the gift she gave me, newspaper wrapped around it like it like a sack of gold coins. I opened it up to see a little human figure made of clay on a platform, with different colors added for the clothing. Around it was a black cat, a yellow dog, and a white mouse.

“Oh, this is going right on my desk at work. Thank you, Sonja.”

Sonja then turned to Momo and handed over her gift. “And this is for you!” Momo opened it, finding a smooth, cucumber-shaped rock. “I found this in the creek. Since you don’t have your buzzing toy anymore, you can use this instead.”

I made the mistake of drinking from my mug at that moment, as all the coffee came out my nose when I realized Sonja had just handed Momo a stone dildo. I laughed until I fell off the couch, with the girls failing to understand what was so funny. Once I had collected myself, Momo reached under the couch and pulled out three pieces of paper.

“Momo made these for you!”

She handed them out, each of them a portrait of the recipient. Without question, her drawing skills had advanced by leaps and bounds. Her childish scrawls with crayons had become masterful pictures that looked like they were made in a college art class. She captured my face perfectly, as well as Sonja’s goofy smile and Chloe’s adorable shyness. They included all mediums, from paint to pencils. Had she been watching tutorials on YouTube?

“Momo, this is amazing! I can’t believe you made these!”

Momo purred at the compliments, with both Sonja and Chloe in utter shock. I was so surprised by how well the girls did this year. The ingenuity and creativity were incredible, as not only did every gift show real talent and intelligence, but real thought as well. Sometimes they showed the minds of animals, and other times, they broke everything I thought I knew about them. To say I was proud of them was an understatement.

“All right, girls, now for the final round. Your stockings were just the icing, now here come the cakes.” I moved over to the corner of the room, where several large packages were waiting. I handed the first one to Sonja, a long, flat object.

She unwrapped it to reveal a plastic sled, bright orange in color. When I was a kid at daycare, I used to spend hours going down the nearby hill on a sled just like that, I and all the other kids. That nostalgia was half the reason why I bought it.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“It’s called a sled. What you do is you take it to the top of a snowy hill, get on it, and ride it down the slope. It’s really fast and really fun.”

“Yay! I want to ride it right now!”

“We’ll do it later. Momo, this is yours.”

I handed her a large box and she unwrapped it. “A blanket?” she said, reading the side.

“It’s an electric blanket. You plug it into a socket and it warms up for you.” Momo was utterly dumbfounded, unable to form words after hearing such a revolutionary concept. I then retrieved a smaller box from the nearby bookshelf and handed it to her. The picture on the front showed a device plugged into an electrical outlet, with it itself having its own outlet on the front and a clock right above it. “Now, having an electric blanket is a responsibility. If you’re not careful with it, it can start a fire, so you have to remember to turn it off whenever you’re not using it, as well as keeping it away from things like water and the stove. This is a special timer for electronics. You plug the blanket into this, then this into the wall, and then set the timer for how long you want the blanket to receive power. This will help you in case you forget to turn it off. Always use the two of them together.”

“Momo will! Thank you, Master!”

“And Chloe, this is for you.” I handed her the final box, and she unwrapped it to reveal a sleeping bag with a hood. “That’s for your little nest under the bed. It will keep you especially warm, and you can completely close it around your head with just a hole for your mouth.”

She smiled and jumped into my lap. “Thank you, Master!”

Momo and Sonja joined in, pouncing on me and hugging me tightly. “Thank you, Master!” they all said again.

“Merry Christmas, girls.”


After taking a nap, I was sitting on the couch, eating breakfast and watching TV. On the other end of the couch was Momo, wrapped up in her electric blanket and playing with her toys. Sonja and Chloe were playing outside, throwing around the tennis ball sock and her other toys.

“Master, what is this?”

I downed my coffee and turned to Momo. She was holding up a small plastic bag with a cardboard tab, filled with brownish-green powder. She had pulled it from the bottom of her stocking.

“Oh, I forgot about that. That’s a plant called catnip. I wasn’t sure how you would react to it since you’ve become a person, but I thought we could find out. Go on, give it a sniff. See if you like it.”

Momo opened the bag and gave a deep inhale. She became still and I watched her, waiting for her reaction. It happened in the blink of an eye.


With her eyes completely dilated and a hysterical grin on her face, she pounced on me, sending my coffee cup falling out of my hand and onto the rug.

“Whoa! Momo! Stop!”


She was grinding herself against me, her entire body shivering with a continuous growl sounding off like a siren. She ripped off her clothes and was dry-humping me, having completely lost her mind.

“Momo, get a hold of yourself!”

My words had no effect on her and I found myself muted by her tongue in my mouth. Somehow, I will never understand, she managed to pull my cock out without inadvertently ripping it off. It entered her without me even realizing what had happened, somehow even when I didn’t have an erection. From there, she rode me like I was a rodeo bull, swinging her body from side to side and slamming her whole weight down on my lap. She was screaming like a weed whacker as she pushed me off the couch and onto the floor. Considering that I was cramming rope, dropping down onto my lap over and over was little more than her punishing me. I was actually relieved when I got an erection, as it gave me the endurance needed to withstand the impacts. The fact that I was at full mast left her overjoyed as well.

She had never ridden me so vigorously before, it was like she was trying to snap my dick off! I just laid back and tried to enjoy it, wincing from the heavy drops she made. After several minutes, she invoked an orgasm in me, letting me flood her with cum. I had already blown a load that morning and the previous night, so I was more than exhausted and quite sore. I hoped that would be the end of it, but as soon as she realized that I had lost my erection, Momo spun around and began sucking me off like her life depended on it.

“Momo, honey, you can’t draw blood from a stone!”

But as soon as she managed to coax even a smidgen of firmness, she straddled me again and continued brutalizing my cock with her pussy, all while crying out in drunken bliss. I couldn’t let this continue. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her off me, but even though I was no longer inside of her, she wouldn’t leave my pud alone. She rubbed it between her thighs, and the moment I tried to push her farther away from me, she pulled a hand free from my embrace and started giving me a violent handjob. While this was going on, she continued to growl with that crazy smile on her face.

I heard the door open and close, Sonja and Chloe returning. “Master, those frisbees you got me fly really far!” the doodle cheered.

Hearing her voice, Momo perked up and wiped the slobber from her lip. “Rowr!”

“Run, girls!” I yelled.

Momo zoomed across the house and pounced on Sonja, knocking her to the ground. Considering her mental state, it was almost impressive that she was able to undo the zippers and Velcro, stripping away Sonja’s coat and snow pants. Her remaining clothes didn’t fare any better, and Sonja’s moans could be heard. Momo was sucking on her breasts like a vacuum cleaner, her mouth wide open as if to inhale them, while her fingers rattled in her pussy.

Chloe ran over and hid behind me. “What’s wrong with Momo?”

“She got a whiff of a special plant and it’s made her hyperactive. She’s completely lost her mind. We have to wait until she calms down and regains her senses.”

“But Sonja won’t last that long!”

True to her words, Momo’s aggression had robbed Sonja of her strength. She was flushed and panting as if suffering from a fever, and Momo was gorging herself on her pussy as if dying of thirst.

I took a deep breath. “She won’t have to. Time to fulfill my manly duties.”

I walked over and pulled Momo off of Sonja, then threw her onto the couch. With Momo on her hands and knees, I mounted her from behind. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her growling reached new levels as any last semblance of reason dripped out from between her legs. I was sore and tired beyond words, but I continued to hammer her pussy, using my cock as a weapon to try and beat the insanity out of her. I paced myself, using the minimal amount of effort needed to keep her satisfied. However, a couple minutes was all the time I had before my stamina gave out. I pulled out of her and staggered back, but she immediately pounced on me, wrapping her arms and legs around my body as she nuzzled my neck.

“Chloe, I need you to go reach behind the washing machine and grab what you find!” She ran over to the washer under the stairs and looked behind it. She pulled out the vibrator, dusty after being hidden for so long. “Now wake up Sonja and follow me to the bedroom. I’m going to need your help for this.”


For hours, Sonja, Chloe, and I worked together to pacify Momo until the effects of the catnip wore off. Time blurred in my mind, fatigue and aching blood vessels costing me all higher thought. I remembered seeing Momo on her back and I was giving her the drilling of her life, while Sonja and Chloe sucked on her breasts. Later, I had her on all fours, throwing my full body weight against her while Chloe whimpered in bliss, feeling Momo’s tongue violate her slit. Again and again, I had to stop and take a rest, to try and collect myself and build up some stamina while nursing my stinging manhood. I left Momo in the care of Sonja and Chloe, arming them with the vibrator to use once they had wrestled her into submission. I don’t know how many times I came. Before long, it was more excruciating than enjoyable, as I soon stuck with only dry fire.

At last, once the sun had set, Momo collapsed on the bed, passed out after her final orgasm. The four of us were completely exhausted and sticky with each other’s bodily fluids. My penis looked like a pork tenderloin. Sonja and Chloe were in a similar state, their bodies covered in hickeys and bite marks and their jaws and tongues aching.

“Master, I don’t wanna play anymore,” Chloe whined.

“I was planning on making a big Christmas dinner, but I… I just can’t do it,” I said while panting. “Everyone will have to fend for themselves tonight. If anyone needs me, I’ll be outside, using the snow to try and numb my dick.” I turned around and started limping towards the door. “Merry Christmas, girls.”


Momo stumbled into the kitchen the following morning, her usual messy hair now a full-blown bedhead afro. “Hmmm, what happened yesterday? Momo can’t remember everything. Momo had really weird dreams.”

We all turned to her, still worn out from the previous day, and even a little bit mad at her. She noticed our bitter expressions. “Did Momo do something wrong?”

“Momo, do you remember that little plastic bag from yesterday? The catnip?”

She rubbed her chin, trying to jog her memory. “Maybe…”

“Well you’re not getting any more. You’re not allowed to have catnip ever again.”

“What did Momo do?!” she asked.

“Also, as much as I hate to say it, I won’t be able to play with you girls for a few days. I really got chafed last night.”

Momo was horrified but Sonja and Chloe nodded in agreement. They knew how hard I had fought. Honestly, I was glad to be going back to work. A day in my office chair, deprived of any kind of sexual stimuli was exactly what I needed.

“You girls be good, I’ll see you tonight.”


It’s funny how snow loses all of its beauty the day after Christmas. Until then, it’s beautiful and you dream of a white Christmas morning with hot chocolate, gifts, and Christmas music, and then the day after, it’s just in the way, sort of like pedestrians. It’s like December 26th is the unofficial start of January. I reached my office building, getting out of my dirt and salt-caked car and making the trek through the windy morning. Ah, it was nice to be back in my cozy office.

As I worked, I could hear my coworkers out in their cubicle maze discussing gifts they had received and the pleasant details of their holiday, as well as laughing about the negative moments. My few office knick-knacks had some new additions: the clay figures that Sonja had made. I also had the pinecone ball that Chloe gave me hanging from the ceiling.

“Who made those for you?” my secretary asked, coming into my office and handing me a file of reports. It seems that a lot of our clients had suffered from misfortune over the holidays, so we would be busy.

“Oh, my nieces.”

“So, you had a nice Christmas?

“Yeah, it was very fun, but very exhausting.”


The following weekend, I decided we should all have some fun outside and break in Sonja’s sled. As we were putting on our snow gear, Momo was standing by the door and examining the giant piece of plastic.

“What do we do with this thing?” she asked.

“We need to find a hill with a nice clear path. Then we sit on the sled and ride it down. Do you girls know any good spots?”

Sonja’s hand shot up. “I know! I know!”


The four of us stood at the top of a hill deep in the wilderness. It was very steep, and down below, I could see a see a stream bed. I had been to this spot a couple times before in our hikes, but only now did I realize how steep the hill was. It was maybe a hundred-yard drop at a 40º angle, which can give you a lot of speed. For all the times I had seen it, the stream below had been little more than a couple inches deep even after big rain storms, but seasonal flooding had worn away the hillsides, leaving only tall grass growing.

“Will this work?” Sonja asked, wagging her tail.

I didn’t answer, the other girls and I suddenly coming down with a case of vertigo.

“Yeah, this should do it. I’ll go down first, just to make sure it’s safe.”

I sat down on that sled and my vertigo vanished, washed over with a flood of nostalgia. Damn, it had been a long time since I had sat on a sled. I had bought snow pants for this very occasion, and I realized now how much I missed them. I took a deep breath, gripped the yellow rope that allowed one to steer, and pushed myself over the event horizon.

It was over in the blink of an eye. I rocketed down the hill and shot out across the frozen stream, not stopping until I intentionally rolled out of the slide and wiped out. Seeing me thrown from the sled like a ragdoll, the girls were horrified.

“Master, are you ok?!” Sonja called.

I replied with a loud “WOOO!”, drunk on endorphins and suddenly feeling ten years old again. The hill had been smooth and without rocks, and the stream, as well as being frozen solid, had a thick cushion of snow. I made the climb back up the hill, burning calories I didn’t even know I had, and gave the girls a hug while laughing hysterically.

“Oh man, it’s been so long since I did that! Ok, who wants to ride down with me?”

Sonja started jumping up and down. “I wanna go! I wanna go!”

She and I sat down on the sled with her in the front and my arms around her. “Ok, are you ready?” She nodded. “Do you want to wipe out like I did?”

“Wipe out?”

“You know, fall to the side and tumble out?”

“Is it fun?”



I pushed us forward, and for a moment, Sonja’s added weight left us in a crawl, but once we hit the incline, we shot down. The air pushed back Sonja’s floppy ears and she howled from the overwhelming excitement, unable to even process what was happening. The sled reached the stream with a bump and as we zoomed across the frozen plane, I grabbed the side of the sled and tipped us over. In a cold, white flurry, Sonja and I were jettisoned and tossed out into the snow. Sonja got up first, hollering just like I had with her body flushed with adrenaline and endorphins.

“Again! Again! I want to ride again!”

I got up a little slower this time. “Not so fast. Momo and Chloe each get a turn.”

We climbed back up the hill, and this time I could really feel the effort needed. I was gasping for air by the time I reached the top. “Ok, who wants to go next? Momo? Chloe?”

“Momo will go,” my cat said. We sat down on the sled but she got behind me, holding onto me tight. “Momo doesn’t want to fall out.”

“Ok, I’ll try to keep us in the sled. Are you ready?”

I couldn’t see it, but Momo had her eyes screwed shut. “Uh-huh.”

I pushed us forward, and in a second, Momo’s feline growl was echoing through the ravine as we took off down the hill. Her arms were so tight around my chest that I was struggling to breathe, but we made it down onto the stream and slid across flat snow before coming to a gentle stop.

“There, see? Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Momo didn’t answer, keeping her face pressed against my back. “Momo?”

“It was ok.”

“Good, I’m glad you liked it.”

Once more, I made the trek upstream and then climbed the hill. There was one girl left, and she was looking very nervous.

“What do you say, Chloe? Want to go for a ride?”

She kept her eyes downcast and repeatedly shifted her weight from one foot to the other. “I don’t know, it seems really scary.”

“Trust me, it’s not nearly as scary once you actually start going. And don’t worry, I’ll be riding with you.”

“Ok,” she squeaked.

We both sat down on the sled, but unlike Momo and Sonja, she was sitting backwards, choosing to use my lap as her seat. She was holding onto me like a baby monkey, her face buried in the side of my neck and her limbs locked around my chest.


She nodded, with her cold nose tickling my neck. Just like with Momo, as soon as gravity took over, Chloe released a siren-like cry, so high pitched that both Sonja and Momo were left wincing. I held the guiding rope with one hand and had my arm wrapped around her small body. The ride went without accident, the two of us reaching the stream and sliding through the same path I had made with Momo, even stopping at the same spot.

“How was that, Chloe?” Instead of speaking, she simply wiggled, still keeping her face hidden. “Good. Let’s head back up.” I tried to get to my feet, but Chloe hadn’t released me. She was holding on like a backpack. “Chloe, sweetie, can you let go?” She shook her head. I couldn’t help but sigh. “All right, then.”

I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to climb back up the hill, not only pulling the sled with me, but also carrying Chloe. Though I wasn’t carrying her so much as letting me hang from me like a sloth on a branch. By the time I reached the top of the hill, my stamina was exhausted and I simply rolled onto my back on the ground.

“Girls, you go ahead and ride as much as you want… I’m just going to lie here for a few minutes.”

Sonja grabbed the sled and leaped down the hillside, riding down on her stomach while whooping in joy. For the next few hours, the girls and I took turns zipping down the hill, in different combinations and different styles. Momo and Chloe preferred simply sledding the normal way, but Sonja did every trick she could think of, from building jumps to standing on it like a snowboard. Chloe refused to go down solo, so one of us would always ride with her. But with these short-lived December days, the sun was fast approaching the horizon.

“Ok, girls, one last trip and then we all head back. How about we all ride together?” It was a tough fit, but the four of us managed to squeeze onto the sled, going from smallest to largest with Chloe in the front and me in the back. “Ready, girls?”

“Ready!” they all cheered.

Our combined weight required our combined effort to actually push the sled over the edge, and once gravity took over, it became a grinding conflict of friction and momentum. After all times we had gone down, the snow was pretty hard packed, but it was still buckling and slowing us down. Regardless, we shot down the hill and onto the frozen creek faster than before. The packed snow and exposed ice sent us farther than we had ever gone, and I could see us rocketing towards a fallen tree.

“Girls, bail!”

I rolled out of the sled with Sonja in my arms, Sonja pulling Momo, and Momo pulling Chloe. We landed in fresh powder and Momo and Chloe got up, sputtering and disoriented.

“One of you girls grab the sled and let’s go home.”


It was a race to return to the house, as both the sun and the temperature were rapidly dropping. We made it back just as the last beads of light disappeared from the horizon. We stripped off our winter gear, our exposed cheeks red from the cold.

“I’ll get started on dinner in a little bit. First, I’m really in a mood to take a hot bath,” I said, rubbing my face to try and warm the numb skin.

“Oh! Can Momo join?”

“Of course, come on up.”

While Sonja and Chloe turned on the TV and set it to Animal Planet (their new favorite channel), I built up the fire in the wood stove and Momo filled the tub upstairs.

“Master, it’s ready!” she called.

I met her in the bathroom and we both stripped down. My eyes licked Momo’s body as the last articles of clothes came off. It had been too long since I had seen her naked. Sure, we played together almost every night, but I always had the lights off then. I had missed watching her prance around the house in the nude.

I got into the tub first, making sure the temperature was right before settling. A groan of bliss escaped my lips, making Momo jealous. “Come on in, kitten.”

She stepped in and lowered herself below the water, purring in euphoria. By the time she lied back against me, it sounded like there was a V8 engine in her throat.

“Master, this feels sooooooo good,” she mumbled.

“I thought you’d like it. Back when I bought this house, my first thought upon seeing the tub was of taking romantic baths with you girls.”

“What does ‘romantic’ mean?”

“Romance is what happens when two people are attracted to each other and the atmosphere becomes very… arousing.”

“Like when Momo and Master play together?”

“Sort of. Something is romantic when it makes you think about the person you love and you become extra happy.”

“Momo loves Master.”

“And Master loves Momo.” I raised a wet hand and began rubbing her ears, further intoxicating her with physical ecstasy. “You’re the first cat I’ve ever seen that actually enjoyed getting wet.”

“Momo doesn’t, really. But it’s just so warm, Momo can’t help it.”

She slipped down further into the water, dipping her head just below the surface until only her ears stayed dry, poking up like two periscopes. She blew bubbles for a few seconds and then sat back up. Her body steaming, she sighed in bliss and leaned back against me, with nothing but a thin film of water between our naked bodies. We stayed like that for a bit, silently enjoying the warmth of the water and the sensation of each other’s company in utter stillness. After about ten minutes, the heat began to take its toll, though. I was feeling lightheaded and areas that were kept dry out of the water were now starting to glisten with sweat. It was just about time to get out, but I still had something I needed to do.

I looked down at Momo, watching the water lap at her breasts with every breath she took. Her nipples were half-submerged, and despite the warmth, fully erect. I slid my hand down her chest and started caressing her areolas. Her eyes closed, Momo’s breath began to quicken. My other hand moved through the water and found her flat belly. My fingertips moved down her soft skin and slipped between her legs. Normally, I would penetrate her with my fingers, but I decided to take a gentler approach. With just my middle finger, I started skimming the entrance of her labia, ever so gently stimulating the nerves. While that was going on, I continued to trace her areolas with the smallest amount of contact possible. Momo kept her eyes closed but was now panting, surprisingly aroused from so little stimulation. The teasing attribute seemed to be magnifying the sensations. The longer I teased her, the more she reacted, with the deprivation itself giving her pleasure.

Time to get a little rougher. My fingers slipped inside her, and at the same time, my hand squeezed her right breast and my lips closed around the tips of one of her ears. Momo let out a single cry, as clear and pristine as a bell chime. Now I was being aggressive, clumsily groping her tits while I chewed on her ears and drilled her with my fingers.

“Master…” she gasped.

I sat up on my knees, picking her up with me. I had her leaned over, supporting her with my arms across her chest, while still violating her with my hands. No longer nibbling her ears, I was now kissing her neck, all while she moaned and water dripped from her nipples. I let her lie against the end of the tub, her rear facing me with her wet tail curling in anticipation. With a quick dab of soap for some extra lubrication, I grabbed her by the hips and mounted her from behind, my manhood stuffed into her gate and making her whine.

The water in the tub sloshed back and forth as I rammed her. Since our bodies were wet, every time her ass met my lap, it produced a clap much louder and deeper than usual. The water caught the light perfectly, letting me see the ripples move through her body with every thrust. Momo was moaning in happiness while keeping her face buried in the crook of her arm. Forsaking my hold on her waist, I reached under and cupped a warm breast. I then stopped moving, Momo realizing that I wanted her to do it in my place. Now gripping the edge of the tub instead of leaning against it, she began throwing her body back against mine, her voice reaching new heights as she could now control how hard and how fast she was fucked. I watched her with a smile on my face, enjoying the sight of the effort she was putting in.

“Master, Momo is going to—”

I kissed her before she could finish. I pulled her back against me, holding her by the arms while I resumed my thrusts. She couldn’t maintain the kiss, instead pulling her lips from mine and crying out when she had her orgasm. Her strength had left her, I picked her up out of the bath and brought her into the bedroom.

I laid her out on the bed and spread her legs. She looked up at me, her lips parted, her cheeks flushed, and her eyes half open. I cupped her cheek and brushed my thumb across her lips. She reached out to me as if for a hug. I embraced her, returning my cock to its rightful place and regaining my earlier rhythm. Her arms and legs wrapped around me and joined our tongues swirled. It only took me a couple minutes to finish, making her purr as she felt me empty my reserves into her womanhood.

We stayed there for a minute or so, with me still inside her, the two of us simply waiting until we had caught our breath. With the water evaporating from our bodies, we finally separated and got to our feet.

“Come on, let’s go have dinner.”

“‘Kay, Master!”

Part 7:

“Come on, girls! Up! Up! Up!”

It was early in the morning, hours before dawn. In the pitch-black bedroom, the sound of snowflakes hitting the window sounded like radio static. The girls all grumbled in annoyance, even the usual, perky Sonja. It didn’t help that the bedroom was chilly. I turned on the lights but Momo and Sonja just pulled the blankets over their heads, trying to escape back into the warm darkness.

“Hmmmm, Masterrrrrr, just five more minutes…” Momo whined.

“On your feet, I need your help. Come on, I told you three to expect this.”

As I got dressed, Chloe crawled out from under the bed, leaving the comfort of her sleeping bag. She gave a wide yawn and rubbed her eyes with her ears drooping adorably.

“Master, I’m sleepy.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie. Once I head out, you can go back to sleep.”

Sonja managed to get up of her own volition, which left the three of us with the job of dragging out Momo by the ankles. They all got dressed and we headed downstairs. The reason we were up so early was because of the snowstorm outside. Hopefully, our rural road had already been plowed, but it would be a long time until my driveway actually got serviced. We needed to clear out just enough snow for my car to make it out. In Maine, there could be a hundred feet of snow in your driveway, but as long as the road is clear, you’re expected to come into work. As the office manager, I had to set an example on days like these and come in regardless of the challenge. I did have the authority to close the office temporarily due to weather, but considering how busy my company was, I had to ask for permission from my superiors if I didn’t want to get chewed out.

We didn’t bother eating, as hopefully the job would be quick and we could have breakfast at our usual time. We put on our winter gear and I turned on the outside lights. We all took a deep breath and stepped out into the blustery cold. There were only two colors outside, the white of the snow and the black of the darkness, and if not for the howling wind, I could have sworn we were walking on the moon. Not only had a lot of snow been dumped, but the wind had dropped it in varying depths. The backyard had been swept clean, the snow only a foot or so high, but with my car and the driveway acting as nets to catch the wind, the snow at its highest was up to my chest. Branches and trees were also drooping under the weight of the snow, hanging down over the driveway.

I grabbed one of the four snow shovels set on the porch and turned to the girls. “Sonja, you’re going to help me dig out the car. Momo, Chloe, I want you two to wade through the snow and make two paths in the driveway for my tires. When you reach the end of the driveway, look to see if the road has been cleared. Use your shovels to whack the low-hanging branches and knock off the snow. Then we’ll all start shoveling. Got it?”

“Yes!” said the girls, each with a different level of enthusiasm.

Sonja and I went to my car and started digging all around it. It was below zero outside, so I also checked to make sure that the car would start. The battery seemed just fine and it kicked to life. I was lucky to have a Subaru out here.

Safe, rugged, and dependable, a Subaru is the ideal car for any environment, ready for any job you need to do. Love, it’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru™.





Momo and Chloe were doing this kind of rhythmic chant as they waded through the snow. They were each jumping forward, using their legs to clear parallel tire paths. They held their arms out to their sides for balance and gave a loud grunt every time they jumped, taking turns one at a time. Poor Chloe, the snow was all the way up to her waist. It took her a lot of effort to make her way through it all. She needed to take repeated breathers and the lazy Momo was not one to complain. When they came across low-hanging branches, they knocked off the snow with their shovels until they swung up like the arms of catapults.

Towards the end of the driveway, where the illumination from the porch lights faded, Chloe had to rely on Momo’s feline eyes for help navigating in the dark. They reached the road but found no end to the deep snow.

“Master! The road isn’t clear!” Momo hollered.

Hearing her, I groaned. “Out here, it doesn’t surprise me. Come on, Sonja, let’s start shoveling.”

Since we had cleaned off the car, we started hauling away the snow between the two paths that Momo and Chloe had made. Luckily the snow was light and fluffy, so it didn’t take much effort to toss it, but it would definitely be a good idea to start saving my money for a snow blower. Momo and Chloe were doing the same thing but from the end of the driveway and we met up in the middle. The driveway still needed a real plowing, but my car would probably make it through.

By the time we were done, we were all hungry and exhausted, but too wired to simply go back to sleep. “Thanks for all the help, girls. How about I make you all a special breakfast?”

“Yay!” they cheered.

We headed inside and stripped down to our normal clothes. First, I built up a fire in the stove to warm the house and then I started cooking. Bacon, eggs, and sausages; it was difficult to cook up three servings at once, but it was a labor of love. Even though they were tired, the girls crowded around me, impatient and hungry. I poured the feast into their bowls one at a time and they all assumed the position.

“Thanks, Master!” they cheered before burying their faces in their meals.

They were done before I had even gotten a pot of coffee started. I set myself up with a steaming mug and a bowl of cereal and we all settled on the couch to watch the morning news. The whiteout had claimed the state but people were dealing with it. Most of the roads had already been plowed once and emergency services were all running as they should.

“Master, when is winter going to end?” asked Chloe, keeping her hands warm with a cup of tea.

“Not for a while, I’m afraid. We’re in January, next will come February, and things will start warming up in March and we’ll get into spring.”

“How many days is that?” asked Sonja.

“Maybe sixty, seventy days.”

“Momo is sick of winter.”

“Well it’s about to get a lot worse before it gets better.”

On the news, the anchorwoman had confirmed my warning. Supposedly, New England was about to be hit with a frigid clusterfuck not seen since the North American Ice Storm of 1998. I had been just a little kid when it happened, but once you get hooked on TV, you don’t forget two weeks without power. There had been rumors on the news for the past few days, but it seemed like now the meteorologists had confirmed it. The storm we had now was the very start. Luckily, I had been stocking up on food and supplies. This afternoon, I would get the last of the stuff I needed.

I’m certain that Momo and Chloe heard the rumbling first, as they suddenly moved away from Sonja. Without warning, her ears perked up and she flew from the couch to the window overlooking the driveway. It was still dark out but the lights of a plow truck could be seen as it passed by our house. Her tail was wagging and I knew that she wanted to bark, but a hundred whaps to the head with a rolled-up newspaper had taught her to be quiet when people were outside.

The roads were clear, meaning that I had to go to work. It was a damn shame, because after all that shoveling, I really needed a nice nap. But I had to suck it up, so I got myself ready and headed out to work. The girls bid me farewell from the bed, with Chloe forsaking her sleeping bag for my spot in the middle. Seeing the three of them, all curled up under those warm sheets, I would have sold my soul to be able to strip back down and join them. There was always next time.


As usual, I was the first one at the office. On one hand, it made me almost feel proud that I had such a good work ethic, but on the other hand, why the fuck did I have to be here first when everyone was dragging their asses?! Damn it, I could have snuggled with the girls some more! Oh well, as much as I hated getting up early, I did enjoy that brief span of time when the office was empty. I’d turn up the thermostat, start a pot of coffee in the break room, and settle behind my desk. Then I’d count the minutes until the next person arrived, thinking that I could have spent that many more minutes in bed.

The first phone call of the day broke the silence, and what a surprise, it was my boss.

“We’re closing down all of the offices in the area until the weather clears.”

“Do you have any idea how long that will be?” I asked.

“I heard it will a week at least, and that’s not counting the time it will take for the power to come on. Try and get everything in order by the end of the day, because after things calm down and people start picking up the pieces, we’re all going to be busy.”


My coworkers streamed in one by one, no one late enough for me to bother mentioning. Every time the door opened, a frigid air would flush through the office and the rug would get peppered with snow. Once everyone had gathered, I told them all of the incoming hiatus and to get as much done as possible. Everyone was feverish for the rest of the day, half of the employees anxious about lost work hours and the possible damage to their homes from the storm, while the rest were just eager to have some time off, even if it was unpaid. I was certainly among the second half, overjoyed to spend a week or more curled up with my girls.


After leaving the office, I stopped off at the grocery store. I had almost everything I needed to wait out the storm, but there were just a few more things to pick up. The store was more crowded than I had ever seen, with every parking spot taken and people walking over after leaving their cars up to a quarter mile away. I ended up slowly rolling through the parking lot three times, looking for a spot while pedestrians waddled in front of my car like penguins. Countless other drivers were doing the same but I finally caught a break when someone left and I snatched their spot before some dick in a Humvee could take it.

Inside was even worse, with thick-coated Mainers pushing their way through the crowds, using their shopping carts like battering rams like it was Black Friday. The noise in the store was almost deafening, just the squeaking of the wheels on the carts making my ears sting. Many shelves had already been picked clean, every section taking a heavy hit. Well, every section except for the vegan section, because fuck you, vegans. We’d rather go hungry than eat your shitty food.

I was lucky to get the last pack of toilet paper and some rolls of paper towels. Few people were grabbing toothbrushes and toothpaste so I didn’t have to fight anyone for them. All the cereal was almost gone, but I grabbed a couple more boxes in case we ran out. Lastly, I got a cake in case the girls got stir crazy and needed some cheering up. But getting my stuff was the easy part. Paying for them and getting out was the hard part. Every aisle was open but so too was every line blended together, many of them stretching down aisles. Between when I got in line and when I was able to actually put my stuff on the conveyer belt, I beat three levels of Candy Crush and was waiting for another life.

When I got back to my car and started unloading my stuff, everything behind me stopped. Two cars passing behind me had halted with their headlights on my back. I could feel the angry glares of the drivers as they waited for me to leave. When I got into my car and turned it on, I suddenly felt like I was in prison and had just dropped the soap.


I made it home safe and sound, though the roads were still very sloshy. I was glad to see my driveway had been plowed. There is nothing better than coming home, opening the door, and smelling dinner being made, except, of course, that same scenario but with three beautiful animal-eared girls coming to greet you at the door.

“Yes, yes, I missed you girls too,” I said as they rubbed up against me like they were trying to scratch an itch. “Did you three do what I asked today?”

“Of course!” Sonja cheered.

I looked through the house, seeing piles of firewood stacked around the house, but set away from the wood stove and on top of sheets of newspaper to protect the floor. The girls had brought in as much firewood as possible in preparation. I would much rather we have too much ready than not enough and have to go out to the woodshed to get more. With one side of the house full of firewood and the kitchen stocked with food and supplies, we were running short on open space, but of course, that would change in the coming days.

We had dinner and settled on the couch, watching the evening news as we did every night. Every channel was talking about the huge chain of storms coming our way. Sonja was eager, almost masochistically so, Momo seemed uncomfortable whenever a meteorologist or news anchor said “cold”, and Chloe was downright terrified.

Outside, the wind was kicking up and it was starting to snow again. We weren’t supposed to have until tomorrow, but it seemed that Mother Nature was feeling a bit impatient.

The mouse climbed into my lap and hugged me. “Master, are we going to be ok? We aren’t going to die, are we?”

“No, we’ll be fine. We aren’t going to die. In fact, I’m looking forward to this. Think of this as the chance be cozier than ever in your life.”

Hearing me, Momo’s face melted into a hedonistic grin.


At some point in the night, the smoke detectors beeped, telling me we had lost power. That wasn’t enough to keep me from falling back to sleep. But I did wake up later, stunned by the feeling of something cold touching me. I realized that Chloe had crawled into bed with us, the sweet smell of her hair and ears filling my nose with her own nose pressed to my chest.

“Chloe?” I grumbled.

“Sorry, Master! I wanted to be with you!”

“No, no, it’s fine. You’re always welcome.”

The tip of my own nose was cold as well, along with my exposed toes. Sonja and Chloe had their heads under their pillows rather than on top. The room wasn’t just chilly, it was frigid. Was there a window open somewhere? No wonder Chloe wanted to come under the covers. That sleeping bag was made for camping, but it could never match up to the warmth of joined bodies. Much to my displeasure, I was forced to climb out of bed to check the temperature. I couldn’t get a reading outside, but according to my phone, the temperature in the room was… 35º. Jesus! I had climbed out of bed just seconds ago and my nipples could already cut glass! I wasn’t wearing underwear, simply because I didn’t need to with the girls around, so I was already experiencing epic shrinkage. I did a quick check of the house by the light of my phone, making sure there weren’t any drafts where cold air was coming in. I couldn’t find any leaks.

Working up all of my courage, I put on my boots and stepped outside to check the thermometer I had out on the porch. The blizzard was going full force with no signs of stopping, and the moment I stepped outside, I was certain I had lost a year of my life! Wearing nothing but boots, I could actually feel my skin freezing. With frostbite forming and Old Man Winter dry-humping me, I held up my cell phone to the thermometer. Outside it was -20º. Sweet Black-fucking-Sabbath! No wonder it was so cold in the house!

I went back inside and brushed the snow off my skin, alarmed that it hadn’t automatically melted. I then threw some fuel into the woodstove to warm up the house. Our home had been made with Maine winters in mind. The pipes were well insulated and kept away from the sides of the house as much as possible, but if the inside temperature dropped below freezing, they could ice up. With steady heat radiating from the stove I returned to the bedroom. My eyes had adjusted to the dark, enough for me to discern the shapes of my three girls. Oh, getting back in there would be orgasmic. I grabbed Chloe’s blankets under the bed and then threw them on top for a little extra warmth. Upon lifting the sheets, I saw three pairs of slender white feet and the tips of three tails. Momo and Sonja remained still, telling me they were asleep, but Chloe stirred, clearly still awake. I couldn’t resist, I leaned down and left a small kiss on each little toe. I could faintly hear her giggle.

After leaving some extra covering at the end of the bed for our feet, I slithered back inside, rubbing my nose on her chest in reversal of our earlier roles.

“Master,” she whispered.

I wrapped my arms around her small body and held her close, the two of us relishing each other’s warmth. The four of us were completely hidden under blankets, save for some small gaps to let in fresh air. The air that came in was cold, almost making it a game to protect ourselves from the chill while letting us breathe. The warmth and softness were beyond deion, every part of me touching either fabric or smooth skin.

Half-asleep, Momo rolled over and spooned Chloe, sandwiching her in between us. With Chloe’s face buried in my chest, Momo had her forehead pressed to mine with a purr in her throat. Sonja did the same, wrapping her arms around me with her breasts smooshed against my back while she and I played footsie under the covers. The only sound was of our breathing and the howling wind outside. Both sounds made me happy beyond words, wrapped up in blankets with my girls, snuggled in a bastion of warmth. I didn’t fall back to sleep, but that was out of pure will. This moment right now was so blissful, so comfortable and relaxing, I didn’t want to miss out on it by being asleep.

“I love you girls,” I said before fatigue finally took me.


Minus each of us going to the bathroom at least once, we stayed in bed as long as we could, not wanting to abandon the warmth and comfort of the bed and each other. It was probably sometime in the early afternoon that our stomachs all reached synchronicity in their growling. Eventually we would have to face the cold and go eat. It took us all encouraging each other to finally make that jump. We got out of bed and hurriedly got dressed.

“Girls, before we go eat, I think we need to move the bed. Let’s bring the mattress downstairs and lay it out next to the wood stove. That way we won’t get as cold as we were last night.”

With Sonja and I taking the ends, and Momo and Chloe offering help from the sides, we dragged the mattress out of the bedroom and down the stairs. The narrow, bent staircase made it a major pain to worm it around corners, but we finally got it down into the living room and laid it out in front of the stove. I built up the fire and the room began to fill with warmth.

The world outside was pure white, the storm so thick that not even the trees could be seen. From the looks of it, my car appeared completely buried, but until the driveway got plowed, there was no reason to dig it out. It was time to make breakfast, but first I had to get us some power. I got all wrapped up in my winter gear and stepped out onto wild white yonder. I kept the generator at the back of the house, out of the wind. It was kept safe in a plywood box with my electric meter, basically an outhouse but without the john. It started with relative ease, but in these temperatures, relative ease is still a pain in the ass.

I had about twenty-five gallons of gas saved and the generator could run for ten hours on a full four-gallon tank, but there was no telling how long we would be without power. Therefore, I would only keep the generator on for a few hours a day, one for making breakfast and one for making dinner, and some extra time for things like laundry and bathing. During those times, I would also charge my laptop and phone. I had filled up the tub with water for flushing the toilet, but still, I told the girls to save their #2s for when the generator was on.

I hurried back inside, my whole body shaking from the deathly chill. The girls and I had breakfast and settled in the living room. Unfortunately, even though we had power, both the cable and Internet were out for the whole area.

“Ok, girls, what do you want to do?”

Momo yawned. “Momo wants to take a nap.”

I had been thinking more along the lines of playing cards or a board game, but actually, a nap sounded really nice. We all brushed our teeth, and as the girls settled into bed, I went out and turned off the generator. When I came back in, I saw three lumps hidden under the covers. We had set the bed perpendicular to the woodstove, all of us lying on it sideways so that we could receive equal warmth. The cushions had been taken from the couch and used to add extra space for our legs.

I stripped down and crawled into the fabric den. Surprisingly, it was Sonja in the middle. Normally she stuck to the sides. I settled in between her and Momo, embracing Sonja from behind.

“I love cuddling with Master like this!” she cheered under the blankets.

“Yeah, I love it too.”

It didn’t take us long to fall back to sleep.


I’m not sure when I woke up, maybe after an hour or so of sleep. I could have checked my phone, but it was in my pants and that would require me to leave the sanctity of the bed. I was cozy behind words, simply relishing the warmth and softness around me. For an unknown length of time, I simply lay there, listening to the breathing of the three girls. It was the simplest form of entertainment, waiting for their rhythms to sync up and for them all to breathe in or out at the same time. I would silently celebrate, then wait for it to happen again. I was still embracing Sonja, her back against my chest, me smelling her hair.

Suddenly, her body began to twitch and I could hear soft whimpers. Her eyes were closed but she was giving tiny barks. Oh, she was dreaming about squirrels again. It had been a while since she did that. I started rubbing her belly to calm her down. “Shhhh, it’s ok.” Her body became still but I continued to move my hand around her flat stomach, trying to taste her skin with my fingertips. She was so smooth, so soft. I leaned my head down under the covers and kissed her navel.

Crap, I was getting turned on. Oh well, I might as well take it slow. I laid my head back and let my hand slide up her stomach and cup a warm breast. A shiver moved through her and she gently stirred, but not in a way to suggest displeasure. I massaged her breasts one at a time, seeing how long I could keep her from waking up. Her boobs were so huge, they practically overflowed out of my hand. Once I started tickling her nipples, she at last woke up.

“Huh? Master?”

She then rolled onto her back and smiled but kept her eyes closed, giving me the all-clear to have my way with her. My lips found one of her areolas, pulling on the supple flesh and making her gasp. My hand abandoned the mountains and moved down to the canyon to tap the river. She was already wet, so my fingers slipped inside her. She was beginning to whimper, like a dog waiting for her master to come through the front door.

I removed my hand from her labia with strings of liquid stretched between my fingers. I rubbed the liquid onto her other nipple, using my fingertips to tease it into a point, and then I licked it clean. Fully erect, I moved on top of her. She spread her legs and welcomed my manhood. She smiled and blushed as I penetrated her, but she forsook that smile so she could kiss me. With her legs wrapped around my waist, I dipped into her recesses again and again, hitting all the walls and making her pant, but keeping my movements slow and gentle.

I came after a few minutes, painting her interior with a nice white finish. I hadn’t brought her to climax, something that left my ego bruised, but it was probably for the best. Her howl would have woken Momo and Chloe and ruined the peace. The loving smile on her face told me that she was content, happy to bask in my affection. I would pay her back later. I gave her a kiss and she closed her eyes to fall back to sleep. After adding some more wood to the fire, I pulled the blankets back over my head and did the same.


Soft, wet, the sensations awoke me. With frequent scraping of teeth, I could tell that my manhood was in someone’s mouth. I had my head above the covers, my eyes finding the pure whiteness of the storm outside the living room windows. In front of me, the blankets shifted as a head bobbed up and down, while in the darkness, saliva was slathered onto my hardening cock and then being licked away. But who was it? The mystery girl was massaging my balls while she stuffed her mouth. Had Sonja decided that she wanted to keep playing? No, I could feel her next to me, out like a log. Could it be Chloe? No, this was too aggressive. That only left Momo.

Her diligence and effort were certainly commendable. She was trying to draw out my semen like the last glob of toothpaste. However, so soon after waking up, and having emptied myself into Sonja, it would take a lot more work to make me cum. As usual, her laziness surpassed everything else, including her libido, and she gave up. Instead, she slithered up my chest, poked her head out from under the covers, and kissed me. She was purring like a Harley as our tongues twisted, and became even louder as my hands grasped her rear end and squeezed it.

Continuing to purr, she pulled away and rolled over on top of me, as if to make sure every part of her body made contact. With Momo lying on her back on top of me, I took this opportunity to fondle her breasts and fiddle with her slit, making sure it was ready. We both turned on our side towards the edge of the bed and lifted our legs like mirror images of each other. She guided me in, proceeding to rub her clit as I made my strokes. With us lying on our sides, it took a while for me to get the movements just right, but I was soon thrusting deep into her. Like with Sonja, I kept my movements slow and gentle, trying to maintain the cozy serenity of the moment. Using my position as the big spoon, I resumed fondling her breasts, this time supplementing it by running kisses up her neck and nibbling on the side of her ear.

The blankets were left hanging from our raised legs, letting air flush in. Even though we were right next to the woodstove, compared to the air of our cozy sanctum, the rest of the house was freezing cold. Rather than shivering, the cold air left Momo panting, the chill tickling her skin in contrast to the heat building up in her body from sex. It sent a continuous shock through her like she was hot steel submerged in water. Both her nipples and her clitoris became erect, the sweat steaming off her flat belly. She gave a single joyful whimper before her strength left her. Her leg dropped and she became still under the covers, her eyes closed as if she had fallen back to sleep. Had she climaxed? Normally she was loud as sin when she came. Perhaps she had experienced some kind of mini orgasm?

I pulled out of her, unable to have my own orgasm before she gave out. But there was always next time, and I was tired. Still spooning Momo, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


Sonja was resisting the need with everything she had, but in the end, the call of nature could not be ignored. Forsaking the warmth and comfort of the bed, she went upstairs to use the bathroom, immediately yelping when she touched the cold toilet seat. Under the covers, Chloe stirred, awoken by Sonja’s departure. She sensed an opportunity to gain some extra warmth and scooched into the middle of the bed. I was on my side, facing her, not so deeply asleep so as not to feel her crawl into my embrace. With my arms wrapped around her, she buried her face in my chest and closed every bit of open space between us, relishing my warmth. Sonja soon returned, taking Chloe’s spot at the edge of the bed without issue.

We stayed like that for a good while, me holding Chloe’s small body against mine, the two of us exchanging body heat. A spot on my chest became hot and wet from her breath. I rolled onto my back and sighed in relief from my muscles stretching, but Chloe couldn’t be rid of that easily. She moved onto my chest, sleeping on top of me like a cat. Luckily, she was light enough not to restrict my breathing. More time passed, Momo and Sonja rolling over and clutching my arms.

With Chloe’s naked body on top of mine, I was starting to get hard. No longer falling in and out of sleep, I simply lay there, feeling the pressure build. Unfortunately, Chloe was lying on top of it, crushing it, and I couldn’t move it without disturbing the peace. My luck turned as Chloe appeared to wake up, probably from the feel of my erection against her stomach. She held herself up and her fingers wrapped around my member. I don’t know whether she did it for my pleasure or hers, but she settled herself on it like she was plugging it into her. Buried up to the base in Chloe’s pussy, I hummed in bliss. Rather than moving, Chloe simply lied back down on my chest and became still, seeming to fall back to sleep with me inside her. Is this what tantric sex is? I got to admit, it’s kind of nice not having any of that exhausting movement.

We stayed like that for a while, both completely still. My cock pulsed inside her with every heartbeat. After a while, my erection gave in and I became flaccid, but still remained in Chloe. I was kind of glad to go soft, as I was starting to get sore. With our bodies linked, she and I drifted off to sleep.


Just like that morning, it was our rumbling stomachs that finally got us out of bed. What shocked me though was that the house was pitch black. I checked my phone, realizing it was already past 8 in the evening. We had slept through the entire day! Though, thinking back, it was rare for me to sleep that well. That might have been the best nap of my life. I went outside to turn on the generator, with the storm still raging. Out in the yard, where the wind normally swept away as much snow as it left, the powder was up past my waist.

Even if it was just from a generator, it was nice to have electricity again. Unfortunately, without cable and the Internet, I was starting to go a bit into media withdrawal. I kept reaching into my pocket for my smartphone, tempted to use my cellular data, if I even could. My stinginess stopped me, but I was itching for electronic stimuli. I was so used to having a constant flow of information at my fingertips, that now, my brain was chewing on itself.

I had to distract myself. I started preparing dinner. I made us something light, the perfect storm food; grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Next to me, Sonja was looking out the window with a somber expression.

“I’m tired of being inside. I want to go out and play, but it’s too dark and stormy out.”

“I know, honey, I’m sorry. But there are plenty of games we can play inside. Hopefully, tomorrow or sometime soon, we’ll get a reprieve.”

Likewise, Chloe and even Momo were restless and didn’t want to sleep anymore. On and off, we had all slept for twenty hours, so our circadian rhythms were a bit screwy. Rather than putting their food in their bowls, I poured their tomato soup into coffee mugs and let them join me on the couch with their sandwiches. I turned on my laptop and started a movie. Normally, the girls didn’t pay attention to the TV, but I had downloaded the “planet earth” series, which would probably keep them glued to the screen.

“What are we watching?” Sonja asked.

“Is it porn?” Momo chirped.

“No, it’s not porn. It’s called a documentary. It will show you the world and the animals in it.”

It was the first episode, “Pole to Pole”, and the intro alone left the girls shocked and in awe. They had no idea that the world had so much stuff in it. It started with penguins in Antarctica, the girls laughing at the waddling birds.

“Are there penguins near us?” Chloe asked.

Considering how little she knew of the world, her question didn’t surprise me. Until now, her world consisted only of the woods around our house.

I patted her head. “No, sweetie, they are far away.”

It then showed a polar bear with her cubs in the Arctic, causing Sonja to begin wiggling in excitement.

“They look just like me!”

“Yeah, back when you were fluffier. You did kind of look like a polar bear.”

“Momo wants a cub.”

I turned to her, shocked by her declaration. Was she feeling maternal? If I told her she was sterile, how would she react?

“You mean you want to have a child of your own?”

“No, Momo wants a bear cub. They are small of furry. Momo wants to play with one and take a nap with it.”

Ah, of course.

From there, the girls’ reactions depended on whatever animal they were looking at. When Sonja saw wolves or foxes, she would growl. Every time Momo saw big cats or strange birds, she would purr. Chloe would squeal and cover her eyes every time something was eaten, even insects. Scenes of great white sharks left them all terrified, and I even heard some tearful sniffles when a young elephant got separated from its herd. It finished again with the penguins, showing the hatching chicks, which made them all cheer.

“How was that, girls?”

“Can we watch another?” Momo asked.

Sonja got off the couch and started jumping up and down. “Yeah, can we? Can we? Can we?”

“Sure, girls, one more.”

I started the next episode, the mountains episode. Immediately, the girls were left awestruck, unable to believe that anything could be so big. None of them had ever seen a mountain before, so these huge rock behemoths might as well have been other planets. A shot of a churning volcano broke that awe and left them cowering, as if they expected molten rock to come pouring out of the screen. They settled back down when the scene shifted to a green mountain range in Ethiopia, soothed by the beauty and size. The sight of baboons left them puzzled, seeing the creatures climbing with fingers like their own. Sonja’s tail was wagging, the baboons reminding her of squirrels.

Soon, the mountain lions were the main focus, and Momo had a proud smirk on her face, overjoyed by size and strength of her fellow felines. After they took down an animal, whiteness took over the screen. It was an avalanche. Seeing the snow rushing down the mountain, Sonja again wagged her tail.

“I wanna ride it with my sled!”

“That might be a little much for you.”

She immediately forgot about snow when the bears appeared on the screen. It seemed she had found her new favorite animal. The documentary continued, the girls’ reactions varying. As expected, Momo smiled when she saw snow leopards and Sonja cheered when she saw bears or monkeys, and Chloe simply admired the scenery.

Once it was done, I shut my laptop. “That’s enough for now. I’m going to go turn off the generator.”

“But then won’t it be dark? Momo doesn’t want to go back to bed yet.”

“Don’t worry, I was actually thinking we could play some board games.”

The girls looked at each other in confusion. “Board games?” Chloe asked.

“I’ll show you in a minute.”

I lit some candles and went outside to turn off the generator. As always, the wind was howling and the snow was endless. Jesus, I couldn’t remember the last time it had been this bad. I came back inside and grabbed the candles and a large paper bag from under the kitchen table where I had stashed all of our supplies. I sat us all down on the bed and pulled out several board games I had gotten from GoodWill.

“This is how people used to spend their time before computers. I’ll start us off with something easy: Candy Land. This was the first game I learned how to play. Man, this takes me back.”

I set out the board between the four of us. It was an older version, much older, probably close to my age. I preferred it that way, it was exactly like the one I had as a kid. I assigned us player pieces and explained the rules. The girls didn’t seem to understand the point of the game, but they would soon. I drew the first card and moved my piece to the corresponding color square.

“Chloe, your turn.”

She tensed up, nervous from being put on the spot. “O-ok.” She picked the next card and it put her piece one square ahead of mine. “S-sorry, Master!”

“It’s ok, that’s the whole point of the game. You’re trying to win. Momo, you’re next.”

Momo didn’t seem very interested, but she picked up a card and moved her piece. Her turn landed her ahead of Chloe, and the moment her piece touched the board, I could see a glimmer in her eye. The fact that she was ahead of someone in the game was stirring up her predatory instincts. Oh crap, had I just created a monster? Sonja ended up winning the game, with Momo of course demanding a do-over. We played two more times before I decided to switch it up. We moved on to the next game, ‘Trouble’, and after playing it twice, tried ‘Sorry!’. The more we played, the more the girls had fun and got into it, and I was enjoying it as well. We munched on crackers and dry cereal as we played, as I didn’t keep junk food in the house.

I wasn’t sure what time it was when we started playing ‘Monopoly’, it felt kind of late. I knew that even playing this game was a huge gamble. Monopoly had torn apart more families than alcoholism, but it was a fun game and I loved being able to play it again, plus it taught the girls the value of money.


Naturally, the cry came from Momo, but while normally it would be made in ecstasy, it was now done in frustration. She had just landed on one of Chloe’s hotels and she was already running low on cash.

“Momo doesn’t like this game,” she pouted.

I reached over and rubbed her ears. “You’re just saying that because you’re losing. Relax, it’s just a game. I’m really loving this, I haven’t had fun like this in a long time.”

Sonja’s ears drooped. “Don’t you have fun with us?”

“Of course I do, but there are different kinds of fun. I love playing with you girls, wrestling with you girls, throwing frisbees with you girls, but I also love sitting here, nice and cozy on our bed with the stove right next to us, playing board games by candlelight. A long time ago, I was having a sleepover at my friend’s house. We were both maybe… nine? I have no idea. But it was late at night, perhaps the latest I had ever stayed up, and we were playing this game on his family’s foldout couch. It was maybe two in the morning and we were watching late-night TV. It was a whole lot of fun.”

“How old is Master?” Sonja asked.

“I’m 26.”

“26 what?” Chloe asked.

“Years. I’m guessing you’ve lived about half a year. Momo is five, and Sonja is…?”

It took her a few seconds of counting on her fingers and remembering the winters. “I’m six!”

“Master is old!” Chloe squeaked.

“No, I’m still rather young. I won’t be “old” until I’m at least forty.” The girls were awestruck, unable to imagine living that long. “It’s weird, but you three let me feel like a kid again.”

We all took our turns and it went back to Momo. She rolled the dice and ended up landing one of Sonja’s properties. She threw a temper tantrum and flipped the board.


It was around eight in the morning when we woke up. Despite all the sleep we had gotten the previous day, the dark of the night left us sleepy and yawning by the end of our Monopoly game. At least now our circadian rhythms would be back to normal. It was still blowing out there, but I didn’t know if it was the same storm or a whole new storm. Even I was starting to get a bit restless, sick of being cooped up inside.

After breakfast, I turned to Sonja. “You want to go play out in the snow?”

Her smile lit up the house better than any generator could. “REALLY? YOU WANT TO PLAY IN THE SNOW?!”

“Sure, I kind of want to see how deep it is out there anyway. Momo? Chloe? Do either of you want to come out with us?”

Momo was snoozing and Chloe was reading a picture book. “No, thank you,” they both said.

Sonja and I got dressed in our full winter gear. I love wearing snow pants. When you put on snow pants, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. We stepped out of the house with Sonja carrying a frisbee in her mouth. It was utterly freezing out, feeling less like Maine and more like Siberia, and the wind wasn’t helping. We might not be able to stay out here very long. Then there was the snow, leaving my car completely invisible. The wind had cleared out some areas, giving the house a small membrane of open space, but the rest of the yard was buried beneath a good five feet of snow. The porch was completely surrounded by steep banks, like the trenches in WWI.

“Are you sure you want me to throw it?”

Sonja’s answer came in the form of her doing her happy dance and shaking her butt. I took the frisbee and tossed it out into the middle of the yard, hopefully not too far. Cheering in happiness, Sonja ran and jumped into the snow… and disappeared. She dove into the white ocean and the powder completely enveloped her in a mini avalanche. For a second, I couldn’t see anything, as if she had vanished from the universe. Then the snow began to move and I saw her climb out. She scrambled up to the surface, every movement she made sending her sinking into the snow.

Already, she was panting like she had just run a marathon, and I couldn’t blame her. She got on top of the snow and tried to move across it, but she would simply be swallowed up again as if by quicksand. It looked like a hellish trap, a nightmare to be stuck in, but that just made me want to jump in after her. I decided I would give her a hand in reaching the frisbee and leaped off the porch. I didn’t feel solid ground beneath me, more like I had jumped into a swimming pool full of cotton balls, all compressing until I could sink no deeper. I had fallen forward, face-planting into the snow. That was unpleasant. I came up spluttering, and every time I tried to stand, my feet would just sink into the snow up to my waist. Sonja was in the same condition, sort of jogging in place but on all fours.

She and I began crawling towards the frisbee, the game now turning into a race. I’ll say one thing about this: except for the snow in our face and in the gaps of our clothes, we certainly didn’t feel cold.

“Got it!” I was panting so hard that I thought I was going to throw up and it felt like all of my muscles were going to come undone, but I managed to beat Sonja to the punch and grabbed the frisbee.

“Ruff!” Sonja pounced on me, sending the two of us rolling through the snow.

