Married (29f) I just fucked my Brother in law while my husband was passed out

So long story short my husband’s brother owns a landscaping company a few hours out of town. When we wanted to change our back yard my husband got his brother to come with his crew and he slept at our house to save on a hotel . It was going to be a 6 day job .

His brother would get up early and work with his guys for the day and then wheb it started getting dark the guys went to the hotel and his brother would come in for dinner , drinks and what not before he went to bed in the spare room.

Well the other day after the 3rd day working he and my husband were having drinks , hot tub and just catching up on life. They both drank alot and my husband went to bed early in our room and his brother to the spare room . I stayed up and was just relaxing on the couch watching Netflix when this sex scene was on in the show and I started feeling turned on .

Well instead of going to my room to see my husband I decided I would sneak into the spare room and see how good his brother was .

I went in the room, shut the door , got naked and crawled into the bed where he was sleeping. I lifted up the sheets and slid under to his cock. It was surprisingly big even soft and that turned me on more. I started rubbing it softly and then as I noticed it slowly growing I went for it. I put my husband’s brother’s cock in my mouth and this had an instant reaction. The covers lifted up and he half awake looked down at me while I just kept sucking his cock .

He then put the covers back and just seemed to lay back and enjoy it. After a few minutes of this he grabbed my head and pulled me up to him . He siad I know how my brother is , and reached over to the night stand where his phone was. He then flipped me over onto all fours and started recording as he got behind me and slid his rock hard cock inside my now soaked pussy .

It felt so good and didn’t take long before I was biting the sheets and cumming hard , he got me cumming 3 times before he started groaning and I felt his cock twitch inside me as he filled me with cum. Still recording he had me turn around to the phone and asked how good was that.

I smiled and then left the room with cum leaking down my leg and crawled into my own bed with my sleeping husband . Now I decide when to show my husband the video …..

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