Married (29f) I lost my Anal virginity to my husband’s friend while my husband was sleeping next to us

So I have been working on Anal lately by using bigger and bigger but plugs to get used to it. I even wore one out to dinner a few weeks ago under my dress with no panties. I have been working on this so my husband could finally be the first one to fuck me in the ass.

Well the other day we had people over for drinks and a BBQ dinner , it included 2 other couples and a few of my husband’s single friends. I decided I would put my diamond butplug in for the night again wearing no panties and just a nice sun dress. To make the story a little shorter I’ll skip to later after most everyone went home and it was just me , my husband and his really hot friend Dan left at the house. We were all drinking pretty heavy and my husband decided to lay down on the couch and next thing I know he’s passed out sleeping.

Well Dan decided to take his shot as he knows we are in the hotwife lifestyle and walked over to me and stuck his hands up my dress. Before I could even say anything he felt my butt plug and told me how much of a dirty slut I am . Him rubbing my ass really turned me on and next thing I knew he was lifting my dress and pulling out my butt plug .

I was so wet and horny at this point I didn’t even care that he was about to be the first person to fuck my tight ass and not my husband . He literally just spit all over his dick , rubbed all my wet pussy juices all over my ass hole and slid insdie me as i was bent over the kitchen counter not 10 feet away from my sleeping husband. It hurt for a min but then surprisingly started feeling so good.

I told him to take his phone and start recording as I thought I had to at least show my husband. While he was recording I started cuming so hard while rubbing my pussy and him fucking my ass. When I started cuming that set Dan off and he exploded inside my ass. He then slowly pulled out and recorded the cum leaking out of my asshole .

5min later he was in his uber and leaving and I was left with a passed out husband and cum leaking out of my asshole. Now my issue is I feel bad he wasn’t the first and don’t know if I should show him the video. I have posted it online so maybe he will see it as a surprise or maybe I’ll just tell him after he fucks my ass for the first time

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