She and I wrestled for the frisbee, burying ourselves deeper and deeper. In the bottom of a crater formed by our bodies, I was holding the disk far out of her reach. I struck the sides of the pit, causing it to cave in. With that distraction, I managed to crawl back out, laughing like I had been turned into a kid. The race began again, the two of us worming our way through the snow, me trying to keep out of Sonja’s reach. Every time she could get to her feet, she would jump on me with that big grin and we would roll around for a bit.

We at last made it back to the shelter of the porch, out of the snow and out of the wind. My lungs were absolutely killing me from panting so hard and my face was really stinging from the cold, not to mention my wrists from the snow getting under my gloves. Sonja was in the same state, her canine energy reserves depleted. We stepped inside and stripped down, our bodies feeling weightless.


It was another lazy day. After lunch, we spent the afternoon with our various hobbies. I was reading on the couch, Momo was doodling, and Sonja and Chloe were playing checkers. More than once, I laid my book on my chest and drifted to sleep, only to be woken up minutes later by one of the girls saying “king me!”. For dinner that night, we had ravioli and meat sauce.

With the generator humming outside, I was doing the dishes and wondering how we might spend our time. “Hey girls, do you want to watch more of that documentary?”

“Yeah!” they all cheered.

“Ok, you get set up on the couch and I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

As the girls got ready, I reached into one of the cabinets and pulled out a container of hot cocoa mix. I had gotten it before the storm and forgotten about it. I got four mugs and let it heat up in the microwave.

“Master, we’re ready!”

“I’m almost there.” The microwave dinged and I brought the mugs into the living room, setting them on the coffee table. “Here, try this.”

“What is it?” Momo asked.

“Just try it, trust me.”

Chloe took a sip and her tail became erect. “Mmmmm! It’s so good!”

Sonja tried it and her tail started wagging. “It’s like drinking cake!”

A deep purr could be heard in Momo’s throat. “It’s sweet and it’s warm.”

With the girls clutching their mugs, we watched two more episodes of the ‘planet earth’ series, and then it was lights out.


Chloe’s breathing quickened as my lips moved across her inner thighs. In absolute darkness, I had to go by feel, but I liked it that way. Momo and Sonja were on either side of her, moaning and panting as my fingers wiggled inside of them. My tongue found Chloe’s clit and I traced around it, teasing her.

“Master,” she whimpered.

I sampled her wetness, licking it up and making her small voice chirp like a mockingbird. I gorged myself on her delectable body, using my lips to tease her flower petals while my tongue sent electricity through her nerves. She had her hands on my head, trying to both push me away and pull me closer, unsure of what to do against such powerful sensations. Her slender legs were clamped around my head and her back was arching and dropping. I brought her to climax, sending her voice echoing through our cozy cottage.

Much to Sonja and Momo’s dismay, I had to remove my fingers from their pussies so that I could crawl up to Chloe. My tongue slipped between her lips and she returned to kiss, gently, as per her nature.

“I can still taste the cocoa in your mouth. When we’re done, I want you to brush your teeth again.” She squeaked in reply, embarrassed. I told her she could do it later, but she jumped out of bed and scurried upstairs to take care of it. I shrugged my shoulders and then moved over to Sonja. “I’m not going to taste cocoa on your breath, am I?”

Before she could reply, I kissed her to see for myself. This time, her tongue was faster, and she swirled it all around my mouth. A deep purr in her throat, her tail curling, Momo crawled over and embraced me from behind. I could feel each breath she took due to her tits pressed to my back. Her hand found my manhood and her low purr became pants of arousal. She stroked me to a full erection, playing with my cock in a way that gave her both animalistic and perverse joy. Some of my precum was streaked onto her hand, and she pulled it back and licked it away. Now with her palm wet with saliva, she reached back around and started stimulating me. Damn, sometimes a classic handjob reigns supreme.

I continued to make out with Sonja, now leaning in to her so that the head of my cock met her entrance. Momo was still stroking me, trying to coax out my salty seed for her to lap up. My whole body tensed up as I came, pouring semen into Sonja’s pussy. I rolled to the side, knowing what Momo would do. I was right, as she immediately bent her head between Sonja’s legs and drank my cum out of her slit. She was panting and massaging her breasts as she felt Momo’s soft, feminine tongue slither through her. But Sonja also wanted some salt.

With Momo following her, wanting to finish the job, Sonja crawled over to me and began trying to siphon any ammo I hadn’t fired. Her lips formed a vacuum seal around the head of my dick and she was flitting her tongue in the opening at the tip to try and draw more semen. At the moment, I didn’t have any more to give, but her efforts restored my erection and she wasn’t going to let that opportunity get away. She straddled me, wagging her tail as my cock was buried in her up to the base. She started bouncing on me, moaning as I hollowed her out. Still purring, Momo crawled over and instinctively settled on my face, letting me gorge myself on her pussy. She too began to moan, addicted to the sensation of my tongue inside her. Two tails trembled, two voices chiming from ecstasy.

Momo stared at Sonja’s bouncing breasts, her feline eyes glued to them. Arousal and feline instinct merged, and she leaned over and began sucking on Sonja’s nipples, one at a time. Sonja blushed and halted her movements, simply grinding herself on my cock while she fully appreciated Momo’s lips on her areolas.

Momo then moved off me, the shift telling Sonja that she wanted a turn. I was certainly eager to go along with it. Sonja dismounted me and I got up onto my knees. I turned back to Momo, face down with her ass sticking up, presenting her glistening fruit to me. I took her without mercy, mounting her from behind and hammering her with everything I had. Her moans became shrill, stopping every fraction of a second from each impact. I had a solid hold on her hips, with every thrust I made sending ripples throughout her body. She did not have the strength to hold herself up onto all fours, simply remaining with her face pressed against the mattress as I fucked her like a machine. The clapping of flesh on flesh was even louder than her lust-drunk hollering. I didn’t stop even after she came, continuing to induce climax after climax until she could no longer respond.

She became limp and I pulled out of her, gasping for air. That pace really took a lot out of me. I glanced at Sonja, who even more excited after seeing how hard I had fucked Momo. Like me, her eyes had adjusted to the dark, so she saw my brutality and now wanted it for herself. The sound of small feet on the stairs then drew my attention to Chloe. Until I regained my strength, it might be a good idea to be gentle for a bit.

She crawled onto the bed and I invited her closer. “I’m just going to taste toothpaste, right?” Before she could answer, my lips joined hers.

I held her in my arms, her petite body melting as the kiss continued. I laid her out and moved on top of her. Her legs spread, I penetrated her without difficulty. Due to her size, she was completely hidden beneath me, but I loved it like this. I held her against my chest, listening to her soft coos as I plunged into her with deep, slow strokes. Often, gentle and loving is more enjoyable than hardcore.

Behind me, Sonja was starting to whine, impatient and lonely.

“Oh, all right. Come over here.”

She smiled and joined us, lying on her back just behind Chloe. While I continued to delve into Chloe, my tongue probed Sonja’s pussy. Momo had done a thorough job of licking up my cum, so Sonja was clean as a whistle. Chloe cried out from her orgasm, her small body trembling in my embrace. I had also shot one off, so I would be temporarily limp. I pulled out of her and leaned back, gasping for air. Damn, these girls gave me a better workout than any trip to the gym. I looked down, feeling lips envelop my member. It was Momo, having woken up from the sex coma I put her in. She was slower and gentler than she would normally be, obviously still fatigued. To pay her back, I rubbed the base of her spine, just above her tail. I had heard that cats really loved to be rubbed there. She licked up my salty cum, bringing me back to full mast in the process. But rather than presenting herself to me, she lied back down to continue resting.

Next to her, Sonja was rearing to go. She was on her back, limbs spread, looking more like she wanted her tummy rubbed rather than to be fucked, but the aroma of her excitement said otherwise. I had caught my breath so I climbed on her, keeping myself in a pushup position rather than total missionary. I did this so that I could watch her breasts jiggle like two water balloons in an earthquake. Normally she would try to pull me closer and sit up to kiss me, but Sonja simply leaned back and smiled. Perhaps it was a developing feminine pride in her appearance or a pure-hearted joy that her body made me feel good, but she seemed to enjoy my ogling.

Regardless of the view, my arms were weakening and I lowered myself down, now relishing the feel of her tits against my chest. Holding myself up on my elbows, I continued my thrusts, but rather than kiss her, I decided to tease her, blowing air into her ears. My breath sent shivers through her and she began to pant as her climax approached. Her howl erupted, her tunnel of love caving in as if to try and trap me inside. Having just blown my load in Chloe, I didn’t cum, and pulled out with my manhood sore and drenched in Sonja’s euphoria.

I fell on my back, drained of strength, but someone wasn’t content yet. Chloe crawled over to me, a nervous look on her face. “M-Master? Do you think you could play with me a little more?” Now this was a surprise. While Chloe enjoyed sex, she had never actually asked for seconds before.

I cupped her cheeks. “I’m always happy to play with you. But do you think you could ride me? I don’t have any strength left.”

She nodded and moved onto my lap. Her breathing quickened as I entered her, and she started riding me with watery eyes and moist lips. Her movements came with rhythmic squeaks, an automatic reaction to the sensation of her slender body trying to accommodate my mass in her. It was cute, the way she rode me. Momo and Sonja would normally bounce on my cock like it was a pogo stick, but Chloe would shake her hips, letting me whisk her pussy. I moved my hands down from her cheeks to her breasts, where I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs like I was playing a videogame. She squeaked from the tease, always surprised that I bothered giving her flat chest any attention. She knew I loved Momo and Sonja’s tits, but her diminutive body just made her small breasts adorable. My hands fell farther down and I cupped her cute ass, her cheeks fitting perfectly in my palms.

“Chloe, I’m gonna blow!”

Chloe scrunched up her face in concentration and gyrated her hips with more force, giving me all the stimulation I needed to empty myself into her. I grunted and shuddered beneath her and she collapsed on top of me, kissing my chest. Thoroughly exhausted and with the sweat steaming from our bodies, we all lay in our scattered positions and fell asleep. It wasn’t until later in the night that we all came together back under the blankets.


At last we had clear skies. More storms were on the way, but for today, we had sunlight and still air. We needed to make the most of it. After doing some work in the shed (first digging to and digging out the shed), I came into the house all dressed up in my snow gear.

“Come on, girls, let’s go for a walk.”

The girls’ reactions were as expected; Sonja was overjoyed, Momo was unwilling but compliant, and Chloe was too nervous and obedient to have an opinion one way or the other. They got fully dressed and came outside, where I had eight long strips of wood, cut from a large piece of plywood I had found in the shed.

“Master, what are those for?”

“These are going to help us stay above the snow.”

Quite simply, they were handmade skis, though not like the antiques you might find hanging above the fireplace at a fancy ski lodge. However, I was actually fairly proud of them. Each ski had a length of thin rebar duct taped to the bottom, strong enough to help keep the wood from cracking under our weight but light enough to not drain our stamina with every step. I had also found some scraps of tin roofing from the building of the house and added them to the ends as slopes to help them move over the snow. With nothing but several layers of duct tape, I secured everyone to their skis. It was certainly an awkward feeling, trying to get around with them on my feet, but my first steps out into the snow were promising.

Outside of the house, the world was completely white, not a single tinge of hue beyond the clear blue sky. Snow had entombed everything, every tree and every pine needle, plastering itself into the ridges of bark at every angle and leaving nothing untouched. Every branch was weighted down with powder, hanging submissively like curtains. It almost looked like an alien world. The girls followed me, struggling to move with their skis, but at least they weren’t sinking into the snow.

“Let’s see if the road has been plowed.”

We made our way over to the driveway, first checking my car. On average, the storms had dumped a solid six feet of snow, but around my car, being subject to the wind, it was twice that. Besides already knowing where it was parked, our only sign as to the existence of the car was the raised hill created by the snow replicating its shape as it was piled on. I brought a snow shovel with me and had to do lots of digging before I even reached metal. Jesus Christ, I had never seen a winter as extreme as this. I continued excavating around my car, only stopping when I finally exposed a window and could look inside. It almost felt like I was gazing into some ancient tomb.

“Girls, I predict a lot of shoveling in our immediate future.”

Even Sonja groaned at the prospect.

We then trekked down the driveway, past countless drooping branches with their ends buried in the snow. We would try to shake them loose whenever we could, but even when we cleared off all the snow, they still hung, despondent. It might take some time before they recovered and regained their rigidity. Hell, every man knows how hard it is to stay erect in the snow. We reached the end of the driveway, where we found good news and bad news. The good news was that the road had been plowed. Well, I had no idea when, but from the fact that there was only two feet of snow on the road, it proved that this road wasn’t completely forgotten. The bad news was that the plow had left a huge wall of snow at the end of the driveway that would be a bitch to dig through.

From there, we simply zigzagged through the forest, looking for any kind of paths we could use. By now, the girls and I knew these woods like the back of our hands, but there was no longer anything recognizable. Trees had been replaced with white pillars, ravines had been filled in, all manner of plants and brush were completely buried. It was an eerie reality, but it was also truly amazing and stunningly beautiful. I tried taking pictures with my phone, but they all came out as just a white flash.

“It’s sort of like that documentary, isn’t it?” I hollered from the front of the line.

“I wish there were some polar bears around!” called Sonja.

I kept on looking back at the girls, checking their progress. Sonja and Momo had gotten the hang of their skis, though of course, Momo looked pissed off and wanted to go back to bed. Chloe was doing better than I expected. Due to her light weight, she was staying on top of the powder better than any of us.

“What do you think, Chloe? This all reminds me of your hair.”


“Yeah. Hell, your skin is so light, that if it weren’t for your clothes, this would be perfect camouflage for you. You could strip down and be completely invisible.”

While the idea of taking off her clothes and disappearing into the snow did not appeal to her, the fact that I was thinking about her made her smile. But she then stopped in her tracks, unable to move beyond Momo who was standing still and looking down at the ground. Ahead of her, Sonja halted when she sensed the stillness, and I did the same when the forest behind me fell silent. Momo had a mournful look on her face, and after seeing that expression, Sonja gazed around at the surrounding woods and her tail drooped. Chloe was already clutching herself and sniffling.

“Girls? What is it? What’s wrong?”

They all turned to me.

“Master, we came out to this spot before Christmas to play and we found something,” said Sonja.

“What did you find?”

“A girl,” said Momo, “a girl like us. She was lying in the snow. She was dead.”

A shiver moved through me, starting from the tips of my fingers and toes and the top of my head, and moving towards the center of my chest. It felt like my heart was being twisted around a spool and reeling in every artery and vein out of my limbs.

“What did you say?”

“I think she was a deer,” said Chloe with a tearful sniffle. “She was frozen. We buried her here under some sticks and brush.”

Sonja looked down at the ground, wringing her hands. “We wanted to tell you, but we didn’t want to ruin Christmas.”

I struggled to speak, my throat dry as sand, my tongue feeling like it was swelling and cutting off my air. My eyes became wet, invoking the sting of the cold.

“Girls, you had better not be lying to me. Is there really a dead… is there really someone buried here?”

They all nodded, and the silence hit me like a thunderous wave. My knees buckled, I fell to the ground. Guilt swept through me, no, such a word doesn’t truly describe what I was feeling. Because of me, a girl was dead. Because of me, a human life had been created simply to be snuffed out by the cold. Was I lying in the exact same spot where she had lain in her final moments? Her naked body being bled of its warmth? Her bare skin feeling the frozen edges of the snow and ice? Her transformed mind filled with confusion and fear, knowing only for certain that she was going to die? I screamed and beat my fist against the snow, cursing myself and whatever power had forced an innocent creature to suffer and die. The girls rushed over me but I couldn’t see them, blinded by tears and snow. I had feared this would happen. Every single day since this started, I had been terrified that this curse would create a human life and bring about its death, that would I rob an animal of their chance to live and they would die because I turned them into something they didn’t understand and couldn’t save them.

It had been a long time since I cried, but I did so now. I had created a person, as if they were my child, only for them to suffer and die. This girl, what had she been like? If I had found her, if I had saved her, how might my life be different? How might she make me smile? How might I make her laugh? How might I wake up beside her? How might she fall asleep beside me?

I don’t know how long I laid there. The girls stayed beside me, crying as well, afraid and unsure of anything they could do to make me feel better. Finally, the sun began to set, and they knew that we had to get home. They pulled me up onto my feet, and once standing, I began to think a little bit clearer.

“Let’s go home,” I said with my throat aching.

We trudged through the snow back to the house, none of us saying anything. We reached the porch just as the sun disappeared below the horizon. We cut the duct tape binding us to our skis and stepped inside, stripping off our winter gear. I walked into the kitchen and reached into a cabinet above the fridge, pulling out a bottle of Jack Daniels. I had never been a drinker, I didn’t even know why I had bought it, but I was glad I had it now.


I didn’t look at the girls. I couldn’t. I walked into the living room and grabbed one of the blankets. “I… need to be alone. There’s plenty… of food, so you can fend for yourselves tonight. Don’t disturb me.”

They were crying but they behaved, not following me as I went upstairs. With no bed, I could have slept in the bathtub, but I wanted to be in a smaller place. I chose the bedroom closet, having just enough room to lie down. I pulled everything off the coat hangers, letting it all fall down to the floor to form a makeshift mattress, just something soft that would keep me warm. I wrapped myself in the blanket and crawled into my nest. I closed the door, and in the darkness, opened the bottle.


I spent the night and the following day in the closet, drowning my sorrows with liquor. I drifted in and out of a dreamless sleep, miraculously avoiding any spills. Every once in a while, I would hear the girls come up the stairs, most often to use the bathroom. They did as I told them and left me in peace, something I was grateful for, but every time they would come upstairs, they’d stop at the bedroom doorway and I could feel their eyes on the closet door. If I listened closely, I could hear them talking. They wanted so badly for me to come out, for me to tell them I was ok or just say a word to them, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t face them.

I didn’t feel hungry, I had lost my appetite, but nature still called. At first I would go to the bathroom, but as soon as I emptied the Jack Daniels bottle, I filled it with pee so that I would no longer need to leave my enclosure. My mind was tearing itself apart, trying to figure out a solution to this. If I stayed here any longer, this would inevitably happen again. Some animal would turn into a human girl and end up freezing or starving to death, or even worse, wander out into the road and get run over. This ability, or curse, whatever it was, was it getting worse? How far from the house was that deer when she transformed? Chloe had been maybe fifty feet away from me back when she lived in the shed, but the girls found the other deer more than a mile from the house. Was the range increasing? I had no sense as to the frequency of this phenomenon, but would it now start happening more often?

This all started five months ago and I knew nothing about it. I didn’t understand what was going on, had found nothing similar to this online, and hadn’t taken a single step out of Square 1. What was I supposed to do? Where was I supposed to go? Where could I live that would let me provide for the girls but keep me far away from any animals? And even if there was a place I could go, my finances were all wrapped up in this house.

It took a long time, but at last I regained my composure, my grief receding to bearable levels. Taking a deep breath, I opened the closet door and pulled myself out. Part of me didn’t want to leave my tiny sanctuary, but it felt good to breath fresh air and stretch my muscles. From the lighting outside, it looked to be late in the afternoon, probably close to 24 hours since I first went in. In the bathroom, I checked my appearance. Gaunt was the only word that could describe me. My bloodshot eyes were sunken and my face and body were pale and emaciated. It had only been one day, but it looked like I had been trapped in some POW camp for a month.

I staggered downstairs and found the girls all on the mattress by the woodstove. They stared at me and shock.


As one, they tackled me, each of them crying. They knocked be over, but I managed to grab the banister and slow myself down, just sitting on the stairs while the girls soaked my pants with their tears.

“I’m sorry, girls. I’m sorry for waking you worry.”


I felt much better after eating some cereal and drinking some hot coffee. It wasn’t until I came downstairs that I regained my appetite, and it was the hungriest I had ever been. The girls and I were sitting around the kitchen table, the three of them watching me eat with tear-streaked faces.


“We’re sorry!” they all cried.

“Wait, what?”

“We’re sorry for what we did! Please forgive us!” It was amazing that they were all saying this in perfect synchronicity. But what were they apologizing for?

“Girls, you didn’t do anything wrong. I know I told you to always be honest with me, but actually, I’m glad you waited to tell me. It really would have been a depressing Christmas. I’m not angry at any of you. I just feel guilty about her, about what could have been. It so easily could have happened any of you and I’m terrified because it will probably happen again. She died and it’s my fault.”

“It’s not your fault! Nothing is Master’s fault!” said Momo.

“Master took care of us and gave us a home!” said Sonja.

“We love Master!” cried Chloe.

I smiled, feeling my heart swell and unable to speak. I took me a moment for my throat to stop hurting.

“Come on, let’s all get nice and cozy.”


The girls and I all ate, and once I turned off the generator, I followed them to the bed and crawled under the covers with them. I was covered head to toe in blankets, with Momo clinging to one arm, Sonja clinging to the other, and Chloe lying on my chest. The girls were all holding me extra tight, as if to make up for lost time.

“I love you girls. I love you with all my heart.”

And I did love them, more than I had ever loved anyone else. But for their sake and mine, perhaps it was time for the world to know about them.

Part 8:

For several days, the whiteout continued. I was learning to live without TV and Internet, though the itch never went away. It was certainly nice to have a vacation and rest with my girls, but that wasn’t to say we weren’t busy. My driveway was bound to get plowed sooner or later, and when it did, all that snow would be pushed up right in front of my house—if the plow could even get that far. In preparation, we spent countless hours shoveling the snow, trying to get as much of it off the driveway as possible. We dug out my car and I was able to boost it with the generator.

Our days were simple: wake up, play for a bit, have breakfast, do some shoveling, take a nap, play a bit more, shovel, lounge, have dinner, and play until bedtime. It was a nice life.


“Masteeeeerrrrr! Momo’s sick of shoveling!” the feline groaned.

“Yeah, me too,” I replied, “but it needs to be done. Just focus on getting the top layers.”

Momo grumbled and continued to work. She stuck her shovel deep into the white powder and tossed it over her shoulder. Zooming back and forth with her tongue hanging out and a big grin on her face, Sonja jumped into the air and let the snow slam into her. For some reason, she just loved getting blasted with it.

“Sonja, come on, we need help. Quit screwing around.” Sonja pouted but retrieved her shovel and continued hauling powder.

I turned to Chloe, who was having the hardest time due to her size. The snow was high enough to reach her ears and her shovel was a little too big for her, but she did look cute, all dressed up. “Chloe, how are you doing?”

Hearing my voice, the tiny hybrid tensed up and squealed. “I’m ok! Master doesn’t need to worry about me!”

She said that, but her cheeks were flushed and her breathing was ragged. Without saying a word, I walked over and picked her up. But rather than cradling her in the ‘princess carry’, I was holding her vertically and upside down, making her squeak and terror.

“Sonja, Momo, let’s break for lunch!”

Both the cat and dog cheered and followed me as I carried Chloe inside.


Later that day, the plow came and cleared the road. Unfortunately, it was the public plow service, so my driveway was untouched. However, it did give me an idea. We got more clear weather the next day, so after eating breakfast and shoveling a path for my car, I turned to the girls.

“How would you three like to go for a drive?”

Momo looked at me in confusion. Sure, she had been in the car plenty of times before, but that was just to take her and Sonja to the park, and that was at night, as well as when I drove them to the cabin to show it to them. Until now, I had done everything I could to keep them hidden from the world, so what changed? Beside her, Sonja, the lovable airhead, was happy as could be at the prospect of going for a drive. Chloe pulled down her wool hat as far as it could go and was trembling. Unlike Momo and Sonja, she had never seen the outside world. Before I showed her those ‘planet earth’ documentaries, Earth to her was the ten-mile diameter circle around the house. Nothing else existed in her known universe, save for the mystical lands of “my office” and “the store” that I would disappear to during the day.

“Master, why would you take us with you? Momo thought you didn’t want us to be seen.”

“I still don’t, but I was thinking we could just check out how everything looks, see the damage. Besides, it might be good for you to see a little bit of the outside world. I need to pick up some things anyway. As long as the three of you stay in the car and keep your hats on, you’ll be fine. So, what do you say?”


The girls oohed and awed nonstop during the drive. I was in the same state, unable to believe the damage that the storm had caused. Every single tree had its branches weighed down near to the point of snapping, countless power lines were torn, and several houses were almost completely buried, save for their smoking chimneys. What was alarming though was how little work I was seeing done. Not even a single Central Maine Power truck could be found, and only a few sites of fallen trees had any kind of traffic cone or warning. I suppose this was a Catch 22: the fallen trees and branches had knocked out the power, but lines they landed on caught them and stopped them from falling into the street.

All three girls were in the back seat, namely due to Chloe’s anxiety. She was so nervous that she couldn’t face the outside world unless she was sandwiched in between Momo and Sonja. Hers were the widest eyes of all. With her tiny world view, she had expected us to enter a whole new ecosystem after driving just a few miles. Momo and Sonja were barely any better informed. To them, the planet was about the size of Azeroth in World of Warcraft.

“Master, are there really people living in all these houses?” Chloe asked.

“Yep, every single one. There are over a million people in the state alone.”

“How many is a million?”

“It’s a one with six zeroes.”

Her face somehow became even paler as she tried to imagine such a number. Our first stop was the gas station to get fuel for the generator, but it took a while to find one that actually had power. We arrived to find a long line ahead of us with cars idling on either side of the road, everyone waiting for their turn.

“Master, are you sure it’s ok for us to be here?” Chloe asked.

“Don’t worry, you’re completely safe. Just don’t make eye contact with anyone.”

I turned up the radio, listening to news of the weather. Apparently, we hadn’t even reached the halfway point and blizzards would just keep coming. This really was the storm of the century. In the back seat, Momo was snoozing, Sonja was breathing on the window and drawing shapes, and Chloe was wringing her tail. Every couple of minutes, one of the pumps would become available and the line would slide ahead, making the girls all perk up. At last, my turn arrived.

First, I topped off my car, then began filling up empty gas cans. Now that we were actually at the station, there were a lot more people around. The girls did as they were told, looking out through the windows but avoiding eye contact. For Momo and Sonja, it had a long time since they had seen other people in real life, and for Chloe, it was the first. I watched their eyes dart around, wondering what they thought of all of these people. Were they maybe comparing me to them in some way?

Once my task was completed, we took off, heading to the nearby grocery store. Just like before the storm, the lot was completely packed, and I had to circle around again and again until someone finally left their spot. Before getting out of the car, I turned to the girls and handed them my phone.

“I’ll be back soon, so just wait quietly and don’t get out of the car. Here, play Angry Birds until I get back.”

“Uh… M-Master?” Chloe asked.

“What is it?”

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

This would prove troublesome.

“Can you hold it until we get home?”

She shook her head.

“Ok, they’ll have a bathroom inside. Come with me.”

After tucking her tail into her sweatpants, she climbed out of the car and took her first nervous steps onto the cold pavement. As soon as I started moving towards the store, she grasped my hand and clung to it like a little kid, though because of her size, that’s all anyone would think she was. I could feel her breaths becoming frantic as we approached the door, with people passing in and out.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

The automatic doors scared her, but we got through them without issue. She was utterly amazed once we stepped inside the store, unable to believe that a building could be so large or that there were so many people on Earth. Of course, the store was packed, and there was little left on the shelves. Even in the storm, they had been receiving shipments of food, though it clearly wasn’t enough the satiate the desperate and unprepared. The store was running on generator power, so only half the lights and a few refrigerators were working. It was kind of cool to see it this way, almost post-apocalyptic.

She continued clinging to me as I led her to the bathrooms. Once there, I got down on one knee. “Ok, just go through there and you’ll find a row of stalls with toilets. Pick one, do your business, and come back out. I’ll be waiting for you right here. Can you do that?” She nodded. “Good girl.”

It took some courage, but she let go and entered the female restroom.


In the car, Momo and Sonja bounced and chirped in excitement as they took turns with my phone. Due to their childlike intellects and personalities, the games on my phone held their attention like they were eight-year-olds kept pacified in a fancy restaurant. The sounds and colors were like crack to them. The only thing that broke their focus was the owner of the car next to Sonja arriving. The two girls did as they were told, keeping their heads down and their eyes focused on the phone, waiting for the woman to leave. But as soon as she pulled out, another car took her place, this one driven by a man.

Again, Sonja and Momo waited for him to leave before daring to look out the windows. Sonja’s nose picked up the scent before her eyes took in the sight. She whipped her head around, looking into the other car. She had her face pressed to the window, which was open just a crack to let fresh air in. The owner of the car next to her had done the same thing, leaving a window slightly open, and it was through those small gaps that two scents were exchanged and Sonja now found herself locked in a staring contest with a black and white Border Collie.

The two dogs were completely fixated on each other. The unnamed hound was confused beyond words, unable to tell what Sonja was. Was she a dog? Was she a person? She smelled like a mix of both. Sonja was equally bewildered, finally meeting one of her own kind since she had become a person. It felt like it happened a million years ago. Living on four legs, unable to talk, covered in fur; she had almost completely forgotten what that life was like. Behind her, her tail began to wag, and seeing it, the collie began wagging his own tail.

He then began to whine and paw at his window, wanting to get out and further investigate. Sonja reached for the door handle to let herself out, but Momo stopped her and pulled her back.

“Don’t! Master said that we have to stay in the car!”

“But I want to play with the dog!”

“You can’t let anyone see you!”

“Nobody will see me!”

“You’ll make Master sad again!”

Sonja became dead still, with her tail now limp and her ears drooping. With a despondent look on her face, she ignored the whining dog and resumed playing Angry Birds.


Chloe peaked into the public bathroom, holding her breath and hoping no one was inside. It was a strange room, with so many sinks and toilets. But where was the shower? Chloe hurried into one of the stalls and closed it behind her, managing to figure out the latch. She would have preferred to be in a real bathroom with a full door, but this would have to do. She took her place and was about to let nature take its course, when the door swung open and she heard footsteps. Chloe covered her mouth to keep a terrified squeak from escaping. A woman passed by, Chloe could see her shoes. She stopped at Chloe’s stall for just a second, checking whether the door was simply closed or was actually latched.

Chloe tried to control her breathing, feeling like she was once again a tiny mouse and a large hawk had just landed in the tree above her. The woman moved on to the next stall and did her business, with Chloe, of course, too scared to do her own. Once the woman was gone, Chloe hurriedly peed, went to the sink to wash her hands, and ran back outside. I was waiting on a bench next to the bathrooms and called out to her as she zoomed by. She scurried back over, clearly frazzled.

“Hey, are you ok?” She nodded. “Did everything go all right in there?” She nodded again. I saw that woman go in and of course I worried about Chloe, but if something was wrong, I knew she would tell me. “Well, I’m proud of you. Come on, I’ll walk you back to the car.”


After I finished my shopping, the girls and I drove back home to our cozy house. While it was nice to get out for a bit, I was glad to get back home. Once we got home, we prepared for the return of the storm and each grabbed several armfuls of firewood. With the fire stoked up, we returned to our lethargic lifestyle. We lounged, had dinner, had sex, and then fell asleep in our nest by the stove.


Aw fuck, I’m sick. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew it was true the moment I woke up. My head was stuffed up, my throat felt like it was filled with gravel, my nose was stinging, and my body was completely drained of energy. I must have caught a cold the previous day when I ran those errands. Sonja was the first to figure out something was wrong. After clinging to me throughout the night, she perked up.

“Master, you feel warmer than usual.”

“Ugh, I have a cold.” The girls looked at me in confusion, not knowing what they should ask first. “It means I’m sick.”

“What does sick mean?” asked Chloe.

“It means there is something in my body making me weak and my immune system is trying to fight it off. Momo, do you remember all those shots that you got at the vet?” Momo tensed up, her hair standing on end and her tail erect. “Those shots were to keep you from getting sick.”

Chloe began to panic. “Is Master going to die?”

“No, I won’t die. It’s just a common cold. I get one almost every year. But Jesus, I feel like shit. I just need to rest, stay warm, and drink lots of water. If I feel up to it, I’ll go outside, but otherwise, I don’t think the generator will be coming on today.”


Other than my misery, the day passed no different from usual. The girls and I all lounged, each of us using a different way to pass the time. I would be reading, Momo would be drawing, Sonja batting around a tennis ball, and Chloe watching the storm. As much as I hated getting sick, I was glad that it happened now when I didn’t have to be anywhere. Sitting at a desk when you have a cold must be one of the levels of Hell that Dante wrote about.

“Master, how are you feeling?”

My loyal hound, Sonja would constantly crawl onto the bed and check in. “Fine,” I’d say, and she’d lie down on her stomach, looking at me with a somber expression. It was the same expression she’d have back when she was a normal dog and I left for work every morning. Sometimes she would stay like that for just a few minutes and then return to her game, other times she would stay next to me and snooze for a while. It’s a lot easier to get over a cold when you have someone caring for you.


By the evening, I was feeling a bit better, at least enough to prepare dinner. I made us all some oatmeal, piping hot. The girls took their usual spot at their bowls and slurped up the meal and I was at the table, eating and watching them by candlelight. After we all brushed our teeth, it was off to bed. I took my spot in the middle and the girls all huddled around me.

“Master, are you too sick to play tonight?” Sonja asked.

Despite my clogged sinuses, her question made me snicker. “Well, I don’t really have any energy to move around, and I can’t kiss for very long since my nose is stuffed up, but my member is ready whenever you are if any of you feel like taking the initiative.”

As expected, the insatiable Momo was the first to make her attack. First things first, she pulled my cock free from my boxer and began sucking on it, relishing the taste of my salty sweat. Once I was at full mast, she spun herself around and settled on it. Bless her heart, she stuck the landing. Once I was balls-deep, she halted and began to purr. Rather than aggressively riding me the way she usually would, she was slowly shaking her hips, panting as my paintbrush reached every corner of her canvas. She leaned forward on her hands and knees and then began thrusting back against me as I gripped her ass. Her lips were moist, her eyes swimming. I could see the worry in the usually cool and calm Momo’s face. She was trying to make sure I wasn’t over-exerting myself.

I knew her well enough to be sure I had given her an orgasm by her sudden moan. Normally, she would make a sound like I had stepped on her tail, but that was when I was drilling her like an oil rig. I had also cum a bit, leaving my manhood semi-inflated. Sonja declared her turn by taking my cock in her mouth, licking up Momo’s wetness and sucking me back to the full erection. From there, she jumped on my lap and started riding me, a little more enthusiastically than Momo. She was in a crab walk, heaving herself up and down and letting her tits rumble and her ears flap. I couldn’t help it, I had to reach out and massage those melons. I held onto them like they were reins, keeping Sonja in place. Her innocent yet lustful smile gained a red hue as I fondled her, especially when I pulled on her nipples. She came after a few minutes and moved to the side.

Last was Chloe. Whether because she thought it was expected of her, because she was imitating Momo and Sonja, or because she wanted me to feel good, she repeated the pattern of first licking me clean, using her tongue on every nook and cranny of my manhood. She stroked it to work out any hint of softness while using her lips to massage the head. Once it was restored, she took her place on my lap, but more gingerly than the other two.

She began to bounce on it, squeaking like a chew toy. I held her small hands as she rode me, making sure she was happy as her eyes became watery. I wasn’t able to make her cum in time, as my stamina was already drained. I emptied myself into her, and she shivered as she felt my hot seed fill up her womanhood. She moved off my lap, and usually, Momo or Sonja would blow me to lick up every last drop of semen, but they had already fallen asleep beside me. I pulled the blankets over the four of us and Chloe and I joined them.


“Masterrrrrr! Momo feels siiiiiick!”

“Masterrrrrr! My head hurts!”

“Masterrrrrr! I need tissues!”

What a great way to wake up, having three sick girls nasally whining in my ears. I felt back to 100%, but by the laws of comedic irony, Momo, Sonja, and Chloe had all caught my cold and were miserable beyond words.

“Don’t worry, girls. I’ll take care of you. Just hold on and I’ll make a big pot of chicken noodle soup.”


The snow hadn’t stopped, but it was less than a blizzard when I pulled into the library parking lot. I had come here once already during one of the clear days in order to enjoy the free wifi, and I needed another dose of online goodness. But unlike before, this time I had the girls with me. That night I slept in the closet, I came to the decision that at some point in the near future, I would have to reveal the girls’ existence to the world so that this strange phenomenon could be studied and hopefully explained. I still had no idea how to do it, but until I did, I could at least get them accustomed to the outside world a bit. It was just a small-town library, but that made it the perfect testing ground for them.

This was actually my second trip here today. I had come here the first time in order to see how many people were in the building. Only the librarian was present, so I deemed it safe enough to return home and come back with the girls. They were all looking at the building with wonder, both hopeful and fearful that I would bring them inside.

“Master, what is this place?” Sonja asked.

“It’s called a library. It’s full of books for people to read. I thought maybe you girls could find something you like while I use my computer. Just remember to keep your tails and ears hidden and don’t talk to anyone. Keep your voices down, and if someone is in earshot, call me by my name instead of Master, got it?” They all nodded. “Good, then let’s go.” We left the car and walked across the icy pavement to the entrance. “Remember: talk only in whispers, stay where I can see you, and avoid drawing attention to yourselves.”

We stepped inside, having no choice but to pass by the front desk. Behind it sat an old woman, still dressed up in a coat and hat despite being in a heated building.

“Good morning! Is there anything I can help you find?”

Behind me, the girls all reacted differently to be spoken to. Momo was aloof as a cat would be, Sonja was happy and excited, and Chloe was nervous and shivering. Luckily, they each managed to avoid actually showing their reactions, just standing prim, proper, and silent like regular girls.

“No, thank you. We just came to use the Wi-Fi,” I said, holding up my laptop case and charger.

She wasn’t surprised, but I could tell part of her was hoping we were actually interested in reading. We went past her and I led the girls into the maze of shelves. They were all dumbfounded by the massive number of books, unable to believe that the world contained so much information.

“Now let’s see if we can find something to interest you three.”

It had been a long time since I actually set foot in a library before this storm, let alone had to look for something, but I was able to find my way around thanks to labeled shelves. I showed the girls to books about art, nature, and other simple subjects. Luckily, this library had a large selection for elementary school readers, so there was plenty of material to keep them busy.

We finally settled at a table in the corner farthest from the librarian, I on my laptop and the girls with their books. While I was looking around on Facebook, Momo was reading a book about marine life, Sonja reading a book about dogs, and Chloe was trying to find Waldo.


About an hour after settling down, Sonja had finished her book and was now looking for another one. She was in the children’s section, unsure of what she even wanted. She was also here for another reason. Even though she was expressly forbidden, she couldn’t help but untuck her tail and let it wag freely. Whether she tucked her tail into her coat or her pants, it was always bent uncomfortably. Hidden in the bookshelves was the only safe space.


She spun around, hearing a stranger’s voice. It was a six-year-old boy, staring at her tail. She was still wearing her hat to keep her ears hidden, so she didn’t hear him approach. This was exactly what she had been warned against and she was now terrified.

“Is that real?” the boy asked.

Sonja thought back. She had been told what to say in this situation. “No… I… uh… I got it for Christmas.”

“Can I touch it?”

Sonja should have said no, but as a dog, she was a slave to her need for attention. She turned around and let the boy touch her tail, fighting with all her strength to keep from wagging it in joy.

“Sonja?” I called out to her from the end of the aisle, causing her to freeze up. “Come on, it’s time for us to head home,” I said while flashing her the evil eye.


Days later, the icy cluster-fuck finally came to an end, leaving the entire state buried in snow. Of course, that didn’t mean everything was back to normal. There were power outages as far as the eye could see, and work crews had barely been able to do anything because of the constant weather. Countless powerlines were torn or cradling fallen trees. First, electricity had to be restored to the towns, then to the suburban populations, and way down at the bottom of the totem pole was my area, out in the Lovecraftian boondocks. The truest definition of misery is having to go to work each day and come home to a powerless house.

Nearly four weeks after the first storm hit, the power finally came back on. I’ll be honest, I almost cried in joy. You don’t realize how much you take cable and the Internet for granted until they’re gone.


The weeks passed, with winter giving way to spring, and with spring came warmth, and with warmth came something beautiful. I came downstairs one sunny Saturday morning, leaving behind Momo still napping in bed. In the kitchen, I found Sonja and Chloe, wearing nothing but socks. It was 50º outside, which to a Mainer is tropical weather, and the girls had finally shed their winter garb.

Seeing me, Sonja pranced over. “Good morning, Master!”

My eyes fell to her breasts, somehow breaking the laws of physics and bouncing with much more energy than the movements that caused said bouncing. I had missed seeing those sweet pink areolas every morning.

“Good morning, Sonja,” I said as I rubbed her head. I then stepped over to Chloe who was making a sandwich and embraced her from behind. She yelped as I moved my hands across her naked body. “It is ridiculous how soft you are.” She just smiled and clutched my arms.

Momo came downstairs and stretched, groaning in joy at the feel of fresh air against her bare skin. “Master, we don’t have to do anything today, do we? Momo just wants to lie in the sun.”

“Actually, today I was thinking we could make a vegetable garden. I looked it up and April is the month to start planting. Enjoy it while you can, while it’s still the time of year for work to be done later in the day rather than earlier. Everyone, get yourselves ready and we’ll start at noon.”


“Wow, this is looking good.” I had just opened one of the bags of composted leaves gathered from the fall, which had mulched beautifully. This past winter had certainly been erratic, with constant drops and heat blooms. It looked like the frequent thawing and freezing had helped break the leaves down even faster than normal.

“Master, what is this stuff?” Chloe asked.

“Well before you appeared, we gathered all these leaves that had fallen from the trees and bagged them up like this so that they would decay. Now we’ll mix them into the soil as fertilizer.”

Chloe lowered her head and wrinkled her nose. “It’s stinky.”

“That means it’s good stuff. Ok, girls, gather around.”

I brought them to the middle of the backyard, where we were lucky to have plenty of sun. All three girls were naked, except for shoes, as the ground was still cold.

“What we need to do is mark a large rectangle here and start digging up the soil. It has to be nice and fluffy for the seeds we’ll plant. After that, we’ll start digging trenches around the sides for drainage. Now, we have only two big shovels, so while Sonja and I are digging the trenches, Momo and Chloe, I want you two to start tearing up the grass.”

We established the largest garden we could, marking it with big sticks from the woods. Sonja and I started from the same corner and moved in different directions, carving deep ravines into the earth. Out here in the wilderness, the soil was black and soft from countless seasons of fallen leaves decomposing. We might not even need our mulch for it. With small gardening spades, Momo and Chloe started peeling up the sod. They’d tear off a piece, shake off some of the soil, and toss it into the woods. Sonja, of course, gave in to her instincts and went chasing after the grass balls on more than one occasion.

I had almost finished one side of the garden when I stopped, staring at my shovel stuck in the earth. My skin felt chilled. “Girls, there is something I need to take care of. I’ll be back in a little bit.”

I took my shovel and walked off. No questions were answered. I headed into the woods, following a familiar path. The spring thaw was just about finished, with the soil unfreezing and just a few patches of dirty snow left in shaded areas. I had to walk quite a distance to get to where I was going, and unfortunately, my sense of smell helped guide me to my destination. I finally found her, the deer, but no matter how much I had braced myself for it, the sight was almost too much for me to bare.

I was staring at the poor girl, feeling sick to my stomach. She, like the forest, had thawed with the warmth of spring, but nature was cruel to her, depriving her of the dignity she deserved. Her body was in the early stages of decay and her smell had attracted other animals. The coyotes had already done a number on her and now bugs were taking their turn. But even now, she was beautiful, as if with one eye I was seeing her as she was before me, but my other eye saw her as she would have been.

Her face was cold and pale, like weathered stone, but in my mind, it was warm and tan, and she was smiling with happiness and love. Her eyes were closed, but I could see them, sparkling with her head resting on the pillow next to mine as she greeted me every morning. Her body was in the shadows of the branches overhead, but I saw it shined upon by the sunlight passing through my bathroom window as we lay in the tub, our bodies interlaced beneath the steaming surface of the water. Out here in the woods, she had only the stench of death, but my nose twitched from a scent that wasn’t there, the scent I would have found when I embraced her each day and smelled her chestnut hair. The one thing that my imagination couldn’t produce was her voice. I could only watch her silently mouth the words “I love you”.

I turned away, my face soaked with tears. It took several minutes before I regained my composure. Once my eyes were dry and my breathing steady, I began to dig. The deeper I went, the harder the soil became, still out of reach of the warmth of spring, but I powered through it. Giving her a proper burial was the least she deserved and the least I owed her, and I wasn’t going to let a little ice take that away. I hacked through frost and tree roots, and finally stopped when I could go no further. I moved the girl into the grave and made sure she was comfortable. I brushed aside a lock of her hair that hung over her eyes, then I draped my shirt over her face like a veil.

I began to cover her with soil, praying that this would be the last time. I loved my girls, and I just didn’t have it in me to bury another. Starting with Momo in July, four girls had appeared over a six-month stretch. It was now late April, meaning that if there was any sort of pattern, at least two more girls would have shown up by now. Either they hadn’t appeared or they were far off in the wilderness, probably having met the same end as the deer. Maybe I could finally hope it was over. Maybe the deer girl dying ended whatever was going on.

When I was finished, I made a cross out of two sticks and some of the string I used to measure out the vegetable garden. I wasn’t religious, but it didn’t feel right to not leave some kind of marker. I hammered it into the ground and stepped back. As a grave, one certainly couldn’t ask for better. This was a beautiful spot. I hope she’d be happy with it.

I made the hike back home with my heart now feeling much lighter. Upon reaching the house, I saw that the vegetable garden was finished, at least the drainage trenches and the sod removal were. Tomorrow we would mix in the mulch and plant seeds. I went inside and found the girls in the living room. As soon as they saw me, they rushed over and embraced me with tearful eyes. Maybe they were worried when I didn’t come back as soon as I promised. Maybe they were scared when they saw me covered in dirt and sweat and missing my shirt. Maybe they were alarmed when they smelled my dry tears or the stench of decay. Or maybe they were just sad because they knew what I had done. All I could do to reassure them was hold them close. Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said.


The next day, we finished up the vegetable garden, mixing in mulch with the soil and then planting the seeds. The girls spent the rest of week going in and out of the house, all them eager to see the first green tips. I was certainly eager as well, simply wanting to avoid the frustration of having screwed up.

Saturday saw me up rather early for a weekend, though not nearly as early as on a workday. If it’s before noon, it’s early. We had stuff to do around the house and I went out to the hardware store to pick up a few things. It was a truly beautiful day, with a warm breeze, clear sky, and blooming leaves. I was driving out on the rural road between me and the nearby town, with houses few and far between.


The sound came from one of my rear tires. I pulled over and checked it out. Well, I was bound for a “screw you” from fate any day now. Luckily it just manifested in a nail stuck in one of my tires. Just a few rotations had completely bent it. A pain in the ass, but it could be worse. I got the spare and the jack out of the car and went to work. As I lifted up the car, the jack was making a grinding noise, louder than it should have been. It was one of those small jacks with the screw that straightens out two bent arms. I should have stopped, but I made one more twist of the screw and the sound of metal snapping broke the serenity of the morning and my car dropped back down. Ok, it’s gotten worse.

One of the metal arms had a ridged ring, which would catch the grooves of the screw and allow the arm to bend or straighten, but that ring had just broken. A flat tire and now a broken jack. My blood pressure was starting to rise. I checked my phone. Dead. And my charger was back home. After taking a deep breath, I got back in my car and proceeded to scream every swear and profanity I knew. I looked down the road, seeing a mailbox not too far away. Hopefully, someone was home and would let me borrow a jack.

I made the walk down the road and turned onto the long, unpaved driveway, surrounded by fenced fields. On a day like this, I actually enjoyed the opportunity to take a walk and get some sun. I could see a house in the distance, and next to it, a huge barn. As I got closer, I passed by loitering cows, not even looking in my direction. The house was beautiful, painted a nice sky blue.

I followed the sound of a radio playing NPR and strode into the barn. I saw a cow with someone sitting on the other side from me, milking it.


“Just a minute! Come on in!” It was a woman’s voice

I walked over and stood by the cow. “Well, this is certainly a fine specimen.”

The person milking it looked up. She was a stunning beauty, probably my age with long black hair and deep ebony skin. If it weren’t for my three girls at home, I would have asked her out on a date in a second. It should be mentioned that here in Maine, the whitest state in the country, the average skin tone is ‘Starbucks cup’. If you give a Maine girl a bukkake, it looks like she just went running and is soaked in sweat. Meeting a black person up here is like finding a unicorn.

“This is Betty, our best milker and breeder. She’s very playful and affectionate. Be careful, though, as she can also be a bit rough.”

We introduced ourselves. She was Elise, the owner of the farm.

“So, can I help you?” she asked.

“My car got a flat tire and my jack broke, do you have one I could borrow?”

“A jack? Yeah, I’ve probably got one in my truck, just hold on and—” She was cut off by a ringing in the chest pocket of her overalls. She pulled out her phone and saw the name. “Oh, sorry, I really need to take this. If you have the time, just wait in here and I’ll get the jack when I’m done. Don’t worry, Betty will keep you company.”

I was in no rush, and certainly no position to complain. I thanked her and she walked past me, heading into the house while talking on the phone. As I watched her leave, I felt Betty nudge me from behind. I rubbed the top of her head and she mooed in happiness. It had been a long time since I had seen a cow up close, not since I was a kid. They really were big sweethearts, with eyes full of love.

“Yes, you’re cute, but unfortunately not cute enough for me to go vegetarian.”

The moment I stopped petting her, she’d headbutt me, demanding more attention. Living with three affectionate animal girls, it was certainly something I was used to. I moved away from the cow and lazily wandered around, not really looking at anything in particular. In a split second, my breath was pulled from my lungs and the ground disappeared from under my feet as I was yanked backward by my collar. I was tossed through the air, landing on a bale of hay with my back against the wall and my head spinning.

“Who said you could stop petting me?”

That voice shook me back to lucidity and I looked up. “Oh fuck.”

Before me was a woman, completely naked with light brown skin and white hair. She was an easy seven and a half feet tall with long ears, huge hooves for feet, and a whipping tail with a puff of hair at the end. But what truly drew my attention were her tits, the largest I had ever seen, utterly inhuman. Sonja’s boobs were like two melons, but these were bigger than basketballs! Thanks to Internet porn, I had seen a vast array of fun pillows, and like all men, was a bit of a connoisseur. Thanks to that experience, I found that there was a point in which the ratio of mass to surface area of sweater hams became greatly disproportionate, or to put it in layman’s terms, after a certain size, knockers just flatten out and sag. But these Death Stars, they looked firm enough to be implants, but they were somehow all natural! I thought Sonja had the golden Bahama mammas, perfect in size but with minimal droop, but I realized at this moment I was staring at the holy grail of all gazongas.

The woman’s whole figure oozed sexuality, with a flat stomach but the widest hips I had ever seen and a vulva that looked freshly waxed. She strode over to me like a runway model and raised her leg, slamming her hoof against the wall just inches from my head. The whole barn shook from the impact and the wood creaked as if about to snap. She leaned in, my eyes darting from her face to her tits to her pussy.

This shouldn’t be possible, what the hell was going on?! All the times before, the girls had transformed when they and I were both asleep, not to mention they had been within a close proximity me for a long period of time beforehand. All I did was look away for a minute and Betty transformed!

“What happened? How did you transform so fast like—”

She shushed me. “First you come in here and interrupt Elise while she’s milking me, then you walk away halfway through petting me? A pathetic little worm like you shouldn’t be so arrogant.” She then gained a sadistic smile. “I’ll make sure you finish the job, and then I’ll take my turn milking you. I won’t even leave a drop behind,” she reached down and grabbed my crotch, “no matter how much you cry and beg me to stop.”

Oh shit, Betty wants snu snu!

She didn’t even bother trying to undo the button, she just ripped my jeans and briefs open. Unfortunately, I had nothing but a comatose caterpillar in my lap due to fear. When she kicked the wall next to my head, I was lucky not to have a heart attack. Betty grabbed what could loosely be described as my manhood and cruelly squeezed it.

“Look at this tiny thing. I typically fuck bulls, so I know what real size is, but I didn’t think I would be this disappointed.”

This is weird, she was so different from the other girls. Was it because she wasn’t mine? She also knew a lot more about sex. Was it because she had bred before? Elise said that Betty could be a bit rough, but this was ridiculous.

As if reading my mind, Betty slapped me and jumbled my thoughts. “Don’t zone out on me. You owe me an apology. I got my hopes up that you would be fun to mess with, but you’re nothing but a wimp.”

“Ok! I’m sorry!” I don’t know why I said it. Pretty much, I was just scared. Elise, save me from this psycho cow milf!

“That’s a good boy, now it’s time for you to get to work. You have to finish where Elise left off, but you don’t get to use your hands.” She hefted her humungous breasts in my face, her areolas the size of my palm and her nipples pointing like two pink strawberries.

On second thought, Elise, take your time.

I took her left nipple into my mouth and sucked it like a vacuum cleaner, draining her of milk. It didn’t take much; upon the smallest amount of pressure from my lips, the floodgates were opened and I was nearly drowning. Holy shit, this was one of the sweetest things I had ever tasted! It was like hot vanilla ice cream, only much more delicious than that poor analogy makes it sound.

My efforts were definitely easing Betty’s temper, as her smile softened, and luckily, so did her strangling grip on my dick. She hummed in bliss and began to jack me off while using her other hand to massage her other breast.

“That’s right, drink it up like the little baby you are. Oh, be careful! If you spill a drop, I’ll severely punish you.”

She pressed down on the head of my dick with her thumb just to make sure I understood. She didn’t need to worry, as I was already addicted. I was drinking like my life depended on it, not sure if I was sucking on her tit or a spout from the fountain of youth. If I drank enough, would I become immortal? I certainly felt like I would. When the output started to lessen, I switched to the other nipple, even though my stomach was already full. The harder I worked, the more she rewarded me with a vigorous handjob. Her mood was definitely improving.

“Ok, you’ve done enough. Now it’s time for me to milk you.” She pulled her nipple from my mouth and I immediately went into withdrawal. “Now, if you ask respectfully like the whelp you are, I may be merciful to allow to cum without too much pain. Or maybe I should just grind your pathetic dick with my hoof until you ejaculate out of shame. Are you ready to be my little bitch boy?”

I really didn’t want those two cinderblocks anywhere near my junk. Time to swallow my pride. “Please! Please let me cum! I’ll be your little bitch boy!” Ok… that hurt, that really hurt to say. I felt like I had just been punched in the heart. I’m so glad the girls weren’t around to see me like this. Would they be ashamed of me?

“You’re in luck, I’ll show you just how far out of my league you are.”

She knelt down and her tongue found my shaft. In the blink of an eye, my member was gone, having disappeared into her throat. Jesus, it was months before the girls were this good. She sucked me gluttonously, like she was trying to physically siphon the semen out of me instead of making me orgasm. The movements of her tongue, her cheeks, her hands, the way she was sucking, it was so intense that it was borderline painful, and unquestionably the best blowjob of my life. I don’t know how I lasted, but I held it in and she pulled away.

“Well done. I would have put you through Hell if you actually ejaculated after something that light. Now, how about something to really test your mettle?”

She then held her breasts over my lap and began to massage them, coaxing some milk to dribble on my cock. With her hands, she mixed it with the saliva from the blowjob into a frothy lube. Then, like the two trucks crashing in the Matrix Reloaded, she slammed her breasts against my manhood. I immediately jerked, unable to believe such sensations could exist. Her mountains completely consumed me, my manhood now lost. Combined with the slipperiness of the milk and saliva, the softness of her breasts was driving me literally insane, as every second that passed by, I could feel my grip on reality weakening as pure pleasure eroded my mental foundations.

This wasn’t good, my mind couldn’t handle feeling something like this. It was so good but also so bad, like I had sold my soul to the devil for this. Betty relentlessly bullied my cock, using her tits as instruments of torture to drain me of my resolve. Fuck, I need to bring Sonja and Momo here so that Betty could teach them how to do this! I was watching her do it, but I couldn’t fathom how it was actually happening. I came, I don’t know when it happened but it did. It could have been ten seconds, it could have been ten years; I’m just lucky I still remember my name.

A jet of semen erupted from Betty’s cleavage like Old Faithful at Yellowstone, one white stream shooting across her face and the rest splashing back down on her tits. Betty wiped it off her cheek with a smile and tasted it.

“That’s an impressive amount, but something tells me you weren’t bottling it up. Either you’re some pathetic loser that needs to masturbate every day because he’s all alone, or you got someone back home draining you like a tick. You’ve gone from being a baby to being a child, but now it’s time for me to see if you’re a man.” She looked down at my flaccid member. “But you sure as hell can’t do anything with that weak thing. You’d better get that thing hard quick, because I don’t expect to wait without being entertained.”

It happened in a flash, my head knocked back against the wall with a painful sting. Betty had spun around and slammed her big brown ass against my face, completely enveloping me. Her pussy was against my mouth and nose, her ass cheeks forming an almost airtight seal around my face. It was both horrifying but euphoric. Betty’s badonkadonk was as great as her tits; I actually felt honored to be smothered by something so incredible. Part of me hoped I would suffocate from this, because that part couldn’t imagine a more glorious death. The rest of me was trying to push her off because I could barely breathe!

Betty reached down and grabbed my nuts. “I’m not moving off you until you get hard again. Starting licking, because if you stop…” She gave a tiny squeeze, just enough to make me momentarily nauseous.

