Making my friend beg for my dick

So I met a new friend recently and she recently moved in the same housing society where I live and we backed friends and we chill and usually meet everyday in the society etc.

So recently she made the first move about a week ago and kissed my lips. I kissed her back and we enjoyed for some time. Later that day again she called me and when we met she told me how good it felt kissing and wanted to do it again. I obliged and we kissed passionate again, but this time I took the liberty and felt her body under her clothes and pinched and rubbed her soft spots and watched her melt. I removed her t shirt and pulled her closer to show her who is in charge and kept pressing her body.

This went for a 2-3 days. Day before yesterday she invited me to her house for coffee. I understood the assignment and scanned her whole house to see who is there. After making sure we were alone I took her to her room and closed the door behind me and I undressed her and fingered her pussy till she came on my fingers and made her lick her own juices from my fingers. I pressed her body and again started fingering her pussy and pressing her ass. She resisted me pressing her ass but I tied her hands with her own undies and inserted my finger in her ass too she didn’t say no so I took it as a green signal. It felt heavenly watching her moan with pain and pleasure.

After she came again I untied her and when she tried to fidget with my dick I pushed her away and told her that she will have to beg me properly and show me how badly she wanted it. To which she first said please give me but I didn’t give. I grabbed her neck and pulled her to me. I made her lie on my lap and slapped her ass hard till it became red. I grabbed her hair pulled her towards me and said that if she wanted my dick she will have to set up a strip tease dance for me and crawl the whole house with my dick in her mouth. She was shocked when I said I’m gonna leave her to buy new clothes and lingerie for the show tomorrow.

So yesterday I received her call inviting me to her house. She was wearing a sexy A-line dress and hot blue Victoria’s Secret lingerie which she revealed while dancing for me in her living room !! She had moisturised her body and shampooed her hair which smelled great. She started touching me with her hands which I enjoyed and then pulled her down to her knees and asked her to get my dick out. She was watching it hungrily and wanted to suck it. When she put the dick in her mouth I pressed her down on my dick and chocked her slightly. When she recovered she gave a grinned smile and I got up grabbed her hair and put my dick in her mouth and made here crawl the whole house on all fours keeping my dick in her mouth. I throat fucked her in her parents room and came down her throat and on her body.

All boys and girls on this subReddit tell me what task I should make her do next since she wants me to badly fuck her pussy and ass now and I’m not gonna go easy on her !!

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