Married (29f) I just let my Yoga instructor fuck me and use me after class

So I was in yoga for a few months at the little studio by my house and the Instructor was incredibly sexy and confident. I always felt like we had some sexual tension in class . A few classes ago I decided to go for it and stayed after class and asked if he could give me a few pointers on some positions. He said No problem and we just slowly started going over some stuff as people left the studio.

Not long later it was only us left and I was in a sort of downward dog position and started to moan softly as he touched me and moved my body into a proper position . I wanted to start showing him that I wanted him . That took all of 2min of me softly moaning and then pressing my but up to his crotch as he was behind me. I could feel how hard he was getting already when he just ripped my yoga pants right down the seam and started rubbing my pussy as he pulled his dick out

I was shocked he ripped my pants so fast and hard but so happy at the same time . He then slide his massive dick deep inside me as I was bent over and pumped me so hard untill he exploded inside me .

I got up, turned around , kissed him and then tied my sweater around my ripped pants and went out to my car as quick as I could to get home to my husband and tell him what happened .

He was so excited to hear it finally happened and just went to town on my used pussy, reclaiming his wife and making me cum over and over again while I thought about what just happened

I stay late after yoga regularly now , we even started recording it to send back to my husband while he’s at home waiting his turn to use my now cum filled pussy

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