While I could barely hear her due to her ass cheeks covering my ears, I got the idea and fought for my life. I licked her with everything I had, sending my tongue as far deep inside her as I could. Jesus, even her pussy was huge. I felt like a diver leaving behind the continental shelf and dropping down into the open ocean. But oh God, was it sweet. Would it be wrong for me to compare it to a veal cutlet? I swear, I may end up getting addicted to this bitch.

I am proud to say that I think Betty was realizing I was no novice. Months with three beautiful women had given me all the training I needed to defeat her with my Kungillingus Fu. Her whole body was trembling and I could hear her moaning. She desperately wanted to massage her breasts, but one hand was busy holding my balls hostage and she had the other on her knee to keep her body braced. She finally staggered forward, and due to my half-charged erection, I’m pretty sure it was because she didn’t want to give me the satisfaction of making her orgasm.

She straightened her posture and regained her composure but didn’t look at me. “Well, you’ve shown that you’re not quite as worthless as I thought you to be. But now comes the hardest part. Time to show me that you’re a man.”

She walked over to the gate of a vacant stall and bent forward, kneeling on a hay bale and pointing her ass at me. She was daring me to take her. Even the way she swung her tail was a tease. Goddamn, that ass is perfection. I wanted to build a church to that ass. Just looking at it restored me to full rigidity. I wanted to ravage her, if only to teach her a lesson.

I ripped off my clothes, stormed over, grabbed her by the hips, and thrust myself into her.

“Oh, is this all you have to offer? I was wrong, you’re still just a baby. It feels like a little infant is trying to have his way with me.”

Danger! Danger! I had been too careless and let her lure me into a trap! Her ass, her big beautiful brown ass sculpted by God, it was in the way! I had hit her with all the force I could muster but I only got in halfway! There was too much cushion for the pushin’!

“Damn it!”

I solidified my hold on her hips and began throwing myself against her, thrusting with my last remaining pride as a man on the line. It wasn’t working, I wasn’t getting enough penetration! But she, on the other hand, was assaulting me with techniques I never knew women had! Her cunt was pulling me in, massaging my member and then choking and beating it. I had cummed just a couple minutes ago, but I couldn’t last against pussy of this magnitude!

She just laughed at my attempts, ridiculing me while throwing her ass back at me hard enough to almost send me falling to the floor. “I pity whatever poor girl you disappoint every night! You think you can satisfy me with something this weak?”

Damn it, there had to be a way to beat her, for my pride! Of course, there was the nuclear option. I could go in for a sneak attack in her back door. Momo and Sonja were utterly traumatized when I re-housebroke them. A full power assault would surely leave Betty completely stunned and ensure my victory! But I had never done anal before, and she might just end up ripping my dick off. Not to mention that she would almost surely murder me, like straight up stomp on my skull and hose my brains off the cement floor.

Wait, there was a way! I came to a stop and Betty looked back at me. “Oh? Giving up already? I was right, you truly are pathetic.”

“You said you’ve bred with bulls, but let me show you how a man does things!”

I wrapped my arms around her waist, and with all the strength I had, I flung her to the ground. “What the hell?!” she cursed, landing on her back.

Before she could move, I forced her legs apart and got on top of her. “Missionary position, bitch! This is why we’re at the top of the food chain!”

With nothing in my way, I entered her, balls-deep in a single stroke. She shivered from the sudden penetration, refusing to believe I had gone so deep. She may be a demon in the sack, but this is still her first time in her new body as a human, and when it comes to humans, the advantage is mine. I felt new life in me, unleashing everything I had on Betty’s snatch and sending her voice echoing through the barn.

“Oh fuck! What is this?” she groaned as I pounded her pussy like I was making mashed potatoes. To further raise the bar, I even resumed sucking on her breasts as I fucked her, knowing they were her weakness. For a solid five minutes, I brutalized her to the sound of her euphoric cries. “Oh God, something is happening to me!”

With each slam, her legs would spread a little farther and the pitch of her voice would rise, and then, she released a cry that suddenly dropped to a deep moo. Waves of pleasure rushed through her and she embraced me, holding on to me like a lifeline as she endured the storm. She soon became limp and I held myself up over her with a smug smile.

“For all that crap you put me through, I’m guessing you’ve never had an orgasm before. You’re welcome.”

How the hell can a cow be so fast? Before I had even realized it, she spun us around so that now I was on the bottom. She had a similar grin on her face as she gyrated her hips, my cock still inside her. “Fine, you made me cum, the score is even. Now it’s best two out of three!”

Time for the final battle! Now it was her pride on the line and she was taking it seriously, riding me like she was trying to kill me. She bounced on my lap with every drop threatening to crush my pelvis but nearly leaving me delirious from sexual euphoria. Her breasts were heaving, every movement sending milk sprinkling from her nipples. It was a glorious sight. But I wasn’t done yet, I still had some strength in me. I began countering her drops with my thrusts, closing the distance between us at every opportunity. I was exhausted, sore, and maybe even slightly concussed, but I was too stubborn to not give it my all.

Her voice then reached that high pitch and I knew it was over. She hadn’t cum yet but the fuse was lit. She rode me even harder, trying to get as much stimulation as possible and moaning like an opera singer. But I was on the verge, victory would be measured in seconds.


Betty came, experiencing wave after wave of orgasms. She was squeezing her tits with both hands, sending milk squirting from her nipples with incredible volume and distance. I ejaculated just a moment afterward, completing what was easily the best sex of my life.

“Get off him!”

We both looked at the entrance to the barn where Elise was standing, a look of horror on her face. She stormed over and pulled Betty off me, pinching her ear the way she would a misbehaving child.

“Oh come on, we were just getting started!” Betty whined.

Instinct took over, my sense of shame returning. I ran over to my clothes and put them back on, though my pants were shredded.

I looked back to Elise who was covering her face with her hands. Yep, I knew that expression. Holy shit, she was even crying.


“Listen, I don’t have a lot of money, but I’ll pay anything if you can just forget this ever happened and tell no one about this.”

Wait, what the hell? Shouldn’t she be more concerned with the fact that somehow her cow turned into a hybrid rather than the possibility I might tell someone? Unless… she already knew that this was possible.

“Has this happened before?” I asked.

“Look, just forget about it!”

“Just tell me, has it happened before?! How many other animals have turned?”

We both looked at each other, finally understanding.

“You know what’s going on here, don’t you?” she asked.

“It’s happened to me four times before now but I can’t say I understand it. But you’ve seen it too, before now, haven’t you?”


“Animals around you have transformed into people?”

“Not me, but my sister. All of her pets turned into men. She had to move out before it happened to any of the bulls. This is my first time actually seeing a female… whatever-the-hell-they-are.”

I couldn’t believe it, someone else was going through what I was experiencing. Finally, I might get some answers! Considering the fact that everything I knew about this phenomenon had just been turned on its head by Betty, I needed those answers now more than ever.

“I need to talk to her.”

“Come back here at 6. I’ll invite her over for dinner. I suggest you bring your… pets with you.”


After Elise helped me switch out my flat tire, I drove home with my mind racing. I came inside, finding the girls all watching Sesame Street. I don’t know what’s funnier, three adult-sized women watching Sesame Street and playing along, or the fact that they’re all naked while watching it. Sonja, as always, rushed over to greet me, but stopped before reaching me. A strange look was on her face.

“Master has played with someone.”

She then closed in and began sniffing me all over, trying to sort through the multitude of smells. After the morning I had, I surely reeked of Betty.

“Girls, gather around, we need to talk.”

We all sat at the kitchen table and explained everything that had happened, from Betty’s transformation to Elise’s invitation to meet her sister. Well, I kept a lot of details about me and Betty’s playtime hidden. I didn’t want them to get jealous. When I was done, the girls sat, stunned. It was a while before they spoke.

“So there are others like us?” asked Momo.

“So there are others like Master?” asked Chloe.


Due to Sonja’s reaction, I was really starting to feel guilty. After all, it would break my heart if the girls played with another man. Though, maybe it wasn’t romantic jealousy. Momo and Chloe didn’t seem fazed at all by the fact that I had sex with Betty. To them, playing was more physical than personal. Perhaps Sonja was just feeling canine competitiveness. Back before she transformed, she could always tell when I had pet another dog and would give me the third degree with her nose whenever I came home from work. But still, I should make sure…

“Sonja, why are you upset?”

Sonja looked down, suddenly embarrassed. “I don’t know Betty. What if she wanted to hurt Master? I’m glad Chloe got to play with Master because I know she’s kind. I don’t want Master to play with anyone until I know they aren’t bad.”

So that was it. She wasn’t jealous, just protective. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. “I appreciate that. And don’t worry, I’ll always keep your feelings in mind. Now, everyone be dressed and ready to go by 5:30 and remember all of your table manners.”

I then went upstairs, in dire need of a shower and a long nap.


We were all quite nervous and excited when we made the drive over to Elise’s farm. The girls were all dressed up with brushed teeth, eager to meet others of their own kind. Elise had said that her sister’s pets had turned into men and I was curious as to what they looked like. In my case, only female animals had transformed around me, so Elise’s sister might be proof that it only happens with animals of the opposite sex.

We pulled into her long driveway, parking next to Elise’s truck and her sister’s car. All of the cows were in their pens for the night and lights were on in Elise’s house.

“Ok, girls, best behavior.”

We stepped up onto the front porch and I knocked on the door. It was open a moment later and my sphincter slammed shut. Before me were three half-naked hulks, just slightly shorter than Betty and with muscles that bodybuilders would fantasize about. They were wearing banana hammocks. Why the fuck were they wearing banana hammocks?! Hell, forget them beating me up, I was afraid they would bend me over the table and have their way with me! But Goddammit, they were magnificent. Perfect skin, perfect facial features, and hip bones that could sink the Titanic. My fear of violent sodomy was overwhelmed by my frustration at being so clearly outclassed in all physical aspects.

Chloe instinctively huddled behind me, Momo’s hair was on end with her tail standing erect, and Sonja had a growl in her throat.

“Ok guys, move back!” A woman pushed her way through with the same complexion as Elise but with frizzy hair and glasses. She looked at us with a big grin. “So, you’re the little bitch boy that Betty told me about!”

Of all the ways she could have greeted me, why did she have to say that?

“And you must be Lorraine.”

“Bingo. And these are your pets? They’re so cute!” She leaned forward to try to hug Sonja, but she and Momo joined Chloe behind me. I know, girls, I know.

“Can we come in?”

“Of course! Of course! Don’t mind the guys, they’re actually very skittish. I just thought this would be the funniest way for you to meet them. Come on in!”

She returned inside with the men closely following her. I don’t know which was more disturbing, the amount of man ass I saw, or how toned it was.

Inside, I could hear Elise. “Ok, Lorraine, you had your fun, now get them dressed!”

I could also hear one of the men. “He’s here! He’s here and he brought his pets! I spent all day wondering what they would look like and now I know! Isn’t this amazing? Isn’t this incredible? Ineverthoughtthisdaywouldcomeanditsnow—”

His words just mixed together as he spoke faster and faster.

The girls and I all looked at each other, built up our courage, and went inside. The house of a farmer was as expected, filled with tools that needed to be taken back to the barn, touched with the second-hand smell of animals, but also very welcoming and warm. We passed by the living room and dining room and entered the kitchen, where food was being feverishly prepared. The men were getting dressed, and only now was I actually noticing their characteristics.

The first one, I would say is a blond, but that wouldn’t be right since he didn’t actually have hair. Instead, he had a big pompadour of yellow feathers growing out of his scalp. Give him some sunglasses and he’d be a perfect Johnny Bravo. When he turned around, I also saw a large sheet of feathers growing out of the base of his spine, almost looking like a beaver’s tail. The second had dark gray hair despite being young, with two triangular ears on the top of his head. He also had a big bushy tail, fluffy beyond deion. The third had a green scaly tail, as large as one of his legs, with ridges going up his spine and giving way to a mohawk of the same color. He also had two streaks of the scales going down his cheeks from his eyes. The three of them were all tan in varying shades, but I couldn’t be sure if it was from sun exposure or if it was their natural skin tones. The girls were completely stunned, finally having others to compare themselves to. Like them, the three men wore clothes altered to let their tails hang freely.

Elise stopped what she was doing and gave a deep sigh. “Everyone’s here. Well, not quite…”

“No, we’re not all here!” said the feathered one. “Betty isn’t here! We can’t do anything if Betty isn’t here! Where is she, should I find her? Is she upstairs? Is she outside?” Jesus Christ, he would have kept prattling on if Lorraine hadn’t distracted him with a cracker.

On cue, deep footfalls were heard behind me, and before I could turn around, a pair of massive breasts were pressed against the back of my head and a powerful hand grabbed my junk. All the girls jumped back, shocked by Betty’s height. She leaned down, nibbling on my ear.

“You and I have unfinished business. I’m going to snap your tiny dick off inside me if it’s the last thing I do.”

Fuck, I might really become addicted to this bitch.

“Hey, Betty, let him go! Come on, I need more help over here!” Elise barked. She then saw the man with the bushy tail trying to steal food from the table but she sent him scurrying with a clap of her hands.

“That’s right, Betty!” said the blond man again. “He’s our guest! You shouldn’t do that to our guest! It’s rude and what might those three think? You can be so clueless sometimes, always getting grouchy when you don’t get all the attention you. Your manners haven’t improved since transforming. You’re still—”

Again, Lorraine silenced him with a cracker. Shit, this guy was going to drive me crazy.

“Come find me, and we can take turns milking each other,” Betty whispered before releasing my junk and moving by me to help Elise. She too was dressed, wearing a top that had been heavily altered to accommodate her bust and similar skirt that barely hid her ass.

Sonja watched her in shock, unable to believe the size of her breasts. Through hours of playing, I had made it clear to Sonja that I loved her big tits, it was her sexiest aspect, but now she realized that she was outmatched. To be honest, we were all frazzled by these new sights and were already mentally exhausted. I needed to keep things moving.

“I think introductions are in order.” I gave my name, as well as Momo, Sonja, and Chloe’s.

Lorraine held her arm out to the three muscular demigods. “I’m Lorraine Baxter, and this is Steve, my cockatoo, Tobi, a fox that we adopted, and Alex, my iguana. I call them my three pillar men.”

“Pillar men? Is that some kind of reference to something?” I asked.

“Some kind of reference? That’s a motherfucking JoJo reference, you philistine!”

“I think you can see now that her weird abilities weren’t the only reason why I had her move out,” said Elise with a groan. “By the way, girls, I am Elise, and this here is Betty. I’m sure you all have a lot to talk about. Go relax in the living room, I’ll take care of dinner. Betty, you go ahead with them.”

In the living room, surrounded by knick-knacks and pictures of the Baxter family, the girls and I took the couch. They huddled in close to me, understandably nervous. Lorraine and Betty took two recliners, while the “pillar men” grabbed chairs from the dinner table.

“I guess… the first thing I should ask is when did this start?”

“It started right after Thanksgiving, with Steve. I woke up to the sound of his birdcage being ripped open and when I came downstairs, I found him on the floor. Man, that was one scary night. Elise and I thought he was some hophead who had broken in. Had we not noticed the feathers and figured out what had happened, we would have called the police.”

Steve was about to start talking but Lorraine forced a cracker into his mouth just as he opened it. With a nightmare like this, she had to be quick on the draw.

“Next was Tobi, who transformed in the middle of January. That was when we realized that this was going to keep happening. Since it was happening specifically to my animals, we could only assume that I was the cause. Elise said I had to move out before it happened to any of the livestock.”

“I didn’t want to go into the barn and get raped by a minotaur!” Elise hollered from the kitchen.

“Yeah, what she said. Anyway, I moved into an apartment building and Alex turned right after.”

“Wait, you moved into an apartment building with them? But what if they were discovered?”

“Oh, everyone in the building knows about them, but I just say that they’re furries and that pretty much stops all questions right there. Everyone thinks they’re just weirdos playing dress-up.”

Crap, that might actually work, and anyone who talked to Lorraine for five minutes would just assume she was just like them. I had actually considered a cover like that before, but it was too risky and too easy to break. Hell, Sonja’s tail starts wagging the moment anyone talks to her.

“And all the transformations happened when you were asleep?”

“Yeah, it’s certainly a weird thing to wake up to.”

Tell me about it.

“Do any of you three remember the transformation?”

“No, I was just asleep in my cage like always, then bang! I’m on the floor! And it really hurt, too! There were bits of metal under me, I hit my head, oh it was just a big mess! And when I realized I couldn’t fly, I was heartbroken! But these hands, I love having hands! Being able to run is pretty great too!”

Nurse Baxter, the patient is becoming hyperactive. Please administer one hundred grams of crackers.

“I don’t remember anything,” said Tobi, curtly. He was clearly uneasy with us being here.

And Alex didn’t say anything at all, just continued looking at as like he was watching TV. I was starting to see their personalities. Steve, the cockatoo, was talkative and noisy. Tobi, the fox, was tense and timid. And Alex, the iguana, well, he was an iguana.

“But on the plus side, I bring them here during weekdays on my way to work and they help out Elise.”

“And Alex has magic fingers,” Betty purred as she massaged her breasts.

Ok, moving past that…

“Well for me, it started with Momo in July. I just woke up with her on top of me. Soon afterwards, I found Sonja going through my garbage so I took her in. She transformed in August. After that, I decided to move, because I wanted to keep the girls hidden and I was hoping it was something about my house that was causing it, like the land was haunted or something. Then in October, Sonja discovered Chloe living in our woodshed.” I paused, wringing my hands together. The girls all looked at me, knowing why I was hesitating. “There was a fourth, a deer. She transformed sometime in December. But she was far out in the woods and she froze to death before we could find her.”

“I’m sorry,” said Lorraine.

“For a long time after that, it stopped, and I hoped it had stopped for good. But then I met Betty. I was around her for no more than few minutes and the moment I had my back turned, she transformed. Until now, it’s only happened when I’m asleep, and after I’ve spent time living close to the girls while they were animals. I’m worried that now it’s getting worse and it’s going to keep happening more and more frequently. Any animal may end up transforming as soon as they’re near me.”

Lorraine and I turned to Betty. “What happened to you in the barn?” Lorraine asked.

“Nothing, I was just standing where I normally do when I’m being milked, then all of the sudden, I was up on my hind legs and my body had changed. All I knew was that I was horny and pissed off at him for interrupting Elise.”

“Great, so still no answers,” I said. “If I could at least see it happen then maybe I would learn something. I tried looking online but there aren’t any cases of this happening. Either you and I are the only two people on Earth with this weird ability, or no one yet has revealed themselves. Either way, the fact that we live so close to each other can’t just be a coincidence.”

Lorraine leaned back and sighed. “I’m sick of this. You don’t know anything and I don’t know anything. My sister is making dinner and I brought beer. Let’s stop talking about such dismal things and start partying!”

Part 9:

I had to hand it to Elise, she definitely worked hard. There were ten of us sitting around the dinner table with various dishes set out, from meatloaf to tuna casserole. It was pretty obvious from her exasperated expression that she considered me and Lorraine’s weird ability to be a nuisance and was stressed out, but the sight of a packed dining room invoked a smile. On one long side were the girls and I and on the other were Lorraine and the guys. Sitting at the ends were Betty and Elise.

I think the girls were starting to relax in the presence of these… I don’t know what to call them, fellow animalistic humanoids? Hybrids? Sonja and Steve were definitely getting along, her hyperactive and bubbly personality a perfect match to his nonstop chattering. They were both talking so fast and so loud that Lorraine and I had to repeatedly reel them in before things got too crazy.

Momo and Tobi were having a silent staring contest while they ate, but it didn’t really seem to be tense or antagonistic. They were the most predatory animals in the room and I got the feeling they could sense it in each other, so they were linked in their own special wavelength.

“Momo likes your tail.”

“Yours is nice, too.”

It surprised me when they finally spoke to each other, but I was glad that it went that well.

Going by the pattern, next would be Chloe paired up with Alex, but that didn’t seem to be happening. I don’t know if it was due to his slow and docile personality as an iguana or if he had some mental disability, but it was hard to get any kind of reading from him. I had already figured out that he was a mute, but he would smile and nod whenever someone talked to him. For Chloe who was nervous and introverted, the only kind of chemistry it gave them was that neither of them acknowledged each other.

However, Betty seemed to have taken a liking to her, always keeping her gaze on her and continuing to put food on her plate while insisting she continued eating. “There you go, little one,” she’d say as she’d use her napkin to wipe some cheese off Chloe’s chin. I had already explained to everyone that Chloe wasn’t a child; she just had a tiny body. Despite that, Chloe seemed to have stirred some kind of maternal instinct in Betty. She used to be a breeding cow after all.

“So, the two of you run the farm yourselves?” I asked, speaking to Elise and Lorraine.

“Our parents left it to us before they passed and we’ve been running it ever since.”

“Well, right now YOU run it. I was booted out,” said Lorraine.

“Come on, it’s not like I had much of a choice. I didn’t want to get up every morning and have to check the barn for any naked men.”

“I had to do the same thing. I used to live in the suburbs and when Momo transformed, I made sure to always keep her inside so no one would see her, though we would go for walks in the evening.”

“Walking your cat,” said Lorraine with a laugh.

“Then after Sonja, I moved to a small cabin deep in the woods.”

“That sounds really nice, I bet they were happy to have all that room,” said Elise.

“Yeah, the problem is that the house loses power really easily. It was especially bad with that huge storm”

“But I bet it was easy to keep warm with all the sex you were having.”

Lorraine’s words made Elise spit out her drink and me choke on the food I was eating.

“Jesus Christ, Lorraine!” his sister said while coughing.

“What? We’re really going to ignore the elephant in the room?” She looked at me. “Come on, you expect me to believe you’ve been living with three beautiful women and you’ve kept your hands to yourself?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. On one hand, it would have been weirder if I HADN’T had sex with the girls. But on the other, I felt like I would lose all of Elise’s respect if I admitted it.

“Besides, he was balls deep in Betty this morning.” She turned to the girls with a mischievous grin. “I bet he gives you all the same attention.”

“Master loves to play with us! We do it every night!” Sonja proudly declared.

Oh Sonja, why?

Then Steve decided to make it even more awkward.

“We also have fun with Mistress! Every night, she invites the three of us to wrestle with her! She loves taking us all at the same time!”

I honestly felt a small part of me die when he said those words. Elise had her head in her hands, but I could tell she wasn’t learning about it just now. She finally took a deep breath, sat up, emptied her wineglass, and turned to me.

“Reason #3 why I had to kick her out of the house: the incessant sound of her bedsprings. It was bad enough when it was just Steve, but when Tobi transformed, she would come down to breakfast and brag about getting double-teamed the night before.”

I stared at Lorraine, aghast. “What the hell did you parents do to you?”

She seemed legitimately offended by the question. “What, so it’s ok for you to have your little animal girl harem, but I’m the weirdo for enjoying a nice gangbang?”

Elise and I locked eyes and did my best to give my condolences with my facial expression. I bit my lips and gave her a mournful look. ‘I’m so sorry you’ve had to suffer through this nightmare your whole life. You’re a good sister.’

She too bit her lips, nodding with her eyes closed. ‘Thank you, I really appreciate that. We all have our crosses to bear, she’s mine.’

“What’s a gangbang?” Chloe asked.

“Don’t you remember?” Momo replied. “It’s a bunch of men and one woman. We saw it in one of those porn videos.”

And just like that, it was time for me to have another glass of wine.


“Come on, just let them try it!” said Lorraine, holding up three Coronas.

“No way, I don’t want them to start drinking.” It was kind of hypocritical for me to say that considering that I was in no condition to drive.

The party had moved back to the living room, now with Elise joining in.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t been even a little bit curious as to what they’d be like.”

“I’m not letting my girls get drunk. There’s no telling how it will affect them.”

“Oh please, I’ve gotten drunk with my pillar men plenty of times and they’ve all handled it like normal people.”

I turned to the girls. “It’s up to you three.”

“Momo wants to drink whatever Master drinks.”

“Me too!” said Sonja.

Chloe neither agreed nor disagreed.

Lorraine opened up three bottles and handed them out. The girls looked at each other, took a deep breath, and drank. As expected, their faces twisted as if they had just eaten a lemon.

“This is yucky!” they all exclaimed, much to our amusement.

“Now you know why I was never really into the whole drinking thing,” I said. However, seeing as this was a special occasion, I was ignoring my taste buds and decided to have a little fun. I have to give them credit, though. They kept at it. Maybe it was because they saw the guys drinking without any problem and they wanted to show that they could keep up. Even Betty had already knocked a few back.

“That’s so cute, the way you call them your girls,” said Elise, pushing my shoulder. It seemed that she had had enough wine with dinner to finally relax.

“It’s so weird though, how different they are from Betty,” I said. “Like, when you consider their personalities as animals, it always seemed natural to me the way they act as people. Sonja is hyper, Momo lazy, Chloe is nervous, but Betty… is this really the personality you would expect from her?”

“I’m not quite sure. When she was just a regular cow, she loved people, loved to get petted, was always ready to be milked, and she loved hanging around the bulls.”

“So, you’re saying she was a slut.”

“Oh, definitely.”

“I heard that!”

“I can’t believe that the first thing you did after transforming was bang this guy!” Lorraine cackled.

“Well, he looked so spineless and pitiful, I just wanted to see how easy it would be for me to break him.”

“Master isn’t spineless or pitiful!” Sonja barked.

Betty licked her lips and began massaging her breasts. “I’ll agree to that. He certainly did prove himself a man.”

“Ugh, you’re perverts, all of you,” said Elise.

“Hey, believe it or not, the girls and I do a lot more than just have sex. I’ve taught them how to read and write, we go on walks whenever we can, and they each have their own hobbies that I help them with. When we were snowed in during that big storm, we spent days playing board games next to the woodstove.”

“This winter was such a nightmare. Luckily, I had my sister’s… pillar men… to help with all the animals and shovel the snow. You three are my heroes.”

“There was so much snow! I didn’t know there could be so much snow! I didn’t know there could be so much anything! And it was so cold, I thought my feathers would fall off. But you work and you warm right up, you warm right up! We dug and dug and dug and dug and dug—”

Lorraine stifled Steve with a cracker before he could get too hyped up.

“So what are you three into?” Elise asked. The girls stiffened, not quite accustomed to being addressed by someone other than me.

“Momo likes to draw.”

“I like to play with clay and run around outside and chase balls and frisbees!” cheered Sonja.

“I… like to read books with Master!” Chloe squeaked, hiding her face with her beer bottle.

“What about you three? Do you have any hobbies?” I asked the guys.

“Mistress has taught me how to play the game called Xbox,” said Tobi.

Lorraine then covered Steve’s face before he could answer. “Steve loves to sing and Alex does yoga.”

Yeah, that sounded about right.

As the night continued, we became livelier and livelier with every bottle we emptied. Elise had music playing on a stereo and we all told funny stories. The girls cheered up and began chatting more with their male counterparts, though it appeared that Sonja was the only drunk one of the three. Momo and Chloe had consumed the same amount of alcohol, but other than a slightly raised mood, they seemed no different than usual. I had heard that cats had really good kidneys and maybe it was the same for mice?

After a while, the alcohol stopped granting energy and instead gave a steady dose of lethargy with every drop. The girls all fell asleep on the couch, leaning against each other. Betty joined them, forcing me out of my seat. Lorraine called it a night and brought her “pillar men” upstairs with her to sleep in the guest room. Hopefully, we wouldn’t hear any creaking mattress springs. It was just me and Elise, back in the dining room, still talking over drinks. I was telling her about the deer girl.

“What would you have named her?” Elise asked.

I looked at the bottle in my hand, peeling at the label with my thumbnail to simply keep myself busy. “I tried to avoid thinking about it, it just hurt too much. But when I was digging her grave, I started to wonder. I sorted through names, trying to decide what the best one would have been. I settled on Penelope.”

Elise gave a soft giggle. “Momo, Sonja, Chloe, and Penelope. You certainly have a unique naming sense. I’d like to think I know what you felt. I’ve lost plenty of animals, I lost my parents one right after the other.”

“It wasn’t just the loss that hurt, it was the guilt. Had she just remained a normal deer in the wild, she would have eventually died, whether killed by predators, hunters, disease, old age, or still simply froze to death. But because I moved to that house, because I lived near her, she didn’t live long enough for any of that to happen. And it wasn’t like I had just hit a deer with my car and killed it, more like I injured it but that injury caused it to slowly die by the side of the road. But it was still more than that, because she was a person when she died. She might not have been your average Homo sapien, but she was a human being and she died a human’s death. It was like I made her just so she could suffer.”

“What do you mean?”

“Imagine you were pregnant and out in the frozen wilderness. You go into labor and immediately after giving birth, your baby freezes to death. Or imagine finding out you had passed on some horrible disease to your child so they only live a few minutes before dying. That was their whole existence. That’s what it felt like when I realized what had happened.”

I looked back into the living room, where the girls were all sleeping soundly. “Those girls in there, they’re my lovers, but in a way, they’re also like my children. I made them what they are, I’ve taken care of them from brushing their teeth to teaching them how to read, and I’ve loved them in every way possible. I suppose in any other situation that would sound weird and creepy, and believe me, I was definitely conflicted when Momo first appeared, thinking that it would be wrong for me to touch her, but I’ve come to realize that the life I’ve built with them can’t be described or judged by any kind of cultural norm. I’m just an average guy, but they’re one of a kind.”

While the conversation was somber, Elise was looking at me with a warm smile and sparkling eyes. “The fact that you feel like that makes me think that you’re the best person for this to happen to. You’re not average at all, but not because of those girls. The fact that you care so much about them, even for one you never got to meet, shows that you’re a good man. Most guys I meet would probably have just buried her like she was evidence and considered the whole thing a nuisance. I think Penelope was lucky, because even though you never knew her, you loved her. My mom used to say that as long as there is someone who will cry for you, you are blessed.”

“For so long now, I’ve wanted someone I could talk to about all this. Thank you… for being here. I know that this is a lot to ask, but if something ever happened to me, could you take care of the girls?”

Elise rested her hand on mine. “Of course I will.” As a woman who spent her life on a farm, her hands were strong, but they were also soft and delicate, and I turned over my own hand and cradled hers. We both looked at each other’s hands, then our eyes met. “How about we… go up to my room?” she asked.

I didn’t need to answer, we both stood up and I followed her upstairs with our fingers interlaced. We entered her bedroom and as soon as the door was closed, our lips met. We were both drunk so it was a very sloppy kiss, but our arousal was removing the fatigue of the alcohol. We pulled away so that I could pull off my shirt she could unbutton her blouse. She fell back on the bed, her ample chocolate-shaded breasts nearly bouncing out of her bra. She giggled as I unfastened her jeans and pulled them off, relishing the sight of them sliding down her long, smooth legs.

Now in just in her underwear, Elise moved up the bed and rested her head on the pillow. I pulled off my own pants and moved on top of her, the two of us continuing to kiss but now with our tongues swirling in the mix. Clumsy from my intoxication, I ripped off her bra and tossed it aside, showing off her cupcakes. I hadn’t noticed them before now, but her breasts were magnificent, D-cup without question with large areolas and nipples like two Hershey’s kisses.

I ended out kiss, no longer able to resist sampling her beautiful skin. My lips found her left nipple, pulling on it while using my tongue to tickle the tip. Elise cooed and gasped from the sensation, having gone far too long without such an intimate touch. But I wasn’t going to let her get accustomed to it. While the feeling was still crisp and sharp in her mind, I heightened it with the skimming of my fingertips across her flat belly, tickling and teasing her, sending jittering pulses throughout her nerves.

I switched her right breast, sucking hard like I had with Betty. I used one hand to massage her left, rubbing deep into the tissue to stimulate every receptor in her flesh. My other hand slid under her panties like a letter opener, my fingers finding her honeypot. Just having her breasts played with had already made her wet, making penetration easy. I stirred her up, turning her gasps into moans. The movements of my fingers inside her were gentle at first, just to make sure she was ready, then I increased the intensity, taking advantage of the difference in dexterity between my fingers and my penis. I was shaking my hand like a vibrator, striking every key nerve with pinpoint accuracy. After almost a year with three beautiful women, my bedroom skills were at their peak. I could cause devastating bliss with just one finger.

I raised my head, forsaking her breasts so that I could get better leverage and a better view. I looked down on Elise with a grin of satisfaction, watching her beautiful body writhe uncontrollably from the movements of my hand. I leaned back down and again kissed her to stifle her moans, all while the pleasure built and built. Her thighs clamped around my hand as she came and her voice reached that magical pitch.

Her panties were now soaked so I pulled them off her, letting me see her glistening slit. It looked so inviting. I turned around and leaned over, burying my head between her legs. I sampled the sweet aroma of her femininity, then the taste. My tongue moved between her lips like I was sliding a credit card, sending electricity through her and waking her up. I relaxed my posture, lying down beside her while still leaning over, but that changed. Fully fired up after that first orgasm, Elise pulled my manhood free and it slipped past her lips and was bathed in her mouth. She sucked it gluttonously, wanting to pay me back for my service to her breasts.

But this posture was awkward, so Elise took the initiative and climbed on top of me, settling her gorgeous ebony ass on my face while she gargled my cock like she was trying to drown it. In this position, I could fully enjoy the taste of her pussy and send my tongue deep inside her, trying to coax more of her nectar. While my tongue swept her interior, my lower lip moved back and forth across her clitoris like the tides, making her shiver each time. All the while, Elise was sloppily making love to my cock, basting it with saliva and then licking it clean. Wax on, wax off. She was trying to induce an orgasm in me, using her hands to stroke the shaft while she used her mouth on the head. However, after my sexual battle with Betty that morning, Elise would have to work harder than that to get me to shoot my load.

The time came for the main event. We separated and got back in the missionary position, ready to make the beast with two backs. I was just about to penetrate her when…

“Wait, do you have a condom?”

I was rather surprised that her mind was clear enough to consider that. I was sure that she had given in to her intoxication and lust. Though now that I thought about it, I was glad she did. She wasn’t like the girls.

“Uh… no. You wouldn’t happen to have any, would you?”

“God no, do you have any idea how long it’s been since I got laid? You’re the first guy I’ve had up here in like… ever.”

“Well you are on the pill, right?”

She gave me a sheepish look. “When you’re as busy with work as I am, some preions are forgotten.”

We both sat up, the wind no longer in our sails. “We could always… ask your sister? Hell, with how hard she parties with those hulks of hers, she probably caries a box of Magnums wherever she goes.”

“Oh please, does she really seem like the kind of girl to use rubbers?”


I looked down my erection, slowly beginning to slacken with each pulse. When I turned back to Elise, she had a brave look on her face.

“There’s always the other way,” she said.

“Are you serious?”

“For months, I have had to listen to my sister brag about the insane things she does with those fucking whatever-men! I’ve spent my whole life working on this farm or in school while she moved from one boy toy to the next! I’m sick of playing the spinster! I want to do something dirty and kinky before I’m too sober to regret it! I want to be the slut for once!”

To be honest, I had never really cared about anal. In porn, it was always a very ‘meh’ subject for me. It wasn’t until the girls came along and I found out how opposed they were to it that I started to get interested. People naturally want what they can’t have, after all. Now that I finally had the chance to do it, I found myself more eager than I had been in a long time.

Elise got some squirts of moisturizer from a bottle on her bedside table and rubbed it on my manhood. With my member now lubed up, she lied back with her legs raised and spread. “Come on, let’s give it a shot,” she said.

Drunk Elise is awesome!

I moved between her legs, aiming my cock lower than I normally would. It touched her backdoor and her breathing quickened. I didn’t bother saying anything, I just pushed myself in. It’s a good thing she had applied that moisturizer, otherwise I never would have gotten in with how hard she was clenching. Her whole locked up and she gagged as my buried myself in up to the base. I had never felt anything like this before, this combination of physical sensation and mental satisfaction. Hell, this felt as big an accomplishment as popping the girls’ cherries, since, in a way, I was popping Elise’s and my own.

I looked down with a grin on my face. There was something innately satisfying about the sight of that perfect ring gripping my manhood with Elise’s pussy just above it, just so kinky, and the softness was incredible! I started moving, sliding back and forth in her anus with the moisturizer foaming up.

“Oh fuck!” Elise moaned as I started to pick up speed.

“How does this feel?” I asked, pushing her legs closer and closer to her chest.

“Jesus, this is incredible! I should have tried this years ago!”

A drunken grin on her face, she started rubbing her pussy, trying to invoke more pleasure. I was certainly enjoying myself as well, bathing in the joy of sexual conquest. I changed my position into a crouch, lifting her lower body up. I grabbed her headboard, now having more room and leverage as I slammed down into her, driving straight into her asshole with brutal strength.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried, watching my cock plunge into her backdoor.

With my own body swinging down with each thrust, the bed was rocking and creaking like there was an earthquake. I was dropping most of my weight onto Elise, but the anal pummeling was putting her on Cloud 9. She was fingering herself while squeezing her breasts, overwhelmed with pleasure.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum!” I said.

It happened before I could stop myself, an eruption of semen flooding her anus. Feeling my hot seed filling her, a particular gleam flashed in Elise’s eyes, her smile reminding me of when Momo sniffed that bag of catnip. She pushed me onto my back, leaving a string of cum stretching between my half-inflated cock and her asshole. She didn’t waste any time, forcing me back to full mass with a rigorous handjob. As soon as I was firm enough for intercourse, she plugged me back in, now straddling my lap in a crabwalk.

She began bobbing her hips, rising and dropping herself on my manhood. Her breasts bounced every time she heaved herself up while her voice changed in pitch, and every time she lowered herself down, my cock would plunge into the deepest recesses of her ass, balls deep in the forbidden kingdom. To see her entire body on display, gorgeous and sexy beyond measure, was one of the greatest experiences of my life. She then changed her position, getting on her knees so that she could take better advantage of the bed springs. Now needing much less force, she rode me with much greater ferocity, dropping her full body weight onto my lap and sending me deeper and deeper inside her.

She leaned over, sending her tongue into my mouth. I took advantage of the change and began thrusting upwards, finally regaining my strength. “Goddamn, this is the best sex I’ve ever had!” she moaned as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“Turn around, let me see the other side,” I said with a grin.

She spun around like she was sitting on an office chair, then leaning forward on all fours. I licked my lips as I watched her throw herself back at me, her perfect ass running me over while I stirred up her insides. It felt kind of weird to watch a girl ride me like this and not see a tail, but I didn’t mind, and just the extreme contrast between our skin tones somehow made it feel even better. Watching her ass bob and shake was giving me new energy.

Making her yelp in surprise, I sat up, grabbed her under the knees, and then pulled her back with me. With her back against my chest, I raised her lower body so her legs were in the air and then I started slamming her asshole from below, using all the strength in my legs to hurl myself upwards like a rocket. Elise’s moans trembled and jittered from every impact, my thrusts making her whole body jiggle and sending ripples through her flesh. She began fingering herself, desperate for further stimulation. Fuck, I would have sold my soul for a camera on a tripod. I wanted to capture this moment and watch it later. I wanted to see what Elise looked like from the front as I sodomized her.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the position going to very long. My stomach muscles were giving out and I was forced to lower her back down. I was running out of strength, it was the last stretch, and I knew exactly how I wanted to finish. I pulled out of Elise and got out from under her. She knew what I was doing and got on all fours, shaking her ass at me. I couldn’t help it, I spread her toned cheeks and looked at how wide she was gaping. I spat on her asshole and then forced myself back in. Now with my hands on her hips, I fucked her as hard and savagely as I could, using all the strength I had.

Elise cried out and her arms buckled, unable to withstand what she was feeling. I was brutalizing her asshole, showing her no mercy and slamming into her with everything I had. I loved the sight of her in this position, seeing the muscles in her back shudder with every wave her bliss, the ripples move through her ebony flesh with every strike. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, or off my manhood as it slid in and out of her backdoor.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” Elise moaned. She had her face buried in the crook of her arm, watching her tits swing like chandeliers as I rode her. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming from my ass!”

She cried out like an opera singer, having climax after climax as I released the last of my reserves into her. We at last stopped and I slowly pulled out of her, leaving a small waterfall of semen trickling out of her wrecked asshole. She collapsed on the bed and I fell beside her, the two of us asleep before our heads even hit the pillow.


There are many cures for a hangover, or at least many tricks that are thought to be cures. There’s hydration, vitamins, exercise, and of course, some hair of the dog that bit you. A woman screaming, however, is not a cure. It cut through me like a knife, drawing me from a deep sleep.


Was she talking about the anal sex we had? If I woke up after a night of drinking with my butt full of semen, I would probably freak out like she was.

Before I could even open my eyes, I felt myself tossed through the air, flying across the room before striking a mirror over Elise’s bureau. I fell to the floor, groaning in pain with my body bruised all over and my back covered in cuts, all while Elise continued to scream. I finally gained the strength to push myself up and open my eyes.

“Oh my God…” I gasped.

Elise was on the bed, but… there was a lot more of her than I remembered there being. From the waist up, she was completely normal, but from the waist down, her legs had been replaced with a tail as thick as a tree trunk, at least thirty feet long and covered with obsidian black scales, coiled throughout the room.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME?!” she screamed again.

I didn’t even know what to say, my mind was completely blank.

The bedroom door burst open with Lorraine and the pillar men swarming in, all four of them naked. “Elise! What’s going—” Lorraine came to a dead stop, her mouth hanging open.

I heard footfalls on the stares as the girls came up with Betty in the rear. They pushed their way into the bedroom and stared in similar amazement.

“You did this to me, you son of a bitch!”

With lightning speed, her tail wrapped around me and I was lifted into the air. She was crushing me with strength I didn’t know was possible, forcing all of the air out of my lungs. Her tail was solid muscle, so dense and heavy that I felt like Superman had just tied me up with an I-beam. I gasped for breath, feeling like my ribs would snap any second.

“Stop! Don’t hurt Master!” Sonja barked as she tackled Elise.

“Guys, help him out!” Lorraine yelled.

As Sonja wrestled Elise back down onto the bed, the pillar men came to my aid and helped pull me free of the tail’s grip. Their muscles weren’t just for show.

“Out! Out! I want all of you fucking freaks out of my house now!” she shrieked, blinded with rage.

We all rushed downstairs, knowing that she could and would easily kill us. We huddled in the kitchen, listening to her screams of anger and the smashing of her possessions. I certainly couldn’t blame her for her reaction. Shit, we had gone full blown Kafka!

“I can’t believe this is happening! This is a nightmare!” I said.

“This shouldn’t be possible! Turning animals into people is one thing, but this is a whole new level of weird! What the hell happened last night?” Lorraine exclaimed.

It was at this point that I realized both Lorraine and I were naked.

“Elise and I went up to her room, had sex, fell asleep, and the next thing I know, I’m being thrown across the room!”

“I never thought this kind of thing would happen. Did we both do this? Did this happen because we were both in the house? Maybe we emit some kind of radiation or something and Elise got a double dose.”

“Or maybe it was just me. Yesterday, I was able to transform Betty after being around her for just a couple minutes. Maybe this is the next stage. This will probably start happening to you eventually.”

“The four of you should probably leave. I don’t think Elise will be coming downstairs anytime soon, so it will be up to the pillar men and I to take care of the cows. I’ll call you later when she finally calms down and we can talk this out.”

I had no reason to argue. I certainly didn’t want to stick around after Elise tried to crush me to death. I left her my number, and still naked, I walked out to my car with the girls following me and we drove home. No words were said on the ride back. As soon as we got home, I went straight to bed. Elise had woken me up at the crack of dawn with her screams and I was exhausted. The only thing I could hope for was to go to sleep and wake up to find that this was just a bad dream.


The call came around noon, Lorraine telling us it was safe to come back. I didn’t quite believe her, but I would inevitably have to go back into that snake pit. At the very least, a long nap followed by a greasy breakfast had helped ease my hangover a bit. I was sitting in the living room, watching TV, when my phone started ringing.

“Ok, girls, we’re heading back to the farm.”

They looked at me fearfully.

“But Master, what if Elise tries to hurt you again?” Chloe asked, clinging to my leg.

“Considering what I’ve done to her, I certainly deserve it. But right now, she really needs our help and we need to try to find some answers. Get dressed and brushed and we’ll head over.”

We made the drive back, all of us afraid of what might happen. I could easily imagine knocking on the door, then Elise’s tail bursting out like a monster’s tentacle and slamming me into the ground. When we finally reached the house, I had us all stand away from the door and I knocked on it like I was afraid it would explode.

“We’re here!” I hollered.

“Come on in!” I heard Lorraine reply.

We entered the house and found the sisters, Betty, and the pillar men in the kitchen. Elise was sitting in a chair, though now that she had transformed, she didn’t really have a rear end. All she could do was bend her tail where her waist was into the same posture. She had a cup of coffee in her hands and a liquor bottle next to it for some added flavor. It was obvious she had been sobbing. Her thick tail formed a perimeter around the table. If any of us stepped on or tripped over it, it would be tantamount to falling on a landmine.

“Hey, Elise… how… how are you doing?” I asked.

“How do you think I’m doing? I’ve turned into a freak. My life is over.”

I took a seat across from the table from her. “Your life isn’t over.”

“Then what the hell do you call this? Do you realize I can never leave my home again? I can never let anyone see me! I’ll either die in my house or in a government lab somewhere! Do you know what it’s going to be like, trying to take care of the cows? I can’t wear boots anymore! Do you have any idea how much cow shit I step in on a daily basis?!”

Lorraine looked away so that Elise couldn’t see her smile. I knew for a fact that she was just waiting for Elise to finally cheer up so that she could start making fun of the whole situation. She had probably spent all morning coming up with puns and jokes behind Elise’s back, struggling to hold in her laughter.

“Maybe we could move you somewhere,” I said, “to another country perhaps. Maybe we can find some snake-worshipping village that would make you their god.”

Elise shot me a dirty look. I had spoken seriously, but she seemed to think I was kidding.

“What the hell am I supposed to do? My life is completely fucked. How am I supposed to keep my home and this farm going when I can never again meet people in person? What happens if I get sick or injured and need a doctor?”

“We’ll help you!” said Sonja.

“Momo will take care of cows.”

“Our house is small… but you can always stay with us if you need to,” Chloe added.

Elise finally smiled. “Your Master is lucky to have you three.” She again shot me a dirty look. “Don’t expect me to call you that, though. I think you imagine why I might have a serious problem with that.”

“Why not, it sounds pretty kinky to me,” said Lorraine with a giggle. We both glared at her. “Oh come on, it is! You should at least try to find a bright side to this!”

“Well, my vagina is still in place but my asshole is now near the end of my tail, so I guess I can now take a shit in the bathroom without having to get out of bed! Ain’t that convenient! Thank you so fucking much for helping me to realize that!” She then turned her rage on me. “You hear that? Next time you want to mess up my back door, you’re gonna have to climb the beanstalk!”

“Oh, so the two of you did it THAT way!” Betty laughed with an aroused grin.

“I had no idea you were so naughty! And on the same day you meet! Talk about going zero to sixty! Welcome to the off-road club!” Lorraine cackled.

As the two of them cracked jokes, my girls all instinctively moved to cover their butts. I was rather surprised that Elise didn’t flip the table over like Momo losing a game of Monopoly. Instead, she simply added more gin to her coffee.

“Elise, I am so sorry about all of this,” I said.

“I can’t help but wonder if killing you would turn me back to normal…”

I could tell she meant it.

“I swear to you, I am going to find some way to make this right.”

“I have a solution.” We all turned to Tobi, the last person we expected to talk. “Why don’t you just make more like us and stop hiding it? If it’s going to keep happening, we might as well just reveal ourselves on our own terms.”

Lorraine and I both looked at each other. Maybe it really was time to show the world what we were capable of. After all, I had already decided that I was going to expose the girls one way or another, so maybe it was just time to take the plunge.

“What if you and I both went out and started transforming animals?” Lorraine suggested.

“We don’t even need to reveal that we’re the cause, we could just show the world that these… hybrids… actually exist. We could go somewhere public, blend in with the crowd, and then just let nature take its course with whatever animal is around us.”

“No, that wouldn’t work,” said Elise. “Just doing it once or twice wouldn’t be enough. People would just call the police, saying there was a naked cosplayer hopped up on drugs. And if you did it to someone’s dog, they would be taken away from their family.”

“We need to do it where there are lots of people and wild animals around,” I said.

Lorraine and I locked eyes, silently daring each other to say the words we both knew needed to be said.

I have to give Betty credit, she could read the mood. She got up and looked at the girls. “If you three are going to help take care of my friends, I should introduce you.” She turned to the pillar men. “Come on, boys, there’s always work to be done.”

They all followed her outside and Lorraine and I returned our attention to each other. “We need to go to a zoo,” we said at the same time.


“Woohoo!” Sonja cheered, running through the field with Tobi chasing after her.

Upon seeing the cows, her first reaction had been to try and coax them into playing with her, but to no avail. Instead, her hyperactivity triggered the similar instincts in the fox, allowing him to come out of his shell and have fun with her. They were sprinting back and forth around the cows, playing tag.

In the corner of the field, the cows were gathering around Betty as she introduced them to Momo and Sonja. “That’s Pamela, Mary, Maurice, Kathy, Tim…”

As Betty named them, the cows gathered in around Chloe, very curious. She gave an anxious whimper as they closed in on her, followed by a whine as they started to lick her cheeks. She crouched down into a ball but the cows continued nuzzling and licking her. One of the cows came up to Momo and sniffed her, trying to figure out what she was. Momo too was fascinated, having never seen an animal so large. When it turned away, she leaned against, resting the side of her face on its back.

“Mmmmm, nice and warm,” she said.

Betty was speaking to the cows as if they were other people, with the animals responding with groans and shakes of their heads. “Yeah, so these two kids are just like me. They were turned by the man I told you about. I don’t think that would be a good idea, Elise is already stressed enough. I told you, she transformed too. Now she’s like a snake. I know you do, but she needs some time to calm herself.”

“You can talk with them?” Momo asked.

“Sure, can’t you still talk to other cats?”

“Momo isn’t really sure. Momo hasn’t been able to spend time with other cats since she grew big. Sometimes Momo watches cats on Master’s computer and can understand what they are saying though. What are the cows saying?”

“They like your little friend, but they find the other one annoying. They want to know when Elise is coming out to see them. They really want to see her tail.”

Momo looked at Betty, her eyes on her massive breasts. They were drawing her in, playing on her feline instincts. She wanted to bat them around like balls of yarn. “Can Momo touch your boobs?” she asked with her ears twitching.

“Sure thing,” Betty replied.

She pulled up her shirt and flashed Momo, leaving her hypnotized. She slowly raised her hands and cupped both breasts, giving Betty a wry smile. A low purr began to sound in her throat as she squeezed and pushed them, kneading them like bread. Back when she was a normal cat, she would do this same thing to pillows and cushions out of instinct. It felt strange to do it again after so long. And of course, there was Betty, the slutty cow milf who loved sexual stimulation, panting and grinning as her tits were massaged.

“Chloe, you got to try this. It’s really fun.”

Chloe couldn’t participate, still being nuzzled and licked by the other cows who mistook her for one of their young. But behind Betty, Momo could see Sonja, who was crouching in the corner of the field with Tobi next to her. She then stood up and ran to the house with something in her hands.


“But we have no idea if this will work,” said Elise. “If you haven’t been able to stop it, what makes you think you can do it on command?”

“Because, like you said, it hasn’t stopped. Since it’s just going to happen again, I might be able to cause it by choice,” I said.

“But look at what happened to me. What if you do that to someone else?”

“We don’t even know how exactly it happened. We don’t know if it was the fact that you were around both of us or if it was just his ability getting worse. If it is getting worse, then it probably will happen to someone else someday. It will probably start happening to people around me. We should act now before it becomes too dangerous for us to be around people,” said Lorraine.

“And what will happen when you’re both gone and I’m stuck here with the kids? I can’t exactly just go into town and pick us up some pizza for dinner. You need to have this all figured out and make sure that you can do this before just heading off and wasting time.”

“Master! Master!”

“Mistress! Mistress!”

The door swung open and both Sonja and Tobi rushed in, happy as could be.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Look at what we found!”

Sonja held out her two clasped hands and opened them to reveal a salamander sitting on her palms. It had black skin and yellow spots across its body. I remember seeing one once when I was a kid. Wait a second… I turned back to Elise and Lorraine. I gave them a look asking ‘should I?’ They just shrugged with nervous expressions. I looked at the salamander, took a deep breath, and focused my mind on it, willing it to transform.

It happened in only a second, the tiny creature suddenly expanding in Sonja’s hands. She instinctively dropped it, but it had already reached its full size by the time it touched the ground, landing on its feet. Before us was a girl, about an inch taller than Chloe, due to her originally tiny size. As in her original salamander form, her body was black and decorated with large yellow spots, but with a gray stomach, and her skin smooth and slimy. She didn’t have any hair, but there was a slight ridgeline where her hairline would be, with the skin somewhat raised as if to imitate the shape and added mass of hair. She stood naked before us, with breasts at a fair B-cup, larger than Chloe’s. The tip of her long tail just barely touched the floor. She looked more like an alien than an animal girl.

All of us stared, stunned. Not only had we proven that it could be done on command, but we had finally seen the transformation process up close and personal. Though, it was so fast that didn’t actually learn much. It was like pulling the cord on one of those instant-inflating life rafts. No wonder neither the girls nor the pillar men remembered transforming. The girl looked at us and herself in confusion, but when she saw me, she gained a wide smile. Rather than speaking, she made a gleeful hum and jumped onto my lap and hugged me.

“That was so cool!” Sonja squealed.

“I can’t believe that actually worked,” said Elise.

“Now I kind of want to make one,” Lorraine added.

“No! We already have enough mouths to feed!” her sister barked.

I too was utterly stunned, unsure of what to do next. I tapped the girl on the shoulder so that she would stop hugging me. She sat up in my lap, keeping her hands on my shoulders.

“Can you tell me anything about yourself?” I asked.

The girl shook her head. She made a soft “uh-uh” sound when she did it, but it was just a hum.

“Maybe she doesn’t understand you,” Elise suggested.

“No, she answered the question. Maybe she’s simply a mute like Alex,” said Lorraine.

“Can you talk?” I asked. The girl again shook her head. “Damn, I was hoping for some answers this time. I guess now we—”

The girl covered my mouth with her own, her tongue already sliding down my throat.

“Whoa! Look at her go!” Lorraine said with a laugh.

I don’t know what was causing it, but her mouth tasted delicious beyond words, as good if not better than when I drank Betty’s milk straight from the tap. I was compelled to collect more of this flavor, sending my tongue swirling around her mouth. The longer we kissed, the more energetic we became, with the girl grinding against me like she was giving me a lap dance as I explored her slender body with my hands. She was even beginning to whimper in sexual bliss.

“Ok, that’s enough, you two!” said Elise, forcing her tail in between us to make us stop. “You, sit right there.” The girl did as told, sitting in the chair next to mine.

“Master, kiss me like that too!” Sonja whined.

“Sorry about that,” I said, “it was like her mouth was full of crystal meth.” I had calmed down, realizing now that my clothes were sticky from touching the girl.

“She’s surprisingly energetic for a salamander,” said Lorraine, “her personality seems way off from how it should be.”

“Yeah, Chloe was so skittish when I first found her. She didn’t react to me at all the way Momo and Sonja did.”

“Maybe it’s because she transformed differently,” Elise theorized. “This time you caused it on purpose, so maybe her newly developed brain instinctively recognizes you as her creator.”

“Is that true?” I asked the girl.

She smiled and this time nodded while humming “uh-huh”, then jumped back into my lap and started kissing my cheek. This time, Sonja refused to be left out and zoomed around the table to join in.

“Ok, so we’ve established that it can be done on command, now we just decide where to go. We could do the Maine Wildlife Park. I’ve been there before as a kid and it should work.”

“Nah, we should do something with more people and more animals, and preferably a little farther away. I say we should hit up the Bronx Zoo,” said Lorraine.

“Ok, you and I will request time off from work and then book a flight.”

“And in the meantime, what am I supposed to do? I think you’ve forgotten how screwed I am,” said Elise.

“Well… you can probably order groceries for delivery. If you’re expecting to meet anyone for business, just try and do it over the phone or postpone it until we come back and Lorraine can do it in your place. I was also thinking that everyone could stay here with you while Lorraine and I are gone. I know you could use the help and I don’t want to leave the girls alone back home. They’ll get lonely without someone to look after them.”

“Fine, but I’m short on beds. There is only my room and our parents’ old room that we use as a guest room, where Betty sleeps.”

“Hauling over our mattress will be a small price to pay to know my girls are taken care of. Thank you. Ok, I’d better get them home. I’ll call you both tonight.” Holding both the girl’s hand and Sonja’s, I headed outside. “Momo, Chloe, we’re going home!”

Momo and Chloe returned from the field, staring at the new girl with wide eyes.

“Master, who is this?” Momo asked.

“This is… Leah. Her name is Leah.”

Hearing her name for the first time, the salamander girl looked up at me with a wide grin and then wrapped her arms around my waist.


“Masteeeeeeer! Leah is getting Momo’s clothes sticky!”

Momo was leaning away from the salamander, who was sitting in the middle of the backseat. Hearing Momo’s whining left her with a mournful frown and drooping shoulders.

“I know, Momo, we’ll clean them when we get home. Please be nice to Leah.”

Now that I thought about it, maybe transforming a salamander had been a bad idea. For one thing, she was always covered with a thin mucus that kept her skin hydrated, but which seemed to lather onto anything she touched. That back seat was now in need of a good washing. We would need to get her clothed as soon as possible. There was also the issue of what exactly that slime was made of. Leah was black with big yellow spots, which in the animal kingdom, meant poisonous. We’d have to be very careful with her.

“Master, are you going to play with Leah too?” Chloe asked.

“Well that’s entirely up to her, but if she’s willing, I’ll make her happy.”

Leah suddenly perked right up and began wiggling in her seat, her face bright with a silent laughter. Was she reacting to what I said? It was obvious she understood English, but did she really understood what “play” meant in our home?

We arrived back at the house and Leah nervously climbed out of the car. I stood next to her, my hand resting on her smooth head. “This is your home now. You’re part of the family.” She smiled and nuzzled up against me.

We went inside and I gave her the grand tour, showing her each part of the house and explaining the different appliances. I then brought her upstairs to the bedroom to give her some clothes. Luckily, she and Chloe were the same size. From the bureau containing all the girls’ clothing, I first handed Leah a t-shirt and told her to put it on, though the moment she was covered, she started scratching at her skin with a pained look on her face.

“Ah damn,” I sighed. Her skin was too sensitive for the dry fabric. She needed something much softer and less absorbent, but I wasn’t sure I had anything like that. She could sense my disappointment and avoided my gaze in shame. I lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips. “No, no, it’s not your fault. It’s just something we’ll figure out later. For now, we just need something temporary…”

An idea led me to the bathroom where I pulled down the shower curtain. It was smooth plastic, just what I needed. I returned to Leah and wrapped it around her, connecting the curtain rings around her neck and letting hang down behind her like a cape. She looked at me in confusion.

“There, that ought to work. Until we come up with a clothing solution, just carry this around with you and use it as a cover for whatever you sit on, or wrap it around yourself like a blanket. Understand?” She smiled and nodded. “Good, then let’s join the girls.”

Back downstairs, Momo, Sonja, and Chloe had already stripped down to their natural naked selves, and seeing them without their clothes, I could sense Leah becoming much more relaxed. Momo, Sonja, and I took our seats on the couch, this time with Leah slipping in the edge next to Sonja and taking the armrest. Down below was Chloe, sitting on the floor with my legs wrapped around her.

“Master,” Momo asked over the sound of the TV, “have you and Lorraine decided on what you’re going to do?”

“We have, actually. She and I are going to go on a trip and turn a lot of animals into people so that the world can finally see what is happening.” The girls all turned to me, shocked and horrified.

“You’re going on a trip?!” they cried, save for Leah, who, well, you know.

Of course, that would be the one thing they cared about.

“Girls, it will just be for a few days at most. While I’m gone, you and the pillar men will be staying with Elise and helping her out on the farm. Trust me, you’ll love it. And if Lorraine and I do this right, it may be that you girls won’t have to hide anymore. We can get the help we need.”


As we watched TV, I looked up salamanders on my computer, trying to find clues on how to take care of Leah. It would be an understatement to say her physiology was different from Momo, Sonja, and Chloe’s. Since regular fabric wouldn’t work for her, she couldn’t even sleep in bed with us, but I think I had found a good alternative. I prepared dinner, now with a fourth bowl set on the floor. I got the sense that Leah preferred it that way. As usual, I watched them from the table, snickering at the sight of them all maintaining the same posture while they ate, faces buried in their food bowls. With her skin tone, Leah definitely stood out.

After dinner, we all went upstairs and entered the bathroom to brush our teeth. Leah and I sat down on the edge of the tub. “Leah, I think I figured out a good place for you to sleep. Would you be comfortable sleeping here in the bathtub if I filled it with wet towels?” She smiled and nodded.

“Wait, I wanted to sleep in bed with Leah!” Sonja whined.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but a dry bed isn’t a good place for her.”

I started filling up the tub with lukewarm water and towels, as per the advice I had read online. She couldn’t breathe underwater, but she needed to sleep in a nice damp environment and she needed something she could burrow into. Since I wasn’t about to fill up my bathtub with mud, wet towels would have to do.

As I got her bedding ready, she watched Momo, Sonja, and Chloe brush their teeth, hypnotized by their perfect movements. They had lived around each other long enough to take on the exact same pace when they brushed their teeth. With a spare toothbrush and some paste, I turned to Leah.

“Ok, open wide.” She showed me all her teeth and I began to brush them for her. “Starting tomorrow, you’ll be doing this yourself every morning and every evening, but for now, I’ll just show you how it’s done.”

She was definitely reacting to it, the pressure I was exerting on her teeth, the feel of the bristles on her soft gums and tongue. She squirmed from the alien sensation, never feeling something like this back when she was just an animal. She tried to lean back but I wrapped my arm around her. Her eyes were wet, her lips parted and white with foam. I must say, brushing the girls’ teeth for the first time is always fun.

Once we were all done, Leah moved towards the tub. “Hold on a sec,” I said, causing her to look back at me. “Before going to sleep, I was thinking you’d maybe want to play together? I mean if you want to, of co—”

Before I could even finish my sentence, her tongue was down my throat as she pounced on me, her limbs tightly around my chest. Momo, Sonja, and Chloe stared at her with wide eyes, amazed by her energy. I returned her affection, swirling my tongue around her mouth. Even after brushing her teeth, there was some kind of delicious taste in her mouth, and it wasn’t from dinner.

I brought Leah into the bedroom, where the shower curtain was laid out on the bedspread. The salamander let go so that I could undress and then we all climbed onto the bed. Momo, Sonja, and Chloe kept their distance, wanting to watch and let Leah enjoy her first time one on one. I was sitting cross-legged and Leah was straddling my lap. Our lips were joined, the two of us exchanging flavors. My hands roamed her slender body, aided by the liquid membrane covering her body. It acted like a massage oil, letting me rub deep into her skin and muscles without friction getting in the way.

My hands found her rear end, massaging her soft flesh like I was shaping clay. Feeling my hands probe such a sensitive area, Leah pulled her lips from mine, desperate for air. She panted with her cold, amphibious body now becoming hot. The girls watched her, easily recognizing that look on her face. It was the look of bliss. No longer able to kiss her, my lips moved to her neck. For the briefest moment, I feared that the fluid on her skin might be toxic, but as soon as I tasted it, that fear was erased. I don’t know how to describe it, the deliciousness of her skin. The syrup that coated her, it was like it captivated every taste bud in a different way. It was as sweet and sugary as chocolate ice cream, but also tasted like tenderized steak, ripe bananas, marble cake, glazed ham, and every single food that I loved. Hell, at one point, it was like tasting my Mom’s home-cooked lasagna.

I couldn’t stop, I licked her cheeks and neck like I was dying of thirst and she was made of ice. This substance, it was dangerously addictive. The touch of my tongue made Leah pant even faster, her body writhing. Finally, my need to breath forced me to pause.

“Oh my God, girls, you need to taste this.”

My lips then found her right areola, my tongue licking it clean. Intrigued, the girls crawled over and each sniffed Leah. Tentative licks brushed her flesh, followed by aggressive slurping. With one taste, the girls were hooked and wanted to further sample her. Momo and Sonja were licking her shoulders while Chloe was dragging her tongue up her spine, making her shiver. Four tongues on her bare flesh was almost more than she could take, and at last, a soft moan could be heard in her throat. She didn’t have the ability to speak, so this moan was probably the only way I would hear her voice.

I slipped my fingers between her legs, finding her pussy literally dripping in arousal. “Ok, Leah, I’m going to put it in.”

In reply, she wrapped her arms around my head and held it to her chest. My manhood met her womanhood, diving in without any resistance. Leah gave a true moan as I buried myself up to the base, deflowering her. Considering that she was the same size as Chloe, I thought it would be more difficult, but her tunnel was so slick that I passed right through like my penis was riding a Slip ‘N Slide.

Leah started gyrating her hips, sending my member spinning around inside her. I continued to suck on her breasts as she rode me, both out of sexual desire and to continue tasting her sweat. The girls were the same, searching for new areas to lick clean. Once I had completely swept her chest, I decided it was time to really get down to business. I laid Leah on her back and got on top of her. Like Chloe, she was too small for me to kiss her while we made love, so instead, I simply held her against me and she buried her face in my chest.

Now that we were in missionary, I was able to get real depth and force. I began thrusting into her, punishing her slit with her legs wrapped around my waist. Her voice cried out as she felt my member fill her up to completion. Every time I buried myself in to the base, Leah felt like she would be split open. But while Leah and I were in our own little world, three little gluttons wanted their next hit. They circled around behind me, searching for exposed skin. Chloe and Sonja began licking her legs, while Momo had another target in mind. One moment, Leah was completely normal, then the next minute, her body was trembling under me, almost to the point of vibration. Her eyes rolled back, her mouth open. I looked behind me and saw Momo deep-throating Leah’s tail with all the skills she had learned since transforming.

She showed Leah no mercy, brushing her hair out of her face as she sucked like a vacuum, with a frothy mix of her saliva and Leah’s oil dripping onto her breasts. Maybe she thought if she worked hard enough, a stream that fluid would spray from the tip of her tail. But it did have an effect. Leah’s voice echoed through the house as she experienced her first orgasm, squirting like a fountain and leaving me soaked in her arousal.

I sat up for a moment to let Leah and I catch her breath. This girl was certainly full of surprises. Once my stamina was restored, I turned Leah on her side so that one of her legs was going between mine and the other was across my chest. I again took her, forcing my cock as deep into her body as possible, with her shapeless cries answering every clap of flesh on flesh.

The girls likewise changed position. Momo was content sucking on Leah’s tail, but Chloe seemed to want to comfort Leah through these new, earth-shattering sensations. She lied down beside her, spooning her, and of course while nibbling on her ear. Sonja had her attention on me, or rather, she was licking Leah’s arousal off my chest, relishing the added saltiness of my sweat. And me? I was sucking on Leah’s toes, running my tongue between them and making her squirm.

Through our combined efforts, Leah’s evening was one orgasm after another, her mind ravaged by indescribable pleasure. It was close to midnight when she finally collapsed, her small body licked clean and sapped of strength, not to mention my semen dribbling out of her. Honestly, we had gotten so worked up by tasting that fluid that Leah and I hadn’t even gotten to try oral, and I was really looking forward to that. Oh well, there was always another day.

I carried her into the bathroom and settled her in the tub. The water level was low, just enough to keep all the towels wet. Half asleep, she covered herself in towels, and with her head above the water, she drifted off to sleep.

“Goodnight, sweetie.”

I then returned to the bedroom where the girls were waiting. We had directed all of our attention on Leah and paid barely any to each other, and even this late at night, we were all wired and ready to go.


That next morning, I went into the bathroom to answer nature’s call and wake up Leah. I began draining the tub while pouring in hot water. Since she was cold-blooded (except for during sex apparently), her body was slow to react in cold temperatures. The warm water was like a heat lamp you’d see at a zoo. Under the mass of wet towels, I could see Leah beginning to stir, like a frozen zombie beginning to thaw. I turned my attention to the toilet to drain my own lizard, and with the sound of bath faucet and my own stream, I didn’t hear the she-beast rise from the dark depths of her lair.


That very feminine shriek, to my shame, came from me. Leah had jumped from the bathtub and pounced on me, and the feeling of her cold, wet body woke me up better than any cup of coffee. She had her arms and legs wrapped around me and was kissing my cheek with a joyful hum in her throat. I know I should have appreciated her affection, but honestly, my mind had gone blank from the icy touch on my skin, as if I had just fallen into a frozen lake.

Hearing my voice, Momo, Sonja, and Chloe poked their heads into the bathroom. “Master?” they asked.

“I’m ok, I’m ok.” I lowered Leah to the floor. “I’m glad to see you had so much fun last night.” Her bright smile and rapid nodding warmed my heart. “Come on, let’s go get breakfast.”

We all headed downstairs, with Momo, Sonja, and Chloe preparing their own breakfasts. Since this was Leah’s first morning with us, I would make hers for her. “Ok, Leah, what would you like to eat? I can cook you up some eggs?” She shook her head. “How about some toast?” Again, she shook her head. “Cereal? Pancakes?” No dice. This was weird. Normally the girls would happily eat whatever I made them. She certainly wasn’t picky about last night’s dinner. “Well, what would you like to eat?”

Leah looked down and put her hands on her stomach. A tugging on my shirt directed me to Chloe, who nervously hid behind me as if afraid of me seeing her. “What is it, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Um… Master… I don’t think Leah wants to eat anything. I think she’s still full from dinner last night.”

“Is that true, Leah?” She nodded. I smiled and rubbed both hers and Chloe’s heads. “Nice instincts, Chloe. Good job.” They both hummed in happiness.

It made sense that she wouldn’t need to eat. Since she didn’t produce any body heat, her metabolism worked much slower than any of ours. It seemed our food expenses wouldn’t rise much from her arrival.

“Leah, if you’re ever hungry, just tell us and we’ll happily prepare something for you.”

After eating and getting myself ready to go, I called Lorraine and confirmed our plan. We would both request some time off from work and then book a flight to New York. At the office, I got all of my affairs in order while my bosses picked someone to take my place while I was gone. I had said that my grandmother was due to pass away the next day or the day after, and my parents would need my help dealing with her estate. Luckily, they believed it and I got a week off. I again called Lorraine, and when she told me the good news, I went online and bought us two tickets for the next day.


“I’m home!” There was no need for me to say it, considering that all four girls were by the door before I even turned off my car, but it was still nice. They all ganged up on me for a group hug, each of them telling me about their day. They were especially clingy due to how late I was. “Ok, girls, let’s move to the living room.” I sat in the middle of the couch with Momo and Sonja on either side and Chloe and Leah on the floor. They were all looking at the large paper bag I had brought in with me. “I had to drive quite a ways to find this store, but when I got there, they had exactly what I needed. Leah, take a look at this…”

From the bag, I pulled out a black, latex rubber suit. The girls all stared in amazement, trying to understand it. It was no exaggeration to say that finding a sex shop in Maine, especially northern Maine, was no small feat. Though I was proud of myself for how little it affected me. Just two years ago, I would have probably been weirded out. The nice woman with obvious nipple rings poking through her shirt helped me select a good suit for Leah. It was the smallest she had and very affordable.

“Since you don’t like dry fabric, I thought that this could work until we find a better solution. And look, it even matches your skin tone, though it’s missing the dots. Sonja, be a dear and grab the tub of Vaseline from under the bathroom sink. Momo, go get the sewing kit, please. Chloe, I need the stepstool in the kitchen.”

The girls ran off to fulfill their tasks while Leah examined the suit. She rubbed it against her face, liking the way the rubber slid across her skin. What I was wondering was how long that suit would last. These weren’t a pair of denims, this was an outfit normally used for small periods of time in an enclosed environment. We would definitely have to do everything we could to maintain it.

The girls came back, first Chloe with the stool, which I had Leah stand up with. Then came Sonja and Momo. I held up the suit against Leah, seeing how well it would fit. Luckily, there was plenty of extra room for her. I cut off the extra rubber and shortened the sleeves, then smeared Vaseline through the interior. Leah slipped it on and we all gazed at her. She looked like an alien dominatrix, and I mean that in a good way. The rubber hugged her curves beautifully and she had a big smile from the way it felt and the mobility it gave her.

After dinner, we settled in front of the TV to relax, while I worked on sewing the remaining scraps of rubber to make a sleeve for Leah’s tail. After modifying the girls’ clothes for their tails and occasionally repairing Sonja’s after her outdoor roughhousing, I had become a natural with a needle and thread. Finally, we went upstairs and Leah and I went at it for Round 2.


With our mattress tied to the roof of my car, the girls and I pulled up Elise’s driveway. Lorraine was already there, having done the same with her pillar men. As we got out of the car, she came up to us.

“Hey! You finally made it! I was wondering when you would—” She became silent, her eyes falling on Leah in her rubber sex suit. That next moment, she had fallen to the ground, laughing so hard that it actually gave her dry heaves.

I sighed and turned to the girls. “Let’s bring the bed in.”

We carried the mattress into the house and found Elise in the kitchen, supporting herself with her tail like a cobra leaning back before striking. She was wearing a tank top and a skirt, the look actually really nice on her.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Yeah, sure, great morning for you. I bet you got a good night’s sleep. Not me! Do you know how hard it is to toss and turn when you have an extra thirty feet of body that you have to flip? And trust me, restless leg syndrome is a million times worse when you have a giant tail instead!”

I pitied the girls for having to spend the next few days with her.

“Where can we put the bed?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“Just put it on the floor in the guest bedroom. They can bunk with Betty. My sister has her boys sleeping in her old bedroom.”

We hauled the mattress upstairs, while outside, I could hear Lorraine still laughing. After coming back downstairs, I went out to my car to retrieve two bags. One was full of blankets and bedding, the other was full of the girl’s possessions, things they would need while staying with Elise. I brought both bags into the house and set them on the dinner table. Elise slithered over to me, but while keeping her human body upright.

“Ok, so the girls prefer to eat their food on the floor. I’ve brought their food bowls. None of them are picky eaters and I’ve also taught them to prepare meals. Leah only needs to eat once a day, usually dinner. Don’t worry, I’ve already taught her how to use the toilet, and she needs to sleep in a bathtub filled with wet towels. In order to wake her up, start filling the tub with warm water. Sonja will probably be a little depressed once I leave, but you can cheer her up by throwing a frisbee or tennis ball. I brought plenty. Momo is lazy and kind of whiny, but she’ll do whatever you ask her to, just reward her with lots of head pats and ear rubbing, and let her nap each day. Now Chloe is very shy and nervous, so please, whatever you do, don’t raise your voice to her or around her. She’ll probably apologize whenever you call her name, don’t mind it. If she does a good job, give her plenty of reassurance.”

“It’s so cute, how much you care about your girls.”

“Thanks, I also wrote it down. There are more instructions in the bag with their stuff. By the way… it would make the girls really happy if you’d let them be… naked.” She raised her eyebrow and gave me a doubting look. “They hate wearing clothes, absolutely hate it, so when the weather is warm or they’re inside, I let them go without. I don’t quite know whether or not Leah is the same way.”

“I can just imagine what it’s like in your house.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. On that note, keep an eye on the guys. I don’t want them getting any funny ideas or getting too ‘close’ to the girls.”

“Afraid of getting cucked by an iguana?”

“To think that all of human history and the English language led to that question being uttered… Anyway, do you have everything taken care of on your end?”

“Yep, all of our groceries will be delivered and I’ve canceled every meeting I had this week, so no one will be stopping by. Just promise me that you and my sister will fix this.”

We turned to each other, just staring in silence. Finally, I spoke. “I really am sorry for everything that’s happened. I would never have done this to you if I had known.”

“Thank you, I know that you really mean that.”

“Who knows, maybe we’ll find a cure someday.”

For the first time, probably since transforming, Elise laughed. “By then, I’ll probably get used to the tail and will want to keep it.”

I took a chance. I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, then hugged her. She returned the embrace, and I like to think that it was then that she decided to forgive me. When she finally separated, I turned to the girls, each of them giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Don’t worry, girls, I’ll only be gone for a few days and you’ll have lots of fun here. Sonja, you’re going to be able to run and play as much as you want. Momo, I can just imagine you snoozing in the hayloft. Chloe, Elise is going to take extra special care of you and I bet Betty is going to snuggle up with you like you’re a beanie baby. And Leah, I was thinking that when I come back, we could go home and you and I could take a nice bath together.”

They weren’t overjoyed, but I was able to give them small smiles. I held out my arms and the girls closed in, hugging me as tightly as they could.

“The five of you are going to give me diabetes,” Elise said with a laugh.

I checked my phone and saw the time. “Ok, girls, I got to go, but I’ll call you every night. I love you.”

“We love you too, Master!” they all cried, breaking out the waterworks.

I managed to pull away and saw the pillar men approaching the house from the barn. Goddammit, why did they have to be so ripped? It’s just not fair. “All right, men, I’m trusting you to look after my girls. Keep them safe for me.”

They all nodded. “We will,” said Tobi. Then, of course, Steve started yammering promises, so I gave a hasty goodbye.

Then as I was walking towards Lorraine, a powerful arm wrapped around my neck and a hand grabbed my junk, with two familiar breasts enveloping my head.

“You still owe me another milking,” Betty said.

I looked up at her. “Don’t worry, I’ll come back and make you my bitch.” I then reached around and slapped her on the ear.

“Oh, I’ll make you pay for that,” she said before giving me a long tongue kiss.

I then came over to Lorraine, who had finally calmed down, though it sounded like she had given herself the hiccups.

“Are you done?”

“Yeah… I think I’m ok…” she groaned, kneeling on the ground. “You do realize that if we go through with this, we’re probably going to cause Second Impact, right? Or a Convergence event?”

“Am I supposed to know what that means?”

“Ugh, you suck.”

I got my luggage and put it in her car, and with her behind the wheel, we pulled out of the driveway and began our drive to the airport.

“Woo! We’re going on an adventure!” Lorraine cheered.

Of course she was happy now, but as I had planned, since we were driving her car, she would be the one to pay for parking! Ha!

Part 10:

It had been a long time since I had last flown, and I had forgotten how much it sucked. The flying itself is ok, but airports are in some special circle of Hell all their own. Then, of course, there was the worst part…


I don’t know what was worse, the sound of Lorraine chewing her gum or the sight of her doing it with her mouth open. From the very moment we had gotten into the car, she seemed to make it her mission to annoy me. The whole car ride, we had argued over which radio station to set it to, and whatever was playing, she’d talk over it, battering me with stupid questions or going on and on about crap that I didn’t care about. No, I don’t watch anime, stop asking! After seeing how she normally handled Steve, it made me want to get a handful of saltines and force them into her mouth, preferably with enough strength to chip her teeth. Now we were standing in line to check our luggage, and less than two feet away was Lorraine, chewing like a camel.

“Can you please, PLEASE, close your mouth?” I asked, now able to feel my heart beating in my temples.

“I don’t like to chew gum with my mouth closed.”

I took a trembling breath, trying to hold my temper in check. “Could you do it for me? Please?”

“But then I wouldn’t get to see you pop a blood vessel.”

She’s right, I’m about to have a fucking aneurysm. I’m going to strangle this bitch, and by the time security guards pull me off, we’ll both be dead, me with blood coming out of my mouth, nose, ears, and eyes.

“Spit out the gum or I’ll tell the TSA that you’re smuggling drugs.”

“Jokes on you, getting a cavity search is one of the kinks in my three favorite fanfictions.”

“How the hell did Elise ever put up with you?”

“She didn’t, remember? That’s one of the reasons why she kicked me out.”

“She should have put a plastic bag over your head and finished the job.”

“I tried that once during sex. Great orgasms but it ruined the money shot.”

“Oh, dear God…”

“Yes, all glory to the Deer God!”

Elise, if you watch the news and happen to see that our flight got hijacked and crashed somewhere, just know it was me. You’ll understand why I did it.


Momo, Sonja, Chloe, and Leah sat on the couch in Elise’s living room, looking out the window behind it. They all had the same thought: ‘Lorraine’s car is going to come back up the driveway right… now.’ Slithering by, Elise stopped and checked on them, overwhelmed by how pitiful they looked. She had just served everyone lunch, and while the girls ate gratefully, they had done so quickly so that they could rush back to the couch and keep a lookout. Maybe keeping them busy would cheer them up a bit.

“I think it’s time for you girls to see what you’re in for. Betty, could you give them a crash course?”

Betty got up from the dinner table and cricked her neck. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. All right, everyone, back to work.”

Elise watched as the eight hybrids strolled outside to the barn, chuckling at the ridiculous sight.


While it took a lot longer than I had expected, we were up in the air on our way to LaGuardia. Lorraine was sitting next to me, finally quiet. Since we were packed together with the other passengers, we weren’t able to talk about our pets and it seemed that she had run out of ways to annoy me. The plane had finally reached its cruising altitude and at last, I could relax. Ah, a window seat on an airplane with a cold drink and Time magazine. It’s blissful.

“So, what was it like having anal sex with my sister?”

I, along with several other people, choked on our drinks, as everyone within earshot turned their heads in utter disbelief that such a question would be asked out loud. I glared at Lorraine, who had a look of smug satisfaction upon finding a new way to embarrass me.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you even ask that?”

“Just tell me whose idea it was. Did you have to dominate her or did she ask for it? I heard you two from the guest room but I had no idea you were taking the dirt road.”

“I refuse to discuss this with you.”

“Did you give her a Dirty Sanchez?”

“I’m not answering.”

“Did she give you a Cleveland Steamer?”

“You’re going to get us arrested.”

“Knowing her, there probably wasn’t any lube. But she might have used something else, maybe… moisturizer? It was all frothy afterwards, wasn’t it?”

“Jesus Christ, there are kids nearby that can hear you!”

“Oh, that would have been fun to watch. I bet she was really awkward at it, like a newborn horse standing up for the first time. Did you ever bend over those three lovely ladies like that?”

“No, I didn’t, and I really wish you’d shut up.”

Finally, the flight attendant came over. “Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to keep your voice down. Your conversation is disturbing the other passengers.”

Lorraine held up her empty cup. “Sorry, I tend to blather when I’m sober.”

The woman took the hint and gave her some mini bottles. The liquor pacified Lorraine for a bit, giving the passengers some time to try and forget the conversation ever happened. But after a while, she leaned over to me and spoke in a whisper.

“There is something I need to tell you. Meet me in the bathroom in two minutes. Knock on the door four times.”

Oh Jesus, what was it now?

Lorraine got up from her seat and made her way down the aisle to the bathroom. It was vacant and she locked herself inside. Honestly, I really didn’t want to get up. I really didn’t want to hear what she had to say. I would have been perfectly content to just continue reading my magazine, but two minutes passed and I knew I had to go find out what was so urgent. I got up and made the same trip she had, reaching the bathroom. I made four soft knocks on the door and she pulled me in. We faced each other in the cramped airplane bathroom.

“What was it that you wanted to talk to me about?”

“Oh my God, you have got amazing pores. What kind of face soap do you use?”

“Get on with it!”

“Ok! Ok! What I need to tell you is of the utmost importance.” She took a deep breath. “I wanna fuck. Let’s join the mile-high club.”

In a flash, her pants and underwear were on the floor.

“I’m going back to my seat,” I growled. I tried to open the bathroom door but she stopped me.

“Come on! It’s been too long since I last got some dick! I haven’t had sex for almost six hours!”

“You have serious issues, you know that? You are messed up!”

“Not to mention horny and bored!” She sat up on the sink and wrapped her legs around me so that I could leave. “If you fuck me now, I promise I won’t say another word until we leave the airport!”

Now that was an offer I just couldn’t refuse. Plus, an orgasm would hopefully raise my spirits a bit and make me feel better.

“Damn it, fine!”

I then attacked her, one hand over her mouth and the other between her legs. I kept her muzzled, not wanting to hear her voice as I forced my fingers into her pussy. I worked my digits in her with violent force, not for the sake of pleasure, but simply to make sure that she was nice and wet. My aggression seemed to be to her liking, though, as even through my hand, I could hear her moans. Living in a house with four beautiful women, I had mastered the tactic of fingering, pumping my arm back and forth like the firing pin of a machine gun. My efforts sent droplets of her arousal splashing onto my arm.

Once I was sure she was ready to go, I unsheathed my sword. Unfortunately, it was a two-hand job, and as soon as my hand was off her mouth, she leaned forward and forced her tongue into my mouth. She had her arms wrapped around my neck, refusing to let me open up any space. Though my attempts were clumsy, I was able to whip out my dick. I was only at half-mast, as the smell of an airplane toilet and the plastic walls don’t exactly put one in the mood to make the beast with two backs.

I forced myself inside her, and initially, I was just pushing rope, but after a few thrusts, my body got its act together and my flopping worm turned into a rigid drill. I began slamming into her, using all the strength I had as if to punish her for how much she had annoyed me today. The bathroom around us was shaking from my thrusts, the locked door rattling. Lorraine never pulled her lips from mine, her tongue probing every corner of my mouth as if she was looking for something. I moved my hands down, grabbing her ass and lifting her off the sink before I pushed her against the wall. Her legs were wrapped tightly around me, daring me to go deeper and deeper.

She didn’t cum, but I did, and only after a couple minutes. It was rare for me to be that quick, but I just wanted this to be done and over with. I lowered her to the floor and she looked at me with eyes full of disappointment.

“That’s it? That’s the best you can do? I was expecting a lot more than that after the stories your girls told me. Congratulations, I really don’t feel like talking to you anymore.”

She tried to move past me to her clothes by I grabbed her. I spun her around and bent her over the sink, then forced her legs apart. “Damn it, I got enough ridicule from Betty and I’m not going to get it from you! To answer your question, here’s what it was like fucking your sister in the ass!”

I mounted Lorraine from behind, my manhood driving deep into her anus with a single, brutal shove. She cried out, unquestionably loud enough for plenty of passengers to hear, but I didn’t care. I rammed her as hard and fast as I could, ignoring the friction as I sodomized her, using my sperm as lubricant. Again and again, her brown ass clapped against my lap, almost looking like some kind of black and white cubist painting that you’d find in a hipster café.

“Now that’s more like it! Fuck my ass!” Lorraine laughed, pushing against the wall so her face wasn’t pressed to the mirror.

“Just shut up already!” I barked back as a forced my fingers into her mouth.

With the first shot fired, I was now able to last much longer, brutalizing Lorraine, much to her enjoyment. Every few minutes, she would moan from an orgasm and expect me to pull out, but I didn’t. Eventually, she was just leaning against the mirror with a dead look in her eyes, drained of strength. My hand was coated in saliva. At last, I had my second orgasm, filling up her anal cavity with semen. I pulled out of her, leaving her with a double creampie.

“Damn, none of the pillar men have had the courage to fuck me that hard,” she groaned.

I was too tired to answer. I just cleaned myself off with some toilet paper and left her there. When I came out of the bathroom, every single passenger, including the two flight attendants, was staring at me with wide eyes. I was a little proud of that. I ignored the looks and returned to my seat, and a couple minutes later, Lorraine stepped out of the bathroom with a very content look on her face.


Lorraine kept her word, not speaking or making any noise for the rest of the trip. We got off the plane and left the airport without annoyance or incident, but as soon as we stepped onto the sidewalk…

“I hope I get gills.”


“You had anal sex with my sister and she gained a giant snake tail. Now you’ve had anal sex with me and I’m hoping that I’ll transform too. I’d love to have gills or even wings! Actually, what I’d really like is a nice kangaroo pouch that I could keep my stuff in. Maybe ass fucking is the key to all of this!”

“The silence was nice while it lasted.”

“Yeah, but that time is over now. It’s back to annoying you.”

Too cheap to call a cab and too lazy to just walk, we waited for the airport shuttle to arrive and rode it to the nearby Comfort Inn. Our bags in hand, we strode over to the reception desk.

“Hi, can we get two rooms for the next two nights?” I asked the woman sitting behind the desk.

“Actually, just make it one room,” said Lorraine. I shot her a dirty look. “What? I’m just going to end up spending all my time in your room. You should know by now that I need constant adult supervision. Besides, this is cheaper.”

I rubbed my forehead and turned back to the receptionist. “One room, make it a double.”


It was a busy afternoon for the girls, being instructed on how they would be taking care of the cows. They were used to doing chores around the house, but they had never dealt with the needs of other animals before. With the sun setting, Elise called everyone in for dinner. The dining room table was packed, with the girls on one side, the guys on the other, and Betty and Elise at the ends. Dinner for the night was pork chops and mashed potatoes. Elise offered the girls the chance to eat as they normally would, but they claimed they wanted to sit at the table with everyone.

Dinner was noisy and cheerful, several voices overlapping each other.

“So, girls, how do you like the farm life?” Elise asked.

“It’s hard,” Momo whined.

“I can’t believe you and Lorraine were able to do so much on your own!” said Sonja with her tail wagging.

“Yes,” said Steve, “it’s definitely hard, very hard. We get here every day and work and work and work, but we’re happy to do it because Mistress asks us. And we love Elise and we want to help because she’s been so good to us. But it’s very hard work and it’s exhausting and—”

“Steve, don’t talk with your mouth full,” said Elise.

“I just find it so weird being on the other end, to now be the farmer instead of the animal,” Betty lamented with a glass of wine in her hand. “To think I’m now taking care of the boys and girls I grew up with, not to mention the boys and girls I gave birth to.”

“It’s nice that you can tell us what they like and don’t like,” Chloe squeaked.

Betty leaned over and ruffled her hair. “Yep, and they definitely like you.”

“Elise, do you ever think you’ll be able to come outside?” Tobi asked.

Elise sighed. “I don’t know if I have it in me to move my body across that disgusting ground. My house is literally surrounded by cow shit. I think it’s just better that I take care of things in the house.”

“Please come outside!” Sonja pleaded. “I want to see how fast you can go! I want to run around and chase you!”

Elise chuckled. “Maybe someday.”

All attention was drawn to the kitchen as the phone began to ring. Begrudgingly (due to how she had to untangle herself from around her chair and the table legs), Elise got up to answer it.

“Hello? Oh good, you made it safe and sound! I was just wondering when—”

Elise was knocked to the ground by the four girls as they all clambered for the phone. “MASTER!” they all cried.

“Hey girls, how are you doing?” I asked from my hotel room.

“We miss you!” they said. For Leah, it was just a wordless whimper.

“I know, I miss you too. I definitely wish I was home right now, I miss feeling your soft heads and rubbing your ears. I also wish you were here with me. I’d love for you to see the city.”

Elise got up and snatched away the phone. “Is my sister there with you?”

“Heeeeeey! Guess who just emptied the minibar! Glad I’m not paying!”

This time it was the pillar men who ran over and clambered for the phone. They swarmed in like they were chasing a football, unintentionally knocking the girls over and piling onto Elise. “We miss you, Mistress!” they howled while shedding manly tears.

Completely buried under the girls and the pillar men, Elise struggled for freedom, feeling like she was going to suffocate. “Betty, a little help!”

Grunting in annoyance, Betty got up from the table and flipped the clamoring pile off Elise with one of her hooves. She helped her up and handed her the phone. She had to catch her breath before she could say anything.

“So, I’m assuming you’re in your hotel room and everything has gone fine?”

“For the most part,” I replied.

“Hey, Elise! Guess who just joined the mile-high club!”

Elise covered her hand with her face. “Oh dear God…”

“Yes, all glory to the Deer God!”

“Sorry, it was the only thing I could do to shut her up. Do you have any idea how much effort she’s put into being a pain in the ass?”

Elise shuddered as childhood memories filled her mind. “Yeah, I have an idea. I guess I should have warned you, but I thought you would be able to handle it.”

“She tried to have a detailed discussion about sodomy on the plane. One of the flight attendants had to bribe her with liquor so that she wouldn’t make the passengers throw up. I didn’t sign up for this.”

“Yeah, well, she’s your responsibility for the next few days. If she gets too annoying, just pinch her hips or the backs of her arms, that usually crushes her spirit.”

“I was thinking of something more like a silver stake through her heart. Can you put the girls back on the phone?”


It was early to bed for everyone, though after a day on a farm, that’s easy to adhere to. The pillar men were sleeping in Lorraine’s old room, while the girls were sharing the parents’ room with Betty. Leah was camped out in Elise’s bathtub, wrapped in wet towels. The house was filled with the sound of teeth being brushed, every sink occupied. With their mattress on the floor, the girls all stripped down and prepared for bed.

“Just to warn you, I snore,” said Betty, sitting on the guest bed.

“Master does too, sometimes,” Sonja replied.

Chloe gave a small sigh. “I miss Master.”

“Momo misses Master too.”

“He’ll be back before you know it. Goodnight, girls,” said Betty as she turned off the light.



Elise groaned and turned off her alarm, waking up before there was even a single glimmer of light on the horizon. She was used to getting up well before dawn, though it had become much more of a hassle as of late. The reason? Even if she was awake, her tail remained asleep. Her upper body, her human body, was still warm-blooded, but her long snake tail had an entirely separate metabolism and needed to absorb heat to be usable, so unless she kept her tail warm, it would be limp and useless. It was ok during the day, but it was always cold in the mornings.

With great effort, Elise crawled out of bed and towards the bathroom. Dragging behind a giant length of sleeping muscle made it an arduous adventure. In the bathroom, she found Leah sleeping in the tub. Elise drained the water and turned on the shower. As hot water sprayed Leah, she began to rise, cursed with a cold body like Elise.

“Can you help me get in there?” she asked.

Leah hurriedly obeyed, climbing out of the tub and then helping lift Elise and her tail inside. She groaned in bliss when the hot water poured on her black scales, reawakening the cold muscles. Once she was warmed up, she dried herself off and headed downstairs with Leah, to find that Betty had already woken everyone else up and helping prepare breakfast. Normally Elise would have finished milking the cows before having breakfast, but she and Betty decided to be lenient on the new arrivals.

“Ah, there she is,” said Betty, handing Elise a hot cup of coffee. “I was about to go up there and get you myself.”

“I wish you had transformed a long time ago. You are a lifesaver,” Elise replied as she took a deep drink.

“You like it? I added the cream myself.”

Elise nearly choked on her coffee.

In the dining room, the girls and pillar men were eating breakfast, all of them utterly exhausted. Never before had they woken up so early, at least not since they transformed. Momo was suffering the most, used to a very slothful lifestyle. She became a little more active once her stomach was full, but the fact the sun had yet to rise was really raining on her mood.

“Ok, everyone, let’s move out,” said Betty.

Leaving Elise in the house, the hybrids headed outside and into the barn to begin tending to the cows. First came the milking. There were more than two dozen cows to take care of and everything had to be done by hand. The girls had already been shown how to do it the previous afternoon and the pillar men were well used to working on the farm, so they jumped right in, each with varying results.

Momo was doing quite well with her cows, drawing milk from their udders with natural talent. She simply imagined she was giving the cows very gentle handjobs. She certainly had plenty of experience. Sonja was having a little more trouble, often working her hands too vigorously and causing the cows to groan and stomp their feet in annoyance. It took her a while to find a steady rhythm. For Chloe, the issue was that she was being too gentle, always doubting herself and afraid of hurting her cows. She would have been at it all day if not for Betty giving her some advice. The cows that Leah worked with were very happy, appreciating how the slime on her hands acted as a lubricant and cut down on the friction.

Once the cows were milked, then came the feeding. All the cows were served a special mixture of hay, grain, soy, and various vitamins and minerals. They came prepackaged in large feed bags which had to be hauled over to the feeding troughs. Sonja, Momo, Chloe, and Leah could each only carry one at a time, though Chloe and Leah actually had to work together. Betty could carry two at once. And the pillar men? With all the muscles they had been born with, they were like living forklifts.

With the adult cows fed, now came the calves. Each one was bottle-fed warm milk, with the girls fawning over the small creatures.

“I want to run and play with these guys! Can I? Can I?” Sonja asked Betty, hugging a calf and nuzzling it with her face.

“Sorry, but they’re not quite ready for that, and they’re a little too timid.” She then spoke directly to the calf. “These are the nice girls I told you about, remember? They’ll be helping to take care of you for a few days. Don’t worry, they’re perfectly safe.” She eyed Sonja. “Except for that one, she’s a little rambunctious. Other than that— Hey, cut that out!” She turned her attention to Momo, who was sneaking a drink from the bottle she was supposed to be giving her calf.

Nearby, Chloe was doing quite well, her calf snuggling right up to her while it fed. Next to her, Leah was giggling as her baby cow licked her hands and face, much more enticed by the fluid on her skin than the milk in the bottle. And of course, there were the muscular pillar men, feeding and holding their calves and looking like something out of a farmer-themed Abercrombie & Fitch catalog.

Whether it was staying in their pen to continue eating or going out into the pastures to graze, the cows were left to enjoy their day, while everyone worked to clean the stalls, shoveling out manure and soiled bedding. It was hard for the girls, who all had a sharp sense of smell. Tobi was the same way.

“Damn it, why can’t you just crap in the corner?” Betty barked, arguing with a bull napping on a rubber mat in his stall. “No, that is not a lot to ask for! It’s pretty damn easy to just stand in one spot and do it! What? Of course I did! I was always very neat, but you’ve always been a messy son of a bitch! Really? You’re seriously bringing that up now? We agreed never to talk about that. Don’t you put that on me! You were the one that started the fire! No, it was you! I did what I had to do!”

Everyone just did their best to ignore the argument, though once they heard Betty drop her shovel, they rushed over and pulled her away from the bull before she could take a swing at him. Cleaning the stalls took up the entire morning, followed then by another round of milking. Afterwards, Elise called everyone in for lunch, and then it was back outside for jobs like fence maintenance, rearranging the cows’ food, and other outside chores. Inside, Elise was taking care of paperwork and doing everything she could to make sure no one came up the driveway.


Lorraine and I got up early the next morning. We were going to hit the Bronx zoo and spend the whole day transforming the animals. We were both nervous as we rode down the hotel elevator.

“I’m not sure I can do this,” said Lorraine.

“What, are you chickening out now?”

“No, I mean I really don’t know if it’s physically possible. You did it to that salamander but I haven’t had a chance to try it myself. What if it doesn’t happen?”

“Just work the shaft.”

Lorraine’s face scrunched up in snorting laughter. “Ok, that was pretty damn good.”

“Look, there’s no point worrying about it now. We’ll just see what happens when we get there.”

“Maybe I could practice on a rat or a pigeon.”

“Knowing you, if you did transform a rat, you wouldn’t be able to tell his dick from his tail. They’d probably hang at the same length.”

“See, why couldn’t you be like this yesterday?”

We ate breakfast at the hotel and then took a cab over to the zoo. We arrived at the Dancing Crane Plaza but found it much more crowded than we thought we could. It was the middle of the week, but families with kids of all ages were having the time of their lives. All around me, food stalls were packed, souvenir shops were being raided, and the trash cans were overflowing with garbage.

“What the hell is going on? I expected there to be people, but not this many.”

“Maybe everyone is taking advantage of a teacher in-service day or something. Besides, this is a good thing. More people will see the results of our work and we can blend in with the crowds.”

“I guess so. Let’s check a map.”

We got a map and looked it over, choosing our path for the day.

“The children’s zoo is nearby, should we start there?” Lorraine suggested.

“Nah, I know this is a weekday, but I don’t want you traumatizing any kids. A little girl could be petting a coat, you transform it, and bam, she finds a giant kielbasa dangling over her head and she’s scarred for life.”

“Oh please, like you’d do any better. A little boy would be petting a pig. You transform it. Now he’s got a giant pair of titties in his face and he’s catapulted into puberty before he’s even lost his baby teeth.”

“Let’s do the mouse house first. We can start on the small stuff there.”

We waded through the crowds to the rodent exhibit. Unlike the homes of the larger animals, the mouse house was an enclosed building, using controlled lighting to comfort the nocturnal creatures. Each rodent had its own enclosure, similar to its natural habitat.

“So, should we just do all of them?” Lorraine asked as we passed by the display pens.

“Nah, that would draw too much attention. Anyone watching the security footage would realize that we were present at every transformation. I was thinking we’d zigzag and hit the same areas more than once.” We stopped at one of the enclosures, holding a chinchilla. The little ball of fluff was rolling around in dust to clean its thick white fur. “I got to pet a chinchilla once at my birthday party. It was like petting a cloud. You wanna try?”

“Is it male or female?”

I checked the deion. “Male.”

“Ok, then this will be good.”

She leaned in towards the glass, staring at the furry creature, focusing on it with all her might. It happened in an instant, the tiny rodent instantly expanding into a full-grown human. He had thick white hair and large, flapping ears like a chinchilla, as well as a long tail. But unlike the pillar men, he wasn’t huge and muscular. Rather, he was short and scrawny, with androgynous looks that would let him pass for male or female. It was shocking how much he looked like Chloe, and despite his size, he appeared to be an adult, or at least a young adult. He was sitting in his enclosure, eyes wide with surprise.

“Huh, so I guess all rodents look like that when they transform.”

“Actually, I think I did that on purpose,” said Lorraine, leaning towards the glass. A perverse grin appeared on her face. “It’s a bit of fantasy of mine, a small, effeminate, shy-looking guy that I can dominate. And he’s young, too, like he just graduated high school. Oh, but he was too nervous to ever get a girlfriend, so it’s up to me to pop his cherry and turn him into a man.” She paused to wipe the slobber from her lips. “I’ll dress him up like a pretty little doll in my clothes and watch him squirm as I tickle his prostate with my—”

“Ok, I have heard way too much. Time to move on.”

“No! I want to have a trap of my very own!”

I had to physically pull her away, wanting to be off in the distance before anyone saw the transformed chinchilla. We moved further on down the exhibit, but in just a couple minutes, I heard a woman scream behind us as she found the naked chinchilla man that we had left behind. I was feeling bad for the poor guy. This would certainly be scary and confusing for the animals. We moved on to an enclosure holding a fennec fox, a tiny canine from Africa. It had massive ears and a bushy tail, with its fur resembling a toasted marshmallow. It was only about eight inches tall and about a foot and a half long. I really wanted to pet it. According to the info board next to the enclosure, she was named Lola.

“Ok, this one’s a female. Your turn.”

I stared at the diminutive fox, imagining what she might turn into. It happened when I blinked, the creature expanding and changing into the form of a young woman. She had short, white hair tinged with brown with her ears poking through, and a fluffy tail of the same color. As for height and breast size, she was right between Chloe and Momo. Honestly, she looked like the possible child between Chloe and Tobi. Like the chinchilla man, she was first confused, trying to understand her new body and having no idea what just happened. Then she looked at me, her eyes wide. She leaned towards the glass, resting her hand on it. I mirrored her, our palms meeting but with the pane between them.

I thought back to Leah, how she had immediately pounced on me after she transformed. Did this little fox have the same instinct? Did she see me as her creator?

“We should stop this,” I said, “it’s not fair to force this on them.”

“No, we need to keep going. One way or another, your girls and my boys are going to be discovered, but we can at least do it on our terms and try to soften the blow. You’ve already turned her, there’s no going back. You might as well give her company.”

I leaned forward and kissed the window, the closest I could get to the girl. “Just wait, I’ll see you again.”

We continued on through the exhibit, each of us turning two more animals. By the time we left, I was feeling better. After all, I might as well enjoy myself while I’m here.

“Let’s hit the world of reptiles next,” I said.

“You don’t want to go to the bug carousel or butterfly garden?”

“I’ve never transformed a bug before, and I’m worried that if I do one now, it will start happening on its own. I really don’t need the bee’s nest near my home to become a nudists’ colony.”

Leaving behind the mouse house in an uproar, we moved through the crowds towards the world of reptiles. Like the last exhibit, the animals were kept in a building so that the temperature in their enclosures could be better monitored.

“So, who would you rather do? A centaur, or a skunk girl that sprays you when she cums?” Lorraine asked.

“Oh, that’s a hard one. When you say centaur, you mean the whole human top half and horse bottom half, right?”

“Yep, you could bang her and then ride her into battle.”

“If I pick the centaur, can I use a condom?”

“If you use a condom, you’ll have to go down on her.”

“Fuck. If I pick the skunk, do I have to make her cum?”

“I ought to punch you in the dick just for asking that. Of course you do, it’s your job as a man.”

“I’ll take the skunk girl, then. I have a theory that water makes their spray smell worse, and I’ve always wanted to try washing it with olive oil instead.”

We looked down into a large cage, made to mimic the Florida swamps with half a dozen alligators lazily swimming about. This time, there were other people around.

“I can’t tell the males from the females. Should we just both go for it?” Lorraine suggested.

“I guess so.”

We both closed our eyes, willing the phenomenon to happen. It was much different now that we couldn’t see or focus on our target.

“I’m not feeling anything,” said Lorraine, still with her eyes closed. “Should we maybe do a rain dance or something?”

“Nah, that won’t work. We should probably sacrifice someone on a stone altar and rip out their heart to appease the gods.”

A scream then made us jump and we opened our eyes. Down below, two people had appeared in the water. One was a hulking man, as tall as Betty. Like Alex, the iguana, he had a long scaly tail, and with a strip of bone-like ridges going up his spine. However, they continued up over his scalp, taking the place of hair instead of the mohawk that Alex had. The other was a woman, a few inches taller than me, with a similar tail and the reptilian scales covering her scalp. Their skin was a brownish-green.

“Goddamn, I’d fuck them both,” said Lorraine.

Around us, people were freaking out at the sudden appearance of the two hybrids. Unsurprisingly, everyone was too shocked by their arrival to question how they got there. People who actually saw the transformation refused to believe their eyes, those who noticed the tails believed them to simply be costumes. Everyone was worried that they would be eaten by the other gators, while of course horrified by the fact that they were completely naked.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.”

We hurried on, needing to turn more reptiles. Drawn by the commotion around the alligator enclosure, people were rushing past us. We came to a stop at an anaconda display. The scaly noodle was dozing on a tree branch under the light of a heat lamp.

“You got buns, hun’?” Lorraine asked.

“Ugh, I hate that song. Ok, it’s a female. I’m up.”

A moment of focus was all that it took, for the pane of glass separating us from the snake shattered, the enclosure being filled with a rapidly expanding body. She fell out of the pen, a snake woman just like Elise. Her human body was white, while her snake tail kept the colors and patterns of her original anaconda body, with her hair matching. Once she had realized what had happened to her, she simply curled up back in her warm enclosure, returning to her nap.

We moved on to the frog section and left behind a black and yellow Adonis with webbed fingers and toes. I was beginning to think we might not be able to spend the whole day doing our work. With the building commotion we were leaving behind, the whole zoo might be evacuated. We had to pick up the pace and decided to move on to the baboon reserve.

“Your turn. Who would you rather do? A slug guy, or a pig guy who’s been rolling around in filth?”

“Are they hot? What’s the nose situation?”

“They fit your usual tastes, but the slug guy looks like an albino Namekian and the pig guy… imagine if Kevin Bacon got a bee sting in the nose and then ran into a brick wall.”

“So you’re a DBZ fan! I knew there was something!”

“Come on, who didn’t grow up watching Goku fight Frieza after school?”

“The slug guy, is he slippery or sticky?”

“Sticky, and it’ll take forever to wash out of your hair.”

“What about the pig guy? He’s just been rolling around in mud, right?”

“It’s a pig pen. The ingredients of said filth is the gamble you’ll have to take.”

“I’ll take the slug guy. I’ll lick him clean like he’s covered in butter.”

“The girls and I did the same with Leah.”

Unlike the last two exhibits, the baboon reserve was outside, letting us finally enjoy the spring sunlight. We were walking down paths between fenced-in areas, filled with trees and grass and inhabited by a multitude of different animals. We came to one of the baboon pens, seeing them climbing back and forth across the trees, grooming each other with their young on their back.

“We should probably pick some that don’t have kids,” said Lorraine.


Like with the alligators, we simply closed our eyes and tried to expand whatever force or field we seemed to emit, though we mentally wished it wouldn’t affect anyone with babies. When we opened our eyes, two hybrids had appeared on the grass. The male had Lorraine’s preferred bulk, with a fuzzy tail and a chest covered in white hair. Rather than his face, his neck was covered in a thick beard. The woman had the same hair around her head and neck, almost like she was wrapped up in a furry scarf, as well as the tail, but it was something else that left Elise and staring. She had the largest ass I had ever seen, surpassing even Betty’s, but it looked firm, her skin perfectly smooth. It was colored red, a means of her attracting a mate.

“Oh… my… pawg…” Lorraine gasped.

“Don’t you mean ‘God’?”

“I know what I said.”

“Jesus, I want to build a house upon that ass. I want to build a nation on that ass. I want to wage a war to protect that ass,” I said.

“I’ll write the national anthem for that ass if you promise to make me the vice president.”

From there, we continued on through the zoo, stopping at every enclosure and breaking only for lunch. It was amazing to see how different animals appeared in their human form; horns, feathers, tails, and so on. The complexion of them seemed to vary wildly though. In some cases, it seemed that their skin tone depended on the original color of their fur, in other cases it depended on their country of origin, and the majority were just random. At one point, we ended up the Congo Gorilla Forest. We each transformed two great apes, their skin tone ranging from white as mine to dark as Lorraine’s.


“Let’s see… I never… used drugs while having sex,” I said. Lorraine and I were playing ‘I Never’ and drinking sodas spiked with mini bottles from our hotel room.

“Wuss,” Lorraine replied before drinking. “I never went to a school dance without having sex.” Her challenges were really just a means of making fun of me.

I grudgingly drank. “Ok, I… never took a dump on someone’s chest after sex.”

“What kind of twisted slut do you take me for?!”

“You didn’t drink, I’m surprised.”

“Of course I didn’t drink!”

“But it’s on your bucket list, isn’t it?”

She muttered a curse and drank from her cup.

As we played, we walked past a pair of humanoid peacocks. The male had bright, colorful feathers growing from his scalp instead of hair, with similar feathers growing from the base of his spine as a tail. Each feather was the size of a canoe. He looked like an even more flamboyant version of Steve. He was Liberace’s wet dream. The female was surprisingly plain.


“Goddamn, we are getting good at this.”

Lorraine and I were admiring our newest creations, two African lions. I’ll admit it, the male lion was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Bronze skin, a thick mane of hair, and a physique I could never get in my wildest dreams. And of course, he had the tail and feline ears. He was standing on top of a boulder, staring back at zoo patrons that were hypnotized by his six-pack and giant schlong. If they made a fourth Expendables movie, it could just be two hours of this guy beating up everyone else while in the nude and it would win an Oscar.

“I’ll be honest, your guy is making me question my sexuality a bit,” I said.

“Your African queen has already made me bi,” she responded.

The lioness’s appearance was strangely different from the other girls (aside from her animal attributes of course). Chloe, Momo, and Sonja had sort of a soft beauty, an innocent sexiness. The woman below me had a slightly older appearance, around my age, with a beauty that could almost be called… sharper, almost piercing. Momo, Sonja, and Chloe looked like their natural state would be frolicking naked or napping in a sunbeam. She looked like her natural state would be wearing a black micro bikini with high heels, using her soapy tits to wash an SUV in a commercial. The fact that her tan skin wasn’t oiled was an affront to God. Her blonde hair was only an inch long, showing off her ears.

She was lying on her side, flashing everyone her naked body while she soaked up the sun. Her tail curled and flicked, her ears twitching as she listened to the voices of the shocked masses.

“I think Betty did too good a job of breaking my spirit. I suddenly have the desire to let that bronze goddess step on my dick with stilettos.”

“Sorry, can’t talk, I’m too focused on planning my next rape fantasy story, staring Simba over there.”

I don’t know how long we stood there, gawking.


We were at the Zoo Center, looking at a rhino that Lorraine had just transformed. He had a large tusk growing out of the bridge of his nose and his skin was gray. Like all of Lorraine’s creations, he was built like a brick shithouse. Being around her, I had become used to seeing hulks that completely outclassed me physically. The shame had dulled.

“Do you think we should be worrying about what we’re doing to these species?” Lorraine asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well a lot of the animals in zoos are there for their own protection so that they can breed safely. We’re kind of taking them off the market.”

“As if that was worst crime against nature we’ve committed today.”

“Meh, good point.”


Before we could even choose to leave, we were forced out by the security and the police. People were panicking with the sudden appearance of the humanoid animals, most of them thinking they were just furries on drugs, but many realized that they weren’t normal people. Whatever was going on, no one could explain it, but no one could ignore what was going on. Now all we had to do was wait.


“Unh, fuck!” Lorraine cried out.

Were in our hotel room. She was lying face-down on the bed and I was on top. I had my arm around her neck and was violently sodomizing her. Despite my vicious thrusts and choking hold I had her in, I wasn’t in a bad mood or mad at her. I had pretty much gotten used to her, but she insisted that hate-fucking was the best fucking and told me to channel all of my frustration from yesterday.

“Why the hell do you like country music?! Country music sucks!” I yelled.

It was easier than I thought it would be.

I sat up, gripping her ass cheeks and watching my manhood slide into her back door. I wanted to take a picture and make it my phone background. I pulled out and spread her cheeks, looking into her gaping asshole. I spat into the opening, using it as lube when I rammed back into her.

“Harder! It’s supposed to hurt!” she demanded.

“And I hate your pick of candy! People who eat peanut m&ms should be herded into concentration camps!”

I got on my knees and pulled her onto all fours. I squeezed her left breast with a strangling grip, making her scream as I began thrusting into her. The harder I strangled her tits, the louder she cried, but the fact that she was diddling herself gave me the impression she was enjoying it. She was an annoying bitch but she could take a pounding. She was throwing herself back at me, slamming me with her ass so I was forced as deep into her as possible. I had once heard that the doors of hotel rooms were heavy in order to soundproof the room, but her lewd moans were sure putting that to the chest.

“Ah! I’m cumming! Hit me!” she moaned.

I flipped her onto her back, grabbing her throat with one hand and slapping her again and again. Her eyes rolled back into her head as choked and struck her, all with my manhood still punishing her anus. Every time I slapped her, her moans sharpened in pitch as my hand dampened with her saliva and tears. Finally, she reached that perfect chime, cumming again and again as I pumped her full of semen.

We separated, gasping for air and soaked in each other’s fluids. I think I was starting to warm up to her.

“You’re getting pretty good at that. I can feel the hate flowing through you,” Lorraine said.

“When I was choking you, I was thinking back to when we were at the airport and you put your used gum in my back pocket and I knew I couldn’t salvage those jeans.”

As I cleaned myself off, my phone began to ring. “Hello?”

“Are you near a TV?” It was Elise.

“Yeah, why?”

“You need to see the news, any channel. We’re watching it on CNN.”

I turned on the TV to CNN. It was a live view of the parking lot from the Bronx Zoo, filled with police vans and tents. A woman was covering the story, and behind her, cops and men in biohazard suits were walking back and forth.

“I see that you two have been very busy today,” said Elise. “We’re all watching it here at home. Both the girls and pillar men have their eyes glued to the TV.”

“There is still no answers as to the sudden appearance of these strange animal enthusiasts or how they even infiltrated the enclosures,” said the news correspondent. “Zoo officials are claiming a tampering of their security camera system allowed these people to change into their strange costumes without being seen. Due to their unusual behavior, police are testing them for drugs.”

“Jesus,” I said as Lorraine’s lion man came into view, escorted by police into a CDC van. He was wearing handcuffs and had a Hannibal-style mask over his mouth to keep him from biting those around him.

“I’ll kill you all! How dare you put your hands on me?!” he yelled. He was definitely the king of the jungle.

“Check it out,” said Lorraine, looking at her phone, “it’s all over the internet. #animalpeople isn’t just trending, it’s exploding. People throughout the park saw a lot of the transformations, there are even videos already on YouTube.”

“Those guys are from the CDC,” said Elise. “They’re trying to pass it off as some kind of flash mob or PETA demonstration, but it’s obvious that they’ve already realized what’s going on.” There was obvious terror in her voice as she imagined herself being hauled away like that.

“Yep, the conspiracy theorists are already going nuts. So, what do we do now?” asked Lorraine.

“Tomorrow we go home,” I said. “Once there, I’ll call the CDC and tell them I know what caused all this. By then, they should be so desperate for answers that they’ll believe whatever I say and will be willing to help.”

“Or they’ll dissect you.”

“Or that.”


The daytime news eventually ended, replaced with the more intense evening news. Now information had been compiled and was being released. There was cell phone footage of the transformed animals, some in their enclosures, some escaping, and some even fighting with the police and zoo security. There was one video of the snake woman I had created, slithering down the sidewalk with officers chasing after her. When they got too close, she’d knock them back with her tail, sending them flying through the air. Of course, since this was cable news, her breasts and vagina were pixilated. There was another video of a woman with white hair who had originally been a monkey, climbing along trees and hanging from branches with her tail.

There was wild speculation from every news station, different pundits calling it a promotional event, an animal rights protest, a flash mob, or just a gathering of furries on PCP. Online, most people watching the videos or reading the stories commented the classic “fake and gay”, but there were others who were saying that what was going on was real, and had come to realize that these were not ordinary humans. The presence of the CDC was helping their argument and their faction was growing.

The CDC had already set up a basecamp, seizing a hospital in the Bronx and using it to house and isolate the hybrids, with all human patients being moved and redirected to other hospitals. It seemed that they weren’t even going to bother trying to come up with a cover story.

By the time we got on the plane that next day, protests had formed outside both the zoo and the hospital, demanding a release of the animal people and honest answers as to what was going on. People on the plane were too engrossed with news stories and YouTube videos to notice the noisy sex Lorraine and I were having in the bathroom.


“Ah, it feels so good to be home,” said Lorraine as we pulled up Elise’s driveway.

A stampede was heard as we got out of the car, but not a stampede of cattle. We looked to the barn, having only a moment’s warning before a wave of grabbing arms and tearful eyes swept over us. I was knocked to the ground, my four girls on top of me, all of them crying.

“Shhh, girls, it’s ok. I’m here now. I missed you too.”

“Master, we want to go home!” she all begged.


“Momo doesn’t want to work on a farm anymore!” Momo cried.

“I hate getting up before dawn!” Sonja added.

“I’m so tired!” Chloe sobbed.

And of course, Leah cried while frantically nodding her head.

I knew I shouldn’t have, but I laughed. “Oh, I missed you girls. Don’t worry, we’ll go home. I just need to speak with Elise first and get your things.”

Next to me, Lorraine was buried under a mountain of man muscle.

I got up and the girls followed me into the house, where Elise was waiting in the dining room, doing paperwork.

“Hey, welcome back,” she said.

“It’s great to be home, and I’d say our mission was a success.”

“It’s not over yet. I’m still trapped in my house and I need to have all the collected milk picked up.”

“Well, you can always let Lorraine move back in, she can speak on your behalf.”

“I really don’t want any of my bulls turning.”

“That’s just a risk you’ll have to take. I need to get these girls home. I have until next week when I’m expected back at work, so tomorrow, I’ll call the CDC and try to get the ball rolling.”

“Well you’ll be happy to know that your girls were a big help.”

“Thanks again for looking after them.”

“They certainly earned their keep.”

“Momo smells like hay and cow poop,” my cat whined.

We loaded my luggage and the girls’ belongings into my car, followed by strapping our mattress onto the roof. I drove us home, each of us giving a sigh of relief when we finally stepped through that door.


My cock slid through Leah’s throat, making her whimper in bliss. Her enjoyment was also due to the two sets of lips on her nipples, Momo and Chloe sucking on her breasts and savoring her flavor. It could have also been from Sonja’s tongue slipping between the lips of her pussy, sampling her nectar, her salamander sweat, and the semen I had just emptied into her. Leah was on her back, her head hanging off the mattress. I was looking down at her exposed throat, her trachea and the muscles quivering as she gargled on my manhood. I was holding her head steady, keeping it in place as I had my way with her. I don’t know what it was, but her blowjobs felt amazing, better than anyone else’s. She didn’t even need to use any type of moves or techniques, there was just something about her mouth that made me feel like my cock was getting a day at the spa.

After a few minutes, I pulled out of her, leaving Leah’s face covered in a foamy mix of saliva and sperm. Immediately, my cock found its place in Momo’s mouth, the nympho cat greedy as ever. She licked me clean and then turned around with her rear in the air, presenting herself. I took her from behind, but instead of simply mounting her and grabbing her hips, I raised one leg, letting me lean over her. I grabbed one of her breasts and stuck my fingers in her mouth. She sucked them gluttonously, running her tongue between them and soaking my hand. I kneaded her breasts with a forceful grip, using just a little more strength than I usually would. Momo was blushing, her eyes swimming, drunk on sexual pleasure after being denied it for so long. She came almost immediately, but I didn’t stop, continuing to violate her and force her to experience orgasm after orgasm until I had one of my own.

With Momo down for the count, I sat on the bed and looked at Chloe. “Come here, sweetheart,” I said.

“Master!” she whimpered with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

She crawled over to me and I kissed her, just a soft peck at first, then with a little more energy. Our tongues wrapped around each other, flitting inside each other’s mouths. I invited her to sit on my lap, cradling her small body, my arms wrapped around her and my fingers running along the edges of her ears. At the foot of the bed, Sonja was watching us with her tail wagging. She was being very patient but I could hear her beginning to whine in jealousy. I would certainly have to reward her good behavior.

I turned Chloe around, her slender back against my chest. I worked myself inside her, penetrating her slit.

“Master,” Chloe gasped, feeling me buried in her down to the base.

Since I was sitting cross-legged, rather than thrusting into her, I simply gyrated my hips, keeping the depth while I stirred her up. She began to whimper as I toyed with her nipples, and even began to buck as I tickled her clitoris. I kissed and licked her neck, savoring the taste of her soft white skin. My arms were wrapped around her, enveloping her in my warmth. Like Momo, she was becoming intoxicated with lust, her mouth open and lewd tears streaming down her face. Seeing her expression, Sonja was now tense with jealousy. She wanted to be loved so intensely, to have her mind drowned with pleasure.

Chloe’s voice cut through the air like a whistle, her body convulsing from the waves of bliss rushing through her. As I had with Momo, I didn’t let up my attack, instead striking while the iron was hot and continuing to stimulate her. Again and again she came, but I didn’t stop until she finally passed out. I laid her next to Momo and turned to Sonja.

“Come here, puppy dog.”

I leaned in and we began to kiss, her tail spinning like a turbine. She thought I was going to invite her onto my lap, but instead I laid her on her back. She was panting in excitement, her breasts heaving. True, Betty had her outclassed, but Sonja’s breasts were home to me. She giggled as my tongue teased her delicate skin, causing her nipples to point out. I held her breasts together and nuzzled them with my face, using them as my playground. Sonja wrapped her arms around my head, holding me close, refusing to let me go. My fingers slipped inside her, finding her already soaking wet. She had been anxiously waiting for this.

I knew all of her special spots, everywhere to probe to make her happy. She was so soft, her muscles loosening, as if receding from my touch. I wiped my fingers off on her nipples and licked it back off, giving each supple point all of the love and attention it deserved. Sonja knew what was coming, and it was tantalizing enough for her to finally release me. She groaned in happiness when I penetrated her, my member kissing the depths of her womanhood. She wrapped her legs around me, but instead of simply driving into her then, I lifted her hips and moved her over so that her head was hanging off the edge of the bed like Leah’s had been, almost to the floor, with her long, floppy dog ears dangling. Held at that angle, her gargantuan breasts sloped towards her face, obstructing her view.


I didn’t answer her, instead beginning my assault on her cervix. She cried out, louder than she normally would. She tried to look over her breasts at me but couldn’t, and her mind begged for visual information in the face of such overwhelming pleasure. Unable to see me, see me slamming into her, it heightened the sensations and their intensity. All she could do was moan, moan and try to maintain her sanity through the overwhelming bliss. As I drilled her, my eyes were focused on her chest. Her bent back exposed her ribs, like a set of stairs leading to her tits. I wanted to nibble on them, just a little play bite, but the angle didn’t work. I’d have to save it for later. Instead, I simply let my tongue tickle the underside of her breasts. Dogs didn’t have a good sense of time, a problem that still persisted with Sonja and was exasperated by her current predicament. She didn’t know how long I fucked her, whether it was seconds, minutes, or hours. She didn’t even know how many times I made her cum, but finally, when her moans stopped, I lifted her back into bed and tucked her in.

I turned to Leah, still awake and eager to go another round.

“How about we take that hot bath I suggested?”


“I need to speak with whoever is in charge of the New York investigation, it’s urgent.”

I was in the city of Portland, using a prepaid cell phone to call the CDC. It was probably the first time in years that someone used a prepaid phone for non-drug and rape business. It had taken an annoyingly long time, but I finally got an actual person to talk to me.

“I’m sorry, but we are not accepting civilian calls in regards to current CDC business.”

“Those zoo animals were transformed from animals into people. I was the one that caused it. Tell the guy in charge to check the security cameras. I was present at every recorded transformation.”

I hung up the phone, nervous as could be but pretty proud of myself. I felt like I was in one of the Bourne movies. I was sitting on a park bench, and after five minutes of waiting, the phone began to ring.

“My name is Dr. Lawrence. I’m told you have some information for me.”

“By now you should know that those people aren’t normal ‘people’. They’re not wearing costumes, they’re not on drugs, they’re animals that have become people. On the security footage, the transformation happened in only a second. The first one that appeared was a chinchilla man.”

“Ok, you have my attention.”

“I don’t know what to call this phenomenon, but it’s been happening for months.”

“You’re saying the zoo isn’t an isolated incident?”

“Several animals around me have transformed and I want to keep them safe. The zoo was on purpose. I wanted the world to see what was going on so that we wouldn’t just be snatched up and swept under the rug. Spending the rest of our lives in a government lab was a real concern.”

“I think you’ve watched a few too many movies. Can you start from the beginning?”

“It started in July. I woke up to find my cat had turned into a woman. In August, I took in a stray dog, and after a few weeks, it was the same thing. I woke up with a dog woman in my bed. I moved to a more remote location to keep them headed, and in October, a mouse living in my woodshed transformed over the night. Sometime after a deer in the woods around my house transformed and ended up freezing to death before we could find her. And just recently, a cow transformed after being next to her for a few minutes. After that, I learned how to make happen on command, starting by transforming a salamander.”

“So why did you decide to expose yourself?”

“Because I need help. Whatever weird ability this is, it’s getting worse, much worse. It’s happening more and more frequently and… it’s starting to affect people. Someone I know, a regular human, was transformed into one of them. And it’s also happening to someone else. I was at the zoo with a woman who has the same problem. All her pets have transformed into full-grown men. I’m hoping that perhaps some kind of cure can be found, to both return my friend to normal and hopefully put a stop to this.

But I need to know right now, that if I let the CDC or the government or whatever examine us, we won’t end up in some offshore prison or laboratory where we’re treated like lab rats. I need you to promise me that my girls and I will be treated fairly and have our rights respected.”

“I promise. I’ll do whatever to takes to keep you all safe. Would you be willing to come to New York to meet me in person?”

“Actually, I was hoping you could come to my home and meet everyone. I’d like you to see the life we’ve made and understand what it is I’m trying to protect.”

Part 11:

“Don’t think you’ll be able to break me so easily,” Betty scoffed.

Her pride was admirable, considering her position. We were in Elise’s guest room and I had Betty tied to the bed with a bandana covering her eyes. Her legs were in the air, forcefully spread with ropes leading to the headboard where her wrists were bound. With her body in such a position, her titanic breasts looked even more magnificent, two avalanches of flesh just begging to be manhandled. Her pussy and anus were on display, her thick thighs and perfect ass lit with the light of the afternoon sun. I was giving her the second match she had so thirstily demanded and even constructed a plan on how to beat her. I decided to use a much more refined method than before and Lorraine was kind enough to give me some advice.

I leaned over her, not touching her, simply pressing down on the mattress around her while my breath flittered her hair. “Break you? I could never do something so cruel. But before I’m done with you, you’ll be addressing me as Master.”

“Never going to happen.”

I blew gently on her lips, just to make them quiver, but I denied her the kiss she expected and instead blew more air, this time into her ear. A shiver ran through her, her ear flapping from the sensation of my breath. I then moved down, stimulating her not with my tongue or lips as I normally would, but with a simple stream of air. My breath lapped at her nipples, drawing away warmth and causing them to become erect from the chill. Betty’s tough bravado was coming undone, her own breath trembling as her strength left her. Like with Sonja the night before, since I was depriving her of sight, her body compensated by over-processing all other stimuli. Every physical sensation was magnified to make up for the loss of information.

I reached her belly, flat and smooth. She was especially ticklish here. I focused on her navel, first blowing on it, then dropping a dollop of saliva into it. She shuddered as my spit filled her belly button.

“You’re a disrespectful little brat,” she hissed.

“You’re nothing but a slutty cow bitch. You don’t deserve respect.”

‘Don’t you know? All strong, independent women are secret masochists. All you have to do is hit them with the right level of cruelty and they’ll melt like butter.’ My instincts told me to take Lorraine’s advice with more than a few grains of salt, but I felt in this case, she was right. The first time Betty and I had sex, she certainly changed her tune once I took charge.

“In fact, since I gave you the ability to talk, you have no say in the matter if I take it away.”

Before she could reply, I secured a ball gag in her mouth. It wasn’t a solid rubber ball like you would normally see, instead it was hollow and perforated, like a whiffle ball, to let the wearer’s saliva leak freely. I continued my journey south, massaging her with streams of air. I focused on the backs of her thighs and her rear end, vast fields of caramel-colored porcelain skin, canvases just waiting to be painted with our shared fluids.

I hadn’t even touched her, yet her pink flower petals were glistening. A single drop of her arousal slipped down to her asshole. The breath I streamed onto her pussy caused the liquid to evaporate, drawing away her heat. It was a drop of only a degree of warmth, but that chill still made her shiver from head to hoof.

“Now, how about I give you a proper milking?”

My gentle teasing was swept aside, my hands grabbing her breasts like two bear traps. Betty screamed through her gag as I viciously fondled her, my hands always moving, making sure that not a single centimeter of flesh was spared. Her tits were the perfect playthings, welcoming my squeezes and smothering. After only moments, her milk began to trickle. The more I mashed them, the more came out. Soon her breasts were rubbed raw, the skin turning red from the abuse, but her milk was spraying like two squirt guns, covering her naked body. I couldn’t help myself, I gluttonously licked her tits clean, savoring every drop I slurped off her skin. The feel of my tongue on flesh made her shiver and convulse.

“Maybe I should take you home with me. I can keep you in my woodshed, and you’ll spend the rest of your life hooked up to a milking machine and a feeding tube. I’ll visit you every day, just to get some cream for my coffee and have my way with you.”

I need to stop hanging out with Lorraine. I think she might be a bad influence on me.

Now it was time to truly feast. Her pussy was inviting me to taste it, for my tongue to pass her lips. I gave in to my desires, drinking her nectar straight from the tap. To prime the pump, I would tickle her clitoris with my nose, feeling it harden as her arousal rose. Betty whimpered from the intrusion, feeling my tongue probe every fold and nerve ending. Saliva was dripping from the gag in her mouth, running down her breasts and mixing with her spilled milk. I buried my face in her cunt, slobbering like a dog and using everything at my disposal to stimulate her.

Her voice was rising higher and higher, telling me what was about to happen. I brought her to the threshold of climax but pulled myself away before she could cross it. She whimpered and moaned, having forgotten her pride and now begging me to continue. I would satisfy her, but not in the way she thought. I moved back between her legs, but this time, my tongue found a different opening. Betty became stiff as she felt me lick her backdoor, slipping around the entrance. I penetrated the ring, jamming my tongue into her asshole like I was putting out a cigarette. Betty shivered, unable to process the sensation. I toyed with her for a while, using my tongue to try and loosen her up.

I returned to her pussy, continuing where I left off, but I left something behind. Betty’s whole body began rigid as I pushed my thumb up into her asshole. Back when she was a regular cow, it was not unheard of for a vet to put a gloved hand where the sun didn’t shine, such as to take her temperature or check for intestinal blockages. But now she had been reborn with a new body and a virgin anus that had never been touched before. She was no longer an animal that simply loathed the uncomfortable feeling of having that spot probed, as she now had a mind that could attach meaning to it and understand my actions.

A flesh stream of arousal was flowing from her, brought on by the taboo sensation of my thumb twisting around in her anus. I pulled it out and pushed it in over and over again, just to force her to experience that penetration as much as possible. She could have stopped me if she wanted to. With her strength, she could have snapped the ropes holding her like they were lines of floss. She could have ripped her hands free of the headboard like it was made of wet cardboard. Instead, she held still and let me do as I see fit, obeying orders I had not given her. Deep down, she wanted the violation to continue.

It was now time for the main event. I rested my manhood on her pussy, simply rubbing the shaft against the entrance. Betty’s breathing quickened, but she didn’t know why. We had first fucked just a few days ago, I had explored her thoroughly, the two of us each getting to know each other’s most sensitive areas intimately. So why was such slight contact making her shiver like this? Why was the anticipation twisting her stomach into knots? She kept expecting me to slide it in, to ravish her, but the penetration never came. On one hand, it was eternal disappointment, but on the other, just the touch of my cock rubbing against her clitoris was almost more than she could handle. She felt like her head was filled with fog, her senses distorting even with such little contact.

I leaned over, licking her saliva off her breasts, then pulled the gag out of her mouth and kissed her. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Uh-huh,” she said with a hurried nod.

“Then say it. Say ‘Master, please fuck my slutty pussy’.”

“M-Master, please fuck my s-slutty pussy.”

I put the gag back in her mouth, and without using my hands, I plugged into her, burying myself balls-deep in her cunt. She moaned in bliss, having waited for this since Elise pulled her off me the first time. I went to work, throwing myself at her again and again, bombarding her interior with brutal thrusts. Her pussy welcomed the hammering, slick and splashing her womanly essence with every move I made. I was dropping my full weight on her for maximum depth and force, with Betty helpless to do anything but try to endure until I was satisfied. To further enforce her situation, I slapped her breasts over and over again, as if punishing them for their blasphemous size. The strikes were light, I didn’t want to actually hurt her, but her mammary glands were so sensitive, and her skin was reddening and beginning to swell.

Thanks to how well I warmed her up, it only took her a couple minutes to cum, her orgasms so intense that along with milk from her breasts, she squirted a clear liquid from her pussy, spraying me with her womanly scent. And of course, she gave a long, deep moo through the whole process. I pulled out of her, still rock hard and ready to go.

“You know what I’m going to do next, don’t you? You know where I’m going to put it.” She gave a soft whine. “Are you going to ask me to stop? Are you going to deny your Master what he wants?”

She didn’t reply. I reached down to my pants on the floor and pulled something out of the pocket, something Betty didn’t know about. I wiped some of the milk off her breasts and then rubbed it on her asshole as lubricant. She shuddered as I worked my fingers inside her, making sure she was ready for me. I didn’t give her any warning, I simply forced myself on her, hollowing out her anus with my cock. She moaned like an opera singer, but I didn’t give her any time to get accustomed to it. I sodomized her without mercy, taking her ass as my property. The bed was shaking from my thrusts, my eyes moving back and forth from her tear-streaked face, to her bruised tits, to my manhood pulling out and being forced back into her asshole. But of course, I could always do more. In my hand, I held Momo’s vibrator, the object I had been carrying in my pocket. I turned it on and held it against Betty’s clitoris, further stimulating the already erect nub.

The two-pronged attack left Betty screaming, arching her back again and again. She couldn’t handle it, both the vibrator and the anal violation. It was too much. Her body did only what it could: orgasm. She came again and again, but as before, I didn’t give her any time to rest or even ease up. I continued fucking her, every full insertion causing another climax. It became too many to count, they felt so good but she wished desperately for them to stop. The cruel euphoria didn’t finish until I did, finally coming to halt and flooding Betty’s asshole with hot semen. I pulled out of her, leaving a white thread connecting my flaccid member to her bruised starfish.

It was done, I had beaten her and then some. Now it was time to patch things up. I unfasted her legs, slowly lowering them and then giving them deep massages to return regular blood-flow and ease the stiffness of the muscles. I then freed her wrists, but since she didn’t seem to have the strength, I removed her gag and the bandana over her eyes for her.

“Are you ok?” I asked, my hand on her cheek.

“Master, kiss me,” she whimpered.

I lied down beside her and let our lips meet. She sent her tongue deep into my mouth and I did the same. For someone drained of stamina, she kissed me voraciously. I couldn’t help myself, my hand slid south, down her milk-soaked belly and between her legs. She spread them to welcome me and I went to work with my fingers. The harder I fingered her, the more aggressive her kiss became. She even reached down and started stroking my member.

“I’m thirsty,” I said.

I broke our kiss, but Betty lost none of her spirit, for my lips immediately found her nipple. Her milk flowed effortlessly, dangerously delicious and quenching my thirst after all the work I had put in. Betty moaned, not just from my mouth on her breast, but my fingers inside her. I decided to tease her, further assert my dominance. I pulled my hand from her pussy and used it to grab her other breast and push it towards her face. She knew what I wanted her to do, and though she hesitated for a moment, she gave in and began sucking on her own nipple. I moved my hand back between her legs but she held her breast still, drinking from her own tap. With two mouths on her areolas and my fingers inside her, she had one final orgasm, and as a result, her feminine arousal sprayed my hand and her milk rushed down my throat with enough force to almost choke me. Once she had settled down and I had my fill, I sat up, and she immediately went to work, rolling my dick around in her mouth and licking it clean of semen and the taste of her anus.

Momo, Sonja, Chloe, and Leah, I loved them with all my heart, but the best sex was always with Betty. They were pets and lovers, but she was an eager sex slave.

She was getting all worked up again. Once she had cleaned me off, she started making love to the head, aiming for the most sensitive nerve endings while working the shaft with her hand. It took some time but she didn’t give up, not releasing my cock until I ejaculated into her mouth. She even showed it to me, the white pool behind her teeth, proud of her skills in pleasuring her Master.

I looked to the clock. “Dr. Lawrence is due to be here in an hour. Let’s go at it again in the shower.”


I had initially considered asking the doctor to come to my house, but instead I gave him Elise’s address. Her home was large enough for him to meet everyone. He was flying from New York on a government plane, but even with that convenience, the fact that he was in charge of the New York investigation meant that it had taken some time for him to actually travel. Lorraine and I were sitting on the front porch, nervous as could be. For all we knew, a convoy of CDC vehicles and black SUVs with tinted windows could show up any second and we could all be hauled away, never to be seen again.

“So, I take it that you broke Betty?” Lorraine asked to break the silence.

“How could you tell?”

“The fact that when you came downstairs, she looked at you like she was madly in love and would happily become your footrest if you told her.”

“Let’s just say that she now calls me Master, but not quite in the same way that the other girls do. Your advice came in really handy.”

“Happy to help. Just let me watch next time.”


On cue, a powder-blue rental car pulled up the driveway. Lorraine and I both got up as it pulled to a stop next to my car and a man got out. He was portly, with a large gut and a thinning hairline, but he looked friendly. He had his CDC credentials hanging from his neck and carried a medical bag filled with basic equipment.

“Ah, you must be the two miracle makers,” he said as we greeted him.

“Thanks for coming out here. I know it was probably a real pain,” I said.

“Well, if even half the things you told me are true, then this was well worth it. So, do you think you could introduce me to everyone?”

“Sure, come on in,” said Lorraine.

We brought him inside, where everyone was waiting in the dining room. Elise, Betty, the girls, and the pillar men were all anxious, knowing how important this meeting was. Dr. Lawrence was likewise surprised to see them. There was no question that he had spent a lot of time around the transformed zoo animals, so he knew what to expect, but everyone here was different. They all looked perfectly natural, dressed up like normal people, lacking the confusion he had seen in the others.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Jerry Lawrence from the CDC. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to meet you all.”

Elise got up from her seat and moved towards him, her chair close enough that she could reach him just by stretching her tail, rather than actually slithering. Her upper body almost resembled an old party balloon, floating along and dragging its string along the floor. She extended her hand to him.

“Hi, I’m Elise Baxter, Lorraine’s sister. Welcome to my home.”

He shook her hand but didn’t even try to make eye contact, his eyes glued to her tail. He didn’t mean to be rude, he just couldn’t believe what he was looking at. Before him stood the living embodiment of biology being turned on its head. A small part of him, the mad scientist that dwelled in every doctor, wanted to dissect and thoroughly examine every part of her body, down to her DNA.

“My God, so it is true,” he said.

“Yep, welcome to the freak show. I hope you’re enjoying your legs to their fullest.”

“This is the main reason why we decided to reveal ourselves. If we really are affecting humans now, then we need help, and my sister needs a cure,” Lorraine said.

“We don’t know if Lorraine and I caused this or if this was something else,” I said. “Initially, I thought she had transformed simply because she was near us both at the same time, but I’ve been thinking maybe it was an ability she has. Lorraine and I affect others, maybe Elise can affect herself. Who knows? We’re flying blind here.”

“I’ll be honest, looking Ms. Baxter here, I can’t even begin to imagine a cure being attainable. This is freaking magic, it’s otherworldly.”

“Either way, we need help.”

“Well that’s what I’m here for. First, I’d like to ask each of you some questions, try to find out as much as I can. I’d also like to perform some tests and examinations if you’ll let me.”

“Whatever you need.”

“Perfect. Since this all started with you, I’d like to talk to you first.”

“Feel free to use the living room.” Elise turned to everyone else. “And while he’s talking, I know plenty of cows that need some care.”

The girls all groaned in anguish but obediently followed Betty outside, along with the pillar men. Dr. Lawrence and I moved to the living room. He pulled out a pad of paper and a voice recorder, first stating our names and the date for the record.

“So, I’d like you to start from the beginning.”

“Well it first occurred in July with my cat, Momo. I woke up one morning to find her lying on top of me, having turned into a human.”

“Before then, how long had you had Momo?”

“Two years, I think. We had been living in my former home.”

“Before she transformed, did any unusual occurrences happen? Changes in health, environment, diet?”

“No, nothing. Until that point, my life was completely normal. Believe me, I’ve lived a very dull life. That was the first truly weird thing to ever happen to me.”

“So, animals have never behaved strangely around you or anything like that?”

“No, nothing.”

“What was Momo’s behavior upon… transforming?”

“She acted exactly as you might expect a cat would. Her first words were “feed me”. She had gained the ability to talk and she spoke like a normal person. Well, her intelligence and personality are very child-like, but that’s because she’s still a cat at heart.”

“How do you mean?”

“You’ll discover this when you talk to her, but she speaks in third person. Her whole life revolves around napping, eating, and cuddling.”


“She’s very affectionate.”

Lawrence took a deep breath. “I know this is a very complicated question, but I have to ask this: have you been physically intimate with Momo and the others?”

I knew that this was eventually going to come up, but it still left me with my stomach in knots.

“We do have a loving relationship. I have had sexual intercourse with the girls and do so almost nightly, though I never forced anything onto them.”

Lawrence sighed and rubbed his forehead. “I really wish you had said no. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging. It’s just that you’ve kind of contaminated the psychological and anthropological study of these creatures.”

“Believe me, I know. I did all that I could to resist temptation. I was worried that I would be taking advantage of her, that it was immoral, and that the nature of our relationship would be inevitably discovered. Momo was the one who initiated it.”

“She was? Are you saying she understood such a relationship?”

“Yes and no. When she transformed, some animal instincts were lost. One of them was the instinct for reproduction. She had no knowledge of any kind about sex. All her knowledge came from discovering ways of making herself feel good, you know, playing with herself.”

“We see that same trait in young children when they become aware of their sex.”

“Yeah, it was like that. She had a strong lust but no actual sense of sexuality. She hadn’t learned how to actually add meaning to it. She discovered sexual intercourse completely by accident, simply theorizing that it would make us both feel good. She probably thought we were the first people to ever do such a thing.”

“So after you were intimate the first time, what happened?”

“It sort of became our special relationship, the only one of its kind. She is both a pet and a lover.”

“Did you ever worry about her getting pregnant?”

“I had her neutered the year before. I was pretty much just hoping it hadn’t been reversed.”

“Did you ever let Momo out of the house?”

“Not by herself. I was too afraid of someone seeing her. I would wait for night to come and then we’d go for a walk at the park nearby. After a few weeks, I found a stray dog going through my trash and named her Sonja. I took her in, gave her a home while I waited for her owners to come pick her up. Around a month later, she transformed. I woke up to find her lying next to me in bed.”

“What’s her personality like?”

“She’s very bubbly and happy, kind of an airhead but sweet as can be. Even after transforming, she loved to run around and play. Hell, I still throw frisbees for her.”

“How long did you wait until you…”

“Around two weeks. I knew it was inevitably going to happen so I wasn’t as apprehensive. It would have happened sooner, but Momo was jealous and would do everything she could to make sure we didn’t. Once I knew that the transformations would keep happening, I decided to move. I bought a small cabin out in the woods where I knew that the girls could go outside freely. Sonja and I were intimate our first day there.”

“How long until the next girl appeared?”

“Chloe appeared in October. She was a mouse living in my woodshed. Unfortunately, since we hadn’t spent any actual time together before her transformation, she didn’t trust me like Momo and Sonja did. She was used to being at the bottom of the food chain so she was naturally terrified of everything.”

“Meaning you couldn’t have intercourse with her.”

“I wanted to wait for her to be ready. It also gave me a chance to figure out the fertility issue. I knew Momo had been fixed, I believed Sonja had, but Chloe was a wild animal. So, while we built up a trust and got to know each other, I decided to see if and when she might show any signs of a menstrual cycle. I waited a month, then I asked her if she wanted to “play together” like I did with Momo and Sonja and she said yes. That was how I learned that the girls are sterile.

Then… sometime after Chloe, likely in December, there was a fourth girl.”

“I believe you mentioned her before, a deer?”

“Yes, she appeared out in the woods, but we didn’t know about her until the girls found her body. She had frozen to death. I waited for the ground to thaw and then I gave her a proper burial. After that, I ended up stopping here at the farm while running some errands. My tire was flat and my jack was broken. I met Elise, who was normal back then, and Betty, one of the cows. Elise went inside to answer a call, leaving me with Betty. I had my back turned for only a second, but in that moment, she turned. And… let’s just say that unlike the other girls, she had been around the block and didn’t need to be taught anything.”

“So the two of you had sex?”

“On the barn floor. Trust me, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Elise found us and told me that the same thing had been happening with her sister. She invited me to meet her sister and her pets and I brought the girls. We had a party, got to know each other, had a little too much to drink. Elise and I had a one-night stand, and when we woke up the next morning, she had her tail.

At that point, Lorraine and I knew that we couldn’t hide anymore and decided to go to the zoo. But first, I decided to try and transform an animal on command. Sonja just happened to have found a salamander and wanted to show me an… that’s how Leah came along.”

“And then you went to New York and made me very busy.”


“Now I’d like to go into details about your life with your pets. What kind of diet do you give them?”

“Pretty much whatever I eat, I feed them regular people food. I don’t keep junk food in my house and I make sure they get plenty of fruits and vegetables. But one thing they absolutely love is cake. I get it for them on special occasions and holidays. I’ve taught the girls how to cook, so we each take turns making dinner. I usually leave them to prepare their own breakfasts, though on the weekends I will cook for them. Momo and Sonja still like to eat pet food sometimes, you know, wet for sandwiches and dry for cereal.

While they can eat at a dinner table, they prefer to eat on the floor using food bowls.” Lawrence raised an eyebrow in skepticism. “It’s true. They’ll line up on the floor like a row of sphynxes and eat without using their hands. They really do like it that way. It was a major pain in the ass teaching them table manners.”

“How about their general hygiene?”

“They’re very clean. I’ve taught them to brush and floss and they take frequent showers.”

“Do they do their business inside or outside?”

“Inside. Teaching them to use toilet paper was awkward to say the least.”

“What kind of activities do you do with them, besides… you know?”

“I read with them, play board games with them, go for walks, and we watch TV together. On nice days, I’ll throw frisbees and tennis balls for Sonja. I also taught the girls how to read. Each of the girls has a hobby; Momo likes to draw, Sonja plays with clay, Chloe is a reader, and we’re still working on finding something for Leah.”

“Have you noticed any traits in them that pertain to their original animal forms?”

“Well Momo, Sonja, and Chloe all have very good hearing. It’s no surprise with those huge ears. Sonja also has a superhuman nose. She likes to play hide and seek and follow everyone like a bloodhound. Momo gets high when exposed to catnip. I’ve already told you how nervous Chloe is. Leah is a mute, but she can communicate using hums and inflections. Her skin is also very sensitive and covered in a sort of natural moisturizer, which is why her clothes are made of rubber. Betty was originally a milking cow, so she lactates.”

“I can’t tell you how helpful this has all been. Trust me, no one in the CDC has slept a wink since this happened. Hopefully what you’ve told me will answer some of our questions. I’d like to speak with the others now.”

“Would it be ok if I’m in the room when you talk to the girls? They’ll get really nervous, especially Chloe.”

“Of course. Call them in.”

I stepped outside and hollered for Momo. She rushed over happily, as long as it meant she didn’t need to do any more farm work. She joined Lawrence and I in the living room and sat next to me.

“First, can you confirm that your name is Momo?” he asked.

“Momo is Momo,” said softly.

“And you were originally a housecat?” She nodded. “Do you recall the actual transformation?”

“No, Momo was asleep when it happened. When Momo went to sleep, she was small and furry, and when Momo woke up, she was big and her fur was gone.”

“How did you react when you realized what had happened?”

“Momo was hungry and asked Master to feed Momo.”

“You weren’t… concerned that you had transformed into a person? Confused?”

“Momo. Was. Hungry.”

“I told you, Doc, she’s still a cat at heart.”

“Momo, tell me about your day. How do you spend your time?”

“Momo first wakes up in bed and plays with Master. Then Momo goes downstairs and has breakfast. After Momo is full, Momo brushes her teeth, and then takes a nap. After napping, Momo will draw or play on Master’s computer, but Momo usually just plays with herself until Master comes home. Then Momo curls up with Master on the couch and watches the news. After dinner, Momo and Master watch TV, then play in bed and go to sleep.”

Lawrence didn’t do a very good job hiding his laughs. I couldn’t blame him, hearing Momo talk about playing was hilarious. Plus, he wasn’t used to her cutesy way of talking. He asked Momo a few questions about her hobbies, her diet, and her hygiene.

“Well, Momo, it’s been a true pleasure to meet you. Now, I would like to perform some tests, if you wouldn’t mind.”


“Sort of like what a vet does.”

The hair of Momo’s head and tail stood on end and she gave a ferocious hiss. Lawrence jerked back in fear and Momo crawled behind me.

“Doc, what the hell? What could possibly make you think “vet” is an ok word to say around her?”

“Uh… sorry.”

“Momo, would you be willing to let the nice doctor give you an exam? It will be very quick.”

“No! Momo hates the vet!”

“If you do it, I’ll buy you a cake.”

Momo’s ears drooped and she growled in annoyance. “Fine. But he’s not going to put anything up Momo’s butt, is he?”

“Dr. Lawrence, I hope you don’t have a rectal thermometer in that bag.”

“No, nothing of the sort.”

“Ok, Momo, just do what the doctor says and you’ll get your reward.”


He went through the tests, reading her blood pressure, looking into her ears and eyes, examining her teeth, and checking her reflexes, as well as the sensitivity of her ears and tail. Then came the final task.

“Momo, you’ve been a good girl, and now, the last thing I’d like to do is take a blood sample.”

I had a feeling he’d do something like that. I certainly understood why. He had already taken some of her hairs. I had no objection to it, but Momo might not be the same.

“A blood sample?” she asked.

He pulled out a large syringe. “I’ll use this to draw some of your blood and collect it in a little container. It will just be a small poke. Can you give me your arm?”

Seeing the needle, Momo became scared, but held out her arm. Dr. Lawrence swabbed her elbow with alcohol and rested the needle on her skin. “Ok, it’s going to feel like a big pinch, but just take a deep breath and look away.”

I instinctively wrapped my arms around Momo from behind, holding her in a bear hug. I was right to do so, as when the needle was inserted, she released another shrill growl and tried to take a swing at him. I stopped her and held her still until the doctor was done. Once the needle was removed, Momo didn’t even wait for him to put on a band-aid. She curled up in my lap and cried on my shoulder.

“Shhh, it’s ok, you were very brave. You were a good girl and it’s all over now.”

Dr. Lawrence and I waited for her to become calm and then I brought her outside and set her in one of the chairs on the front porch to relax. Next, I called in Sonja. She bounced inside, full of energy and joy.

“Here, Master!” she said, sitting next to me.

“Sonja, I’d like you to speak with Dr. Lawrence and answer some questions.”

“What species of dog was she before she transformed?”

“I think she was a golden doodle.”

“Sonja, your Master tells me you were a stray when he took you in. Can you tell me where you were before you met him?”

All the happiness was drained from her. “I was in a bad place. I was always hungry and I never got to sleep inside. People yelled at me and I didn’t have a name. But when I ran away, I found Master and was finally loved!”

“I’m very sorry, Sonja,” the doctor murmured. “When you became what you are right now, did that make you happy or sad? Do you like being a person?”

“I love being big! Now I can hug Master! I can talk to Master! I can play with Master! But when it’s cold, I do miss my fur. I don’t like wearing clothes, but it’s hard being naked sometimes.”

Lawrence continued asking questions as to activities, what she liked and disliked, and how she acted in certain situations. Then came the physical examinations. She didn’t like getting her blood pressure checked or having her ears examined, but there was one thing she did enjoy.

“Ok, Sonja, I’m going to test your reflexes now. I’m going to tap your knee and see if you react.”

“Will it hurt?”

“Oh, not at all.”

He took out a small rubber hammer and gave her a soft knock under her kneecap. Her leg jerked and she burst into laughter. “Again! Do it again!” Dr. Lawrence laughed as well and continued tapping her knee, making it twitch and bringing her endless amusement. He finished by taking a blood sample, with Sonja’s reaction similar to Momo’s. Luckily, she was cheered up with a few more taps on the knees.

I let Sonja go outside and called in Chloe. As expected, she was the most nervous of all of them. She hid behind me, unwilling to make eye contact with the doctor.

“Chloe, I was wondering if you would be up to answering some questions.”

She didn’t respond, keeping her face pressed against my back.

“Chloe, you just need to answer some questions. It will be ok. Here, sit in my lap.”

She finally perked up a bit and got into my lap.

“It’s strange,” said Dr. Lawrence, “I thought she was a child at first glance.”

“Me too. My theory is that the size of the girls depends on what kind of animal they were. Mice and salamanders are around the same size, which is why Leah is just a couple inches taller. Betty was a cow, which is why she’s the largest. When I first found Chloe, I didn’t think I would be able to touch her since I first thought she was just a kid.”

“Chloe, before you transformed, did the two of you spend any time together?”

She shook her head. “I saw Master when he’d come into the woodshed, but he was so big, I thought he would squish me or eat me.”

“I would never squish you,” I said as I fluffed her hair.

“What was your relationship like with your Master initially?”

“I was scared of him, but he seemed nice. He gave me food and let me sleep in his bed. He also gave me warm clothes and would rub my ears. I liked being around Master and felt safe.”

“What about Momo and Sonja, how were you with them?”

“Sonja was very friendly, but she always wanted to run around. She kind of scared me. Momo… wasn’t very nice.”

“What do you mean?”

“She was always tickling and playing with me, even when I didn’t want to.”

Lawrence eyed me and I nodded. “Momo still had some predatory instincts and thought of Chloe as a toy. I put a stop to it, I punished Momo, and I made sure she understood what was ok and what wasn’t.”

“Chloe, how do you feel about playing?”

“It looked scary when I saw it, and it hurt when we did it for the first time. But I love playing with Master. I love when he holds me. And now I like playing with Momo and Sonja and Leah.”

Dr. Lawrence continued asking his questions and then did the medical examination. Chloe obediently put up with it, though she did shed some tears when he took the blood sample. On the bright side, when Lawrence used the blood pressure cuff, every time he tightened it, she would give a squeak, which was both adorable and hilarious.

Last was Leah, who could only answer questions by nodding or shaking her head. During the medical examination, Dr. Lawrence, aside from a blood sample, took a small skin sample and some of her liquid.

“Good, thank you all for everything that you’ve told me. Next I’ll speak with Lorraine and her pets.”

That poor man.

I went outside and tagged Lorraine in, then went into the barn to meet Betty.

“Anything I can do to help?”

Betty’s face became flushed and she started to massage her breasts. “I really want Master to milk me again, and I want Master to fill me with his milk.”

Fuck, I really had broken her.


After speaking with everyone, Dr. Lawrence came out of the house with all of his equipment and samples. Along with the girls and the pillar men, he had taken blood from Lorraine, Elise, and I.

“So what now?” I asked.

“Now we analyze the samples. I don’t know how long it will take to find a cure, if we even can, but there is now a chance. You’ve given us a lot of information, so now we process it.”

“What about us? What about the animals from the zoo? What happens if another animal transforms near us and is discovered?”

“First thing’s first, I need to talk to my superiors. I do believe that we can offer some kind of support or protection, but I’m not in any position to decide anything at this very moment. Just continue to keep your heads down and I’ll try and contact you in the next couple of days.”

“Good, because… if this is going to keep happening, there is the financial issue I’m dealing with. I’ve already got four mouths to feed and Lorraine and Elise are in the same boat.”

“Don’t worry about money, we’ll get it all figured out. You just need to wait a bit. If something happens or you need help, just call me.”

He then got into his car and drove away. Once he was gone, I went back into the house, where once again, everyone was gathered around the dinner table.

“Well, it looks like Lorraine will be moving back in,” I said.

“The peace and quiet were nice while they lasted,” Elise groaned.

“So I guess we’re sticking with the status quo?” Lorraine asked.

“Dr. Lawrence said he’d call in the next couple of days. The CDC just needs to go over all the new information and decide what to do.”

“Ugh, I’m exhausted,” said Lorraine. “Do you and the girls want to stay for dinner? Let’s just order pizza.”

“Sure, I’ll pick it up. I also owe these girls a cake.”


It was Saturday and I was so glad it had arrived. From the moment Elise transformed, I had barely been able to sleep due to anxiety. Lorraine was a crazy bitch, but if it weren’t for the sex during the New York trip, the stress would have probably given me ulcers. But now, we had made contact with the CDC and so far, everything had run without issue. All we could do was wait for Dr. Lawrence to call me back, so until then, no good would come from freaking out. It kind of felt like a waste that I used a fake grandma excuse to get a week off work, only to be busy the entire time.

Anyway, I had taken the chance to sleep in, enjoyed a nice brunch, and now the girls and I were just lazing the day away. There were probably things that needed to be done around the house, but they could wait until tomorrow. I was on the couch, screwing around on my laptop and watching TV, Momo was next to me, snoozing in a sunbeam, and Sonja was overseeing a game of checkers between Chloe and Leah.

As a cloud passed by the sun, Momo decided to change her position. She turned around on the couch cushion, resting her head on my lap. I ruffled her hair and rubbed her ears, relishing the purr she gave in return. Then, of course, my hand fell to her breasts, squeezing and massaging them. It’s just such a wonderful feeling, knowing that at any time, there are lovely breasts in reach that I can play with. That softness makes it impossible to leave them alone.

“Master?” she hummed.

“What is it, sweetie?”

“We’ve all been really good, right?”


“And we helped Elise on the farm.”

“That’s true.”

“Then will Master let us watch porn?”

Both Sonja and Chloe perked up.

“Well, you girls have certainly earned it, but this is only for special occasions, just like cake.”

“Yay, porn!” Momo and Sonja cheered.

Leah gave Chloe a look of confusion. “Porn is videos of people playing. We watched it when we were messing around with Master’s computer,” Chloe replied.

Sonja took my other side on the couch and Chloe and Leah took the ends. I went to my favorite porn site and looked for a decent vid. Oh, a milf POV clip! I clicked on it and the girls huddled in. For the sake of convenience, I skipped through the introduction and interview to when she started blowing the guy. All the girls oohed and awed at the sight, soaking up the sexual stimuli like sponges.

“Is this what we look like when we use our mouths?” Chloe asked, able to look down on the woman’s head thanks to the camera view.

“Pretty much, but you’re all much cuter and prettier than any of these women.”

The blowjob continued with the girls taking notes, studying on how they might improve their technique. I was already getting hard. It felt strange to actually watch the whole movie instead of just skipping around and watching twenty-second increments. After showing off her skill, the woman stripped down and lied back on the bed, her legs spread wide. The girls all held their breath as the man penetrated her, their ears perking to her shrill moans.

“Hmph, my breasts are way bigger than hers!” Sonja bragged. After all that time she spent around Betty, it was no surprise that she’d want to assert her superiority.

“Yes they are, dear,” I sighed while patting her head.

The movie continued, the woman changing positions from missionary to doggy style and then to both forwards and reverse cowgirl. It wasn’t lost on me, Momo and Sonja’s hands slipping between their legs. Shameless as always, they couldn’t help but play with themselves as they watched. Leah did the same, instinctively imitating them without understanding what they were doing. Chloe, always modest and shy, abstained, and I rewarded her with an ear rub.

The video finished as they all did, with the man ejaculating on her face.

“Master, why does he do that?” Momo asked.

“What do you mean?”

“She wants to drink it, doesn’t she? So why doesn’t she just use her mouth on him? Why does he have to do it himself? He’s spilling so much.”

“Well… it’s sort of like… he’s marking her with his scent. I’ve done it with you girls before, when I’ve used your breasts to cum.”

“Can we watch another movie?” Sonja asked.

“Of course.”

I selected another video, a basic somewhat muscular guy fucking a generally attractive girl. It wasn’t POV, just pure generic pornography.

“Everyone plays the same way we do!” Chloe giggled.

Momo’s slender fingers then found my zipper. She had noticed how hard I’d become. I pushed the computer further down my lap to give her room and she pulled my kielbasa free. She rested her head on my lap, my cock finding its home in her mouth. She made love to the head with the inside of her cheek while her eyes remained glued to the screen, watching the woman do the same thing. My fingers slipped into her honeypot, stirring it up as thanks for her efforts. She had become so wet from the movie, her pussy sounding like macaroni and cheese being mixed. The girls weren’t sure what to watch, the porn on the computer or the porn Momo was making.

She sat up after a couple minutes to wipe the slobber off her cheek and Sonja took that opportunity, devouring my manhood and declaring my lap to be sovereign territory of the dog nation. Chloe and Leah both leaned in, waiting for their own turns.

“You girls just can’t help yourselves, can you?” I said with a laugh.


It was Thursday night. The girls and I were at the farm, invited for dinner. We had just finished eating and we all just sitting around the table and talking. I had work tomorrow, so I wasn’t drinking.

“So, I haven’t asked yet, how’s it been with you two? Lorraine has moved back in, that’s got to be fun.”

Elise groaned. “I didn’t think it was possible, but she’s somehow gotten even more annoying than before this all started. Do you know much I miss having peace and quiet? When she moved out, I was left to run this farm by myself. It was arduous, but it was blissful.”

“All I did was try to explain the goldmine of potential fetish porn we could make!” said Lorraine. “After all, obviously she’s open to new things when she’s drunk. Have you ever considered making porn with your girls?”

I swallowed a lump in my throat. There was that one time I considered it, when I found Momo using her vibrator. “No, I never thought about it and I never will.”

Momo jumped from her seat. “Porn? Can we make porn? Momo wants to make porn!”

“Oh, Jesus Christ,” I said.

“Come on, once this gets out into the open, Rule 34 will take full effect and armies of lonely men will be begging for catgirl titties! We’re sitting on a goldmine! Oh, by the way, Momo, can you do me a favor?” Momo’s ears perked up. “Can you hold up your hands and say ‘nyaa’ for me?” Momo didn’t understand but obliged. She held up her hands to her chin and went “nyaa”, while Lorraine recorded it with her phone. “Perfect. My tumblr followers are going to love this.”

“What is porn?” Betty asked.

“They’re videos of people having sex,” said Tobi, “Mistress had us watch so we could learn how to please her.”

Elise and I gave Lorraine looks of disgust, but she was smiling and looking off into the distance, her mind preoccupied with memories of bedroom shenanigans with her male harem.

“Oh yes, we watched so many different kinds of porn! We watched regular porn, we watched anal porn, we watched POV porn, we watched milf porn, we watched barely legal porn, we watched cartoon porn, we watched peeing porn, we watched interracial porn, we watched bukkake porn, we watched gangbang porn, we watched double-penetration porn, we watched fisting porn, we watched scat porn, we watched—”

“Steve!” Lorraine exclaimed.

I can’t believe I had sex with that woman. My soul feels so filthy.

Betty looked at me. “I’ll make whatever kind of porn Master wants,” she purred.

“Ok, what the hell did you do to her?” Elise asked. “Every time I say your name, she gets all nervous like a schoolgirl.”

“Hey, that’s between her and me.”

“Master, can we please make porn?” Sonja asked.

I can’t believe I’m having this conversation.

“No, we are not going to make porn.”

Lorraine poured herself a glass of wine. “You could keep it private, not showing it to anyone. Anyone except for me. Hell, we could watch it on the TV in the living room like a home movie. We could even trade videos. I’ve already built up a vast archive.”

“I think you’ve had enough to drink,” said Elise, pulling away the wine bottle with her tail.

“You’ve gotten pretty good at that,” I said.

“I know, right? I’m actually starting to warm up to it. I’ve been trying to build up the courage to go outside, but I know that once I get dirty, I’ll never be able to wash it out of my scales.”

“Maybe the CDC can make some kind of condom you can wear on your tail.”

“Speaking of which, have you gotten freaky with that thing yet? The tip of your tail would make a great dildo. Plus, if you two have sex again, he can be the one to take it in the ass.”

“Why must you ruin every conversation?”

“Because I feed on your misery and awkwardness. That sound you make, that groan you do whenever you facepalm, that sustains me. By the power of awkwardness, I shall live forever!”

The ringing of my phone stopped the conversation. I took it out to see who it was, and my stillness caused everyone to become alert. I was staring at my phone, seeing Dr. Lawrence’s name. With countless eyes on me, I answered it.

“Hi, Dr. Lawrence, what’s going on?”

“Things have become much more complicated.”

My heart sank into my stomach. Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! We’re going to end up in the labs from District 9!

“Define complicated.”

The blood drained from everyone’s faces.

“Well, believe it or not, it’s the kind of complicated that may end up benefiting you.”

My sphincter, having slammed shut like a vault, slightly loosened with a glimmer of hope. I released some of my held breath, prompting others to do the same. “I’m here with Elise and Lorraine, can I put you on speakerphone?”

“That would be best.”

I set my phone on the table.

“Hi, Dr. Lawrence,” the sisters said.

“Hello, Dr. Lawrence!” the girls and pillar men called.

“Hello everyone. Now, to start, I want to tell you the results of the tests we ran on your blood samples. Your sample and Lorraine’s showed no extraordinary traits or components, same with your DNA. As for your pets, we have confirmed that you are all indeed hybrids. Half your DNA is human, the other half is the animal that you originally were. Now here’s the interesting part. We can’t track the genealogy of any of you. Your animal DNA is easy, we can categorize that in our sleep, but your human DNA doesn’t correspond to any known ethnic group or homo subset.”

The girls and the pillar men looked at each other in bafflement. The explanation had gone completely over their heads. I would have to explain everything to them later. Actually, this made a lot of sense. At the zoo, most of the animals we turned had complexions that varied without any sort of pattern, but if their DNA didn’t correspond to any ethnic groups, then of course their skin tones would be random.

“Doctor Lawrence, what about me?” Elise asked.

“Elise, you are the opposite. Your snake DNA, or rather, the DNA that is not human, does not correspond to any known species on Earth. I’m not sure if that answers your questions, but I guess it’s something you can be proud of in a way. Other than that, we have nothing else we can tell you, but we’re going to keep looking.

Now onto the main topic. As I was just saying, things have become complicated, but this may end up helping your case. Normally I would give you the whole “this is classified” speech, but obviously you’ve shown you can keep a secret.” He paused for a few moments. I was about to ask him what was wrong when— “It’s happening elsewhere.”

Lorraine and I exchanged glances. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“I’m serious, but that’s just the start of what’s going on. Yesterday, a film crew in Alaska was using drones to record wolves for the next season of ‘planet earth’. They saw one of the wolves transform into a woman.”

“Was anyone around? Anyone who could have caused it?” Elise asked.

“No, this was pure Alaskan wilderness. The film crew had to keep a wide distance from the pack to get their shot.”

“So it happened on its own,” I said.

“That’s the most prevalent theory. Others have suggested that perhaps someone in the film crew had a similar ability that worked over a longer range, or that your effective range has increased to the other side of the country, though that’s doubted.”

“So what happened to her? Did you guys capture her?” Lorraine asked.

“Well, we did, initially, but then we came up with an idea.”

“What idea?”

“We sent in a team to sedate her with tranquilizer guns, but as soon as we got close, the entire pack closed in to try and protect her. We had to dope every wolf just so we could grab her.”

“So the wolves still recognized her as one of their own?” Elise asked.

“Correct, and here’s where things get really crazy. She’s pregnant.”

The air was drained from the room, none of us knowing what to say. How was this possible? All the girls were sterile!

“Trust me, I know exactly what you’re thinking. She’s well along, too, just a few more weeks. We believe that since she was pregnant before she transformed, the wolf fetuses are still in her womb, that is, if they are still normal wolves or if they’ve transformed like her.”

“Where is she now?” Lorraine asked.

“We let her go. We left her to wake up with the rest of the pack.”

“What do you mean you let her go?” I asked.

“That was the idea we had. We’re going to let her continue her current lifestyle and surveil her from a distance to see how she interacts with the rest of the wolves. Studying the psychology and group dynamics of these creatures has become one of our top priorities. Before we released her back into the wild, we tagged her with a GPS and a thermometer. This way, we can make sure she doesn’t get hypothermic during the night. Once she gives birth, we’ll sedate the pack again and examine the pups. If they are human, we’ll take them and the mother into protective care, and if they are normal wolves, we’ll wait until she’s raised them and leave them to the pack while we take the mother. She can survive the nights right now, but there’s no way we can leave her out there once the temperature drops.”

“Ok, so how does this benefit us?” I asked.

“Originally, keeping you quarantined was the only contingency plan we could come up with to prevent more animals from transforming. However, if it continues to happen naturally, then the two of you go from being nuisances to godsends. Now the World Health Organization wants to form a contingency plan for if more hybrids show up.”

“What, are they expecting this to become like the X-Men universe?” Lorraine asked.

“Well they believe that it is a possibility. If animals can now transform without a human causing it, then there is nothing to stop it from continuing or the rate of the occurrences even increasing. For this to happen so soon after your trip to New York, we do believe that that is the most likely scenario. In which case, what information about the zoo that has managed to leak to the public may be a blessing, as it will possibly brace the people for what is about to happen.

The WHO and the CDC would like a chance to study hybrids in a lifelike, laboratory setting, to see how they can cohabitate with people. You and Lorraine are the only two people known to be able to cause these phenomena, so we’d like to see how you and your hybrids live together, as well as continue to study your abilities.”

Lorraine and I exchanged glances. “You basically want to put cameras on us 24/7, watching our every move,” she said.

“Pretty much. We’d like to move you to a facility where we can monitor your social interactions and get a much better understanding of the physiology of the hybrids. Our initial plan was to simply have you all live on the farm and install cameras in the house, but with eleven of you, and possibly more in the future, you would probably all get a little too cramped. We’re offering you more room in an environment we can monitor.”

“It looks like you’ll be making porn after all,” said Elise under her breath.

“This isn’t going to turn into a prison, is it?” I asked.

“Of course not. The world is inevitably going to find out about the hybrids, and when that happens, there is going to be a lot of confusion. You can help us get the information we need to fight that confusion and figure out a way to keep things from turning ugly. We want to carefully expose both sides to each other and you two will be the mediators for that. Once containment is no longer possible, we want you to introduce your pets to the world in carefully measured doses.”

“What about me?” Elise asked. “I have a farm to run and I’m not going to leave my home or my cows. Besides, I really don’t want anyone to see me.”

“This is only a temporary measure, a few months at the most. Your cows will be taken care of in your absence. Actually, while you’re staying there, we would like to remodel your homes to better suit the needs of your pets and ensure their wellbeing. Elise, this would benefit you the most, as the facility will offer you proper housing for your condition and an environment where we can thoroughly examine you and try to help you.”

“What about the zoo animals? Where are they?” I asked.

“That’s also what we’d like your help with. They’ll be living with you while you’re staying at the facility. We’re still trying to figure out how to house them to fit their physical and psychological needs, trying to balance the natural environment that they’re used to and the human environment that they’ve evolved to. We’re hoping that we can use what we learn from you to give them proper homes. You guys will be in charge. Whatever you want or need to make everyone comfortable, we’ll supply it.”

While the idea of being under constant surveillance made me nervous, this offer was still a godsend. Truth be told, my little cabin had become awfully cramped with the five of us, and this facility would give us the chance to find some real answers. Hell, just giving the girls a CAT scan would be monumental. Plus, I would be able to see my creations from the zoo again. I had worried about them nonstop since leaving New York, wondering what kind of care they were given. Now I could properly watch over them, and Lorraine could do the same with hers.

“I want to see them, I want to make sure they’re being well taken care of while this is all getting set up.”

“That would be great, we could really use some help figuring out how to care for them. You and Lorraine fly back to New York and we’ll bring you in.”

I looked at Lorraine, filled with terror. I’d have to fly again with her?

Part 12:

Lorraine, Dr. Lawrence, and I were walking down the halls of the CDC hospital. CDC employees were moving in and out of patient rooms with armed guards stationed throughout the building. In every patient room was a hybrid, either lying in bed or staring out the window. They were all dressed in bleach-white clothes. They appeared well-fed and well taken care of, but seeing them, there was still a knot in my stomach. They were miserable.

“They don’t belong here,” I said.

“This is the only place where we can safely monitor them and keep them isolated from the public,” said Dr. Lawrence.

“But they can’t live like this. They need access to the outside, they need stimulation, they need care and love. They look like adults but they still have their animal personalities. You met my girls, they’re like kids. They don’t have the fortitude to live in such sterile conditions. At least when these people were zoo animals, they had some kind of natural home. You talked about putting my girls and I in a facility where we can be observed, but I’m not going to put them in a place like this.”

“Considering that all this here is your doing, I wish you could be a little more appreciative as to the work we’ve put in. We’re trying to figure out and understand the cluster-fuck you left us!”

“Look, they at least need some toys or something,” said Lorraine. “They aren’t lab rats to be kept in a cage or prisoners to be locked up.”

“Wait, stop!”

A man’s voice drew our attention and we all turned back to see a doctor at the end of the hall and a young woman running towards us. I recognized her, dirty-blonde hair with the largest ears I have ever seen, and short, but with wide eyes. She stopped in front of me, the fennec fox I had transformed, Lola. We both stared at each other, unsure of what to say. She slowly raised her hand, as if to wave to me, and I mirrored the act, pressing my palm against hers. The last time I saw her, we had been just like this, but with a pane of glass between us.

“You’re the man from before,” she murmured. “I wanted to see you again.”

“And I wanted to see you too, every minute of every day.”

She then leaned in and hugged me, her face buried in my chest. “Master!” she whimpered.

I embraced her, as if trying to shield her from the world and keep her safe in the sanctity of my arms. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me. I’m sorry I forced this life on you. I never stopped thinking about you.”

I glanced at Dr. Lawrence, and the look on his face told me he now understood what I had been talking about. Next to him, Lorraine was wiping away tears as if watching a sad movie. “That is just so sweet!” she squeaked.

“I don’t like it here,” Lola said.

“I know you don’t, but there is a big house being made ready for all of us so that we can live together. It’ll have lots of space both inside and outside, and while it’s being prepared, I’m going to do what I can to make this place more comfortable for you.”

With Lola’s hand held in mine, I moved through the hospital, meeting each and every hybrid I had created, while Dr. Lawrence took Lorraine to do the same. This was my second time seeing them, but for many of them, this was their first time meeting me, yet they all seemed to recognize me as soon as I entered the room. They could tell I was their Master as if with some sixth sense. Those who had seen me at the zoo once they transformed were happier than the others, as they had evidently been waiting for me to come back. Those who were seeing me for the first time had more of an “ah ha” moment, as if meeting me had finally answered some question they had been mulling over or scratched an itch in the back of their mind.

Armed guards were stationed throughout the hospital, but most often around hybrids who were aggressive or dangerous, like the alligators. Apparently, they were known to lash out at anyone who tried to perform any tests.

The most guards I found stationed in front of the lioness’s room, Neija. I flashed the guards the card that Dr. Lawrence had given me and they let me in. The shades of the hallway windows were all drawn and for obvious reason. Standing by the window was Neija, stark naked. All the other hybrids wore the clothes given to her, but she had torn them to shreds. She was just as gorgeous as I remember, with skin like bronze and a figure radiating both strength and sexuality. She had the legs of a sprinter, the ass of a volleyball player, the stomach of a swimmer, and the chest of a porn star.

“Neija,” I said.

She turned to me with a look of bored annoyance, but when our eyes met, she stiffened. I could see it, her brain making the connection by the power of an instinct she didn’t understand. She knew who I was, she knew of our bond. We stepped towards each other, her eyes wide as dinner plates. Stinging pain, it came in an instant, the result of her slapping me across the face and slashing me with her nails. I have a garbled hiss of pain and staggered back, covering my bleeding cheek.

“Get out, bastard,” she cursed.

“Wait, Neija, I’m the one—”

“You’re the one that made me this way, I know. Did you expect me to kiss you? To be so happy that I would throw myself at you? Where have you been? You turned me into this and then you abandoned me, you abandoned all of us. Now you think you can just walk right in and expect us to nuzzle your hand like obedient pets?”

The harshness of her voice and the guilt they invoked hurt more than the cuts on my cheek. Like Betty, she was much more mature and intelligent than the others. She had only seen me once before, yet she knew who I was and hated me for it. “I’m sorry, for everything. I didn’t have a choice. I needed the world to see what was happening so I could get help. I had to do something public, something big, so that it couldn’t just be covered up.”

“So what am I, just the means to an end? You created me so I could make your life more convenient?”

“I created you to make sure that your kind would be kept safe.”

“My kind?! This is not what I’m supposed to be! You decided to turn me into this!”

“You’re right, I turned you into a person, but that means you can now live as a person. The world can’t simply ignore this, ignore us. I’m sorry I dragged you into this, but I am going to take responsibility. I’ll do whatever I can to protect you and make you happy.”

“Live as a person? All that’s changed is that I have a new cage.”

“There is a home being made for us where we can live together.”

“What makes you think I’d want to live with you?”

“Because I love you!” The words came out before I could stop them. I don’t know why I said them, maybe just a pathetic attempt to alleviate my guilt, but it made her freeze. “Not one minute went by that I didn’t think about you, worry about you. I loved you from the moment I saw you, I knew that I would do anything to keep you safe and happy. I made each of you what you are and I will love you until the day I die.”

She turned around and returned to the window. “Get out,” she said, keeping her back to me.


She turned around, eyes filled with fury. “Get out! And don’t ever say my name. You don’t get to act like you know me.”

I had done all I could, nothing I could say would extinguish her anger. I left the room, leaving her to simmer.


Lorraine and I spent the next two days talking with CDC officials in the hospital, doing everything we could to make the hybrids more comfortable. I made sure they got toys and games, exposure to the outside, and the human interaction that would make them happy. I spent the rest of my time with the girls, playing games with them, having fun with them, making sure they smiled and laughed. I got to know each of them, and over the course of the next month, I would spend every weekend with them to make sure that they were well taken care of. Being in the hospital made it hard for me to get into the mood for sex, so I decided I would wait until later to introduce them all to playing. But outside, things were getting chaotic.

It was happening all over the world, appearances of humans with animal traits. They were showing up in streets, in people’s homes, some of the transformations even being caught on camera. And it wasn’t just happening in the US, but all over the globe. New York was once again struck with weirdness when a mounted police officer in Time’s Square found himself on the back of a big-titty centaur. A lot of people managed to catch it with their cell phones. It was blowing up across the internet, with no one sure what was happening. Most people just assumed it was some kind of street performance or prank, like the 2016 clown sightings.

Then, of course, the true nature of the internet reared its ugly head. Furries claimed that this was just the beginning, leading up to the arrival of their animal-eared messiah. Recorded videos of the confused hybrids, wandering around naked, ended up on YouTube and even porn sites, and not just regular, wholesome porn sites, but dark, twisted sites, where you can also watch an execution or a bloody riot.

The CDC and the WHO naturally sprang into action, taking the hybrids into protective custody whenever possible. When dealing with other nations, it was an ocean of red tape. Almost every country in which these incidents occurred would insist on watching over the hybrids in their own facilities. Other than that, and simply not answering reporters’ questions, both organizations put no real effort into a cover-up. Since it was beyond their ability to conceal, they simply remained quiet rather than try to explain it away. Inevitably they would have to have to acknowledge what was happening, but until then, they left it to the pundits and conspiracy theorists.


It was June, a month since Dr. Lawrence had told us about the CDC’s plan, and I was currently checking out the facility before we all moved in. It was a beautiful old mansion that had been bought from the bank. It was three stories, old, white brick, with lots of surrounding fields and even a forest and manmade pond. It seemed like a location for a Stephen King book, that classic Maine insane asylum. I was wandering down the halls, admiring the remodeling work. Not only had they added fresh paint and given the heating and electrical system an overhaul, they were building extra rooms for all the tenants we would be getting. For the first month, it would just be our two weird families, and then they would introduce everyone from the zoo.

“So, what do you think?” Dr. Lawrence asked.

We were in one of the many parlors and I was checking out the new furniture. There was also a big screen TV against the wall. The house was stocked with other amenities for the hybrids’ entertainment and education, such as computers, arcade games, pool tables, exercise equipment, art supplies, and even classrooms.

“It looks expensive. I can’t help but think I’m somehow going to end up paying for all this in some way. This looks way too good for us, I feel guilty.”

“I’d rather our tax dollars be spent on those girls than building bombs.”

I looked up to one of the corners to ceiling and saw a small device. “That’s one of the cameras, isn’t it?”

“Yep, everything will be recorded.”

“Even when I’m in the bathroom?”

“We’ll tell you how to turn those cameras off when you need to.”

“Good, because the girls and I don’t plan on being celibate while we’re here.”

“Oh, don’t turn them off then! That’s one of the things we need to study most!”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“If this phenomenon continues, how long do you think it will be before humans and hybrids start petitioning for the right to marry? We’ve already had some cases of house pets transforming, so unless all those cases occurred with people who happen to have the same ability, it’s going to keep happening, and a lot of men are probably going to take the same route you’ve taken. Interspecies coupling is what we really want to study.”

“Oh, Lorraine is going to have a field day with this.”


I came home to find Momo and Sonja watching the news on the couch. With this warm weather, they were naked, though not Leah, who was sitting on the floor. On TV, it was another story of an animal transforming. This time it was a bird man appearing in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

“Hey, girls, what’s up?” I sat between Momo and Sonja on the couch and they leaned against me.

“What’s the new house like?” Sonja asked.

“You’ll like it, it’s really big. There is a lot of open land around it, including a forest. And I checked out the bedroom. Leah, there’s a nice big tank for you to sleep in, right next to the bed.

“Mmmm!” she hummed, slapping the floor with her tail.

“By the way, where’s Chloe?”

“Momo thinks she’s taking a nap. She’s been hiding under the bed since you left.”

“I’ll go check on her.” I went upstairs, and when I entered the bedroom, I heard sniffles. I looked under the bed and saw Chloe, lying in her sleeping bag with wet cheeks. “Chloe, what’s wrong?” She didn’t answer, so I crawled under the bed and dried her eyes. “What is it?”

“I don’t want to go to the new house!”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want to leave. This is the only home I have!”

“Oh, Chloe.” I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close. “It’s not going to be permanent, just a few months. And while we’re gone, this house is going to get fixed up to give us more room.”

“But I like our house the way it is! I don’t want it to change!”

“Well it’s not just for us. You know our family is going to keep growing. We’ll get a bigger bedroom and a bigger bed so we can all sleep together. Remember how we all snuggled up together during that big storm? It’ll be like that every night. And you know, next month, we’re going to get all the girls and guys from the zoo. The first animal I transformed was a tiny fox, and when I saw her, she reminded me so much of you. Her name is Lola and I can’t wait for you to meet.”


“Yeah, and you know, we can come back here whenever we want. After all, we need to start harvesting our vegetable garden. Maybe you and I could slip out some time. We’ll pick up something to eat and spend a night here all to ourselves. Plus, I don’t have to go into work anymore, so we’ll be together every day. Hell, you may even get sick of me always being around and will want some time to yourself.”

“I could never get sick of Master!” she squealed.

“I know, I’m just teasing. I promise you, we’re going to have a great time, so will you give the new place a chance?”


“Good, then let’s head downstairs and I’ll cook dinner.”


The next day, we loaded our stuff into the car. All of Sonja’s frisbees and tennis balls took up a surprising amount of room, but I was able to convince her that she didn’t need to bring her sled. Chloe chose to ride with all of her beanie babies in her lap, and next to her, Momo was wrapped in her precious electric blanket, even though it wasn’t plugged in and spring was ending. The three of them were in the back seat, but a lot of our luggage was in the passenger seat. This was so that Leah had room in the very back. Because of her thick salamander tail, it was hard for her to sit in chairs.

“Don’t worry, girls, we’ll come back at the end of the summer.”

“I can’t wait to see this new place! I love going for rides!” said Sonja.

“Cars remind Momo of the vet…” the feline muttered.

We pulled out of the driveway and headed off towards the mansion. It was an hour-long drive, so we’d have plenty of time together in the car. I played music for them through the AUX cord, letting them see what they liked. With the sun shining overhead and the windows open, it was a beautiful day and a great trip.

“Master, everyone is going to be there, right? Elise, Lorraine, Betty, and the pillar men?” Momo asked.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“We won’t have to take care of any cows, will we?”

“No, there won’t be any cows, don’t worry.”

We reached the mansion in the early afternoon, the massive house leaving the girls with wide eyes. We got there just as Lorraine and Elise arrived. Lorraine had driven with the pillar men in her own car, but Elise and Betty were driven by someone from the CDC in a rental van. It was the only vehicle that could comfortably accommodate her snake tail. Dr. Lawrence was already waiting out front, along with some other doctors from the CDC. As we got out of the car, there was hushed mutterings as they saw the girls and the pillar men.

“Master, they’re staring at us,” Chloe whimpered as she hid behind me.

I turned around and put my hands on her shoulders. “That’s because they’re amazed by you. You’re a living miracle to them.”

“Though I think most of their stares are directed at me,” said Elise, slithering over.

“So, you finally left the house,” I said.

“Yeah, it feels so good to have the sun on my skin.”

“How does your tail feel?”

The mansion driveway was gravel, but a very high-quality gravel, pure stone of all the same mineral with no sand or dirt visible. An old-school Irish nun would look at it and fantasize of all the children she’d force to kneel as punishment for some minor offense.

“It actually feels kind of nice. It seems my underside is tougher than I thought it was. It’s like walking barefoot across a lawn.”

“Did you meet the people who will be watching your farm?”

“Yeah, there are five of them, and they were all really nice. They’ve all had plenty of experience working on farms and around animals, especially cows. They’ll be staying in my house while I’m gone.”

Dr. Lawrence and the other doctors came over to greet us. “Ah, right on time,” he said.

“Damn, so this where we’re going to be staying? This is sweet! Living in a mansion and getting rammed by three guys every night, I finally know what it’s like to be a Kardashian!” Lorraine exclaimed.

“Ugh, it’s like she has Tourette Syndrome,” Elise groaned.

Lawrence cleared his throat. “Moving along… These are the doctors that will be observing your day to day activities and also performing medical examinations. They fought tooth and nail for the chance to be your observers. You and your pets have opened up a whole branch of psychology, sociology, and biology.”

They varied in age and ethnicity; an old black guy, a middle-aged white guy, an early thirties Asian woman, and white girl who looked like she had just left medical school the day before. To get their names on this case study would redefine their careers.

“This house has its own clinic stocked with everything needed for every test imaginable. We’ve also built dorms for the medical staff where we can view the footage from the cameras in the house. I’ll be around, but you won’t see them outside of scheduled medical examinations.”

“I think it would be best if we did the tests tomorrow. The girls should have some time to get used to this place before you start poking and prodding them.”

“Ah, of course, I just wanted to introduce everyone.”

“Master, can Momo take her clothes off now?”

Great timing, Momo. All the doctors were glaring at me, thinking me to be some kind of pervert. I mean, sure, I am a pervert, but not for the reason they’re thinking.

“Momo, we talked about this. You have to keep your clothes on. Remember the compromise we talked about?”

Momo looked down at her clothes. She was wearing a pair of skimpy shorts and a tube top that showed her stomach. Her tail poked through a hole cut into the denims and she wasn’t wearing a bra. She and Sonja looked like the typical slutty girls to get killed first in a slasher movie. They definitely made the bimbo look work. I knew that these doctors would be watching me have sex with the girls, but that didn’t mean I wanted them to get a free show 24/7. I wanted the girls to cover up a bit while still letting them have the skin exposure that they wanted. The only time I allowed them to be naked was in the bathroom and bedroom.

“Ok,” she muttered.

“You girls go check out the house. We’re going to talk to the doctors.”

“Yahoo!” Sonja hollered, racing past me and into the house.

Momo, Chloe, and Leah followed her, along with the pillar men.

“Betty, can you keep an eye on them, make sure they don’t break anything?”

“Anything for you, Master,” said Betty, as if I had asked her to start playing with herself.

Once again, the doctors shot me a dirty look.


“Momo! Look at our room! It’s so big!”

Momo followed Sonja’s voice to the master bedroom and found her jumping on the mattress. The mattress itself was large as the bedroom from the old house, as per special order. There were bureaus and closets filled with clothes and a large TV on the wall. Huge windows let in the sunlight, illuminating a large fiberglass cradle for Leah. It was lined with thick foam rubber and could be filled and emptied by a hose leading into the wall

“Aw, I can’t bounce very high,” Sonja whined. The mattress was foam, rather than springs, which might hinder playing a bit.

“Come see the bathroom,” Momo said.

The previous owner of the mansion had good tastes. The bathroom was extravagant with alabaster tiles and black marble walls, and along with a multi-directional shower, there was a large hot tub by the window. Momo stepped into the empty tub and walked around in circles several times.

“Now everyone can take a bath together.”

“Let’s go find Chloe and Leah!”


Chloe was wandering the expansive corridors, keeping next to the walls as per her instincts. This mansion was like the grocery store, so large that she couldn’t imagine its construction being possible. It made her particularly nervous, like she was once again just a tiny rodent hiding in the woodshed.

“There you are, little one.”

She turned around to see Betty. For someone with hooves for feet, she was remarkably stealthy. Like the girls, she was skimpily dressed, just a tube top and a skirt. Rather than an affinity for nudism, it was simply that no store sold anything that would fit her, but once she got to her room, she’d find a bureau full of custom clothes.

“This house is too big. It scares me.”

“Don’t worry, once you get used to it, it will feel downright cozy. By the way, where’s Leah?”


“This house is so big! I didn’t know houses could be made so big! I wonder how many trees it took. Look at all these floorboards, they must have taken so many trees! And the windows, all this glass!”

Steve droned on and on as he walked along with Tobi through the mansion. Behind them was Alex with Leah riding on his shoulders. The three of them were following around Lorraine.

“Damn, this place is awesome!” she said.

“Mistress, should we have just wandered off like that?” the fox asked.

“Meh, I’ll just leave all the doctor stuff to those two. I want to find the bedroom. I wonder if Dr. Lawrence installed a sex swing like I asked? Or the liquor cabinet.”

“I wonder how old this house it. It must be really old. Probably older than me! Probably older than mistress! It must have had a lot of people living in it. I wonder if there were any animals like me. Mistress, what do you think?”

“That’s nice, dear,” said Lorraine, not even listening.


After we had all checked the house, we were gathered in the living room. It was larger than my entire house and had the biggest TV I had ever seen on the wall.

“So, is everything up to your needs?” Dr. Lawrence asked.

“This is too good for us. I’m still feeling really guilty,” I said.

“You shut your dirty mouth. I’m finally getting the pampering I’ve always wanted!” Lorraine hissed.

“It’s wonderful, Doctor, thank you,” said Elise.

“So what happens now?” Betty asked.

“Now we’d like to monitor how you interact with each other. We’d like to understand your familial bonds during various activities. We’d also like to expose you to the public in controlled situations, allow people to become informed on what’s going on and study your social skills.”

“So we’ll be going out in public again?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, but don’t worry, you’ll be perfectly safe, and we aren’t simply going to parade you down the streets. Today, just relax, get used to the house, and tomorrow, the fun begins.”


We spent the rest of the day exploring the house and the property. The mansion had been extensively redone, adding multiple bedrooms and bathrooms for the future tenants we would be receiving. We eventually settled in the back patio, overlooking freshly manicured lawns with a forest about a quarter mile away. The doctors had disappeared to wherever it was they watched their surveillance monitors, so we now had the house to ourselves.

“I could get used to this,” said Elise, lounging in a lawn chair.

She had her tail stretched out, letting her black scales drink in the heat of the sun. In a second chair was Momo, lying on her stomach and tanning the backs of her thighs, and in a third was Lorraine with a bottle of white wine she had smuggled into the house, and at the end of the line was Betty. In the shade of the house, Chloe and Leah were watching lines and ants moving in and out of their hill. Alex and Steve were exploring the surrounding fields.

“Ok, you two, this is going to be a long one.” Nearly tearing my rotator cuff in the process, I hurled Sonja’s frisbee as hard as I could.

She and Tobi raced after it, fluffy tails flapping. Down the field, Tobi made a leap for it, but missed. Sonja then jumped, catching the frisbee with a big grin on her face. Rather than simply use her hands, she ran back to me with the toy in her mouth.

“Again! Again!” she panted after dropping it at my feet.

I continued throwing the frisbee, giving the two of them the exercise they so hungrily wanted. Between each throw, I’d check my phone. Panting like racehorses, Sonja and Tobi returned. This time, he was the one carrying the frisbee, while she simply collapsed and rolled onto her back.

“You want to go in? It’s time for the news,” I said.

Sonja simply raised a shaky hand in confirmation, while Momo, Chloe, and Leah perked up.

“Huh, you’re going in?” Elise asked.

“We always watch the evening news together. It’s our family ritual.”


“This is boring,” Lorraine whined, “I don’t care about California wildfires.”

There were three couches in the living room, situated around a coffee table and forming an incomplete square. The TV on the wall made up the fourth side. The girls and I were facing the TV, while Lorraine and her boy toys took up one of the side couches and Elise took up the other. Betty had taken one end of my couch, evening it out with Leah sitting on the floor in the way Chloe normally would. On my side was Sonja, leaning her head on my shoulder and taking a quick nap after all that running.

“Well then feel free to do something else,” I said.

“If you had any coke, I’d do that.”

Elise and I decided not to give her the attention she was craving. A few minutes passed, the scenes of burning forests giving way to commercials for boner pills and diseases that are impossible to spell. A very wet sound drew my attention from my laptop, a very familiar sound. I then heard and male groan and looked over to see Lorraine blowing Steve.

“Elise, please hit your sister for me.”

Seeing what was going on, Elise gave a look at disgust and swung her tail at Lorraine, sending it flying over the coffee table and smacking the dick out of her mouth. Momo, who was about to try and mimic Lorraine, understood that now was not the time.

“Hey, check it out,” said Betty, directing our attention back to the TV.

The news anchors were once again talking about the hybrids appearing, having just received footage of a bear transforming after wandering into a Russian intersection. Then it was back to the predictable discussion topics, such as speculation as to what was happening, what these people were, what the governments were trying to cover up, and the people’s reactions. Things were getting crazy.


We had all gathered in the expansive dining room, sitting at long wooden table that looked like it was worth more than my house. Elise an I had prepared dinner; cooked chicken with rice and string beans. Actually, I was really craving a cheeseburger or some spaghetti and meat sauce, but I just couldn’t, in good conscience, eat it with Betty in the house. The kitchen was the largest I had ever seen, with enough dishes and flatware for an entire army and huge walk-in freezers and food pantries. The girls were in a bad mood, having to sit at the table and eat with silverware. I told them they could return to using food bowls on the floor in a few days, I just wanted the doctors to see that I was treating them like people as well as like animals.

“So, I’ve become aware of a case of gross injustice,” Lorraine announced. Elise and I braced ourselves. “My bedroom doesn’t have a hot tub. Yours does. Why do you get the bedroom with a hot tub?”

“Hey, this happened to me first, so I get first dibs on the bedroom of the CDC experiment building.”

“Ok, but let me and my boys use it.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Oh come on, we’re going to be doing the same exact thing you’ll be doing with the girls!”

“And that’s why I won’t let you use it. The four of you will leave it tainted.”

“I’ll wash it afterwards.”

“You can wash away cum, but you can’t wash away sin. You can’t clean that spot, Lady Macbeth. What the girls and I do is a miracle, a sign of love and trust in this new stage of human existence. What you do is an abomination.”

“Elise, help me out here!”

“Hey, I got a normal bedroom, but you don’t hear me complaining.”

“Really? Completely normal?”

“Well, due to my tail, the floor is covered in mattresses and the room is stocked with electric blankets. That’s really all I need.”

“What do you think the doctors will do tomorrow?” Tobi asked.

“They’re just going to run tests, try and figure out what’s going on. Hopefully now Lorraine and I will get some answers.”

“We’ll go into an MRI and they’ll find big magical brain tumors! With every animal we transform, they grow a little bit bigger!”

Chloe left her chair and climbed onto my lap. “The tests won’t hurt, will they?”

“I doubt it. They’ll probably want to check your blood pressure again.” I held her slender arm and gave some soft squeezes, each one making her squeak.

“Ok, so are we going to party tonight or what?” Lorraine asked. “I brought plenty of booze, and those doctors can’t stop me from getting hammered.”

“The last time we had a party, I woke up with a lot worse than a hangover,” said Elise.

“Yeah, and I think the girls and I are just going to go to bed early. This has been a long day.”

“Fucking lightweights.”


No one was in the mood for playing when the girls and I crawled into bed. Sonja was too tired to participate and we were all still trying to get comfortable in this new house. The doctors had certainly been looking forward to studying our intimate behaviors, but they’d just have to settle for watching Lorraine become airtight.

“Man, this bed is pretty comfy,” I said, taking my place in the center of the massive foam mattress.

Despite all of the open space we had, Chloe insisted on sleeping on my chest. I certainly wouldn’t complain. Momo and Sonja took my sides. Momo purred as the kneaded the foam, digging in her nails like she was trying to sharpen them. Sonja got on all fours and spun around in circles before lying down and pulling the blankets over herself.

“Leah, how are you doing?”

Next to our bed, the sleepy salamander gave me a thumb’s up. The water in the tank was only a few inches deep, keeping her pillow and blanket damp. Above my head was a wall lamp, positioned for me to use since I would be in the center of the bed. I turned it off and the room became pitch black, except for the pools of light by the windows from the moon and stars.

“Goodnight, girls.”

“Goodnight, Master,” they all replied.

Momo and Sonja clung to my arms and the smell of Chloe’s white hair put me to sleep.


It was just after four in the morning when I woke up, my bladder full and my stomach empty. The girls were all sound asleep, Chloe having rolled off me. Thanks to the foam mattress, I was able to slip out from under the sheets and crawl across the bed without disturbing anyone. I didn’t turn on the lights and there was no way anyone would be watching the security monitors, so I didn’t bother getting dressed. I took care of business and headed downstairs for a snack.

A light was on in the kitchen, I peered inside and saw Elise. She was leaning against the island table, eating a bowl of cereal and wearing only a nightshirt. She looked up when I came into the kitchen but didn’t appear surprised, even by the fact that I wasn’t wearing anything. After all, she had seen it all before.

“I felt you coming with my tail. What are you doing up?”

“I wanted a late… I wanted an early-morning snack.” I grabbed an apple from the fridge. “What about you?”

“This is when I usually get up. It’s very rare for the sun to rise before I do. I don’t know how to sleep in.” I sat down on the other side of the table and took a bite of the apple. Meh, not as good as I had been hoping. “I actually just called the farm to make sure my house sitters were taking care of the cows. They were already on their way out the door to start milking them.”

“Are you going to just start your day now?”

“I’m not sure how. Even after I transformed, I kept myself busy with paperwork for the farm or cleaning the house. What am I supposed to do with myself? I doubt there is anything good on TV.”

“Maybe this is a good thing. You’ve dedicated yourself to your work, now you can finally relax and find a hobby, get to know yourself.”

“Is there something about this conversation that you find arousing?”

She was talking about my erection.

“Meh, it’s just morning wood, don’t mind it.”

“How the hell do you men live with those things? I always imagine it to be like having a wild animal growing out of your lap.”

“It’s more like having a tail in the front, one that wags and slithers without me having any say in the matter. But other than that, it is the most user-friendly tool in the world. Just point and shoot. I don’t understand how you women handle that anatomic Rubik’s Cube you’ve got down there.”

“It is a beast, I’ll give you that. But that’s one good thing about this new body of mine. I haven’t had my period. I guess I’m sterile like the girls.”

“Jesus, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. Once I got the tail, I already resigned myself to not having kids, so this is actually a relief. Can you please point that thing in another direction? It feels like there’s a loaded gun aimed at me.”

“I can’t help it, he won’t listen to me. And this 4 am discussion about genitals isn’t helping him settle.”

“Well then go have sex with your pets or something, Jesus.”

“Nah, they’re all sound asleep, same with Betty. It’s just you and me here.”

Elise pushed her empty cereal bowl to the side. “Not happening.”

“Fine, no skin off my nose. I’m going back to bed.” I turned around to leave.

“Wait, you really wouldn’t?”

I looked back at her. “Well if you were offering right now, I would, but I’m too tired to beg for it.”

“So the tail doesn’t turn you off?”

“I think the tail looks sexy as hell, those beautiful black scales.”

Elise flashed me a coy grin. “I think I’m bored enough to make another mistake.”


Elise fell back on her bed and I was immediately upon her, resuming the kiss that had been going off and on from the kitchen to her bedroom. I had fully woken up and was ready to release the pent-up energy saved from yesterday. I sat up, and rather than help her pull it off, I grabbed her nightshirt and ripped it open, exposing her bodacious ebony tits to the predawn light. She looked at me with wide eyes, shocked by my aggression but also turned on. My lips enveloped one of her nipples, my palm obscuring the other.

Elise moaned as I fondled her breasts, bullying her tender flesh with my fingers and tongue. Her long tail twisted and writhed and she covered her face with her arms. It seems that without alcohol, she isn’t quite as bold. I left her tits gleaming and moved downwards, stopping at her flat belly. With the looks and figure that she had been born with, it was almost a travesty that she hadn’t gone into porn, but then I wouldn’t have had her all to myself. Again and again, I dragged my tongue across the smooth horizon, and at the same time, I ran my hands back and forth along her hips and sides. Every touch I made sent a shiver through her body, the perplexing combination of sensual touching to ticklish skin.

She was trapped in a euphoric limbo, desperately wanting to stop my fingers, sliding across her sides, and my tongue, running circles around her navel, but she was terrified of losing the pleasure they invoked. My caressing sent electricity through her nerves and her body became restless. Her tail had already formed a revolving corkscrew, while her hands moved like they had minds of their own. Her fingers skated across her collarbone or slipped past her lips to play with her tongue. She scrubbed her breasts with her palms, as if trying to warm them with the friction.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’M CUMMINGGGGISSSSS!”

I don’t know how she did it, but she gave a loud hiss like a true snake. It sounded so genuine that I almost jumped off the bed as if I had heard it from a cobra.

Her orgasm came after only a minute, a mind-erasing wave of ecstasy brought forth from simple foreplay. She would have to pace herself if she expected to last. I continued my descent, at last reaching her labia. Because she no longer had legs that she could spread, the angle of exposure had changed for easy access. I hadn’t even touched her slit yet, but her orgasm had left it glistening with nectar. She was still trying to catch her breath, but I didn’t wait to slip my tongue inside her. Her gasps and moans continued, now instigated by my gluttonous probing. I drank in her arousal, using my tongue to tickle the sensitive nerve endings and coax out more of her essence.

I got my fill and then sat up, rubbing my cock against the entrance, simply grinding the shaft. She gave me a sultry look, daring me to dive in. I leaned over and kissed her, my tongue slipping inside her at the same time my manhood did. She gasped as it slid in, not just from the feeling, but the ease. She was so wet that the friction was nonexistent, but she was still tight enough to make me feel good.

I was just about to start moving, but her tail suddenly curled up and wrapped around us, sealing us in a scaly cocoon with our bodies pressed together. It was a pleasantness I have never experienced before, having her wrapped around me like a giant scarf. Elise had a tender look on her face, her fingers running through my hair. “Let’s take this slow,” she whispered, “there’s no rush.”

We made love for the next few hours in that position, using only small, gentle movements. I remained sheathed within her, barely moving, and after I’d ejaculate, I’d go placid for a bit, then slowly regain my rigidity to begin the process all over again. The whole time, we never stopped kissing. As time passed, the sun rose and the pool of golden light moved across the bedroom and shone on us. Her tail stirred and her scales shimmered as they took in the warmth.

I don’t know what time it was, but once the sun rose above the window, we could hear movement throughout the house. Everyone was waking up and wanting breakfast. The girls were probably looking for me.

“I guess we should probably join them,” Elise said, disheartened by the interrupted bliss.

“Probably, but I owe you a finish.”

I then lowered my head, but instead of kissing her, my lips went somewhere else. A bolt of electricity ran through her body as I rolled the tip of her tail around my mouth. When she wrapped her tail around us, the tip ended up just behind her ear. I saw it earlier and had waited for a chance to use it. Elise began to pant, her face becoming flushed as I nibbled on the scaly point.

“You… don’t play fair,” she gasped.

Her tail began to loosen around us, and with that space, I took my natural pace, thrusting into her like a piston. Elise couldn’t control her voice, my manhood drilling her sleeve and my tongue tickling the tip of her tail were too much for her to handle. She came almost as soon as I started, her tail snapping around me in a crushing grip as she came again and again.

At last she became calm and released us both. “Damn, you are good at what you do,” she murmured.

“Well it takes two to tango.” I got to my feet and held out my hand to her. “Come on, I’ll make you some pancakes.”

She smiled and let me lift her up. “No, I’d say you’ve earned the pancakes.”


“Stick out your tongue and say “aaah”,” said Dr. Wortz, holding out a tongue depressor towards Momo. He was the middle-aged white doctor from earlier.

Momo did as told, but became tense when he pressed down on her tongue with the stick. My throat had already been checked, and my gag reflex almost triggered from it. Luckily, Momo… didn’t have such problems.

“Your throat is clear, your tonsils look good, and your teeth was perfect. Well done,” he said.

“Master makes sure Momo brushes every day,” she replied.

“My kids could learn a thing or two from you. Ok, now I’m just going to check out your ears…”

We were in the mansion’s clinic, all of us getting a thorough examination. The room was the size of a school gymnasium and filled with equipment. Several more doctors had been called in to help give everyone a checkup. I was currently having blood taken for a cholesterol check. Nearby, Sonja was getting her reflexes tested, but that was simply due to her personal request. Leah was having different allergens pressed to her arm to see if there would be any reaction. Chloe was getting an eye exam, reading off a list of letters from a distance.

“And the next line, please?” Henderson, the old black doctor asked.

In the corner, the whirring of a machine could be heard, along with deep panting. Elise was slithering as fast as she could on a treadmill, more than thirty feet long and almost ten feet wide. She had sensors attached all over her body, measuring her heart rate and blood pressure. Watching her tail move from side to side was hypnotic. I think she was probably glad to finally have a chance to give her tail a test “run”. Next to her, Lorraine was lying on a table with twenty electrodes glued to her scalp for an EEG. With a brain like hers, there was no telling what the results would be.

Betty was in a CT scanner, getting her body x-rayed. She was finally wearing properly-sized clothes, and on her hooves were rubber cleats to prevent her from scratching the floors or tearing her bedding. Tobi was having an acoustic reflex test, Alex was having an angiogram to study the blood vessels in his tail, and Steve was having his lung capacity checked. The eleven of us cycling through the full list of exams took up the morning hours. We all gave sighs of relief when we thought we were done, but Dr. Lawrence had different ideas for me and Lorraine.

He approached us with a cardboard box in his arms. “We have one more test for the two of you. See those two MRIs in the corner?”

In the back of the room, two giant tubes made of metal and plastic sat side by side. They each had an extending bench that would slide patients in and out of their confines. Maybe it’s because of my current lifestyle, but I couldn’t help but compare them to sex toys.

“You mean those two metal fleshlights?” asked Lorraine. Crap, we really are spending too much time together.

Lawrence put the box down on the floor and pulled out a brown rabbit, a New England Cottontail. “The lands around this house were a haven for wild rabbits, and we managed to catch two, a boy and a girl. We’d like use those MRIs to get an up close and personal look at your transformation ability. You’ll each take a turn in one and a rabbit will be put in the other. Hopefully we’ll see something during the moment of transformation.”

While the idea of the responsibility of another animal girl was daunting, I couldn’t pass this up. This would be the best chance to understand the transformation process.

“I’m game,” I said.

“Me too,” added Lorraine.

I took the first turn, being loaded into one MRI while the female of the two rabbits went into the other. She was sedated so that she wouldn’t freak out and move around inside the chamber. I felt like I was being loaded into a cramped tanning bed, and I had been given earplugs due to the noise that the machine would make. It was unnerving, I half expected it to close in on me like a trash compactor. I looked past my feet and could see all the girls watching me with nervous expressions.

“First we’re just going to get a baseline scan. Are you ready?” Lawrence asked from outside. With the earplugs in, his question was muffled, but I got the gist of it. I gave him a thumbs-up, and nearby, two of the doctors were operating a pair of monitors hooked up to the machines.

The MRI began to work, and immediately, loud thumps and whirring could be heard all around me. I was once again starting to feel claustrophobic. Lucky rabbit, I wish I had been sedated. For several minutes, magnetic sensors scanned me from head to toe, looking for anything unusual. The same was happening to the rabbit.

The machine paused and Dr. Lawrence came back. “Now, when I give the signal, I’d like you to try and transform the rabbit. Can you do that?”

I again gave a thumbs-up. The scan restarted and I saw Lawrence return the gesture. I focused my mind on the rabbit next to me, willing it to transform. I couldn’t hear it, but outside my MRI, everyone was gasping in shock, especially the doctors watching the monitors. The machines were turned off and the bench I was on slid out. I looked over to the other MRI to see what I had created.

Lying unconscious on the bench was a girl, late teens-early twenties in appearance. She had short brown hair and two large rabbit ears growing out of the top of her head. Her legs were more animal-like than they would typically be, keeping the same basic bone structure. Rather than having human feet with her knees placed at the halfway point of her legs, her legs were actually segmented into thirds her long feet alone taking up the final third. Her feet were still like a rabbit’s, though much larger and wider to let her stand up, with pads under her toes. She was a little bit shorter than Momo and had slightly smaller breasts, but with how short her legs were, she might even be shorter than Chloe when standing.

“Is she ok?” I asked.

Dr. Lawrence checked her pulse. “She’s fine. She’s still under the effects of the sedative. I… can’t believe that actually just happened. I mean, it’s one thing to see all of you in the flesh, but to actually witness the transformation itself… it’s some kind of miracle! There is still so much more research and studying to be done, but I’ll propose to the higher ups that we finally address the public on what’s going on. This has changed everything in our world!”

All the doctors were reacting similarly, discussing the implications of this transformation and what it meant for the world. I ignored them and moved over to the girl. Dr. Lawrence turned to me as I picked her up.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“When she wakes up, it should be somewhere quiet and comfortable. You’ll have plenty of time to do all your tests later. Girls, are any of you in the mood for a nap?” They all perked up, always happy to crawl in bed with me and snooze. “Betty? Do you want to join us?”

A wide smile on her face, Betty followed the girls and I out of the clinic. I carried the rabbit girl up to my room and laid her down in the middle of the bed. With the curtains blocking out the daylight, we stripped down and slipped under the covers. Leah, of course, returned to her own bed. Lying next to the rabbit girl, I put my arm around her and held her close. On her other side was Sonja, snuggling in close, and Chloe on the end. Behind me, Momo was pressed to my back with Betty acting as the largest spoon, her arm around both me and the cat. I was comfortable beyond measure, snuggling up with all of my girls. After my early morning tryst with Elise, I was completely exhausted, and as soon as I closed my eyes, I was asleep.


“Master,” a soft voice said. I woke up, still with the rabbit girl in my arms. She was looking up at me with sweet, innocent eyes. “Are you my Master?” she murmured.

I smiled and kissed her forehead. “That’s right, I am. Welcome to the new world. What do I call you?” She didn’t respond, meaning she was waiting for me to decide that. “Ok, I’ll call you… Jenny. Will that work?” She happily nodded. “Good, how are you feeling?”

“Sleepy, but ok. Where are we?”

“We’re home, at least it will be our home for the next few months. Don’t worry, you’re safe.”

Hearing us talk, everyone else was starting to wake up. Sonja rolled over to us with a big grin on her face! “Hello! Hello! Hello!”

Jenny scooched in closer against me and gave Sonja a nervous smile. “Hi.”

“Jenny, this is Sonja, a dog. Behind her is Chloe, a mouse.”

Her name called, Chloe poked her head up from behind Sonja. “Hi!” she chirped.

Momo then leaned over me and sniffed the top of Jenny’s head. “Momo is Momo.”

Betty sat up at the end and introduced herself.

“And over in the tank is Leah. You’ll meet her in a bit. Everyone, this is Jenny, the newest member of our family.”

Sonja began running her nose up and down Jenny’s body, thoroughly analyzing her scent. “She smells good!”

“Sonja, don’t be rude. Jenny, what would you like to do? Are you in the mood for lunch?”

“Can we stay in bed a little bit longer?”

“Of course.”

We all huddled in around Jenny, the rabbit humming blissfully in my arms. This was the first time I had met Jenny, yet it felt like we’d already had a thousand conversations. The love was instantaneous. It was pure serenity, the warmth, softness, the darkness, and the quiet. I didn’t look at the clock, not wanting to know what time it was. I wish it could have stayed like that forever, but my male instincts were starting to rumble.

“Huh? Master, something it poking my stomach,” said Jenny.

“If Master’s cock is hard, it means he wants to play,” Momo replied.

Jenny blushed. “Master wants to play with me?”

“Do you know what that means?” I asked.

She nodded and her fingers slipped around my manhood. “It means me and Master making each other feel good.”

So, like Leah, she not only knows about sex, but she understands our nickname for it. They really do inherit their knowledge of speaking rather than learn it.

“It’s ok if you’d like to wait. We just met after all,” I said.

She kissed me in reply. “I don’t know what’s going on. My body feels so strange and my head is full of weird thoughts that I never had before. Something is tickling me between my legs, and my instincts are telling me your thing will make it feel better.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel better.”

I then scooped her up in my arms and laid her out in the opposite way on top of the blankets. Rather than immediately climbing on top of her, I decided I would brush up on the fundamentals. I grabbed one of her fluffy rabbit feet and held it in my lap. I was rather curious about it and wanted to get a better look. Frankly, it was adorable, and her fur was so soft that I couldn’t help but pet it. I had never held a rabbit before, I certainly didn’t mind this being my first time.


A tremor moved through Jenny as I began to massage it, working my fingers between the pads of her toes and sending bliss rushing through the muscles underneath. So soon after transforming, her body probably had yet to acclimate to its new size and loosen up. I could feel the muscles in her feet, stiff from the sudden expansion and growth into her new form. That worked to my advantage, as Jenny reacted with growing intensity to the tension I was rubbing out of her. The pressure applied sent bolts of lightning up her spine, making her inadvertently cry out.

Beside me, the girls watched with wide eyes, having never seen me do something like this. Even Leah had woken up and was watching us from her tank. They didn’t know what I was doing, all they knew was that they wanted to feel it as well. I continued my massage, turning the muscle threads in her feet into jelly. Like Elise that morning, Jenny was caught, unsure whether or not she wanted to stop me. On one hand, the sensations were so intense, the flexing of her muscles was almost painful, but on the other hand, it felt euphoric beyond words. Writhing from my touch, she rolled over onto her stomach. There, right above her perfect ass, was a gray puffball, her rabbit tail.

Ok, that is too damn cute.

Now with her back to me, I advanced my massage, working on the back of her ankles and calves. Her muscles were definitely stiff down here. Had all the girls been like this when they first transformed? From now on, if I transformed an animal, my first action would be to give them a massage, both for their enjoyment and mine. The shape of Jenny’s legs really was fascinating, it actually reminded me of Sonja’s, back when she was a dog.

After moving past the lower backwards knee, I reached the middle segment of her leg and moved my hands now across bare skin. As I worked out any tension, I licked the pads of her foot, making her shiver in bliss. Around me, the girls were really getting jealous. They were holding back because they wanted Jenny’s first time to be uninterrupted, but if they didn’t all get massages by the end of the day, they would be pissed.

Rather than moving up to the thigh, I started back at the beginning with her other foot. The process began all over again, Jenny moaning with her bunny ears hanging limply over her face.

“Chloe, in the bathroom, there should be a small container of coconut oil that I brought from home. Can you grab it for me?”

Chloe nodded and scampered off, leaving me to continue stroking Jenny’s legs. It took her a minute, but she came back with a tuna can-sized jar of the ointment. It was thick and dense at room temperature, almost like cold Vaseline, but that wouldn’t be a problem. I dug some out onto my palm and then rubbed my hands together, using both friction and body heat to melt it into liquid. I pressed down on the backs of her thighs, but before she could even make a noise, I swept my hands up, grabbing her ass like I wanted to leave an imprint.

“Master,” she panted as I repeated the motion.

Over and over again, I ran my hands across thighs and rear end, not simply easing the stress in her muscles, but working the nerves in her skin into a frenzy. She whimpered in bliss from a heat building up in the flesh of her rear, as if the fat beneath her skin was coming to a boil. I was loving it just as much, the chance to familiarize myself with such a sacred area, so soft. Now with lubricant, I was able to move my hands with greater effect, not being hindered by friction. Coconut oil: it’s good for your hair and for sensual massages.

I melted more oil on my palms and then slid my hands up her back, making her stretch her body like a rubber band. She reached her arms out in front of her with her fingers grasping at an invisible prize, while her rabbit toes wiggled. Her moan was deeper this time, her lashes fluttering as she felt her muscles coming undone. I worked every inch of her flesh, hunting down any hints of tension and erasing them. Jenny sank into the blankets like she was melting, her body relaxing as I worked her over. Her back, glistening with oil, became a canvas for me to illustrate the techniques I had learned over the past year. This was my first time giving a massage, but living with my girls had given me plenty of opportunities to learn their weak points.

I leaned further over her, my hands having finished easing her shoulders and now slipping around her slender neck. As an animal girl, she lacked human ears, instead having a crease going up the sides of her head from where they would be to her animal ears. With my thumbs, I stroked those lines of cartilage, while using my fingers to tickle her under the chin.

“M-Master…” she moaned as I sweetened it even further, nibbling on the edges of her ears like corn on the cob.

I could feel movement behind me, soft, frantic breaths and the rustling of blankets. At least two of the girls were playing with themselves, Momo and Betty most likely, though I wouldn’t put it past Sonja. If she was really desperate, Chloe might even give in, and there was no telling what Leah was doing. In all honesty, I wasn’t just doing this for Jenny’s benefit. I also wanted to show off a bit, not just to the girls, but to the doctors surely watching on their surveillance cameras.

Now it was time to take it to the next step. I flipped Jenny onto her back, then grasped her wrists and kept her arms pinned above her head. She gazed at me, cheeks flushed, eyes swimming, her breaths shallow and quick. She was so beautiful, so sweet. All she had to do was say one word or make any kind of move and I of course would release her arms, but until then, I relished her helpless appearance.

I planted a kiss, tender and passionate. She had been the one to claim the first kiss, but I had plenty to teach her. My tongue slipped past her lips, rolling around every corner of her mouth. She imitated the technique, filling my own mouth with her sweet taste. As our tongues danced, my hand slid down her flat belly and arrived at her secret garden. I penetrated her, my fingertips tasting her interior and gauging her arousal. We remained in that position for another minute, her womanhood becoming more and more inviting, its slick softness demanding something better than just my fingers. I pulled my lips from hers and immediately wrapped them around one of her nipples, inducing a moan that echoed through the room.

“Master! Master!” she cried out as I pulled on the pink summit.

Blinded by lust, I attacked her breasts with my mouth, dominating her supple flesh to the sound of her whimpers. I used my tongue as a rolling pin, running over her tits while I savored the taste of her body. I vehemently pulled on her skin with my lips, as if trying to leave a hickey upon her porcelain form.

“Master! Something is happening to me! I’m! I’m! Eeeeeeeeek!”

Her legs slammed shut as she came, experiencing her first orgasm in her new human form. Funny, she made the same sound that Chloe usually made. Looking back at the girls, I saw them all staring at Chloe for that same reason.

“Master, what just happened? It felt so good, but I couldn’t control myself,” Jenny said while gasping for air.

“It’s called having an orgasm, or “cumming”. When you play just right, it happens.”

“Will Master please make me cum some more?”

I gave her a soft kiss. “Anything you want.” I released her wrists and held myself over her, staring into her beautiful eyes.

She reached up and placed her delicate hands on my cheeks. “Master, take me,” she whispered.

“It will hurt at first, but then it will feel really good. Just hold onto me and the pain will be gone before you know it.”

She embraced me, her arms and legs wrapped tight. I deflowered her in a single stroke, once again causing her voice to echo through the bedroom. I ran kisses up her neck as I built up my rhythm, diving deep inside her and hitting all the walls. So close together, I could feel her frantic breaths and her flexing muscles, her nipples kissing my chest. As she became accustomed to the penetration, her body relaxed. Her arms slackened, allowing me to open up some room for movement. I increased my speed while looking down on Jenny’s naked body. Her pert breasts rippled with every thrust I made, while her face, so sweet and innocent, now perfectly surmised her ascension to womanhood. Eyes swimming, cheeks red, mouth open in a perpetual cry of carnal eruption, it was a look I could never get tired of seeing.

“Master! I’m cumming again!”

The same shrill cry from before was released, a declaration of ecstasy. I could feel it running through her body, her pussy sucking on my cock like she was trying to milk me dry. She became limp, chest heaving. I sat back against the headboard, no longer having the strength to hold myself over her.

“That was amazing. Did Master cum too?” I shook my head, gasping for air like her. Her breathing calmed and she gained a lascivious smile. “Then playtime isn’t over yet.” She crawled onto my lap with her rabbit ears standing erect. She grasped my member, stroking it to work out any hints of flaccidity, then stood it up and settled upon it. She was crouched over me, a look of drunken lust on her face. “Now it’s time for me to please Master.”

She then started bobbing on my cock, but immediately, I realized something was different. My pets had gone cowgirl a thousand times before, but never had they used a style like this. Jenny, her movements were far faster than they should have been, and without any friction or wasted effort. Her posture was perfectly vertical, something that should have been impossible. In the cowgirl position, the girl can either lean back in a crab walk and gyrate her pelvic region, or she can lean forward on her knees and use just her thighs to lift herself up and down. She can also remain on her knees and lean back, but then she can’t lift herself up as high.

Wait a second! Knees!

I looked at her legs, the way she was crouching. With normal humans, the legs worked on a hinge system, but the way Jenny stood on just the balls of her long rabbit feet, it made her ankles act like a second set of knees that bent in opposite directions, working more like springs. She was able to perfectly compress her legs and then rise up with the added benefit of an extra pivot! It was genius!

She rode me better than I had ever been ridden before, moving her body like a piston at speeds no other girl could reach. My train and her tunnel were perfectly aligned, letting me shoot straight into her and reach new levels of depth. This wasn’t good, I couldn’t handle this level of sex! Until now, it was Betty who always gave me the best sex of my life, but now, Jenny had outclassed the cow in the cowgirl department!

I was helpless to stop myself. I threw my head back and grunted, shooting load after load of semen deep into Jenny. She smiled blissfully, feeling my hot seed inside of her.

“Master,” she murmured. She dismounted me and lied on my chest, humming in joy as she nuzzled my neck. “I love you, Master.”

“I love you too, Jenny.”

It was then that I became of the other girls all around us, staring at me angrily.

“Girls, is something wrong?”

“We want to be rubbed like that too!” they all shouted.


I managed to avoid the girls’ wrath, promising them all massages once I had regained my stamina. We all got dressed, and in the process, introduced Jenny to clothes. Of course, she would have preferred to stay nude, but she did as I told her. Just like when she was crouched over me, she stood and walked on only the balls of her feet, making up for the otherwise shortness of her legs and putting her at Momo’s height. Actually, she was second only to Betty if her ears were counted.

We made our way downstairs, with Jenny gawking in amazement at the mansion. Down in the living room, we found Elise, Lorraine, and her muscular demigods. She had taken the couch facing the TV, sitting in the middle of what had become four pillar men. Next to her was a man with the same hair color as Jenny and big rabbit ears, as well as the same kind of legs. And of course, he was wearing just a banana hammock. It was legitimately terrifying.

Next to me, Jenny stared at them, as well as Elise, in absolute wonder. Most of her focus was on the rabbit man, having a member of her kind to compare herself to.

“Wassuuuup?” Lorraine asked proudly, flanked by men that put me to shame in every physical category.

Elise looked up from her magazine. “You’ve sure been gone a long time. I thought you would never come out of your bedroom.”

“Meh, I was hungry. Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce you to Jenny. Jenny, that’s Elise, Lorraine, Steve, Tobi, Alex, and…”

“Peter,” said Lorraine.

“Of course he is.”

“So, I’m guessing you two have already had sex?” Lorraine asked.

Blushing with her ears twitching, Jenny leaned against me and clutched my arm.

“You just had to ask, didn’t you?” I replied.

“Of course I did! Peter and I have already gotten to know each other! Go on, smell his fists!”

“Oh dear God,” Elise groaned.

“Yes, all glory to Deer God!”

My eyes fell on Peter’s muscular hands and I threw up in my mouth a little. There isn’t enough Purell in the world. He and the other men didn’t seem fazed at all about Lorraine’s announcement.

“Well, we still have plenty of time before the news. Do you girls want to head outside?”

Sonja started jumping up and down. “Yes, I wanna run around and play! I wanna run with Jenny!”

Jenny too started jumping. “I wanna run with Sonja!”


Sonja, Jenny, Tobi, and Peter were all crouching with their backs to me. We were out on the patio and I had a frisbee in my hand. Every movement I made, no matter how small, made them twitch. I took a sudden step forward, and even without moving my arm, the four hybrids lunged forward, tripping over their own feet when they realized I hadn’t thrown it.

“Sorry. Ok, this is for real. Go for it!”

I hurled the frisbee off into the distance and the four of them rocketed after it. Sonja and Tobi put up a good fight, but Jenny and Peter were ahead of them after only a couple seconds. With the design of their legs, they were able to turn every step into a leap, using the spring-like motion that Jenny had used in the bedroom. The two of them were neck-and-neck, my cute bunny girl and Lorraine’s rabbit-eared hulk. Then Jenny made the leap and caught the frisbee just before Peter could.

“Ha! My rabbit’s faster!” I bragged.

From her lawn chair, Lorraine looked over her glasses at me. “If your girl can walk, let alone run like that so soon after sex, then you’re not doing your job as a man.”

Why must she hurt me this way? I was only kidding and she went for blood.

I continued running the four goofballs around, using them to distract me from my hemorrhaging ego. Damn it, I do great in the bedroom, just ask anyone! No matter how fast they ran, Tobi and Sonja could not keep up with the rabbits, but I think Sonja liked it that way. In time, the frisbee was actually abandoned, and it was just Sonja chasing after Jenny, the two of them running laps around the property. At last, it was time to call it a day. Tobi and Peter had already headed inside, and now I was just waiting for Sonja and Jenny to come back.

Jenny bounced up the hill, arriving at the patio barely out of breath. Sonja came minutes later, wheezing like a chain smoker. She collapsed on the ground, her mouth too small to pull in the air she needed. “Water,” she gasped with her tongue hanging out.

Lorraine came outside with a Bloody Mary in her hands. “Hey!” she yelled when I stole it from her. Payback!

I sat Sonja up and I gave her the glass. “Easy, take it slow,” I said as she drank like a race horse. It was gone in a single gulp, and while she was still thirsty, at least the edge was off. I rubbed her belly and nuzzled her ears. “Good girl. You are going to sleep like a rock tonight.”


We had gathered in the living room to watch the news, but one of us wasn’t paying attention. Sonja was all tuckered out from running and was sound asleep, her head on my lap. I was stroking her hair and her ears, listening to her deep breathing. On my other side was Jenny, staring at the TV is amazement.

“Master, what is that woman doing in the wall?” she asked, speaking about the news anchor.

“She’s not in the wall. Her image and voice are being recorded by a machine called a camera and that information is sent to the TV. Think of it as like a special mirror that she talks into, but we see her reflection instead of her seeing it.”

“Can she see us?”

“Nope, it’s one-way. Right now, she’s talking about the things going on in the world. We watch the news each day so I can teach you girls a bit about what’s going on outside this house.”

It was yet another story about an animal transforming. This time it was one of the retired orcas at Sea World. It was the first aquatic hybrid thus far, a merman with a black and white tail. He had already been taken in by the CDC for study.

“Did Master do that?” Jenny asked.

“Nope, that’s the crazy thing. What happened to you has started happening naturally, without someone like me present. That’s why we’re all here, so that doctors can study us and find out what’s going on.”

“That’s easier said than done, I’m afraid.”

We all looked past the TV to see Dr. Lawrence step out of the hall. He sat down in an easy chair with a heavy sigh.

“Dr. Lawrence, what was the result of the MRI testing?”

“We’ve gone over the information again and again and we’ve got nothing. When you transformed Miss…”


“Jenny, here, the scanners didn’t pick up anything. In her body, we got a close-up look at the actual transformation process, but there no sign of cause or a catalyst. Nothing in your own body revealed itself either. We didn’t see even the slightest blip in your neural activity or your organ functioning, nothing out of the ordinary in the slightest. It was the same result for Lorraine and Peter. Whatever the two of you are doing, our instruments simply can’t measure or even detect it.”

“Well you said you got a close look at the transformation process,” said Elise, “didn’t you learn anything from that?”

“Yes and no. We saw the transformation occur, got to watch it in layers from the bones to the brain, and could see the neural activity, but it happened in an instant and didn’t give us any clues.”

“So what now?” I asked.

“Well, I’m going to suggest to my superiors that we finally tell the public what is going on.”

“But you don’t know what’s going on,” said Momo.

“True, but we might as well lay all of our cards on the table. At this point, trying to cover it up is doing more harm than good. We’ll present our findings to the people and then go on from there. While the results are disappointing, it will at least let us move on to the next step, and we aren’t going to give up on researching this, not by a longshot.”

“So, what should we do?” I asked.

“Well, after we explain to the press everything we know and tell them about the hybrids… we’ll figure it out.”

Part 13:

Journalists and photographers from all nations flooded the CDC headquarters for the press conference. They packed the lobby from wall to wall, every conversation, regardless of language, was speculative. Normally a conference like this would take place in Washington, but this time the CDC was addressing the world alongside a representative of the WHO. On top of a raised platform at the end of the lobby, a doctor with his credentials clipped to his suit stepped up to the podium. He was the head of head of the CDC and he began his announcement.

“Thank you all for coming today. I am Dr. Gordon Mann, speaking to you as both the head of the CDC and in association with the World Health Organization. I’m here to address your concerns as to the strange occurrences of the past six weeks.”

Every word he said came with the flash of a camera. One reporter raised her hand. “Courtney Bour with The Guardian. Why have you waited so long to speak to the public?”

“The details of these phenomena are unprecedented, and frankly unbelievable. From the rumors alone, you should all realize that we’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s taken six weeks just to get enough information for this conference.” He took a deep breath, preparing himself for the outrageous claim he was about to make. “In simple terms, animals have been spontaneously transforming into humanoid lifeforms, capable of speech and human intellect.”

A tsunami of sound flooded the building, causing Dr. Mann to visibly flinch. Journalists were shouting questions and even security guards and other employees were staring in shock. After a few moments, he pointed to a journalist from CNN.

“What is causing these transformations?” the man asked.

“We have yet to indicate the physical cause.”

“Do you believe this is natural or caused by people?” another reporter asked.

“We have confirmed that the first occurrence was due to human intervention.”

“Are you referring to the man and woman seen in the Bronx Zoo security tapes?”

“Yes. We have confirmed cases of animals transforming in their presence and they used the zoo incident to draw attention to their plight and get help. They are currently working with the CDC to help uncover what is going on. For security reasons, their identities will remain confidential. However, we believe that most, if not all of the events we have witnessed since the zoo incident are occurring naturally.”

“Do you believe this will continue?” a woman asked.

“We have noticed a steady increase in cases and we have no reason to believe they will stop happening.”

“Should the public be alarmed? Are we in danger?”

“Aware, yes, but not alarmed. From what we have seen, animals that have transformed retain their behavior and natural thought processes, though with a more human-like intellect. Herbivores and other naturally timid animals will remain cautious and will flee from other people, while carnivorous animals are only as dangerous are they were before transforming.”

“What is your opinion on the possibility of human-animal coupling? How long will it be until people are demanding legal bestiality and having offspring with transformed animals? Isn’t this proof of the slippery slope argument against gay marriage?” Of course, it was a FOX reporter who asked.

“In regards to offspring of any kind, we have found that transformed animals are all sterile, same as mules and ligers. The only exception is animals that transformed while pregnant. We have a transformed wolf woman in custody that has given birth to human-wolf hybrids like her because she was pregnant at the time of her transformation.

As for human-animal coupling, it is not in the CDC’s place to give an opinion on ethics. This event has redefined what we know about biology and human existence. Whatever the future holds, it is up to the public of this country and the world to decide cultural norms.”

“You said that you have a… wolf woman… in custody. What and where does that mean?”

“All hybrids, both natural and manmade, are being sheltered with all physical and mental needs being met. We are currently studying their social behaviors and trying to determine how they will live in our world and what roles they will take. We are doing everything we can to ensure their safety and happiness. It will be up to the courts to decide the rights of hybrids.”

“What should people do when these transformations take place around them?”

“They should keep their distance and call the police, and the police will get in touch with us. However, should this happen to house pets, families may retain custody if they so wish, but they must notify the CDC so that proper measures can be taken for their wellbeing.”

“Is it possible that this can start happening to people? That humans will start becoming like animals?”

“There is no evidence to suggest such a thing happening.”

In the living room of the mansion, we were watching the press conference with rapid heartbeats. Even Dr. Lawrence was with us. At the last reporter’s question, I looked over to Elise. I could certainly understand why Dr. Mann had lied to the press. It was one thing if animals were transforming, but if people were vulnerable, then fear and paranoia would run rampant. Zombie apocalypse enthusiasts would probably drop the ball and people would end up dead.

“So what now?” I asked Dr. Lawrence.

“We wait a few days to see how the public reacts, and if we don’t see the total destruction of our society, then we’ll evaluate our options.”


“Which is how we ended up here,” said Lorraine as she stepped out of the CDC van.

“What did you say?” I asked as I climbed out of my car.

“I’m just explaining things.”

“I don’t follow?”

“How else are the readers going to understand that because of lacking anarchy and civil unrest upon the revealing of animals transforming, the CDC said we should take our motley crew to a public place and Dr. Lawrence suggested the beach?”

“What readers? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Remember? We were talking about this yesterday when you helped me pick a new bikini, then we had sex in the changing room!”

“You’re wearing a one-piece and went to the store by yourself!”

“Ugh, just once, could you encourage my insanity instead of getting pissy about it?”

She was wearing a thin robe over her swimsuit, while I was wearing my trunks and a shirt. We were in a parking lot next to a public beach, with a path through a strip of forest leading to the water. All of the girls were in my car and all of the guys were in the van she was driving. Her pillar men were so huge that only three could fit in her car at once, so she was borrowing a CDC van and using all of the extra space or beach stuff. I just barely had enough room to fit all five girls into my Subaru, and that was only because Leah stayed in the very back. Betty and Elise were in a second van driven by Dr. Lawrence. I was starting to think that he had suggested a beach trip for us because he simply he wanted to go. With his job, he could certainly use a day off. However, this was a freshwater beach. We picked it for Leah, as her salamander skin didn’t react well to salt.

What we didn’t expect was how busy it would be. It was a truly beautiful weekend and we had gotten the last few parking spaces. People were walking all around us, most just arriving and making trips to bring all their stuff to whatever spot they had picked. Having this many people around made me nervous as hell for the girls. But I was also excited, eager to see people’s reactions. Would they be amazed? Scared? Our pictures were going to end up plastered all over the Internet, but a part of me couldn’t wait to see what would happen. It was like standing on a bridge or a cliff and hearing that voice in your head telling you to jump. That little chaotic voice was saying that the more crowded the beach, the more entertaining the result.

“Ok, time to liven up everyone’s day,” said Lorraine as she banged on the roof of her car and I did the same.

Doors opened and everyone got out and stretched. It had been a long car ride.

“I got to admit, you did a great job picking out the girls’ swimsuits,” I said.

Momo got out of the passenger seat wearing a black bikini to match her hair. Sonja came out of one of the back seats with a white and yellow frilled bikini that accentuated her tits amazingly. Out of the other side appeared Jenny, wearing a one-piece with a hole cut in the back for her tail to poke through and an opening that showed her belly button. From the middle seat crawled out Chloe, wearing a blue one-piece with frills around the waist like a skirt. I opened the back of the Subaru and out came Leah, wearing a strapless white two-piece.

Then, out of Lorraine’s van, THEY appeared. The four demigods, wearing nothing but sandals and speedos, stepped out and once again made me hate myself and my physique. Goddammit, Peter had rabbit ears and a puffball tail, and he was still manlier than I could ever hope to be. They were all good guys, but every time I saw them, it crushed my self-esteem. Seeing them like this now just made it worse. But I will admit, I also did feel a lot better having them here. With these hulks around, no one would dare try anything funny with my girls.

Then I sensed a disturbance in the Force.

I turned around, and before I even saw her, I had an erection. My eyes fell on her, Betty. She was wearing a blue bikini that had been custom-made for her, but with a body like hers, any bikini became a micro bikini. The top was just barely covering her areolas and her nipples were poking through the thick fabric, and between her luscious thighs, the bottom had become a g-string.

“Master, what do you think? You like what you see?”

She then turned around, showing me her perfect ass, with the blue material struggling to remain visible. I think I blacked out for a second, I definitely lost my balance. She had been fully dressed when we left the mansion, so this was the first time I had seen her in her swimsuit. I was so turned on, it was actually making me angry.

Behind her appeared Elise, gorgeous as always, wearing a ruby-red top and a tight skirt. She saw me pitching a tent in my trunks. “Put that thing away! There are children here!”

From the driver’s seat appeared Dr. Lawrence, modestly dressed, at least in the category of comfortable beachwear. He looked exhausted, but that was understandable. Driving with bikini babe Betty in the passenger seat would wreck the nerves. All it would take is a single glance to become completely hypnotized, and the next thing you know, you’re face-down in your airbag with the front of the van wrapped around a tree.

From the moment we came out into the sunlight, a tremor moved through the entire parking lot. People around their cars stopped, saw us, and became like statues. Some were asking each other to confirm what they were seeing, and many had already whipped out their phones. We would see a lot of phones today. Chloe instinctively hid behind me, and I rested my hand on her head to comfort her. Jenny similarly got nervous.

“Relax, it will be fine. You’ll all feel better once you get to the water. Now girls, what are the rules for today?”

“No taking off our clothes,” said Momo.

“No playing like we do in bed,” added Sonja.

“No wandering off,” said Chloe.

Leah covered her mouth, meaning ‘no talking to strangers’.

“Tell you or Lorraine if we need to go to the bathroom,” Jenny said.

“Correct. Now, let’s all enjoy our day.”

The pillar men and I carried the beach gear and we moved along the path through the woods. They probably could have carried all of it, but my manly pride insisted I show off. Even though it was a fresh water beach, it was still a field of white sand leading to lapping water.

“There are so many people!” Sonja exclaimed with her tail waving. True, much of the beach had already been divided up into spots for more than a hundred other visitors.

“I think I see an open space over there,” said Betty, pointing off in the distance.

It was quite a walk, past a lot of people, but we had come to be seen so that was what we were going to do. We were hidden in the woods, but as soon as we stepped onto the sand, we became visible. We walked along the spine of the beach, leaving most people with their backs to us, but immediately, others looking in our direction had their attention drawn. Initially, they noticed us for the size of our group, then they noticed the tails and ears. They had heard about it on the news for weeks, but for the first time, they were seeing the animal people in the flesh. Scales, fur, feathers, they stood out like neon signs. A visible charge went through the crowds.

Then they noticed something else; bouncing tits, swinging hips, and bronze muscles. Momo, Sonja, and Jenny walked side by side, the sunlight shining on their slender, half-naked bodies, their skin smooth as glass and glowing with sexual energy. Behind them, Betty’s caramel-colored rack jiggled with every step she made and her divine ass mocked the bikini bottom so poorly trying to conceal it. Following them was Elise, showing off her flat belly and her magnificent shelf. Taking up the rear was the pillar men, causing the women who saw them to forget the names of every man they had ever loved. Guys who saw them felt their self-esteem crash and lose all hope of ever procreating.

All in all, multiple sexualities were questioned.

Of course, no one paid attention to me, Dr. Lawrence, Lorraine, or Chloe. Any gazes directed at Leah was due to her black and yellow skin. But still, it was nice to see my pets being admired. By the time we reached our spot, almost everyone on the beach was staring at us. We laid out a vast field of towels and set up multiple umbrellas with several coolers full of food and drinks.

Lying back on a towel in the shade of an umbrella, Elise stretched out her tail to its full length in the sunlight. “Oh, this sand feels so good! It’s so soft and warm! This was a great idea!”

“Ok, girls, before we do anything, you need to put on sunscreen,” I said.

“Sunscreen?” asked Jenny.

“It will keep your skin from getting burned. I’ll put it on you, don’t worry.”

I took out one of several bottles of sunscreen and squirted a puddle into my palm. I rubbed it between my palms and started smearing it on her face. All it took was that small contact to make her smile. I leaned in and kissed her, causing her puffball tail to twitch. The rest of the girls watched enviously as I moved across her body, rubbing the lotion on her skin so she wouldn’t get the hose again.

Once it had soaked in, I moved to Momo with more sunscreen. Like with Jenny, I cupped her cheeks and kissed her. I took my time with her, wanting to savor her thunderous purring. Her bikini left a lot more skin to take care of, not that I’m complaining. I then began rubbing Sonja all over while fighting against the urge to aim for the sweet spots. I told the girls we wouldn’t play, so I had to prevent either of us from getting horny.

“I love when Master pets me,” she hummed as I massaged her back.

I continued on to Chloe and Leah. Leah was easy, the sunscreen mixed together perfectly with her salamander sweat, and of course, I could listen to Chloe’s adorable little squeaks all day. “This is the strongest sunscreen I could get. I picked it specifically for you two. We need to protect that soft skin of yours.”

“Oh Masteeeeerrrr.” I turned to Betty, hefting her breasts. “Can you put some lotion on me? I need to feel your hands.”

“Betty, trust me, I’ll rub you all over when we get home. But please, I can’t handle more temptation.” I then looked over to Lorraine, who had covered her chest with sunscreen and was grinding against the pillar men. “Lorraine, I’d really like to end the day without half our group going to jail for public indecency.”


“A little dated, but whatever.” I jerked when I felt the unmistakable touch of breasts on my back. “Momo, what are doing?”

“Master put lotion on us, so we should put lotion on Master. See, they’re doing to Lorraine.”

As per her words, the four pillar men were now giving Lorraine a full body massage as if it was an act of worship. It looked like something from an old Britney Spears music video. For fuck’s sake, there are people watching! Before I could say anything, the rest of the girls tackled me.

“Dr. Lawrence, a little help please!”

The doctor had just sat down in a beach chair and cracked open a beer. “Sorry, but I’m going to have to follow the Prime Directive on this one.”

It took some effort, but I managed to peel the girls off me. “Ok, let’s go swimming.”

Hearing the magic words, Leah sprung up and ran towards the water, past rows of people who couldn’t believe their eyes. She had to be wearing a costume, right? Leah dove into the water and immediately surfaced, waving us in. Whooping in joy, Sonja chased after her and made a large splash. I went in third, watching as Sonja flopped around with a big grin on her face, trying to spray as much water as possible. Beneath the water, Leah was zooming around like a torpedo. But looking back, I saw Momo, Chloe, and Jenny standing at the water’s edge.

“Come on in,” I said.

“Momo can’t swim,” the feline said. Chloe and Jenny shook their heads as well.

“I don’t think Sonja can either, but she’s figuring it out. Just walk into the water until it’s up to your chests and it will come naturally to you.”

Jenny went in first, dipping her furry feet into the water and slowly stepping in. Momo followed, grimacing from the water’s temperature. It wasn’t cold, but she was used to hot baths. Chloe remained at the edge, tugging on her ears. Countless people were watching, but that wasn’t why she was nervous. I held out my hand to her.

“Just walk to me. You’ll be perfectly fine.”

She built up her courage and finally stepped into the water. She took my hand and I led her deeper in, until the water was halfway up her chest.

“Now just remember to always be able to keep your feet on the ground, and when you want to paddle, keep your fingers together.”

I looked so Momo, who was slowly walking around with her breasts just above the water. “Momo has never seen so much water before, it’s like a giant bath.”

Meanwhile, Jenny was getting adventurous, walking out until the water was up to her neck and beginning to figure out how to use her arms. A big smile on her face, Sonja paddled over with her floppy ears floating up. She swam over to Chloe and then burst up from the water. “I love swimming!”

The sound of frantic splashing and a garbled voice turned me around. I saw a young boy with goggles and a snorkel freaking out, trying to get as far from Leah as possible. He must have met her under the water and mistook her for a lake monster or something. As the boy ran off, Leah came over to me with a somber look on her face. She ducked behind me the way Chloe would, as if trying to hide from the world.

I crouched down and kissed her on the nose. “People just aren’t used to seeing creatures like you, but in time, they will be. You’re beautiful after all.”

Leah wrapped her arms around my neck and I returned the embrace. Hopefully the people watching us were paying attention.

“How’s the water?” Elise asked as she slithered over with Betty.

“It’s nice and warm,” said Momo.

Elise moved into the water, shivering as it touched her scales. “This feels pretty cool actually. But I’m supposed to be able to float.”

“What do you mean?”

“I got an x-ray at the clinic and found that I have a long third lung in my tail. Normal snakes have something similar.”

“You probably sink because of your posture, like when you raise your head when floating on your back.”

“If it looks like I’m drowning, grab me.” She then dove headfirst into the water, disappearing beneath the surface. She reappeared a hundred feet away from the water’s edge after only a couple seconds. How the hell did she get over there so fast? “This is so cool!” she hollered.

“Master, look at this!”

Without me seeing, Betty had gotten into the water. It was up to her neck, but her breasts were floating like a pair of buoys. Jesus, those things are magnificent. I just wanted to— no, no, get a hold of yourself! I must resist temptation! Damn it, she’s trying to tease me! I must change the subject!

“Are you ok in the water? Are your hooves weighing you down?

“Yeah, they’re heavy, but as you can see, my body makes up for it.”

Lorraine and her pets than entered the water, but from the looks on their faces, the men were only going in to follow her. They were probably just as confused and uneasy as the girls were.

“Master, is this right?” Momo asked.

She was doing a doggy paddle the same way Sonja had, keeping her head above the water with her tail swishing behind her. It was honestly one of the cutest things I had ever seen.

“Yeah, that’s perfect. What about you, Jenny?” Nearby, she was struggling, unable to get much forward movement without simply pushing off from the ground.

“Master, it’s not working!”

I held her against me to calm her down, waiting for her breathing to become steady. “It won’t work if you get freaked out. Just relax and try to move towards me.”

I separated from her to open up some space and she gave it another attempt. She tried to swim towards me, paddling forward with her hands and propelling herself with her legs, but the problem was her movement. Every time she brought her legs forward, she ended up pushing against the water with equal force to when she’d try to kick off, leaving her just treading water.

“Ok, let’s try something different. Take my hands and I want you stretch out your legs straight behind you and walk like your taking tiny steps.”

She didn’t understand but did trust me. She took my hands and I helped keep her head above the water as she straightened her legs out. She started moving her legs with her wide rabbit feet acting like fins at the end of a tail. I tried to move back and pull her along with me, but her propulsion was greater than I expected and she ended up running me over and sending the two of us sinking. We came up from the surface, coughing and sputtering.

“Sorry, Master!”

“No, it’s fine. Just do what you did then and use your hands to steer and keep yourself upright.”

This time she tried it on her own, and after a few attempts, she figured it out and was swimming laps around Momo, Sonja, and Chloe. Like Sonja, her rabbit ears floated on the surface of the water, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of her tail poking up. I looked over to Lorraine who was starting off the pillar men by simply having them float on their backs to get a sense of their natural buoyancy.

We continued swimming for a while, all of the pets getting used to the sensation of moving through the water. Elise and Momo eventually called it quits, wanting to soak up some warmth. I decided a change of things would be good.

Sonja looked up at me as I got out of the water. “Huh? Master? Are we going home?”

“No, we’ve still got all day to enjoy ourselves. But there’s more you can do at a beach than just swim. Do you girls want to build a sand castle?”

“What’s a sand castle?”

“It’s like when you shape clay into animals and people, but instead, you make buildings out of sand.”

A lightbulb appeared above Sonja’s head as inspiration struck her.

We moved back onto the beach and Sonja and I started digging into the damp earth. Our first idea was to build a copy of the mansion, first a rough draft about the size of one of the coolers. Then, we made our tiny cabin next to it, with a forest of twigs around it. Once we started working on Elise’s farm, the other girls had started to join in. Lorraine watched as we built a sandy city.

“Mistress, would you like to do that too?” Peter asked.

“Do it too? I want to put them to shame. Come on, we got work to do.”

Our two groups dug and built opposing cities with Elise’s tail stretching from the camp as a divider. She was soaking in the sun from her towel, while beside her, Dr. Lawrence sat in his chair and read a book. Of course, people were still watching us, and I could see them starting to move in closer, with fear and confusion being replaced by curiosity. They were probably re-evaluating our pets, going back to thinking they were just people in costumes. After all, they all acted so normal.

We stopped after a couple hours, having a full sandy city in front of us. I went over to see what Lorraine had made. It was a town like ours, but with some kind of Mt. Rushmore in the back and a wall around it.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s the Village Hidden in the Leaves, or in this case, the sand.”

“I’m not even going to ask what that’s a reference to.”

“Elise, judge our sandcastles! Whose is better?”

Elise got up from her towel and slithered over, checking both our creations. “Meh, he wins. If you’re going to make a reference, it has to be something that everyone knows. If you had made something from maybe the Lord of the Rings, I might have given you the gold.”

Now covered in sand, we went back into the water to clean ourselves off and then returned to our towels for lunch. After eating in the shade of the umbrellas, we all reapplied sunscreen and took a nice sunny nap. Dr. Lawrence kept watch, making sure no one on the beach tried anything funny.


After our nap, we swam some more and worked on our sandcastles, but in time, the sun began to set and we called it a day. The drive back home was quiet, all the girls sound asleep, with the light of the setting sun on their serene faces. It had been a perfect day; the girls got to enjoy the outside world, we had fun, and nothing bad happened. As we pulled up the driveway, the girls began to stir, shaken by the bumps of the driveway. They were all yawning and rubbing their eyes when the car came to a stop.

We all got out and circled around to open the back. On a soft rubber mat, Leah was still snoozing, curled up with the tip of her tail touching her nose. I gently scooped her up in my arms and gave her a small kiss. Next to us, the two vans had parked and everyone was getting out, blissfully tired.

“Dr. Lawrence, I’m going to take the girls upstairs to get washed up. Can you make a call for pizza delivery?”

“Sure thing.”

“Girls, let’s get in the bath.”

I carried Leah inside with the girls following me to our bedroom. I filled up the large tub in the bathroom while the girls stripped off their swimsuits.

“It’s ready, come on in!”

The five naked beauties pranced into the bathroom, all smiles as they saw the hot communal bath. This would be Jenny’s first time, but after spending the day swimming, she was all smiles. I was first into the tub, checking the water temperature and finding it perfect. Once I took my seat at the back, the girls each climbed in, humming in bliss from the warmth. We had spent the day swimming, so the hot water felt especially blissful. I had Jenny at my side, my arm around her.

“Today was a good day,” I said as I nuzzled one of her long ears.

“Can we go back to the lake tomorrow?” she asked.

“Not tomorrow, but we’ll definitely go there again. I was thinking I would start teaching you how to read tomorrow.”

“What’s reading?”

“It’s a way to gain information or learn different stories. I taught all the girls how to do it and it helps them pass the time when I’m not around.”

“We’re having pizza for dinner, right?” asked Sonja.

“That’s right.”

Momo closed her eyes and sank down into the tub, keeping her chin above the water with a smile on her face. “Momo loves pizza.”

Each girl had a special topping they favored. Momo liked anchovies, Sonja liked pepperoni, Chloe liked vegetables, and Leah liked pineapple. Speaking of Leah, the salamander slipped under the water and reappeared in my lap. Wagging her tail in happiness, she straddled me and gave me a loving kiss.

“You definitely had fun today, didn’t you? I’ve never seen someone swim so fast. Don’t worry, you’ll get to swim plenty more times.” She then started to grind against my lap, making me hard. “Ah, not right now, Leah. We need to wash up and be nice and clean before the pizza delivery guy gets here. But don’t worry, you can go first when we play tonight.”

“Can I go second?” Chloe asked, crawling over.

I pulled her close and kissed her on the forehead. “Of course.” I eyed Momo, Sonja, and Jenny. “Then it’s first come, first serve.”

We all worked together to clean each other off before dinner time, first forming a semicircle and massaging each other’s scalps with shampoo. Since Leah didn’t have any hair, she was in the very back. Then, of course, it quickly devolved into foreplay. Next to me, Momo and Jenny panted and blushed as they rubbed their chests together, leaving their tits covered in suds. On the other side, Chloe was massaging Sonja’s breasts from behind, causing Sonja to give a canine whimper of bliss. Leah returned on my lap, and we were tongue kissing as we scrubbed each other with bars of soap.

Somehow, we managed to pull away from each other in time and wash off the soap and shampoo. As we finished drying off and got dressed, the pizza delivery guy pulled up the driveway with more than half a dozen boxes of cheesy goodness. Lorraine paid and we all settled in the kitchen with a huge stack of cardboard boxes in the middle of the table.

“So how did you guys like the beach?” I asked as the pizza was distributed.

“Oh, it was so much fun! I got to swim! I’ve never swam before! I can’t wait to swim again! And the sand! I want to build more sandcastles. Mistress, let’s make a sand castle tomorrow. Can we? Please? I wonder what other kinds of beaches are there. Do they have different colored sand? Is the water different? I just think that—”

Moving on…

“Tobi, what about you?”

“It was nice. I enjoyed napping in the sun. My tail still isn’t completely dry, though.”

“I can’t wait to see what we do with Mistress next,” said Peter.

“I’m just surprised it was so crowded. I’ve never seen so many people before. But I like to think I was the one they were all staring at,” Betty bragged.

“So, Dr. Lawrence, how successful would you say this observation task has been so far?” Elise asked.

“Incredibly successful. We’re getting great data on hybrid behavior, especially with people. The way you love and care for your pets really tells me that human-hybrid cohabitation if possible on a wider scale. Tomorrow, we’d like to start testing their intelligence.”

“I was planning on teaching Jenny how to read tomorrow,” I said.

“That’s perfect, the learning process would be amazing to witness.”

I turned to the girls. “Oh, you are going to have fun tomorrow.”


The girls and I were just about to climb into bed when the knock came. I cursed in annoyance and pulled my pants back on. I went to the door and opened it, finding Betty of all people. She was wearing only a couple towels, one around her waist and the other around her chest. Her hair was wet and there was a sultry look on her face.

“I was thinking about you while I was in the shower and decided my fingers weren’t good enough.”

I looked back at the girls on the bed, all of them naked and eager to play, and then back at Betty. “From now on, don’t bother knocking.”

She dropped the towels, exposing her sinfully sexy body and followed me into the bedroom while I ditched my jeans. We both climbed onto the bed and I moved back to the headboard, surrounded by my harem.

“Now, I promised Leah the first turn. Come here, sweetie.”

She crawled towards me, the same smile on her face that Betty had. Rather than kissing me, she started down below, running her tongue up the shaft of my member. It entered her mouth, being drowned in her saliva while her tail swung from side to side. She then released it and began to move up, running her tongue across my chest, but once our lips met, her fingers returned to my cock. As she rolled her tongue in my mouth, she stroked me with masterful skill, using both her saliva and the moisture on her hand as lubricant.

The rest of the girls watched eagerly, waiting to see what would happen next.

Leah moved off to the side as if she was sliding off, but I knew she was up to something. I then shuddered as she began moving her leg, finding myself blindsided. Instead of going for insertion, she was using her turn to try a new level of foreplay. My cock was being squeezed in the back of her knee, the rises and falls of her leg mimicking the movements of a handjob, with the slipperiness of her skin removing all friction. Only with her could such a move be possible. There was no flaw in her movements, she had mastered the technique immediately, and she was heightening the experience by continuing to run her tongue and lips across my chest.

I found my defenses broken, having never experienced something like this. I had built up an immunity to most sexual acts, a means of self-control so that I can last until the girls finish. Handjobs, blowjobs, intercourse, I had become accustomed to the sensations enough that I didn’t need to think about baseball to prevent a premature release, but this new feeling was completely new to me. My amazement as to her ingenuity and imagination was mixing with the incredible physical feeling, as well as an almost masochistic thought of deprivation to be denied her depths. I can’t believe it happened, I’m ashamed that it happened, but I came after only a minute, splattering semen onto her leg. The girls stared, astounded by Leah’s feat. She gave me a loving kiss and moved off me, beaming with pride. No wonder she wanted to play so badly; she wanted to try out her new trick.

Now I was stuck here with my first shot gone after the first round and I had five more girls to satisfy, not to mention Leah would probably go again. Wait a second, hope wasn’t lost.

“Chloe, I promised you you’d go second, and I’ll do that in a minute, but first, there is something I need to do. Betty, I need an energy drink.”

I then pushed her onto her back and got on top of her, sucking gluttonously on her breasts. She panted from the pull of my lips as I sucked her dry, filling my stomach with the nectar of the gods. Cue the Popeye theme, I was back to full rigidity and my strength had been restored. The girls watched in curiosity, wondering what I was doing. This didn’t seem like regular foreplay. When I switched from one breast to the other, they realized what was happening.

“Master, is something coming out of her boobs?” Jenny asked.

“Milk. The milk we drink comes from cows. Technically, all mammals are capable of it, but Betty here is the cream of the crop, pardon the pun. You girls should try this. Thanks, Betty.”

“It’s my pleasure, Master,” she purred, “but don’t be afraid to get a little rougher next time.”

I moved back over to Chloe and brushed a lock of white hair out of her face. “You are just too cute.”

We began to kiss, our tongues filling each other’s mouths. Behind me, Jenny and Sonja were sucking on Betty’s tits, giving it a try and immediately becoming addicted. Betty couldn’t help but play with herself. Momo was with Leah, not just licking the fluid on her skin like she normally would, but also slurping up the semen I had left on her leg. Leah began to pant as Momo raised her leg, her tongue moving from the back of her knee, down her thigh, and finally arriving at her slit.

I soon broke my kiss with Chloe, busying my lips instead with her nipples, while my fingers explored her interior. Like Betty, she couldn’t help but whimper in bliss to the sensation of her breasts being kissed. I spent more time than I usually would, licking her porcelain skin and making love to her petite shelf, but that was for her sake. She was the flattest of all the girls, and now with Betty here, I had to remind her that I loved her small breasts.

At last, I rolled onto my back and picked Chloe up, sitting her on my face. Her whimpers became moans as I licked her out, tracing the alphabet with my tongue against her pink labia.

♫ A B C D E F G I’ll make Chloe cum for me. ♫

Her small body trembled and her voice cracked as if in pain, her cheeks becoming wet with tears as always. I held her hands, keeping her steady as I brought her through the threshold. She squeaked like a whistle and collapsed on top of me. I gently laid her on her back and got on top of her.

“Master, I love you,” she whispered as she wrapped her arms around me.

“I love you too,” I said, kissing her head and smelling her silky hair.

I pierced her in a smooth stroke and she dug her nails into my back. I began my movements, diving into her again and again while holding her in my arms. Her voice never left my embrace, but I could feel her kissing my chest the way Leah had. I brought up my speed, finally letting her moans be heard.

“Master! Master! Master! Master!”

She cried out to me again and again, finally culminating in a moan of sexual bliss.

I stopped my thrusts but didn’t move off her, keeping her wrapped up until her breathing had calmed. “And I’ll always love you.”

“Master…” Her tears were no longer from carnal sensations after hearing those words.

I gave her one last kiss and then moved on to Momo. She didn’t see me coming and I took her from behind. But rather than simply drill her in the doggy style position, I kept us both lying down, me on top of her. She purred as I nuzzled her ears and shivered as I penetrated her. I was gentle with my thrusts, moving my body as little as possible to keep us from separating, but strangely, Momo was moaning as if I was going all out. At this angle, my cock was rubbing hard against the front wall of her interior, rather than simply shooting past it.

She stretched her arms out in front of her and raised her hips, her purr deepening. There was a crease running up the sides of her head, down from the edge of her feline ears to where her human ears would be, and my lips on that line of cartilage made her shiver from head to toe. I whispered her name over and over while I slipped one hand under her and cupped a warm breast.

“Master, please make Momo cum,” she begged.

I sat up and grabbed her hips. Rather than lifting her up onto all fours, I kept her flying flat and simply stayed on my knees. I increased the strength of my thrusts while trying to keep the angle, working a firm grind in her sleeve. I looked down on her, mesmerized. I had always found a woman’s bare back to be sexy, to see the ridges of her spine and the trembling of her muscles beneath a canvas of smooth skin, to watch her shoulder blades rise and fall as I penetrated her. In this category, Momo beat all other women. Every stretch she made drove me wild, the lightest film of sweat catching the light, the contrast of her raven hair against her alabaster form. I wanted to paint a picture of her in this position, an elegant portrait to hang over a fireplace or in a museum.

A climax swept through her, a primal call escaping her throat as she succumbed to bliss. She became limp, like a puppet with its strings cut. I pulled out of her, moved into her view, and stole a kiss. Three down, three to go. I could no longer ignore Betty, still on her back with her legs spread, pinned down by Sonja and Jenny using her breasts to indulge their gluttony. But before penetrating her, I wanted a taste. I lowered my head between her legs and began licking her out like I was eating a tub of ice cream without a spoon. She began to moan, overwhelmed by the feeling of three mouths on her bare flesh. She was soaking wet, her body begging for my cock, but I wasn’t ready to indulge her just yet. To further stimulate her, I pushed my thumb into her anus and began stirring it around.

“Ah! Master!” she called. I waited until she was about to cum and then stopped. “Master, please!” she cried.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good. Sonja, Jenny, I think you’ve drunk enough.”

They moved aside, giving me room to pounce on Betty and drive deep into her pussy with a perfect stroke. My cock went barreling into her cervix, drawing out a deep moan. I pulled out and slammed back in with all the force I could muster, then worked on building up my rhythm so that her moan would keep going. As I fucked her, I grabbed her breasts and smooshed them together so that I could get both nipples in my mouth. Sonja and Jenny had certainly drunk a lot, but there was still plenty for me.

Her pussy massaged my cock the way no other girl could, her walls rolling across it and squeezing it, sucking me in like a vacuum cleaner. Once again, it was a race to see who would cum first. I beat her, only by a hair’s breadth. Her bovinae moan was my alarm clock, and once her voice bounced across the walls, I released my held reservoir and flooded her body with my cum.

I pulled out of her and fell back, waiting for the milk I had drunk just then to restore my stamina like before. Jenny crawled over to me, noticing my flaccidity. “Master, do you want me to make you hard again?”

“I need to rest a minute. Come here, give me some love.”

She lied down beside me, humming joyfully as I wrapped my arms around her. I held her close, relishing the smell of her hair. My breathing soon calmed, my muscles no longer shaking. My erection returned, but I stopped Jenny from getting on top of me.

“Let’s stay like this, take it easy,” I said, keeping us lying on our sides.

She smiled and raised her leg, bending it like a gymnast so her foot came up to my shoulder. Holy shit, since when was she this flexible?! With her leg raised, I was able to slide into her, and by raising my own leg, I was able to create some leverage and begin my strokes. We made out as I thrust into her, penetrating her mouth with my tongue the same way I penetrated her womanhood. We moved our hands across each other’s bodies, wanting to get a true feel of each other.

A bolt of lightning shot through Jenny as my hand finally found her cotton ball tail. Yep, the tail is always the magic spot. I began to fondle it as if it was a breast, making Jenny tremble and whimper from the sensations. She could no longer kiss me as her body refused her commands. I continued to hold her, never stopping my thrusts as I massaged her tail.

“Master, it’s too much!” she cried.

“It’s not over yet.”

The final nail in her coffin, I got the tips of both her ears on my mouth and nibbled on them, something impossible if I was with any other girl. Jenny screamed in mind-churning euphoria, cumming again and again with such force that she couldn’t remain conscious. I rolled her onto her back and moved away to create some room, then turned my attention to Sonja.

“Well, you’ve been a patient pup. You’re up.”

She grinned from ear to ear and pounced on me. “Master!”

Since I was still on my back, she decided to ride me. She got on my lap and used her hand to guide me in. She gave a sigh of happiness, as if all was now right with the world. I grabbed her ass and she began gyrating her hips, letting my cock stir her up. The smile on her face was truly precious, a surprisingly innocent look of pure entertainment. It was the same smile she’d wear when chasing a frisbee. Then she leaned forward, resting on her hands, and began throwing her body back and forth so that she could feel true impacts. Now with more movement, her melon titties were bouncing and swinging, and my eyes couldn’t leave them.

I grasped them both, cradling them in my palms like apples I was about to pick. Like with Chloe, I had to remind her how much I loved her funbags now that Betty was in the room. They were so soft, they just enveloped my fingers while refusing any kind of force exerted on them. No matter how I squeezed or how I rubbed, they seemed to escape my grip like water. I sat up, now holding her in my lap while I sat cross-legged. I was moving my arms to control her, bobbing her on my cock while I sucked on her breasts. Titties like these deserved love.

Sonja wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me close. “Master, I’m cumming! ARUUUUUU!”

She raised her chin and howled to the moon she could not see, while her temple flooded with her arousal. I held her upright, not done kissing and licking her nipples. It was the soreness in my knees from maintaining that position that finally made me give in, and I gently laid Sonja on the bed. There was only one last girl. I turned to Leah, sitting at the edge of the bed with a coy smile on her face.

“I got one more shot left, and I owe you for that trick you pulled. Are you ready?”

She answered my challenge by getting on her hands and knees with her tail raised. I got behind her, rubbing my cock against her entryway. But then, a thought occurred to me. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to try something different, hit me with your tail if you want me to stop.”

She looked at me with a curious gleam in her eyes, then her face seemed to melt into an expression of sexual madness as I forced myself inside her. But unlike the other times, I was now deep in her asshole. I had done it in a sudden shove, not giving her any time or further warning. Like I had predicted, it was easier than it would have been with the other girls. Her natural slimy skin and soft body made penetration easy, despite her virgin tightness, but the sensation was almost too much for her to bear.

She lost the strength in her arms and her face fell to the mattress, with her eyes rolling back into her head. But she wasn’t hitting me with her tail, which I took as a green light. I reaffirmed my hold and her hips and began slamming into her, driving my cock as deep into her anus as possible. Now her voice could be heard, her squeaks and moans mixing together with each impact. I increased my speed more and more, each impact harder and faster than the last. Her back door was so soft, so wet, it was both a similar yet alien sensation when compared to regular sex. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to go ever deeper, in search of a point where the ease would disappear. Then, of course, I played dirty and began sucking on the end of her tail like it was a candy cane.

The combination of her tail being licked and her asshole being violated pushed her over the edge. She cried out, experiencing orgasm after orgasm. They rolled over her like a tsunami, each slam I made triggering another climax, as if my penis were a firing pin and her body was a machine gun. I continued sodomizing her through the chain or orgasms, not stopping until I had one of my own. I emptied everything I had into her and then let her fall forward. She lay unconscious on the bed, my semen trickling out of her anus contrasting brilliantly against her jet-black skin.

All the girls were unconscious, fucked into sex comas. Damn, today was a good day.


“Masterrrrrrr, this is boringggggg!” Momo whined.

The whole group was sitting at the dinner table. Momo, Sonja, Chloe, Tobi, and Steve were undergoing exams to test their intelligence. The tests they were taking involved language and math problems from first grade to college level, to see where they fit on the educational and intellectual spectrum. The problem was that while the girls had honed their literacy skills, I hadn’t really taught them much math. They could do addition, subtraction, and basic multiplication and division, but that was it. We hadn’t even reached decimals and fractions. It seemed that Lorraine hadn’t even taught the pillar men that much.

Momo had burned out, face-down on the desk in refusal to do any more work. Sonja was close to that point as well but wasn’t being as whiny about it. I couldn’t blame them. It was sheet after sheet of problems. Chloe was still going strong, the look on her face telling me that she was actually learning new things from the test. Steve was shooting through the language problems, unless they involved naming different grammatical terms, while Tobi looked asleep.

Of the hybrids, they were the only ones who knew how to read. Jenny and Peter had joined us too recently, Elise and I hadn’t gotten around to Betty, and Alex and Leah’s muteness made it too difficult for me and Lorraine to teach them, not to mention that Leah’s slimy skin made her unable to use paper. But that was changing now. The dinner table was large enough to all work in separate areas. I was teaching Jenny, Elise was teaching Betty, and Lorraine was teaching Peter. A teacher specializing in disabled children had been called in to teach Leah and Alex, using markers and dry-erase boards to make up for her slippery skin. The doctors normally working surveillance with cameras were in the dining room with us, taking notes and closely studying how the hybrids behaved and learned.

I looked over to the teacher working with Leah and Alex, a late middle-aged woman. Clearly, she was a prominent figure in the world of academics if the CDC knew about her. Like all the doctors watching us, her involvement in all of this would certainly propel her career even further. To have her name on a case study involving the hybrids would make her world renowned. When she first arrived, she was certainly nervous around Leah and Alex, Leah due to her alien-like appearance and Alex due to his intimidating bulk, but once she got a sense of the mood in the house, she lightened up a bit.

“J E N N Y. That’s how you spell your name.” I wrote it down for her and she stared at it with her nose twitching. “Now you try.”

I put the pencil in her hand, showed her how to hold it, and watched her figure it out. Her letters were a bit messy, but she was learning pretty quick.

“Master, can we take a break? I’m sick of papers,” Sonja groaned.

“Sure, you’ve earned it. I was actually thinking of going to the store to pick up some things. How about… Momo, would you like to tag along?”

She perked up. “To the store?”

With thirteen of us living in the mansion, most of our groceries were delivered in bulk, but naturally, certain foods would always be eaten up faster than expected, and I thought that rather than just ordering them for delivery, I could use this chance to give Momo some fresh air.

“Yeah, and we can even grab some lunch.”

“I want to go! Master, can I go too?” Sonja asked.

“Will Master take me as well?” asked Jenny.

“Sorry, but I think it would be best if I only took one of you at a time. You’ll each get a turn. Momo?”


“Good, but before we go, you’ll have to put on a shirt that covers a little more. And a bra.”


“Master, this thing is itchy,” Momo said as she scratched at the bra under her top.

“Momo, when we’re at the mansion, you’re free to walk around without a bra. Hell, when we’re at home, I love when you don’t even wear a shirt. But this is something you need to do when you leave the house.”

“Fine. What is this place? Is this the store?”

“No, this is a place called McDonalds.” We had just pulled into the drive-through and were waiting in line behind other cars. “It’s sort of like the grocery store in that you can buy food, but while there is a lot less variety, the food you buy here is already prepared for you. I wanted to stop here for lunch.”

“Are we going inside?”

“No, just watch.”

We pulled up to the speaker and we were asked our order. Hearing the stranger’s voice, Momo jerked in surprise. “Is this like the phone?”

“Sort of.”

I ordered us double quarter-pounder and a regular quarter-pounder with fries and milkshakes, more than enough to satisfy my junk food craving. As I spoke into the speakerphone, Momo sniffed the air and began to drool.

“Master, something smells really good.”

“Just you wait.”

I pulled up to the first window and paid, then moved up to the second. As the scrawny college student handed us our food, he noticed Momo sitting in the passenger seat. Her ears were pretty hard to miss.

“Holy shit, is she one of those animal people?!” he exclaimed.

“She is. Momo, say hello.”

She had her face buried in the paper bag holding our food, but looked up and gave the man a small wave. “Hello.”

The man looked back inside. “Hey, guys! There’s a catgirl out here!”

He reached into his pocket to get his phone, but we had already left.

As we drove to the grocery store, I took my first bite out of my burger and nearly melted from the taste. Next to me, Momo was giving a happy growl and digging into hers. “It’s so good!” she said.

“It is easily one of the most unhealthy and disgusting foods on Earth, but Goddammit, it’s fucking delicious. It’s been so long since I ate beef, I wanted to pig out.”

“Master, why haven’t we had beef in such a long time? Momo misses spaghetti and meat sauce.”

“I can’t cook it because Betty is around.”


“So, she’s a cow, and beef is cow meat. How would you like it if we had cat meat one night?”

All of Momo’s hair stood on end, her tail completely erect and her eyes as wide as dinner plates. “There aren’t any places that have cat meat, are there?”

I probably could have made any number of jokes about Chinese restaurants, but they would have gone over her head.


We pulled into the parking lot of the nearby grocery store, this being the first time for both of us. I didn’t notice anyone looking at us as we crossed the lot to the entrance, but that would change once we got inside. Like Chloe, the automatic doors scared Momo, but I pulled her inside. There a handful of people passed us by, either retrieving empty shopping carts set up along the wall and departing with full ones, but as soon as they saw Momo, they stopped and stared. She didn’t seem to mind the gazes, showing a very bored look on her face.

We walked past the petrified shoppers, and after a second set of automatic doors, Momo let out an audible gasp. The grocery store was smaller than the mansion, but the vast openness left her baffled.

“So much food,” she murmured.

First, we strolled through the vegetable section, picking out greens to satiate everyone back home. Chloe, Jenny, Betty, and Peter were all omnivores, but they preferred vegetables over meat if given the choice. Shelves were lined with fresh produce, kept damp by sprinklers on a timer.

I grabbed a plastic bag and handed it to Momo. “See the broccoli over there? Go get a few big pieces.”

Momo pouted. “Master knows that Momo hates broccoli.”

“Well it’s a Master’s duty to make sure his pet is healthy.”

She grudgingly took the bag and went over, and at the moment that I turned my head, I heard her give a loud hiss. Anyone who wasn’t watching her before certainly was now. Momo walked back over with her hair and shirt wet. It seemed she had gotten hit with the sprinklers.

“Momo hates this place. Momo wants to go home.”

It’s amazing how similar the personalities are of a cat and a belligerent toddler.

“Now, now, there’s no need to get fussy. I’ll get the broccoli, you grab some cucumbers.”

Once we had gotten all the vegetables we needed, I moved on to the cheese section, but before we were even halfway through it, Momo caught of whiff of something and took off. As always, she drew the eyes of everyone around her, her ears and tail impossible to miss. Momo threw herself onto the sneeze guard along the counter of the fish section, staring down at the treasures of the sea with her mouth watering. Customers around her gazed in amazement, finally able to see a hybrid in the flesh after weeks of news coverage.

“Master! Master! There’s so much fish! Momo wants fish!”

I came over and stood her up. “Momo, don’t go running off. If you want fish for dinner, I’ll get you some.”

She pointed to some pink salmon. “Momo wants fish now! Momo wants that fish!” Her behavior was starting to draw laughs from our spectators. I suppose that’s a good thing, better they find her funny than scary.

“No, you already had lunch. Besides, I don’t want you eating raw fish.”

“Please?” She started rubbing her head against me like a drunk goat. “Please, Master?”

“Do you promise to be well behaved for the rest of the day?”

“Yuh-huh!” she said with an eager nod.

“Ok, but we have to wait in line like everyone else.”

I brought her to the end of the line and took a numbered ticket from the dispenser. Momo stared at the encased roll with mischievous curiosity, and as one would expect, started pulling out tickets one by one until I stopped her.

The person ahead of us was a middle-aged blonde woman, and I have to hand it to her, she was able to resist her own curiosity for a good while before giving in and turning around. “Excuse me, is she really one of those animal people they’ve been talking about on the news?”

“Yep, this is Momo. I went to sleep one night with a regular cat on my chest, wake up to find her instead.”

“She isn’t dangerous, is she?”

“Not at all, unless you’re a vet, then she’ll take a swing at you.” Momo’s hair stood on end at the mentioning of vets and I calmed her down by rubbing her head. “Relax, you’re fine.”

“And you take care of her like this?”

“Of course, I’ve taught her everything from brushing her teeth to cooking dinner.” I started tickling under the chin and she began to purr. “Right, Momo?”

“Momo loves playing with Master,” she said.

My sphincter slammed shut and I forgot how to breathe, waiting for the woman to respond. She simply smiled and said, “I’m sure you do.” Sometimes I forget that “playing” has a very different meaning in our house than in others.

Our time soon came and I got enough fish to satisfy Momo’s feline hunger. The man behind the counter actually gave her a piece of raw swordfish as a treat.

“Momo, what do you say?”

“Thank you!” she exclaimed with her mouth full.

Unfortunately, Momo’s promise of good behavior went out the window. The fish section had gotten her all excited and now she was wound up like she was chasing a moth at three in the morning.

“Master, can I have this?”

“Master, can I have that?”

“Master, I want those!”

“Master, let’s get cake!”

Every time she saw something she liked or simply didn’t understand, she’d pull on my sleeve and beg me to get it for her. When I was a little kid, I used to behave the same exact way in the store. My mom called it the “gimme’s”, and now I finally knew how to felt to be at the other end. People started following us through the store; not directly behind us, they had the decency to keep some distance, but whenever I looked over my shoulder, I could see them, peering from around the corners of aisles, darting back when I spotted them like coyotes. I didn’t blame them, Momo could certainly draw attention.

I finally managed to get her to the checkout aisle, but by then, we had the entire store watching us. “Ok, now we put everything on the table and pay for it.”

Momo did as told and moved the food over onto the conveyor belt. It started to shift and she jumped back. “Master, what’s going on?” she asked fearfully.

“Relax, it’s just a machine.”

We continued loading our food onto the conveyor belt with the cashier doing her best to focus on her job instead of Momo, though I could see her snickering at Momo’s reaction to the belt moving. It was a relief when we finally got out of the store and returned to the car.

“Momo, I love you, but you were a pain in the ass in there.”

“Sorry, Master.”

“Just try to behave better the next time I take you out. And remember, Betty cannot find out that we had burgers for lunch.”


“Ok, you two, blow out the candles,” I said to Peter and Jenny.

We were all gathered at the dinner table, looking at the expansive cake placed before us. I had gotten it at the store with Momo, but it had been a challenge to keep her from giving into temptation and pigging out in the middle of the store. We were celebrating the rabbits’ “birthdays”, their transformations. Jenny and Peter were sitting on opposite sides of the table, and they both leaned in and gave a puff, blowing out the two candles.

Everyone clapped and I started cutting up the cake. All around me, tails were wagging in anticipation, and once I handed the first two pieces to Jenny and Peter, all the hybrids crowded in, fighting for the next slice.

“Hey, everyone, get back to your seats! Only people sitting can have cake!”

I shooed them all back and finally handed everyone a slice.

“This is so good!” Jenny exclaimed with her ears standing straight up. Peter was in a similar state, and all through the table, that same moan of happiness was being heard.

“We’re going to need a lot of cake when everyone else gets here,” I said as I sat down.

“Huh? More like us are coming to live here?” asked Jenny.

“Yep, at the end of the month, about a hundred of them. It was how we got the attention of Dr. Lawrence and the others. We went to a public place and transformed a whole army so that the world would know what was going on.”

“Were there any cats?” Momo asked.

“A couple, but none like you.”

“This place is going to be packed,” said Lorraine, “I can’t wait! It’ll be so much fun! Not to mention I can finally fulfill my dream of having sex with fifty guys at once.”

“Are we going to live like this forever?” Peter asked.

“No, this place is just an experiment,” I said. “The CDC is studying our interactions. We’ll be moving back to our original houses in two months.”

“Oh, hey Dr. Lawrence,” said Elise. She had sensed him with her tail before any of the girls managed to hear him approaching. Though they were occupied with eating cake, so it was understandable.

“Hello,” he said as he took an empty seat.

“Do you want a piece of cake?” I asked.

“Jeez, I really wish I could say yes, but I feel like one bite of that would add three inches to my waistline. Besides, we’re all eating way too much junk food in our office.”

“With a job like yours, you’re probably eating out of boredom,” said Elise.

“I’ll admit, some moments are more fascinating to watch than others.”

“I hope you’ve been saving the footage from my room. I want to add them to my collection, maybe put them online when everything settles down,” said Lorraine.

“Yeah, that’s something I wanted to ask about,” I said. “I’m sure you and the other doctors are watching me and the girls when we play together. I really want to read any notes you guys have come up with, or whatever dissertation you plan on publishing.”

“Sorry, we’re not the people to talk about for advice on improving your performance.”

“Not that, I just want to make sure that nothing is… misunderstood, that no one is getting the wrong idea.”

“Very well, but you have to read them elsewhere. I need you and Lorraine to stay out of the house tomorrow.”

“What for?” Lorraine asked.

“We’re going to study how hybrids communicate with animals, specifically their own kind. Betty told me she could speak to the cows on your farm, so we want to see what happens when everyone else meets their own animal counterparts. Since we’re having animals brought into the house, we need you two to be far away so that none of them turn.”

I looked at Lorraine. “We’re not hanging out together, do you understand?”

She grinned. “There is nowhere you can go where I can’t find you and annoy you.”

Part 14:

Jenny gasped and panted as I pierced her, sheathing my manhood deep within her slender form. She was pressed against the shower wall, her long ears hanging down over her face from the weight of the water. Her parted lips drew me in and I joined them with mine. My hand slipped down her smooth thigh and I lifted her leg, granting me an angle with more room to maneuver. Her moans came in tandem with my thrusts, her body welcoming my cock as our tongues danced. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in closer, the feeling of her nipples against my chest was euphoric. The hot water pouring down on us was warping our senses, imitating the warmth and feeling of flesh on flesh and heightening everything we felt.

I shivered from a cold touch, Leah pressing herself on my back. She was humming in joy as she rubbed her breasts against me. Without breaking away from Jenny, I offered up one of my hands to Leah. She was too short for me to slip into her sweetness, but I was able to taste her skin with my fingertips. She clutched my arm, trying to wrap herself around it while she licked up the hot water pouring down my body. When that wasn’t enough, she got down on her knees and started sucking on my hand like it was coated in syrup. The feeling of her tongue slipping between my fingers was far greater than I expected it to be, my mind almost forgetting that I was already having sex with Jenny.

On the outside, she seems cute and innocent, but damn, Leah is perhaps the thirstiest girl in my harem, tied with Betty.

I finally decided that she deserved some attention. I pulled out of Jenny and my member was in Leah’s mouth before I could even point it in her direction. She took the whole thing, her throat welcoming my mass without issue. Once she had sucked it clean, she lied down on the shower floor and I attacked her, hammering her pussy like I was plowing snow. Her slippery body was perfect for the missionary position, as it took away all friction. Behind me, her tail was slapping the floor as I made her holler like an opera singer.

“Master,” Jenny murmured, “I still feel so hot down here.”

She crouched down in front of me, her legs spread and her pussy gleaming. It took some effort to get the three of us in the right position, but I eagerly started slurping up her honeypot. Both Leah and Jenny were moaning, my cock in one and my tongue in the other. Jenny massaged her breasts with one hand and used the other to tickle her clitoris, every tentative touch she made raising the pitch of her voice. Both she and Leah cried out as they came, but I was still rearing to go.

I sat up and pulled out of Leah, but she knew I wasn’t done. Instead, I pointed my cock down lower, and with a lustful grin, she raised her hips to grant me better access. I penetrated her anus in a single stroke, driving deep inside her and sending bolts of electricity up her spine. I didn’t give her any time to get accustomed to the sensation, I immediately started ramming her with all the strength and speed I could muster, turning her originally shrill moan into an almost semi-conscious gargle. Her eyes were rolling back into her head, the look on her face one of sexual madness.

I’m not sure which of us was enjoying it more. To me, rooting around in her asshole was such an exquisite experience, both mentally and physically. She was so soft but so tight, and even though this was her second time, it had lost none of its kinkiness. Leah’s slimy body, it was like it was made for fucking. Her trick before using the back of her knee was like an announcement that every single part of her could be used for sex, and I was taking full advantage of it. But I wanted even more stimulation. I grabbed one of her ankles and began sucking on her toes, licking up her delicious salve like my life depended on it.

Jenny was watching us with wide eyes, only now realizing that it was possible to play like this. Momo, Sonja, and Chloe would all be terrified by this, but she was intrigued.

“Jenny,” I panted, “get behind me and play with her tail. It’ll help her cum.”

Jenny snuck by me and examined Leah’s tail. She was hesitant, her instincts making her think of snakes, but she pushed those thoughts aside. She picked up the scaly tail and began running her fingers up the length, amused by the slippery sensation. I could see the effect it was having on Leah, the soft touching making her arch her back. Jenny continued to play with Leah’s tail, getting a sense of what to do and how to invoke the best reaction, but as she experimented, an idea came to her.

She crouched over Leah’s tail, she and I back to back, and while pulling it upwards, began to grind against it with her pussy. The sensation was better than expected and she straddled the slimy appendage with greater force, riding it like was a giant tongue. The feel of it on her labia and clitoris were sending shivers up her body, the idea that a nonsexual body part could be used in such a way riling her up. She began to make noises of her own, rubbing back and forth against it while she massaged the tip. Instinct took over and she put the tip of Leah’s tail in her mouth, sucking on it like a surrogate penis and relishing the taste of Leah’s sweat.

It was too much for Leah to bear, to have her tail used and stimulated in such a way, paired with the anal pounding I was giving her. She experienced a gushing orgasm, spraying me with arousal like she was a Super Soaker, but the shower just washed it all away. I fell back, gasping for air. I still hadn’t cum, but it always took me a while to shoot my load in the morning. Jenny turned around and I rested my head on my lap. She smiled and stroked my hair.

“Master, can I play that way too?” she asked.

I looked up in surprise. “You want to? I assumed you were like Momo, Sonja, and Chloe. They all clench up at just the thought of it.”

“It looks like fun, and I want to feel Master inside of me every way I can.”

“Sure thing, but I’ll leave the pacing to you.”

She nodded with a grin and crawled over to the near-comatose Leah. “Leah, how are you feeling?”

Leah slowly sat up with a tired smile on her face and began rubbing up against Jenny the way a cat would.

“I think she appreciated your technique. Come here, Leah, give Jenny some room to maneuver.”

Leah first lowered her head and rolled my cock around in her mouth, licking it clean. Perhaps she did it out of arousal, perhaps as a courtesy to Jenny, I’m not sure which. She then crawled over to me and Jenny crouched over my lap.

“How should I do this, Master? Which way should I face?”

“Try with your back to me. Let me see that cute little tail of yours.”


She turned around and grasped my member, stroking it to check the rigidity and slipperiness. Leah had done a good job getting it ready. She didn’t hesitate, she guided it to her anus and lowered herself down onto it, panting and whimpering as she was lost her second virginity. Goddamn, that is a sensation I will never get used to. She was so hot and soft inside, the feeling was indescribable! And as always, the mental accomplishment was just as euphoric as the physical touch, the fact that I had dominated a woman’s final sanctum.

“Are you ok? How does it feel?”

“It feels… really weird, but also kind of good. It’s so big, I don’t know if I can move.”

“Well just take your own rhythm and do whatever makes you comfortable.”

She began making small bobs, rising up just an inch or so and then dropping, squeaking the way Chloe would. Turning her back on me was the right idea, the sight of her pert ass being penetrated was worth a million bucks. The sight of her poof ball tail made it even better. I’ll be honest, her tail is my favorite, even above Elise’s. As she got accustomed to the sodomy, she became braver and more energetic. In time, she was bouncing on her folded legs, using her knees and ankles to move her body in a linear piston movement. I could see it, the shaft of my cock momentarily exposed as she raised herself up, leaving only the head clutched in her tight ring, then she’d drop back down, greedily cramming my meat missile into her sin cave. Her hands, if not rested on her knees, would be busy massaging her breasts and playing with herself.

I could’ve watched her ride me all day, but I had another girl to take care of as well. “Ok Leah, give me a taste.”

Her smile brighter than the rising sun, she swung her leg over and began straddling my face. Her change in expression was immediate, her smile melting like ice cream as I slurped on her labia. I moved back and forth between her pussy and asshole, digging in deep with my tongue and sampling her erotic body. She was whimpering in happiness, capable only of voicing her euphoria in cries rather than words. She still had not regained all her strength from the backdoor bombardment I had unleashed earlier. Her stamina was failing, her legs soon unable to hold up her weight, and her back, weakened from arching and convulsing in ecstasy could not keep her upright.

She fell forward, holding herself on her knees and elbows with her pussy still locked on my face. But now with the new angle, I could continue my assault. As I focused my tongue directly on her clitoris, I began finger-blasting her asshole and even rubbing the tip of her tail. The three levels of stimulation were beyond her limits. Her whimpers turned into inhuman moans, her mind unable to function when saturated with such sexual bliss. It was as if the perverse euphoria was completely unraveling her existence.

It was now a question of who would break first; Leah, who was being attacked on three fronts, Jenny, who was experiencing her first anal fucking and riding my cock like a rodeo bull, or myself, as I was overdue for an eruption. Leah caved, once again spraying me with liquid lust and crying out at the top of her lungs. She collapsed beside me, out like a light. She never stood a chance.

“Master! Master! Master!”

Jenny came a couple minutes later, screaming my name over and over with every climax that rushed through her. She had become still, unable to move her body as her womanhood went off. I gave in almost immediately afterward, injecting my semen deep into her anal cavity. She fell forward, unconscious like Leah but with her butt in the air. Below her poof ball tail, between her peachy ass cheeks, I could see her glazed donut.

A knock came on the bathroom door. It was Sonja. “Master, come on! Dr. Lawrence says you need to eat breakfast and go before the animals get here!”

“I’ll be down in just a minute!”

I then looked at Leah and Jenny, lost in their sex comas. They might end up skipping breakfast.


Lorraine and I were carrying breakfast with us as Dr. Lawrence pushed us out the door. “You can’t be here when the animals show up! Go!”

“Relax, Dad, we’re not going to miss the bus!” Lorraine shot back.

“Hold on, you promised you would let us read the notes you doctors have written!”

“Fine, get in your cars and I’ll bring them out.”

I did as told and climbed into my car, then sighed when Lorraine got into the passenger seat. She really wasn’t going to leave me alone. Dr. Lawrence came out a minute later and handed us a portfolio.

“Now whatever you do, don’t lose them and don’t make copies.”

“Yeah, yeah, we got it.”

We drove off, and twenty minutes later, several vans pulled up. They belonged to various animal shelters, pet shops, and even the Maine Wildlife Park, and inside, a menagerie of animals could be heard barking, squawking, and making all manner of noises. Of course, everyone involved had to sign a confidentiality agreement before coming inside.

Countless cages were either carried or wheeled inside, holding everything from mice to parakeets. There were no cows for Betty to talk to, but that was simply because they could simply go to the farm to perform the experiment. The dogs were able to walk on their own, but that was only with leashes on. The hybrids all watched with wide eyes as the animals were brought in, at last able to speak to their former kin.

“Good,” said Dr. Lawrence, “now that everyone is here, we can begin. The experiment for today is to study how each of you communicates with your animal counterparts. For this test, we’ve gathered multiple specimens of both genders and varying ages, and in many cases, both wild and born in captivity. I’d like you each to take one of the dorm rooms in the back of the mansion and spend time with your new friends.”

“Oh, this is going to be fun,” said Elise, rubbing her hands together.


“‘Male human subject, named “Master” by his hybrid companions, has provided extensive information on the cohabitation abilities of both species, both through interviews and direct performance.’”

Lorraine and I were sitting on a bench in a nearby park, reading through our files.

“My name is never mentioned in this. I’m only referred to as “the Mistress” because that’s what my boys call me,” she said.

“That must be for security reasons. These journals will probably be published long before our identities are revealed to the public. Oh, listen to this:

‘The Master lives in a polygynous relationship with his female hybrid companions and routinely engages in sexual intercourse, either in groups or with each hybrid individually. Despite each of them showing a clear desire for attention, the females seem to get along without showing signs of jealousy or antagonism towards each other. They have a bold sexual appetite but lack a human knowledge and understanding of sex, as well as the cultural values associated with it. During their transformation process, all instincts towards procreation were lost, so they are unaware of the biological function of intercourse. For the female hybrids, sexual intercourse is seen as simply a game to be played with their Master.

The only exception to this theory is the cow-hybrid known as Betty. Due to her age and her experience with breeding, she possesses a far more mature understanding of sex and procreation and has even shown a clear and human sexuality.’”

“Mine says pretty much the same thing, that I have a polyandrous relationship with my pillar men. ‘Despite their primal and muscular appearance, the male hybrids appear timid and servile, but incredibly loyal. They approach sexual intercourse as a means of pleasing their Mistress, while the female hybrids and their Master act out of a desire for mutual enjoyment. Despite their similar existences, the two groups don’t appear to show any romantic or sexual interest in each other. While they will play and exercise together, the male-female dynamic appears entirely platonic, both sides only appearing attracted to their creator.”

“Dr. Lawrence told me that Dr. Moody, that pretty, young doctor, was the one studying our sexual relationships. I got to say, these notes are a lot more boring than I thought they would be.”

“I know, I was hoping for something more along the lines of PornHub comments. Oh, hold on, here’s something. ‘Mistress frequently engages in acts of sexual depravity – may be dangerous to the mental development of her male hybrids.’

Dangerous to the mental development? I’ll take that as a compliment. What about you?”

“‘Master satisfies each girl fully, giving them all equal affection. He has built up a noticeable stamina to fulfill his sexual obligations.’ Oh, check it out, her handwriting starts slipping towards the end. I bet she was writing this while watching the girls and I play.”

“Her other hand was probably busy as well. I think she might be jealous of the girls.”

“Well I AM a very generous lover, of course she would be jealous. ‘Master = sexual provider + parental figure. Master shows strong paternal instincts towards his hybrids, likely due to their child-like personalities. Suggests would be an excellent parent if interspecies breeding ever becomes possible.’”

I stopped and stared at the notes, a small smile on my face.

Lorraine leaned over and read them. “You know, that’s actually true. You would make a good dad, I mean, as long as you’d remember not to play with your kids the same way you play with their mothers, who pretty much already are your kids.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Have you ever given a thought to having kids?”

“No, it never crossed my mind before my girls showed up, and now, there’s no way I could handle the added responsibility. Anyway, keep looking for any juicy comments. I want to see if she becomes a little more honest with herself.”


“Momo doesn’t know why she’s like this. Master did this to Momo but he doesn’t know how.”

Momo was lying on her stomach on the floor of one of the mansion’s bedrooms with four cats sitting in front of her, two males and two females. In reply, the cats made various small movements, such as closing their eyes, cocking their heads to one side, or yawning.

“Momo likes being big. What? No, it didn’t hurt.”

“So, you actually understand them?” Dr. Lawrence asked, sitting in a chair in the corner.

“Yep. Momo doesn’t know how to explain it, but it’s like Momo hears words when they reply.”

“Would you say it’s like you’re reading their thoughts?”

“No, Momo just understands what they’re saying, like when Master nods or shakes his head and Momo hears yes and no in her head.”

“And they also understand what you say, right? When you talk to them?”


“Are you also replying the same way they are? I see them using body language, but I’m not sure I see you doing any.”

“No, they just understand Momo’s words.”

“Do they understand my words?”

Momo relayed the question to the cats. “No, they don’t. They only understand Momo.”

Dr. Lawrence was writing everything down, and while the experiment was clearly bearing fruit, the results were still frustrating. Everything about the hybrids seemed to defy all logic and reasoning. At this point, he was ready to believe that magic was real, but even then, if it couldn’t be quantified or measured in some fashion, then there was nothing he could do.

“When the cats speak to you, does it feel like you’re having the same kind of conversation you have with me?”

“Not really. They don’t use as many words.”

“Can you ask them what they are thinking right now?”

Momo again relayed the question. “Arya is hungry, Zoe wants to go outside, Apollo wants to take a nap, and Jake is confused.”

“Momo, I’m going to go check on the others. You and your friends are free to do as you please. But tell them that they have to either stay with you or tell you where they are going. And can you tell them not to make any messes? If nature calls, they need to use the litter box.” In the corner of the room was a pre-filled litter box from the grocery store.

Momo voiced the request to the cats, then perked up when one of them wiggled his nose. “No, Momo isn’t gonna use it. Because Momo doesn’t use the litterbox anymore. No, Momo isn’t allowed to do that outside. Master taught Momo to use the toilet. You know, the big white thing in the bathroom? Momo didn’t like learning to use it.”

Dr. Lawrence left the bedroom while Momo continued speaking with the cats. She moved down the hall to the next room, where inside was Chloe and Dr. Moody. Chloe was lying on the floor, giggling as four mice ran around on her chest.

“How are things in here?” Lawrence asked Moody, speaking softly to avoid interrupting the sight before them.

“Very well, this is the first time I’ve seen her so happy and energetic. Normally she’s afraid of her own shadow, but when it comes to her original species, she really comes out of her shell.”

“How have the mice been acting?”

“Very interestingly, they’re showing much more uniform thoughts and behaviors, as if they’ve been dosed with Ritalin.”

“Has she told you about their conversations?”

“Yes, she says that they are all questioning how she became what she is. They are actually asking her what happened and want an explanation. They are currently trying to figure it out. This is incredible, it’s like they actually become smarter when they are with her.”

“Chloe, how are you doing?”

She sat up and the mice moved onto her lap. “I’m doing good. My new friends are really nice.”

“It’s nice to see you without your anxiety.”

Chloe smiled and picked up one of the mice. “I just finally understand how big I’ve become.”

On the other side of the hall, he found Tobi sitting cross-legged on the floor, facing four foxes from the Maine Wildlife Preserve. Like Momo, he was having a complete conversation with them. He would talk, and they would reply with body language and small noises. In the next bedroom, he found Alex doing yoga with iguanas and other lizards climbing all over him. Since he was mute, he had converse entirely with body language, but it was hard to tell if a conversation was actually happening.

It was quite the opposite with Steve. Dr. Lawrence could hear what was going on from the other end of the hall. He checked in, finding Steve surrounded by cockatoos and other songbirds on stands and perches. He was chattering nonstop while the birds squawked, chirped, and cried. In the corner was Dr. Henderson, the look on his face perfectly describing his building headache.

“How are things going on in here?” Lawrence hollered from the doorway.

Henderson turned to him, a dead look in his eyes. “Do you want to tag in?”

Lawrence simply ducked out and moved on to the next room. Inside, he found Jenny and Peter romping around the bedroom with several rabbits, laughing and cheering as they played. Dr. Wortz was supervising, and he had a smile on his face as he watched them. Lawrence then arrived at the end of the hall in the room Lorraine was in. He found her curled up on the bed, covered in snakes of varying size, but none of them were venomous, of course. She had a smile on her face as she coddled a big boa constrictor.

“Didn’t they feed you before you came here? I don’t know if we have anything here. I could heat up some cold cuts if you want. What? No, you can’t eat those mice. Because you’ll make Chloe sad, that’s why.”

“So you really understand them?” Dr. Lawrence asked.

“This is absolutely amazing. It’s like every move they make says a thousand words. Just by the way they stick their tongue out, I can tell whether they are confused, hungry, happy, or tired, and they all just adore me.”

“Do they follow your commands?”

“I suppose. I get the sense they do because they don’t really have any reason not to. I bet if I asked them to do something they didn’t want to do, I’d have to really coax them. I can ask them to come closer or to stay off the floor, but that’s about it.”

“What do they say?”

“Just that they are confused by what I am. One of them is complaining about not being warm enough, this big boa wants some mice or rats to eat. I suppose you were expecting something profound, like some serpent answer to the meaning of life.”

“From what I’ve seen, all of the animals have the same reaction. They’re all curious as to the hybrids’ existence. The fact that you can all communicate with your animal counterparts in astonishing.”

“So what now?”

“I’m going to check on Sonja and Leah, then I’m going to gather everyone into the living room.”

Dr. Lawrence left the house and went onto the back patio. There, Betty was throwing a frisbee for Sonja and the other dogs. While she couldn’t keep up with them in her human form, that didn’t stop her from chasing after the plastic disc with everything she had. A fellow golden doodle named Harpo caught the frisbee and brought it back to Betty. Before Betty could throw it, Sonja pounced on him with a big smile on her face. She and the dogs began rolling around on the grass in a big pile, nipping at each other’s necks with laugh-like snarls.

“Sonja, how are you doing?” Dr. Lawrence asked.

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had!” she squealed with her blonde hair now filthy with grass and soil.

Down the hill, Dr. Lawrence could see Leah splashing around in a small pond with several salamanders.


The vans were still parked in front of the mansion when Lorraine and I pulled up the driveway, but I didn’t care. The day was over and I wanted to get away from this lunatic. We went inside and followed the sounds of voices to the living room, where we found everyone gathered in a large circle with their animals gathered around them. Dr. Lawrence was joined in the circle, while the rest of the doctors and the people who had brought the animals watched from the sidelines. To see foxes, dogs, cats, and other animals so perfectly behaved and calm was a strange sight, to say the least.

All the hybrids cheered in happiness when they saw us.

“Ah, welcome back,” said Dr. Lawrence.

“What’s going on here?” Lorraine asked.

“We’re having a sort of group therapy session, in which all the animals and hybrids are conversing with each other. I was hoping to have this finished before you got back, but you’re here now, so you might as well take part. Go on, take a seat.”

I sat on one couch between Momo and Jenny and Lorraine sat on another between Peter and Steve. In Momo’s lap were the four cats, and in Jenny’s were two rabbits.

“See, Zoe? This is Master. He’s the one Momo told you about.”

A skinny brown cat crawled from Momo’s lap and into mine, sniffing me all over with great interest.

“Ok,” said Dr. Lawrence, “next question. Jenny, could you please ask one of your friends if they dream when they sleep?”

Jenny held up a furry bunny to her face. “Do you have dreams?” she asked. I didn’t see any kind of obvious reply from the rabbit, at least anything more than a nose twitch, but that seemed to be more than enough of a response. “He dreams about humping vegetables.”

“Who doesn’t?” Lorraine shot off.

“Last question for the day. Could each of you ask your friends, if they had the opportunity, whether or not they would like to become like you.”

The question was repeated over again with the answers varying between yes, no, and undecided.

“All right, I suggest we call it a day. Good work, everyone.”


Weeks passed and we performed experiment after experiment. During our downtime, I’d take the girls out to public places, or we’d just stay home and relax. The doctors continued to monitor us, and every night, the girls and I would put on a show for whoever was watching. Then the big day came, the day when everyone else was due to arrive. It was July 1st, a beautiful sunny day, and we were all waiting in front of the mansion.

Sonja began jumping up and down and pointing into the distance at the end of the driveway. “There they are! There they are!”

Two coach buses had appeared with a full police escort. They pulled up to the front of the house and the doors opened. The men and women came out, all still dressed in their sterile white lab clothes. Their only possessions were the toys and games I had gotten them in the hospital. They were nervous and tired when they stepped off, but when they saw me and Lorraine, huge smiles crossed their faces and they rushed over.

“Master!” x 49

A tidal wave of animal-eared girls washed over me, knocking me to the ground with endless hands reaching for me. But the fiftieth girl remained by the bus, scowling. Neija, no matter how much I had tried to bridge the gap between us at the hospital, retained her grudge. Momo, Sonja, Chloe, Leah, Jenny, and Betty stared in shock, face to face with an army of their own kind. The same thing was happening with Lorraine, buried under a mountain of buff men.

One of them got me into a headlock. It was Gloria, a gorilla. Of all the girls, she was the most muscular, even stronger than Betty and just shy of her physique being a turnoff. She had thick black hair not just on her head, but around her neck like a scarf. Not only did she have the hands of a lumberjack, her toes, while no longer as dexterous as they were when she was a gorilla, were still long enough for her to grab things around her. Back in the hospital, her favorite hobby was wrestling, and I had never won against her. But despite that, the smile on her face was of joyful innocence.

“Master, you said you would bulk up so you could put up more of a fight!”

“Gloria, no amount of exercise would ever put me at your level,” I said.

“Gloria, ease up on him.”

The words came from Linda, the baboon I had transformed. Due to their similar appearances, they had become good friends at the hospital. She had white hair and a tail, and while she didn’t have the same muscular strength as Gloria, she made up for it by having the biggest ass of any of the hybrids. You could rest a breakfast tray on it.

“Master, this house is so beautiful!” said Talia, a colorful parrot. Like Steve, she had feathers instead of hair, radiant with green, red, and yellow shades.

“And the sun feels so good,” said Levi, the snake woman I had created.

Lola curled up against me, blinding me with her humungous ears. “I missed you, Master.”

“I missed all of you too, I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long.” I looked back at Momo and the others. “Girls, meet the rest of the family.”

“Hmph!” Neija scoffed and walked past us but Momo chased after her.

“You’re a cat, right?” Momo asked.

Neija gave her only the smallest glance “I’m a lion, what do you want?”

“But you’re a cat, aren’t you? A cat like Momo?”

“You and I are nothing alike.”

“Then you’re a big cat! Momo has wanted to meet a big cat since she saw them on Master’s computer!” Momo pounced on her, hugging her tightly. “Hello, big cat!”

Funny, she was acting more like a dog than a cat.

“Get the hell off me!” Neija pushed her off and then stormed inside.

“All right, everyone, let’s move inside and I can give you all a tour and show you to your rooms.”

Lorraine and I lead our flocks through the mansion, both the males and females looking around in wonder. The halls were packed with people, spilling into every room we arrived at. We made our way to the back of the mansion, where all of the refurbished and new bedrooms were.

“Everyone, these are your rooms,” I said, standing in one of many corridors. “Unfortunately, there aren’t enough rooms for everyone, so a few of you will have to double up. You can all decide who gets what room. At the end of every hall is a bathroom, just make sure you all share.”

“How long do we have to stay in our rooms?” Tim, Lorraine’s effeminate chinchilla boy, asked.

“You don’t have to. You’re free to roam the house and the outside as much as you want, whenever you want. It can be the middle of the night, you can run laps around the house if you want. The only rules are to stay on the property, don’t make messes, and don’t disturb others.”

The new hybrids were all in a state of shock. They had all grown up in the zoo, spending their lives behind fences. The idea of freedom was completely foreign to them.

I saw Chloe move into the crowd from the edge, something that she would normally be far too shy to do. She came face to face with Lola, the two of them staring at each other. Minus their animal traits, they looked and acted so much alike they could have been sisters.

“You’re Lola, aren’t you?” Chloe asked, wringing her tail in her hands.

“Are you Chloe?” Lola asked in turn, hiding her arms behind her back to she could grip her own tail for comfort.

“Master told me a lot about you. He said he couldn’t wait for us to meet.”

“Yeah, he said the same thing to me.”

No more words were spoken, both girls blushing in embarrassment, but they were also smiling.


The tour ended with us all outside behind the house. All the hybrids, even my girls and Lorraine’s boys, were running around the fields, in and out of the woods, jumping and playing in the sun. Lorraine, Elise, and I were sitting on the patio, watching them having the time of their life.

“It’s like the liberation of France,” said Elise.

“When I first started turning them at the zoo, and when I first saw them in that hospital, I felt so guilty for what I had done, for the life I had forced on them, but maybe with this, I can finally start to do right by them,” I said.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re kind of a drama queen?” asked Lorraine. “Seriously, listen to yourself. ‘I felt so guilty for what I had done, for the life I had forced on them, but maybe with this, I can finally start to do right by them.’ That’s the kind of thing you’d hear from the overacted character in every AMC show.”

“Says the girl whose entire existence is alcoholism, sex jokes, and anime references. You’re like the poster girl for every Spencer’s and Hot Topic in America.”

Elise ended up laughing so hard that she gave herself hiccups.

“I’m not taking shit from a vanilla fucker who couldn’t even handle my pinky. You dish it out, but you can’t take it.”

“In the last week, how many Facebook posts have you shared of a picture of the Joker or some other bad guy with some edgy wannabe-individualist quote they never said?” Lorraine wanted to respond but couldn’t. “Let me guess, at least one of them said something like ‘throw me to the wolves, or I’ll return leading the pack’. How many of them talked about not giving a fuck? I bet at least half of them were about people being fake or how many times you’ve been “betrayed” in the past.”

Lorraine wordlessly got up and went back into the house and Elise gave me a high-five with her tail.


The rest of the day was spent helping everyone get familiar with the house and with each other. I spoke with every girl, touching base with them to make sure they were happy. I had long since memorized all their names, getting to know each and every one of them during those weekends in the hospital. They picked out their rooms and played for hours in the sun. When it was time for the evening news, we had to bring in furniture from other rooms so that everyone would have a place to sit. My couch was pushed to the back of the room and as many girls as possible piled on, all of them wanting to snuggle up with me.

I doubt many of them were really paying attention, and if they were, whether or not they actually understood. The only stories that caught their attention were the appearances of more hybrids. The rate of their appearances was increasing. Just a little while ago, there would be one report every few days, but now, there could be five or even more every night. Countless glances were directed back at me and Lorraine.

“Master, are you doing this?” Talia asked. Jenny had asked the same thing when she first watched the news.

“No, I’m not, at least I don’t think I am. The doctors and I think that these cases are happening naturally, unlike all of you who Lorraine and I created.”

“What’s going to happen to them?” Saul, Lorraine’s peacock man asked. He was sitting in back with us since his massive tail feathers would otherwise block everyone’s view.

“They’re going to homes like this one so they can be studied and kept safe. Dr. Lawrence told me that an adoption program is being developed so that they can be looked after in more relaxed environments.”

Dinner came, and the sound in the dining room was absolutely thunderous, more than a hundred people all gathered around one long table. Actually, the table had to be extended for everyone to take a seat. No longer were Elise and I doing the cooking. The CDC had hired chefs to prepare huge bulk meals, setting out tables covered in food in the kitchen, buffet style, and everyone would fill up a plate and sit in the dining room. Normally Momo and others would eat from their bowls on the floor, but with so many new additions, they didn’t want to be pushed out so they flanked me on either side.

“Mistress, what are we going to do tomorrow?” Brock, Lorraine’s rhino, asked.

“Well the doctors might want to perform some tests, but we can pretty much do whatever we want. I was thinking I might show you guys how to play on my Xbox tomorrow,” she said.

“Master, what about us?” Amanda, a grizzly bear asked. She had the same kind of hairstyle as Gloria and Linda, but with soft fur also growing from her hands. Her fingers were tipped with sharp claws and she had a poof ball tail like Jenny’s, though smaller.

“I’m not sure. I guess we’ll just figure it out in the morning.”

After dinner, there was plenty of time before bed, so the hybrids continued exploring the property and everything it had to offer. I had convinced the CDC to give them means of entertainment at the hospital, such as foosball tables, ping pong, and some video games, so they already knew how to enjoy many of the activities available at the mansion.


Neija stood in an empty hallway, staring out the window at the moon. “What do you want?” she demanded.

From around the corner, Momo appeared. “Momo wanted to see you.”

“Well go away, I don’t want to see you.”

Regardless, Momo walked over. “What was it like being a big cat?”

Neija, who only knew of her original lion race, looked at her in confusion. “Weren’t you one as well?”

“No, Momo was a small cat. That was back when it was just Momo and Master together. Momo was small enough to sit in his lap. Momo still does, but it’s not quite the same.”

Neija looked back at the moon. “I don’t care, just leave me alone.”

“Are you mad at Momo? Did Momo do something wrong?”

“You really don’t get it, do you? Your Master made me what I am simply to help keep you safe and then he left me behind. I’m just a tool for your benefit.”

“Master didn’t leave you behind. Master was worried about you every day, he told Momo, and Momo was worried too. He was counting down the days until he could see you again.”

“He cares more about you than he does any of us. So why should I care about him?”

“Because Master loves you.”

Neija scoffed and walked away. “That’s the same stupid answer he gave me the first time.”


I continued wandering in an endless loop, checking in on everyone. The mansion was filled with happiness and life, all the hybrids playing games and running around like children. I made sure they had each picked their bedroom, taking a mental note of where everyone was sleeping. Almost half of the animals Lorraine and I turned came in pairs from the same exhibits, many of those pairs consisting of a brother or sister. Those siblings had chosen to bunk together in the double rooms.

It was getting late in the evening so I decided to bid everyone goodnight, though that alone took almost half an hour. Momo and the others were so busy playing with their new friends that I didn’t want to disturb them and told them they could come to bed whenever they wanted. I, at last, arrived at the living room, where Chloe and Lola were lying on their stomachs on a long couch and playing checkers. It was so funny, how similar they looked.

“Goodnight, girls,” I said.

Hearing me, Chloe popped off the couch and ran over.

“Oh, I’m coming too!”

“No, that’s ok, stay up as late as you want and have fun, keep playing with Lola.”

“Ok,” she replied as I rubbed the top of her head. I made my way upstairs and Chloe returned to her game.

“Why were you going to follow Master to his room?” Lola asked.

“Because Master and I sleep in the same bed.”

Lola perked up, her ears standing erect. “You do? You share a room?”

“We share the big bedroom with Momo, Sonja, Leah, Jenny, and sometimes Betty. We all sleep together.”

“Do you… also play together?”

“You know about playing?”

Lola nodded. “I don’t know what it is exactly, but I do know that it’s something special that I want to do with Master. Can you tell me what it is?”

Chloe leaned over and whispered into Lola’s ear, causing her face to turn red.


This was the first time in almost a year that I had gone to bed alone. The closest I came was during those trips to New York when Lorraine and I shared a room, but I’d boot her out of my bed after sex. Now the bedroom was completely empty. I felt lonely when I got under the covers, then I stretched out all my limbs as far as I could and I suddenly didn’t miss the girls. Sweet, blissful space.

About ten minutes later, Chloe came into the room. I heard her soft footfalls on the floor, followed by the sounds of her clothes being discarded, then I looked up as she crawled onto the bed. “Hey, Chloe.”

“Sorry, Master, did I wake you up?”

I rubbed her head and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “No, I was awake. How are you and Lola getting along?”

“Really well,” she said as she got under the covers. “She’s really friendly and likes the same things I do.”

“I’m glad. You two are probably going to be closer than sisters.”

The door opened again. “Hello, Jenny,” I said.

She stripped off her clothes and bounced over, leaping into the bed and snuggling up against me. I got the sense that she was happy because she was with me, rather than because of all the new additions to the house.

“Are you feeling ok?” I asked as I stroked her hair.

“I’m just glad to have some quiet,” she said.

I began playing with her ears, helping her settle. Normally, Jenny would be upbeat and happy, much like Sonja but without the hyperactivity. However, like Chloe, she was used to being on the bottom tier of the food chain, so she was nervous when meeting new people. Considering how many of our new housemates were originally carnivores, her anxiety was understood.

“But you still had fun, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“I think that once you get to know them and become friends, the noise won’t bother you as much.” The door opened a third time with Momo, Sonja, and Leah coming in. “Good, everyone’s here.”

“It’s so much fun having everyone here! There are so many people to run around and play with!” Sonja hollered.

“What about you, Momo, what do you think?”

“Momo is happy, but it’s kinda noisy.”

“Jenny said the same thing. Leah?” She smiled and wagged her tail. “Good. So, girls, what do you all think? Do you like having everyone here?” They all nodded. “I’m glad, I’ve been worried about having everyone under one roof. I hope you don’t all mind sharing me.”

“Master won’t be too busy for us, will he?” Momo asked.

I had been expecting one of them to ask that, and it was no surprise that it was Momo who did. She was the first hybrid, and the only one to know what it felt like to have me all to herself. She had gotten jealous when Sonja joined us, but after convincing her that I loved her no less than before, she learned to welcome more members in our family. But this was a whole new ballgame, and I knew that deep down, she and every one of them had a fantasy of it just being the two of us. I did make me feel guilty to force that jealousy on them.

“Well I can’t promise that I’ll be able to do all the things I did before. Every girl deserves equal time and attention, they are my responsibility, just like you are. But think of it this way: while you won’t get quite as much time with me as before, you now have a whole house full of friends and family. There will always be people to talk to, the play games with, to get to know. This is your chance to venture out a little bit. Besides, it will just be for a month.

Just… promise me that the special playtime we do… you don’t do it with any of the guys. That’s just for us.”

They all looked shocked at the last part. “We only want to play with Master!” they exclaimed. Even Leah gave a dolphin-like squeal.

A tear almost came to my eye. Goddamn ninjas, hiding in my room and chopping onions.

“Master is going to play with all of them, right?” Jenny asked.

A nervous lap slipped out. “Well Dr. Lawrence asked me not to play with any of them for at least a week. At which point, I would have about three weeks to play with fifty girls, which would mean deflowering two girls a day and a little extra, not to mention my manly obligations to all of you as your Master. You girls have definitely gotten me into good shape, but I’m not sure even I can go at a pace like that. I suppose it’s up to whoever wants it.”

Sonja’s ears perked up. “We should have a sleepover!”

“What do you mean?”

“Like you had with your friend when you were a kid! Let’s have all the girls come sleep in our room and you can play with all of us at once!”

“Sonja, honey, that doesn’t exactly make it easier for—”

“Yeah, let’s do that!”

The voice came from behind the closed door. Momo went over to answer it and Lola with several other hybrids poured in like and undammed river, tripping and falling all over each other. I could see plenty others standing in the hall.

“Were you listening the whole time?” I asked.

One of the girls got up, Liz, a tortoise. She had a bald head and a short, scaly tail. Rather than a solid shell, she had thick bone plates growing out of the skin on her back, almost like armor. “We want to have that sleepover thing!” she said.

Poor Lola managed to squeeze out from under the pile. “Yeah, can we? We all want to play with Master!” she asked.

“Do any of you even know what playing means in this family?”

They all flashed me guilty smiles. Crap, they knew.

“Are you sure you want this?”

“Yeah!” they cheered.

“Ok, then one week from tonight, bring all your mattresses into this room and I’ll play with each and every one of you.”

As all the girls celebrated, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of mess I had just gotten myself stuck in.


The hybrids moved through the kitchen in a line with their trays, picking food put out on tables by the cooks. They then went to the dining room and took their seats along the table. I was a bit disappointed by this, part of me looking forward to seeing all the girls eating out of food bowls the way Momo, Sonja, and Chloe used to. Like during dinner the night before, the sound of forks and knives on plates was surpassed only by the noise of dozens of different conversations, but there was one topic that was circling around.

“What are you all so excited about?” Neija asked as she pulled up a chair.

Next to her was a Komodo dragon, Tammy, who had a slightly dark complexion and a long scaly tail. Those scales continued up her back and covered her scalp in place of hair. She also had a long, forked tongue that she extended almost every time she opened her mouth.

“Master said that in a week, we can have a sleepover in his room and he’ll play with all of us,” she said.

“Ugh, I can’t believe you’d all just bend over and let him have his way with you,” she spat.

“I think it sounds like fun. I want to see how people mate, and I certainly wouldn’t mind breeding with Master. I wonder if I’ll lay eggs like before…”

“The doctors said we can’t, remember?”

“That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy trying.”

“You should give your Master more of a chance.” The words came from across the table, spoken by Lorraine’s chinchilla, Tim. “He seems nice.”

“He is NOT my Master.”

“We’re not in the hospital anymore. It’s ok to relax.”

“We’re just back in another zoo.”

Down at the middle of the table, the conversation had reached me, Lorraine, and Elise.

“Am I hearing this right? You’re going to have sex with every single one of them in one night?” Elise gaped.

“They were flashing me puppy eyes, I couldn’t exactly say no.”

“You realize that this will probably kill you, right? Your dick is just going to disintegrate and then you’ll die from exhaustion.”

“Yeah, I know that’s a risk.”

“I can’t believe it took you this long to come up with this,” said Lorraine, “I had this planned from the very beginning. Next week, I’m going to let all my boys run a train on me.”

“You’ll probably die as well,” said Elise. “Do you ever think about what our parents would say if they knew about the stuff you do?”

“I’d like to think they’d be cheering me on as a set a world record. I’ll become a legend! Can you imagine how much money I’d make if I sold the video recording?”

“As much as I hate to ask this, I need some advice. I’m not sure if am up to the task.”

“Of course you aren’t, no man is! I’ll say it again, this will kill you!” Elise shrieked.

“Lorraine, do you know of any tricks I can use? I mean, it’ll be a lot easier for you. You just have to lie there, probably tied to a table, knowing you. I’ll need to be moving nonstop.”

“I don’t know, maybe some crystal meth mixed with crushed-up Viagra? Luckily there are plenty of doctors here to talk to.”


“Oh good God,” Dr. Lawrence groaned with his face in his hands. I was speaking to him in the mansion’s clinic.

“So that’s what I’m up against. Is there some kind of pharmaceutical cocaine you can prescribe me?”

“I’m not even going to bother reprimanding you. I’m just going to let this blow up in your face. Now get out, I have work to do.”


With the house now full, I found myself busier than I thought possible. Elise, Lorraine, and I had become camp counselors to over a hundred rowdy animals. I was making laps around the mansion, continuously checking in on everyone, making sure they were all accounted for. All the girls wanted a piece of me.

“Master, do you wanna play checkers?”

“Master, let’s wrestle!”

“Master, will you throw a frisbee for us?”

“Master, can I have a hug?”

“Master, I think the Xbox is broken.”

I gave them all as much time and attention as I could spare, taking part in whatever activity they were up to, from playing tag in the backyard to drawing in the dining room. It was the middle of the afternoon when I finally collapsed on a couch in the living room, only to be set upon by a red panda girl, Kerrie, snuggling up against me. As per her name, she had bright red hair and red fluffy tail, but with furry white triangular ears.

“Yes, I love you too,” I said as I kissed her on the forehead.

“I want to take a nap with Master,” she said as she laid her head down on my lap.

“A nap sounds really inviting right now.”

I was about to close my eyes when I nearly jumped from my seat from a cold sensation around my neck. I looked over my shoulder at Leah, who had just tried to hug me from behind.

“Hey, Leah, what are you up to?”

She circled around and got on a couch with a big smile. She clutched my arm like Kerrie had done and rubbed against me, but again I jerked, this time in pain. Leah moved back, afraid she had injured me.

Kerrie perked up. “Master, are you ok?”

“Don’t worry about it, you two.” I rolled up my sleeve to show her a large scrape on my arm like I had just skidded across pavement. “I was wrestling with Gloria and she kinda forgot her own strength. With just one hand, she gave me the worst Indian Burn of my life.” Leah automatically bent her head and began licking my arm like a cat cleaning itself. “Oh, thanks, Leah, that feels pretty… whoa.”

My arm, which had been red and stretched just moments ago, was now whitening with every lap of her tongue. The marks on my skin were disappearing by the second. After only a minute, I felt good as new.

“Holy shit! Leah, how long have you been able to do that?”

She simply shrugged.

I had read that salamanders could regrow lost limbs, but that was due to their immune system and macrophage cells. There was nothing about their saliva having anything to do with it. It must have something to do with the transformation. Now that I thought about it, the sweat on her skin, as delicious as it was, still paled to the taste of her mouth. Every time we kissed, it was like she’d just swallowed a spoonful of cake. Maybe it wasn’t simply due to flavor, but a physical effect it had on me, like morphine. It would explain why even without needing to do anything, her blowjobs always felt the best.

“This could come in handy.”


The rest of the day was spent like the one before it, giving all the hybrids plenty of time to get used to the house, find everything it had to offer. After dinner, I had everyone gather back in the living room.

“Master, are we watching more news?” Lola asked.

“No, something better. I’m going to show you all some documentaries. You’ve spent your lives living in that zoo, well I want to show you the outside world.”

I hooked up my computer to the TV and started the first episode of ‘planet earth’. Considering how Momo, Sonja, and Chloe had reacted, this was going to be a fun night. Just the intro left all the hybrids without breath, the sight of the curvature of the planet. It started out with the Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, huddling over their eggs in a dark winter. Melissa, a Little Penguin, stared at her giant cousins. Like all bird hybrids, she had feathers instead of hair, covering both her head and tail. She was only twelves inches tall back when she transformed, so the Emperor Penguins looked like titans to her.

It then moved on to the familiar female polar bear breaking out of her den and crawling out into the snow, followed by her two cubs. Amanda, the grizzly bear, looked like she wanted to jump out of her seat at the sight of her relative. Sonja shared that reaction. The show continued, and having spent their lives in a zoo, the new hybrids gazed in wonder at the sight of open skies and fields, of wild landscapes without fences or barriers. Even Neija, who seemed perpetually unimpressed by everything the mansion had to offer, was left with her mouth hanging open. Endless animals were shown, some of them already in the room with us.

To the sight of a bird of paradise dancing to impress a mate, Saul, the peacock, scoffed at the male’s failed attempts, muttering that he could dance circles around the bird.


I was lying on my back, groaning in bliss. Leah was drowning my cock with her saliva, painting every single spot with her tongue. I had just finished pleasuring the girls, leaving them all comatose and my member sore. I could have called it a night then and there, but I decided to further investigate Leah’s ability. Every moment my cock stirred around her mouth, more and more of the soreness vanished, replaced with a feeling of blissful rejuvenation. It sank deep into my skin, my blood vessels and muscles feeling like they could remain firm for hours. She then moved lower, using her tongue to play with my balls and making them feel good as new.

“Good girl,” I said as I rubbed her scalp. She smiled at me, and quick as a flash, I pushed her onto her back and entered her. She sucked on my tongue like a vacuum as I rammed my fully-restored erection deep into her womanhood.

With Leah helping me, this sleepover might just be possible.

Part 15:

“Have you ever even played badminton before?” Lorraine asked from the other end of the net.

“We did in my gym class for a few days. I thought it was kind of fun.” It was just after breakfast, and Elise, Lorraine, and I were setting up several nets out in the fields behind the mansion. “Knowing you, you were probably busy in the storage room, giving some guy a rusty trombone.”

“Ah, good times!”

“I think this is a good idea,” said Elise as she helped me secure one of the posts of the net. “This ought to get them all tuckered out.”

It could not have been a more beautiful day, with warm sunlight and a perfect breeze.

“That, and I was thinking I might be able to get closer to Neija if I partner up with her. For that, Lorraine, I need you to partner up with her brother so she can’t.”

“What is it that she has against you anyway?” Elise asked.

“She hates me because I got her involved for the sake of keeping you and the girls safe.”

“I can understand that.”

“I know I used her, but she was never just the means to an end. With every girl I created, I promised myself that I would do everything I could to do right by them, to make sure they could live the best lives possible. It was love at first sight for all of them.”

“Maybe I could talk to her. After all, I was the reason why you went to that zoo in the first place.”

“Thanks, that would really help.”

“You know,” said Lorraine, “I think I might know what would really help her relax.”


“You do realize that I have to report this stuff, don’t you?” Dr. Lawrence groaned. “Do you have any idea what my superiors say when I update them as to this kind of stuff?”

He and all the other doctors were gathered on the patio to watch our badminton tournament, all them with faces flushed with embarrassment and uncertainty. Why? Because they were the only ones wearing clothes. All the hybrids, as well as me and Lorraine, had gone au naturel for this event. Even Elise had decided to go with the flow and let the dogs out. Men and women, they were all the happiest I had ever seen them, finally able to strip off the clothes they hated so much and feel the sun and wind on their bare skin. The games hadn’t even started and they were already running around and hollering like they had just popped some pills at Coachella. Goddamn, Lorraine’s guys were ridiculously hung.

Only Leah was absent, preferring to stay with the doctors on the shady patio and protect her skin. I was enjoying the chance to go nude as well, having never been naked outside since… ever. It was very liberating and refreshing, and the feel of the yard under my bare feet was wonderful. No wonder the girls had always complained about wearing clothes.

“Hey, it was Lorraine’s idea. And look at their smiles, how could this not be worth it? Besides, I know for a fact that every one of you has seen my equipment.” I then looked back at Dr. Moody. “Dr. Moody, I enjoyed reading your notes earlier, but there is a question I still have. What do you think? How’s the angle of the dangle?”

She didn’t even answer, just burst into laughter, along with the other doctors. They were laughing at the question, right? Right?


As Lorraine and Elise explained the rules of the game, I found Neija in the heart of the crowd with a warm smile on her face, brought on by the sunlight on her beautiful body.

“You really do have a lovely smile,” I said as I approached her.

Naturally, she went back to scowling when she saw me. “What do you want?”

“Let’s partner up. I bet you and I can beat everyone here.”

“Leave me alone.”

“Come on, I really want to get to know you.”

“The feeling isn’t mutual.”

“Look, I’m not asking you to trust me or to even like me. I’m just asking you to have faith that someday you might, and to let this be the first step.”

“You’re just doing this because you want me to mate with you at that sleepover they’re all talking about.”

“No, I’m doing this because I want you to be happy, and if your anger for me is keeping you from smiling, then I want to change that.”

“Have you ever considered that maybe I would be happy if you just left me alone?”

“But even then, you’ll still have that anger in you.”

“And before we start,” Elise hollered, “everyone put on sunscreen!”

On cue, Lorraine squirted sunscreen all over herself. “Come on, boys! If you want any sunscreen, you’ll have to catch this greased pig!”

“Fine, if it’ll shut you up, I’ll do it,” Neija said. I handed her a racket. “By the way, what do I get if I win?”

“A cake.”

Several pairs of ears perked up.


Our first opponents were Amanda and her brother, Simon. “Master, you won’t be mad if we win, will you?” she asked.

“Of course not, so don’t hold back.”

“What is a cake, anyway?” Simon asked.

“It’s a really sweet treat. It’s so good that Momo and the others would give their right arms for one. Ok, let’s start.”

I served, lobbing the shuttlecock over the net. Across the field, countless other shuttlecocks were flying as everyone started. Who am I kidding? Barely anyone managed to actually hit it the first time. Even I missed. Neija scoffed in annoyance at my failed attempt.

“You think you can do better?” I asked as I tossed it to her.

She got it and dropped it to smack it with her racket. She hit nothing but air and the cone landed the grass. Her tail scrunched in annoyance and she looked off into the distance so as not to meet my gaze.

“I thought so.” I took it back and this time managed to send it over.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” Amanda hollered, staggering back and falling to the ground. The shuttlecock bounced off her forehead and landed upright on her left breast.

This time, Simon served it, but without missing a beat, Neija jumped into the air and spiked it like she was playing volleyball. Two points for us. Crap, I had set this little tournament so that the first team to ten points would win and move up to the next match, but that might not be feasible. We’d probably have to let everyone get used to the game first.

“Nice one, Neija.”

She simply smirked while giving a little “hmmph” of self-satisfaction. Simon again served, this time lobbing it to me, and I knocked it back over, now with Amanda managing to return it. Finally, we were starting to get into the right rhythm. The shuttlecock began flying back and forth, with the four of us getting better and better with each whack. During the lull after one side would score a point, I look around to see how everyone was doing.

Nearby, Chloe and Lola were having some trouble. They were running around in circles, frantic, their instincts telling them to avoid anything falling their way. In the wild, even a fennec fox had to learn to fear the claws of birds of prey, and Lola had inherited that fear despite spending her life in the zoo. It was pretty pitiful, but of course, that makes it adorable as fuck.

Jenny and Peter were doing remarkably well, taking the same approach as Neija. While they were average in serving, they would jump into the air to spike anything lobbed their way. If they weren’t careful, they might end up falling on the net.

Two screams drew my eyes to Elise and Betty, Betty having tripped over Elise’s tail. I don’t know who suffered more, Elise for getting her tail stepped on by Betty’s giant hooves or Betty for falling hard on her tits. They were facing off against Momo and Sonja who seemed to have found their calling. True, Sonja was having a hard time resisting catching the shuttlecock in her mouth (heyooooo!), but she had spent countless hours chasing after balls and frisbees, so this was natural to her. It was the same for Momo, the shuttlecock reminding her of birds and invoking her predatory instinct.

The pillar men were doing well, but their Mistress was failing miserably. Rather than the shuttlecock, her eyes were glued to, well, other “shuttlecocks”. She was staring at her buff creations, licking her lips with insatiable lust. Playing in the sunlight, we could all go for a cold drink, but she was the thirstiest person here.

After some time to let hybrids get used to the game, we paused so everyone could get a drink, then started the tournament, with Dr. Lawrence marking the brackets. Countless rounds were played, with sweat pouring and evaporating and feet turning green from the grass. Neija and I moved up the line, beating whoever crossed our path. The more we played, the more I began to fall into the same pit as Lorraine. My eyes spent more time on Neija than the shuttlecock, her bronze body glistening with sweat. Goddamn, she was the epitome of sexiness in a way not even Betty could match. The only thing that drew my gaze from her body was her smile. Every time we scored, she’d grin from ear to ear, and when we won a match, she’d jump up and down and holler in joy. The thrill of winning was mixing with the endorphins of her exertion and causing her to unwind.

Finally, it was the last match, me and Neija vs Momo and Sonja, with everyone watching.

“Yeah! I finally get to play with Master! Hi, Master! This is so much fun!” Sonja was as sunny as usual, not even appearing tired after hours of playing.

Momo, on the other hand, was focused as a laser. “Momo wants that cake, Master,” she said coldly.

“Does this little cub really think she can stand up to me?” Neija asked with a sly grin.

“She has cake on her mind, don’t doubt her,” I replied.

I served, sending it over to Sonja who knocked it back with the happiest smile I had ever seen. It went over to Neija who jumped up to spike it down, but Momo had already gotten in position and was ready to intercept. Almost immediately, Sonja and I were pushed out of the game and it became a single match between Momo and Neija. They were zooming back and forth, not trusting me or Sonja to repel any lobs. The longer they played, the closer and closer they got to the net. Momo too was jumping up to spike the shuttlecock, her hair standing on end and a ferocious look on her face. Sonja simply stood in the corner, jumping up and down and cheering in endless excitement.

The decisive moment came, Momo rebounding it over to Neija, and before the shuttlecock even passed over the net, she had pounced to counter Neija’s spike. So worked up, they ended up colliding in midair with the net between them and then falling on their backs. The shuttlecock, knocked back by Neija’s racket, flew through the air, bounced off Sonja’s head, and landed at her feet.

“Master and Neija win!” Jenny cheered as she jumped up and down like Sonja had before.

The fatigue of the game had slowed down my thought processes, because one moment I was standing in the corner of the court, and the next thing I knew, Neija was hugging me tightly, our sweaty bodies pressed tightly together.

“We won! We won!”

Then as soon as she had appeared, she let me go and walked away, apparently having remembered her grudge. But everyone else was celebrating, overjoyed by the fun we’d all had. In the crowd, Lorraine came up behind me.

“Man, she’s the queen of tsunderes, isn’t she?”

“I don’t know what that means, but I can guess,” I said. “Also, can you please stop grabbing my ass?”

She instead squeezed. “Honk! Honk!”


The tournament had definitely accomplished one of my goals: everyone was tuckered out, and many had gained a nice tan. There was only enough strength to scarf down lunch, after which, it was a lazy afternoon of showering and napping. The whole mansion was silent. I found myself lying on a couch in one of the common rooms of the house, reading a book. This spot had the best light for reading. Snoozing between my legs was Shannon, a species of goat called a Nubian Ibex. Her hair was light, a mix of gray and brown, and growing from her scalp was a pair of curled horns, which I was using as a bookstand. Like Betty, she had hooves for feet.

Soon enough, the fatigue overwhelmed me as well. I closed the book and set it on the floor, but that noise was enough to wake up Shannon.

“Huh? Master?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. I just need to change position.”

I pulled out the pillows from behind me and lied back. A sleepy smile on her face, Shannon crawled up closer to me and settled next to me with my arm around her and her arm across my chest.

“Today was so fun,” she murmured before closing her eyes and drifting back to sleep.

“Yeah, it really was.” Then I stroked her long ears until my own eyes closed and I drifted to sleep.


After napping and eating dinner, everyone went back to their own thing, and I went in search of Neija. I found her sitting at one of the tables on the patio, watching the sunset. There were a few hybrids playing badminton out in the field.

“Hey,” I said.

She turned to me. “What do you want?”

“Did you forget? We won the tournament.” In one hand I held a small cake, and in the other, I had two forks.

“Just leave me half, I’ll eat it later.”

“Ok, but I guess you won’t mind if I eat my half out here.”

She rolled her eyes and I sat at the table with her, removing the plastic top covering the chocolate confection. It was small enough to be eaten in one sitting, though any of the doctors would disagree. I took the first bite and let out a loud hum of bliss, but Neija refused to acknowledge me and continued watching the sunset.

“Goddamn, that is delicious. I meant to get you all cake back when you were in the hospital, but they considered it too unhealthy. It’s become a tradition in this family to celebrate with cake when a new hybrid joins us.”

“I haven’t joined you.”

“But I still want to celebrate you being here. I like having you around. I loved seeing you smile today.” She ignored me, so I took another bite of cake and let out another loud groan of happiness. “Neija, seriously, you really need to eat this. It is so good, you won’t believe it.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Just a taste and I’ll shut up.”

She groaned, grabbed the other fork, and took a bite. That was all it took. Her eyes became wide, her tail stood erect, and her ears perked up. She became frantic, digging in like there was a prize at the bottom.

“Whoa, slow down a bit, you’re getting way too worked up.” I grabbed her wrist to stop her, and quick as a flash, she sank her teeth into my arm. I tensed up, using all of my willpower to keep from shouting in pain. She didn’t let go and neither did I. “Shhh, just take a deep breath. If you eat so fast, you’ll make yourself sick.”

She finally let go, revealing the deep teeth marks in my skin. Neija sat there, unsure of what to do, her lips colored black and red with chocolate and blood. What was going to happen now? How was she going to be punished? Blood was trickling from the wound, but I ignored it and simply took another bite of cake. “I can’t blame you, it really is that good.” She still didn’t move, just stared at me. “Go on, you don’t have to stop. I just didn’t want you to get a stomach ache.”

She slowly resumed eating, the tension fading with each bite. Soon enough, the desert was gone, and the sun had finished setting. I stood up, taking with me the plastic cake container and the two forks. I did so with my good hand, since using my other would make my wound hurt. The bleeding had just about stopped, leaving my arm and hand encrusted with blood. It was itchy as hell and I desperately wanted to scratch it off, but I also didn’t want to acknowledge it, not with Neija’s eyes on me.

“All right, the mosquitoes are going nuts, so I’m going to head inside. Are you coming?”

She perked up. “Huh? Uh, no. I’m going to stay outside a little longer.”

“Ok, goodnight.”

She didn’t say anything, so I turned around and walked back to the door. But the moment I touched the knob, I heard her. “Wait, M— uh…” I looked back at her. “It was fun playing badminton,” she said while looking away.

I smiled. “Yeah, it was. Let’s pair up again next time.” Then I stepped inside and closed the door behind me.


“Jesus, Neija did this to you?” Dr. Lawrence asked as he examined my arm.

“Yeah, but it was my fault for grabbing her wrist.”

“She used to attack the doctors back at the hospital, but I thought that had stopped. We need to make sure this behavior comes to an end before she hurts someone else.”

“No, she won’t do it again.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“She was sorry. She didn’t say it, but she was sorry. In this case, I think it would help our relationship more if I forgave her rather than punished her.”

Dr. Lawrence began scrubbing the blood off my arm with a towel soaked in rubbing alcohol, leaving me on the verge of screaming.

“I’m not so sure about that. If you give her special treatment, it may make her feel alienated or she’ll see it as just a desperate attempt to make her like you.”

“I’m not going to punish her for acting on instinct. She’s a lioness, and if I can’t accept her for that, then I’m not fit to be her Master. I can still show her how to act like a person without trying to quash her animal side. I’m not giving her special treatment to win her favor, I’m simply trusting her to understand that what she did was wrong and to learn from that mistake without me having to rub her nose in it.”

“Well I don’t think you’ll need any stitches. Come back here in the morning and I’ll take another look.” Dr. Lawrence laid some gauze on my arm and then wrapped it in bandages.


“What are you going to tell the girls when they ask?”

“I’ll just say I got a rash from playing outside. I think we’re still in browntail moth season.”

“All right then, goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Doc.”


The next day, I found myself sitting at a table in one of the common rooms with five girls seated across from me: Talia, Amanda, Neija, Kerrie, and a Lycaon pictus, otherwise known as an African wild dog, named Piper. Her hair was a mix of white, brown, and black, and she had huge round ears, like Chloe and Lola, with a long fluffy tail. Under normal circumstances, Neija would bitch and moan and refuse to be anywhere near me, but not after the incident last night. She was too proud to say she was sorry, part of her still felt like she had nothing to be sorry for, but that same pride wouldn’t let her make a fuss and be belligerent. Instead, she simply non-verbally expressed her boredom and discomfort.

“These are the letters of the alphabet, see?” I slid a piece of paper over to them, on which I had written all twenty-six letters, both uppercase and lowercase.

“How are we supposed to remember all that?” Lola asked frantically.

“That is way too much!” Amanda added.

“Just take one step at a time. Momo, Sonja, Chloe, Leah, and Jenny all had the same reaction when they first started. I’ve built up plenty of experience in teaching others how to read. Here, I know a way to get you interested. Lola, can you write this letter here, then this one, the first one again, and then this one?” She took the pencil, first holding it the shovel way, but I showed her the proper form. She wrote down the four letters. “Good, now Amanda, write down the letters I point to.”

They each took a turn, copying